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07/23/201941 Comments

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Today we hear from a listener who is actually taking steps to detach herself from the Big Tech matrix. So what are you doing with this information and what changes are you making in your life? Inspire us with your story!

The 5G Dragnet

Episode 359 – The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know

Silicon Eugenics on Declare Your Independence

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  1. colosseum says:

    Hi James,

    as I also pointed out in one of my direct messages to you, It would be great if you could ditch your @yahoo.com email address especially because Paypal sends to that email all sorts of private information on your subscribers that I am sure that all of us would be happy for Oath (Yahoo’s parent company) not to own/exploit.

    There are plenty of encrypted email alternatives on the market such as:

    – protonmail
    – tutanota
    – startmail

    Though no service is 100% secure/reliable/private, but definitely ditching Yahoo for one of those alternatives would be a step in the right direction.

    What’s your view?

  2. Octium says:

    For the last couple weeks I have been taking measurements around the area where I live with an RF field strength meter to get an idea of what kind of radiation levels are around as a kind of informal audit.

    I located a wifi router that had been installed in my mothers home by the telephone company as part of their changeover to a national broadband network. She only uses a landline phone but the Wifi is turned on by default. It was a simple mater off just switching off the Wifi. Why the device was so active when it is not really in use is a task for future investigation (The modem is made by a French military company so perhaps it’s not a surprise)

    I have also been using the meter to test different materials to see how effective they are at shielding. (Aluminum Fly Screen mesh looks promising)

    From what I have discovered so far I don’t think it is going to be beyond the average person to protect themselves if they make the effort. Might be different when venturing out into Sheeple territory but perhaps that can be minimized.

    • drago66 says:

      Bought a high frequency meter and went around. Use no Wifi and yet have 50 micro watt per square meter where I’m sitting. Tested the wifi at the library and it was 200 micro watt per square meter. Shops that have a mobile phone antenna on their roof have up to 2000 micro watt per square meter within the shop. Ordered a EMF protection canopy for my bed.

    • altamont says:

      Dear Octium,

      Resist all “smart” things like meters and, of course the “internet of things!” My road to ditching a lot of this stuff began with Smart meters. James gives us practical info on a regular basis. Stopsmartmeters.org or maybe .com is a good place to start. Be wary of people selling shielding items as some work and some don’t. I have had better luck hardwiring connections and opting out of drvices that are harmful. Regular aluminum screen is helpful—- see Laura Pressley’s EMF videos in Austin, TX where she demos it. Good luck!

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    A hat tip to Nancy!

    I am looking forward to other folks talking about solutions.
    I learn so much here at Corbett Report, both from James and also from Members.

    Honestly, I am slow about some of these tech conversions. I do what works for me at the time.

  4. Mama Wolf says:


    I do my searches via Ecosia commited to privacy and planting trees. I took my $ out of Chase bank, paid off my credit cards after the DAPL protests & have my $ in a small community bank. i am slowly moving all my mail to my hushmail account (committed to privacy). i turn off my WiFi except when watching TV or using laptop. i deleted the FB appbfrom my phone. i have a few channels that I still follow that do not have alternative sites to YouTube, so when I go into it to watch their content, and see another channel I follow, who does have an alternative channel, I follow their link to their alt channel to watch their content. i started writing letters to friends instead of emails. put my phone on airplane mode when not in use. Eat organic, non-GMO food even though much more expensive, etc. I try very hard to be a good citizen. When I know better I try to do better.

    • Mama Wolf says:

      I forgot: I’ve been off Facebook over 2 yrs and deleted the YouTube app. i deleted any listening apps like Shazam and don’t all8w apps to use my voice recording or camera. I also share, share, share your work, and works from Truthstream Media, Last American Vagabond, Jim Lee of Climate Viewer, NeverLoseTruth, High Impact Flix, Richie Allen, Really Graceful, etc. Sharing and allowing seeds to grow.

      • Mama Wolf says:

        And…today inspired by the many comments and my disgust with being addicted to my “fondle slab” my hubby & I finally ordered “Dumb” phones: talk, push o talk & text. Thanks James for re-asking this question and the inspiration to further cut the cord.

  5. Peripatêtikos says:

    Big Data has so many tendrils. I guess it all comes under privacy, but there’s quality of life as well.

    Getting rid of gmail worked out well, because I set up a proton mail account for personal communication — only family and friends — and I use my own domain email for my work, plus bills, subscriptions, accounts like amazon (severely curtailed) and ebay/paypal. I only check the work email Mon-Fri, 8-6, and that has made a lot of difference. Clients learn to respect it.

    My browsing intent has long been to block trackers, beacons, scripts and ads.

    AdBlockPlus was great, but now I use uBlock Origin, and Ghostery, in both Firefox and Safari. No Chrome.

    I’ve used duckduckgo as a search engine since they killed scroogle. They partner with yahoo, so caviar emptat.

    I purge google and youtube cookies manually on a regular basis, as well as anything else that doesn’t look quite right. I keep only a few cookies, in other words.

    I have no smart phone, no social media accounts, and no regrets.

    Otherwise, these are only email and desktop browsing particulars. I guess I have to address hardware, network, system add-ons, and ios/ipad preventives in another comment.

    • Peripatêtikos says:

      I use a VPN service, and set up a router configuration so the whole household network, wired and wifi, is anonymized, IP address wise. I use proxyhub.eu for a lot of ipad browsing. Bookmarkable, blocks scripts, ads, junk content, even vids and some pics, but delivers headlines and stories. It’s horrifying when I see how many ads there are on “normal” computers and devices.

      I run Li’l Snitch ($30) on desktops for monitoring, blocking and allowing connections. It is astonishing, but ultimately VERY informative to see all connections in real time. So many are just unnecessary, benefitting Not You. Li’l Snitch provides descriptions on most of them, makes recommendations.

      I got rid of Skype when Microsoft took it over and asked for payment, cc info. But I have Signal app on the ipad. It works great, I had to provide my phone number to create an account, even though my ipad is not a phone/data device, but a wifi device. I have only a few contacts, so far.

      I use two MacBook Pros for work, and have a Linux machine, running Mint. I want to set that up as a secure work server, (current server is a Mac Mini), and to network music and video libraries, instead of iTunes. Back burner concern.

  6. pearl says:

    This is my kind of thread; recognize the threat and with the help of other minds, learn what you can do about it.

    Last year, commenter “Duck” sold me on switching from Windows7 to Linux Mint. My son figured it all out and made it official, and we’re all very pleased.

    Never did get around to upgrading my flip-phone to a fondle-slab, but I do have an ipad. Since we don’t have wi-fi, I was plunking down 30+$ for that monthly data fix which I let suck 100s of hours of my life I’ll never get back. Since Christmas, it no longer has access to the internet and it’s really only good for playing Freecell and Spider Solitaire. It’s so freeing to walk away from my PC around dinnertime, not to be looked at until after my morning coffee.

    I’ve got a hotmail account that I use for business transactions which I signed up to Corbett Report with a few years back using PayPal. About two months ago, I got a Proton email account and would love to know how to switch my current Corbett subscription to that account, as well as withdrawing from PayPal but to what platform?

    Never did do Facebook or other social media but I hear that the Corbett Report on Facebook is THE place to be, so…

    • altamont says:

      Is Hotmail is still owned by Microsoft? I would get a low-cost secure mail account like runbox, proton, etc. Paying a small amount to not have your data scraped is worth it.

  7. Jeff says:

    As far as tech – using Arch Linux and vimb browser (used to love uzbl but too far out of support). vimb and uzbl are very extendable and configurable browsers, control how you view images/video, download pages, etc. Wonderful stuff. Like others, been on a flip phone for an eternity, not entirely out of the weeds, but far less pervasive than ‘smart’phone lifelog devices for certain. I couldn’t recommend enough switching out of Windows/Apple to Linux/bsd/unix-like open source solutions. Some linux distros today have some beautiful desktop environments and easy to use email and browser softwares. Do some exploring!

    Was going to help with local-ish meshnets under development, but decided to pursue solutions to the fundamentals of life, food and shelter. Making our own bread from a sourdough starter using local flour. Growing food. Getting into woodworking and building. And of course power sources. Decentralized electrical power supplies. ‘Off grid’ doesn’t have to be a cold dark cabin in the woods (which is admirable mind you). So basically engaging in the world of permaculture. Thanks goodness for James et al, so we don’t have to constantly keep up with the endless news feeds anymore. Solutions! Really James, thank you very much for your work.

  8. anuttamadd says:

    It is impossible to be free if you don’t know how to take care of yourself. When we first became aware of the discrepancies in the 9-11 story (for us around 2005), we realized that the government and media were in cahoots and that there was no fighting such a powerful evil. So we vowed to learn how to live independently from the infrastructure by growing our own food, protecting cows and becoming satisfied with simple things in life: simple living, high thinking.

    It has been an amazing journey, full of synchronicities and has resulted in a much more real sense of happiness and consciousness of God’s presence. It is better to cultivate love than money.

    As far as technology, we’ve turned off our wi-fi, don’t have a cell phone or watch TV. The worst pollution is actually the conditioning that we don’t even know we have. For instance the modern “civilization” defines success as having money. Our lifestyle has proven differently to us.

  9. nater says:

    I recently got off of Google entirely. Search, YouTube, Voice, Drive, everything replaced with stuff that can be self-hosted (or at least federated). It’s all documented here:


  10. altamont says:

    In addition to James’ regular reports on silicon valley as an arm of the surveillance state, I read Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff and that really got me off the couch on changing my ways. This is ALL ABOUT REMOVING YOUR RIGHT TO DECIDE. I highly recommend an article that appeared in Zero Hedge on 1/20/2019 by Tyler Durden titled “ The Goal Is To Automate Us: Welcome to the Age of Surveillance Capitalism.” It is shorter than the book!
    Tyler Durden has also done articles on what Google and Smart phones are doing to us.


    Zuboff defines the dispossession cycle companies use over and over to force us to accept their terms. We need to start recognizing that we don’t have to play their game.
    They WANT us to buy into a sense on inevitabilism, but we need not do it.

  11. alexandre says:

    I’m 55, I resisted the internet and the computer from the beginning, and suffered insults constantly since then – from the first time I saw a CP500 to the Mac Classic to the PC, and from the first time I saw a http://www.etcetera on a screen, which I thought the world has gone mad for good. I always saw something horrible with the digital invasion. I don’t have Facebook or Tweeter or any social media. I got an iPhone 5 as a present from someone who insisted I HAD TO have Instagram. I installed it, couldn’t understand how it works, or what for, and uninstalled it. Couldn’t install whatsapp because the system is already too old. Ninety nine percent of the calls I get are from debt companies and advertising so it’s always in airplane mode or turned off (if that’s even possible with Apple) and that’s the only “smart” thing I have. I watch Corbett with a 8MB internet connection, on an old PC from like 2004 with a Pentium processor connected to a 17′ LG screen – the audio connected to an old amplifier with old speakers (so the sound is good). I’m still on Youtube, but I already made a backup to get out, and deleted all my blogger posts, except the one I use for flight simulator scenery (which gets me some donations here and there).

    That being said, I’m completely isolated, I have almost no work at all – I depend on my sister to help me make the ends meet – my profession disappeared, people think I’m weird and crazy, and a heretic – they actually get offended when I refuse to go in social media. I don’t mention conspiracies anymore for some years now but my reputation of “conspiracy theorist” is already established beyond repair, and I’m really ostracized and almost “left for dead” as they say in the Everest expeditions. If my sister gives up social media, she will lose her clients and the little money she gets from them.

    In my view “acting” while still remaining in the internet sounds a bit contradictory. The problem is not Youtube but the internet itself, and computers. By now no one that uses computers, I imagine, can get out of that unless living in a cave is a real option, or time-travel. What I can imagine is getting out of connectivity, meaning having computers for work or whatever, but not connected. I do that when the internet fails. I do a job, put it on a flash drive, go to a lan house and send it from there, but it’s an absolute nightmare. I have been trying to “train”, let’s say, to live without computers, but it’s not easy to imagine at this point, specially when living in the countryside, where I was forced to come after being evicted from the city, without any talent or training in agriculture, pharmacies or “Sertanejo” music – the only “markets” around here. My sister had a similar problem and we both live here in the country now (what was to be my country house) and, for her, getting out means death.

    IF in other countries being disconnected and living out of social medias is possible, do it. In Brazil (maybe in all of the so called 3rd world), and for the people who are in the digital domain, it’s almost a death sentence, specially if you’re older than 45-50.

    Just a note: In the company that provides internet and telephone here, called VIVO (which was bought by a Spanish company called Telefonica) the rate of suicides is alarming, just like the Foxconn problem. This hell (a word not strong enough) was brought by the digital genocide created by the same ol’ eugenic psychopaths, not by Youtube or Apple which are mere agents. So yes, get out, but let’s define what “out” means first and specify in what region. Corbett insists that we can have a life in alternative internet medias and services, when the internet – as he says – IS Darpanet, so it seems strange to me trying alternatives but remaining inside the source of the problem. Maybe it’s still possible in so called 1st world countries? Something like that, excuse my English and lack of talent to write clearly. And excuse the pessimism, but it’s really hard to be optimistic when living in precisely the Brave New World / 1984 reality, or much worse.

  12. altamont says:

    It might come to completely “dropping out,” but with decentralized bit torrent technology and similar things coming down the pike, it seems we still can benefit from communication if we are in a region that has not cracked down. Your situation is illustrative of where this can go if political situations turn nasty.

  13. sjb says:

    Some great info here.. i use Brave browser it’s a good alternative & gives it’s own “crypto” if u know what to do with it.
    My latest “worry” thinking about what someone mentioned about writing letters instead of emails… I hand write quite a bit of stuff & also have kept a diary for many years, I’m a traveller. I realise that my niece’s children or grandchildren won’t be able to read any of it as I heard hand writing isn’t being taught anymore. Maybe all the grandparents could be helping grandchildren to read REAL writing, decipher some bad handwriting??

    • sjb says:

      Another thing that young people could be taught is map reading. No one goes anywhere without some machine voice in the car telling you exactly where to turn. If walking they have “giggle” maps or some other app open. Recently one of these apps failed & many people were totally lost, how sad. map reading is an essential skill I believe.
      Probably not of much use now but an interesting brain exercise is finding a number in a phone book. I’ve tried this with young people many have no idea how to do this, I suppose a dictionary would be the equivalent. Maybe these comments would fit better under video “You are being Groomed” on To Watch on subscriber recommended viewing. Yong brains are going to waste by only swiping smartphones day & night.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        You reminded me of a couple anecdotes related to
        Mailing Letters
        Map Reading

        When I was married around the year 2000, my wife was teaching. She had a High School Senior, a well mannered pretty girl, who I have since run into here and there around town on occasion.
        One time on a field trip the girl asked: “What are those tall blue boxes that I see occasionally in a shopping center?”
        She was amazed that they were mail boxes for mailing letters.
        No one ever told her.

        My ex-wife’s Grandson was about 23. He lived with my wife and I, along with his Mother. He would occasionally drive north up to see my wife, me and others gathered for a get-together at my wife’s sister’s house about 5 miles away to the north.
        One time, he was supposed to leave the gathering at my wife’s sister and drive one mile southwest to see his brother.
        But, not being able to read a map, he would drive all the way home, and then from home to his brother’s apartment, because he only knew the “from home routes”. He had no clue as to the mapped layout of the city, and that his brother lived a short distance from my wife’s sister.

        In the early 90’s, when my wife was running a homeschool, she let me do a project with the kids. They were all around the third or fourth grade.
        So I bought a bunch of compasses. I got an old “treasure-chest” jewelry box and filled it with costume jewelry. I buried it shallow by a landmark tree and rock in the woods very near the home school.
        I got a big piece of brown paper, drew a treasure map, and browned it in the oven.
        The day came. I told all the kids I found a pirate treasure map! and handed out compasses. The crew and I went on our trek (about 100 feet away). It was cute and kind of comical. At different points of the map, we would all look at it. Then I would say, “Now which way is North?”. Half the kids would be turning in circles trying to figure out north while holding the compass.
        Bit by bit, we kind of learned to read a map, and finally found the treasure. They all split the booty.

  14. Thomas says:

    Great story about your listener Nancy. I have a tip on DITCHING YOUR SMART PHONE & EVEN THE USE OF A REGULAR CELL PHONE. I use a VoIP internet phone connected via ethernet cable NOT WIFI. Its super reliable if you have a good internet connection and while its not as portable as a cell phone, IT IS still a portable option as its a super small devise that is easy to carry and use at wifi hotspots or via ethernet cable where available while out and about. MagicJack.com offers excellent service with great options all for a rock bottom price–oh and then there’s ALL THE MONEY you’ll save by switching to a VoIP phone… Seriously people DITCH BOTH YOUR SMART PHONE & YOUR CELL PHONE GO VOIP PHONE ALL THE WAY! MagicJack.com

  15. Thomas says:

    Need some motivation to ditch your smart phone, gmail and other Orwellian technologies? Maybe its time you listen to what people on the front lines of the battle against the surveillance state have to say about what’s truly hanging in the balance if people keep feeding the surveillance state and ignoring “targeted individuals” pleas for help… In April of 2019 those subjected to the most extreme form of surveillance abuse protested worldwide. Care to read about it? See: https://medium.com/@thomas.mcfarlan/the-2019-global-targeted-individual-springtime-rally-46d3fa810c42

  16. Fawlty Towers says:

    Some random comments.
    One directly related to this episode, others not…

    Be careful what you reveal here in the comments section!
    You may not have a Facebook account, but what is to stop the CIA from creating a database of everything we write here? It’s easy peasy to do.

    I defy anyone here to walk or drive down a street and find
    more than 50% of the people not looking or glancing down at their ‘smartphones’! It’s virtually impossible. It’s a sad sight really.

    I’ve recently been getting quite a number of disturbing warnings from Youtube/Google seemingly out of the blue when a search is done on Youtube:

    “About this page

    Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it’s really you sending the requests, and not a robot (a bogus excuse). Why did this happen?

    IP address: xx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    Time: 2019-07-21T20:49:31Z
    URL: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=xx+xxxxx+xxxxxx+xx+xxx

    So they are cataloguing what you searched for, the time/date and your IP address.

    A worldwide retail giant with bricks and mortar stores (as well as a growing online presence) is moving quickly to eliminate cashiers entirely and train customers, like rats, to do the work of the displaced cashiers for no pay! Another sad sight to see.

    In the last day or so there has been a complete re-configuration of the check-out counters.
    The fast checkout counters (with humans) were entirely eliminated.
    A new section has appeared that is virtually a clone of the computer systems you now see at airports where we are forced to do the work that other employees used to do.

    We must scan and bag our purchases. And there is an additional scanner you must pass through as you exit, to ensure you have scanned all your items.

    Did anyone here say 1984?

    We must first recognize the problems.
    Then act to fix them.

    • cooly says:


      Be careful what you reveal here…

      Indeed. I would consider it a certainty that this forum is being monitored closely, for personal data collection, and any “actionable information” they can glean, such as the internet and personal device strategies being discussed. After all it is the splinter of the population with our mindset who are the real enemy.

    • pearl says:

      Fawlty and Cooly, you remind me of a reality/competition tv show that aired a few years ago (someone was telling me about it so I can’t recall the name). Its premise was competing teams of ordinary people trying to outsmart law enforcement and its high-tech capabilities and evade detection/capture. Whoever got “caught” was out of the competition. The winner got a lot of money and the government got a lot smarter.

  17. sherry.b says:

    Love this thread and am bookmarking it so I can tackle some of these changes one at a time. Have already gotten off FB and Twitter which was remarkably freeing and gave me more time for reading and hobbies. Use Protonmail for some things but find it hard to let gmail go… Have used Ecosia forever for searches which works well. You all inspire me!

  18. cas says:

    i also resist the easy option the tricksters make available by using startpage & duckduck. hushmail and protonmail are good. they have small storage but you can get more by paying a few bucks and making it bigger (they have a sale/reduction about once a year so wait for that!). worth it in my opinion not to have to use the snoopers emails. I use Ethernet cables for internet, the modem goes off after use. tv is a probably 1/2 hr a day (and becoming less), I never update google drive on my phone and when do other updates I always go through my app settings, as they can over ride the permissions settings and turn certain settings on again (so devious!). I’ve never used facebook…I prefer to tell my business to those in my life.

    I also drink filtered water and am a lot more vigilant about what I eat. i’m by no means perfect, but I try not to enable the corruption that I see.

    peace, hugs, strength and courage to all those taking a stand, x

  19. squidly says:

    Some years back I decided to rid my OS from as many of the IT giants as I could. This USED to be a fairly straightforward operation as alternatives were easy to find. But because of censorship it’s not so simple any more, and the more powers the ‘authorities’ give themselves, the more difficult it will become, and will eventually become impossible.
    So c’mon people, get your fingers out and just do it while you can. All of this tech nonsense is DESIGNED to mess you up, and it appears to me to be doing a pretty good job of it.
    So fight back……use the ‘off’ button!

    I suppose this is easy for me to say, because I grew up in a time when we had no pc’s, waffa thin devices or the internet, and the only friends we had were the ones you made eye-contact with. I can only imagine what it must be like to be born into all of this crap.

    Choose love, not fear. :o)

  20. San*A says:

    have been following the Corbett Report for a few years now, but never left anything in the comments. mostly because so many regular posters have such well-documented comments, i feel i have nothing to add.
    but the question ‘what are you doing with this information’ i can answer.

    i never used FB or Instagram or any of these platforms, never felt the urge to share with the world what i had for breakfast. i use computers a lot, for work and for fun, and since i always had an allergy for authority i use it in a way you could call me a πr8.
    i do use whatsapp, but in an Android emulator on a mac, with Little Snitch blocking any unneeded connection. and boy, there are many… hundreds, even thousands of servers get contatcted when you just start up the app…

    that feels bad, on a phone you have no control ove what goes where, you don’t even really own the hardware since the OS is closed source. so i don’t own a ‘smart’phone.
    clearly decentralisation and opensource is the way to go.
    i set up my own chatserver on a linux-box, it runs at home, there is no cloud or whatever storage, my friends connect directly over SSL to my homebox. push-service is a bit tricky to do yourself, bypassing Apple’s and Androids default service, but it’s possible.
    the problem lies in the minds of the people.
    it is hard to convince my friends to use my server instead of whatsapp when talking to me, many don’t see the need. talking about topics of the sort mr. Corbett brings up gets me in trouble sometimes, friendships get stressed and sometimes discussions end in disagreements and even fights.

    i never go online without VPN, use TOR for many day-to-day internet things, also run a Pi-hole for DNS so ads are very limited. when on the road with my laptop i always use an Anonabox, sometimes together with my own VPN-server running on a Raspberry Pi at home which is connected via VPN to the outside world.
    google mail or hotmail are shit. mail should be delivered to you, preferable on a mailserver you run on your own domain. if you get a written letter you don’t go to the postoffice in town to read it and find your enveloppe’s being opened, that is silly.

    IPFS seems a great initiative, i will certainly look into it and sacrifice a few Tb to set up a hop.

    i think it’s a mistake to try to stop progression, it’s a better idea to look for opportunities to see what you can do with it. that is the original meaning of the term hacking, making use of tech in a way it was meant not for.
    so, the infrastructure (internet) is there, it’s only the roads, what we do on these roads is up to us 🙂
    don’t use the BigTech shit, there are many alternatives developed every day.

    on a side note, i really resonated with the view on intellectual monopoly.
    copyrights and patetnts are a thing of the past, if we want to go ahead in a fair way, opensource is the only way.

    • summon says:

      I hear you I hear you.

      I got laughed at for telling my experiences living near an American army base and Corbett report…
      So many friendshios gone…

      … Now I hear people talking about this stuff. Its great but its also spin.


      Thanks for list of servers and stuff. I’ll try and tinker with my own later.

  21. NES says:

    You go Nancy! I’m a ‘Nancy’, too.

    Been performing the same actions with/on my electronic(s) use for several years, since the stated corporate site policies began squeezing the public. It has been easier for me to complete the tasks as each individual Draconian policy arose over the last 5-yrs.

    I certainly agree. If an old dog can learn new tricks so can the pups. We are the tail-end of the Boomers. Wag the dog, Nancy. Wag the dog.

  22. pearl says:

    Never heard of Ecosia search engine before this thread. Looking into it, the founder and CEO Christian Kroll is on board with Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation to fight climate change:


  23. summon says:

    Christ…. Where to begin…

    .Ditched all meat/ diary products when it was still a punk movement, now media misdirecting as vegan about 5-6 years ago. Best move I’ve ever made. Strange watching g it get highjacked.
    .Entirely on Linux, open source when possible.
    .Ditched google android and installed non google android (not perfect every little helps)
    . avoid amazon at all times (2 times in 6 years but only as product was only available on amazon)
    .avoid google when at all possible
    . buy all food locally and from independent shops, even if higher costs.
    . all products are ethically sources and I avoid sweat shops when at all possible
    . won’t touch palm oils nor even rice due to GMO/destruction of land
    . buy veg directly from a organic farmer actively campaigning for soil accoisatio s and quality of animals life.
    . learning to make my own clothes
    . trying to move all money to smaller building societies
    . not vaccinated my son (scary one that’s tormented me for over a decade now.)
    . won’t allow smart TVs in my house (I work in film and can testify most are not good spec and waste of money anyhow)
    . stopped Netflix etc no TV for me.
    . never shyed away from my beliefs in public, laughed at, affected career but noe everyone is talking about this stuff.
    . teaching son proganda so he can make his own mind up (not that I’m right)
    . nearly paid all credit card bills off as well as debts
    . doing all I can to work away from computer. Hard when your job is high end digital media! Gf is trying to get secondary income and I’m trying to finish art projects. One day I’ll finish that book and get into oil painting!
    . standing up to ever wrong cooperations inflict upon me. Might take one to court which I don’t want to but due to ethical grounds have to. Basically we have to stand up to bullies.
    . doing all I can for communities I care about. Seek out human groups not just digital.
    . actively seeked out and tested diets as health and alternatives to drug company medicines. Still here!!
    . search engines are no tracking
    . avoid chrome when possible
    . all browsers are full of anti tracking plug ins

    What I haven’t done
    . Not exercising much as I’m recovering from crippling depression. (Nearly there)
    . not able to move out of the great belly of the beast (London)
    . over working for a high end digital media company that produces lots of proganda.
    . still not 100% off mains stream banks (trauma with finances so this one is slow)
    . still on YouTube, but don’t have time/ energy to switch right now.
    . gf still takes google phone to bed room, which nulls all my actions out…oh universal irony. Her choice though.
    . connected to Spotify again but needed to listen to music at work to combat depression.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words. Longer comments can be split into multiple comments. -JC]

  24. Octium says:

    Made a donation to get Ansgar Schneider to the 2019 IABSE Congress (AE911truth)


    Even though 9/11 was nearly 19 years ago I think it is still really important to remind people that the debate between Privacy vs Security is moot if the people who claim they are providing you with security are the ones you need to be protected from in the first place!

    9/11 is critical for that understanding.
    Hope they get their guy to the conference.

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