What in the World is Going On?

05/30/2020136 Comments

OK, I get it. You're sick of hearing about it.

"There must be something else happening in the world," I hear you saying.

Well, you're in luck! I did some digging and it turns out there are other things happening in the world, after all! Things that have nothing to do with viruses or masks or vaccines or contact tracers. (Or at least as little to do with those things as possible, given the circumstances.)

Here are a few of them . . .

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  1. Steve Smith says:

    The more things change……..

    • weilunion says:

      the more they change.

      Look at Steve Bannon of the alt-right, who is orchestrating Trump’s policy with China.

      He also is a big player in Hindutva fascism and the rise of Modi. Think Cambridge Analytica.

      There is a breech within the ruling elite:

      Some are globalists like Soros, Gates, Rockefeller etc.

      Some are ethnic fascists like the US, Brazil, Hungary (which will soon look to take Macedonia and Croatia), Phillipines, Italy, Britain etc.

      None of the infighting among the ruling class bodes well for average people, workers, the aged, disabled, non-working, etc.

      Both ruling sides wish to stop the slow bleeding of global capitalism but it is too late.

      The US Empire is on the ropes and China is doing no better.

      War is what the elites want.

      The failed VZ Bay of Pigs finds the ‘freedom fighters’ (Reagan’s term for the Contras) on the defense. Guaido, the whore that he is, failed again.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Good overview weilunion.

      • Duck says:

        ‘…None of the infighting among the ruling class bodes well for average people, workers, the aged, disabled, non-working, etc…’

        I’d disagree- if regular people are too weak, or too unwilling, to hold back the agenda of the elites the best (maybe only) hope to stopping them is the disunity and infighting of major power bloc’s

        When they are pulling together it is hard – or impossible- to stop their combined powers

        • weilunion says:

          Basically, and you can correct me if I am wrong, you are stating that divide and conquer of the elites is necessary for if they were a combined force, and the people weak, the force would be too great.

          Ethno-fascists will never align with global fascists, as they are constructed today. Don’t think we have to worry about Michael J. Lind aligning with say, Soros or Gates on anything.

          What is important is to see how the 1980’s and the rise of Reagan gave power to the paleo-conservative right. They had been dormant for years,working with post-WWII fascists, both inAmerica and outside of it. Their vision is very different from the global multinational capitalists.

          Here is an example:

          William Lind, a well-known figure on the Christian Right will speak for the first time at the club on “The Right and Foreign Policy.” Lind, a contributor to right-wing magazine American Conservative, addressed a 2002 Holocaust denial conference, organized by Willis Carto, one of the most active and influential white nationalists of the past century. Though Lind admitted during his 2002 speech that he did not deny that the Holocaust happened, he did talk about a small group of people he claimed have poisoned American culture.

          “These guys,” he explained, “were all Jewish.”

          The audience included internationally known Holocaust deniers and a former SS officer. A strange choice, perhaps, for this gathering, given that Gottfried and Weissberg are Jewish (https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2016/11/04/white-nationalists-gather-baltimore-ninth-annual-hl-mencken-club-conference).

          Lind and his cohorts, Carto being one pro-fascist who worked with Francis Parker Yockey after WWII, and was the last to visit him in a SF jail before Yockey took cyanide and suicided, have been part of Bundt America for a long time.

          Lind has advocated for police to have rocket-propelled grenades as standard issue and for a return to death by hanging as a common sentence for crime in “urban areas.”[20][21]

          Lind is a key proponent of the cultural Marxism conspiracy theory and asserts that Marxists control much of modern popular media and that political correctness can be directly attributed to Karl Marx.[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_S._Lind)

          The prominence of the nationalist right came with the Council on National Policy that ushered in the nemesis of the CFR.

          No, the globalists and the medieval fascists are both our enemies and to allow them to continue will be our farrows. They have nothing in common with either us or each other.

          • wylie1 says:

            What Global MultiNational Capitalists? I don’t know of any. Fascists=Corporatists yes. (Mussolini, supposedly the one who coined the term Fascism, later stated Corporatism more accurately described it). Capitalists No.

            The Marxists in the schools and the media are the propagandists promoting the confusion and misconnection of the corrupt multi-national corporations as “capitalist”. They are not. MultiNational Corps don’t believe in competition, they work with or through government corruption and/or each other to eliminate their competition.

            For instance do the oil majors compete? Not so much. They often divide up areas or take shares in a project. The latter affords them less per project risk while multiplying lobbying and other “activities” for any necessary approvals.

            Actual Capitalism works best WITHOUT government at all. Capitalism would happen naturally. Collectivism(Socialism, Progressivism, Marxism, Communism, Fascism, etc.) the people have to be fooled into it or it forced upon them.

            Attaching negativity to anything maligns it. So it would seem wiser to attach negativity to those things that are actually negative: Examples:
            MultiNational Fascists
            Freedom Hating Corrupt Socialistas and Communuts
            Parasitic Progressives
            –which are all true.

            Even locally I can point to examples of mistakenly called capitalists taking advantage of their position in government to make gain for their business. That is not capitalism. It is simply corruption. Something that is inherent with Socialism. Where is there Socialism or Communism without corruption? So then [Corrupt Socialism] should be the term used.

            Capitalism is not inherently corrupt. Every time you buy, sell, or trade with another individual such as your neighbor selling you their barely used lawnmower when they move, has no govt and no corruption.

            • weilunion says:

              “What Global MultiNational Capitalists? I don’t know of any. Fascists=Corporatists yes. (Mussolini, supposedly the one who coined the term Fascism, later stated Corporatism more accurately described it). Capitalists No.”

              You do not know of any transnational or multinational corporations? Try all of big Pharma, the banks, big oil, Apple, Big Tech to name a few. Multi-corporations are the result of the historical evolution of capitalism. See any moms and pops making it? See them competing with transnational corporations.

              Yes, corporate fascism is fascism. What people fail to see is that capitalism has evolved from the small shop keeper to the behemoth multi-national corporations. Capitalism is a system embedded within history that evolves. Capitalism is not feudalism, it is not slavery it is wage labor and big capital now.

              “The Marxists in the schools and the media are the propagandists promoting the confusion and misconnection of the corrupt multi-national corporations as “capitalist”. They are not. MultiNational Corps don’t believe in competition, they work with or through government corruption and/or each other to eliminate their competition.”

              What Marxists? Name some don’t hurdle the words around trying to catch all. The media is not Marxist, it is capitalist, represents the views of the corporate capitalists and trades and sells on Wall St. No, the media never talks about capitalism– don’t know where you got this. The system is never referred to by name. But that is what it is, you live in a capitalist system where profit is put before people and maximizing profit is the raison d’etre of the system. The confusion seems to be yours.

              Of course no capitalist in their right mind wants competition. They want monopoly and it has taken four hundred years to get to this point. Concentration of capital is what capitalism is all about. No capitalist wants to share the market with any other in their business.

              Government is for and by the corporations. This is called neoliberalism and involves socializing all corporate costs while privatizitizing the gain. A dream for all capitalists.

              “For instance do the oil majors compete? Not so much. They often divide up areas or take shares in a project. The latter affords them less per project risk while multiplying lobbying and other “activities” for any necessary approvals.”

              You made my point. They are transnational multinational corporations and of course they do not want competition and of course they want a government that indemnifies them and allows them to steal.

              “Actual Capitalism works best WITHOUT government at all. Capitalism would happen naturally. Collectivism(Socialism, Progressivism, Marxism, Communism, Fascism, etc.) the people have to be fooled into it or it forced upon them.”

              There is no such thing as actual capitalism. Never existed. You use words without definition, I guess believing everyone has the same definition but we don’t. The economic system since the late 1500’s in Western societies has been and is capitalist. Oh, sure,people call it crony capitalism, corporate capitalism etc. but it is capitalism and it is historical and has its own logic – the maximization of profits through wage theft or rents.

              [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

              • Steve Smith says:

                @ weilunion

                “See any moms and pops making it? See them competing with transnational corporations.“

                Aren’t these two entirely separate questions?
                And can’t the first be interpreted subjectively?
                I mean what is making it exactly?

                I would definitely call my “business” a small time operation. Maybe even lower on the economic scale than what you are imagining. Truthfully, this plandemic has hardly made a difference in our customer flow.
                Yet we have stayed at it since 1996 and it has supported a couple of families, helped pay off houses, produced apprentices.
                We have never been able to guarantee ourselves a paycheck every single week but we don’t live check to check.

                I definitely get your point but I wanted to take the opportunity to suggest that perhaps our definitions of what “success” is could in part be a result of propaganda.
                Perhaps a large part of how to escape the tyranny of the globalist authoritarians is by redefining what is “necessary”. To embrace a simpler existence while still maintaining a healthy appreciation for freedom, liberty and remain welcoming to free market, transparent and even technological solutions to humanities problems.

          • Duck says:

            ‘…Reagan gave power to the paleo-conservative right..’
            In name only… AFAIK his was the watch when they started hollowing out the Social security trust fund… Charlotte Iserbyt (author “deliberate dumbing down of America”) flat out called him a ‘socialist’ in a podcasts I heard her on… socialism is controlled by the elite (as with ‘wall street and the russian revolution’) and when it comes out that they are hand in hand it becomes open Fascism.

            ‘…..“These guys,” he explained, “were all Jewish.”…”

            Like the Neo-cons? pretty much all kids of Trotskyite jewish dad’s- The link is not a surprise if you consider that Wall Street funded the Bolshevik revolution . Dr Spence of university Idaho has done work on that too
            Long podcast (getting hard to find these days on the search.)



            ‘…Lind is a key proponent of the cultural Marxism conspiracy theory…..’
            Its not a conspiracy theory, its just mainly talked about in really boring books no one can be bothered to read.

            ‘….asserts that Marxists control much of modern popular media..’
            There is the appreance of that, but they are not really marxists, the left bias is just the flag the elites are flying right now just like Regan a flew conservative one. They may change back but the real policy wont change

            ‘.. political correctness can be directly attributed to Karl Marx…’ Thats a new one for me. I heard it was from the 20’s bolsheviks but really have no idea.

            ‘…. They have nothing in common with either us or each other….’

            Wall Street and the bolshevik revolution


            If the elites have a common interest they WILL do business with each other. They have more in common with each other then with us.

            Henry Ford hated commies… yet his tractors were licensed for manufacture in Russia. US tec’s were the ones who rebuilt Russian factories after the revolution (Russia was actiully getting pretty high tec pre ww1 but was knocked back by the chaos)
            The Koch bro’s father got his (alleged) dislike for bolshevism while working in Russia to help western capitalists loot Russian natural resources (Oil in that case i THINK). The Soviets and the Nazi’s did a ton of mutual aid even while they both planned to invade and destroy each other.

    • hascwi says:

      What do you know about the English Royal family ? Stripped of power and a new King John III emerging ? True or false ?

  2. Octium says:

    Perhaps it won’t be Plandemic V2.0 after all?

    Perhaps it will be Riotdemic V2.0, followed by Plandemic V3.0 maybe?

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they go for a progression change to distract people who are waking up to Gatesism!

    • weilunion says:

      Maybe, but they are surely not on to what is the National Council of Planning, the paleo-conservative Christian fascists that is the host for the who’s who of the elites.

      They form the American Institute.

      John Brisson investigates the elusive Council for National Policy on Youtube.

      “In this video, I read newspaper articles on the CNP from 1987-1989. I discuss the CNP’s influence on the Iran Contra affair, the war on drugs, “Christianity,” and the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations.”

      Be alert, check it out


  3. Jed says:

    Where’s Kissinger? I’m gonna bet he’s somewhere crevated to a wheelie chair, mumbling in German with drool drying on raise-stubbled shankered chin, a fresh wet turd stewing in his adult diaper, and an underpaid aid shoveling apple sauce into his thrush-green mouth with head turned away to read fb, and I hope he lives like this forever.

    • mkey says:

      We can only hope, Jed. In my neck of the woods we have this saying, I wish you long life and chronic disease. It’s reserved only for the very worst.

  4. WAYNED says:

    9/11 truth. Great strides by Alaska/University of Anchorage. A REAL challenge and definitive. The kind of information that must be kept out of the public’s mind. A virus seemed to be the best thing to supplant the thoughts of 9/11 justice. It certainly appears to have worked, no one talks about it anymore and it’s not even on the radar of things that are happening. https://www.ae911truth.org/wtc7

    • CQ says:

      WAYNED, your mention of 9/11 and the unheralded UAF study put out by AE911T reminds me of an email I sent to a friend an hour or so ago. Responding to James’ question, “Where’s Kissinger when you need him?” I wrote: “Maybe [he’s] working for NIST to counter the Hulsey Report, like he agreed to head the 9/11 Commission — ’til the Jersey Girls got to him — back in the day.” 🙂


      I’m glad I opened and read the on-its-face lighthearted article on the MSNBC reporter; its second half is devoted to an explanation of (and a chart showing) the vast number of CFR members who are connected to all the major media companies.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      Yeah 9/11 is quickly becoming the poor man’s Covid-19.

      But t-shirts are in the making as we speak:
      Covid-19/11 Inside Jobs!

  5. mike17 says:

    We see in all that’s taking place today the incipient ramifications of a new civilization, which our world entered in the final days of 2012, when, under a movement known as the Precession of the Equinoxes Sol took his quantum leap across the old boundary, landing on a new sidereal track through the Milky Way galaxy which may be regarded as the ‘Aquarian Express.’

    . . . It is an express line of force, tasked to destroy the old form construct laid into place during the previous 25,868 solar years of Pisces, leveling the playing field for what will surely come.

    In the road ahead the mythical Phoenix of the New World Order will arise from the ash and detritus of the old and spread her wings to fly! Rest assured that the REAL new world order, when it arrives, will bear little resemblance to the game plan concocted for the world by those who refer to themselves as de-Rothschild.

    . . . As Gates or Rockenfelter, et al.

    Under the past 25,868 years of Pisces our world expanded in many wondrous ways, one in particular being that the principle of love as a way of life was introduced by the Christ.

    Five hundred years before, the great Gautama, the Buddha, introduced the principle of Wisdom.

    Pisces is symbolized as pristine, sweet water flowing along a path of least resistance.

    During the first 2/3 of every cycle, whether human or sidereal, the ramifications of inherent symbolism play an active and positive role. But at the 2/3 mark comes a decrease of efficacy amid the beginnings of what will mount into a long period of decline – culminating, finally, in calumny and collapse on the heels of the new, incoming cycle.

    Thus it is today.

    We see all around us the destructive phase of the Aquarian incipience, tearing down the old form laid into place under the detrimental phase of Pisces’ final years, which, especially during the latter days had come to represent the flow of sewage.

    But like Kipling wrote in his poem, Road to Mandalay, “that’s all shove behind us, long ago and fer away.” What was laid down under the Piscean construct is now being subjected to a roiling destruction under powerful cosmic emanations streaming into the earth from multiple sources.

    Heads will roll. Scoundrels will be sun-lighted; vice and corruption will be brought to the surface writ large.

    The scoundrels of our lives and well-being – the ignominious thieves of fortunes which justly belong to us, will be. . . ‘pulled up by the short hairs and hung up wet to dry’ . . . as the old cliche’ has it.

    But Nature does not progress by leaps and bounds Her wonders to reveal. Only by a slow and orderly, rhythmic process does She move.

    It is human nature to want everything NOW; yet great change cannot be wrought in a mere fortnight.

    It is said that a window of opportunity has recently opened unto humanity, in that the People have a real and valid chance to wrest power and control from the despots, a thing which can only be accomplished through peaceful non-violent resistance.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Also, great change might not be what you want. Especially since the great change is coming about because everyone has embraced the covid dictatorship so wholeheartedly. While words are great, if the people are too cowardly to back them up, then freedom will no longer be a word.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Ya gotta appreciate the wry wit in this 5/30/2020 article by James Corbett “What in the World is Going On?”..

    Here are a few of the punches…
    …because there’s no doubt that the US would be a completely neutral party in these negotiations. I’m sure both sides will welcome the offer with open arms. . . .

    . . . Just kidding!


    …Denman was apparently expecting a payday of between $50,000 and $100,000 if he was successful in overthrowing the government of Venezuela (no word if there was a $10,000 bonus if they overthrew Guyana while they were at it)….


    …I guess they just don’t make regime change operations like they used to.
    Where’s Kissinger when you need him?

    and more. Some of the links embedded are well worth exploring. Corbett’s Twitter link (at “Spoiler”) has some interesting posts. Among them, are several videos which document cops posing as protestors during this George Floyd fury.

    If some Corbett Report Members are not familiar with the George Floyd scenario, there are a number of updates (with VIDEOS) at this website:

  7. rbush says:

    Here is my first comment, as a sample.

    I pledge that I will be a decent, respectful citizen of your site. (Which I love.)

    With appreciation,


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Glad you are here Robert. We all are.
      Look forward to more comments from you.

      What part of the world are you at?

  8. scpat says:

    From the Wall Street Journal article James cited:

    American Says Failed Venezuelan Invasion Was to Arrest Maduro

    Ephraim Mattos, a former Navy SEAL who runs a nonprofit and provided medical training to a group of Venezuelans involved in the operation, said Mr. Denman appears to signal duress in the video by looking off camera while talking about U.S. government involvement.

    “He looks off screen real quick,” Mr. Mattos said. “That’s him clearly signaling that he’s lying. It’s something that Special Forces guys are trained to do.”

    Something they’re trained to do….hahah…right….

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I’ve noticed a severe drop in quality of our troops. For example, I remember reading an article on how the military was upset at the M16 because it mostly wounded, rather than kill. Done by design as wounding causes other soldiers to carry the wounded as well as overwhelming medical support. No desire to flatten the curve there! I’ve watched Seals demonstrate the most asinine room clearing techniques that makes me wonder how they survive it. I’ve also noted the vets as well. Generally unthinking, just like the rest of the sheeple. I know most here think the military has always been a bunch of non-thinking psychopaths, just enjoying the orders they follow, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Though that may apply to a few of whom I’ve met. But today’s level of ignorance just shows how far the state has fallen. We were never Spartans, though we had elements that were. But today? No comparison. From what I’ve seen it’s a bunch of pillheads and inbreds. Which is fine by me as we will be facing them soon. What do you think the Floyd riots were about anyway? Troops in every city. Just as they predicted a few years ago. They are as wonderfully incompetent an enemy as one could hope to face. Even an old man like me could sow enough chaos in their ranks that they’d wind up shooting each other. Not that I want to. Had quite enough of it. But because we are a world of cowards, I will have to charge through the gates of hell once again. Thanks.

      • scpat says:

        What branch of the military were you in and for how long?

        • I Shot Santa says:

          2 branches. First in the Navy. Yeoman (sort of secretary for officers. Hated it and the ocean. Ocean being a bit short on trees). Second in the army. Paratrooper. Which means I walk odd now, due to it being so hard on the body. Ten years total. We were actually often commanded by SF officers. They weren’t incompetent like this jerk. Was supposed to go SF (was asked by several SF to do so), but got out. Still tried to recruit me for various merc jobs for a couple years until one of my old sergeant majors showed up at college. Twice. First time I said I had another class across campus (true), but on the second they got the idea I wanted nothing to do with the army anymore. Also true. 30 years ago, but I’m still in shape. Still know their tactics. And am a ghost in the woods. I should be, since I live in them. I could still destroy the average unit, but I prefer peace. I’ve laid those ghosts to rest a long time ago and would like them to stay there. That line is a deeper line; but they ain’t crossing it.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            The Navy…well, Jim Bob that explains why yur @%!&! English is so full of !@%&!? #$!%^? !@!!!

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Paratrooper, construction, and various better not mentioned occupations, were similar in that regard. What can I say? I like my language to be as spicy as real Thai food! Now THAT’SA spicy!

      • Duck says:

        ‘…I’ve noticed a severe drop in quality of our troops….’

        The drop is in people in general.
        Less fit, less active, less focused and ‘functionally’ (as in their ability to process and think regardless of IQ) dumber then even just 10 or 20 years ago.

        The TV/internet/Social media everywhere is NOT a good thing for people

  9. scpat says:

    Bay of Pigs 2.0? More like Bay of Piglets.


  10. ClintTorrez says:

    Thanks James, for lightening the mood with some reality that the perception managers at Central Media Operations havent thoroughly scripted! –
    Yesterday I saw a clip of protestesters toiling with the “SS” in front of the White House the caption stated. I thought times have changed when the Empire SS officers are dressed in golf shirts, popping their collars. I then thought maybe Hillary was staging a de facto coup like Guido and had declared herself president in abstentia. All of this is not too far fetched in the comicon clown era. Also in a more depressing note, some people around me still don’t believe in engineered financial crisis’ and purging competition for the corporate titans in this corporatocracy, and that just plain baffles me. They have been armed with a recent NY Times articles and have found the “Origin of Conspiracy Theories” to combat logic. Aparenty “all these right wing comspiracies have one origin” say’s Neo and it’s “from the early 90’s” and “it’s fascinating”. Yeah, well I can barely argue with that brand of logic, as no matter how detailed or how well sourced the facts don’t matter when a person is rationalizing their submission for apparent survival. After starting the conversation on the offensive he shifted to this all in the span of 4 minutes, (He)”doesn’t want to hear this, he just want’s to pay daycare & the tax man”.

  11. scpat says:

    Moderna executives have cashed out $89M in shares this year, as stock price has soared on vaccine hopes
    STAT – May 27, 2020

    The top five executives at the biotech company Moderna have sold more than $89 million of stock so far this year — initiating nearly three times as many stock transactions than in all of 2019 — as the company’s share price has soared on hopes for its Covid-19 vaccine.

    The trades, which led to about $80 million in profits, were prescheduled through a legal program that allows company insiders to buy and sell shares at a later date.

    But the volume and timing might prove alarming to Moderna’s shareholders, especially in light of the company’s May decision to raise more than $1 billion in a stock offering. If Moderna’s early-stage vaccine can one day prevent coronavirus infection and the company’s best days lay ahead, why are insiders selling?

    Tal Zaks, Moderna’s chief medical officer, began the year with nearly 100,000 shares of the company. In late February, days before Moderna announced that its coronavirus vaccine was ready for human testing, he began dumping 10,000 shares a week. Over the next 11 weeks, as the pandemic pushed Moderna’s share price from $18 to $50, Zaks liquidated his entire position, making $3.4 million in the process. Once he ran out of stock, he began exercising options priced at $12.21 per share. Over the next two weeks, he sold more than 250,000 more Moderna shares at an average price of $67. Zaks profited more than $18 million from his 2020 trades. He currently holds zero shares of Moderna stock.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      What a racket!
      Especially when you Dr. Fauci swinging the bat.

  12. mkey says:

    George Floyd & the police: what you aren’t being told

    • mkey says:

      Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

      A deeper look into the matter of George Floyd death. Turns out the deceased and the knee booted thug were ex colleagues in an private security firm.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        She runs a good channel. Proud to send her a dollar a month as well. Her Gates series was a nice compliment to James’ series.

      • robert.t says:


        A cop over many years who may not have been a cop at all, killer and victim reportedly co-workers in security for seventeen years, killer and victim both reportedly engaged in the same acting industry (porn)…

        Is this show biz? Sloppy Sniper II?

        It’s a bit like that bored rioter listlessly shattering glass while holding up an umbrella in dry weather. Is that the riot marshal? Is he explaining where the bricks are piled? Or is he just staying close to the check-in and hydration points like a responsible organizer?

        Maybe if I stay inside all day and listen to CNN or Fox I’ll find out what’s going on. They’re the news!

      • mkey says:

        The Death of George Floyd Is….

        Derrick Broze chimes in on the matter. There’s some gangsta astroturfing going on here.

        The more relevant bit starts at 6 minutes in.

        • debra.b says:

          I really like Derrick Broze. I think he brought a very personal perspective and I like that. He’s genuinely upset. And, yeah mkey, “gangsta astroturfing going on here.”
          I, so can’t pull that line off. Too funny, you are mkey. You say so much with often very few words.

      • swanbyrd says:

        Wow. Thanks for sharing her work. I subscribed.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      It’s her freedom that makes her so sexy to me. While I heard Floyd was actually a porn star (straight) and the cop that killed him was one also (gay), I haven’t found any evidence of it. The only Big Floyd I found was someone else. Also heard they knew each other, but I have no clue. To me, what’s important (beyond the murder itself. If true, depending on what you believe) are the state’s actions. Agent provocateurs, bricks handy, etc. Also, Trump’s offer to send the military. Imagine where that would lead. This whole operation is moving exponentially faster than the state’s usual war buildup. Of course, they’ve built their whole operation on a foundation in quicksand. The covid dictatorship sure does spread fast!

      • mkey says:

        This type of event plays into government’s hand in all sorts of ways. It divides people, makes them even more scared and isolated, many will cry out for even more control and “security” to be payed for with a pound of flesh.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Yep. Glad you commented as I had been looking for this comment to correct myself on it. Turns out the video I saw was Floyd. Not that him being a porn star discredits him. Am not dedicated enough to search gay porn. I don’t even like straight porn! Sex done for camera angles = bad sex. Bad sex also because it’s not me. Or in some cases, that would be better. Just not good for aesthetic reasons. But yes, the state is certainly not helping to defuse the situation. Brian, at high impact flix, has been covering the wanton abuse by the state as the peaceful protesters get wantonly abused by the state. Said protesters protesting the previous wanton abuse by the state. Got it? No such abuse of violent protests that I’ve seen. Floyd may have been fake (since Pelosi said we couldn’t deny it) or a personally motivated murder, but the state is using it as a pretext to putting regular forces on patrol in American cities. Not that they would ever do that. Just because they’ve had all those drills like Jade Helm. And yet, the masses won’t see.

  13. Ukdavec says:


    Incorrect link, IMHO, for Is Jerome Powell the Real Keyser Soze?

    Should be


    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the tip, Ukdavec. The link has been corrected.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Just watched it. Excellent! However, I might add that I noticed an additional imaginary person who also had a real world effect. It also reflects the monetary system as well. Verbal himself. The same for the FED. Which is really the (at least some) the commercial banks.

  14. Andre says:

    Hi James,

    Just to point out that in the “Recommended Viewing” section there is a wrong link to “Is Jerome Powell the Real Keyser Soze?” which I believe should be to the last BestEvidence video, which by the way, I have to thank you for having presented that new source to me, incredible videos on the “Mafiacracy” Series.
    Keep up the good work James,

    Best Regards

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the tip, Andre. The link has been corrected.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks UKdavec and Andre!

      I always like going to James Corbett’s
      Recommended ‘Reading’, ‘Listening’, ‘Viewing’ and ‘Just For Fun’ Subscriber Section at the bottom of his articles.

      I noticed that in the ‘Just for Fun’ section, Corbett has JP Sears – AwakenwithJP – What It’s Like to Believe Everything the Media Tells You.
      That’s a classic for this era.

      Some of his videos might be a bit flat, but others have me rolling on the floor.
      I loved JP Sears “Calgary” video. Corbett has mentioned Tim Hortons before also when talking with Broc in a Subscriber Exclusive Video.

      JP Sears is an ‘EXPERT’ in many subjects.
      Well before it hit America…
      On February 6th, 2020 – AwakenwithJP discusses the CORONAVIRUS
      (6 minutes)

  15. forces says:

    The report about the China-India confrontation would have been clearer if you had included a map of the area. I think the infrastructure development by India is a grave threat to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor because the Indian forces can move through Kashmir and attack the CPEC in Pakistan. China has invested some $70 billion dollars in that project, which is an eyesore to the Americans and the Indians. I believe China’s aim is to make it impossible for India to move into Pakistan from Ladakh.

    The situation is indeed very dangerous but China is quite willing to stand up to the US-India game plan because the stakes are extremely high. The CPEC is probably the most important link in the Belt and Road Initiative.

  16. anuttamadd says:

    What about the 15 minute press conference yesterday in which Trump seriously dissed the Chinese? We know that Trump is not a pillar of diplomacy, but this name-calling seemed to indicate that he is trying to provoke a fight, or justify what is coming next. Considering that the Chinese are the US’ biggest creditor, I’m guessing that the Chinese are worried about whether they can take possession of the collateral on their debt, likely the National Forests, should the US become insolvent.

  17. zyxzevn says:

    Some aspects of the riots.

    PROOF: Agent Provocateurs INITIATE VIOLENCE At Riots To Gain ORDER OUT OF CHAOS!!!
    Press for truth

    Pink man and man with Umbrella doing scenes together
    but work together behind the scenes

    After the “minority group” had their rage and their new TV, and burned their
    popular shops, most of the rioters are clearly antifa.
    Again they are using the good old
    fascist tactics of violence and psychotic political standpoints.
    Also burned some churches, because somehow they hate Christians.

    But the most important question..
    Why are the rioters not social distancing?
    These People are certainly relieved to break out of the lock-downs.
    And why is the media not reporting that?

    Oh wait. they forgot to report this..
    CDC Admits COVID-19 Antibody tests are wrong half the time&
    virus isn’t that deadly


    It is especially not deadly when you use HCQ, but the media
    did not tell that either.

    It is almost as if we are seeing war propaganda.

    CNN draws largest crowd in years

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      As usual, zyxzevn, you provide us with a nice list of links (with descriptions). Thanks!

      I thought of you today when I read this article about Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc. In fact, you may have already posted it, but I missed it.

      May 26, 2020
      via Zero Hedge feed
      “The Conservative Woman Blog”
      authored by Joseph Berry
      Malaria drug and zinc, the missing link
      (Video in article also, along with referenced links)

      Conflicting reports and political axe-grinding have thickened the fog of war on this, but we know a number of things… (What follows is numbered list with examples and sources cited)

      …A number of doctors say zinc is essential…
      …This frontline experience was backed up by a study by the New York University Grossman School of Medicine published this month. It found that those receiving the triple-drug combination (HCQ, with azithromycin and, crucially, zinc) ‘were 44 per cent less likely to die, compared with the double-drug combination (i.e. without zinc)’.

      As the study notes:‘This study provides the first in vivo evidence that zinc sulfate in combination with hydroxychloroquine may play a role in therapeutic management for Covid-19.’

      The above makes the question of why zinc was not used in the Lancet study more baffling. And why don’t the media note that the combination of zinc and HCQ is crucial?….

      (My Note: HCQ seems to act as an ionophore for zinc. Quercitin has also been shown in a study to act as a zinc ionophore. There are likely other natural substances which do, just not yet studied.)
      ~~www corbettreport.com/this-is-the-global-reset-prepare-accordingly/#comment-77243

      • gd.b says:

        I wanted to get my feet wet with a comment so here goes, HCQ, as noted in your more brilliantly worded comments, acts as ionophore for zinc (my link of the day: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ionophore). My understanding is that the reason for shortness of breath isn’t just because of fluid in the lungs, it’s also because of hemoglobin iron loss. So, HCQ gets zinc into the cells and kills the virus preventing iron loss.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Great gd.b! Glad you are here. I look forward to reading many more comments from you on these threads as the weeks go by.

          That is my impression also gd.b.
          If any bug can no longer replicate, then further health damage is curtailed. After all, once the virus invades a cell, that cell becomes toast and the body will dispose of it. Evidently, zinc within the cell prevents the virus from replicating.

          Some natural substances, such as Quercetin found in apples and onions, have been shown to be very effective ionophores for zinc.
          In fact, Quercetin was found to be of benefit against the Ebola virus.
          Quercetin can be found at any health food store. It has many health benefits. Typically, most people take it with Bromelain (an enzyme found in pineapple) which helps with body absorption.

          Lots of great information is on this COVID HEALTH THREAD.
          (above and below and at links)

          Shortness of breath
          A successful remedy for someone who has not yet gone to the hospital, is to use a nebulizer with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. Dr. Mercola and other Doctors discuss this.
          Dr. Brownstein, who has since been censored by the government, had a series of videos with COVID patients who thought that they were going to die. They had a hard time breathing. The nebulizer was a real winner for them.

    • zyxzevn says:

      Suddenly, the virus is away from the news.

      Shocking.. Soros Funded Antifa +
      “Friends of Democracy” riot playbook revealed


      Obviously, Soros and his banking donors are funding
      the collapse of western civilization.
      But the documents shown might be planted or limited hangout.

      • Alchemist says:

        It hasn’t quiet gone away. They are using new events to reinforce ideas about the coronavirus issue.

        A couple examples that showed up in my FB feed:

        “Eventually doctors will find a coronavirus vaccine, but black people will wait, despite the futility of hope, for a cure for racism” – Roxane Gay

        *reinforces the idea that a vaccine will cure us

        And this:

        *reinforces the idea that people who want freedom are selfish and stupid

        • zyxzevn says:

          About the “joke”:
          The major difference is that we discuss the science
          and the real world problems.
          Something that the left mainstream media has stopped doing.

      • zyxzevn says:

        Antifa switching plates out on a car.

        These look like CIA/Mossad tactics and budget.

        A Mercedes is very expensive, and while this is an old model, it is more a business class car.
        The woman very calm, while performing an illegal act, which means that she has been trained professionally for this job.

        • Duck says:

          Someone with a Facebook page should screen capture her face and post pics to their facebook and see if she gets tagged as a link…thats how facebook’s pic thing works isnt it?
          Never had one so not sure how it works

  18. scpat says:

    Coronavirus contact tracing apps are coming to your phone. Here’s how they work.
    Washington Compost – May 30, 2020

    In this video, one thing I noticed is that they are trying to frame contact tracing as a normal thing. At one point they say: in non-pandemic times (referring to pre-COVID) there are X many contact tracers, but in pandemic times there need to be X many more contact tracers. They are trying to act like the term and practice of “contact tracing” is some normal part of health care that’s always been around. When was the first use of this term? COVID is the first I’ve heard of it.

  19. mike17 says:

    Continuation from ‘snip:’

    As the great poet, Geoffrey Chaucer (d. 1400) wrote in his Ballade of Good Counsel, (in excerpt, the poignant line is) “war but kicks against a sharpened awl.”

    It is a thing of the utmost importance that we all recognize the correct pathway to FREEDOM.

    . . . That halcyon future can be ours NOW if we but resist peacefully, putting aside weapons!

    Otherwise, it will be as though we have attacked the Borg, who will quickly and easily win such a skirmish using superior weaponry, then run roughshod over us, placing the shackles of slavery around our necks and ankles. The best that brave men could hope for in such an armed insurrection would be a long and bloody, protracted offensive degenerating into guerrilla warfare.

    Let us use the reasoning power that inheres in every mind: Armed aggression is a fool’s game. Recall that a 97lb. waif clad only in a sheet once defeated the most powerful empire on earth, simply by standing with the people of India in saying, NO!

    . . . If only that kind of solidarity could be mustered in the here and now!

    If it can be done, James Corbett could be the new Gandhi.

    But who among us has the courage to say NO . . . and then stick together in solidarity through the long haul?

    It will entail much, much more than merely resisting forced vaccination and refusing to be constricted by face masks and medical lock-downs etc.

    Taxes are the principal means of governmental empowerment. Refusing to pay taxes would be an important aspect in our “war of resistance,” as taxes, both ad valorem-based property tax and state and federal income taxes, perpetuate the despots’ capability to act against us.

    Who is prepared – mentally, emotionally and physically to stand in solidarity against the ignominy of property tax?

    How many of us would remain after the first citizen ‘refuzniks’ were arrested and their homes and lands seized by state and county authorities?

    Not enough, probably. Once the despots demonstrated ‘what happens’ to those who resist, the weaklings would drop. . . like flies from ddt.

    Remember the litany of chronological process Gandhi reiterated when he wrote (in paraphrase):

    First they laugh at you. Then they want to argue with you. Then they threaten you. Then they want to fight you.

    . . . Then you win.

    But this can only become a faits accomli if all of us stick out the long haul.

    Are we ready for such a thing?

    Courage. Resistance. Solidarity.

    . . . The three secrets of FREEDOM.

    How many are able and willing to walk the walk?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Just so you know… something which might help in the future…
      You can reply to your original post when you split it up. This keeps your thoughts more contiguous.

      I use a Word document to check my word count.

      • mike17 says:


        Thanks; i considered doing that but for some weird reason landed on the re-post method.

        In Linux there is a similar feature to the one you have in Windows for determining word count. I simply wasn’t aware of the 500-word rule.

        It is obvious by my lack of skill that i don’t do much posting on web forums, but Mr. Corbett has impressed me more than anyone of recent vintage, and this seemed the proper location to air my views.

        Thanks again, HomeRemedy

        • mike17 says:


          Apologies for omitting ‘Supply’ in above reply to your comment–

          It wasn’t intentional

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I’m fine. It is hard to set me off.
            In fact, many times Members poke fun with others in a playful manner, not malicious.

            I am just glad you are here.

            • mike17 says:

              Kind of you to say it, HomeRemedySupply although i sometimes feel incompetent in the face of such amassed brain power as those who post here.

              • debra.b says:

                Hi mike17,
                I feel the same way sometimes. But, then I think we all approach discussion in our own way and it’s always best to just be who you are. Everyone here is very encouraging I’ve found. Ya just have to find your groove, so to speak. 🙂

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                “…amassed brain power as those who post here.”
                I know what you mean. There are some sharp cookies on these boards. It can be intimidating at times. I have to go look up words and all kind so stuff with some of these comments.

                Sometimes, I feel dumb. Really dumb. Just the other day, I had to get on the internet and research and even watch a video to find out what a “Karen” was.

                If you ever have a question, don’t hesitate to ask me personally.
                No question is too dumb if ya don’t know the answer.
                I may not know either.

                I’m your friend.

                Ya can call me HRS, Tejano, Diarrhea Mouth, Hey, Old Fart, anything you like.

    • Duck says:

      ‘… Recall that a 97lb. waif clad only in a sheet once defeated the most powerful empire on earth, simply by standing with the people of India in saying, NO!…’

      Because the Empire cared about morals- the macguffins of the people with weapons were in his hands. Had he tried that with Romans they would have tossed him into the lions.

      • mike17 says:


        Yes, you are perfectly correct in your assessment of the current scenario, and i have often thought along those same lines.

        The imminent jeopardy we now face from the degenerates in power is an onerous determent to Gandhian principle.

        During Gandhi’s era the British military yet retained a fairly high moral compass and would not engage in mass slaughter of innocents.

        . . . It is very different today.

        This is the prime factor to consider in the concept of peaceful, non-violent resistance – the near certainty of death.

        But still, Chaucer’s words ring true.

        I confess that the answer eludes me.

        • Duck says:

          ‘..During Gandhi’s era the British military yet retained a fairly high moral compass and would not engage in mass slaughter of innocents…’

          The people with guns had no issue doing that, but their masters were forced to punish them- likely not thru moral principle but because (like it says in “The Prince”) they needed to LOOK good, honest and virtuous to their own voters and their own people at home.


          You need to worry when the people who tell the people with guns what to do no longer need you as a source of their own power and wealth.

          • mike17 says:


            Yeah. . . when we finally reach that point where we’ve become passe it marks the incipience of a period known as the end-game, where, as in the Soviet, purges of large sections of the human population become the order of the day and the dreaded ‘3am knock’ is commonplace.

            . . . A time when men must make some very difficult choices thus approaches.

            If, in a unified consensus of agreement, the majority are willing to participate in peaceful insurrection, the only viable way for such a tack to be successful lies through quietude.

            . . . No mass demonstrations; no marching in the streets nor loud, publicly stated demands. Only a quietly submitted list of articles, handed over with a smile.

            Know. . . that the thing the despots fear most is a non-centric (if i may coin the term) consensus of reason among the vast majority – people who’ve never met nor are ever likely to meet, yet who share in the same heartfelt, inner feelings.

            When there’s no office with a door bearing a name that the despots can break and enter. . . that they can infiltrate and turn into their approved version of the controlled opposition. . .

            If the People remain home and quietly refuse to cooperate in the payment of taxes and other government instigated duress, such as the outrageous fees charged for renewal of concealed carry permits (mine expires in August) and building permits, etc., the revenue base within the collective of despot-controlled local municipalities will crash and burn, leaving the enemy powerless.

            Of course, this condition of powerlessness won’t come in the first year because all municipalities have reserve funds, like CAFR; so local police power and enforcement of edicts will continue unabated as refuzniks’ heads roll.

            But after standing fast in solidarity throughout the first year, desperation will begin to take shape among the ‘ruling’ faction as funds surfeits are depleted and the controllers learn that we mean business.

            . . . This is when it gets really rough.

            • mike17 says:


              The enemies of humanity – the Bauers, who refer to themselves under the artsy-cutesy title, ‘de-Rothschild;’ George Soros, a troglodyte-egalitarian born under the triple signs of the dictator, the monarch and the conqueror (Leo the lion – denizen of the Fifth House); the Rockefeller clan of upstate New York (Rockenfelter); William Gates, one who is among the November born, a traitor who it is said pioneered the Windows OS, beginning with the MSDOS version shipped from Israel, where Gates was living when the bundle of terrible secrets stolen by Jonathan Pollard and his triple-agent accomplice, Robert Maxwell, was handed to the Israeli government on a silver platter.

              A source code for the infamous monitoring ware P.R.O.M.I.S., contained in the bundle, was ingrafted with Gates’ full approval into the MSDOS framework, so that the entire Windows archetecture began life from day one as a malware dedicated to spying. . . the profits to be derived from same eventually making of gates (at times) the world’s richest man.

              . . . and other oligarchs; we know the names.

              These men – the enemies of humanity – are all of ancient vintage, as are we who oppose them. They represent the principle of intrinsic evil in the world, a thing which humanity once failed signally to defeat and which has since repeatedly presented its challenge to us.

              A firestorm of imminent change looms large on the event horizon. All good will be caught up in a maelstrom of consequence wrought through a combination of former action and the interplay of cosmic forces now streaming into the world from the new Aquarian influence.

              These are most assuredly the “end times” of biblical note, forcing every member of the human family, from the most savage tribesmen of Central and South American jungles to members of the most advanced nations on earth, to act as participants through one means or another.

              Still, however changed from the day of Gandhi, the above chronology as it will likely play out may be paralleled to the original Gandhian version, albeit with each stage in the process running within a more vitriolic and bizarre, violence-prone groove.

              Nobody can promise that it’ll be easy wresting back our hijacked constitutional government and purloined freedoms from the usurpers.

              But the end result will definitely be worth the effort.

  20. gd.b says:

    Ya, I’m wondering what’s going on. I’ve seen the video of the Agent Provocateurs and that seems pretty credible and I’ve see video’s of the original Floyd incident from two angles where you don’t see the other video taker in either shot so it seems credible that one or both are fake. Seems like multiple things going on here. Oh, and I want to applaud all of the rioters out there wearing masks [sarcasm].

  21. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Frustrated People – COVID era
    FRUSTRATED – Definition (one of several)
    “feeling or expressing distress and annoyance, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.”

    I have mentioned this topic before, but want to revisit it, especially in light of the recent George Floyd riots.

    We all know that when people get frustrated, their behavior goes wacky.

    Anyone who has been married knows that when one spouse becomes frustrated about any situation, the other spouse will likely see some fall out. The resulting fireworks doesn’t necessarily follow a logical course. All it takes is a spark.

    Sometimes any incident or any imagined perception, can justify non-normal behavior in a person who is frustrated.

    Here is what I am driving at… the future.
    I think that the future will see a lot of very frustrated people.

    Just wait until the government checks stop coming and people wake up to the fact that all these small businesses were destroyed.

    Some folks want to enforce authoritarian mandates on others, while others oppose the tyranny. Both ends of the stick will suffer frustration.

    And there are other bad omens. Hell, it’s an election year.

    This is an exact recipe for “frustrated people”.
    Frustrated people potentially behave differently.
    We are likely to see some very, very wild things occur as the game plays out.

    • J-Smoove says:

      HomeRemedy, I definitely agree. Remember, the Rockefeller foundation already planned this according to their “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” document from 2010.

      Lock Step:

      “A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback”

      Reading through the lock step scenario narratives is disturbing to say the least. And the saddest part about it, is that it explains exactly where we are now and will be in the future.

      * I tried to link the PDF, but I don’t think I am able to in the comments section.

    • Duck says:

      ‘…I have mentioned this topic before, but want to revisit it, especially in light of the recent George Floyd riots….’

      These ‘riots’ are as Grassroots as the bolshevik revolution… and funded by the same kind of bankers who shipped money and people into russia. The frustration is no where near as great as the violence level- which is an excellent way to distract people and make those who are justly frustrated become either tied to racial politics or to get them to beg for MORE martial law to protect them from da scary looters

      G Edward Griffin was talking about this shtich back when you tube videos came in cans via the mail man… he described the racial tactics that would be used
      More Deadly Than War – A Lecture by G. Edward Griffin

  22. CRM114 says:


    great article just to nitpick it reminded me walking the streets there somebody was wearing a t shirt that read:

    It’s Colombia
    Not Columbia


  23. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Via SOTT
    Matthew Herper
    STAT News
    Tue, 26 May 2020
    He experienced a severe reaction to Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate. He’s still a believer
    (the article contains many more details than the “excerpts”)

    …He had arm pain the next day, “like being punched in the arm,” he said, and for a day he had trouble lifting his arm at the shoulder. But within days he was back to normal.

    Haydon said he was slightly nervous before the second dose. He knew that second doses were given to increase the immune system’s response, and wondered if he might have more side effects. His arm became sore much more quickly this time. He got home from the clinic at about noon. At around 10 p.m., he started to get chills. He’s normally too hot at night, but he bundled up in sweats. His fingertips felt cold. He fell asleep, but woke up a few hours later with a raging fever.

    At 1:30 a.m., his temperature was 103.2 degrees. At 3:45, it was 103 degrees. He was nauseous, and his muscles hurt…

    …The doctors met him in what looked like space suits. Even though he’d had a vaccine, he was also a potential Covid patient. They took him into an exam room, took a lot of blood, and gave him a nasal swab. He asked them to avoid his left arm, where he’d gotten the vaccine, but they ended up taking blood from both of his arms. His fever had already fallen to 99.8 degrees. They gave him Tylenol. The physician taking care of him offered to try to get him admitted to a neighboring hospital, but he decided to head home.

    He and his girlfriend arrived home at 7 a.m., and he slept until noon. His temperature was 101.5. He got up to go to the bathroom, and became so nauseous he threw up. On his way back from the bathroom, he fainted. His girlfriend caught him and kept his head from hitting the floor…

    …Haydon said the experience left him as sick as he’d ever felt. But standard flu-like symptoms that resolve within a day are not necessarily considered a reason not to use a vaccine that prevents a more serious illness.

    Given the stakes of a Covid-19 vaccine, the side effects described in the Moderna release would likely be seen as acceptable even if they turned out to be seen in future studies. The severe effects were only seen at high doses that are not being taken forward. The other vaccine for which early data are available caused fever in almost half of recipients….

    • J-Smoove says:

      “Given the stakes of a Covid-19 vaccine, the side effects described in the Moderna release would likely be seen as acceptable even if they turned out to be seen in future studies. The severe effects were only seen at high doses that are not being taken forward…”

      This is beyond comical. Yes, let’s all deliberately poison our bodies and compromise our immune systems. Vaccines have both short term and long term effects. No thanks. I’ll stick to a healthy diet, exercise / outdoor activity. And if at some point in my life, I become sick, then so be it. Such is life.

    • mkey says:

      This one keeps coming to mind, lately.

      Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

      William Pitt the Younger

  24. Alchemist says:

    I hate to acknowledge the side show going on right now, because that gives it more importance than it’s worth, but it’s a good time to point out some BS about protesting.

    Cops disguised as protestors

    Protestors for hire

    • zyxzevn says:

      Protestors for Hire is something I have seen since 2016.
      Mainly used as fake supporters of Hillary and as
      violent actors in Trump rallies.
      Check the Veritas videos for that.

      Other sources talk about actors that are used to dramatize events.
      Or according to some source even to stage an event.
      These drama-actors do exist and have full secrecy agreements.
      This means that they will be arrested if they tell anything.

      Now they have upped a level by starting big
      riots in the cities.

      It is funny that Google and Facebook can tell us exactly who
      is where at what time. Cars can also be traced, due to their
      internal telephone system.
      But because they are all part of the game, they probably will
      not share information about these criminals.

  25. scpat says:

    I think James should interview Jeffrey Tucker on his article that is in the recommended reading. I would enjoy that.

  26. Octium says:

    Some scary mind control going on in Vancouver by the looks of it…

    Dan Dicks Surrounded And ATTACKED By ANTIFA At BLM Vancouver Live!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks Octium.
      The mindset of these folks is like the panicked global warming crowd that has a perception of a nebulous ‘life or death’ threat which does not exist in reality.

    • mkey says:

      I don’t see any mind control going on here. No minds to control.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Oh! That last sentence! Oh! What a punch!

        • mkey says:

          Seriously, that was quite an incredible display of insanity. Maybe these people are all on Soros payroll, that would make the whole ordeal a bit more bearable since I’d sooner come to terms with people doing things for money than acting like this out of conviction.

          • Octium says:

            The glazed look in the peoples eyes is what concerned me the most. Something I noticed before reading the video comments and saw that other people had noticed that as well. Would have though that people doing things because they were on a payroll would be a bit more conscious of what they were doing.

    • Jed says:

      This scene reminds me of the playground at St.Aloysious back in 2nd grade, everyone fully and freshly loaded up with sugar

      • Jed says:

        What’s going on now? Race riots? Wtf, didn’t the world’s money and media elite just preform the biggest hoax ever, over the entire planet? And weren’t we about on to ‘em? Now it’s riots, what a coincidence, whenever we’re
        on to these turds something comes up and distracts everyone. What rotten luck — not that swinging a baseball bat into a crowd of elites and their jack-booted thugs doesn’t sound therapeutic but, it couldn’t be that this kind of stuff is manufactured?

    • debra.b says:

      My gosh! Poor Dan! They did have a glazed look. They weren’t making any sense. That was rough to watch. I can’t imagine how Dan Dicks stood his ground for as long as he did. And, that cop was speaking to him on the way out like he was a child. The whole thing was bizarre.

      • debra.b says:

        Dan Dicks update. He Tweets: “What does #blacklivesmattercanada think about me, the only person out of thousands to be escorted off the premises of Vancouver’s BLM Rally when I was there to SUPPORT your cause and raise awareness! Antifa and feminists are making you guys look bad FYI”

        With following video describing what happened to him. As he’s walking, some very nice nature shots.

        “So This Is What It Has Come To…”

  27. KillDozer888 says:

    Hey guys,
    First comment here.
    Where in the world there are countries that is less NWO, less 5G madness, less all the insanity that is going on in 2020. But with legal privately owned firearms.
    Thanks, links are welcomed.

  28. nirvana says:

    “Good news for people who love bad news”. (The fourth album from Modest Mouse.) Thanks James keep it coming….

  29. Ukdavec says:

    Worthwhile video on technocracy and the current events mixed with a discussion about what ideological subversion means and what it looks like.


    • debra.b says:

      Hi Ukdavec, I saw this one a little earlier. It’s a very good summary. Especially, for a short video. I like her videos. Thanks for sharing!

  30. ssev says:

    ideological subversion (active measures)

    Interview with former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov (1984)

    The following are extracts from:

    Expanding upon and laying out the Soviet theory of ideological subversion of the United States posited by former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov.

    “There are no grassroots revolutions, period. Any revolution is the byproduct of a highly organized group of conscientious and professional organizers” – Y.B

    Ideological subversion means always a distractive aggressive activity aimed to destroy the country, nation, or geographic area of your enemy”

    The four stages of ideological subversion of a people are as follows:
    1. Demoralization – A process of 15-20 years, this is the time it takes to educate one generation in a new ideology, to lay the groundwork for the infiltration of institutions shaping public opinion.
    2. Destabilization – Destabilize the relations and institutions of your enemy Sleepers from stage 1 are now entering leadership positions and becoming politically active.
    3. Crisis – Due to confusion and the inability to cohere around a common narrative, legitimate bodies of power can no longer function.
    Subversives instead focus on installing artificial bodies of non-elected committees as self appointed arbiters of public opinion. Bureaucratize all decision-making
    4. Normalization – The revolution is over. Newly self-appointed rulers discard useful idiots and stabilize the country by force to exploit the victory.

    Demoralization, is a systematic uprooting. In this stage it is essential to foment skepticism, criticism, and ultimately disdain for the values and institutions undergirding the target population. One is laying the groundwork for a new generation that is ideologically compromised. Through institutions of education, culture, and media you subvert the dominant paradigm by a constant picking apart, a deconstruction, of the foundations of the society. This is the time where your target is trained to criticize and question those parts of their society that constitute any notion of identity. Religion, sex, gender, art, race, philosophy, politics, all these aspects of the target society are challenged or outright subverted. All things are questioned, not for the purpose of reform, but to sew the seeds of doubt in the minds of your enemy.

    Destabilization occurs once properly reeducated persons, particularly social and cultural elites, come into positions of prominence and power. Here, all of the agitation and distraction from stage 1 manifests inside the organs of public opinion. Gradually, and then suddenly, making sense of things, telling right from wrong, knowing truth from falsehood, friend from foe, good from evil, patriot from traitor becomes so muddled and confused so as to send the social climate into a state mimicking schizophrenia.

    “The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all, but to subvert anything of value in the country of your enemy until such time that the perception of reality of your enemy is screwed up to such extent that he does not perceive you as an enemy”

    Crisis comes next. Having sewn mass confusion and dysfunction into governing bodies and institutions of social influence, desperation sets in.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • ssev says:

      To cope with emergent chaos and complexity of a rapidly deteriorating social fabric, institutional subversives advocate for increasing bureaucratization and formalization of the nascent insurgent ideology. The ground has been prepared for deference of decision-making to unelected officials, technocrats, and functionaries, who are, at this stage, well-versed in the new paradigm.

      Each of the four stages of ideological subversion can be countered. You, heretical as you are, should be informed of the risks attendant to this kind of action – the consequences of a failed revolution are deadly. It is only fair that in giving this information, potential foils to your endeavors, whatever they may be, are identified. However, what is unique about the Soviet method is that it can be done out in the open. In fact, it was designed specifically to exploit the asymmetries of an open society. Crucially, there must be a regime tolerant of dissent and open to self-criticism for these methods to take root. Demoralization can be countered by restricting the import of ideological propaganda. Destabilization can be countered by curbing the rights of political agitators. The crisis can be ameliorated by a strong reactionary response and cracking down on subversive organizations. Normalization is the most difficult to reverse. Once normalization is in place, only explicit military intervention will suffice to reinstate the old order. Without a strong, organized response to ideological subversion, it will proliferate.

      Lock Step: How the Rockefeller Foundation wants to implement its autocratic pandemic scenario


      Is the US (following EU) beeing pushed into a Technocracy?

  31. HomeRemedySupply says:

    FLUORIDE – Fluoride Action Network

    June 8th Monday – The long awaited trial begins

    • mike17 says:


      May this note find you well.

      I’ve wondered what’s happened to all the bad pub that we heard and read for years, pertaining to the Bayer-Monsanto debacle and Roundup weed killer?

      . . . Haven’t heard a peep from the Alt-Conservative media nor from MSM sources. What’s going on?

      Surely we are not being asked to regard all the foregoing as ‘fake news?’

      Same goes for the Fukushima-Daichi fiasco, which at one time was slated as an earth-destroying event rapidly killing all biological organisms in the Pacific basin, and thus relegating human food sources (derived from fish) to a slot on the missing list.

      It seems there’s a total news blackout. Is it a spinoff of the corona-virus farce?

      I should mention bleach, which in the store version is a watered-down agent that can be safely used in the home, although any form of chlorine can be deadly in even small doses, especially to those among the aged or who suffer a debilitating illness.

      Now, the Donald has ascribed to swallowing bleach as a cure for the corona-virus, lol. I think he was kidding around with that one. . . but then again, you never know.

      But one thing is certain: Municipalities add chlorine to potable water supplies on a regular basis as a decontaminant.

      Recall back to the Nineteen-Fifties when Clorox was about the only brand of bleach you could find. I distinctly remember seeing a skull and crossbones on the back label with a warning dialog underneath, cautioning against ingestion of bleach because it’s a deadly toxin!

      But apparently, removing the old, nefarious label and supplanting it with a newer and more innocuous version, sans skull and crossbones, served in ameliorating the toxicity of the bottles’ contents so that we may now drink all the bleach we want, to our hearts’ content.

      SSSSSHLUUUUURRRRRRRPPP! Ummmmm good! Pour me another shot!


      Fluoride: Don’t get me started.

  32. Ukdavec says:

    Excellent fact based breakdown of some of the Covid19 memes

    LOCKDOWN LUNACY: the thinking person’s guide


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      This is a “keeper”

      Thanks UKDavec!
      This is excellent.
      Even if one just skims through and reads the numbered FACTS it becomes enlightening.

      This linked headline had me chuckle, because it is so true.
      Sweden’s COVID Response Isn’t Unorthodox.
      The Rest of the World’s Is

    • Jed says:

      Nice, a good one to send out. Makes me angry to scroll though, they have to bust-out the experts to tell us the “facts”? An expert is someone who’ll search up your ass to see what you had for dinner last night, rather than just asking. What day is punch a f*n expert in the face day? Can’t wait

  33. zyxzevn says:

    More on the lab origin of Covid-19


    Also on:
    Peak Prosperity
    At 21:30
    The Case is building that Covid-19 had a lab origin

    Around 11:40 it goes into the fraud study that is published
    in the Lancet, and claimed that HCQ was damaging.

    Similar article here:

    So the smoking gun is that the virus could not have been
    formed in nature, just as WTC buildings can not reach free-fall
    by fire alone.
    The virus has different components from different viruses, without
    any other mutations. And has an insert that dramatically increases the
    infection speed.
    Something assisted in the mutations of the virus, which is
    common practice in gain-of-function research in the lab.

    The science against HCQ is clear fraud.
    In the Lancet the numbers are clearly made up.
    In other studies they compare apples with bananas.
    It makes doctors aware how corrupt the industry and
    the peer-review-science really is.

    The motive is clear: HCQ creates no profits, because the patents
    are done. A new medicine or vaccine would create immense profits
    of around a trillion dollars.
    No scientist can fight against so much money.
    And many scientists are socially so stupid to think
    that people that have power in commissions are not corrupt.
    The latter is a real problem, they sometimes defend corruption
    and power manipulation, because they don’t understand sociopaths.

  34. Ukdavec says:

    So I buy concert tickets from Ticketmaster and get emails when events are announced – been quiet recently.

    So just checked my mail and got details this ‘event’

    ” Global Goal: Unite For Our Future
    Global Citizen announces the launch of their newest campaign to ensure COVID-19 treatment for everyone, everywhere — Global Goal: Unite For Our Future. This campaign aims to mitigate the pandemic’s impact on those living in poverty, and support long-term strengthening of fragile health systems. ”

    “We Have 30 Days to Change the World” – the parallels with Greta are very clear.


    Huge shock that one of the partners is GATES !

  35. scpat says:

    Second wave due to protests narrative:

    Concerns arise over protesters and exposure to the coronavirus
    CNBC Television – June 2, 2020

    Experts Warn Protests Could Accelerate Second Wave Of Coronavirus | NBC Nightly News – June 2, 2020

    “Now experts urging demonstrators to use signs and noise makers rather than chant, to prevent the spread of droplets.”

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Now children, listen to us—the wise media—we will tell you how to protest properly and how to live your lives properly. These people think they are just so wise and are obligated to tell people how to live their lives. Repulsive.

    • debra.b says:

      This is ridiculous. But, they are determined to keep this up. There’s plenty of other doctors who said “social distancing” makes no difference and is even harmful. But, of course they’re not going to listen them. Or even talk to them and will censor them if they speak out. I couldn’t even make it through that 3 min clip. Such a scolding undertone in all the talking heads’ voices.

  36. scpat says:

    Putting on my conspiratorial hat:

    Is it possible that the murder of George Floyd was staged (or real and done intentionally) in order to fuel massive protests that would have to be cracked down on with massive police force and curfews, and that will be used as the excuse for more COVID-19 lockdowns from the second wave? I have no evidence that it was staged and don’t presume it was, but it sure seems like the excuse for more lockdowns handed to the government on a silver platter. Very convenient.

  37. Ukdavec says:

    One for the Canadians or those interested in geopolitics and history.

    Today’s Multi Polar Alliance and the Missed Chance of 1867

    “another chapter of this forgotten history: The creation of modern Canada in as a confederation designed explicitly to prevent the inevitable construction of a Russian-American rail connection through the Bering Strait in the wake of the Civil War.”


  38. HomeRemedySupply says:

    May 28, 2020

    Elgin is not far from Austin, TX
    Elgin, Texas bar owner bans customers from wearing masks inside

    ELGIN, Texas (KXAN) — No entrance with a mask.

    A local tavern in Elgin has banned its customers from coming in covered up.

    The statement posted outside the tavern reads, “Due to our concern for our citizens, if they feel the need to wear a mask, then they should probably stay home until it’s safe.”

    “I think that’s a risk. I think that’s foolish,” said Elgin local, Ross Owens. “They’re taking chances they don’t need to take, especially if they’re in public service.”

    According to a 2018 census, the City of Elgin has a little over 10,000 residents. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the city has reported that 52 of those residents have tested positive for COVID-19.

    On Elgin’s Main Street is where we find a popular tavern banning masks.

    “It is more of a push back — the snitches, and the contact tracers out there,” said Kevin Smith, Co-Owner of the Liberty Tree Tavern. “This is still a rural county.”

    Kevin Smith says he’s still following social distancing guidelines as set in place by the Center for Disease Control…

    …Along Main Street you’ll find other businesses requiring masks, while others are asking you wear them at your own discretion.

    “I don’t know anyone personally, and I know a lot of people, that’s gotten the virus or has died,” said Sherrill Schier, owner of ETX Travel in Elgin.

    Sherrill Schier is not a mask wearer, but does have them on-hand for her customers.

    “People are just comfortable. We are a small town, we don’t have a lot of crowds. We are okay,” said Schier.

    Any bars that reopen are supposed to keep in-person service at 25% occupancy, but there are no outdoor occupancy limits at any bars that do have a patio area.

  39. Jed says:

    Here’s an Orwell essay about his days as a cop. Thought it’d apply to today’s riots, to the pandemic and human nature in general.


  40. Ukdavec says:

    Pepe Escobar as insightful as ever

    “Troops from the 82nd Airborne Division, the 10th Mountain Division and the 1st Infantry Division – who lost wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and, yes, Somalia – have been deployed to Andrews Airbase near Washington. ..
    Well, after they got their butts kicked in Afghanistan and Iraq, and indirectly in Syria, full spectrum dominance must dominate somewhere. So why not back home? ”


  41. Ukdavec says:

    “A new “game changing” app released worldwide today aims to detect whether someone has Covid-19 before they develop symptoms.”

    NZ ‘libertarian’ pushes Covid19 tracking app

    Pre-crime replaced with pre-disease


  42. HomeRemedySupply says:

    UPDATE – June 16, 2020
    Chinese Forces Kill 3 Indian Troops During First Deadly Border Clash In Nearly 50 Years


    Following days of escalating tensions between the two nuclear-armed neighbors, Indian Army officials confirmed that three troops – an officer and two soldiers, to be more precise – had been gunned down by Chinese forces during a “violent faceoff” in Galwan Valley in the Ladakh region, which rests along the country’s border with China on Monday night.

    A statement from the Indian Army says both sides were meeting to diffuse tensions building up on the border in the last several weeks. Other reports indicate the soldiers weren’t shot but had been killed during a rock-throwing melee reminiscent of another border incident back in May, where both sides reported injuries.

    “The loss of lives on the Indian side includes an officer and two soldiers,” the statement said. “Senior military officials of the two sides are currently meeting at the venue to defuse the situation.”

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