From conspiracy to manipulation, science to scandal, The Corbett Report presents excerpts from five documentaries that will give you pause for thought.

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Documentation – The Light Bulb Conspiracy
Time Reference: 04:05
Description: IMDB entry about this documentary.
Link To: IMDB

Documentation – The Light Bulb Conspiracy online
Time Reference: 04:12
Description: Watch the documentary on TopDocumentaryFilms.com.
Link To: topdocumentaryfilms.com

Documentation – Starsuckers
Time Reference: 17:18
Description: The official website for this documentary.
Link To: starsuckersmovie.com

Documentation – The Age of Transitions
Time Reference: 28:37
Description: Get a free copy of this DVD with the purchase of Aaron Franz’s book.
Link To: theageoftransitions.com

Documentation – A is for Atom
Time Reference: 42:24
Description: Watch this episode of Curtis’ Pandora’s Box online.
Link To: bbc.co.uk

Documentation – Mad Cow Productions
Time Reference: 46:22
Description: Daniel Hopsicker’s website, where you can read his articles and purchase his books and DVDs, including Welcome to Terrorland.
Link To: madcowprod.com

Documentation – Truth, Lies, and the Legend of 9/11
Time Reference: 49:50
Description: A fascinating 2003 breakdown of the 9/11 money trail cover story.
Link To: globalresearch.ca
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