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Corbett Report Radio 059 - Solutions: Monetary Reform

01/28/20120 Comments

In search of solutions to our economic woes, tonight we dip into the archives for past interviews, episodes and videos of The Corbett Report featuring ideas for getting out of this economic mess. From the Cook plan to public banking, the gold standard and the demystification of sound/fiat money, tonight's broadcast looks at competing answers to our money problems.

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Self-Issued Credit: A Monetary Solution

12/18/20129 Comments

As the global economy continues to slow down, the world is being asked to focus on issues of so-called "sovereign debt," "austerity," "fiscal responsibility," "belt tightening" and other such euphemisms for the grim reality that the public is now being asked to pony up the dough for the trillions that have been handed over to the banisters in the past few years. What the constant focus on these issues effectively hides, however, is that underlying the economic woes that are the symptom of the disease is the disease itself: the monetary system.

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Interview 916 - Financial Survival: Money, Power and Revolution

07/13/20145 Comments

James Corbett appears on Financial Survival with Alfred Adask to discuss his new documentary, Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve. We talk about the way the monetary system determines how we live our lives, the fact that monetary reform is a touchstone of revolution, and how the power of the Federal Reserve is wielded.

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Interview 633 - Wayne Walton on Hour Money

03/26/20131 Comment

Monetary reform activist Wayne Walton of joins us to talk about the hour money system and how it can be used as a dollar/yen/Euro/peso alternative to foster local business and rid the economy of usury and manipulation. We discuss the ideas presented in his book, Hour Money Jubilee, and how people can apply this in their own community for a positive, solutions-based approach to getting at the root of the money problem.

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Interview 389 - Christopher Porter and Lawrence McCurry

10/12/20110 Comments

Today Christopher Porter of the Canadian Action Party and Lawrence McCurry of join us to talk about the spread of the Occupy Wall Street to Canada and the dangers/opportunities of this protest movement for bringing real political change and monetary reform.

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Party Like It's 1907

04/10/20236 Comments

I have an email interview to present to you. It was conducted by Graham Smith, founder of Voluntary Japan, and posted to last week. It's a more in-depth look into the latest banking shenanigans, the historical parallels that can help us make sense of these events, and what we might expect from here.

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What Is Programmable Money?

10/16/202248 Comments

Are you at a loss to explain to your normie friends why the coming central bank digital currency (CBDC) paradigm is so important and why it should be a primary concern for all of humanity? Well, then, today is your lucky day. This editorial is for you . . . and them!

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Episode 413 - Give Send Gone

02/25/2022162 Comments

The Canadian government's recent actions reveal the true agenda like nothing we've seen before. The future envisioned by the tyrants is one in which they can turn off your ability to buy and sell with the flick of a switch. So how will we react? Will we build a parallel economy from the ashes of freedom's funeral pyre, or will we roll over and let the tyrants win? Today James explores the future of money and the real meaning of Give . . . Send . . . Gone.

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Agustin Carstens is (Partially) Right!

02/21/202263 Comments

Agustin Carstens—the morbidly obese head of the banksters' key body, the Bank for International Settlements—recently gave a speech on "Digital currencies and the soul of money" at a conference on central bank digital currencies that reveals a lot about the banksters' unfolding agenda...

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Your Guide to the New Economy

11/22/202155 Comments

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