What They're Not Telling You About The Saudi Arms Deal

05/29/201723 Comments

Unless you're living under a rock, you have no doubt heard something about Donald Trump's first pilgrimage as Commander-in-Chief. (Sidebar: If you are living under a rock that somehow shields you from the 24/7 news cycle, please let me know where that rock is located and how much the rent is, because I may just move in with you.)

For the past week, Trump has been jetting between the home bases of the world's four major religions. He spoke to the Muslims in Saudi Arabia. He spoke to the Jews in Israel. He spoke to the Catholics at the Vatican. And he spoke to the holiest of them all, the High Priests of Death (war be upon them) at NATO's shiny new billion-dollar headquarters in Brussels, complete with charred 9/11 wreckage at the entrance!

Although thousands of gallons of ink could be, should be, and has been spilled on each leg of this remarkable trip, there are still many important stories that you aren't going to hear about if you're reading only the MSM headlines (surprise, surprise).

But don't fret! I'm here to help fill in some of the gaps for you! However, since I haven't yet figured out how to clone myself several times over, I'll have to limit myself to three tales from the many that you weren't told about the Saudi trip.

So, without further ado, here are three stories about the much-ballyhooed $110 billion Saudi arms deal that you aren't going to be reading about in the lamestream news.

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Comments (23)

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    cORBett, Thanks for the brief.
    It helped me, because recently I have been under a rock and out-of-the-loop.
    I am taking a break from following headlines and MainStream News stories…it leaves an aftertaste like soap in the mouth.

    But I do have to ponder about this Trump-Saudi trip.
    Is the stage being set for an oil price revival?

    (nice touch with the rimshot)

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hello H.R.S… how is it going?

      I think you are on to something with regards to Oil Price. I can already see that both Iran and Saudi are talking war (yesterday, the Ayatollah of Iran said that Saudi Ruling family is illegitimate and going to fall), and prince Mo. bin Salman said he is taking the war to inside Iran..

      So, at a minimum, there will be impact on amount of Oil leaving the Gulf in the soon future, which will drive the Oil price up. (one would guess)..

      I don’t think the objective is driving the price of oil higher, as this would benefit Venezuela and Russia, but the objective is to destroy Iran once and for all.

      Just my 2 cents

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        It is always great to hear your voice.
        I love hearing your comments.
        You are where the dust flares up in that part of the globe.

        It seems there has been some focus on Peak Oil DEMAND, with different publications talking about it, like the Wall Street Journal.
        Forbes May 26, 2017 – What The Prophets Of Peak Oil Demand Are Missing https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaellynch/2017/05/26/peak-oil-demand-a-little-history-lesson/#2fd1260c2fbb
        EXCERPT – Much of this is déjà vu all over again. The people talking about peak oil demand…ignorant of the industry, its history and economics, and especially the many other warnings that have been heard over the past few decades….

        When I start seeing odd news feeds it seems like they are setting up the long con. Encyclopedia of Scams https://scams.wikispaces.com/Glossary

        I think you hit the nail on the head when you stated “…the objective is to destroy Iran once and for all.”

        The major world players who would benefit are probably lining up in the queue.

      • PeaceFroggs says:

        My 2 cents is that Venezuela is about to fall, Maduro is just about done as President, and Russia was never really sanctioned to begin with. So my guess is this $110 billion Saudi arms deal depends largely on oil prices increasing above $75 per barrel, which should begin to incrementally increase as soon as Nicolás Maduro is done for and he’s replaced by the American puppet.

        • herrqlys says:

          A rise in the world price for oil would not only benefit Venezuela the Saudis and the other Gulf states. Russia, Iran, Nigeria, Canada and some other producers, including US fracking companies, would also benefit.

          I don’t think Venezuela was the sole, or even the main, target of the manipulated price collapse, although I fully agree that the economic crisis that was precipitated in Venezuela was a joy to some execrable people. Russia and Iran most certainly were the major players who were to be cowed – anybody else was icing on the cake.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I am enjoying some of the Recommended Viewing.

  3. Not This Little Frog says:

    Hi James, just sent you an email, however thought I’d follow it up with a reply here. Just wondering; have you sent this report out to subscribers yet? I’m having trouble with my internet atm so am unsure if I somehow missed it…Praps you could respond here as well as to my email if you think it’s relevant for others. Cheers NTLF

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for this, NTLF. Just looking at my email now, so just seeing this. I just posted this article 7 or 8 hours ago so it won’t be in the daily update email for another 7 or 8 hours.

  4. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello James, Excellent article, both informative and entertaining… I love your work.

    That said, i think there need to be a follow up article with regards to President Trump Muslim-Arabic summit. Especially, what is unfolding directly as a result of his trip. allow me to list few:

    Direct results from Trumps Middle East visit:

    1- Collected Monies (protection money) from Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait. Two other countries did not play well like Oman and Qatar with their payment status unknown.

    2- As result of the trip, Saudi and UAE waged a (media) war against Qatar (HQ for Muslim Brotherhood in the gulf), with the aim to move the USA airbase into UAE.

    3- Qatar seems to started establishing a stronger ties with Iran, resulting in a split in the Gulf Council. Oman, Qatar and kuwait with Iran(or neutral) and the rest are with USA.

    4- In Bahrain, violence is dished out against the request for reform (a movement supported by Iran at least verbally).

    5- etc etc..

    Off course there are many more point, but if i have to summarize. I would say that Trump requested the GCC (Gulf Council) to engage in a bloody war against Iran with USA weapons, and Oman and Kuwait are refusing to play ball, and Qatar has joined them and since Qatar have the largest USA base in the Gulf, they are being squeezed by USA, Saudi and UAE.

    Just my analysis…

  5. Pablo de Boer says:

    In 2001 Trump wrote about Saudi Arabia in his book:

    “It’s the world’s biggest funder of terrorism. Saudi Arabia funnels our petrodollars, our very own money, to fund the terrorists that seek to destroy our people while the Saudis rely on us to protect them.”

    Trump Bows Deeply to Globalists, Surrenders to Puppet Masters

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Under Corbett’s Recommended Viewing is this video…
    The Everything Bubble: Stocks, Real Estate & Bond Implosion

    Is there a connection between “Housing Starts” (new virgin mortgages) in the marketplace and pumping more money into the economy?

  7. zyxzevn says:

    I just read how “Democracy-destroying” CIA is bigger threat than “Terrible ISIS”.
    ISIS can do terrible things, but it’s Our CIA who continuously tries to destroy the very fundamental of democracy.

    This we know already, as the influence of the CIA in influencing and destroying democracies in the world is widely known and well published.

    It was all very dramatic, partially due to his name Cain, who killed his own brother in the bible. Sadly, the words of the speaker might have come out wrong, due to his rough accent and health problems. He said something like “Our CIA”. I think the press took it in a wrong way, and mistook “‘R CIA” for Russia.

    And this again relates to Hillary’s invented lie, in which she blames Russia for her loss in the last election. Before that a black man defeated her, but this time she had paid the “Democrats” a lot to ensure victory against her more popular opponent.
    But even after killing the suspected leaker, some of the corruption was in the public. And even after her media did non-stop anti-trump propaganda, it was not enough.
    How much more people did she have to pay? Maybe the other party was really more popular? Or maybe they were slightly better in vote-hacking?
    But now she had lost, there was no better solution than spreading the unfounded rumours of hacks and propaganda from a country that was “the enemy” so many years ago.
    It is clear that Hillary’s brain-tumour has grown back, but money is money, so the media started their campaign anyway. Something that “worked so well” against Trump.

    The CIA liked it too, because now they could ensure the people how much they were needed. For them it does not matter who is in power. They can eliminate any resistance with a bit of organized drama.

    For the CIA would be a real joke if the people would voluntary give “Our CIA” the power over every part of the democracy. To protect.. the democracy. What a joke. So they were in and published their own garbage.

    Now, how can we restore this problem? How can we change the fabricated news that presented in the media, and inform people of what really is going on?
    The public and the misinformed media now thinks that Russia had hacked the voting and opinions of the people. While it is very clear that “Our CIA” has been doing that all this time.

    Apparently, even this dramatic effort of mister Cain, was not enough to convincingly bring the people the reality of their corrupt agency.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    9/11 Research NEWS by Shoestring
    Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ‘Deserted His Post’ While America Was Under Attack on 9/11

    Shoestring Website – http://shoestring911.blogspot.com/
    List of Shoestring 9/11 articles – http://911blogger.com/blogs/shoestring

    Shoestring is an incredible 9/11 Researcher.
    Some of his work is almost entertaining in its revelations.
    The Million-Dollar Diamond Theft at the World Trade Center on 9/11

    The following is really fascinating with celebrities named…Over 350 Passengers Canceled Their Reservations or Didn’t Show Up for the Hijacked 9/11 Flights

    One of my favorites…Hollywood and 9/11: The Movies and TV Dramas Resembling the Terrorist Attacks That Were Being Produced in September 2001

  9. nigel.m says:

    Good article, James.

    $110 billion is an incredible figure. Of course the Saudi’s are minted and could easily afford it. But the question is, if they still consider Iran a pariah state, then is this mind boggling weapons investment a statement of intent? Iran’s land mass is gigantic and it’s doubtful if 1 country by itself could conquer her. But don’t the MSM love to promote the differences between these two, I’ve noticed? Shia v Sunni etc. No way am an expert on this, but I believe Shia muslims also go on pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetimes so it really doesn’t make sense that 1 of them is trying to get the upper hand in the region. They should be promoting hamrmony + respect amongst their citizens. We are told there is a sizeable Shia contingent in Eastern S Arabia so perhaps they may be worried that Iran could try to stir up trouble here. Not to mention the uprising that happened in neighbouring Bahrain a number of years ago. This was put down with the help of the Saudi army. It just seems strange that the majority population in Bahrain is Shia but they are ruled by a Sunni dominated govt, hence the uprising.
    Thats it from me. Peace to all.

  10. john.o says:

    The ramifications of this story are vast and intricate, but I would like to put few more quotes from the news release on the record here, to underscore the most fundamental:

    1) “…Advanced analytical models are being developed to locate…secret sources of polarization and acquiring activities.”

    NewSpeak Technique: “AI” + unseen human prejudice will trigger instantaneous and unquestionable police actions.

    2) …it is the first time that the world countries seriously come together to face the threat of EXTREMISM, which poses a threat to the communities and endanger them…”

    NewSpeak Technique: Replace “terrorism” with “extremism” as the threat so that nothing ever need be proven and violations in these “secret sources” are now mere thoughts and self expression.

    3) “…The selection of the (12) representatives of the BOD from states and organizations reflects the independence of the center’s work, which is characterized by a governance system that applies international management best practices of major international organizations…”

    NewSpeak Technique: NGOs and faceless international organizations and negotiations are guarantees against corruption rather than techniques to accomplish it.

    And, of course, we are all relieved because the good Muslims (you know, like the Saudis) are policing the bad Muslims (you know, like the Iranians) at last.

  11. arnieus says:

    Thanks for the chuckle at the end James cORBett. You may be on to some new branding ideas for cORBit. You will be lucky if they don’t start calling you “the ORB”. Or “orb it” might become your “megadittos”. Just kidding. I appreciate your efforts. I haven’t missed a podcast in many moons and I try and spread them.

  12. danmanultra says:

    So the oppressive state of Arabia will be (officially) integrating technology that makes it even easier to oppress people? In the words of cORBett “What could go right?”

    This also got me thinking… targeting specific Islamic nations, I believe there may be a concentrated effort here to destroy all forms of Islam that are non-compliant. Will make it much easier to create the one world religion that way. Just my observation.

  13. alan.l says:

    Thanks James, outstanding as usual.

    As a follow along on another site was an article about the “side” deal Tillerson watched (wink wink) being signed at THAT closed to US media meeting where Exxon and the Saudi’s penned a deal to build a 1300 ACRE fracking processing plant in Texas.

    The largest in the world. Of course my little “snippet” mind wondered if buy chance the easing of the restrictions for methane control on the fracking industry might just (wink wink) have been part of the deal.

    Just my thoughts, and thanks again.

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