Can You Keep A Secret?

05/06/202037 Comments

Watch this video on BitChute / LBRY / / YouTube

Do you want the super secret password for all Corbett Report content, no matter what controlled platforms may or may not try to censor it? It's You have been told.

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  1. miahallen says:

    even better than the URL (which can be delisted by the DNS Gods)…bookmark the IP address directly –

    • cyphergato says:

      I am really excited about what’s going on at Unstoppable Domains (an Ethereum project) and some other Bitcoin SV based enterprises coming up with new domain schemas. We’re so close to disintermediating DNS and domain registrars entirely, they’re the low-hanging fruit.

      Bottle (a BSV-based browser) is already live and uses pointers to concatenated transactions to store entire sites and serve them up from the chain directly:

      This site, for example, is stored in a single BSV transaction – pretty cool!

      This also means we can replace IP addresses with on-chain pointers eventually, too.

      I’ve been using as my preferred site archival service as it’s baked directly to the BSV blockchain. No risk of the server being abandoned, seized, blacklisted, etc.

      • Miss Terious says:

        Wow, I just had a look at that Alice site, and it came up really fast too. Impressive. Surely this is the future.

        A couple of years back, when I was very focused on crypto, I was into a project called Substratum – a kind of decentralised web tech that obviates the need for VPN’s and TOR and is uncensorable. It demonstrably broke the Great Firewall in China, beat Iran’s censors and got past the Russians as well. It doesn’t seem to be doing so well now, but I’m not sure why.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Is the super secret classified password encrypted?
    I am having a hard finding it.

  3. fabrizio says:

    Hi James, I’m slightly off topic.
    In an Italian newspaper (toilet paper) is reported that also in Japan some sort of lockdown was put in place. Can you comment on this?

    I’d like to have some info from people living in Japan.
    Is/Was there any lockdown? At what extent?


    • Mintaka says:

      Permit me to respond on James’ behalf.
      Even though I don’t live in Japan, I do know what goes on there on a daily basis.

      Yes, Japan was put in lockdown a couple of weeks ago now.
      James actually called it 100% correctly when he predicted in one of his earlier podcasts that as soon as the Olympics would be cancelled or postponed, the lockdowns would start. This is 𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐥𝐲 what happened.
      It started with Tokyo and then quickly spread to the other major cities.

      I believe the lockdown is till the end of May, although restaurants – on their own accord – may open before that.
      Take-aways are allowed, and the increase in disposable materials (plastic containers, cups, bags) is enormous.
      Where are the climate change, peak-oil dooms-day sayers now, eh? Meaning, the same cabal that unleashed this virus hoax onto the world, is the same cabal that pushes the other fear-porn. Hypocrisy at its finest.

      • fabrizio says:

        Can you comment also on the social distancing and freedom of movement?

      • Corbett says:

        For the record, this information is not correct. Japan is not on lockdown. I will do a video on the situation next week, time permitting.

        • Mintaka says:

          Which part of this information is not correct?
          Perhaps my mention that it may end at the end of May, but otherwise…
          Looking forward to your video, I hope you will have the time to do it.

        • Mintaka says:

          Your comment still bugs me.
          And I do want to make an apology with my initial comment to fabrizio where I said “Permit me to respond on James’ behalf.”.
          That was a stupid thing to say, so I am sorry, I won’t do that again.

          When it comes to this lockdown, perhaps it comes down to each person’s definition of what this lockdown represents.
          Or, in a strict legal sense, Japan is indeed not in a lockdown situation since for example shops are not forced 𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 to shut down.
          The situation appears similar to The Netherlands where the lockdown is termed an “Intelligent Lockdown” (you’ve got to love the language, isn’t it).

          However, the reality is that Japan 𝐢𝐬 in a state of lockdown.
          Shops & restaurants 𝐚𝐫𝐞 closed, or restaurants do take-aways only.
          Funny though that places such as Pachinko halls are open…

          Anyway, as said, I hope you’ll have the time to do the video, to get your take on all this from where you are, on the ground.

  4. cyphergato says:

    Hot tip for Corbett Reporteers:


    The Russians don’t care about scrubbing anti-AngloZioAmerikan information from their search algorithms, or dirty “pirate” information like torrents. James’ work, for example, still routinely shows up as the top result when searching for terms like “CIA drug trade” and the like.

    Do NOT use DuckDuckGo, StartPage, or any other API-based service that hits Google’s endpoints. They’re all pulling from the same result pool, they just don’t track cookies and session storage.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      An alternative search tool.

    • Miss Terious says:

      It’s interesting to compare and Both seem to work pretty well, with plenty of alt media links on both, but Yandex may indeed be a bit better. There’s no feeling of an algorithm getting in the way on either of them. Both still put Wikipedia at the top. Disappointingly, Presearch, a blockchain search engine, seems to overwhelmingly favour mainstream sources, including the CIA itself (as if you’d ask them!)

    • Miss Terious says:

      Actually, I’ll have to take that back about Presearch. I wasn’t using it correctly. seems to show good uncensored results as well.

  5. Shaman O'Sanity 2020 says:

    Ye I heard you Mr. Corbett and bookmarked your site will be and I will include the effort to at least spend the total sum of 2 minutes a day checking your website before I will click Netflix and Youtube.

    Off course as usual this en devour will get me to read complete articles, listen to podcasts and video’s and since I became a paid subscriber for a whole year with a single paypal donation, I’m assured that subscribers only content will also be available on that day !-)

    So CNTRL-D will be typed right after this message goes into the records that are safely kept on your servers….

  6. fabrizio says:

    From one of my fovourite journalists (Vanessa Beeley), along with James of course.
    Watch it and download it, it won’t last long

    • manbearpig says:

      Pretty damn impressive. Grazie mille.

    • manbearpig says:

      And this is further proof that the fact that hydrochloroquine was taken off the freely available list in France on January 13th of this year is no coincidence.

    • Fritzie's dad says:

      Embedded within the video interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits is a reference to a written article in National File by Patrick Howley titled: ‘The Dark Truth About Fauci and Birx, Bill Gates And Globalist Elites’ – which covers the linkages (and thus conflicts of interest) among and between these unsavory paragons of virtue.

    • manbearpig says:

      ok, so I’ve been tipped off to the fact that I should take another look at Dr. Mikovits before becoming excited. So I moderate my initial enthousiasm until I’ve had time to take a closer look.

      • nosoapradio says:

        From where I stand this morning, almost a year and a half later, Judy Mikovits is the person who makes the most sense to me, in accordance with my initial enthusiastic reaction, before a long sabbatical of doubt, my impressions tempered by folks I respect with differing perspectives, then and today. Dr. Mikovits confirms the explanations of others who’ve consistently made a lot of sense to me including Alexandra Henrion-Caude. Of course many questions remain in my mind, such as did she isolate or have time to isolate the HIV virus or not, I’ll have to check, but on the whole she seems to be the most coherent, the most sincere, the most nuanced and as I am unable to grasp the complexities of retroviruses and how they may or may not insinuate themselves into my genome whereby I may or may not pass them on to my offspring etc. and comprehend the possible implications of cross-species infections and virus shedding (a rather terrifying concept) and all the rest,

        I find comfort and clarity in the trust I’m allowing myself to have for this woman and her analysis that fits in nicely with the puzzle picture that’s been falling into place over the last 18 months.

        I’ll also take this opportunity to repeat that I regret that I had misjudged the Bakersfield doctors, though I do not regret having expressed my erroneous opinion, as that is part of the whole individual and collective learning process. Furthermore I was honest at the time I made my mistaken comments as I’d pointedly stipulated that I hadn’t watched most of their presentation; I felt it was important that I insist on that fact, knowing that we all influence each other’s opinions here.

        Anyhow, that was my pre-Thanksgiving Sunday morning Covid confessional for what it’s worth.

        Guess I’ll meet up with myself again in 18 months for another update…

        Gotta love this site.

  7. Stronghorse says:

    I have been seeing a lot of this same thing happening on multiple Goo Toob channels. All channels that speak against the mainstream & government narrative.
    Literally thousands and thousands of new subscribers to each of them, and all within the past month or two. Perhaps the normies are finally coming to understand that they have been getting lied to their entire lives, and are hoping to wise up before it’s too late.
    Or perhaps it has something to do with being stuck at home without a lot to do. Whatever their motivation was that got them to start seeking truth, I wish them good luck.

  8. L. says:

    Graco product placement, ya shill


  9. marc.g says:

    James should register “” ( in Namecoin.. or some other distributed name resolution service.

    I personally would love if there was a Tor node for his webpage.. 🙂

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James is correct. He is close to the edge with YouTube.

    Look at the title of his last work in the series…
    “How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health”
    God forbid!…James used the ‘H’ word.

    “Health Information on YouTube” FROM YOUTUBE
    …We make sure that health info about COVID-19 on YouTube comes from authoritative websites including government agencies, health ministries, and centers for disease control. These sources currently include the World Health Organization and the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.

    We’ll continue to expand our health information panels to more health organizations and health topics…

    …If you see problems with the health info on YouTube, please send us feedback….
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
    Never mind the Pharma paid trolls and sheeple snitches…we know they exist.

    We at Corbett Report all know that there is big money and big power at play here. Those guys are not going to tolerate something which jeopardizes their agenda.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      The Rockefeller health hijacking as told in James Corbett’s
      “How Big Oil Conquered the World”

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      Yes HRS there is a huge difference to what is happening right now versus what happened after 9/11.

      By the time Youtube launched, 9/11 was a fait accompli.
      I don’t think Youtube and TPTB cared much what was said about 9/11 from that point on. There was little that could be done about it from then on.

      But this Covid show is LIVE as we speak, and we certainly can and do have an impact on their plans going forward.

    • Octium says:

      Short of turning up to Google HQ with a gun, how to you provide feedback to YouTube anyway?

  11. hugh.m says:

    I see this video was also removed from Youtube et al

  12. Fawlty Towers says:

    I just had an idea and wonder if anyone employs this strategy.

    If I had a video that I wanted to release to the public on Youtube or another MS platform that I knew was contentious and would surely be taken down in short order, I would release two copies of it.

    The first would be named with a clear title depicting exactly what the video was about. For example: “Bill Gates is controlling the entire Covid-19 plandemic”.

    The second copy (whose contents would be exactly the same as the first) would have an innocuous title such as: “Yummy Chocolate Fudge Brownies”
    and of course its own url address.

    Probably a really obtuse title would be better, as people looking for Fudge Brownie recipes might rat on the video!
    Maybe something like: “Gadget for multiple constructs”

    I would give both copies (titles and links) to sites such as the Corbett Report and would encourage everyone to pass them along to as many other people as possible.

    This way, when either Youtube’s bot algorithms or human censors tried to find the video they would only come up with the first and not the second.

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Would “Yummy Chocolate Fudge Brownies” have a pic of Bill Gates munching on a hot steamy turd?

  14. Octium says:

    Don’t ever tell them about the secret email list either!

  15. Miss Terious says:

    James your dedication is amazing and an inspiration.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do. Your reputation is well deserved, your honesty and sincerity much appreciated. You are known across the alt-media sphere for your credibility and competence and professionalism!

    I’m so excited to see Part 2 of this! I can’t wait! I wonder sometimes if I should feel this way, then I think, well, we can’t win this by moping around and getting depressed, can we? We are humanity! We’re gonna do this! We’ve got this!

    PS. and not forgetting behind-the-scenes Broc as well! Thank you!

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