Episode 419 - 15 Things I've Learned in 15 Years

06/01/2022147 Comments

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the launch of The Corbett Report, James presents a list of 15 things that he's learned in 15 years of doing this work.

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15 Things I've Learned in 15 Years

1. People don't fundamentally change when they "wake up"

2. Almost no one is actually anti-war nor actually pro-freedom

3. People want to be ruled

4. Everyone's your best friend . . . until you say something they disagree with

5. Most people think this is a spectator sport

6. People do not rationally arrive at conclusions, they "feel" something to be true and then rationalize why their feeling is correct

7. The more you learn, the less you know

8. You should be more confident with what you do know

9. A certain section of the public is truly incapable of understanding satire or identifying sarcasm

10. The most important research is dumbed down when it becomes widespread

11. People get their "news" from headlines

12. People absolutely judge books (videos) by their cover (title and thumbnail)

13. You can't wake someone up who's pretending to be asleep

(see How Do I Wake Up My Friends and Family? - Questions For Corbett #065)

14. Everyone thinks they are EXPERTS at breaking down video "evidence"...but they're all wrong

(Case in point: Upon Meeting A Friend for the First Time)

15. The Library of Alexandria is on Fire

Save The Corbett Report from the library fire by ordering the 2007-2008 Data Archive USB.


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  1. ChaosNavigator says:


    *Vertical versus Horizontal Awakening*

    What many of the activists/dissidents/’conspiranauts’ seem to be unaware of is the necessity of inner work; shadow projection, transformation of negative emotions(perfect for the truth/justice/freedom-movements as they are hit hard by the chaos, being excessively aware of it). There is a huge amount of emotional reactivity going on, especially because this group have seen into the abyss.

    What is characteristic of many of the politically awakened is that they belong to a new third segment, what we could call ‘conspiritual’ ( ‘conspiracy aware’ + spiritual)

    Whereas the two groups – the activists and the spiritual – don’t seem to be complementing each other, the third group unifies them both. Many spiritually inclined people often believe in the official narratives; global warming, overpopulation, peak oil, vaccines, etc. and other fabricated elite memes, and thus can also become ‘useful idiots. ‘ While many vigilant dissidents – who are aware of directed history/deep politics – often lack the spiritual awareness, most of the spiritual people lack awareness of directed history/deep politics (and the so-called sheeple lack both of the above).

    Many among the spiritual vanguard are ignorant about deep politics/directed history, and they can therefore become unwitting pawns and supporters of elite memes and disinformation injected into the culture

    Both a vertical awakening (transformation of negative emotions and transcendence of thought) + a horizontal knowledge (of ‘what is’ (it) will be necessary for wholeness.

    • ChaosNavigator says:

      Vertical internal development does not in itself give birth to horizontal knowledge about concrete and often hidden causations in the external world.

      Vertical awakening is about transcendence of thoughts and emotions (less identification with thought, negative emotions will have less influence)- the vertical process

      Knowledge of the relative world is about the use of thought – a horizontal process.

      Knowledge, discursive analysis, can’t be replaced by the inner vertical process (leading to transcendence of negative emotions, absence of emotional reactivity, etc.)

      Conversely; conspiracy theory is no substitute for the interior vertical process.

      Verical aakening does not provide knowledge and insight into dangers of fluoride, vaccines, aspartame, GMO, Monsanto, false flag terror, the deliberate dumbing down of entire populations, deep politics and directed history, global warming and CO2 swindle, etc.

      Meditation and mindfulness will not make primary psychpathy, Bilderberg, CFR, TLC, Skull and Bones, False flags, vanish into thin air.

      And many spiritually inclined people are not even aware of the depths and destructive influence of the ‘Darth Vader-empire’ in the first place! We can only remove such shadow organizational entities if sufficient numbers of people are becoming aware of their destructive influence in the first place, apply thought and analysis, and then skillful action. A vertical spiritual awakening (transformation, and transcendence of negative emotions and exclusive identification with thought) in the individual is necessary but it cannot remove these entities – the domain of thought and analysis and subsequent skillful action is needed here.

      The third category – ‘the conspiritual’ (etymologically incorrect and a slang-neologism but anyway..) seems to be intertwining both the vertical and the horizontal in this respect, or many are at least cognizant of the necessity of both perspectives. This group is growing and being a unifying catalyst for bringing the 2 former categories – previously more irreconcilable groups – together. A more versatile and truly informed spearhead for both horizontal and vertical enlightenment.

      Both things are needed optimally, the vertical spiritual process and the horizontal analysis – it doesn’t mean that nothing good comes from the one or the other.

    • ChaosNavigator says:

      I have friends and know people who have changed their consciousness, experience and self-experience to a radical degree through meditation methods. They are VERY different to be around because there is no longer much noise, emotional and mental crackling in the synaptic circuits, in their ‘heads’. This means that they are qualitatively different to be with and it is clearly felt. Thoughts are still operating when necessary, but they no longer experience them as their identity, it is not a ‘center of gravity’ anymore. For the same reason, they no longer react emotionally as most people do. They aren’t ‘dead’ either and may use extreme analytical thinking, but this does not mean that they are trapped in their heads, but that the very center of identification based on thoughts has ceased toa significant degree.

      Those who have ‘reached’ these states in a more permanent center of gravity, experience the world very, very differently with great clarification and very difficult-to-describe conditions.

      The ‘conspiritual underground’ will probably be the third unifying category with the greatest skillful means in action (along with the activists fighting for the same cause against the ‘Darth Vader-empire’ but whose lack of emotional training will make them much more emotionally reactive, at times in a state of rage, which is perfectly understandable, human nature considered, but nonetheless; their potential pitfall probably could be the extreme (understandable) hatred against NWO. The adage here applies; Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. – Nietzsche

      Nietzsche is adressing the emotional reactive component, while the ‘spiritual underground’ to a much greater extent is much more free from negative emotions, and mentally more discerning in such a freedom fight, adhering to a cool mindset la Sun Tzu and non-attachment. Both groups fight for the same, can see and say the EXACT same things, BUT the subjective negative pole is much freer among the more spiritual dissidents IF they do their homework correctly. Unfortunately such inner transformation will take years of intense practice

      Any prisoner in The Matrix is shocked in the moment of realization that the power of the cultural trance of falsehoods, slavery, etc.

      And therefore mindfulness fx. is necessary as calmness in the ongoing storm (not mindfulness as sedating adjustment to a pathological system which it is being used for everywhere = mindfulness as mindlessness, soma), but mindfulness as a tool due to the realization that there is a very destructive stealth-pathological system, the grim truth as unpleasant awakening, which is why equilibrium of the mind is especially necessary. The romantic notion of a ‘Jedi mind’ is an apt association. Of course most will not believe it’s feasible, just as most intellectuals never tried cause they don’t believe transformation is possible and go the grave….

    • ChaosNavigator says:

      + #2 and #4 could also be explained by the above-mentioned comments…

      Addendum – more thoughts: ‘Change yourself to change the world’ is not enough since many people have different visions of what benevolent change is. One does not automatically become wise because one lives in accordance with one’s vision and mindset. The mindset must also express true wisdom, a knowledge that frees the mind from confusion and suffering – otherwise, in the extreme cases, a burglar or a dictator can also live in accordance with their vision and thinking.

      Happy birthday btw, great stuff…

    • mkey says:

      I’ll just add that the cause lf #3 is self hate. Tol many people are just too damaged to make it count, to care about what is important, even to them.

      Many people are also quite retarded (i.e. challenged in the uptake of information and processing) whoch ties into #5, #6 and 9-13.

      The root cause of #5 is cowardice.

      • hanky says:

        The whole thread is quite interesting to me. It seems like a good perspective to look at our community with. I don’t know what to do with it, though. My wife is deeply immersed in the ‘spiritual’ side. She has many friends and contacts in the ‘yoga’ world. Most of them avoid understanding these topics, let alone consider unpopular activism. I put quotes around ‘spiritual’ and ‘yoga’ because my definition of these things has seemed to go out of style. I assume that it means mastery of the tricks of your own ego and also a capacity for wisdom and action in trying conditions. I see just the opposite in the new ‘yogis’ and self-proclaimed goddesses. Another problem is I have several ‘conspiritual’ friends who are extremely ego bound and identify with their biased and limited knowledge to a great degree. They react violently to any challenges to their self-righteousness or even any foolish thing they may utter. They read some woo-woo internet pap with new-agey buzzwords, and that is their church and excuse for arrogance. But the clarity of your exposition of the situation may help me navigate this life a little better.

        And thank you James. This was a good episode. I hope I can put it to good use. I will start by sharing it with some far-flung family members, and see if I can get a real conversation going. Keep up the good work; I am very very impressed with your ability to remember names, etc., and to consistently come up with new and interesting relevant episodes.

    • Philemon says:

      Caitlin Johnstone makes this distinction frequently: Inner work to complement activism.

      For my part, I think people also need to do epistemic work: learning that they don’t know what they think they know (as James notes). There’s an ancient school of philosophy, Pyrrhonian Skepticism, that advocates just this epistemic work (suspension of judgement or epoche) as a precursor to achieving spiritual peace (ataraxia). Since Pyrrho was with Alexander in India, there’s some reason to think this school may have interacted with Buddhism.

  2. SuperBobo says:

    Yes, we are all growing older and wiser, and the world holds less and less appeal as we become disillusioned and disappointed with everything and everyone. This can be seen as an opportunity to deepen one’s spiritual practice. As ‘A Course in Miracles’ teaches:

    Lesson 128

    The world I see holds nothing that I want.

    The world you see holds nothing that you need to offer you; nothing that you can use in any way, nor anything at all that serves to give you joy. Believe this thought, and you are saved from years of misery, from countless disappointments, and from hopes that turn to bitter ashes of despair. No one but must accept this thought as true, if he would leave the world behind and soar beyond its petty scope and little ways.

    Each thing you value here is but a chain that binds you to the world, and it will serve no other end but this. For everything must serve the purpose you have given it, until you see a different purpose there. The only purpose worthy of your mind this world contains is that you pass it by, without delaying to perceive some hope where there is none. Be you deceived no more. The world you see holds nothing that you want…

    (https://acim.org/acim/en/s/533#1:1-2:5 | W-128.1:1–2:5)

    The lesson continues from there, directing us to a happier state of mind in which we take things less seriously and hopefully learn to experience more joy. A Course in Miracles is reminding us that actually, the whole world is a spectator sport, and that engaging with the spectacle risks keeping us blind to other ways of seeing; what Chaos Navigator refers to above as ‘the vertical’.

    In light of what ACIM teaches, I have no justification for following and supporting The Corbett Report, beyond the fact that it feeds my addiction to the ego’s illusions of control; if this is at the expense of my spiritual awakening, then so be it. For now, it makes me feel good to know that James is there on his life journey alongside mine, working hard to make sense of ‘the news’ in a way that feels right, and which has never yet disappointed.

  3. SuperBobo says:

    I really enjoyed the article ‘Upon Meeting a Friend for the First Time’, as well as the story itself and the excitement that must have been felt around the whole event! I have a couple of anecdotes from my own life, which show how things can be very different ‘IRL’. The first was seeing a comedic duo live whom I had only ever seen on a screen; I don’t attend celebrity ‘shows’ very often, but I was struck by how my empathic self could sense the depression exuding from one of them – something that he clearly used to inform his comedic content, but which was impossible to discern viscerally on the basis of his two-dimensional screen presence. Other times, once at the opera and another time at the theatre, I was shocked at how much I could *feel* in the physical presence of live performers whom I could barely actually *see* in the cheap ‘nosebleed’ sections of large halls. One singer I witnessed singing the role of Madama Butterfly from such a great distance I couldn’t make out her facial features, let alone her face, and whom I could barely hear, singing unamplified over the large yet faintly audible orchestra down below, managed to make me weep copious tears of grief; I am sure this effect had to do with her performance itself – her very aura – as I knew the music and story well already. I don’t often attend live shows, so these experiences really stood out to me, demonstrating your point, James, about the unreality of what we see on screens. And as a further example, I suspect most of us have experienced romantic attractions to people we’ve met in person, who might not have caught our interest on the basis of their looks alone. That goes for platonic attractions, too, of course. I have learned to trust, or at least to remind myself to trust, that physical, three dimensional encounters are much more powerful, if sometimes ineffable, than connection at a distance.

  4. padraig says:

    tanks for all the years sir. you helped me when i was learning how to think. you’ve literally contributed to the conversations all ’round the globe. fantastic. quite awe inspiring to be honest. plus you’re the all time hardest working man in media. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvG3dX43b8s)

    peace and love groovy baby.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Regarding # 14

    I have a standing wager about the height of James Corbett…

    (Scroll down for Odysee Video)

  6. Octium says:

    Congratulations Corbett Report for being too old for Joe Biden already!

    How about #16?

    People don’t believe there really are trees in Japan!

  7. brutaleric says:

    People will also go along with you to run to someone else and say how nuts your idea is…. Covid opened my eyes to fake people.

  8. westelia says:

    Happy Birthday to the Corbett report!!!
    My good sir, you have reawakened my love for history, learning about conspiracies, and how it shapes the world today. For that I thank you.
    I do agree when you say people want to be ruled, and sometimes it doesn’t matter if the person is a person of law, royalty, business, and so on. Even if the person who has been chosen to be the ruler, comes from the lowest level of society we don’t care just as long as he fits our liking. I’m not one for religion, and I have my own beliefs around the stories that the bible contains. However when Saul was made king, god himself asked his people why they wanted a king. They didn’t need a king, and he basically told them only trouble will come from a king. They didn’t care and they got their king in the end.
    Jesus is another example. He was portrayed by many as the king of kings. That he would smite the Roman empire and bring Israel back to it’s old glory. When they saw that wasn’t his intention or purpose, they crucified him.
    We think we need leaders to bring us out of dark times and create new opportunities for citizens. With every election we think maybe it’s this guy or this guy. But in the end the result remains the same. Despair, war,poverty and social unrest. Every leader says they will make changes and help the low class people, but they don’t.
    We don’t need rulers to control our world. People can survive without kings, queens, presidents, government and so on. Sounds scary indeed but I feel anarchy is a way to prove that.

    • Duck says:


      Hi 🙂
      Gods issue was that HE was to be the king over His people and by demanding a human king they were rejecting God as their ruler…..it was not that there should be NO king, but that the King should be God. I actually think Tom Paine wrote that in common sense now I think about it

      It’s normal for humans to submit to something or someone…be that a king, the law, natural law, violence or an ideology. We just pick the wrong things

      • Fact Checker says:

        You are making up pure insanity, Duck.

        Thomas Paine wrote, specifically:

        Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a demon, than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness, that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind; and, for my part, I sincerely detest it, as I detest everything that is cruel.

        You’re even less effective when you try to cite authority than when you simply tout your personal “me-ology” without reference…

        • Duck says:

          Fact Checker…

          I guess I know Paine better then you… I guess the Bible too?

          Are you quoting Age of Reason or what there?
          And you DO know that Paine was probably an Illuminati dude don’t you???? (Oh… and you can check Washington’s letter if you doubt that the Illuminati were active in the early US….)

          ANYWAY… as I said Paine DID say that…maybe he did not believe it but he was writing to convince his audience and used the Bible to do so….When he came out with his actual ideas everyone thought he was a creepy weirdo

          “…. i.e. the Heathens, whereas their true glory laid in being as much unlike them as possible. But the thing displeased Samuel when they said, Give us a king to judge us; and Samuel prayed unto the Lord, and the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee, for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, THAT I SHOULD NOT REIGN OVER THEM. ….”

          • Fact Checker says:

            I have no doubt Paine was a Freemason. (Illuminati are technically different, but functionally equivalent.) But that’s totally beside the point.

            In any event, you’re the one who cited him! Freemasonry is, of course, just Kabbalah Judaism for useful-idiot gentiles.

            “maybe he did not believe it but he was writing to convince his audience and used the Bible to do so….”

            That is probably the most accurate way to put it. It must be stressed, though, that he was making an argument from allegory (and a strained one, at that) against monarchy—not in favor of theocracy, which seemed to be implied in your first reference to him.

            • Duck says:

              Fact Checker

              What…no apology for accusing me of mis quoting?

              “…It must be stressed, though, that he was making an argument ….not in favor of theocracy, which seemed to be implied in your first reference to him…..”

              Did you even read it?
              The quote is literally advocating GOD to be the KING… thats , like actual Theocracy. As in Rule Of God.
              Paine sublimated that into Republicanism…whatever he thought he WROTE IT just as I said that he had.

              You have not said where you got YOUR quote from… nor if you agree that the brutal horrors wrought since the French Revolution are an indictment on the Militantly Atheistic and Human Centric worldview that birthed the ‘Revolution’?

              We’re heading into the FINAL revolution but you dont appear to know your on its side

              • Fact Checker says:

                It’s weird. You acknowledge the distinction between the biblical intent and Paine’s intent in one post, but then you hysterically conflate them in the next post.

                Do you really think Thomas Paine was advocating for theocracy? (The answer is no, professor.)

                Yes, your Jewish bible does so, but Paine did not. That’s precisely the distinction I was trying to draw and keep clear. Your erratic lack of parsimony is exactly what I was pointing out and cautioning against.

                (Yes, my quote is from Age of Reason. That is easily gleaned by searching for any of its highly coloful and unique turns of phrase. It is a frequently reproduced quote, and very well-known.)

                You bring up the Terror of the French Revolution suddenly for the first time. No, I don’t think it’s an “indictment of the humanistic blabbity-bling-blang-bullshit” as you verbosely and histrionically put it. It was just a Jacobin/Freemasonic plot, all of which flowed from the same central source of “engineered history” as all the rest has, ever since the Dawn of Civilization. It has all been one carefully engineered and guided process, the whole time. All of history has been the process of the Machine gathering power to itself, constantly managing and adjusting based on circumstance, but working innumerable simultaneous threads of manipulation in parallel over the whole globe, working through organized Jewry and the secret societies that branch off of it, with inhuman subtlety, precision and elegance, toward one, predetermined end:

                The manifestation of YHWH on Earth in corporeal form as a profane pan-planetary Cyb-Org Beast Machine.

            • Duck says:

              Fact Checker
              “.. but then you hysterically…”

              Uhh… Pot calling the Kettle Black my unstable friend.

              “…Do you really think Thomas Paine was advocating for theocracy? (The answer is no, professor.)…”

              Did I ever say that he did? NO.. I had a casual coment that I thought he’d written it which elecited THIS
              “….You’re even less effective when you try to cite authority than when you simply tout your personal “me-ology” without reference…..” as YOU might say “… as you verbosely and histrionically put it…”

              So…Your wrong and rude.
              FC I own up to my errors and learn from them, while your keeping doubling down like some crazy bird on the rag.

              And as to “…Lame whataboutism…” YOUR the one who is doing the “Whatabout” with the Quote where a guy who was quite OK with the Bloody Revolutionary murder in France (and would like as not have been onboard with the humanist mass murders of the 20th Century) So…. the Terror and the Vandee massacres were LESS bad then what you read about in the Bible ???
              BUT…. how do you measure such things? Your feelsies?

              Silly Fact Checker- you should put down the Philosophy and read some History to round yourself out…you are serving the Final Revolution and don’t even see it when it breathes through your body and mind

              • Fact Checker says:

                Your wrong and rude.”
                YOUR the one who…”

                You’re embarassing yourself.
                Put down the bible and pick up a grade-school reader to learn the Queen’s English. Or any English. “Humanist mass murders”? WTF? Seriously, nobody else has any idea WTF you’re going on about. Ever.

                I think it’s a language barrier, but I don’t what your native language is, so it’s hard to figure out where the hang-up lies…

            • Duck says:

              Fact Checker
              “…You’re embarassing yourself….”
              Possibly, but I am NOT the one who accuses people ,in ludicrous prose, of making stuff up and then RetCons desperately when the error is pointed out .

              “…Put down the bible and pick up a grade-school reader to learn the Queen’s English Or any English…..”
              Oh… were you able to hear my voice you petulant fraud.

              “…. “Humanist mass murders”? WTF? Seriously, nobody else has any idea WTF you’re going on about. Ever….”

              My mistake… I imagined you knew a little about the French revolution, YOu speak so well, I thought you knew more then you do.

              If you are interested you should look up the Vandee and the Revolutionary Terror…possibly De Sade’s activities…but that will require some reading that informs rather then massages your ego.

              “…I think it’s a language barrier, but I don’t what your native language is, so it’s hard to figure out where the hang-up lies…..”

              What hang up my friend?
              I made a statement, a throw away one at that, about something Tom Paine wrote in Common Sense…. you are the one who has turned it into a display of wounded Narcissism .

              Silly silly fact checker… you could be so much more

              • Fact Checker says:

                “Today there is consensus amongst historians that …16,594 official death sentences had been dispensed throughout France since June 1793, of which 2,639 were in Paris alone; and an additional 10,000 died in prison, without trial, or under both of these circumstances.


                So let’s be liberal and call it 30,000.

                By contrast: “Then He struck the men of Beth Shemesh, because they had looked into the ark of the LORD. He struck fifty thousand and seventy men of the people, and the people lamented because the LORD had struck the people with a great slaughter.” –1 Samuel 6:19


                So that’s 50,070 in just that one episode, to collectively punish “the Chosen people” for the “sin” of two guys who merely looked at the Ark of the Covenant.

                So right there, YHWH beats the Terror handily in terms of vicious, wanton, murderous evil. Using objective, quantitative data. (Not “feelsies”.) And that, of course, leaves aside YHWH’s countelss other sectarian genocides and capricious democides, including you know the one where he drowns everyone on Earth except a small handful of nasty, repulsive, incestuous Jews.

                So: no, there is no contest between any historical atrocity and the demonic savagery of your Jewish god.

                And finally, let’s just say you tallied up all human murders and liberally say it’s like 2 Billion. Then conservatively reckon YHWH’s murders as 1 Billion. So YHWH has murdered half as many people as humans have.

                YHWH remains a murderer a billion times over! And Noahide dupes like you worship such a sinister, malevonent abomination! Even if YHWH’s degree of evil is less than that of humans, how in the world does that justify worshipping It? You are twisted by the evil of this world. Your god is pure filth. Profane and unmitigated. And believe me, I’m not trying to redeem you. You’re a irrevocably programmed meat-puppet soldier in YHWH’s army. I’m merely using you as an illustrative punching-bag for the benefit of other readers.

        • Duck says:

          Fact Checker

          You know… aside from not knowing your PAine you really ought to consider what you read.
          That quote (I assume age of reason ??? I dont know)

          “…Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness,…..”

          Could TOTALLY be applied to the acts of Humanist’s and the ideas that spring from the disturbed and often perverse minds of the Enlightenment. Learn some history

          Since atheistic Human centred politics since the French Revolution are indeed, “…a history of wickedness, that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind;….”

      • mkey says:

        A man can only ever have one ruler, and that’s himself. We are supposed to be ruled by ourselves from within and by nobody from without. That is the only moral and logically sound position.

        This fact does, however, have a number of requirements that makes it an almost impossible proposition. It certainly is doable, it is simple but it’s also very hard.

        I certainly do not know my bible, but many words atrributed to Jesus Chris speak exactly to this effect.

        • Duck says:

          “..,A man can only ever have one ruler, and that’s himself. We are supposed to be ruled by ourselves from within and by nobody from without. That is the only moral and logically sound position…..”

          Not joking or trying to insult you when I say that this sentence is how Ted Bundy and Crowley lived their lives.

          What if I live my life like that, ruling myself and think how much I’d enjoy raping people? On what basis would You tell me I was wrong???? If you stop me ‘living my best life’ like that are you right or just more powerful? Does might make right in that case?

          People without outside control are guided by their appetites… I’d say the bible worldview demands that we submit ourselves to Gods Law. I think its St Augustine who said there is the City of God and the City of man- which does your propositional statement put you in?

          • Fact Checker says:

            “think how much I’d enjoy raping people”


            Take a look at this, everyone!

            This is the kind of mad dog in human form that requires a merciless tyrant-god bogeyman ghost-story to hold him at bay.

            Weird, weird shit!

            • Duck says:

              Fact Checker
              “…Take a look at this, everyone!…”

              Unlike you I do not need Narcissistic Supply… take it out of context if you will.

              I makes your own dishonesty far clearer

          • mkey says:

            Duck, as a obviously well read individual you sometimes exhibit to me incomprehensible inability to comprehend.

            Wherever did I say that people who rule themselves may do whatever they want without retribution? You are jut reading what you want to read, you are projecting your nonsense unto others. Please spare me.

            You think in a world where people own nothing but their own kingdom we would see more mass/serial murderers? You think this is air you are breathing now?

            With the “outside control” nonsense you are doing possibly irreparable harm to coming generations. Lunacy, is what it is.

            As if “outside control” guarantees anything but dominion. If that was not the case, how did a Bundy occur, anyhow? Maybe you are advocating for more control, is that it?

            If you tell me that without as much “outside control” as we have Bundys of the world would get to do even more harm, I have a booster regiment to seel you.

            • Duck says:

              If people truly “rule themselves ” surely that means THEY set what right and wrong are for themselves? Or do you think (like I do) that there must be a shared moral code regulating behavior for people to live together without violence?

              Do you agree that the less people are guided or ruled by such a shared set of morals the MORE force is needed to coerce them into not stealing off each other?

              • cu.h.j says:

                It would be interesting to look at biological mechanisms that promote compassion and empathy like mirror neurons.

                I will see what I can find and post here.

              • mkey says:

                If people truly “rule themselves ” surely that means THEY set what right and wrong are for themselves?


                Or do you think (like I do) that there must be a shared moral code regulating behavior for people to live together without violence?

                There is a shared moral code, yes. It’s called morality and it is objective. Life without violence is of course not possible as there always will be transgressions. What is important to understand is that violence and force are two different terms where the latter may be applied and it is one’s full right to do so, as long as the one is not the one initiating the force. The force initiation is indeed violence and adhering to the non agression principle one is free to apply force, including lethal force delivered with a battle cruiser if that is what it takes, to defend life and property.

                Do you agree that the less people are guided or ruled by such a shared set of morals the MORE force is needed to coerce them into not stealing off each other?

                Who would be the one who is applying the force? If people who are being stolen from would use force or an agency they hired to do it for them did the same, that would be fully within their rights, yes.

            • Duck says:


              While you and I agree that

              “….There is a shared moral code, yes. It’s called morality and it is objective…”

              there are 2 things

              1st Morality must come from something OUTSIDE ourselves to be ‘objective’ …. If I let morality rule me then maybe its semantics but I’m not exactly ruling myself- instead letting something outside me rule me…unless I do a Bundy and make up my OWN moral code

              Obviously a starting point of Bible, Koran or animism or ancestor veneration all give very different types of moral outlook…but they all build on SOMETHING OUTSIDE of us

              2nd The IDEA of “Objective Morality” has been under deliberate attack…. this is NOT like Southern Churches and Quakers arguing over slavery- they both felt that there was a Right answer that they could measure against (in that case) Gods will as told (in their case) by the Bible.

              I think you will agree that in the west we have removed the Bible as the starting point of moral reasoning… so there IS NO LONGER ANY MORAL CONSENSUS because people do not have a starting point to build one from.

              THAT is the reason that the state has grown super powerful and coercion has gotten so massive- because such Amoral or ‘PolyMoral’ (haha, I invented a word! 🙂 Look mom!) people can no longer live together in peace without force regulating them.

              I know I’m being pedantic, and I’m sorry, but the woolly thinking on morality is why there is little hope for a peaceful and successful resolution of the crisis in our civilization…the last jenga block has been pulled

              • mkey says:

                Do you agree that the less people are guided or ruled by such a shared set of morals the MORE force is needed to coerce them into not stealing off each other?

                This is one aspect of moral realtivism, the idea that an individual can not rule themselves because they can’t make up their own rules. If there are rules one has to obide to be free, how can they consider themselves free? Why, the man should be god and can make up rules he wishes to obey and then obey the same rules to be trully free.

                The Natural Laws and Principles are not there to limit the freedom of man, but to enpowers man. Man can break these rules but not without a consequence. To understad the cause and effect increases freedom, it does not reduce it.

                On the other hand, man made laws are at best superfluous if they double up the Natural laws, while as a rule will tend to reduce freedom and weaken man, as that is their purpose.

        • Fact Checker says:

          “We are supposed to be ruled by ourselves from within and by nobody from without. … I certainly do not know my bible, but many words atrributed to Jesus Chris speak exactly to this effect.”


          Romans 13. Pay your taxes and stay in line, goy.

          Not to mention Matthew 5:39: never resist evil.

          Matthew 5:40: If someone wins a lawsuit against you, pay not only the judgment, but more than.

          Matthew 5:41: If someone forces you to walk a mile, walk TWO miles.

          Matthew 5:42: Comply with all demands without question.


          Basically, a Christian is a pre-broken, ready-made, turnkey slave, just awaiting a master’s commands like a switched-off robot.

          • Duck says:

            “…Basically, a Christian is a pre-broken, ready-made, turnkey slave, just awaiting a master’s commands like a switched-off robot…”

            Again, Fact Checker, you project yourself onto others.

            You have no life other then what your given by dopamine. how sad.

            You are in the grip of the machine you claim to fear but I think it may be too late for you now

  9. Duck says:

    People, want to be ruled for the same reason that they don’t want to fix their own car or computer, learn to use Linux or make their own plates and pots…it’s easier to outsource that stuff and the results IN AN IDEAL WORLD are better when professionals do them. It’s just that the world’s not ideal.

    I was moving furniture with a bunch of Chinese dudes and it was almost like corralling toddlers… they said they always paid people to move stuff and almost died moving a sofa upstairs. I saw a bunch of South American exchange students who were less able to work physically then a 10 year old… these were not stupid people but if your life is one where people service you your naturally gonna be a dependent person. Look at the literal retardation of people being 30 year old teenager s.

    The Roman’s had a big thing for the Farmer Citizen, for that same reason, I think. You can’t rule your life if your incompetent… the unabomber said something like that about left-ish people not feeling like they could survive without social support….. if people wanna be free they need to learn to do at least some things themselves and the results are less good so most won’t bother

    • cu.h.j says:

      Yes, indeed people want to delegate tasks they either don’t want to do or believe they have less skill in doing. The phenomenon of leadership though is something that I think is naturally found in our species. I could be wrong. But this does not mean that a leader should be a “ruler” It is something of consentual process. And one person could lead in one field, and the follower would be the leader in a different context.

      I used to move my own stuff when I was in my 20s, but later on find that it’s better to hire movers. If you don’t know how to lift heavy things, you can hurt your back and also drop stuff you care about. So hiring people who have more experience isn’t such a bad idea if you can afford it.

      Being able to understand the gist of something to make informed choices is good so that you aren’t delegating your thinking to other people or your autonomy. For example, when a person hires a mechanic to fix a car, they should probably know a little bit about how the car works. I’ve learned much more about cars and computers form my husband.

    • mkey says:

      Good points, most, if not all of us, have similar experiences on the daily. How some people manage not to get killed 10 times every day is beyond something I can imagine. This is most notable in traffic.

  10. kimdotcom says:

    quote “For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).”

    Very large… 40MB ! Beware 🙂

  11. yellowsnakes says:

    thanks for all ur work James
    this one I realized many years ago ? ?? ☮️

    7. The more you learn, the less you know

  12. MEFF says:

    Congratulations James!!!!!!! You deserve the best, you’re great and smart and good person.

    Sadly, all you said is totally true. I’ve noticed all you said. They don’t change, they’re double face, they prefer $$$$$$$$. Sad, but my conclusion is that 95% are evil, stupid or bad persons. So? What can we do…..


  13. MEFF says:

    We can only try to be good persons ourselves, hard to change people, and even hard to help people. We must be responsibles ourselves, to learn, to get informed, to research, and if I say something is cause I have the arguments.

    Sadly we can’t change all people, but we have the responsibility about putting our good grain of salt to the world. Try to do good things.

    Thank you for all you teach me James.
    María from Mexico

  14. 8Gc58 says:

    Happy Birthday to The Corbett Report!

  15. J.P. Wheeler says:

    First off I’d like to say congratulations on 15 years to you James and The Corbett Report!! Think you’ve helped more people around the world in those fifteen years than you realize.

    I fully expected this to be a list of actual facts, this is better. You’ve learned quite a bit about your audience in the past decade and a half, and I’m sure moving forward you’ll learn even more as the years go by.

    Cheers to The Corbett Report on 15 years! Here’s to 15 more!! ?

  16. janetpedro says:

    Aloha and mahalo

  17. shelley11 says:

    Curious how many subscribers have been with you since “the beginning”.

    • I haven’t been here since the beginning, but I’ve been following James for more than 10 years, so quite a long time. 🙂
      His remains my number one site in my ‘Favorites’ folder!

  18. 2-D Chess Dweller says:

    Dear James,

    Happy 15th Anniversary!

    While I agree with 14 of your 15 point, how could you have said X!??

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

    I’m a couple weeks short of my first publishing anniversary, and in answer to your call for our observations, I’ll use this experience to inform. Firstly, yes the library is on fire. It is interesting to see which videos, often ThemToob hosted, have been removed. Seeing a source section with elements in ThemToob black is interesting.

    I also had an article blacklisted by DuckyGo. I am certain that the offending source was that of Jane Stanley on the BBC declaring the destruction of WTC7 with it standing behind her. Also I confirm that thumbnails and titles are important, very important. While I share some of your frustration at this, I have decided to embrace it and expend effort on these when I believe the article is sufficiently well constructed.

    From a statistical analysis of viewer/reader data, I have observed an interesting phenomenon. I maintain a graph which collects a month’s articles into reader number brackets (e.g 41 to 80 views). The purpose of this is that I consider an article successful if it reaches a certain bracket, for this means that people are sharing it amongst themselves. I take this as a positive evaluation.

    I wished to split the highest readership bracket into two, to separate very successful from “wildly successful”. What I discovered was that the lower of these top two brackets would have been EMPTY. Thus, there is a certain critical mass of readership for a very successful article which provides the article with a “life of its own”.

    The final observation is that obsessing on readership numbers is a trap. What matters most is how one feels about an article; one’s own assessment. I am fortunate to have a family member who provides both general “moral support” and also straight in my face constructive criticism.

    Good luck for your next 15 years,


    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      On the “changing people’s worldview front”, Caitlin Johnstone has published a reasonable article on the topic on 2022-06-02 with the title “People Who Defend Empire Narratives Are Really Just Defending Their Worldview From Destruction”.

      She uses two video sources in the article, both by The Oatmeal. The second is titled “Your not going to believe what I’m about to tell you” which is a well narrated cartoon on the topic.

      I enjoyed it as an exploration of the topic.


      It is 8 minutes long.

    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      Slightly off-topic.

      I have a suggestion for the website. The Javascript component of a web page can choose in which text entry box to place the cursor when the page is displayed.

      Suggestion 1:

      For the login page it is placed in the username/email address box.

      Suggestion 2:

      Consider where to place it for the “home” page. The search text box seems most suitable.

  19. ksmen says:

    Thank you , James. I’ve been hanging out with you for 11 of the 15 years. I think I’m going bing on your earliest stuff and laugh at how far you have come!

  20. dregeye says:

    4. “Betrayals don’t ever come from your enemies”
    ~ Rosana Miho, lyrics from LOVEBITES (band) “M.D.O.” (song)
    (Most Devastating Observations) https://youtu.be/RzyIFE-eRH8

    Also, “Paranoia” (song) tells a story related to injections.
    Released March 2021
    It’s on their official u2b channel
    “Albums & Singles” “GLORY, GLORY, TO THE WORLD” playlist

  21. JulienK says:

    James Evan got that big head look, id say he’s 6’4ft. The fact James&James never faced off IRL in a yelling matching over holograms and fake data dumps?! The World is still real as it was when dial-up made that noise… just today thoughts will be 1&0s 1s get to go and 0s get stopped.

  22. Fact Checker says:

    Corbett asks, “How high is James Evan Pilato?”

    Answer: Very, very high.

  23. dmay says:

    Being lazy, I would love to have rulers who keep the trains running on time, provided I don’t get ‘ruled’. Always a catch.
    Thank you JC. I, for one, appreciate the content.

  24. Chuckles Humphrey says:

    I wager a guess that JEP is 5’9”….?

  25. dregeye says:

    15. OFFLINE archive. I’ve been using this software:
    Avast to scan all content before transferring to offline storage.
    Keep as organized as possible with folders.
    Watch out for “255 characters” limit (keep titles short, minimize folders in folders in folders…, (especially with long names!)
    When copying files, some may not transfer if titles are too long.
    Check for those and shorten names (from end), leaving start same for locating purposes & avoiding duplicates on same drive.
    ‘mirroring’ drives recommended.
    I use 2TB drives for significant ‘space’ with tolerable vulnerability to drive-failure. (mirroring is best)
    Any old computer can be useful for ‘offline’ as not vulnerable to ‘virus’ or ‘remote delete’ etc. Be sure to disable any and all ‘connectivity’.
    PCI/PCIe-to-sata cards can increase drive connections.
    I download to an SSD connected with sata-to-usb adapter, when ‘full’ RUN VIRUS SCAN, move SSD to Offline archive & COPY with TeraCopy which shows if any files failed to copy.
    Never “move” as a glitch can cause loss of data.
    COPY, then when copy verified, delete SSD and move back to online computer.
    How and where our ‘archives’ will be available to others can be sorted out later. PRESERVING CONTENT NOW is very important.

    • Duck says:


      Just a note that as I read it anyone using only Windows or Mac faces the possibility that in the future the Trusted Platform module will be used to stop you OPENING files that are not signed or approved by the OS…. they potentially will be able to lock you out of your own files.

      I also read that the next version of Windows will only work if you have an online account with Microsoft which leaves the option of ‘watermarking’ (and thus making traceable to your machine) files that pass thru your PC the same way that North Korea does with Red Star OS.

      I think your 100% right about keeping any static archive machine Air Gaped and Not Updated…personally I’d recommend a Linux Mint (LMDE, the debian edition) machine for media playback because (as of right now) it just works and will install codecs itself.

      Got all my Iso’s and audio books on one and just plug in the HDD i want to use

  26. nevine.f says:

    I feel the collective awakening is way bigger than we realize because the media hides everything. I’ve been following your work and feeling quite bleak about the future. But I’m starting to look at things differently, yes the trans humanism /AI/ vaccines/ digital ID etc etc agendas are happening, but it’ll be only a fraction of the population that will go along with it… I’m trying to find a silver lining, maybe a whole new species of half human half AI will exist, and help our technological development… but there will always be a part of humanity (possibly even the majority), living outside of big cities like normal people (the same people who lived normally through Covid). I think humanity is collectively way more powerful than some mad scientists or greedy billionaires…
    Decentralization of power will be the natural reaction to the attempted “New World Order”

  27. 10. (The most important research is dumbed down when it becomes widespread)

    Talking about taking things out of context…
    How about deliberately editing video footage (disinformation) so that people will be forced to take something ‘out of context’?

    Oh, such as this video that’s gone viral recently:
    where Pfizer CEO Bourla allegedly states that “… by 2023 we will reduce the number of people in the world by 50%. I think that today this dream is becoming a reality.”


    12. (People absolutely judge books (videos) by their cover (title and thumbnail)).

    Given the supreme importance of the title of a podcast/book etc.,
    do you go the extra mile to make sure the titles of your works are as catchy as possible, to ensure you hook your audience?

    That last bit about the next 15, 50, 500 yrs.
    “… at any rate the CR is still here…”

    I’m sure if the internet is still around in 50+ years a Corbett Jr. will have taken the reins from James, continuing the Corbett Report tradition.:)

    Happy Fifteenth Corbett Report Birthday James!!!

  28. barryv says:

    Dear James,

    Your work takes much courage, dedication and commitment. Much like a long-term relationship, especially with a romantic partner. You are indeed a very loyal partner; one who cares and who is most patient.
    You’re a good person James and you truly care.
    That puts you in the top drawer of society.
    Glad I’ve joined your cult of freaks.

    As Freddie Mercury sang:
    “The show must go on
    The show must go on
    Inside my heart is breaking
    My makeup may be flaking
    But my smile, still, stays on”.

    Goodnight from Cape Town, South Africa.


  29. beaudarc says:

    Is anyone aware of a very funny video about a guy trying to enter a laundry and having to show many health notices. A short comedian Joel.. ? With a big beard. Can’t find the video.

    • SuperBobo says:

      [SNIP – no urls without titles/explanations in the comments section, please. Please re-post the link with a title and an explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

  30. HomeRemedySupply says:

    10. The most important research is dumbed down when it becomes widespread
    Queue to 13:50 minute mark.

    Simplify the Message and “Repeat the Message” …
    This is an excellent 100 second VIDEO…

    Fritz Hippler on film propaganda

    Mark Crispin Miller writes:
    “Fritz Hippler explained the secret of modern propaganda, and he would know. He was the Chief of Filmmaking at the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda during the years of Nazi Germany.
    As he put it, “The secret of propaganda is to simplify complex or complicated things, to make them as simple as possible, so even less ingenious men can understand what I mean. And then, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it every day. That’s the secret of modern propaganda – simplify and repetition.” (You should really click on the link, and hear and see him say it himself. He’s very convincing.)”
    ~~WWW markcrispinmiller.substack.com/p/no-its-not-fake-news-its-nazi-propaganda?s=r

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I contend that in marketing or in dissemination of “truth”, a simple message repeated often can definitely have its place and can be a useful tool.
      For example:
      The “ReThink 9/11” truth campaign with a tagline of “Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11?”

      However, like Corbett pointed out, there can be liabilities, especially if an individual takes a shallow approach.
      For example ANECDOTE
      A person who I know well and have known for more than 4 decades… He is well versed in herbs and many alternative health protocols. Although, he did have an odd heart muscle anomaly which required tricky surgery.
      After some years of me “repeating the message” about Building 7, he finally took a look. He became convinced of the 9/11 Cover-up.
      Well, come to find out (to my surprise), he got the Covid jab. Now, he has Pericarditis. He says “no more” Covid jabs for him.

      In my view, it seems like if a person really grasped the implications of the 9/11 Cover-up, then it would follow that their trust in offical narratives by the government and media would go to the trash bin.

      Substance, not shallowness, seems crucial when grasping important concepts.

      • mkey says:

        Lack of trust can only take one so far.

        I find it to be crucial that people understand what is double think and how it works. Too many are stuck in this unhealthy way of thinking and are thus easily conrolled.

        Exposing a psyop by psyop is an onerous task, much better to learn about underlaying principles of mind control.

  31. justin_r says:

    James, all i want to say after following your work for two + years is thank you… just thank you. Such great work bro. Take care,

  32. scpat says:

    Pilato is taller than Corbett. That’s my guess.

    Thanks for 15 years, James!

  33. HyperSimian says:

    I’ve never seen JEP’s legs so I have to assume he doesn’t have any..so a whopping 4’1″

  34. fruitdoctor says:

    Since you invited commentary, I’ll weigh in with my 2 cents:

    Yes, as you’ve stated, COVID really opened my eyes about how successful the social engineering really has been. People who I felt were intelligent, responsible, caring people, literally morphed right in front of my eyes into dangerous hateful people. It was shocking. It was also shocking to see how many people are truly cowardly. I am proud to say that I am quite please that I have stood my ground despite losing quite a lot of “friends” and good reputation that I had.

    What I would like to say though, that I don’t feel is talked about by you, James, is that although you have mentioned that you profess to be Christian, I have never heard you talk about in any of your solutions-watch videos what you feel GOD is going to do about all of this.

    The reason that this is absolutely critical, is because everything we are seeing is in fulfillment of prophecy that was written hundreds of years ago.

    I have to say that I admire the fact that you saw the direction where all of this was going so clearly (way before I ever did) and can articulate it and provide convincing evidence and proof to share with people, you haven’t talked about how all of this is fulfilling Bible prophecy or about what GOD’s SOLUTION is going to be and how he is going to intervene.

    I guess I have to ask if you even believe that our Creator will step in and stop this like he has before with the tower of Babel, the Flood, etc? It matters because how to you think he feels about transhumanism and the rest of their plans? Do you really think he will allow them to ruin his earth/creation?

    The Bible says that Satan has blinded the minds of the unbelievers and evidently as I’ve learned over the past two years, even the majority of the believers.

    Even though they can know scripture and prophecy, either they didn’t really believe it or they didn’t believe that Satan and his followers can be this evil, or that their plan is this scary and their faith proved to be really weak in believing in our Creator’s protective power.

    Bible prophecy gives us the outcome and the broad strokes, but you have provided the details.

    While I am now growing a lot more of my own food, and have deleted social media accounts and other such actions, in my heart, I believe that THE biggest action we all need to take is to read the Bible daily, understand 1) what’s coming next and what our Creator is going to do about it and 2) his track record in the past of how he’s stepped in before and is fully capable and reliable and worth putting faith in.

    While he expects us to do our part, I really don’t agree with you that he expects us to do the heavy lifting. This is too big.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • HyperSimian says:

      Read the Bible that’s been translated or reformed in text and translated again and again…too much heavy lifting and rely on God. That’s the same thing as watching main stream media for an hour or two a day and hoping your politicians take care of you. Sorry but do you even Corbett?

      • mkey says:

        Oh wait, is Corbett now a verb? Nice.

      • Duck says:


        “….Read the Bible that’s been translated or reformed in text and translated again and again…”

        Actually you can find direct translations pretty easy these days…. not that the texts most bibles were translated from of are really different from each other of from the early texts that get dug up. Thats something i researched while arguing with a muslim dude who insisted that the texts were corrupted…. or should I say i Corbetted it? 🙂

        There used to be some atheist meme about how many versions of texts are dug up, but ‘variance’ is usually misspelling or a change of word order…. like that one where the mark of the beast was 686 (or something like that)

        • HyperSimian says:

          My point is not about the 100 percent historical accuracy but the subtle nuances that man makes in them to persuade, influence, and to control people through text that came from God.

  35. nosoapradio says:

    racing into the hamsterwheel as usual but got a little giggle out of the

    “How high is Pilato, how tall is Corbett” formulation.

    Moreover, it sounds like an ancient Platonian philosophical paradox or something, or “As Confuscious once said, “How high is Pilato? How tall is Corbett?…Ahaaaaaaa!”

    No more pacifists? Judging by NATO’s reburnished image, thank you Ukraine, my entourage would seem to prove you right.

    “A screenshot of a tweet of a headline of an article”: Baudrillard might have a thing or two to say about that. Oh wait… he already did.

    In a shameful mix of memes I’d cry out in anguished hypocrisy:

    It’s the Content, Stupid!

    As for people using unsubstantiated feelings to apprehend the world, the words of astronaut Walter Cunningham come to mind as he was describing the Climate Skeptic’s dilemma

    “…“These true believers in humans controlling the Earth’s temperature cannot be reasoned out of their position; it was not reason that got them there in the first place; it was emotion and politics….Reason did not get them into their faith-based beliefs – And no amount of reasoning will get them out…”

    At 45 minutes into the conference:

    And one apathetic expression that’s invariably intoned in a sigh, that I hear used all too often to dismiss any discussion of challenging and politically incorrect topics that really gets my goat is:

    “Oh well, I guess we’ll never know”.

    anyhow, gotta go earn my grain pellets and wilted lettuce leaves now.

  36. Gypster says:

    James, I am very excited about the archive. Any chance to buy all the years for a slight discounted rate when they’ve all been released? Also, any plans for a downloadable version?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • jo-ann says:

      Look for the Corbett Report member discount (25%) coupon code at the bottom of every member newsletter.

  37. seasons says:

    I learned recently that many folks going along with the Covid agenda or any mainstream narrative don’t actually trust the government or think the government has their best interest. The reason they go along with it is because they were manipulated into believing the government was forced to admit the the seriousness of Covid instead of realizing the government created the crisis entirely.

    Statements from government officials about the ineffectiveness of masks and widespread quarantines prior to March 2020 were seen as them trying to downplay or hide the seriousness of Covid. The media implanted the false idea that the Covid propaganda and medical tyranny was counter to what the elites really wanted.

    Normies see the inverse of what we see where medical freedom and human rights is instead the government propaganda that got exposed once cases started rising rapidly. The rally for freedom and opening up society was instead seen as the intended plan to enslave us further by allowing everyone to get sick so it would be easy to control us.

    Our claims against those following Covid restrictions as obedience government slaves are seen by the normies as hypocritical. Because from their perspective, the Covid propaganda was the censored and attacked truth that eventually got out in March 2020. The Covid propaganda was believed to be a victory for the people which is why all our human rights talks fell on deaf ears.

  38. Brian says:

    Thank you James for fully opening my eyes just over a year ago. Congratulations and thank you so much for helping.

  39. Pint A Day says:

    Dear Mr. Corbett,

    Thank your for your work and congratulations with this anniversary. I do not want to be sour, but their is one thing I have learned in the past 64 years: It is better to accept how people are and work with it, then trying to change (or hope they will) their core. The latter will not work, the first makes one more effective.

    Nevertheless, keep up the good work. I find your contributions to the bigger discourse very valuable (even when I do not agree with some of your remarks now and then ) 😉

  40. Pint A Day says:

    Where do we find that discount coupon code? Maybe it might be a part of ones profile? Kind regards.

  41. Are most of the 15 point pessimistic?

    A friend of mine went to become a youtuber from Argentina talking about similar topics as James for the Spanish speaking public.

    I thought this was the best job ever. Now I’m starting to understand the difficulties and the frustrations that are part of it.

    Maybe survivalism is a better investment of efforts?

    What would James do after the Corbett report as it is now comes to an end?

    • mkey says:

      They are the reality and what is real can not be seen through pink tinted glasses. If we don’t see the reality we can not understand what kind of work is cut out for us. And it is a hard work, the hardest there is, but it is one that is most rewarding – the grand prize is freedom, peace, respect, honor and prosperity.

      Survivalism is a certain road to ruin, everyone for himself mindset that will lead into everyone dieing in their own fox hole.

      • I guess that eventually a big portion of people will wake up. This empire should die and leave the way to other empires as has happened many many times in history.
        But things take time and one shouldn’t exhaust its energy. Better to let the enemy use its ammunition while we save and prepare for the right moment to strike back.

        It is in this sense that I speculate *some* degree of survivalism could be a good move.

        I still could reply to myself if anarchy need to be organised…

  42. colosseum says:

    In connection with points #1 #3 #5 and #13, I have come across this funny meme about “pilling stages” (in case you thought there are only 2 pills, you are sorely wrong!):


    What pill have you taken? 😉

  43. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “Alternative Media Fake News Canard”…
    Do not get duped.

    From Steve Kirsch substack:
    84% excess mortality reported by insurance co executive.
    Is this for real?

    No, it isn’t.
    This guy appears to be Todd Callender. His numbers don’t make sense and his reputation is just as bad. Don’t fall for it.


    Twitter may delete the 2 minute video which Sean Conway retweeted.
    The Twitter video caption says:
    “I’m the CEO of a large insurance group, and we underwrite morbidity risk. Based on what we are seeing, the rates right now, excess mortality is at 84%, and excess every kind of disease at 1100%. We are expecting upwards of 5000% for this year.”

    Steve Kirsch gives a link to a webpage article:
    Ghost in the Anti-Vaccine Machine
    Narativ’s investigation into why people aren’t getting vaccinated brings us to the White Coat Summit and a mysterious peddler of lies.
    ~~WWW narativ.org/2021/09/17/ghost-in-the-anti-vaccine-machine/

    There is some pretty wild stuff in that article. Almost like a “G-spook”.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Here is a long mortality Sub-Thread which started January 2022
      SUB-THREAD – Excess Mortality – Life Insurance Companies – Funeral Homes

      The latest post (a few days ago) is just prior to seeing the name “Broc West” on the open thread.
      20 Life Insurance companies discuss the large spike non-Covid mortality.
      They list causes which include:
      Heart, circulatory, neurological, stroke and cancer.

      Of course, we at Corbett Report know that the vaccines are notorious for causing these conditions of death.

  44. palama says:

    I like your sense of humor but I think you have shitty taste in music.

  45. source says:

    Gracias por tu pasión y por tu dedicación a esta causa sobre los mecanismos de la mente. Lamento toda la frustración que se vive al entender que todo se vuelve un concepto y realmente no hay comprensión de la profundidad de quienes trabajan solo por el despertar de esta Conciencia, como dice Desmet es imposible comprender la totalidad cuando se ve desde un punto de vista segado por las ideas, y estas ideas han crecido como árboles en la mente, casi imposibles de coexistir por sí mismas, en otras palabras, solo estás viendo una ilusión. Platón diría lo mismo, y sin embargo la caverna se ha vuelto de cristal, sin evolución, la mente humana responde a una inteligencia basada en el control y el miedo. este ultimo hace que haya sometimiento a cualquier estructura. pero no termina ahí, aquellos como tú han logrado ver la ilusión y sobrevivir en un mundo paralelo, sin embargo todavía se siente como Micos gritándose el uno al otro, he estado tratando de comunicarme contigo fuera de estos comentarios, pero hay muchos pensamientos , sin importar por ello la Gracia ya echo su trabajo y ha habido una infiltración a través del Curso de Milagros. Es un salto cuántico.
    Mi nombre es Phoenix, no estoy tratando de ser inteligente contigo, quiero compartir la Gloria de la Realización a través del Adept.
    If Not i will meet you in the Zone….. I know about this , i know i know

    • SuperBobo says:

      I don’t speak Spanish but I read this via Google Translate. I was interested because you mentioned A Course in Miracles too…

  46. wolfgang says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Truly happy to have found your site – keep up the fantastic work!

  47. loggin says:

    I thought I had posted something very like this before. Maybe not, I was exhausted,

    What happened to false flags ? That was the very heart of conspiracy theory, its most potent weapon.

    It seems to me that with COINTELPRO and its endless false flag operations (the mass shooters and terrorists), the FBI destroyed everything that was good about progressive 1960s America.

  48. khyle says:

    Things I’ve learned that help with working with other people:

    People don’t remember what you say, they remember how you made them feel. They won’t remember what points you made regarding 9/11 or Covid, they’ll remember that you made them feel upset, uninformed, angry, possibly even stupid.

    A large percentage of the population is extremely uncomfortable with uncertainty and change. Trying to wake them up will be difficult because if they accept what you’re trying to tell them it means they’re facing an incredible amount of change coupled with an uncertain future. It’s easier for them to rely on normalcy bias to make them feel reassured that what you’re saying can’t possibly be correct.

    People can be trapped in different paradigms. Much like ever overlapping Venn Diagrams. A person can understand that the official story about 9/11 is untrue but be firmly rooted in the climate change paradigm. Someone may be convinced that covid was a scam but think that Trump is coming to save us. Trying to get them to question everything is probably too overwhelming but perhaps there’s a way to use their more “enlightened” paradigms to help them escape from the one’s that are holding them back?

    In the book “Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization” David Logan describes different stages that people in society can occupy There are five,
    1 Life Sucks
    2 My life sucks
    3 I’m great and you’re not
    4. We’re great
    5. Life is great
    Each stage represents a level of emotional maturity. He makes the important point that people can only hear one stage above and below the stage they are currently occupy. He argues that inspirational and effective leaders need to be able to speak all the stages and they should use that ability to nudge people up to the next stage.

    If you’re at stage five, essentially self-enlightenment, you can’t speak stage five language to someone at the My Life Sucks, stage two. They won’t even understand what you’re talking about. They can’t hear you. So, you speak stage three language and try to help them move up to the next stage. It was a fantastic book and has helped me better understand my failure to reach certain people throughout my life. I think using this paradigm can help nudge the people we know towards a freer, truth-based way of life. The author did an excellent TED talk about his research, as well.

    Principles of entrepreneurship applicable in building a truth-centered life:

    Developing/teaching others to have a bias towards action: In life, when considering possible responses to something, choose the response that involves acting rather than continuing to think (overthinking) or waiting to see what happens. This a useful and productive habit to develop and it helps counter our inner perfectionist. The strongest advantage, however, is that by acting you learn the effects of the action you took. You gain 1st hand real-world experience.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • khyle says:

      Will do, thanks for letting me know, James. It’s my first post :).

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I along with others want to welcome you to the comment section.
        Thanks so much for being here!

        Keep commenting.

        Most people on these comment boards ignore “Fact Checker”, except for those who get sucked into an endless back-n-forth or those who feed from his bait.

      • SuperBobo says:

        Yes, welcome khyle. I found your post very interesting! I’m new to posting as well, and very sensitive to criticism; takes me a while to get over conflicts, easily hurt etc. I’m not saying you are, but just that I think it’s a normal human trait. I’m saying all this to comfort myself too, having unwittingly broken rules in this forum before.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          SuperBobo says:
          “I’m saying all this to comfort myself too, having unwittingly broken rules in this forum before.”

          A sizable number of people here in the comment section have unwittingly broken the “rules”. I know I have. It must be a ‘right of passage’.
          I have to laugh at myself…because when the first “[SNIP]” or note happens, it is much like getting in trouble with one’s favorite teacher at school. But the feeling soons wears off, especially as one notices that most of the classroom has had the same experience.

          • SuperBobo says:

            Very well said! I also think the word SNIP sounds a bit, well, cutting. Conjures vasectomy in my mind. I can’t imagine James would have intended this effect, but he is so disciplined in his own efforts, I think he just expects the same rigor from us too. Heaven knows I don’t share James’ work ethic, but I admire it hugely and I’m grateful for its fertile fruits.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Hey khyle, if you’re going to quote somebody, you should credit her. (And you should also get the quote right.)

      “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

      ― Maya Angelou

      • Steve Smith says:

        Why the hell would you scold someone who in their very first post here simply expressed an idea, in his or her own words that a famous poet also used their own words to communicate? As if an idea so fundamental to so many people was first imagined by the person who coined a particular way of saying it.
        What? She has a copyright on the idea?

        Way to welcome a new community member that you know nothing about. For all anyone here knows, Maya could have picked it up from them.

        You should apologize for your rudeness.

        • Fact Checker says:

          Buzz off, Smith.

          • Steve Smith says:

            “Buzz off, Smith.”

            A rather juvenile way of justifying your boorishness for one so allegedly erudite.

            Might even say “Not an argument”.

            (Hmm. I wonder if I should credit Stefan Molyneux for that?)

        • You knew he wouldn’t… (I’m assuming a “he”…) I received a similar “welcome” from him when I first came here.

          I have just figured out that names in blue can be clicked to go to a website, so just clicked yours. 🙂 My son and I went sailing with a friend once years ago. He let my son do some of the sailing, but was so quick to correct and instruct him that my son didn’t have a chance to get the feel of the wind and what to do.

          I worked (cleaned house) for a couple for quite a few years. He grew up in Woods Hole, Massachusetts and was a long-time sailor, I guess. When they were getting ready to move, my son inherited two large sails … which we use to cover our garden when it’s going to frost…. 🙂

          • Steve Smith says:

            Some folks make good instructors but not good teachers. If that makes any sense. I’ve helped lots of people learn to sail and discovered that the best way is to let them sail and make mistakes (as long as its not dangerous mistakes) and then talk about what happened.
            The worst way of teaching something that is supposed to be fun and pleasurable is to take the fun out of it by making it stressful and tense.

            I tell folks that if they want to be stressed out and nervous that they should get a powerboat. ?

  49. nosoapradio says:

    I was so absorbed with the content of the 15 insightful things you’d learned that I forgot the larger forest of the anniversary! Allow me to rectify that in my typical belated manner before racing back into the hamsterwheel:

    I’m proud to say I’ve been following you, Mr. Corbett for exactly 28 years, a very long time! So the very least I can say is Congratulations! and a very very very happy 15th Anniversary to you!!
    -signed the once grumbling nosoapradio turned growling manbearpig reverted back into a rather subdued nosoapradio

    Your epiphanies largely match my own. Or more likely, vice versa.

  50. James not all truth advocates have figured out the same psyops yet but here’s some of my research since 2007.

    The 9/11 scam, 2001 Weaponized Anthrax scam and more.

    The Epstein Connection to the 9-11 scam

    Share WW I & II Truth for Peace
    Click “MORE” below each video to see the additional information.

    Note: If this bitchute channel is restricted to you like it is to some because of their location, use some VPN like https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ to access the internet where you can change your location to one that works and you can view the channel. I have other channels so it’s not like I focus on this only.

    I recommend we start putting Deism Centers all over the world for the younger people so we can get back to normal eventually.

  51. pearl says:

    Happy anniversary, James. I am thankful to have found you back in 2015. Been a [near] daily watcher and reader ever since. You also have a great community of enduring supporters bristling with diversity of perspective and life experience which, for me, makes The Corbett Report the best place online.

  52. BbobKS says:

    Happy Anniversary JC , seems like just yesterday that I followed you from BFP and I no longer even remember what our disagreement with Cybele was !
    I have a couple additions to list
    1: Facts don’t matter when acceptance is subjective to experiences of receptor.
    2: When reality sucks ,it sucks less with friends to exchange experiences .
    3: ” People say they love Truth,but in reality they want to believe that which they love is true ” Robert J Ringer .
    4″ Reality isn’t the way you wish things to be, nor the way they appear to be , but the way they are ” RJR again .
    I think it was POTUS Richard M Nixon that said ” if it’s not on TV it’s not real , or reality ” and using this perspective I start to understand the state of the Normie, Sheepal mind and think we as Truth movement need to find ways of getting our own News platform just look how Zelenski did with Ukraine ! Another futile exercise I guess but until this time we can use gorilla tactics to sneak truth onto media I suppose .
    Good Day my friends duty calls .

  53. pill says:

    Although very(!) large parts of the population have woken about during and because of the plandemic, some of them are still asleep when it comes to other topics like the Ukraine narrative.

  54. alucientes says:

    “You can’t fool all the people all the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country.“ — Will Durant

  55. Torus says:

    7. The more you learn, the less you know

    I wholeheartedly agree! More information leads to more questions. However, I would add that it is perfectly acceptable to “not know” sometimes, and even to admit to not knowing.
    To stand in awe and wonder and appreciation for the unknown is one of humanity’s gifts. We have ability to acknowledge the awesome parts of life without needing any answers. And however ironic it might be, we are also gifted with endless curiosity.

    9. A certain section of the public is truly incapable of understanding satire or identifying sarcasm

    James, I feel a little sorry for those people that can’t understand/appreciate your humor, wit, and sarcasm. I began exploring this website in search of information, but became a supporter because of your delivery. Please know there are many of us out here who smile, laugh, nod, and applaud your humor, tropes, and creative literary technique. The red pill goes down easier when chased with clever comedy and savvy solutions. (An attempt at appreciation absent adulation) I dig your style.


  56. Gwen says:

    Congrats James!!!

  57. casdr says:

    happy belated birthday! and to many, many more! 🙂

  58. pooool says:

    What I have learned:

    – People will see the lie, know that it’s a lie, and yet choose to go along with the lie. There are people who know a certain government policy is stupid or dangerous, proclaim that they’re against it, and then willingly submit to it anyway. Blows my fucking mind every time.

    – That we don’t need government. This is thanks to you. It must have been around 2018 or 2019 when I became aware of how everything has become hyperpoliticized and woke up to the fact that the left has become completely unhinged. I then asked myself on what side of the spectrum you are politically and watched a video where you talked about anarchism. The arguments you were making made total sense to me and I dug deeper into it and understood the built-in insanity behind institutionalized stupidity aka government. Thank you for introducing me to anarcho-capitalism!

  59. yori says:

    Congrats James! I’ve only been watching you for the past 2.5 yrs but it has been an amazing time! So much I’ve learned through all your research and all the comedy relief you provide. I’ve pushed your name onto family and friends, even acquaintances so that they may also benefit from the wealth of knowledge as well as resources you put out. Great work as always!

  60. timorite says:

    I fall into none of those categories, at least in a full-blown way. I’m pro-freedom, with a big “but” (pun not intended). And I don’t think people have become less anti-war, but they simply gave up trying to be as vocal about it as they used to because they feel helpless. Trying to convince one or two people at the time still seems to be the most effective option, even though number 1 is very true and people don’t change.

    Anyway, happy anniversary, and thanks for those insights.

  61. I have been doing an experiment to see how much people actually believe in freedom of speech. It seems that freedom of speech often applies to those who want to use obscenities and profanity, but not to people who say they are offended by, or dislike, such speech. Since my second time saying something about vulgar language here, I have not received any more e-mail notifications of new posts. It has been many weeks. I don’t know if there is a connection or not, but having only very recently become a member, I found it interesting. The same thing happened to me a couple years ago on the Mike Adams website. After I found fault with a post and a comment, I suddenly was no longer receiving e-mail updates.

    Anyway, I am thankful for the many things I have learned from The Corbett Report. I’ve been a “conspiracy theorist” since the mid-90s, but only discovered The Corbett Report since “covid.” My introduction to James and his work was the docuseries on Bill Gates. It took a while after that to discover that James was putting out information on a regular basis.

    Congratulations on 15 years and thank you for all you do, James.

    I will resubscribe to e-mails and see if they start coming again.

    • Steve Smith says:

      I’m not sure if you are talking about email notifications for responses to your comments or not but in case you’re not aware, you must click to be notified for each video’s comment section. You only need to do it once for each video but you won’t be notified of responses if you comment under a different video or post unless you click that one too.
      Hope that helps.

      I am relatively certain that there is no conspiracy or attempt to silence or restrict your speech here at the Corbett Report.

      • Thanks, Steve. No, it is the e-mails from the source that would notify me of a new video or posting that stopped. I have resubscribed.

        Thanks for the tip about follow-up comments. I had figured that out, but sometimes forget to click it.

    • mkey says:

      In addition to what Steve said, you can go here to check your comment subscriptions.

      There are three options: 1. no notifications (default), 2. notifications for comments to your replies (which will be technically limited by post depth count, once the max post depth is reached people will not be able to reply to that comment directly) and 3. notifications for all comments from that point onward for the subscribed article.

  62. Anciana says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing these insights.

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