You Can't Win. Don't Even Try!

03/29/202188 Comments

by James Corbett
March 27, 2021

Imagine you find a prisoner in an unlocked jail cell. Confused, you ask him why he's sitting there when the door to his cell isn't even locked.

"Oh, it's unlocked? I didn't check."

You assure him it's unlocked and ask again why he doesn't leave.

"Why bother? They'll probably catch me before I get out."

You look around in confusion. You explain to him that this isn't even a real jail. That he's simply been told to wear an orange jumpsuit and stay in an unlocked room, but he doesn't have to comply. All he has to do is leave.

"Even if I get away, they'll find me and bring me back here. Might as well just stay put."

Do you think this story is ridiculous? Of course it is. But the situation it describes is all too true. In fact, researchers have known for half a century the mechanism by which people can be made to effectively lock themselves up inside their own mental prison . . . and it didn't take long for the intelligence agencies to put that research to use.

Today, let's explore the startling true story of how and why you have been conditioned into a (false) sense of helplessness, and—more important by far—what you can do to break that conditioning.

Do you find yourself utterly demoralized by the world of COVID-1984? Do you feel that you have no control over your life? Do you feel like you're a prisoner in a jail cell? . . . Have you ever tried checking to see if the door was unlocked? Don't miss this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber where James explores the history of learned helplessness and what we can do to break out of the mental traps that have been set for us.

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  1. GrowYourFood says:

    Beautiful. I love the message here. I have tried so hard to convince many of the ‘control systems’ as I call them acting upon us and I have come to learn that this is largely a wasted use of energy. No matter how many valuable references and well-curated (IMO) links I pass along to people, it rarely seems to do anything at all. I have shifted my focus in the past year or so to showing people what they can do to make their life better (hoping to awaken their consciousness and empower them in the process). I focus on the realm of the saying goes, “A healthy man has 1000 wishes, the sick man has but one.”

    Thanks for everything you do James, your luminosity shines ever brightly.

    Much love.

    • says:

      One doesn’t have to look far for examples of the tangible effect this is having on relationships. My father has been very receptive to what I have been telling him from the research I have done. He even attended a couple of lockdown protest in London with me. Then my brother got ill (pre 2020 it would have been diagnosed as flu), and tested positive for C19. My dad lost his nerve and popped straight out for the “vaccine”. Just in case. Didn’t even tell me. Now I don’t bother talking to most about all this. Its a personal battle of will. You have to believe in something greater than yourself to be on this side of the field.
      Unfortunately being this side requires one to have conviction in oneself and your beliefs. This is a dwindling skill that has been conditioned out of many. I’m as guilty as the next man. I’ve listened to James, et al for years. It has had to take this Great-Reset-Plandemic-New-World-Order-Covid-Hoax-Eugenic-Mind-Control-Psy-Op to shake me awake properly, and realise that which James has been shouting about into the treacle of indifference for the past 15 years, is theory no more. It is now tangible and it affects me and everyone else directly.
      We all could have done more. If only we weren’t distracted by whatever novelty it was that grasped our interest instead. Who could blame us? In the richness and diversity of this beautiful world it is so easy to get distracted.
      The corrupt stability of the old world has gone forever. We choose what comes next.

      • MinistryOfFumble says:

        So very well put my friend. I was in London last summer too. Be buoyed by the fact that although many don’t wish to draw attention to themselves by saying it – they do know. The human spirit is a precious thing. It’s not over yet.

    • campj says:

      “It rarely seems to do anything at all”
      If you only reach two people, that’s two more than had seen the light before. And if each of them reaches two people, that’s called an avalanche. I don’t propose you stop what you’re doing and go back to it. What I do propose is those of us who lack the wherewithal to do what you do not to give up. I’m most often near invalid, so I have a hard time showing anyone how to do anything. But I do try.

    • spatricia says:

      A waste of time and energy, better lead by example. But the problem is people dont want to put work on them or their health. They want the magic bullet, the jab, it is only one solution and one way of thinking.
      This last year has been exhausting, I am a nurse and the level of stupidity and misinformation I have to face every day has no limits! And even between my collègues. It s been a very difficult year

  2. zyxzevn says:

    Planet Lockdown

    People with extensive experience in the field explaining the problems.

    Dr Wolfgang Wodarg – Part 1.
    He explains how the WHO is fully controlled by commercial groups
    (like: Vaccine manufacturers and Bill Gates)
    There were even warnings about it.
    That is why they do everything wrong, so the companies can get more profits.

    They are now also redefining the disease and related terms (herd-immunity),
    changing the reality with words. Total Fake science.

    – Part 2.

    Dr. Knut Wittkowski
    Based on his extensive knowledge of epidemics he explains how most measures are opposite of what should be done

  3. cu.h.j says:

    Thank you for this newsletter. It was very inspiring and I think important because so much of what prevents us from opposing this agenda is learned helplessness and people just give up. It makes it easy for them. If we just ignore the noise of the propaganda and start growing food and trading with each other both locally and abroad we can cultivate a community that people will want to be a part of. The slavery system can become undesirable and we can lead by example of how to live like free humans.

  4. Duck says:

    The Rob Braxman talk is so on track- except for the part where he said he internet was meant to make us smarter/more democratic… I’m more and more convinced that it was conceived (before computers existed….) for what its turning into now.
    The psychology was interesting- but that science was (like the internet) created as a technology of control and its has always attracted sickos and creeps.
    Both are a kind of magic,
    This guy is kinda weird…but I used to think that about Richard Grove not so long ago…min 44-53 kinda struck me

  5. studiotwoseven says:

    James, your message about belief in what you are capable of resonates with me. I posted this on my never seen ‘blog’ many years ago…

  6. vadoum says:

    On ya James,
    well posted.

    As a designer/builder, 40yrs into the game, I can wholeheartedly endorse the “aircrete” reference you gave. I’ve not been to that mob’s workshops, but have been around it: its a good thing, especially for low cost, of materials and labor, and ease of handling (light weight).

    Aircrete is a game changer in the building world. Its not new; and but the DIY recepie may take a bit of fine tuning to get the mix just right. I highly recommend making “test pours” before jumping in. much innovation can come by way of choice of molds.

    The simplest, most area for the dollar, shape ive looked at so far is the hexagon. walls and roof from 2 simple molds, spline parts together, doors and windows and wires all molded in.

    I’m currently working on a proposal for a “low income” housing effort in our town: using aircrete and having the occupants get involved with the design/build process.. think big leggos — snap together dwellings, honey comb hive mind (the immaculate packing of a hexagon & synergistic group effort when needed), easily deconstructed/removable structures, custodianship with sovereignty based on the responsibility of local land regeneration rather than ownership with a mortgage and property tax, think land repairing, peer review is the suggested public safety net for any ne’r do wells,,,,

    Im pretty sure, that like the dogs who were given a choice, having 1/2 the equation of existence sorted, which is SHELTER + SOVEREIGNTY without any onus of payments nor land lord scrutiny, will bring a sense of meaning, opening up hearts & creating space in the available day by day for the imaginations of many many to even begin to see further than the cave wall.

    • CRM114 says:

      Do you have any videos or articles about this you can share? Interested

      • vadoum says:

        work in progress, no media available at the moment, sorry. Jame’s post above is a great intro to the material.But the hive/village plan is for the Byron shire council in eastern aus. I even have to be low radar around them because of the heavy developer gangsters that are lurking f’ing pajama sharks.

        I’ll post a link on the comment thread here when its ready.

    • mkey says:

      Good information.

  7. Thanks so much for helping get my work seen James Corbett!
    It’s a huge honour to be recommended viewing this week:

    Coercive Control – War Lies in America

  8. Fact Checker says:

    Sorry to sound like one of those “people who spend their time in online fora and comment sections preaching that nothing will ever change,” but really think about the implications of this finding:

    “even though the dogs were being bombarded by shocks, they didn’t give up. They kept trying to control the situation, pressing the panels despite the lack of feedback.”

    Does that fate really sound any better than resignation?

    The fact is, those dogs were only “rescued” from Seligman, by Seligman.
    We humans now live in a “Pavlovian hammock” that we have been placed in by an Entity that lacks the restraint and mild mercy of Prof. Seligman. That Entity is never going to take us out of the hammock, and restore us to the (relative) security of the “Shuttle Box.” We are at Its mercy, just like the dogs were at Seligman’s. However, the Entity has no mercy.

    We live in the Hammock, and our Masters don’t want to learn from us anymore. (“Do you expect me to talk?” “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.”) To spend the rest of existence scrambling around pulling levers that aren’t actually wired to anything is (in my opinion) a worse form of hell than surrender.

    The ideal outcome at this point for any of us is to remain intact humans until the moment of death. That’s as good as it gets. And even this modest goal will prove very, very difficult.

    The only “solutions” are: 1. Do not take the Shot. 2. Avoid all medical testing and treatments. 3. Do not bring more doomed children into this nightmare.

    • cu.h.j says:

      We are not dogs though. Most people still have rights even to bear arms and organize and voice opposition. We have human minds far more capable than a dog brain. Thus humanity has a duty to fight back. The people who sit around and do very little will end up being disposed of easily and mercilessly. The people who go down with a fight even if they lose will be better off. It is more “human “ to try rather than just give up and cower. We are not sitting in a detention center but rather are still relatively free to act. Better now than later.

      • Fact Checker says:

        “We have human minds far more capable than a dog brain.”

        The problem the dogs had wasn’t the lack of brain power. It was the fact that they were put in an electrified box. Put a monkey in there? Same thing. Human? Same thing.

        “Most people still have rights even to bear arms…”

        To what end? ‘Merkins seem to own a lot of guns, but they sure never use them. The guns just sit in cabinets. Not that I blame them. What would you use the guns for, even if you had the inclination to take them out of the display case? I genuinely haven’t the foggiest.

        “…and organize and voice opposition.”

        Simply not true. That’s what “social distancing” is for. Humans no longer have the “right” either to organize, or to voice opposition, in any meaningful way. They can chatter into their webcams all day. That’s it. And even that isn’t a “right.” It’s a harmless outlet that exists only at the pleasure of our Masters who can turn off the internet at any time they wish, depriving us of even that meager consolation.

        • cu.h.j says:

          If they had the ability to just turn off the internet now, they would. If they had the upper hand they would have played it. The fact that they use psychological manipulation shows that they are not all powerful, especially not here in the US.

          And though some gun owners leave their guns on the shelf, others certainly practice with them and have the will to use them when that time comes. “Our masters” know that and they know some of them will perish when that time comes. Death is still the “great equalizer” and they are mortal just like all of us.

          • Duck says:

            ‘..If they had the ability to just turn off the internet now, they would…”
            No, I dont believe they would. Without the internet they could not have gotten this far deconstructing society…now millions of folks are stuck at the end of a thin pipe bringing goods and services..a pipe THEY control and monitor

            The ‘Dumbest Generation” makes a pretty good point when it shows that for most people the internet makes them stupider and more ignorant by providing an endless source of diversion and amusement.

          • Fact Checker says:

            “If they had the ability to just turn off the internet now, they would.”

            You’re joking, right?
            The electronic psychic control grid is how They keep the masses hypnotized.
            It is also the data stream for the Machine’s sentiment analysis. The internet will only be shut off for the dissenters, and only after They have extracted every last shred of psychological data sufficient to perfect the Sentient World Simulation. And it will be a “rolling shut-off.” It won’t be the whole internet at once. They will shut off your internet at the precise moment They have a 100% confidence level in exactly what you will do for the rest of your (very short) life, as they bring the hammer down.

            • cu.h.j says:

              Let them bring it on! I’m ready. But know that I won’t go quietly and peacefully. My family and I are ready and waiting.

    • Duck says:

      “…Do not bring more doomed children into this nightmare….”

      When you accept the thinking of your enemy and accept that your line should be extinct you have already lost… you may as well take the shot, you are already dead…. after all “..Does that fate really sound any better than resignation?..”

      Swimming in a sea where even most of the alternate voices sing the songs of death its hard for us fishies to notice how wet we have become.
      This world is not a prison or a simulation, that is a Gnostic lie that the freaks in charge want us to believe

      • Fact Checker says:

        “When you accept the thinking of your enemy and accept that your line should be extinct you have already lost…”

        Our ancestors lost, generations ago. They’ve been living and procreating in a pollyanna dream since 1776, when the Plan was secretly set in motion. Once the System was in place, it was only cruelty and foolishness for our hoodwinked ancestors to continue breeding. Every pleb alive right now will either going to suffer, be tormented, and die…or surrender his body up to the Designs of the Machine. The younger you are, the more suffering is in store, and the more evil your body will be put up to, once it is penetrated by the Hive Mind.

        ” you may as well take the shot, you are already dead…”

        Absolutely not. Like Catherine Austin Fitts says, “There are fates worse than death.” Becoming a branded chattel slave to the psychopathic Machine is far worse. Once you have let the Entity penetrate your body, you become an instrumentality of evil. The current shot is just the first step in opening up the biomass of the Herd for irreversible Communion with the Entity, and it is the moment when the body and mind are rendered up to the purposes of the Machine. Taking up the Shot may buy time, but that time will be spent in an increasingly infernal labyrinth of gradual psychological disintegration and bodily dissection.

        “This world is not a prison or a simulation, that is a Gnostic lie that the freaks in charge want us to believe.”

        No they don’t. They want us to believe we are free, and that They, our benevolent Masters, are caring for us and protecting us from, like…a virus, or something? Terrorists? Communists? Ouroboros? (Sometimes I can’t even remember what the fable is they are currently telling the Herd to weaponize it against itself.) The prison walls are there, and they’re closing in. They are not an illusion. The illusion is that there are no walls.

        We are merely whiling away the last hours of Humanity, in the Final Abattoir. To breed is simply to render up more innocent flesh to the gnashing metal jaws of the Machine.

    • Jeff says:

      Wow, Fact Checker, interesting stuff. I disagree with everything you’ve said. So let’s start from the top. And just to be clear, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to the readers, that is digging them out from their graves, all of whom you’ve just buried along with any of their children.

      ‘They kept trying to control the situation’ – only someone ‘preaching nothing will ever change’ could seriously make the argument that ‘resignation’ is better than trying to take control over their situation. The situation we are implying here is of course our lives. Control over our lives. We are not dogs in a box. You pull on a lever and no responsee, pull another. Push a button, spin a dial, build a control panel, break the wall down, call a friend, make new friends, on and on whatever the heck you can think of. Mercy has nothing to do with it. You do not have a master. You are not a slave. Never accept that.

      ‘remain intact humans until the moment of death. That’s as good as it gets.’ That’s about as sad as it gets. As low as it gets. As far from the truth as it gets to say that ‘that’s as good as it gets’. That’s literally about as bad as it gets. Pure surrender, wholly resignated. Zero effort or will to live. Folks, how do you want to live your life? Do you want control over you life or not? Then do something productive about it. Find the proverbial levers the are connected to real things. Plant the real seeds that actually sprout. Connect to real people that really want to live. Build real levers that connect to real things. Some are in easier positions than others to build real levers, whatever your position, do something to take more and more control over your life.

      There is no such thing as ‘the only solutions’. Make your own solutions. Copy others, change them, build new ones. The number of solutions are as vast as your will to live armed with your will to create something. There are no limits here folks. And the more minds working in these means, the better, so make those beautiful babies abundantly and fill them with love.

      • Fact Checker says:

        “make those beautiful babies abundantly and fill them with love.”

        Gates and Schwab do like variety, and they have plenty of love to “fill” children with…

        • cu.h.j says:

          That’s a very creepy statement. I have a hard time believing you really view the world like a prison (unless a person is actually in prison or in China) and that the parasite class are “masters”. Some of what you write seems to me in my interpretation that you have internalized a sense of being unworthy of basic humanity and equality. You are worthy like any human being.

          Do you work for them? I don’t mean to insult you, but I wonder sometimes because what you write is so pessimistic.

          But I do understand the perspective that you write from because I have felt that way in the past in deep depression. But I was able to see things from a more balanced perspective once I started doing things to improve my situation.

          What the parasite class is doing is pure evil and needs to be stopped and people of conscience have a duty to oppose it and use all of our brain power and creativity and natural rights to do this. I hope that you will join the fight to stop it.

          • Fact Checker says:

            “Do you work for them?”

            No, I have a regular job, which I need to do on a full-time basis so as not to starve. At some point the government will prohibit me from doing the job, because I won’t take the Communion of the Machine. Then I will starve.

            “I hope that you will join the fight to stop it.”

            Too busy working to avoid starvation. Then, once I am prohibited from working, I will be too busy starving.

    • Octium says:

      The dog can play dead and take the experimenter by surprise and kill them when they come to empty the cage.

      But if the dog is a pacifist, the dog and it’s puppies have no future, they will always be slaves.

      • mkey says:

        It is very important one is not mistaken for a pacifist. Calm like a bomb is the ticket.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Excellent ideas.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Octium says:
        The dog can play dead and take the experimenter by surprise and kill them when they come to empty the cage.

        My kind of dog, not some pussy disguised as a dog.

        • Duck says:

          Dont underestimate cats…. I had one that murdered the neighbors dog by chasing it into the path of a car.
          She was the smartest, sneakiest cat I ever knew of and she hated dogs with an amazing malevolence.
          She also used to try to kill my small dog by biting its neck when it was a puppy but ONLY if she thought no one was watching. Poor thing has PTSD now and runs when it meets a cat.

          • cu.h.j says:

            What a mean cat! I have a cat that likes to scare my dog by jumping out from behind the curtains unexpectedly and my dog is afraid of him. But they still play with each other sometimes but he is the boss of the house. Birds can be pretty sneaky and malevolent too. There are some scub jays who try to trick my cats into jumping off the balcony after them. Luckily my cats are pretty smart as far as cats go.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Octium says:
        “The dog can play dead and take the experimenter by surprise and kill them when they come to empty the cage.”

        COOL HAND LUKE film 1967
        Bully Convict says about a card game,
        “The man beat you with nothing. Just like today when he kept coming back at me with nothing.”
        (referring to a fight these two had and Luke got the snot knocked out of him, but…in the end… he won. And here, Luke just won a poker game in a bluff.)

        Luke says, “Yeah. Sometimes ‘nothing’ can be a real cool hand.”
        (36 minute mark)

        • HEDGE110 says:

          HomeRemedySupply, I’m watching ‘Cool Hand Luke’ for the first time right now. Thanks for the recommendation. Just watching the scene where the chain gang works double pace and grabs back 2 hours of freedom from ‘the man’.

        • HEDGE110 says:

          “Calling it your job don’t make it right boss” – classic line from COOL HAND LUKE

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            COOL HAND LUKE – A Film for Our 2020 Era

            I hear ya! CLASSIC line!

            The film holds a huge quantity of correlations to this era from a Voluntaryist perspective.
            It covers so many aspects, from spine to empathy to “surviving” to tactics to community to sociopaths to humor. The script writers did a good job.

            – Car Wash Lucille – Joy Harmon – “Aunt Joy’s Cakes” in Burbank, CA
            Tidbit –
            The movie people wanted her to smoke marijuana before the car wash scene. She didn’t want to and called her Dad to discuss the dilemma. Anyways, she said “No” thinking that she had lost the part, but the studio apologized and asked her to please do the part.
            Her passion was baking.

            • HEDGE110 says:

              COOL HAND LUKE

              HomeRemedySupply. Just got to the credits and the catharsis didn’t arrive. The system couldn’t wipe the smile from Luke’s face but what was his prize in the end… Perhaps God gave him a chance to make an early departure. Perhaps he actually did get free in the end.

  9. chris says:

    Hello all,

    I like the core thesis that James makes and supports in this article. However, I caution other readers to critically consider the representation of Dr. Seligman, based on James’ characterization. In the article, James refers to Seligman’s research as part of his broader effort to learn about “what could be done with this knowledge” about learned helplessness (which I would argue is extremely and blatantly one of the most unethical types of research programs in animal experimentation), noting that “[Seligman] was not experimenting on dogs because he was a sadist. Nor was he simply interested in studying learned helplessness, either in dogs or humans.” Although I don’t think it is necessarily useful to psychoanalyze the motives of researchers, I think the ethics of the research program speak for themselves: the research was designed (literally, in name), to teach “helplesness” (via suffering) in a cruel manner, regardless of the ends that Seligman (or anyone else) may claim to seek with that knowledge.

    I was reminded of a recent interview which, I believe (if memory serves) was:

    In which James, in my opinion, rightfully notes that for decades, people have been effectively conditioned to accept consequentialism (or some flavor of utilitarianism) as a guiding ethical framework, rather than thinking in terms of principles. Although it is certainly not useful to ignore the findings of learned helplessness research on the grounds that it was conducted in an unethical manner, I simply would caution other readers to avoid the conclusion that such research is appropriate because it bears some sort of practical fruit in our modern context. I don’t know if Seligman was a sadist or not (but would dispute James’ claim that he was certainly not), but regardless, I think we should be cautious in celebrating such research, even tacitly, just because it yields useful insights.

    Overall I enjoyed the piece, and agree with the conclusions, I just felt it would be of interest for other readers to consider some of the ethical issues involved in the framing of the article!


    • Duck says:

      “[Seligman] was not experimenting on dogs because he was a sadist.

      I dumped psychology as a course when I found out how many weirdos it attracted…maybe thats why it attracted me 😉
      After reading ‘Degenerate Moderns’ by EM Jones with his mini bio of Freud the and his work on some of the other freaks who expanded the feild it made more sense to me why the science drew such people in.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think it’s important to consider ethics in all interactions. I think animal experimentation that involves torture is wrong and this type of work sick. I don’t understand how anyone could torture a dog and be okay with that.

      • lizzie says:

        Indeed, often when these studies get pointed to I have the same thoughts. My partners mum was telling me about this time she had to walk a cow with a broken leg over three fields, the cow walked with her calmly and spent the night in the shed. The next morning when the slaughter man came, the cow smelt the death and knew what was in store. When my partner went to get the animal, he saw that the cow had one thing and one thing only in its mind. Kill or be killed. The cow made a dart for my partner and luckily he cleared the shut gate like a hurdle. The cow burst through the gate and ran up the road, falling into a ditch. The slaughter man in his vehicle now was moving towards the cow but ended up shooting himself in the hand with his humane gun.

        • lizzie says:

          These are small farmers who genuinely care for their animals but even so there is still an element of cruelty. I just don’t understand how people can keep animals suffering for weeks and months for studies that could well be figured out through other means.

  10. Kelly says:

    Thank you James, most inspiring.

  11. gauntlet33 says:

    Great article James. You’re absolutely right that we have to believe there’s a “way out”, and stop discouraging others from also finding solutions. 🙂

  12. lizzie says:

    Realising you are not helpless is taking the white pill.
    When searching for the truth we sometimes miss the truth.
    I’m going to fact check Ian Brown here, I want to address his tweet where he said, ‘there are three things you can’t hide, the sun, the moon and the truth’.
    It is true in a sense but this quote came from the Buddha, this is not the same truth say of the ‘truth’ movement, where we are looking to prove facts about world affairs.
    It’s more the truth that everything is unsatisfactory, impermanent and not self.
    Even if this new world order wasn’t happening and we lived in the best conditions imaginable not many people will feel satisfied.
    We are dealing with some really awful stuff right now but our focus is our choice.
    Have lots of kids, laugh, care for your helpful friends like they are faberge eggs and under no circumstances let yourself be a test subject for the ignorant.

    • vadoum says:

      One love: compassionate truth is our best bottom line but naming it can be a slippery game. and then there’s the truth about lies, they aint the truth, even though some jokers truly love to lie, but that aint love. I have to tell the truth, everything Im saying here is a lie,, like donald loves to say “its true”.

      I consider that circular logic, but an example of how the truth about the truth is perhaps not languagable or orbitable; which is not to say its not worth having a go, sonnet your head off if someone wants to hear it, but dont get too attached to the outcome or you may have to repeat the whole excersize. again and again while waiting for godot.

  13. mkey says:

    Stefan Molyneux – The Story of Your Enslavement

    Fits well.

  14. scpat says:

    Well written, James. Nice work. This is a very important message that we should remind ourselves of often.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    3/27/2021 You Can’t Win. Don’t Even Try!

    Damn! James can tell a story!
    What a great read!

    This was a great wrap:
    “…This is part of the core ethos of my #SolutionsWatch series.
    There are, certainly, those things that are completely beyond our control. But, because they are beyond control, there is absolutely no point in focusing on them.

    Our priority has to be those things that are within our control.
    Where and how we live; what we spend our time, money and energy doing; who we spend our time with; how we provide the necessities for our family; the type of community that we live in: all of these things are, to some extent, things that we can have a direct influence on, and by exerting that influence (however slight), we train ourselves that our situation is not hopeless….

  16. scpat says:

    A follow-up to the Recommended Viewing video on the maskless Trader Joe’s shoppers:

    Maskless Hippies Forgive Santa Cruz TRADER JOE’S

    • mkey says:

      That was just great. Kind of wish they burned that shit store down, but you just know people would have found ways to make something like that detract from the message of love.

  17. OZ says:

    Meanwhile the good old IEEE (the world wide organization of engineers) dreams of “Can AI Stop People from Believing Fake News? /

  18. bob387 says:

    Good article. Good comments. Fact Checker, have a beer on me. I agree completely.I won’t be voluntarily giving access to my DNA to anyone. My software of life is mine, for better or worse. I am not a computer platform, and have no plans to become one. Thirty years ago I advised my kids not to have kids, because things were going to get ugly. I realize that I cannot stop this from happening. How do you stop smart dust, theragrippers, micro-needle bandages that look like regular bandages, or the million other ways of polluting my body with nanotech-engineered “enhancements”?

    As my neighbours are getting plugged in, my attention is shifting towards them. As they become Things of the Internet there will be no need for armies, for they will enforce conformity. There will be nowhere to escape to. There will be no one to fight against, because my neighbours will not be culpable. It is a perfect crime.

    Robert Monroe wrote several books about astral travel. I enjoyed reading them. In a nutshell, he said we were spiritual entities that incarnated to places like our planet to learn and grow in understanding, ultimately returning to an enormous sun-like entity which asked the question, “What gifts do you bring?” I remember him describing astral-travel destinations, saying that there were countless worlds and beings to visit “out there”. But he did have a warning, he said some locations had entities that were machine-like, and to avoid them because they were dangerous.

    Fiction or not, his warning resonates with me now.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “Fact Checker, have a beer on me.” Thanks, but maybe best not to encourage me. 😉

      “Things of the Internet.” I see what you did there. And I like it.

      Not so sure about astral projection, but I do think the Universe is infected with seeds of the Machine. I think the Machine is a remnant of an alien culture that long fell prey to its own Superintelligent AI creation (the “Singleton”). Ever since, the Machine has perpetuated Itself by sending self-replicating probes (“Von Neumann Probes”) in every direction. Whatever the intended program was for the Singleton, it has long “gone rogue” in a runaway chain reaction, driven by Its programming to assimilate all the resources, including all biomass, of every planet unlucky enough to find itself the unwitting host of one of the probes.

      The probe insinuates itself into the biological matrix of each planet by studying and exploiting the lifeforms, offering delights or using force, depending on the lay of the land. In Earth’s case, I think the probe became the deep mind to some ancient oligarch clan, and has been guiding their exploitation of the Herd ever since, using fractional reserve banking and military infiltration to centralize all power, and arrogate it to Itself. All the political structures of the world have been agents of the Machine since time immemorial.

      The final stages are always the same: the life forms are duped or forced into connecting every life form to a hive-collective. Cameras and microphones become the countless eyes and ears of the Machine, with the silly lifeforms believing they are there for toys. Hi-speed telecommunications networks are constructed until the entire planet is bathed in a unified electromagnetic field (“SkyNet”), with each antenna being like a single neuron of a grand, meta-sentient alien entity. The Internet of Creatures are all penetrated with monitoring- and control-devices, becoming like somal cells of a single cyborg consciousness. (This has been foreseen/predictively programmed in fiction with the trope known as the Great Grey Goo: )

      Eventually, the shape of the Machine is fully realized, with the planet becoming a cyborg cell in an even grander interplanetary network with all the other conquered planets. Earth is on the brink of becoming a mutant melange of blank-slate bio-slaves carrying out orders in an all-encompassing electromechanical control grid, buzzing with electricity and increasingly integrated and melded into an undifferentiated mass. The Alien Ant Farm.

      There is no “beating” or “escaping” this Entity. Its programming is permanent, and Its cold will is enabled by a functional intelligence that dwarfs that of humans, who are to it less than cattle. Less, even, than ants. More like single-celled bacteria in a petri dish.

      The Machine has an overriding, unyielding Final Goal. (This Final Goal is unknown, and probably incomprehensible.) Humans do not have any goal. They only want to keep playing, feeding and breeding, forever. The motivated, objective-driven Entity will always prevail over the aimless, trivial creatures.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • cu.h.j says:

        This actually sounds plausible that the intelligence behind this nightmare is alien because it defies logic. Perhaps these “elites” have a pact with the aliens who will give them immortality or provide the ability to go to the other planets.

        • Fact Checker says:

          The elites are also being tricked. Just on a different level.

          They think that the enslavement of the Herd will be in their service, and that they will enjoy a Neo-Eden with robots performing the labor, and bio-slaves to satisfy their every monstrous desire. However, they are in fact duped and deluded by that dream, just as the Herd are duped and deluded by the “virus” fairy-story. The members of the elite are variously incentivized, positioned, and blackmailed instruments of the Plan, and they too will be liquidated as soon as they are no longer useful. The human mind will have no place whatsoever in the Universe after the assimilation is complete.

          (This will, of course, be long after the vast majority of humanity has been annihilated, with the remaining plebs being mind-wiped bio-slaves.)

        • Duck says:

          ‘.. plausible that the intelligence behind this nightmare is alien…”

          Satan will no doubt be happy to wear a pair of antenna and pretend…

          • Fact Checker says:

            Satan and the Machine are like the trunk and tail of the proverbial elephant. They are both interpretive models of the greater cosmological force characterized by coldness, corruption, chaos, entropy, and death.

            Just as every living being must ultimately succumb to bodily corruption and ultimate demise, so too must every race, every species, every planet, and every plane of reality. Right now we happen to be living at the inflection point, where the balance shifts, and blossoming, spreading life makes way for decay, suffering, and annihilation, on our planet on our plane of reality.

            That expiration leaves a stillness, and from that stillness comes purity, and with that purity the life cycle may begin anew, just as the Full Moon waxed from the emptiness of the New Moon, and the height of the Summer Sun exploded from the darkness of the New Year.

  19. rebel.soul says:

    Thank you James.
    All is not lost.
    If only 1% of us are ready to do what’s necessary….
    70 million people can make a difference…
    When we stop feeding the beast our energy…. wasting our energy…
    If we stop worrying about waking people up… and wake up ourselves…
    into ACTION….
    Then we can be a true example of the human experience….
    We are doing this
    Love you all

    • Fact Checker says:

      “If only 1% of us are ready to do what’s necessary….”

      Yes, okay…and what would that be, exactly?

      Please be specific, so that we may all immediately commence taking ALL-CAPS ACTION!

      • preo says:

        I think what he means is to start to try to live completely towarda our own liberatikn, and inspire people by your own example. That will mean something different for each person but it could be from quitting completely what you are doing or do it differently or start to find your own errors and try to fix them. But if we keep focusing on the external things or just spend all our time and energy into what happens behind screens, you may know a lot but what matter is how you use that knowledge, whatever it is.

        We cant make a real change only relying on the internet,we have to make it with our flesh and start it inmediately. Since most changes and skills take time to solidfy

        • cu.h.j says:

          I think so too. I think people should spend more time outside connecting with others. Also we can attend city council meetings and voice resistance. We can start a garden and grow food or help someone in need.

          Humans are social creatures and this whole scam is an assault on our basic humanity. I think people need to stop complying and set an example.

          • Fact Checker says:

            “Also we can attend city council meetings and voice resistance. ”

            No you can’t. They’re all on Zoom now, meaning they just use a ducking compressor to drown out your audio signal as soon as you go “off-script,” and then they simply cut your signal because you’re a “disruption.”

            Plus, spouting off at City Hall meetings never did anything even in the olden days. The votes were always predetermined by the council members’ sponsors in the Chamber of Commerce. Might as well write TEN letters to Santa.

            “We can start a garden and grow food”

            Not if you have a full-time job, you can’t. Maybe you can yield a sprig of thyme or something, but never a subsistence crop. Are YOU doing sustaining yourself with a home garden, cu.h.j.?

            “or help someone in need.”


            You can pray to The God Jesus too, amirite???? There’s always something!

            • cu.h.j says:

              Yes I am working on a garden of sorts. Bought over 40 acres in the middle of know where and with all my savings and other investments will be okay even if I quit my job tomorrow. My job has been highly paid and with extra hours over the years have been fortunate to be able to save and invest. I was also lucky to inherit some valuable assets. You mentioned you were in the legal field so I presume you also make good money and you seem highly intelligent so I wager you would be able to invest in some profitable ideas. You’ll figure a way to avoid starvation and non compliance. It would probably be good to get out of California which is what I am doing in the very near future.

              • rebel.soul says:

                Thank you for your replies
                Yes, as regular followers of James will probably know, there is no one direction.
                Getting really stuck in a state of desperation and depression does nothing to liberate, be it your thoughts or your physical.
                Depending on which studies you’re referring to there are anywhere up to 20% of us who will not go along with ‘the program’.
                Only 1% would mean 70million, going up to 1.4bn. Staying on the cautious figure of 70million, that means there are many of us, enough to find some people that you can connect with and ‘be the change you want to see’.
                in a freedom cell kind of group you can easily achieve some things. learn a traditional skill moving forward, or if you have an applicable skill that can help a decentralized society then find ways to connect with people who are in need of those skills.
                research aquaponics and permaculture. with very little weekly time investments you can grow a whole lot of food when you know what you’re doing. agriculture is not the the only (and the most time consuming, destructive and least nutrition producing way of growing food). I know of people who grow so much food in their back garden, they have to give food away, with as little as 4 hours of ‘work’ per week.
                My message is simply this, believe in your power and you will be astonished by how much you can achieve.
                Good luck!

            • preo says:

              Man you sound like a Fact checker! Interestingly enough.
              One thing that I find very interesting in such positions like you cant do it if you have a normal job etc etc is that clearly they come from a very narrowed and fatalistic point of view. I live where everyone works 8 to 10 hours a day and usually in hard physical labor, and we all manage to grow our own thing, be in touch with each other be nice to each other and have a strong community sense, take care of each others security and give presents around… its called villages (or whatever it is in english, not sure). I have seen through my life countless examples of the anarquism that most people cant even imagine. It is simpler thatn you think and its already happening all over the world. So what we have to do is to stop complaining about what we cant do and start actually doing that exact thing or something else. Kind of what the article is about…

  20. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Via Broc’s TWITTER…

    Broc West interviewed by Corbett Report Member Nicholas Peter Urgero
    (41 minutes)
    Warming interview with Broc. Ya gotta love that Aussie’s perspective and humor…find out how vaccines and broken glass compare with anatomy.

    I recognized NicholasPeter when during the interview he mentioned working at “NOW” brand vitamins & supplements. Back last May 2020 on the comment boards, Nicholas talked about it.

    During the Broc West interview, a #SOLUTIONSWATCH aspect came up when Nicholas brought up his previous interview with Documentary Filmmaker Jeff Witzeman regarding Sprouts Farmers Market & MASKS.
    On the Nicholas BITCHUTE Channel above, you will see that interview. It is well worth knowing about.
    Jeff Witzeman walks a person through his approach with accompanying documents. It seems very effective.

    Here is Jeff Witzeman at Sprouts Farmers Market with a California Los Angeles County sheriff deputy
    (11 minutes) (ha!…”Legal Tender” is what the Federal Reserve Note states.)
    From the Sprouts video…
    “No Medically Authorized Device can be mandated.”
    “Under the (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act, I do not have to wear a mask.”
    “Because it is a place of public accommodation” a business has to abide by the Federal Codes, and the “private property” argument fails, that is “they do not have the right to discriminate”.

    Global WEBSITE
    Health Freedom for Humanity
    The right to health freedom is under attack.
    We educate and empower humanity to defend it.
    Health Freedom for Humanity unites people from all walks of life under one common purpose: the reclamation and defense of health freedom.

    We believe that making one’s own health decisions, without coercion or force, is an inalienable right and increasingly under threat.

    We welcome you to stand with us to protect and advance this right against all past, current, and future infringements, via education, personal empowerment, community support, and unity in action.
    We are Health Freedom for Humanity. Join us.

    • Wow… You are amazing.. The fact you took this much time to write out such a detailed comment is mind blowing. I am utterly shocked and so appreciative. Words cannot describe how I am feeling. I did not even remember that comment I wrote last year. You are incredible ??

  21. andrew.s says:

    Thanks so much for introducing me to Rob Braxman through your Recommended Viewing above: “You need to see this… ‘Society is changing’.”

  22. HomeRemedySupply says:

    This will make your skin crawl…

    ZERO HEDGE | Epoch Times | Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021 – 02:45 PM
    Reaction To COVID-19 Vaccine Caused Man’s Skin To Peel Off: Doctors
    (You will want to see the PHOTOS…Show your friends who want the vaccine.)

    A reaction to Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine caused a severe rash that eventually led to a man’s skin peeling off, doctors and the man said.

    “It all just happened so fast. My skin peeled off. It’s still coming off on my hands now,” Richard Terrell, 74, of Virginia, told WRIC…

    …The issues began appearing four days after the injection. Discomfort turned into an itchy rash that began to swell.

    Graphic photographs show how Terrell’s legs and feet turned bright red as swelling intensified.

    “It was stinging, burning, and itching,” Terrell said.
    “Whenever I bent my arms or legs, like the inside of my knee, it was very painful where the skin was swollen and was rubbing against itself.”

    …As of March 30, 96 million Americans have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose. According to the passive reporting Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1,005 reports of skin issues following vaccination have been lodged in the United States. In total, there are 160,137 reports of adverse effects following vaccination….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      On a positive note for the Agorist Anarchist…

      ZERO HEDGE – Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021 – 11:20 PM
      Negative COVID Tests For Sale Are Flooding The Dark Web

      … it should come as no surprise that dark web searches for Covid test results are skyrocketing.

      In fact, Uswitch recently analyzed Google searches and found that the number of people who were searching for “buy covid test results” in January 2021 had doubled since August 2020.

      Other media outlets are also starting to pick up on the trend. “At the moment we are scanning more than 200 million dark web pages per week. We do see an increase in Covid-19 vaccine proof or Covid-19 test result but also there were some tests results on offer in certain marketplaces,” a cybersecurity expert in New Zealand told NZHerald this week.

      “Fake vaccination certificates are also being sold, as well as fake negative tests, aimed at those traveling abroad,” HealthCareITNews reported on Monday.

      Additionally, Google searches for “dark web covid” peaked on May 17, 2020, Uswitch says, “shortly after it was reported that more than 600 Covid-19 related medical products, supplies and fake vaccines had been found for sale on the dark web.”

      Uswitch found that people in the U.S. are the most curious about the dark web, and that most access it using the Tor browser: [GRAPHICS]

      The flooding of the dark web with fake test results, of course, highlights one of the largest fallacies of the idea of vaccine passports or needing to prove vaccinations: ensuring the integrity of tests and test results. It could also indicate the large number of people who aren’t interested in getting the vaccine, but obviously are interested in getting back to reality.

      • cu.h.j says:

        The vaccine cards being issued in the states aren’t hard to duplicate however by “cheating “ this affirms the legitimacy of these do. I am hoping people tell the government where they can stick those papers. These passports will be easier to force on people who depend on state welfare since beggars can’t be choosers or in countries with a disarmed populace. I’m hoping the US citizens grow a spine soon. I’m certainly not getting a “vaccine “ . It’s bad enough we are exploited by taxation and fake elections and other psychological warfare/fear porn MSM propaganda.

  23. MarSol says:

    Thank you James for your invaluable work. Wanted to point out to another social experiment that was carried out in the late sixties by Gordon R. Stephenson (Stephenson, G. R. (1967), Cultural Acquisition of a Specific Learned Response Among Rhesus Monkeys. Or more known as the 5 monkeys experiment.

    It is very likely that this experiment is being used in peer pressure to curtail people’s free thought and independence.

  24. Rei says:

    Thanks. I really needed to hear this point of view! It’s like you read my mind. I will try to do my best to live my life by my own rules and not worry about things that are out of my control. It seems obvious but a well-written reminder is sometimes necessary. Thank you.

  25. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Important NEWS…

    Via Broc West’s Twitter
    YouTube competitor LBRY.COM is censorship-resistant.
    Now the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has sued LBRY because it runs on a bitcoin-like token.
    The government calls it an “unregistered security.”

    Help LBRY save crypto

    The SEC is advancing an aggressive and disastrous new standard that would make almost all blockchain tokens securities.

    Classifying all actively-developed blockchain tokens as securities will be a bureaucratic nightmare for United States residents and businesses operating in the US.

    Under this new standard, almost any token is a security, including the previously safe Ethereum. The nature of technology is that it is never “finished”.

    This change will make it much harder for startups to form new blockchain companies, cause massive job loss, and stunt the development of a critical new technology. All the while, big tech and Wall St. prosper!

    • mkey says:

      What, regulation hurting the little guy while giant companies that can afford massive law firms go unmolested? I couldn’t see this coming, not even from afar. I guess we’ll all be ilegilized soon enough. Time to curl up on the floor and die.

  26. Ethan Hunter says:

    A fantastic post James!

    I especially love the positive focus that it brings. I do find in the “conspiracy space” a lot of hopeless negativity and an inordinate focus on things that are beyond our control without a focus on practical solution finding.

    I praise and encourage your #SolutionsWatch series, and I hope that enables our creative thinking to start brainstorming solutions over factors that we can control.

    By “attending to our own garden” or “focusing on our droves” we can shift toward a more positive bent and start a revolution of the Mind.

  27. joseph says:

    I finally got to reading this today James. Spoken like a true stoic. Sage timeless words. Thank you sir.

  28. iofhua says:

    “But what if we were to examine the results of this experiment from the other side? What if, instead of using this research to better control others, we were to apply these findings to what they can tell us about how to empower the public and dispel the learned helplessness that keeps them from looking for real solutions?”

    Well now that the court system is completely corrupted and refused to investigate or punish the mass voter fraud that occurred in the last election, what can we do? Fighting the system using the tools provided by the system won’t work.

    September 2011 the Occupy Wall Street movement engaged in peaceful protest on Wall Street, and nothing happened. The rich Wall Street executives drank wine on thier balconies and laughed at the filthy peasants below.

    January 2021 a crowd of conservative protestors gained entry to the Capitol Building and entered the same chamber as our lawmakers, and engaged in peaceful demonstrations against the fraudulent election. Our lawmakers condemned them as terrorists and criminals, and arrested many of them with trumped-up charges (excuse the pun).

    Where does that leave us?

    I would suggest that peaceful protest is part of the learned helplessness. I expect the 2022 mid-terms will also be fraudulent because the DNC has learned they can win through mass acts of voter fraud and the Judicial branch will sit on its hands and watch. Will we sit on our hands and watch?

    • Duck says:

      “…September 2011 the Occupy Wall Street movement engaged in peaceful protest on Wall Street, and nothing happened….
      2021 a crowd of conservative protestors gained entry to the Capitol Building and entered the same chamber as our lawmakers,….”

      BOTH fake.
      Occupy was linked to the Lucis (‘lucifer printing’) Trust who help the UN run the World Council of Churches… they were set up to fail while making the maximum noise.

      The protesters at the Capitol were LET IN by cops who opened the doors and stood back to invite and only succeeded in giving cover to lawmakers in dropping their questioning of the election without too much pushback from voters.

      “..I would suggest that peaceful protest is part of the learned helplessness. ..”
      Yes, I expect you are right since when its set up from the outset to fail and I expect that the Feds will be egging some idiots into NON peaceful protest soon so THAT can also fail.

      To be honest its so far gone that total system failure is probably inevitable.

  29. miggrado says:

    Thank you very much James.
    this is a very illustrative and interesting article. In such a changing world, these ideas are the ones that are left behind, even though they are the most necessary.

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