Can't Fight the Future, Suckers! #PropagandaWatch

06/24/201933 Comments

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Don't want an Alexa in your home spying on everything you say? Well too bad, suckers! It's the way of the future. Can't argue with that, right?

Don’t Be An Idiot! Get Rid of Alexa!

Newly Released Amazon Patent Shows Just How Much Creepier Alexa Can Get

Amazon "PRE-WAKEWORD SPEECH PROCESSING" patent application

The Future Will Be Recorded, on Your Smart Speaker

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  1. AnimalsArentFood says:

    I have to wonder if there’s even a significant number of people who actually own and use an Alexa, or if TPTB are just trying to create the illusion that everyone’s buying them.
    I have yet to meet anyone who owns an Alexa.

    Anyway, great video. I really look forward to the #PropagandaWatch videos.

    • Stronghorse says:

      AnimalsArentFood says,
      I know one family that had one. A long time friend of mine tells me that his wife had gotten one for their home. Of course I proceeded to show him James’ video on Alexa, and he later reported to me that it quickly found it’s way back into it’s original packaging, and then into the closet.

      • sheeple359 says:

        Great material James!

        My thought exactly AAF, I do not know many people who own Alexa. So all is right? Right? Wrong. Google have been filing the gap for people who do not want to buy separate home assistant by providing it as an app that could not be removed
        Most of us have smartphones and even if you dont your relatives,friends,companions, frenemies have one.

        Small fish do it as well

        Also this illustrates James point exactly, if you want enhanced features or the ting to work at all well you have to voluntarily install the spy app/device.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    This #PropagandaWatch brings to mind…

    How authority figures shape reality – Chernobyl and “Pointing the Bone”

    In the comment section of the latest NewWorldNextWeek, Corbett member “ManBearPig” presented a fascinating video with famous writer, Micheal Crichton.

    QUEUED at Chernobyl. Around the 17 minute mark “pointing the bone”.

  3. manbearpig says:

    at 10 minutes and 15 seconds…

    So let’s calm down. Children. Come on. Just… let’s calm down and behave like adults. No, I’m not patronizing you, of course not.?

    Now, as you know, thanks to Predictive Programming, the future is this: Full Circle. We’ll be living fully In the Circle with Hermione and Forrest Gump and that is not only perfectly normal, IT is Very Good News in fact.

    Just calm down and stop raving like a bunch of sexually-frustrated conspiracy geeks high on Red Bull.

    This is certainly the future but Moreover, you must believe in the perfectability of Human Beings.
    If Alexa is on by default, “listening” to everything you say, that’s not creepy (unless you have something to hide); That’s Crucial for the Evolution of Humanity! Calm down a moment and think about it. Do you behave better or worse when you’re being monitored? And your children? and your Husband? and your Politicians? You don’t like the State to have secrets do you? I mean that’s why you venerate Edward Snowden right? You’re not a fan of the secret services, are you? When the State keeps secrets it’s like they’re lying to you, right? So please calm down and practice what you preach. You’re right! Secrets are Lies! Privacy!? Did you say privacy?? DE-priving the backwards or otherwise disadvantaged populations of your fabulously technocratic life as seen in videos and photos and lovingly recorded by Alexa, your fabulous life made possible by advanced technology, depriving others of your FABULOUSLY TELEGENIC life is akin to Theft! In fact it IS theft! Don’t forget. Alexa is there for YOU! Alexa is here for US! Alexa is there to DRAIN THE SWAMP! To help us all Share and Connect! Connect and SHARE! Because as you all well know:

    Sharing is Caring.

    ….I’ll just die if I don’t get that recipe!…I’ll just DIE if I don’t GET THAT RECIPE!…. I’LL JUST DIE IF I DON’T GET THAT RECIPE! I’LL JUST…I’LL J-..J..Just, that re-re…I’ll just… pee if I don’t…that…that-that get that…I’ll …just… die… get… that?…

    • manbearpig says:


      So,I, like, just Had to thank Joanna, MellyMel and PuffPuff, from the bottom of my heart, for their unfailing support and inspiration in helping me to write yet another inconsequential comment that will never get banned (the one above)…oh, and this one as well (so, actually that means two now)…The comment above being, except for the beginning, middle and end, a totally original piece not at all completely lifted from other videos or movies I’ve seen…on screens…so…like…Thanks guys, so much. I couldn’t have done it without you. Your the best E-vurrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. cooly says:

    Back when these things first came out I went over to my sister’s for a holiday dinner. And there on the kitchen table was… Alexa. I felt viscerally uneasy immediately. And this was before the creepy news stories started coming out about random conversations being sent to contacts (Oops! Their damage control there was amusing to hear). And how people would receive an ad on their device for something they were just talking about.

    So there at my sister’s, I was trying to enjoy the visit, with her, my brother in law, and Gene Hackman sitting cross-legged on the counter with headphones on, pointing his microphone at whoever was talking and scribbling notes. A weird dinner.

    Not long after I called her when those news stories started coming out (she isn’t much of a news junkie, she wasn’t aware). That got her attention, and she unplugged it. Makes me wonder though. Is unplugging it enough? Hmmm.

  5. Thomas says:

    Yes this propaganda piece is both amazingly moronic AND a clear distraction in fact from the REAL issues of surveillance abuse in America and all 1st world nations in fact. Amazon’s Alexa is just a distraction from the wide array of wireless, invisible and odorless electromagnetic tools of surveillance that at least millions of Americans and world citizens are put under, and that maybe in use in fact in an 100% covert manner against the entire population. James mentioned an Amazon patent that adds to the surveillance dragnet of the Alexa devise… Well I have a NEWS ALERT for everyone on this thread, there are DOZENS AND DOZENS of official U.S. patents for electromagnetic tools of surreal mind surveillance and mind warfare on the books. The preeminent researcher on organized stalking Dr Eric Karlstrom has compiled a list of these patents here for all to see:

    Also, understanding the reality of the organized stalking phenomenon in the 21st century is critical in truly understanding what the entire population is facing very soon in their future, if the alternative media continue to stand-down the issue of organized stalking in the 21st century and the public continues to do the same. See the showcase Medium article that covered the recent April 2019 global targeted individual demonstrations:

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      Good points Thomas.
      Alexa is simply an ‘in-your-face’ example of Big Brother spying on you.
      Lord knows how many ‘smart’ devices we already have in our homes that are doing the evil deed that Alexa now aspires to.

      • cooly says:


        Yes, quite. It is the most in-your-face. And when a spying device is that obvious and so many people don’t see it, then the coming data dragnet of smart devices and what their true purpose is will just not be on most people’s radar.

        And to reference what Thomas brought up, anyone who is targeted specifically can have their home, car, or fishing boat surveilled for sound remotely.

        So then. What to do? One’s only real recourse of defense ultimately is to get off the grid and live somewhere in a box made of lead. But even then the drones will know where your lead box is. Crap. Out of ideas. Guess I’ll just try to find sports entertaining.

  6. Hotfoot says:

    Ha Ha, I enjoyed this one. James’ mocking incredulity at the guy’s argument about it being the future was infectious. You have to wonder what mechanism is at play which compels the author to dream up such rubbish.
    Entertaining stuff.

    • manbearpig says:

      any parent with a kid who’s whined “whyyyyyy” and who’s answered “Because I said so!” has helped pave the way for this…

      but what do You answer when You’re in a hurry? like the rest of us…

    • manbearpig says:

      Hey Hotfoot!
      Please ignore my above comment.
      That’s what’s known as “shooting off at the keyboard”.
      It’s gratuitous and embarassing.

  7. owen22 says:

    I have a somewhat unique perspective on the topic of smart home devices, as well as new tech in general, so I usually can’t help but to add my two cents. Much, if not all of the new technologies (smart home devices, smart phones, the internet of things) exploding from silicon valley have a silver lining – invasive and unnecessary for many people, but also helpful for many others, and even life-changing for some.

    My mother (as well as two of her siblings) has a rare genetic disease that, from a young age, burns away her vision at an exponential rate, to the point of total blindness at 60. It’s an agonizing but severely under-researched disease, and the symptoms extend further than loss of sight. As the rate of degeneration increases with age, “getting used to it” has never been an option – you take help where you can get it. She already had an iPhone, and was as proficient as you could be with Voiceover (an accessibility feature for the visually impaired), but that’s not saying much. So, shortly after it released, my siblings and I got my mother an amazon echo for Christmas, as we had heard good things from my uncle’s family. I read the tutorials front to back and set it up in my parents’ kitchen myself.

    Within a few days, it became apparent that this was the most practical innovation for the blind/visually impaired in years. No longer does she have to ask for help to do the basic things that we all take for granted. You can’t imagine how devastating it was for her to struggle with or completely lose the ability to do basic things like set timers, make reminders, organize a calendar, work the TV, or call and text her friends. This finally allowed her to interact with the technology that we use every day, which completely revived her independence. I could go on and on, but the point is that it greatly improved her quality of life. Corbett makes a good point, that most people are handing over certain freedoms by putting smart devices in their homes. However, people need to understand that this can be used as a tool to give real, basic freedom to others. To be clear, regarding smart home devices, the people who would benefit from them are a significant minority. But to that minority – physically disabled, elderly, or whatever – I cannot recommend this technology enough.

    I get that this is a very specific example, but I feel the need to bring it up as people tend to overlook the very real benefits of being connected. The broadest examples are just as overlooked – phones, laptops, and even the internet itself are objectively more invasive and privacy crushing than a smart home device, but we still use them because the pros outweigh the cons. Why do people draw the line at the smart home device? Is it because it’s “always listening”? No, because your phone and computer have been doing that for years, and the technology is vastly more complex than that of the smart home device. Is it because it has a creepy voice?

    Well yea, probably.

    • manbearpig says:

      Point well taken. My life has been saved more than once by allopathic medecine.

      Food, education, money, even language itself as we’ve seen on these boards, are all vital to humans.
      They aren’t inherently bad. until they’re weaponized for purposes against the well-being of the majority.
      At the end of that netflix film “I Am Mother”
      the eugenical AI robot “says” (in a voice that’s as far from creepy as you can get (it’s the incongruity of the robot’s “body” and “voice” that’s creepy)) something like:
      “many more will thrive and florish in the new world than ever perished in the old”…
      This is after killing off all of humanity (except 63,000 embryos and supposedly doing so in cruel and inhuman ways before Humanity slowly did this to themselves).
      So is the advent of the “perfected”, connected, augmented Human Being reason enough for the total destruction of Homo Sapiens Sapiens?
      As a member of the latter group, I have my reservations.

      just my own pre-hamsterwheel two-cents…nonsense…


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thank you so very much for the anecdote!

      It underscores that life can be complex, full of shades of gray, needful of more understanding.
      Entities and things labeled only as a choice of “good” or “bad” is short-sighted (no pun intended).

    • NES says:

      It’s wonderful when technology is used to assist people who need it. Couldn’t agree more.

      In fact, that’s the first language out of the mouths of any corporate marketing department. Our “fill-in-the-blank” thing can help humanity! I’ve never read an article about a new technology that didn’t state this goal up front and attempt to make everyone ‘believe’ it. However, people like your mother who need real help make up such a tiny percent of the population that this argument does not hold water. Why? No profits were ever made by helping a very tiny percentage of the populace. Get it? I should not have to go on from here, but ok.

      Alexa, et al are weaponized systems of control for the main purpose of profit, at the moment. However, any intelligent person following the story could see that would change fast. Now, as expected, the ‘CREEP’ is on and has been since the devices’ inception. If you purchase one of these insidious devices it means third parties are listening to every aspect of your life, selling it to the highest bidder and “cooperating” with law enforcement.

      But wait! There’s more coming for the populations of the West. Take a serious look at China if you are unaware into what area these technocratic corporations, supported by their pay-to-play lobbyists in D.C. are edging. Remember: The real money is in hooking up with government. What can the corporate realm provide for the government realm? The de facto destruction of laws they can’t easily contend with but want to eliminate, those which protect your rights. These devices are making human rights, as set down by the Founding Fathers, a Constitutional work-around for those who would rule you.

      That’s the goal. Bet on it. (Of course, the FAANG has been inside that fold for a good long time now.)

  8. Fawlty Towers says:

    The following would be a great way to test the efficacy of Alexa.
    Alexa is not supposed to be spying on us right?

    “Alexa, I’m in on a terrorist attack next month in New York City.
    I can’t give out too much information at this time, however the project has been given the green light.”

    Now just sit back and see how many days/hours/minutes it takes until the FBI comes knocking at your door!

    At which time you will simply smile at them and say “Oh I was just playing a game with my kids. Not to worry. We see so much in the news every day about terrorism I thought it would be a good idea to teach my children what it’s all about, and what we can do to make this world a safer place.
    The first step was doing a little role-playing to catch their interest.

    We’re thinking about calling it ‘War Games’.

    By the way, how did you get wind of our game?”

  9. alexandre says:

    Good one FawltyTowers.
    Now, this was probably one of the funniest videos by James. Trying to find the argument was really funny.

    But I ask all ye; smart TVs, smart phones, smart whatevers, aren’t they all listening, videoing and recording everything already? Do I really believe my iPhone turns off just because a DIGITAL PICTURE appears on the screen telling me it’s turning off? It’s not like a metallic switch that physically interrupts the electricity, like it used to be. I can’t even get to the f***ng battery! (BTW, I got this iphone 4 as a present since everyone kept bugging me to have the f****ng whatsapp, which I couldn’t install, thank god, because the ios is too old). SO… Alexa would be just one more, perhaps more efficient, device. Getting rid of Alexa would be much easier than getting rid of your smart phones and TVs, AND PCs. Ha! That I want to see.

    DIGITAL – that is the problem! Anything DIGITAL can be manipulated, edited, hacked, copied, replicated etc. And digital doesn’t exist anywhere, it’s a non-existent thing, you can’t touch it or smell it. It’s technically alien. But since it brought to us all such a fantastic wonderful “future”, the internet and everything, who is ready NOW to go back to the middle ages, or even 1980? Master Carlin said: “They’ve got you by the balls”.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Kids’ Class Action Lawsuit against Amazon & its Alexa

    Last week, there were a variety of articles in different news outlets about this class-action lawsuit.

    Here is one source…
    Federal Lawsuit Charges Amazon’s Alexa Violates Children’s Privacy

    …An international law firm has filed a federal lawsuit against Inc., alleging that the company’s Alexa virtual assistant product violated privacy laws in Massachusetts and seven other states by making permanent recordings of children’s voices without their consent.

    The lawsuit seeks class-action status on behalf of all persons who lived in a home with an operating Alexa device — which they didn’t set up — while a minor in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington. The suit names “C.O.,” described as the 10-year-old daughter of Massachusetts resident Alison Hall-O’Neil, as the lead plaintiff.

    The suit says Amazon violated Massachusetts’ wiretap statute and similar laws in the other states by creating “persistent recordings” of C.O. and intentionally intercepting and using oral communications without the consent of the all parties.

    Consumer organizations have also charged that Amazon is violating children’s privacy rights, in violation of federal law. The lawsuit takes another approach, citing state privacy laws.

    “Amazon has strong commercial incentives to collect as many Alexa recordings as possible,” the suit says. “From the outset, Amazon has been a company built on the relentless acquisition of consumer behavioral data.”

    Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, a law firm with an office in Seattle and other locations around the globe, filed the suit in the U.S. District Court for Western Washington. The suit asks the court to award unspecified damages and litigation costs, order Amazon to delete all recordings of the class members’ voices, and issue a declaration that Amazon violated state privacy laws.

    Amazon said in a statement that it has strict measures and protocols in place to protect its customers’ privacy…(blah blah blah)…

    …But the lawsuit describes a deliberate effort by Amazon to record voices as a means of refining the natural language understanding of the Alexa product. Many recordings are individually reviewed by Amazon employees and part-time contractors “in locations as far flung as Costa Rica, India, and Romania,” the suit says…

    …(more below)…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      …It’s not just plaintiff’s attorneys who have privacy concerns about virtual assistants like Alexa. The New York Times reported last week than a group of researchers at Stanford University has received a $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to develop an voice assistant technology that will allow consumers to avoid surrendering personal information with technology companies.

      “A monopoly assistant platform has access to data in all our different accounts. They will have more knowledge than Amazon, Facebook and Google combined,” the team leader, Dr. Monica Lam, told the Times in an interview.

      The Stanford team is working to development an alternative technology, called Almond, which they hope to make freely available to consumers and manufacturers. The Almond virtual assistant software is decentralized so consumers can choose where their information is stored and how it is stored, the Times reported.

      Several consumer advocacy organizations, led by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, have filed a complaint asking the federal Trade Commission to investigate and sanction Amazon for infringing on children’s privacy through its Echo Dot Kids Edition. The organization said the product collects sensitive personal information from children, including viewing, reading, listening and purchasing habits. The complaint says the collection of the data violates the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA.

      “Amazon markets Echo Dot Kids as a device to educate and entertain kids, but the real purpose is to amass a treasure trove of sensitive data that it refuses to relinquish even when directed to by parents,” said Josh Golin, the CCFC’s executive director. “COPPA makes clear that parents are the ones with the final say about what happens to their children’s data, not Jeff Bezos. The FTC must hold Amazon accountable for blatantly violating children’s privacy law and putting kids at risk.”

      • alexandre says:

        What is this talk about privacy? IT IS DIGITAL. Know where it came from and who controls it and think how ridiculous it is to talk about privacy. Forget privacy if you’re in the digital domain. The best you can do is disconnect the cable on the PC (I’m still using cable with a modem, imagine that). But most people are already in the wireless soup, so forget about privacy. It’s just ridiculous. My old Nokia phone I could take off the battery and the chip, but now with this iPhone I can’t do shite. Do you really think the government (i.e. Amazon, Google, Apple etc) will really respect privacy? They don’t know what the word refers to. They will SAY they will, and will you believe it? With all respect, come on. It’s not a matter of suing Amazon, Apple or whatever, it’s about not using them. If you can’t get out of digital completely, stop talking about privacy. I should think that at least people are talking about it in the Corbett community, while where I live people simply don’t give a damn. Maybe we’re more trained in dictatorships down here, I don’t know. It just sounds strange, like talking about “not getting wet” while swimming.

      • manbearpig says:

        Interesting this Almond thing. “Freely available”…oy vay…marketing at its finest… probably well meaning folks , wouldn’t trust Stanford though. “Decentralized” is now a buzzword that will be used to sell the politically correct version of digital slavery.
        As with Libra coin there will be competitor “remedy” versions of these technologies to iron out the PR kinks but for the moment the mission is simply to get joesixpack and janesockermom talking about and testing them. Creating a widespread interest, temptation, demand with the illusion of informing people of various dangers – but really just creating familiarity for adoption. stuff like COPPA sound nice and reassuring but the FTC? far from coppa-setic, hardy har, designed to create a false sense of security.

        In short, I agree with Alexandre and have been saying so for at least 4 years now since the fabulously charismatic and dedicated Derrick Broze was talking about apps for the so-called “grey economy”…

        I know, I know…it’s easy to criticize. I’m as enslaved as they come. What do I offer as a solution?

        I don’t have one. Yet. Keep away from digital? Like Alexandre, that’s what nosoapradio was pretty much saying.

        (have to listen to that conversation again btw…)

        • manbearpig says:

          Ironic to note, in light of the 2015 converstion linked-above, that UBER, which represented hope back then, is now one of Facebook’s LIBRA Coin so-called “validators”…

          • manbearpig says:

            one of the commenters on the above linked corbett report interview with Derrick Broze was expressing skepticism about UBER saying it was odd that the government was tolerating it…

            which reminds me of my own reaction when poor Ross Ulbricht was arrested and the silk road project closed down

            and instead of simply eliminating the 29,000+ bitcoin, establishment agents put them up for auction…

            I thought at the time that that was very telling and a very strange mixed message about bitcoin from the deep state to a sheeple mass like myself.


            and this mass is now very late for work…!

            • candlelight says:

              Late for work, yes. One can and will be late for work, sometimes habitually. But, one can never be too late being skeptical.

              And if we can agree with subscriber alexandre’s pointed, negative assessment of all things digital, then we can easily include the entire gamut of algorithmic cryptocurrency/blockchain digital technology, also.

              And I’m glad to see you’re questioning this crypo-paradigm. Because you’re right on target.

              At the risk of taking your own words out of the context you may have placed them in and projecting my own interpretation, I sense that in your recalling of how you had felt about the bitcoin auction, it would seem, in hindsight, you’re now voicing a burgeoning of healthy skepticism regarding the legitimacy of cryptocurrency/bitcoin, et al.

              “I thought at the time that that was very telling and a very strange mixed message about bitcoin from the deep state to a sheeple mass like myself.”

              And probably, now, with 5g nearly upon us and in our face, with all that it soon promises, that is, with all its ugly ramifications (as understood by most Corbett subscribers, at least) it appears all the more so that interview 1103, circa 2015, with Derrick Broze is almost quaint, if not downright naive.

              Oh, to the glory of apps on your smart phone! Cut out the middleman! Whip out your surveillance device and grab an Uber! Rejoice in the gray economy of things. Detach from the Central Banks and trade with crypto. Who needs Uncle Sam? Who needs government? Digitized currency is your passport to Freedom and Autonomy! Or, Autonomy and Freedom!


              Cryptocurrency, in its own right, actually represents a brand spanking new form of a “Century Of Enslavement”.

              It’s a joke. On all levels, it really is a joke: For instance, in the interview, Broze uses a simple economic example of what the “gray” economy means, sighting the simple act of paying the neighborhood kid 20 bucks to mow the lawn, therefore, no government involvement, no taxes generated, etc., etc., so his argument goes….

              But, which of the following transactions do you think engenders more autonomy and less chance of hacking, less chance of being surveilled, decoded and data collected by – you guessed it – big brother: Dropping bitcoin into the kid’s bitcoin account, or just handing the kid the lousy 20 bucks, in nickels, dimes, quarters, singles, fives, tens, or a twenty?

              I am very much looking forward, hopefully in the near future, to a JC article that might be entitled:

              Will The Real Satoshi Nakamoto Please Stand Up: The Truth Behind Cryptocurrency


              • manbearpig says:

                “…I sense that in your recalling of how you had felt about the bitcoin auction, it would seem, in hindsight, you’re now voicing a burgeoning of healthy skepticism regarding the legitimacy of cryptocurrency/bitcoin, et al…”

                Well, actually, as I indicated, I’ve always felt and expressed skepticism about bitcoin and its purported inventor “Satoshi Nakamoto” on these boards.

                And what Mr. Corbett has been particularly enthousiastic about (as I understand it) is the potential that the decentralized distributed data base/ledger aka “Blockchain” represents for freeing people from banks and slavery. He’s gone out of his way to make perfectly clear that bitcoin is not blockchain and that the former is but a sort of prototype for a new kind of money that, once perfected, could be highly beneficial for humanity IF implemented wisely by benevolant actors. And both “technologies” could be quite the opposite of beneficial if wielded by the malevolantly power-hungry. and speaking of FAANGs

                I just discovered with a student the following explicative and inaccurate (propaganda) video:


                and the facts of the investor association’s centralized interest-earning bank account along with the photo ID required to buy libra coin aside, what I found particularly fascinating was the tear-jerker part at the end where the narrator explains that LIbra coin, if it succeeds and isn’t sabotaged by malevolant players, has the capacity to “…give exploited, disadvantaged people everywhere (who have no bank account) a way to join the modern economy…”

                Visions of Modi taking 86% of India’s cash out of circulation just as NGOs were completing a massive biometric harvesting/census campaign (and Trump was being elected) flashed before my eyes…

                all that’s still fresh and unprocessed in my mind but it’s dizzying… the smart paradigm is upon us…

                makes me think phreedomphile might be right that the rest of what we see in the news is kabuki theater capturing attention as the technocratic grid is being lowered onto humanity trapping us all into an augmented, transhuman, blockchained virtual dystopian matrix.

                And now that my next student’s cancelled, I can listen to Mr. Corbett’s most recent interview!

  11. Libertydan says:

    I stayed in a home that had an Alexa for a few nights. The thing is creepy as hell. It would start playing music out of nowhere, and respond when no one was talking to it. If you can be suckered into buying one of these things, I have an RFID Chip for you, and some Vaccines containing Mercury and lead.
    Yep, some toxic GMO food, some Fluoride in your water, a little sprinkling of Aluminum, Barium, strontium from the sky, and you will be believing the 24/7 barrage of propaganda called “News” that tells you you are a Commy Pinko if you don’t get all of these toxic Vaccines. Get the Vaccines, and you can become part of the largest voting block in the U.S.A., namely a “Christian Zionist” who believes that Jesus Christ “The prince of Peace” would support the Fascist aggressive Military State of Israel and it’s genocide over the Palestinian people. Welcome to what is left of America, a group of walking, talking, Zombie Oxymorons, that are completely complacent with anything the Totalitarian Zionist controlled Federal government does.
    Yep, we had better hope that it only takes a dedicated and determined 3% to change things, because 51% is not possible. Most Americans think that Planes hit the World Trade Towers and they fell down, because carefully edited footage showed this on TV a thousand times. They don’t even know that there was a Building #7 because it was censored from TV. Deception, Lies, and Deceit, have led most Americans astray and they are slaves to it. So long as the economy is hopping, who needs to know the truth? Wow, what drugs, and toxins, and mind control can do to a people that claim to have “American superiority”. U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A (You, Stupid, Asses), Eh!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      There may be more folks who are aware than we realize…

      June 17th – Lone Gunman Downtown Dallas Shooting at Federal Building

      Monday morning, June 17, I am busy working. Two younger co-workers (age 20-35) are with me. One comes up to me and says: “Did you hear about what is happening right now in downtown Dallas?”
      “No. What’s up?”. I said.
      He tells me and the other coworker about a gunman downtown in body armor shooting at people and the Federal Courthouse.

      Right away, these two guys are shouting “false flag event” and that this is another covert government ploy to take guns away and our rights away.
      They rant on and on. They cite New Zealand and Las Vegas and ….
      I couldn’t get a word in edgewise they were so busy ranting about it being a “Black Op” (quote).

      To backup a bit…These fellas normally never talk much about “conspiracy stuff”. Usually it might be about cannabis or some YouTube popular video or Game of Thrones or whatever.

      One guy was quickly on the shooters Facebook, showing me the young shooters bizarre video postings.

      So anyway, it really hit me hard on why “YouTube” and other media controllers want to repress certain “truth-topic messages”. These are regular guys who have phone access to all kinds of info.
      It re-newed my faith in mankind.
      By the way, most readers here probably never heard about the recent Dallas shooting. There is probably a reason for that. It was probably “off-script” from a dark agency operation… just a young kid (Brian Clyde) who had played too many video games and lost his rocker.

  12. sTevo says:

    Did you ever notice that you are given fair warning that you are on a recorded line for ‘quality purposes and training’?

    Don’t you think the preemptive recording device should also give fair warning upon the first voice activation that you are in fact being recorded?

    I think it should.

    Also, public spaces should also be appropriately labeled with the international microphone surveillance symbol.

    My 2 cents.

    Regards to all.

  13. manbearpig says:

    On a general propaganda note:

    Nahirah-style, featuring pristine white clothing and martyrized children, the photos of Alexandra Ortega Cortez crying in front of parking a lot that seems pretty empty besides a car and a tree which was, at best, explained away by Newsweek as being a (5-person) protest against the detention of children in Tornillo, Texas…seems like a pretty shining example of political propaganda.

    Can You wag the dog?

  14. UKJC says:

    Just a note – in this video, on Youtube at least, James’ eyes have taken on a strange green hue. Imagine it is somthing to do with your specs James. Is this something Broc could illiminate from the video?

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