As #TaxationIsTheft Trends, Bloomberg Rebrands the IRS

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irs3by James Corbett
April 20, 2016

As you may have noticed, the #TaxationIsTheft meme has been making the rounds on the internet for the last few weeks. Well, it officially went viral this week, with the hashtag trending on Twitter on #TaxationIsTheft day, aka April 18th.

The idea is simple enough to understand, and has been articulated many times before.

Take Judge Napolitano's recent breakdown of the idea:

"Just as you lack the moral and legal ability to take my property, you cannot authorize the government to do so."

Or Lysander Spooner's 19th century formulation of the same idea:


The idea, as I say, is simple, but its implications are huge. If the tax cattle begin to understand the nature of the system that has ensnared them, then what will happen if they refuse to comply? Unsurprisingly, this worries the tax-collecting masters of the national plantation enormously.

Not to fear, though! Bloomberg is here to save the day in what can only be described as the most utterly transparent display of government propaganda in the MSM this week (and that's saying something). posted an article entitled "Death and Taxes" on April 15th that begins with the understatement of the century: "It's hard to think of a government agency as dislikedĀ as the IRS." From there this business "news" outlet then sets itself the bizarre challenge of trying to improve the IRS' public image and actually hires three design firms to rebrand the agency.

irs1The results have to be seen to be believed. One design firm decided to run with the idea that tax dollars are "Fueling America," with bright, rainbow-colored pop art collages illustrating how your IRS tribute is "Fueling America's Space Program" or "Fueling Education in America." One wonders what missile-laden F-16s streaking out of a pink ice cream swirl as sunglasses-wearing children look on has to do with "education in America." One also wonders where the "Fueling Illegal Wars of Aggression Overseas" or "Fueling NSA Eavesdropping" or "Fueling 9/11-style False Flags" collages are.

irs2Another firm suggested a play on the iconic "I heart NYC" logo with an "I heart IRS" variant that one could imagine would be proudly adopted, displayed and worn by exactly no one.

The third firm suggested rethinking how taxes can be paid in the 21st century, mocking up a user-friendly app that good taxpaying citizens can use to find out exactly how much they owe to their governmental masters and allowing them to transfer that sum instantly over their NSA-surveilled smartphone. (Can you smell the freedom yet, America?)

In the spirit of fun and whimsy in which these ideas were apparently offered, allow me to present my own humble suggestions for an IRS rebrand:

How about a picture of a typical American workplace with good worker zombies shuffling in for another day of labour underneath a giant arch that reads: Taxation Macht Frei!

irs-protestOr the subtle approach: A man or woman working in their office with a long, cartoonish IRS agent's hand dipping into their back pocket. "So gentle you'll hardly notice anything's missing!"

Or if that fails, maybe the IRS can just own their tyranny. Imagine a PR campaign centered around the tagline: Theft Is Good!

Feel free to leave your own IRS rebranding suggestions in the comments below.

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  1. matagordagreg says:

    I`m not on their mailing list and hope never to be. It`s hard to get blood out of a turnip.

  2. ccuthbert2001 says:

    I read the Bloomberg article to my son and he insists it’s a parody. The first two sure look like it.

  3. corebean says:

    Maybe offering to be more transparent might help. You know starting with revealing the true meaning behind the initials…Israeli Repossession Service

  4. rrandor says:

    “IRS: We are the real police. Just ask Al Capone”

  5. rrandor says:

    IRS: We’ve got your back… and your balls, too”

  6. rrandor says:

    IRS: Fuuling…er, Fueling America? We cant spell but we can count.

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