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06/21/202161 Comments

As you probably heard me announce at the end of last week's New World Next Week, I'm going to be taking a couple of weeks off to get caught up on some of the website administration, get a head start on some of the projects I'm working on for the latter half of the year, and . . . something else . . . uhhh, what was it again? Oh, right. Rest. Yeah, almost forgot about that. (On that note, I will have one more #SolutionsWatch coming out in the next couple of days . . .)

So how will you all occupy yourselves in my absence? Don't worry, I come prepared. It's summer time, after all, when we all pack the family in the car and head off to the packed beaches with all the other mask-less, socially close, non-quarantined, free human families and read books while the kids play in the ocean, right? Right.

So here's some light summer reading for you. Bring a highlighter and take notes. There will be a quiz when I get back, class! (joke)


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  1. Joseph says:

    Take a good rest and have a wonderful summer time!

  2. T says:

    Thanks James, hope it is a great break!

  3. pearl says:

    No,no,no,no. Candlelight first brought it to light.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      “How to save the world, in three easy steps.” via Corbett’s “Recommended Viewing”.
      Related Sub-Thread where Candlelight first presents the video via YouTube (which no longer exists), but Pearl offers the Bitchute link.
      (This is a 3 hour video, but offers an extremely balanced rational discussion.)

      candlelight says:
      “Just thought I’d link this most sobering discussion concerning, among other things, the short term and potential long term, severe adverse effects of Covid vaccines, the medical establishment’s suppression of alternate medicines, the silencing of alternate voices opposed to mainstream propaganda, etc.

      This is certainly not altogether new to those who follow this website, though there are some harrowing charts I’ve never seen before that show where in the body the vaccine’s lipid particles (nano-particles)migrate within 48 hours of injection – primarily ovaries and bone marrow. The implications are horrific.

      This is an extraordinary discussion among three distinguished individuals who would like nothing better than to halt this unprecedented and disastrous global experiment.”

      Pearl says:
      “I’ve gotten in the habit of downloading videos as soon as I come across something like this. Glad I did before youtube scrubbed it. Even so, it’s on Bitchute as well. Thanks Candlelight.”
      Pearl then gives the Bitchute link.

      NOTE: Links are in the video’s shownotes.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        DESCRIPTION of the video “How to save the world, in three easy steps.”
        Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology.
        Mr. Steve Kirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.
        Dr. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist.
        Bret talks to Robert and Steve about the pandemic, treatment and the COVID vaccines.

        (12:25) Steve mentions Dr. Byram W. Bridle. The conversation starts to discuss the fact that the Covid vaccines’ spike proteins “travel” throughout the body, toxicity, accumulations, reproductive organs, etc.

        On the “SHEDDING” SUB-THREAD there was also recent mention of these aspects.

        The “SHEDDING” Sub-Thread starts at the top with the April 2021 post of
        “Miami private school Centner Academy won’t employ vaccinated teachers, staff “.
        I will include this Sub-Thread once I finish the full 3 hour video.

        • cu.h.j says:

          If there are multiple cycles of translation or the mRNA moves the protein can be translated in blood vessels or who knows where.

          This is why this type of injection is dangerous and I don’t even know how it can be called a vaccine at all. In fact, I wonder why someone hasn’t sued on that basis yet. This is NOT a vaccine. A vaccine is a piece of dead virus or protein injected into the body or introduced into the body to stimulate antibodies. mRNA injections are not vaccines and I refuse to take any of this crap.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          “How to save the world, in three easy steps.”

          I finally finished watching the over 3 hour video which contained some insightful information.
          The SOLUTIONS aspect starts at 3:01.
          For me, this was when the train ran off the tracks and over the cliff with HOPIUM. Yes, …rich, powerful, influential saviors like Elon Musk could pull the world out of this Covid catastrophe. I guess I could butcher this cow for hours, but I will leave it there. Suffice it to say, “Hopium” permeates the human condition.

          However, at the 1:33:00 mark, Dr. Robert Malone gets the little yellow card and amplifies a very important point about SOLUTIONS. ”…the innovation… …the fundamentals…what makes this country great…it has historically not been large centrally controlled enterprises…it has been individual initiative.”

          2:52:00 – THE STORY –
          Steve Kirsch gives some anecdotes which highlight: ”…the Narrative is so strong that everybody believes in this false narrative….”

          Both Steve Kirsch and Dr. Robert Malone have taken the Covid vaccines. Malone had waited to see if there might be indicators of ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement), of which he explains the mechanics for the lay-person. Not seeing indicators he took the vaccine primarily for travel reasons. Steve originally took the vaccine because he trusted the authorities.

          At several points, Malone brings up the “charged” nanoparticle lipids (~ 2:24:00 and ~ 2:43:00).
          For me at this time, this “charge” correlates with “Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles” (SPIONs) and the BODY MAGNETISM phenomena which we see reported.
          The “women’s menstrual cycle disruption reports” come up briefly at ~ 2:47:00

          Someone might want to send an email to Dr. Bret Weinstein with James Corbett’s
          A Brief History of Hopium

          and also, perhaps, suggest some other Corbett documentaries.

      • Mielia says:

        addition to Robert Malone
        “Luigi Warren invented the mRNA technology on which Moderna was founded.”

        Jer(e)m(y) has accumulated some decent interviews these past couple months, some with pretty controversial figures

        and Nick Hudson of panda is hopefully familiar now to most

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        June 24th, 2021 – The Daily Mail by Christopher Eberhart and Fox’s Tucker Carlson

        ‘The government is not being transparent about the risks’: Inventor of MRNA vaccines says people should not be forced to take experimental COVID vaccines because risks aren’t known and under 18s and those who’ve had virus shouldn’t take it

        ~~ Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology that’s used in the COVID vaccine, said young adults and teens shouldn’t be forced to get the vaccine
        ~~ He told Fox’s Tucker Carlson that there isn’t enough risk-benefit analysis data for that age group
        ~~ Earlier today, a CDC advisory group said there is a ‘likely link’ between rare cases of heart inflammation in that age group and the COVID-19 vaccine

        [This article includes graphics, images and videos.]

        …Malone was a guest speaker on a podcast that included Bret Weinstein…
        …The podcast was uploaded to YouTube which was flagged as sharing misleading information about the COVID-19 vaccine and removed.

        In particular, YouTube flagged statements about how the ‘spike protein’ used in the COVID-19 vaccine, which is how mRNA vaccines work, are toxic.

        During the podcast, Malone said he sent ‘manuscripts’ months ago to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration claiming the spike protein used in the COVID-19 vaccine posed a health risk.

        ‘And their determination was that they didn’t think that that was sufficient documentation of the risk that the spike was biologically active,’ he said….

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Dr. Robert Malone interviewed on The Highwire
          Thursday – June 24, 2021
          (The Highwire had their game on for the entire episode. It was good.)
          Episode 221: THE mRNA INSIDER
          (interview with Dr. Malone starts at the 51 minute mark.)

          The toxic nature of the Spike Protein is further discussed in this interview. Evidently, it seems the spike may “open” the blood brain barrier.

  4. CRM114 says:

    I’ve been recommending this to everyone:

    We Have the Right to Exist – Wub-E-Ke-Niew

  5. gm says:

    Missing on the Summer Reading List: Not-Two Is Peace. Want a “solution”? You ain’t seen nothin’ like this! Email me at [SNIP – No email addresses in the comments section, please. People can get in touch with me if they’d like to be put in touch with you. -JC] for a free digital copy. Dr. Leonard

  6. Mielia says:

    I have already been cured of barter – followed by money
    although I still like Mises’ elaborate form of ‘money is the fastest trading commodity’ (my wording)

    Early Austrians/Viennese had the phrase

    Schulden sind Gulden

    anyway maybe the narrative of one early form of money being credit among folks among the village sounded convincing
    and I have decided years ago not to read Graber (or said otherwise that it is too low on the priority list)

    I wasn’t very much inclined on Why I Write by Orwell but will read it now and Shooting an Elephant too. Politics and the English Language had me clarify an important thought (expanding on the meaning on fascism applied to everything I concluded democracy is more kinda a meme than something people actually know about and believe in – and thus so malleable and also easily transformable into a technocracy, e.g. EU). Gonna add Hitchens and Stuart Chase too (probably without re-listening to language as a weapon).
    Agamben I would usually decline. I thought he had been received here at least a little bit/enough for me. But as it is short…

    I am reading Peter Janich Handwerk und Mundwerk momentarily but actually I am more eagerly awaiting Rahim Taghizadegan Demokratie: Altes Ideal oder neuer Etikettenschwindel?
    sorry both in German and I believe not available in English

    not unlikely Michael Malice new (audio)book on Anarchy will come onto my list too!
    cannot say if to be recommended but maybe some folks are interested in it (new things to know probably for everyone)

    • westerncivic says:

      And this is the rub: Democracy, not Technocracy.

      Despite the video they made with me in France 2 years ago (, and although this point wasn’t made clear, we cannot use today’s technology in the furtherance of a society of, by and for the people.

      Despite easily imaginable use of similar tools in an altruistic environment, we have no such environment today. As such, the RiC and other local revolutionary leaderless direct democracy decisions being made across France, for example, have utilized “low tech” and will need to for the foreseeable future (though it seems I’ve met nearly a dozen folks in the process of trying to create some sort of “democracy” app).

      There is no doubt the word “democracy” has become a term of mental abuse in the status quo… as it is used ubiquitously even though there is nothing anywhere near democracy on any large scale anywhere in the world.

      So we just give up on democracy? (Wouldn’t our billionaire kings love that!)


      Indeed humanity’s struggle for freedom has largely paralleled the struggle for democracy… no? Have I been duped?

      Why does this phrase articulated by another activist seem so inherently compelling to my being?:

      “The birth of democracy and the birth of humanity will happen at the same time”

      We’re talking about real democracy here. True egalitarianism. No leaders. No politicians. No parties. Only ideas. #RiC

      What y’all link to technocracy of the past, we have seen coming and labeled “Automated Fascism”.

      My concern about the word “democracy” being trashed in truth seeking circles is that the notion of trashing democracy clearly serves the elite. Nothing scares them more than direct democracy and they’ve spent eternity subverting it whenever possible.

      How on earth could we ever eliminate something like the federal reserve without a RiC?

      Violence followed by a new dictator?

      Let this be another string in my thread of an earnest push for discussion about democracy on this channel.

      I thank Mielia for the above stream of thought comment; it has given me a place to begin to address this, and expand my own thinking.

    • Mielia says:

      why the book by Rahim Taghizadegan is a MUST READ for me
      it is much about the origins and meaning of democracy and how it changed over time

      and it also talks about state
      this word in today’s meaning establishes itself (according to what he cites and explains) in German in the 17th century
      in the whole of Europe at the end of 16th century and the transformation takes place 17th and 18th century (Italy – origin with renaissance and in modern version already with Macchiavelli, France, England, Germany, Spain examples;
      but not with Hobbes (commonwealth) and first signs in Utopia (Thomas More)).

      basically status (status/state of society, then the (three) estates, Stände) changing 180 degree to one absolute utopian totalitarian state.

      my words: it is basically the same worldview we have with legal positivism and moral relativism. man becomes the lawmaker and god. away from any natural order and rights conception.

      (I am halfway through. I had watched/attended presentations on this topic so I was familiar with the basics but wanted to know more details and refresh.)

      That’s what’s important.
      Plato: The State. Ah uh. The Republic. Ah uh. Politeia (has its own meaning.)

  7. Paul says:

    Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order is probably the most informative book as related to current events I read last year. Amazing that he published it before all the COVID nonsense. It is also worth the time to read the Foreign Affairs article.

    Interestingly, Wood recommends reading a book he and Anthony Sutton published I think in the ’70s called the Trilaterals over Washington before reading Hard Road to World Order.

  8. Fact Checker says:

    I attended a fascinating interview at NYU some years ago, where Jonathan Safran Foer interviewed Zadie Smith about the writing process. Somewhere along the way, Smith identified Thomas Hardy as the single least humorous author in the history of literature. I don’t know from experience, but I saw no reason to doubt or to test her assertion on that point.

  9. SW says:

    Thanks for your dedication and good work JC. Have a relaxing summer break.

    Bring a highlighter and take notes. There will be a quiz when I get back, class!

    I must admit to eagerly reaching for my favorite highlighter, then reading “(joke)” and feeling a pang of disappointment! 🙂

  10. Torus says:

    Thank you for thinking of your listeners, and giving us the tools to explore on our own. I am most interested to read Giorgio Agamben as a brief collection.

    Rest and relaxation do not come easily to those who are so passionate about their work. You no doubt enjoy what you do which can make stepping away challenging. Plus, being a parent is not generally synonymous with R&R, even on a “vacation”. I hope your break allows for moments of indulgence, spontaneity, and exploration outside the ordinary. May you linger a while longer with those you love and feel rejuvenated!!!

    • mik says:

      More Giorgio

      “That is to say, that true anarchy is nothing but the destitution of the anarchy of power. And that is why we cannot think it, because if we try to think anarchy, we have before us what power has done, in other words, the war of all against all, the disorder…”

      “It is only through a form-of-life that destituent power can affirm itself, therefore, it is not by this activity, or this praxis; it is by the construction of a form-of-life. ”

      “….form-of-life is something like a taste, a passion, a clinamen: it is something ontological that affects a body. But I would also like to dwell on the last point: the concept of how.
      It’s not who I am, but how I am who I am.”

  11. Kelly says:

    Hope you have a nice vacation James 🙂

  12. teresa.p says:

    Have a wonderful break James, I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

    Does anyone have a reliable alt-media site to look at for daily news updates?

    I like Christian from TLAV, he’s a great guy and produces excellent material but he talks too fast and I find it dizzying for my 62 y/o brain.

    Thank you

    • mkey says:

      You will find that most players allow you to change the video playback speed.

      • teresa.p says:

        I know that. It isn’t just the speech pattern, it’s the hop-scotching all over the place

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I’m kind of with ya on your preference of a presentation.
          I prefer a more steady and structured presentation that isn’t so rapid-fire. More of a teacher’s approach of gradiently relaying a concept(s) is the way I like things.
          I don’t want to bleed through an hour of time, but then at the end, only just pull out one little tidbit on the subject matter in which I was originally interested.

        • Mielia says:

          It’s not daily but weekly (and hours long so maybe to listen to or watch in snippets) but maybe for your taste:
          Grand Theft World with Richard Grove and colleagues
          you’ll find it with these words. Either their website or as an odysee channel

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Tuesday June 22nd – Zero Hedge
    US Govt Seizes News Websites Across MidEast, Including Iran’s PressTV

    As nuclear-deal talks appear to be breaking down, SouthFront reports that the US Department of Justice has just seized a number of websites of Iranian, Palestinian, Yemeni, Iraqi news channels.

    According to the reports, at the moment, the list of victims of U.S. ‘democratic move’ includes:
    PressTV (Iran)
    PalToday (Palestine)
    Al-Masirah TV (Yemen)
    Al-Alam TV (Iran)
    Nabaa TV
    KafMedia (Iraq)
    LuaLua TV

    Today, we are once again facing the new round of application of the Overton window approach regarding freedom of speech.

    Washington has consistently been moving towards this unprecedented step.

    At first, disinformation campaigns, discrediting and blackmailing of independent media became the norm. Further, the persecution of journalists and editors became the common practice. Further, the Americans used to introduce personal and group sanctions, freezing ( in other words ‘stealing’) individual funds of undesirable persons. Further, there were arrests and even kidnappings of those who went beyond the American agenda. Realizing their impunity, the White House started to block the independent media and objectionable news agencies. The Big Techs, controlled by the White House, began to scour the information space from content that, according to Washington, could pose a threat to the promotion of the interests of the American elites.

    Since the above measures did not bring the desirable results, the Americans decided to take the next step and completely block domains of its ‘ foes ‘.

    This, as SouthFront concludes, is a signal to the whole world and an open declaration of US imperial dominance….

  14. Pauldub says:

    “I’m very grateful for having stumbled across Giorgio Agamben’s writing last year. It was his remarkably concise essay on “Biosecurity and Politics” that helped me to articulate the dangers of the new biosecurity paradigm and, in a sense, led to my formulation of COVID-911.”

    The link to COVID-911 above is saying that ‘this site can’t be reached’….

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Dan Dicks of “PressForTruth” interviews the famous Keith Neumeyer (silver) about “First Mining Gold” and a fast approaching “windfall” for investors
    (20 minute video) (Links in article)

    In this video Dan Dicks of Press for Truth speaks with Keith Neumeyer of First Mining Gold about the current state of inflation, where he sees it going in the near future and what that may mean for those of us who are involved in the precious metals space.
    Keith also discusses a time sensitive opportunity to protect your assets NOW before the inevitable crash of the dollar comes!

    Keith Neumeyer has been mentioned in the CorbettReport comment section many times over the years.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      June 23, 2021 – FXEmpire by Gerelyn Terzo
      BIS Goes for Jugular on Bitcoin, Touts CBDCs
      The BIS has placed a target on bitcoin’s back but central bankers are rolling out the welcome mat for CBDCs.

      The hits keep coming for bitcoin. Most recently, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is piling it on, finding more faults with the biggest cryptocurrency than any redeeming qualities. The BIS stated in its latest Annual Economic Report:

      “By now, it is clear that cryptocurrencies are speculative assets rather than money…Bitcoin, in particular, has few redeeming public interest attributes when also considering its wasteful energy footprint.”….

      [LINK to the BIS pdf]

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        June 23rd – “Reuters” but linked at Kitco News
        El Salvador bitcoin plan “bulletproof”, president says

        LONDON (Reuters) – El Salvador is determined to push ahead with making bitcoin legal tender, a process that will bring only small risks and prove a “leap forward for humanity”, the country’s President Nayib Bukele said in an interview with a bitcoin journalist.

        El Salvador this month became the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender in a move taking effect in September.
        Speaking in the interview released on Wednesday, Bukele said the move would boost jobs and economic development to the Central America country.

        He said he was confident the project would be a success – despite the World Bank declining to offer technical support and concerns expressed by the International Monetary Fund.
        “It looks bulletproof,” he said in an hour-long interview with bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack. “I’m pretty sure this is going to work, not only for us but for humanity, because it is a leap forward for humanity.

        Bukele said the move would lessen El Salvador’s reliance on the U.S. dollar, the existing legal tender.
        “(We will be) at least becoming a little less dependent on the output of new dollars, and the new inflation that’s coming with those all those new dollars,” he said…

        “Having the World Bank, advisers or technical support would have been nice, but we really don’t need it,” Bukele said, adding local talent was more than enough.

        He acknowledged there might be some risks to the push.
        “But I really do not see them as big risk, only probably getting some people angry at us but they haven’t been so nice to us anyway, so you know, why not try something new?”

        Analyst have voiced concerns that the bitcoin push could endanger the country’s request for an $1 billion programme to the IMF. The fund has voiced economic and legal concerns regarding the move, though Bukele said his government had spelled out its plan and would offer more explanation if needed.

        “We adopted the U.S. dollar in the year 2001, what’s the difference?” he asked.
        “The only difference, probably, is the reasons why we’re doing this. In 2001 it was probably done for the benefit of the banks and this decision is done for the benefit of the people.”….

        • Fact Checker says:

          Just a little beta testing of a dual (paper/digital) currency system before it is scaled to the global level.

          “Benefit of the people!” Nice. Yes, make them completely dependent on the integrity of the power grid, the internet service providers, the Bitcoin servers, the several layers of fee-extracting apps that are necessary to perform conversions an transactions, such as “Lightning.” Wrap them up in a suffocating fabric of technocratic surveillance, control, and abject dependence on the Machine.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          El Salvador’s Bitcoin Fee Problem (and Solutions)

          Bitcoin fees would make the cryptocurrency mostly unusable for Salvadorans.
          Here’s how the first country to adopt BTC plans to tackle the fee problem.

    • Ukdavec says:

      Keith Neumeyer – another point of view

      Albeit I am heavily into this investment area – Keith, IMHO, has a long track record as a purveyor of hopium.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I’m with ya on that…some of the “gurus” in the precious metals area promote their sector or stock with hopium, and the herd follows until the luster dulls. You can see it in the price action. (ex AG and MTA and EVLLF from three different ‘gurus’)

        Personally, I think precious metals will be kind of flat with price action for awhile, maybe go lower.

        I have been watching Gareth Soloway on his Technical analysis, and I enjoy those.

        It looks like a short squeeze in Natural Gas is happening today.

        Lumber prices have been a wild ride in the U.S. I went to the hardware store a few weeks ago and was floored to see a 4 x 8 piece of plywood for $70 or $80, when I used to pick it up for between 12 and 20. Glad I kept my scrap lumber.
        May 2020 $300 for a thousand board feet. It was $1700 in May 2021.

        I want to thank you again for the following link which you had previously mentioned on another Thread.
        Grand Solar Minimum Podcasts

        • Ukdavec says:

          Very good – only here to share, not to preach.

          That said, I have been tracking the Solar cycles for the last decade – worthy of consideration that the increasing tempo of globalist initiatives may be linked to a realisation that potential imminent plunging temperatures will collapse the foundations of any climate / carbon limiting tent.

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    WEBSITE of VAERS Statistics – Easy to navigate

  17. miro.s says:

    Have a good rest my friend! (ps..Taibi should be written as Taibbi).

  18. Ethan Hunter says:

    Currently reading the following:

    Technocracy Rising by Patrick Wood

    Citizen Ninja: Stand Up to Power by Mary Baker

    I hope to provide a summary of Citizen Ninja, a very insightful book for local activism and self-control in communication.

    I will summarize the points on a future post.

    Happy Reading!

    • Mielia says:

      Thanks for mentioning citizen ninja
      I am keeping my eyes open for such
      although I will start with How to Opt out of the Technocratic State by Derrick Broze

      and I thought there is a book by Vaclav Klaus around this topic but maybe it is just in his essay collection one or two essay on that

  19. mkey says:

    I can recommend The end of all evil by Jeremy Locke. This book helps one see through the branches of the tree of evil and gives you a good change to strike at the root.

    Audio book by audioboy.

  20. Chadders says:

    Enjoy your break James. I recommend The Count of Monte Cristo, or The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. 👌🏻

  21. colosseum says:


    I need your help: in one of the recent videos/interviews, James mentioned a book that debunks the climate change myth.

    I can’t find that reference anylonger. Does anyone remember/know the book in question?


    • mkey says:

      Does one really need a whole book to debunk that garbage, colosseum? I don’t remember that James mentioned it, it will sure be interesting if someone can point you in the right direction.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Yes, I think a whole book would be helpful for people who have doubts. It was kind of hard to believe at first, but I remember my grandma saying to me something like “hasn’t the climate always been changing?”

        She is a wealth of common sense, never got a college degree, but knows the difference between bullshit and reality.

        The climate has changed, but probably due to natural causes seems most likely and carbon dioxide used to control the population of the earth.

        I think people have a problem with the notion that if you don’t support man made climate change then that means you agree with environmental pollution. Industry does pollute the environment, wars pollute the environment and natural habitats are being ruined by human encroachment to exploit resources. This doesn’t mean that carbon dioxide is the sole cause of climate changes in recent history.

        In short, I think a book would be helpful for people who haven’t followed the actual science, but rather got stuck in the emotions of the propaganda.

    • alawnik says:

      Haven’t seen that particular clip yet but Dr Ian Plimer has published two books that cover the topic comprehensively:

      “Heaven & Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science” (2009) and “Climate Change Delusion” (2017)

    • Mielia says:

      doubt he mentioned a book (one book on that huge topic – seems unlikely to me; but of course I could be wrong)
      probably rather mentioned his videos and articles on that

      there are dozens of authors who ‘debunk’ that myth from various angles.

  22. Aphix says:

    I’ve been reading (and *highly* recommend) “The Machiavellians” by James Burnham.

    I’ve also recently acquired Michael Malice’s new book “The Anarchist Handbook” (which is essentially a collection of essays from the greats), and looking forward to digging in.

    Unrelated: If you like comedy and history, do yourself a favor and check out “The Dollop” podcast.

  23. greyhaven says:

    “How to Save the World in Three Easy Steps” is a travesty masquerading as a “scientific” discussion. It’s central problem: There is no “virus.” As long as the negative powers keep everyone thinking and talking about “covid” their psyop is fully successful. If everyone stopped talking about it, stopped cooperating with unelected “authorities,” and just said, “Hell NO!” the scamdemic would end. These guys are participating in the psyop and attempting to strengthen it.

    Their discussion of the deadly injections may be worth something, but they keep reifying a virus that doesn’t exist (show me the scientific paper in which it has been completely isolated and purified, shown to induce an illness and that a control phase shows the alternative. No such study exists.) The CDC said they don’t “have enough” of the thing that doesn’t exist to run such a controlled study.

    “I got covid AND got vaccinated!” Question: Are there two brain cells between your ears that could be rubbed together?”

  24. DMOZ says:

    quite an interesting reprise here:

    “…Working in tandem with the World Health Organization – itself created by a Tavistock psychiatrist named G. Brock Chrisholm – and funded entirely by the Macy Foundation, Huxley organized the creation of the World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH) overseen by the Bank of England’s Montagu Norman and directed by the head of London’s Tavistock Clinic Maj. General John Rawlings Rees, whom Montagu directly appointed.”

  25. mkey says:

    Breaking News: Matt Hangcock resigns as Health Secretary in twitter video

    Mass murderers are allowed to resign. Nice for them.

  26. mkey says:

    Crazy things kids say when questioned on vaccines

  27. mik says:

    CJ Hopkins wrote an excellent piece:

    He ends with:

    “So, sure, keep posting and sharing the facts, assuming you can get them past the censors, but let’s not kid ourselves about what we’re up against. We’re not going to wake the New Normals up with facts. If we could, we would have done so already.

    This is not a civilized debate about facts. This is a fight. Act accordingly.”

    No, we don’t want this to be fight.
    We can’t afford a fight.

    • cu.h.j says:

      The author is right about people not listening to facts and swallowing whatever crap the MSM puts out even if it makes no sense.

      Won’t be taken off to a camp without a fight to the death. Many of my maternal family died in camps. I’m not going to let that happen to me or my family. This is the begging of a witch hunt. If you don’t see where this is going then look back at history. I’m sure you are far more educated about history than me though.

      • mik says:

        How individual will response is at the end his decision that will depend on concrete circumstances. But when contemplating situation I’m against fight stance. Be aware that it’s easier for them to solve a problem of us if we show belligerence.

        History is not about repeating itself, there is free will, don’t you think.

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