Agustin Carstens is (Partially) Right!

02/21/202263 Comments

Things get pretty weird pretty quick when the banksters start talking about the nature of money.

For example, take a look at this passage from "The Socio-Political Dimensions of the Currency: Implications for the Transition to the Euro," a research paper by French economist Bruno Théret published in the Journal of Consumer Policy in 1999. Given its title, its provenance and its publication context, you would be forgiven for assuming this is just another eye-wateringly boring exercise in abstract philosophical onanism. But you would be wrong.

At the origin of money we have a “relation of representation” of death as an invisible world, before and beyond life – a representation that is the product of the symbolic function proper to the human species and which envisages birth as an original debt incurred by all men, a debt owing to the cosmic powers from which humanity emerged (Malamoud, 1988; Rospabé, 1995; Thiveaud, 1995). Payment of this debt, which can however never be settled on earth—because its full reimbursement is out of reach—takes the form of sacrifices which, by replenishing the credit of the living, make it possible to prolong life and even in certain cases to achieve eternity by joining the Gods.

I'm not sure what you were expecting from a stuffy economics paper, but it probably wasn't that. But then, this isn't an economics paper. It's a paper on the nature of the monetary system itself, which, you will concede, is a different beast entirely.

Indeed, if you follow my work, you'll know that the question of monetary reform isn't just some silly ivory tower distraction; it is the core issue that lies at the bottom of the conspiracy reality rabbit hole.

As I argued in Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve, the history of the United States (but not only the United States) takes on an entirely different character when we see it as the consequence of a secret war taking place over control of the nation's currency. And, as you will also know from that documentary, the monetary war in the United States was decided in favour of the banking oligarchy in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve.

But the story of that war is not over yet. The nature of money is being called into question yet again. This time, the argument is not about the creation of a new regional currency (the euro), which was the subject of Théret's thesis. No, this time the bankers are trying to create an entirely new form of money, one that will serve as the capstone on their pyramid of power and complete their takeover of the financial system of the world.

It is in this context that the banksters are once again waxing philosophical about the nature and the meaning of money.

Case in point: Agustin Carstens—the morbidly obese head of the banksters' key body, the Bank for International Settlements—recently gave a speech on "Digital currencies and the soul of money" at a conference on central bank digital currencies hosted by Goethe University's Institute for Law and Finance (ILF). 

And—just like The Great Narrative of the World Economic Forum is worth parsing for its insight into the world that Klaus Schwab and his cronies are preparing to bring about—this speech, too, is worth parsing for what it can tell us about the coming monetary enslavement grid being prepared by Carstens and his cronies.

If you've read this far, you're probably the type of person who is interested in this topic. If that is the case, then, boy, do I have an editorial for you! In this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber, I'll dissect Agustin Carstens' recent speech, explain it all in plain English, and tell you what all of this means for free humanity. And if all that isn't enough, subscribers can stick around for this week's recommended reading, listening and viewing, plus a coupon code for 25% off Corbett Report DVDs at the New World Next Week shop. If that sounds good, please support this website by signing up for a membership.

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  1. zyxzevn says:

    NLP-Power / Hypnosis – Dr David Snyder
    Ninja Hypnosis: Mind Control Skills, Psychological Tricks & Seductive Story-telling Secrets

    Lecture that may give some insight in how hypnotic programming works,
    as we see in most propaganda.

    • vadoum says:

      while spinning in cosmic curlicue & clickity-clack trying to make cents and sense, the mechanics of deception has been one of the biggest blips on the screen. This kind of talk is like windshield wipers for particularly blurry times. Thanks for the post.

  2. vadoum says:

    who ya gonna trust?
    some call it having faith. some can give “good faith”. some can take faith off of others (a form of psychic/energetic robbery/parasite).

    some say “money is trust,,” yeah nah. in truth WE ARE TRUST. not in this or that but the charge and gesture itself.

    Getting that idea going is a life lube job, it can fuel conviction and courage to dive a warren and a half past go: and there, surrounded by deceivers who dominate and worse, one gets to start choosing, choices or tests that will hone ours and others trust-worthiness.

    its hard to discern past devilish details when swamped by devoted deceivers; the more we understand that we are trust, the better chances we’ll have of being able to walk away once the decaying deceivers graduate to fungus fodder.


    uncle Joe F. said “the reason we cannot shift to entirely digital currency can be answered with 3 letters: E M P” . while this is great news, have you chanced along any salty grains that might subvert the elegance of that?

    • mik says:

      “WE ARE TRUST”

      Yes, there would be no society, civilization without trust. Even deceivers must be trustworthy to extent, otherwise institute of trust would fade away.

      “some can take faith off of others (a form of psychic/energetic robbery/parasite).”
      I have problem with this…might lead to the idea of ‘safe spaces’.

      EMP would be huge problem, particularly strong one that would fry electronic circuits. Still, they would be able to restore. Banks already have many backups. For one bank I’ve heard, the last backup is on optical media stored in the vault.

      • vadoum says:

        “some can take faith off of others (a form of psychic/energetic robbery/parasite).”
        I have problem with this…might lead to the idea of ‘safe spaces’

        I wont get presumptive nor explicative without knowing better what your “problem” is?

        “EMP would be huge problem, particularly strong one that would fry electronic circuits. Still, they would be able to restore. Banks already have many backups.”

        I dont know (and dont want to know), what volume of transactions are, vulnerable vs protected from an EMP: including numbers/accounts, letters/words, sounds and images in electrical/digital format, machinery, vehicles. The scale of digital damage that could be done is in the doors-blown off category. I struggle to imagine how banking might try to “protect” it’s active accounts. I wonder how far beneath the ground an EMP could penetrate?

        • mik says:

          Latter I recalled I know a person who might be deemed energetic robber. I’ve done some job for this woman and stayed on friendly terms with her, like with any other customer capable/interested for this. She is hard. I realized I can only have a coffee with her when I’m in a good mood, otherwise she is a drain. So, there is a defence.
          On the other hand I’ve been accused, not once, of bringing negativity, negative energy that nullifies positive energy supposedly. The problem is, hardly anyone in a longer interaction with me will pass just with small talk. I’m challenging them, I call spade a spade, shit a shit.
          I’m convinced our precarious circumstances are largely a consequence of a general inclination to treat others in gloves and refrain from challenging them, on top of widespreaded deficiency of good faith.
          That, I hope, explains what I meant by ‘safe spaces’.

          I think scare of EMP is mostly based on that EMP event that had occurred at the dawn of telecommunications. Circumstances today are very different. Today crucial electronic equipment is quite well protected. First from power surge that happens often because of lightnings. I have my hi-fi and laptop protected with high-voltage fuse, data centres are certainly even better protected. If you have good building protection against lightning than upgrade to Faraday cage is not insurmountable problem. Then, back in a day long interconnections were metal. Today this is replaced with fiber-optics that are very immune to induction and are mostly placed underground.
          So, EMP apocalypse is almost impossible. But a lot of peripheral equipment would be fried, enslavement devices certainly.

          • vadoum says:

            I am not an authority by any stretch, on this topic, but I have worked with some who claim to be and others who probably are, though they’d never admit it,, so how does this work?

            this is a book topic,, energetic robbery probably happens on various levels. From physical yakka chain gangs & slavery,, to aliens sucking chi from people while having sex, and everything in-between.

            suffice it to say that “life force or prana or Qi” is a real thing, From our 3d perspective, it seems to be a “charge” that people have more or less of, it promotes physical health, and according to chinese medicine, when our body has none, we die.

            Can we steer or attract or exchange these forces? yes, with practice, and good manners (intentions). but the one who wants power is least likely to get it; or when one does feel a surge of loving charge, a blessing, a cracking open of “heart”, the best advice I was given is “not to hang on to it”. The trick is that giving love (for real), can/will allow or attract more loving energy and vice versa.

            as for the parasitic amoungst us, I’ve worked at steering clear of them, though avoiding one joker can also attract next level. is that because I’m running from an aspect of myself? Can be; ,,,your story of being accused of bringing negativity.

            The one who brings “negative charge” or “drains other people of energy” is often not able to empathize. If a conversation has balance of attention and participation then so too should be the energy for all involved.

            The exchange can happen through the eyes, and through the breath.

            • vadoum says:

              “The problem is, hardly anyone in a longer interaction with me will pass just with small talk. I’m challenging them, I call spade a spade, shit a shit.
              I’m convinced our precarious circumstances are largely a consequence of a general inclination to treat others in gloves and refrain from challenging them, on top of widespreaded deficiency of good faith.
              That, I hope, explains what I meant by ‘safe spaces’.”

              People are often on fragile footing these days, so your calling a cat a cat may often meet resistance in others who cant carry the implications of your insight, but they’ll respond to the charge (funny fierce friendly fake edgy vacant angry humble arrogant,,,) the energetic color will count for much more than your content (factual evidence description).

              it all adds up, theres no such thing as nothing; we’re more or less of & in the flow of Qi, servin’ up the cosmic stew.

              I’m understanding your “safe spaces” as diplomatic or non aggressive,, and so could also mean “protected from energetic attack & robbery”? not sure what you want to say with that phrase, but I agree, good faith that runs deep is a rarity.

              pretty sure thats because these are the days of the sprung lie, during which all have some degree of deception to answer for.

              • mik says:

                By good faith I mean to accept other human being and believe he has good intentions no matter how weird the words coming out of his mouth are, no matter how outrageous his ideas might sound, that he tries to the best of his abilities to convey a part of himself, that he didn’t want to offend even if one feels offended….yeah…pretty idealistic, but that faith is about.
                I’ve heard “my good faith” is naivety, but I strongly disagree. I’ve sold stuff for others for almost two decades, now I’m on my own, and I practically got all the money I was owed. Good faith with caution when it’s critical. And bad motherfucker when is needed.

                I believe energetic attack & robbery can only happen if you believe/allow it. I heard a story about voo-doo sorcerers having tremendous powers towards domestic people, but none to outsiders. Ok, maybe some nefarious person like this can get you on wrong foot, but I don’t believe he can do big damage. I’m ok with the idea of Qi or similar.

              • vadoum says:

                I take faith to be a vector, like playing a musical instrument, one gets better at it with practice, care and concentration, never started, never ends. but faith aint no hobby or recreation. could it be called “conscious art”? Its a capacity to feel; not the thought “I believe because such and such”, but to feel the calm surety of having decided, this is often usurped by emotionally manipulative liars (politicians, jilters, and politicians); thus billions were poisoned, or “took communion”

                “By good faith I mean to accept other human being and believe he has good intentions no matter how weird the words coming out of his mouth”

                “I’ve heard “my good faith” is naivety, but I strongly disagree”

                “the nature of god is to pretend your not.” a. watts

                I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve learned to back-off when indignance is rising, JP has some options nutted out: narrative scripts which can rebound the bullshit


                that drummer you linked is cute, but if its rythym you like, this aint shards of metal but rather polyrhythmic mastery,,,


                Newen afro beat covering fela kuti’s “opposite people” (the lyrics are on topic)

  3. loggin says:

    Fascinating article

    That the NSA wrote a white paper in 1995 ‘How to Make a Mint: the Cryptography of Anonymous Electronic Cash’ outlining a blockchain type secure transaction system … and

    that Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of Bitcoin was never identified despite voluminous interaction with super sophisticated tech folks suggests to me that Bitcoin could be a trial run for CBC secure transactions. It theoretically eliminates the need for trust in transactions.

  4. If we can’t even trust governments today in administering banks fairly (witness the freezing of protesters’ bank accounts in Ottawa and donations to the online fundraising sites), how could we possibly trust a world central bank controlling a CBDC?

    The problem is that if most of today’s normies were polled they’d say they were perfectly OK
    with the current freezing of assets in Canada.
    Little do they know it could happen to them in the very near future!

    Of course none of it is even legal, as the banks are acting BEFORE the Emergencies Act has been officially invoked!

  5. vadoum says:

    was checking back for replies to posts I missed. Indeed, the question of the authenticity of David Martin is still floating. He also popped up on another info feed,, so he’s got a waddle on today.

    FC I followed your link to description of what all this duck walking was about anyway which led to a link with longer/better write up of his exploits and how elusively described they are:

    Then FT asks whether any of his facts are off. sometimes the process of controlled opposition needs to garner trust first and slip mickey later.

    I’m half way through that read, it leans one towards suspicion, but whether that guy is helpful or harmful, his actions (style of communication in interviews and lectures), for me, wreak of spin.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Yeah, thanks for posting that too, vadoum.
      I seem to recall linking to it a few months ago, and it definitely bears re-posting as often as possible.

      To me, the guy is just an obviously visible creep and charlatan after hearing one presentation, but for anyone who needs further demonstration of his sketch-ass background, there it is.

  6. I just want to share this funny revisionist tidbit regarding a central concept of the Austrian School of Economics and L. von Moses:

    “The argument that an efficient command economy under socialism is impossible because there would be no

    way to reliably price capital goods was not invented by Mises, as this article currently claims. You can find the

    argument made very clearly in Max Weber’s Economy and Society (Part One, Ch. II, Sec. 12; the current

    Wikipedia biography of Weber provides a quote). That book wasn’t published until 1922, but it was based on

    lectures that Weber gave in 1909-14. Weber himself died in 1920, the same year that Mises published his

    paper on the economic calculation problem. It’s remarkable that Mises’s paper doesn’t cite Weber, since

    Mises was very well aware of Weber’s work and we know from this interview with Gottfried Haberler that

    Weber was one of the main topics of discussion during Mises’s private seminars in Vienna, in the years

    immediately after World War I.”

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE: James Corbett’s 2/21 article Agustin Carstens is (Partially) Right!

    The Catherine Austin Fitts video in “Recommended Viewing” really jives with this article.
    So does Corbett’s recent conversation at Interview 1701 – Resistance and the Future on Revelations Radio News (42 minute mark)

    Decentralized Viable Currency – This is a tough hill to climb.

    • Torus says:

      Agree HRS,
      Absolutely worth listening to!
      Cathrine Austin Fitts presentation was powerful and resonated with me. I’ve been feeling a somewhat urgent need to start participating and experimenting with local exchange platforms and currencies. Especially with the insanity with the freezing of Bank accounts in Canada (and Australia). She really put a nice package around the financial whirlwind we have been experiencing, highlighting the historical manipulation and the sobering reality of the monster we are up against. But she is encouraging with the reminder that we have not lost; the war is being fought and we can still shape a thriving human future. We have to stop funding the control beast. We need to choose better investments and move tax money to whom and what we actually support, preferably in our local economy.

      “Do what gives you energy. You’re unique. In a decentralized system, we all have to do what gives us energy. Do the pieces that resonate. Do what works for you.”
      Some suggestions included
      Stop the control grid
      Prevent a fully digital monetary system
      Use cash and coin
      Protect your local constitution
      Get out of victim mentality and get to work

      She also brings and interesting perspective I hadn’t considered before “Our governments are not bankrupt, our governments have been robbed.” She suggests there many be a way to get that money/assets back.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        “Do what gives you energy.
        You’re unique.
        In a decentralized system, we all have to do what gives us energy.
        Do the pieces that resonate.
        Do what works for you.”

        Great quote from Catherine Austin Fitts!

        Thanks Torus for putting that script out here, and giving everyone a synopsis.

  8. Fact Checker says:

    “sacrifices which, by replenishing the credit of the living, make it possible to prolong life…”

    Wow! Wasn’t a certain fact-checking commentator just saying how

    “People have to pay to exist in this cursed world, one way or the other.”???

    The Masters (Agents of Reality) have created the world as it is today, and They feel no compunction whatsoever about exacting whatever fee They see fit for granting the privilege of permitting each of us to continue existing on Their wicked planet of seductive material pleasures. As the truckers are learning in Ottawa, if anyone balks at the terms and conditions set by the Masters, he will be forcibly corrected without hesitation and without pity.

    Now, Carstens is telling us all exactly what the terms and conditions will be for continued existence on Earth for the abject masses. CBDCs will effectively turn everyone into a bio-slave “situated decisionmaker” (to use the language of the “Nudge Unit”), limited to digitally-enforced “choices” in a behavioral labyrinth where all paths lead to biodigital convergence and absorption into the profane Cyb-Org body of the Machine.

    Anyone who brings another helpless soul into this existence after being told of this future is thereby granting performative consent to those terms and conditions. Procreation functions as a vote of confidence in the grotesque System that They are describing. To procreate now is to give a child over as payment so that the breeder may remain a participant in the nightmarish hellscape reality now being readied.

    To anyone who read this article: You Cannot Say You Were Not Warned.

    Will you now pay the price in a child’s tender flesh?

    • mik says:

      (damn I have too much time)

      I guess you just cum probably watching k-pop-porn.

      “…brings another helpless soul into this existence after being told of this future is thereby granting performative consent…”

      Bullshit, not only is inappropriate to use a word ‘consent’ in this context, word consent is a loaded word nowadays. Consent can only be explicit, otherwise is not a consent, it’s like a social contract no one ever signed. Since you’re supposedly not coming from the Machine you should know that.

      “….to give a child over as payment so that the breeder may remain a participant…”

      This makes no sense whatsoever, not in this reality. I think even you’re best imagination (during k-pop-porn session) is not able to design a reality where this would make sense.

      • Fact Checker says:


        What in the world…?

        Maybe you should devote some of your surplus time to learning English, if you intend to contribute to English-language chat-boards.

        • mik says:

          Fact Checker, c’mon…is this all I can get as a reply…man, that’s just pathetic.

          My English is good enough, confirmed by two native speakers. With them I don’t have just small talk. My language skills cannot compare with yours. My contribution is substance, not language.

          K-pop-porn is an attempt to coin a word, k-pop + porn. Probably you would get it but you didn’t watch the video.

          • Fact Checker says:

            I didn’t understand your remark in the least, but only gathered that it was a vulgar (and homoerotically charged) personal attack, befitting one of limited language skills, and comparable mental faculties in general. “Substance” was in no way conveyed or suggested.

            Your tendency toward personal attacks has led me to ignore you for a while now, and I would be content if you reciprocated.


            • mik says:

              Indeed I went really far. Still, you could be a man and withstood my low blow. But you decided to act like insulted pussy, probably because you realized you scribblings are indefensible.
              Your mental gymnastics coming out from a disgusting attitude are not worth reading, so in general I already stayed away from you. It will be the same in future…but I don’t promise. It’s possible I will bite you again, might be even more furiously.

    • mik says: the mean time….

      South Of Heaven 【Slayer】 Cover by A-YEON

    • cu.h.j says:

      FC says “To procreate now is to give a child over as payment so that the breeder may remain a participant in the nightmarish hellscape reality now being readied.”

      “breeder” is an interesting term to use. It is a term that indicates disdain or possibly jealousy towards those who can procreate, often used among homosexuals. I have no bigotry toward gay people btw. I have some very close gay friends and a family member. They do not call people who want to procreate “breeders”.

      I see no reason at this time why a person who is capable of responsible child rearing and the desire to do so and the capacity for the profound commitment pro-create. Procreation is natural. The psychopathic cabal doesn’t want procreation because they are unnatural creatures.

      I personally wouldn’t welcome the responsibility of parenthood, but that’s my own shortcoming, not the desire to procreate among fit individuals with the capacity parent.

      Do you feel angry because you think that the psychopaths have won and you are missing the opportunity to have children?

      Or do you have a subconscious desire to bring forth the nightmarish hellscape from the machine world?

      • Fact Checker says:

        “Procreation is natural. The psychopathic cabal doesn’t want procreation because they are unnatural creatures.”

        You’re wrong about that. The Masters want both procreation and depopulation. More babies means more human biodiversity, meaning more variety for Them to choose Their fleshpoid bio-slaves from. They want adults to breed to the maximum extent now, and then the adults will be carefully and methodically culled with forced euthanasia injections. Then the kids are “orphans” (a/k/a available fleshpoids). Each orphan fleshpoid will have his or her biometric profile listed in a worldwide catalogue for beast-men like Carstens and Schwab to browse when they start hankering for some “R&R&R-M” (Rest & Relaxation & Rape-Murder). The Masters can then easily cull the unwanted surplus (ugly) kids with mandatory euthanasia injections.

        “I personally wouldn’t welcome the responsibility of parenthood, but that’s my own shortcoming…”

        You should not apologize for remaining prudently child-free. The feeling of shame you seem to be conveying is just part of the hypnoidal pro-natal societal programming that you have been steeped in your whole life. It’s just one of the many ways our DNA tricks its meat-puppet vehicles to keep replicating and propagating itself, while also our political rulers ensure a thriving herd of hapless human livestock. Think of your DNA and the political class as two alien life-forms, one being an internal parasite and the other being an external parasite, who team up as joint-owner-slavers of your body, each of whom extorts, coerces and manipulates you with psychological sticks and carrots: terror, hunger, fear of cold, and sexual longing are all fundamentally weaponized against you.

        “…fit individuals with the capacity [to] parent.”

        No such thing. Humans are no different than rats in a laboratory, breeding instinctually to nobody’s benefit other than the psychopathic mad scientists who subject us all to their cruel experiments for their own curiosity and depraved gratification. Humans have no control over their own lives or living conditions, let alone their children’s, and any belief that they do have such control is a foolhardy delusion. Carstens is telling us all: your children will be Our slaves in an electomechanical control grid. He is proudly announcing it. Anyone who assents to render up his or her own children into that vampiric future isn’t “fit to be a parent”. To the contrary, breeding-in-a-cage is irresponsible, cruel, and foolish. As humans, we have the power to prevent another generation of suffering, and failing to do so makes us the moral equivalent of mindless, teeming lab rats.

      • Fact Checker says:

        “Do you feel angry because you think that the psychopaths have won and you are missing the opportunity to have children?”

        Not at all. I’ve known I wanted to remain proudly child-free since I was a teenager…and that was before 9/11. After discovering 9/11 Truth, I was like, “Holy shit, thank god I dodged a bullet on that one, before I realized how bad things really are!” Then, when young people I knew or knew of in the 9/11 Truth community nonetheless continued to plan to have children, knowing the global nightmare that was descending, I was utterly confounded, appalled, and indignant. What reckless and callous cruelty!

        “Or do you have a subconscious desire to bring forth the nightmarish hellscape from the machine world?”

        Not at all. I’m simply not so foolish that I convince myself it can be avoided. The only thing we herdsters have power over is whether to procreate or not. We have no power to prevent the Great Becoming. The New World Order transformation is a natural process already in irreversible progress, like a pupating insect that is now halfway between a larva and adult. The biological planet Earth was the larva. The Cyb-Org mechanized hellworld is the full-grown insectoid Monster. You and I are like senescent individual cells that will undergo apoptosis (“programmed cellular death”) as part of that transformational process. The natural forces at work are far beyond even our comprehension, to say nothing of influence.

      • Duck says:


        I don’t think his desire is SUB conscious in the least. He rather reminds me of my dear old mom in some ways.

        When you choose the darkness after a time it stops being a choice

  9. mik says:

    First quote, from Bruno Théret, is just un-fucking-believable, paper withstands anything, more than toilet paper.

    If one has to invoke god to substantiate such a profane thing as money, than this is a sign of sheer desperation and mental impotence.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The Dollar, Pension Funds, Wall Street, Blackrock…
    …and Life Insurance Death Payouts

    Around February 15th, Kristi Leigh of the alternative media site interviews Edward Dowd, a former Blackrock Portfolio Manager (14 billion dollars).
    (46 minute interview)
    This is a fascinating interview which touches on many things, especially in relation to how the Wall Street game is played.

    Edward Dowd has been trying to get the word out. Dr. Malone helped.
    Corbett Report Members may remember the Friday Feb 4th, 2022 article in Zero Hedge…
    Long Funeral Homes, Short Life Insurers? Ex-Blackrock Fund Manager Discovers Disturbing Trends In Mortality

    The 4th quarter Life Insurance statistics are coming in. Dowd gives us some numbers. The Death counts are very high compared to 2019. What I found astounding was how revenues soared for Funeral Homes…they outperformed many stocks with extremely impressive percentage gains.

    If you just want the 6 ½ minute video cut of the Kristi Leigh – Ed Dowd interview go to “Health Impact News” here…
    February 18th, 2022
    40,000 Deaths Following COVID Shots in European Database as Life Insurance Death Claims Skyrocket

    On 2/15/2022, James Corbett had
    NOW What About Excess Mortality? – Questions For Corbett #083
    Last year The Corbett Report explored the question of excess mortality over the past two years . . . but where are the stats at now? Joining us to break down the surprising answer (and its implications) is Denis Rancourt of
    There were also some good comments with linked information on that Thread.

    Long SUB-THREAD of Stories – starting January 3rd, 2022
    Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Related Sideways, but still at the heart.
      MainStream Media is straining with deception and acting puzzled about strange cardiovascular phenomena.
      [I think TPTSNB are ‘prepping’ with a narrative. They know that we know.]

      Monday Feb 21st – The Washington Post
      Five months post-covid, Nicole Murphy’s heart rate is still doing strange things
      The prevalence of such symptoms has experts projecting a ‘tidal wave’ of cardiovascular cases related directly and indirectly to the coronavirus.

      …No one seems to be able to pinpoint why. She’s only 44, never had heart issues, and when a cardiologist near her hometown of Wellsville, Ohio, ran all of the standard tests, “he literally threw up his hands when he saw the results,” she recalled…

      …“We are expecting a tidal wave of cardiovascular events in the coming years from direct and indirect causes of covid,” said Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, president of the American Heart Association…

      …In addition, the American College of Cardiology has recognized the serious, longer-term effects of the coronavirus by preparing new guidelines, scheduled out in March, for monitoring and returning to exercise after infection…
      …Heart disease is the planet’s No. 1 killer, responsible for 17.9 million deaths, or a third of the total each year before the pandemic, and there’s already growing evidence of the outsize impact the coronavirus is having on our long-term health.
      Multiple studies suggest that Americans’ collective blood pressures has jumped since the crisis began. According to a December study in the journal Circulation…

      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as of this month had logged more than 1 million excess deaths or deaths since the start of the pandemic that are beyond what we would have expected in normal times. While most of those were directly caused by the virus, there were also an additional 30,000 deaths due to ischemic heart disease and nearly 62,000 additional deaths due to hypertensive disease.

      When the coronavirus first hit the United States in 2020, doctors were surprised by the heart involvement in cases they saw:
      professional athletes with signs of myocarditis or hardening of the heart walls;
      patients dying from their illness with hundreds of tiny clots in major organs;
      children rushed to emergency rooms with an inflammatory reaction involving cardiac complications

      [NOTE: They use 2020, but I did not see athletes falling over in 2020, nor kids rushed to the hospital for cardio problems in 2020.]

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      UPDATE – Thursday February 24, 2022

      Edward Dowd gives us even more current information about Funeral Homes and the startling rise in death rates along with some more data from Insurance Companies and how they have seen a rise in death claims.

      Dowd relays other information from a Wall Street insight that has many potential implications.

      EPISODE 256: THE WORLD HEALTH ORDER – “The Highwire”
      Start watching at the 1:10:00 minute mark as Del Bigtree leads into the
      Edward Dowd interview with talking about Pfizer and the FDA.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        At the 1:36:30 minute mark, Ed Dowd discusses a very recent large German Health Insurance company that reported their alarming statistics. This data goes against the “official narrative” and thus may encourage other companies to reveal their information.

        German Insurer Warns: “More Vaccine Side Effects Than Previously Known”

        A board member of German insurer BKK ProVita recently had analyzed the data of millions of insured individuals of the BKK group. The results conclude that the number of COVID-19 “vaccine” side effects is much higher than is being reported by the German federal agency and medical regulatory body, the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI). According to BKK board member Andreas Schöfbeck, the new data is an “alarm signal.”
        He highlighted on Wednesday that “the figures determined are significant and urgently need to be checked for plausibility.” Noting the importance of the potential findings, he added:
        “The numbers that resulted from our analysis are very far away from the publicly announced numbers. It would be ethically wrong not to talk about it.”

        …The German publication WELT reports…
        …The result: From the beginning of 2021 to the middle of the third quarter, 216,695 BKK policyholders were treated for vaccine side effects. Seven thousand six hundred sixty-five (7,665) cases of complications from other vaccines were excluded. The statistics did not include any multiple treatments of insured persons—they calculated one per patient.

        By comparison, WELT notes that up to the reporting date of Dec. 31, 2021, PEI “only recorded 61.4 million vaccinated people, [with] 244,576 adverse reaction reports triggered by COVID-19 vaccines.” Schöfbeck remarked that the data he and his team evaluated cover only 10.9 million policyholders and just seven and a half months—yet the vaccination campaign in Germany has been active for 14 months. Schöfbeck explained:

        “Our analysis shows that we are dealing with a clear underreporting.”
        He added,
        “According to our calculations, we consider 400,000 visits to the doctor by our policyholders because of vaccination complications to be realistic to this day.
        Extrapolated to the total (German) population, this value would be three million.”

  11. el Gallinazo says:

    Augustín is confused. The purpose of the world’s central banks is to buy up the world with printed funny money, not to eat up the world.

  12. openlens says:

    A brilliant Vietnam Vet from Chicago , originally, told me twenty years ago “money is a con game. You have to have confidence that piece of paper is worth something.”
    So, yeah, it’s a confidence racket, not a trust game.
    It’s interesting how now that humans are machined, it is “capitalism” that is “dying”, or sadly, being “murdered”, and it is money that has “a soul”.

    Karl Marx turns in his grave, marveling at the powers of The Universal Whore, and men’s endless attraction to the illusions offered.
    When the banks in Venezuela closed their doors, two thinking persons decided to rent a printer and print some “money”. Their local economy quickly “recovered”.

    The word economy derives from the home.

  13. mkey says:

    The true purpose of the old moneye is to keep the hamster wheel rolling. It’s the perfect way to control people and their interactions, as long as you can find a sufficient number of people that are willing to believe in it.

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I think politicians are lowlife worms.
    Well known Canadiann politician Pierre Poilievre is no exception.

    However, I am glad he mentions Mark Carney, official “Agenda Contributor” to the World Economic Forum.

    “You’ll Own Nothing. And You’ll Be Happy.”
    ( 2 1/2 minutes from Pierre’s YouTube Channel)

  15. s511 says:

    Thank you Vadoum for the link about David Martin. Boy, what a ton of pertinent spin off information in your link.

    “The common good before the individual good. (Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz)” — Adolf Hitler, February 1920

    • s511 says:

      Another scary excerpt: Tse Hao Guang is the Strategist at the Centre for Strategic Futures (CSF) in Singapore.

      “Bio-surveillance in the Era of COVID-19,”
      “Canadian think-tank Policy Horizons has recently articulated the potential for a ‘biodigital convergence,’ where biological and digital systems interpenetrate to change the way we live, work, and even define what is natural or human. The rise of bio-surveillance, accelerated by COVID-19, is undoubtedly one undercurrent of this driving force. The need to ensure safety and order through more direct and fine-grained monitoring of human bodies has led to these new methods of sensemaking.”

      I wish I knew who wrote the article

      • vadoum says:

        you’re welcome, thanks for pursuing it. As FC notes above, its worth reposting, players like that are so decidedly manipulative of others,, what a waste

  16. vadoum says:

    people talk about money, some even make it while talking about it, but like the Israeli said, “if you’re always working you never have time to make money”.

    I just deleted a long paragraph raving away about it,, point is: having or not having it plays out in so many realms.

    fighting hard to stay focused here, as if this subject matter is some cognitive invasive weed aiming to choke out its host,,

    If the pyramid of ownership, companies that own companies, is cap-stoned by 2, in our story this is published as “black rock” & “vanguard”, and there exists one “fun ticket” left in the world, a one hundred dollar bill (“bill” “note”?), yet blackrock owns vanguard, and yet surprisingly, vanguard also owns blackrock. who gets to keep the hundy?

    if anyone is a solari report member maybe this could be posed to catherine fitts,

    merci d’avance for any guidance with this

  17. chancey says:

    I don’t think it is quite right to say the soul of money is trust. I don’t have to trust anyone to take a gold coin (or a pound of salt for that matter) in exchange for my labor. Real, sound money is based on perceived value, not trust. It is only credit money which depends on trust. Trust is the soul of credit, not of money.

    • mkey says:

      And what is the perceived value of gold based on?

      • Fact Checker says:

        Divisibility, durability, verifiability-by-weight, malleability, beauty, conductivity…

        • cu.h.j says:

          Concise answer. Gold has value in medicine as well to fill cavaties and such. Its also hypoallergenic for most people.

        • mkey says:

          You must be joking. Most of those properties have the likes of lead lol To me, lead is absolutely gorgeous: 10 out of 10.

          Gold does not oxidise and does not provide contact resistance. There is supposedly some value to monoatomic gold as a supplement. That’s it.

          On the nagative side, it’s an absolute bitch to mine. It can be used as a throwing rock or as a brick in a pinch.

          What is the intrinsic value of gold? What is its value based on? Trust, trust that somone will believe in its value.

          • Fact Checker says:

            The difficulty in mining makes it more valuable, not less.

            Lead’s toxicity prevents it from being a useful medium of exchange. Also, its drab color, despite how attractive you might find it, makes it more readily debased with other alloys.

            I get the feeling you’re being deliberately obtuse. Gold’s valuable qualities aren’t rocket science, nor are they subjective.

            I’m getting deja vu from our discussion of motion conservation compression algorithms in relation to your no-planes theories. You immediately reveal yourself as an ill-informed amateur, yet you persist…

            • mkey says:

              You’re an idiot, I get that. You are best left ignored, I get that.

              Look up “intrinsic” in a dictionary, I don’t have time to spoon feed you.

    • vadoum says:

      isn’t “credit” just another spelling/form of money?

      & as for golds worth: I thought the sumerian tablets had settled that question, that humans were bred/engineered to relieve the annunaki who were, for whatever reason, mining lotsa gold.

      Or is that just a theory?

      • mkey says:

        Credit is self extinguishing on maturation. Like an IOU or a promisory note.

        • vadoum says:

          That sounds like an accountant’s jingle. Ive heard the bills they print are actual IOU’s. currency? liquide? fold it or spend it when you have it, dont when you dont.

          people dervish-spin like platelets bearing 02 with a job to do. trillions of cells and process’ converge and manifest as humans, racing rats trying to remember or figure out how to die gracefully. which has to do with spirit money, heart light as feather carry-on.

          gold is likely one of those things we know that we dont know but dont know how much we dont know.;)

          • mkey says:

            Considering currency is printed with debt attached, it is practically credit. Once you pay your “debt” it’s removed out of curculation.

            With the fractional reserve system in place, banks when issuing loans are actually issuing credit. With a skim on top, of course.

            It’s the age old question of where do you find paper for repayment when you are supposed to pay more than what was printed? Of course, 99%+ are completely oblivious to these facts about the system that is making them oblivious slaves.

            I chose to have an open mind toward possibly unknown properties of gold. But as unkown the value of it is to the common man, so too the percieved value of it is based on what is not known. It’s a trust ploy, plain and simple.

            • vadoum says:

              funny how the concrete material world, human fetish and manipulation, must depend on an abstraction like “trust” to function. We reach to the heavens, often fighting like hell to have our one room skank apartment and our super tanker girlfriend,, forever mixing the needs of a physique with the drive of the unseen.

              I think the differences of our clamour for mixing the conceptual with the physical could be a sign that we may be close to something much better, what else could imagination be for than to graduate from the mundacity of these dark age habits. or are we just a downgraded version composting into the kalijuga sludge?

            • Gagumba says:

              Or a manipulation of another’s desires.

  18. Voluntaryist says:

    I don’t know what monetary system will evolve. I do know it must evolve freely, without force, threats, fraud. Presently, that is NOT the case. The economy is worldwide, controlled by an international banking cartel, for them, at our expense.
    Thomas Jefferson thought the central bank was the greatest threat to liberty. But, what is the reason people accept the central bank? Why would anyone bow down to abstract demands? And worse, why would they INSIST (under threat of death) that I bow down also? What is the source of such thinking?
    Why can’t we all just “live & let live”?

    • vadoum says:

      “Why can’t we all just “live & let live”?”

      We can, in a skinny second this spaceship can turn on a dime. but its currently being flown by inexperienced pilots.


      we dont. The sages have pondered your question since days of yor (according to the “records”). The Hindus say we’re in the part of a 12000 year cycle when the worst of our capacities is played out,, so be patient the golden age is just a whisker away

      (there are various interpretations of the mahabarata when claiming the length of these cycles, this is briefly explained within the page I linked)

  19. Gagumba says:

    A one world currency is the capstone on the pyramid. It will serve as a last dissolution of a Country’s sovereignty and the establishment of a centralised, totalitarian technocracy. The value of something will be determined by THEIR doctrine as in reality the representation holds no value whatsoever other than what is willed upon it by sacrifice or by decree.

    Long gone are the real days of substance, gold, silver etc. That is until the illusion is broken.

  20. Jono says:

    Regarding the specific use of the words “expression of central bank liability” regarding cbdc (and $100 bill for that matter) does this character Augustin Carstens mean that we paeons are so privileged to use their “liability” (and in fact we don’t even own it) that we actually OWE them? O the arrogance.

    Besides expression of food consumption, he has hubris in spades.

  21. kyle says:

    True: money requires some form of trust.
    False: that trust must be centralized.

    Here’s a new (and very old) concept on decentralizing monetary trust:

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