YouTube Doesn't Want You to Watch The WWI Conspiracy

02/06/20217 Comments

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YouTube has age-restricted Part 2 and Part 3 of The WWI Conspiracy. A listener writes in to ask whether he has to sign in to YouTube to watch the rest of the documentary. The answer (in case you didn't know) is: NO! STOP WATCHING THINGS ON YOUTUBE!!!

Watch the documentary for free, read the transcript, download the video and audio files here:

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  1. Mary Poppins says:

    Well said. We all need to be reminded that Screwyoutube needs to be boycotted. I truly believe that in order to make our voices heard and our distrust felt, it’s important to get away from the big tech companies that are dominating/shaping our conversations and therefore our lives.Getting off Fakebook, Google and Screwyoutube is a great place to start. The other sites may not be perfect either, but at least it will diffuse, and ultimately weaken, who controls the information technology. 😀

  2. dmay says:

    Sign in to watch on YT? The better to track who needs to be tagged for more monitoring? No thanks, my FBI/NSA file is already large enough.

    • Duck says:

      Youtube already tracks you even if your not signed in….either by your IP address (unless you are using a VPN of some kind or TOR) Or by Cookies (Unless your Using a “live” linux distro such as “puppy Linux” or something cool like Tails or whonix
      The internet is a panopticon BY design, though if enough people at least TRY to fog things up a little little fish like us can still swim

  3. noconsent says:

    I believe that I noted some time ago (before the Mail situation) that Gootube would not allow me to watch the “Century of Enslavement” Documentary without signing in and verifying my identity. I then went to and bought a copy of my own, eh!
    Indeed, the excuse is that they need to censor this kind of material from anyone under 18, however they get a lot more of my info than my age out of requiring a sign-in.
    Great idea, to use a short Video to promote what Gootube does not want people to see. If you don’t mind getting a bit advertizy why not print “Please go to to see WWI Conspiracy for free”.
    In Suckerberg fashion, you could say; thanks for the platform suckers!
    Turn-about is fare play. eh!

    • Duck says:

      “…Indeed, the excuse is that they need to censor this kind of material from anyone under 18, however they get a lot more of my info than my age out of requiring a sign-in….”

      They already have that info…they have a pretty good data shadow of you even if you never sign into anything. If you want a laugh join facebook with a fake name then only sign in to look at news or whatever…. you can then judge how well they know you by who they suggest you ‘freind’ with. I know someone who did this and has never given a shred of real personal info.
      Getting NEAR big tech is basicly strolling thru Mordor

  4. Duck says:

    WW1 Conspiracy is one of the most important doc’s the Corbett Report has put out because unlike a modern conspiracy there is no CrimeThink warning ,on such an old subject, to cause instant rejection even though the results are still being felt today.
    The big issue is getting people to show n interest in anything they are not forced to learn for work or school…Mr Corbett is one of the narrators that can do that for many people.

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