Welcome to the Oil World Order

10/24/201543 Comments

Ever since the Rockefellers gave up selling snake oil to get into plain old crude oil, the petrochemical mafia has been transforming the world in its own image. From the destruction of America's streetcar infrastructure to the countless wars of aggression in oil-rich areas around the world to the creation of the "petrodollar" in the wake of the Bretton Woods collapse, the world's political and economic fate over the past century has depended more on this "black gold" than most people ever imagine. In this week's subscriber newsletter James breaks down five recent stories from the oil markets that tell us something about the world we're living in and where the oil-igarchs plan on taking us.

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  1. asra736 says:

    Hi James
    The link for “Google Freaks Out After Alex Jones Storms Headquarters” is wrong

  2. Collin says:

    Hi James, think your link to Alex Jones is heading elsewhere. Not a problem as i ended up watching this very interesting vid on mind control – may add to your MK Ultra collection;


    • Corbett says:

      The link has been corrected, but thank you for the tip on the other video. I’ll check it out.

    • sahid.miller says:

      Great video. When something is almost imperceptible but so blatantly in your face like this, it honestly gets me thinking that there really is a devil behind the scenes… It should take an infinite amount of arrogance to give something like this the green light!

  3. VoltaicDude says:

    These are great stories and it’s fascinating to follow who is up and who is down in the world-mafia “oiligarchy” saga – a primo crime-thriller if there ever was one.

    As the underpinnings of the petrodollar racket start to come undone, various potential narratives are foretold, and it is interesting to wonder how these players will reveal their true lack of any real personal character.

    When push comes to shove these players will surprise us all by falling into their classic roles just like cornered mobsters always have.

    This brings an analogy to mind: the House of Saud is to the petrodollar thugs, as Saddam Hussein was to the CIA-corporate-army.

    Played out over time, maybe, let’s say ten years, the U.S. State Department might be singing a very different (and ironically believable while deceptively self-serving) tune regarding the House of Saud.

    At that time (as of right now?), Saudi Arabia will arguably be in command of a seriously bruising military, which could be the cause for some apprehension if King Saudi figures out you’re going to double-cross him!

    Overnight Saudi Arabia will become a serious “human rights violator” that the “world community” can simply not tolerate.

    What will the spark be that absolutely requires intervention? Hmmm?

    Undoubtedly, some upwardly mobile functionary in some shadow government think tank is writing history in the form of a false flag or trumped-up-accusation scenario, coming to a mainstream news outlet near you soon enough.

  4. sahid.miller says:

    Peak Oil to Too Cheap Oil… 5 year younger me would probably call me a shill lol. I really enjoy these types of breakdowns, thank you Mr. Corbett!

  5. Not this little frog says:

    Hi James,
    Just tried to watch Alex Jones video tho’ it still doesn’t seem to be fixed.

  6. Sonex says:

    Another aspect of the oil world order are challenges against it. Technologies are coming to market, which can either substantially reduce consumption of oil, or else provide a complete alternative energy source.

    One technology, which I’ve posted about before is http://www.sonexresearch.com. Sonex can make the internal combustion engine at least 25% more fuel efficient. Certainly big oil is thrilled!

    Another alternative is found with geothermal energy. http://billionsinchange.com/ offers solutions to not only the world’s energy problems, but to that of water shortages as well.

    Now, if only the media would make the public aware of such alternatives. But, then again, the hidden powers that be, which control the media have their own agenda…

  7. Not this little frog says:

    Tried again, and now seems to be corrected.

  8. phreedomphile says:

    For general perspective, it may help to consider the proven oil reserves of various countries and OPEC. (Of course, the caveat being new technologies potentially increasing current figures and consideration of Er/Ei as well as product quality.)

    For instance, Russia’s proven oil reserves are estimated to be 80 billion barrels compared to Saudi Arabia’s 268 bb and OPEC est. range 1112-1199 bb with world total at 1481 bb. Thus, OPEC isn’t quite dead yet given the high value of oil in the current globalist paradigm.

    Ironically, Iran, economically dependent on its 157 bb, recently signed onto the 2030 UN Agenda plan to phase out oil consumption near the target 2030 date only 15 years away.

    Iraq, controlled by the US/NATO mafia team A, has 140 bb, explaining the large bulls eye target and Libya another target of control at 48 bb comparing favorably to the US at 36 bb.

    Rather than a petroyuan, it seems we are looking at baby steps towards a global currency and global military. As that transformation unwinds, the current system must to be kept afloat, thus keeping oil prices low enough to keep the wheels turning is paramount to energy sector profits, control always trumping profits.

    In 2011, the Saudis initiated a Gulf regional government system (GCC) to include six member nations and three proposed with stated objectives of harmonizing laws and cultural practices using globalist world governance terminology and most important to this thread: a common currency. A coincidence in timing with the UN roll out of its 2030 Agenda and the 1988 [Rothschild] Economist cover article predicting the new global currency to enter the world stage in the year 2018?

  9. bd6951 says:

    Some energy facts for the thermodynamically impaired:

    Conventional oil extraction – crude oil is extracted, not produced – peaked in 2005. Of that, there is no doubt.

    Global crude consumption is 1 billion barrels every 11.5 days. (That statistic might be a bit off in that global oil consumption since 2008 has dropped some.) In any case, 15 billion bbls. is a tiny amount of oil when compared with projected demand.

    ,Industrial society as it is known can not operate with energy resources having an energy profit ratio less than 10. Crude oil extraction is perilously close to the situation in which the amount of energy required for extraction exceeds the energy content of the extracted resource. At that point, game over! Money doesn’t matter, only BTUs.

    The Monterrey Play, the “massive” California tight oil “resource” was initially estimated to contain 15 billion bbls of recoverable “oil”. The most recent estimate by the USGS now estimates that number to be fewer than 20 million bbls. Oops!

    People who really understand these dynamics have stated for many years that the down slope of Hubbert’s curve would be a “bumpy plateau” with wild swings in the price of crude oil. We are now on that plateau. Too high energy prices crash the economy; too low energy prices crash the extraction industry. Look at rig counts. The number of rigs in operation today is barely a third of the number merely a year ago.

    Without energy, especially dense liquid transportation fuels, there is no economy. Without energy, there is no “money”. Until society understands this reality no energy related troubles will be solved. It is as simple as that.

    The entire “war on terror” was fomented so that the US could (attempt to) control what remains of the “good oil”. Look how well that turned out.

    All energy is solar energy (save for the small bit of fissile uranium that we have insanely used to produce electricity so that hair dryers and smart phones work). Industrial society has consumed who know how many millions years worth of photosynthesis,, in the form of crude oil, in a mere 150 years. Historians will not be kind to us, and deservedly so, as they write out in long hand, by the light of candles, the story of the ruination of our ecosystem.

    • phreedomphile says:

      Not long after 9/11, trying to figure out motives and endgames, I also dove into the Peak Oil abyss reading every book the community suggested, following various websites, and daily examining the pronouncements of prominent academics exchanging commentary on The Oil Drum. What I soon realized was peak oil groupthink as framed by its “gurus” is yet another carefully constructed divide and conquer tactic replete with limited hangouts. Not that I didn’t believe there was credibility to scientific explanations on the basic geophysics of oil production, but that most “leaders” of the peak oil movement were fixated on rationalizing totalitarian technocratic rule as the solution to their dire warnings of economic collapse and climate change. A red flag was many of their narratives were nonsensical. For instance, if oil production was going to be sharply curtailed in the near future and economies would shrivel up, then we should expect carbon emissions to sharply drop too. That simple notion was never fleshed out, an elephant ignored. Also, why allow the elites, who created the problems in the first place with their hyperconsumption globalism economic model to be the ones foisting their solutions on us?

      Years later, we can see fear-based constructs consisting of a mix of engineered crises and shadow crises were intended to drive the globe into a paradigm that had been planned out 80 to 90 years ago. Ironically, it was Hubbert who was a founder of the modern Technocracy movement that underpins the new paradigm.

      Distractions and geopolitical theater aside, the world’s nations are heading toward the new paradigm and if the Telegraph article in the link is any indication, amid the jostling in negotiations, the new framework is quickly taking shape and new energy technologies are filling in gaps.


      I’m with you on the threat of a ruined ecosystem – geoengineering, GMOs, Gulf oil spill, Fukushima, etc. Sad state of affairs for future generations.

      • bd6951 says:

        The Peak oil abyss. Could you be anymore pejorative? I suggest you obtain a copy of the seminal study Limits to Growth and read it. You might learn something.

        I like to keep things simple. My outlook is informed exclusively by the Second Law, the only immutable law in the universe. The Second Law tells us what is possible. And everything that capitalism insists is our god-given right is fundamentally wrong.

        The effects of spewing CO2 into our atmosphere lag behind the actual spewing. The climate disruptions now evident are the result of CO2 emissions from the 80s. Lag times are a fundamental precept of the Earth System, Gaia (though I’m sure that term will elicit howls from the Corbett Crowd). To CO2 emissions we can now add methane that is boiling off the tundra and from the ocean floor and this is terrifying because methane, CH4, you know the product of marvelously suicidal fracking, is an exponentially more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2. By the way, the most powerful greenhouse gas is water vapor. The greenhouse effect is what makes Earth habitable. For the millions of years before the fossil fuel age our planet remained ideally hospitable because of the greenhouse effect. In a geologic blink of the eye billions of tons of additional greenhouse gases i.e. CO2 have been released. And now the dynamic equilibrium of our ecosystem has been dealt a sudden and deadly blow and all life is now suffering because of man’s ignorance.

        Just yesterday it was reported that a species of antelope somewhere (I grow weary of keeping track of these things) has lost 200,000 of its population, 1/2 of its numbers, because a too warm environment allowed for the bloom a certain bacteria that cooler temperatures had kept in check and the result is a massive and rapid die off. This is how the earth system functions. This is likely going to be the fate of humans too.
        reporting facts? Help me understand this. I have two beautiful daughters and am about to become a grandfather (an idea that terrifies me knowing what I know). The world into which my grandchild will be born will not be a nice place to live. This is the primary
        When I read comments such as yours I can’t but wonder things about you and your ilk. How old are you? What is your educational background? Do you have children? Because your opinions reek of someone who has never studied in any scientific discipline and has no idea about what you speak. To what end are climate scientists tweaking data? In what way will climate scientists profit by reason I waste my time trying to inform you people.

        And about the “PO abyss”…..you may have read recently about the Monterrey Play in California. The EIA reported in 2013 that the MP contained 15 billion barrels equivalent of recoverable oil, equivalent, you see, because the stuff is actually crap and has a horrible energy profit ratio. California was making ambitious plans based on the tax revenues to be generated by this bounty. A few days ago the USGS reported that the estimates were a bit ambitious. It ends up that the amount of recoverable oil from the Monterrey Play is only 20mm bbls., about one days worth of oil consumption in the US. Oops. Yesterday the Earth criminals who have been pushing relentlessly for the extension to the XL pipeline have withdrawn their proposal. This is the right decision for all the wrong reasons but, nevertheless, you can stick a fork in the Alberta Tar Sands, perhaps the worst assault ever on our ecosystem.

        Unlike most people who believe they “know” about energy but who have never really done anything in the energy world, here’s my CV. I started installing solar water heaters, still the single most effective form of renewable energy, in 1978. I raised my 2 girls in a passive solar house that I built mostly by myself. I have helped install 500 kW of utility scale PV systems, a wonderful source of electricity so long as you use the power within a 1000 feet of where its produced. From 2007 to 2011 I built, repaired and maintained utility scale wind turbines and wind farms. Wind is a good source of electricity as long at it is used proximal to where it is generated. To think that the current economic system can run on sunshine and photosynthesis, the ultimate source of all of the energy we use (save for the bit of uranium that society chose to use for electrical generation, the remains of which now lurk in cooling pools in need of constant and uninterrupted cooling and which pose the single most unrecognized threat to all life) is my definition of delusional insanity.

        We are fundamentally a biological creature wholly dependent on the largesse of Mother Earth for all that sustains us – a benign environment that provides clean water, air and food. The damage unfettered exploitation of our planet’s ecosystem causes threatens these essentials. Capitalism is dead! Globalization is dead! Our only hope is to decentralize, downsize and to depopulate in the most benign way possible.

        • phreedomphile says:

          Abyss is not pejorative, it is neutral, and in the context of describing a deep and complex subject that goes well beyond oil production fundamentals it is appropriate.

          You apparently stopped reading my response after you saw the word abyss and then wrote a long reply that was not relevant to the points I made, nor did you attempt to glean if there was some common ground.

          A critic of a scientific exploration that becomes a social engineering agenda can be very concerned about the ramifications of reckless behavior, however it may originate and manifest. Some of us are more informed and more evolved thinkers than you recognize.

      • bd6951 says:

        Oh, and this might help.


        Kind of makes you wonder or perhaps not. But when the liars admit that they lied and you still deny the realities is when I realize that cognitive dissonance is the biggest problem of all.

  10. robertcjd says:

    Hi. What are your thoughts on William Engdahl’s recent article on abiotic oil: http://journal-neo.org/2015/10/09/oh-oil-where-is-thy-peak/

    For such a bombshell by such a credible author, it’s strangle that there’s been virtual silence about this article on the web.

    “The Russian and Ukrainian scientists also discovered, not surprisingly, that every giant oilfield was “self-replentishing,” that is new oil or gas is being constantly pushed up from inside the mantle via the faults or migration channels to replace oil withdrawn. Old oilwells across Russia that were pumped far beyond their natural full rate during the end of the Soviet era when maximum production was considered highest priority, were then shut, considered exhausted. Twenty years later, according to Russian geophysicists I have spoken with, those “depleted” wells are being reopened and, lo and behold, completely refilled with new oil.”

    • bd6951 says:

      Re: Aboitic Oil

      Articles such as this one about abiotic oil make my head want to explode. The concept is so flawed on so many levels that an adequate response would require more space than this box would allow. Exhausted wells can be coaxed to relinquish the tiny amounts of crude left in the ground after conventional extraction efforts end by expending great quantities of already-on-hand energy to force the the 1to10 bbls that these “stripper wells” offer. In a high oil price environment these efforts seem smart; thermodynamically, this notion is idiocy writ large.

      Abiotic oil and climate change denial are but two examples of the absolute certainty that virtually no one understands the Earth system. Read today’s installment of the Archdruid John Micheal Greer.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Well, French thermodynamics physicist and university professor François Gervais, author of “l’Innocence du carbone ou l’Effet de Serre remis en question” or “The Innocence of Carbon or Questioning the Greenhouse Effect” (recently released and as of yet apparently untranslated)is not concerned about peak oil and also vehemently does not believe in man-made global warming.




        So you see, you need not be “thermodynamically impaired” to be a “climatosceptic” who does not believe limited oil reserves to be an urgent problem.

      • I am skeptical of any individual who claims “climate change” (so laughable a phrase on its face as it is) is some immutable law the skepticism of which is seen as an embarrassment. Any person who makes the assertion that climate change is some immutable law is being disingenuous, as it is primarily faith based.

        • nosoapradio says:

          Do you mean Man-made climate change AoC?

        • bd6951 says:

          I won’t engage climate change deniers. FYI, I am an atheist.

          • nosoapradio says:

            DE-NI-ER! Sends shivers down my spine!
            How about… climate change conspiracy theorists? Or would you engage… climate change negationists or climate change revisionists? Climate change extremists? How about Man-made climate change whistleblowers???

            I don’t believe anyone’s negating change in the climate. The fact that it’s man-made and perhaps the dubious notion that we’re primarily headed towards warming are what’s underlying the scepticism of Man-made or anthropogenique climate change.

            Atheism, by the way, is another fairly materialistic faith-based ideology until we’ve better understood the nature of creation.

            • bd6951 says:

              What drivel.

            • bd6951 says:

              I try to be nice but morons like you make it very hard to do so. Your failure to understand the Earth System, you know, the system that provides things like clean air and water that keep us alive, is revealing.


              I doubt you will read it but the above link would give intelligent people pause and to question their “belief” about conspiracies by climate scientists. To what gain do climate scientists study climate and to publish their findings? You people just stagger me with your stupidity. And spare be rejoinders about “ad hominem attacks”.

              One of the really curious things about the article that started this conversation is how few people have read it and how few comments have been submitted.

              The icecap of Greenland is melting at a ferocious pace. Should Greenland become ice free sea levels will rise by 20 feet. This isn’t an opinion, it’s simple arithmetic. X number of cubic miles of ice when melted will produce X number of cubic miles of water. It’s just not that complicated. And videos recently released showing hundreds of rivers flowing across the Greenland icecap present empirical evidence that Greenland’s icecap is indeed melting rapidly. Do I need to mention that Antarctica is experiencing the same rate of melting? Positive feedback loops are fully underway and sea level rise is now inevitable and inexorable.

              Cognitive dissonance is run amok. I hope you don’t live in Florida or Manhattan or any of the many other places that will be under water in a few years if not sooner.

              • nosoapradio says:

                bd6951 says:

                “Do I need to mention that Antarctica is experiencing the same rate of melting? Positive feedback loops are fully underway and sea level rise is now inevitable and inexorable.”

                This statement does not seem to correspond to scientific findings:

                “The Arctic and the Antarctica are characterized by an opposite climatic behavior in sea-ice area extensions. Since 1980 the Arctic sea-ice area has decreased while the Antarctic sea-ice area has increased.

                During the last 7 years the Arctic sea-ice area has stabilized as the global temperature did (cf. [15]), while the Antarctic sea-ice area has increased at a rate higher than during the previous decades (cf. Figure 3).

                In addition to the decadal trending, the Arctic and, in particular, the Antarctic sea-ice area also show consistent evidences for a 4-5-year oscillation both in the annually smoothed record and in the annual amplitude (Figures 5 and 6).

                On the contrary, the CMIP5 GCMs have predicted significant warming of both the Arctic and the Antarctic sea-ice area (Figure 9). While the prediction could correlate with the observed reduction of the Arctic sea-ice area, the model prediction is clearly incompatible with the Antarctic data. The Antarctic sea-ice area has increased consistently during the last decades and in particular during the last 7 years indicating general cooling of the sea region surrounding the continent. The result is robust because it is fully confirmed by two alternative climatic temperature indices (see Figures 7 and 8). The CMIP5 GCMs also fail in reproducing the 4-5-year oscillation found in both the Arctic and the Antarctic sea-ice area records, which has been also found in the ENSO index [17].”



                2015 Antarctic maximum sea ice extent breaks streak of record highs


                “Growing sea ice surrounding Antarctica could prompt scientists to consider relocating research stations on the continent, according to the operations manager of the Australian Antarctic Division.”

                Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/05/record_antarctic_ice_hampers_research_scientists.html#ixzz3qGBYPCI7

              • nosoapradio says:

                Thank you bd6951 for your sollicitude but I’m neither in Florida nor in Manhattan and if I should find myself in one of those unlucky places forecast by the MSM to sink below sea level it will most likely be thanks to chemtrailing or some other frankenstein-style geoengineering program carried out by the elites in secret and not because Antartica is reportedly (by you) melting because of ordinary industrial human activity.

                “For the past three years, Antarctic sea ice at maximum set records. This year, that didn’t happen, and a sea ice scientist called it “a return toward normalcy.”


  11. bd6951 says:

    With every comment you reinforce my opinion that you are not capable of comprehending what I’m saying. Now you’re starting with the chemtrail weather modification nonsense. It’s people like you who make me realize that all hope is lost.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Wow, if you’re discouraged now, wait ’til my comment that’s awaiting moderation hits the board…

  12. nosoapradio says:

    To spare you the suspense, it goes something like this:

    “In 2012 the more southerly Bering Sea ice set records for maximum extent, similar to the maximum sea ice currently observed in the Antarctic. Clearly global greenhouse gases cannot be the cause of melting inside the Arctic, while simultaneously sea ice is expanding in the Bering Sea and the southern hemisphere.”


      • Corbett says:

        Hahaha. Speaking of cognitive dissonance, you link to an outdated post by John Cook instead of going directly to NASA?


        NASA just admitted that Antarctica is gaining land ice. Time for John Cook to update his spin.

        • bd6951 says:

          Hmmm, looks like trouble is brewing in the delusional denier world. I swear I don’t get guys like you. You’re clearly brilliant. I’ve learnt much from you. Your work explaining the Fed is top notch. Yet for some reason you go totally off the rails about the certainty that humans are negatively impacting our ecosystem of which climate is a major component. I don’t get why you believe empirical data is being jiggered. Records have been kept. Ices cores have been drilled. What’s the problem? Who’s to gain by reporting that temperatures are rising? My Sweetie and I played tennis outside today in Columbus, OH. it was 75 degrees.

          On another topic I would enjoy a conversation between you and James Howard Kunstler. He argues that Japan will be the first industrial society to go (back to) medieval. He is also a 9/11 “anti-conspiatist”, likely unaware of WTC7. To other guys who would give you a tussle are John Michael Greer and Dmitri Orlov. Richard Heinberg is another.


          • nosoapradio says:

            “Yet for some reason you go totally off the rails about the certainty that humans are negatively impacting our ecosystem of which climate is a major component.”

            Don’t know if it’s a form of strawman or if there’s a “lumping statements together” fallacy but NOONE here suggested that humans were not negatively impacting the ecosystem.

            In fact, quite the contrary, the all consuming obsession with carbon makes addressing real issues infinitely more complicated.

  13. bd6951 says:

    I’m out.

  14. nosoapradio says:

    The list of supporters of our Climate Realist Collective has further expanded this week. It now has 317 names.

    To be included in next week’s news bulletin or to receive newsletters by email, send a mail to contact@collectifdesclimatorealistes.fr.

    The subjects covered in this issue of:

    Climato-realist Collective Bulletin



    The Antarctic is gaining more ice than it loses

    A new NASA study (Zwally et al.) Published October 30 th 2015 in the Journal of Glaciology shows that the ice gains in East Antarctica and continental West Antarctica exceed the losses in other areas


    Philippe Verdier, a journalist at France Télévisions, fired one month before the COP21

    In a video placed on-line on Sunday, the head of France Télévisions’ weather service Philippe Verdier can be seen opening what he states to be a letter of dismissal:… Benoît Rittaud gives his opinion on the Verdier affair in Russia Today.


    It won’t save the planet, but will China’s commitment allow President Hollande to save face?…

    Good Boys, Bad Boys?

    According to Europe 1, several NGOs, including the Climate Action Network, have been working overtime on their calculators to rank the states according to their contributions. The results are consistent:
    $38 billion still to be found for the Green Fund? …

    The richest countries must find the $100 billion promised to the poorest countries to adapt to climate change. We’re currently at $61.8 billion….Laurent Dupont (Member of the Forum), addressed this issue in this article published on Skyfall.


    According to an IFOP poll, the climate is the 5th most important priority for the French?

    AFCO’s press conference on October 29

    A new climato-critical book

    Olivier Postel-Vinay, founder of the magazine Books and former editor of the science magazine La Recherche, has also published a book, Climate Comedy (Editions JC Lattes), in which he too takes a very critical look at the climate issue.


    Emmanuelle Cosse on France Inter October 28th

    Guest of the Patrick Cohen morning programme, the national secretary of Europe Ecology the Greens declared: “All I can tell you is that the discourse of climate sceptics reminds me of the discourse of AIDS denialists …

    Thanks to COP21, everyone will have his fifteen minutes of fame

    During COP21, the Eiffel Tower will be transformed into a virtual forest….

    The list of supporters of our Climate Realist Collective has further expanded this week. It now has 317 names. Help us make it grow! Email us your support


    (name, occupation, and website address if possible), and encourage your loved ones to join in!


    To be included in next week’s news bulletin or to receive newsletters by email, send a mail to contact@collectifdesclimatorealistes.fr.

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