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mccainterrorby James Corbett
August 23, 2014

The media and the government are falling all over themselves to promote the latest ISIS (false flag) terror hype. First there was General Dempsey telling us that ISIS has an ‘End-Of-Days Strategic Vision’ and Hagel proclaiming 'ISIS Beyond Anything We've Seen.' Then Senator Inhofe told us they have a plan to "Blow Up An American City." Now WGN seems to have identified that city as Chicago. All of this despite the fact that, lest we forget, John McCain has been photographed meeting with the ISIS/ISIL/IS leader and one of their main terrorists in Syria (pictured right). Is the next false flag event taking shape?

Meanwhile in Eastern Europe, NATO and the Ukrainian government are now telling us that Russia's humanitarian convoy, which they attempted to stop at the border, now constitutes an invasion of Ukraine. Is this going to be the justification for NATO intervention?

Ferguson continues to boil over as protestors gather at the White House for a "day of rage."

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  1. devinrice says:

    Has it been confirmed that one of the men in that meeting was indeed Al-Baghadadi? I know Tony Cartalucci wrote that it was, but I wonder if anyone else has confirmed this man’s identity.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      Yea, I looked at some of the photographs, and the link between Al-Baghdaddi is questionable. The guy does not look similar. In any event, I have no doubt that Al-Baghdaddi is likely a double or triple agent, who was released from “Bucca” to do exactly what he’s doing.

      I recall a Mother Jones article that argued “Was Iraq’s Top Terrorist Radicalized at a US-Run Prison?”


      Although this reinforces the “blowback” – “accidental” version of history, I believe there is some truth, in the sense that, these people are “radicalized” on purpose. Who knows what agreements (or mind control?) they enter into with US officials to be released and carry out per their agreements? How many people that are in Guantanamo are released, who are not even charged, and have been captive for years? Why was Bucca “shut down” but Guantanamo still in place? I believe this guy’s release is highly suspicious. It’s possible that this was “shut down” to “release its prisoners” so the main guy can be lost in the crowd. Imagine how much more attention it would attract if simply one guy (Al Baghdaddi) was released? Thus, the closure of the Bucca prison itself is the perfect cover to have your own double-triple agent blend and infiltrate and get lost in a sea of radicals.

      How did he rise to the top? Who supported him? Where in the Middle East did he go to? How was he transported? Where was he “dropped off”? Where did he obtain his financing? One does not simply “rise to be a leader” of some group like ISIS, out of the blue.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      I found this interesting video interview with a Lebanon station (translated from Arabic) of a one Nabil Na’eem, who who is a founder of some Islamic political party and purportedly a former high ranking al-Qaeda official, who basically says that all the current Islamists (Al Qaeda, ISIS, etc.) are all CIA assets.


      Also, the limited-hangout agent Snowden’s documents supposedly reveal (for whatever that’s worth) that Al-Baghdadi was trained by Mossad. To what extent is this true? To what extent is this verified and/or confirmed by the photos of Netanyahu with the FSA fighters and commander Abdul-Ilah al-Bashir who was “treating” in Lebanon?

      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        Also, I refuse to believe that “ISIS-ISIL-IS” is somehow “worse” than Al Qaeda. How are they “worse”? In what specific way? Do they behead people? Or is it the quantity of beheadings? And what is the source of this “ISIS is worse than Al Qaeda” line? The Pentagon, the MSM, Western intelligence circles. Sadly, personal folks in my own circle fall for this. It’s the same people that brought you Al Qaeda and bin Laden, and now this is the new and improved boogie man – Al Baghdadi (some sick merger of the “Al” in Al Qaeda and the “B” in “Bin Laden.”)

        How convenient the subliminal message – “Wow, this ISIL is SO MUCH WORSE. We HAVE to do something, like bomb them in Syria.”

        I think James said this in one of his interviews, “Where’s there’s smoke there’s a fire, but it’s also true that where there is a smoke, there’s a smoke screen.”

        The smoke screen is to cover whatever are the true aims and operations in the Middle East – which seems to be is destabilization and the creation of microstates, feifdoms, failed states and warlordism.

        This may be akin to a “Gladio-B” type operation in the Middle East, which lasts for many years. We shouldn’t forget that intelligence operations are not just short term “I’m funneling weapons to the Islamists”-type scenario. That in itself may be a part of a larger and wide reaching goal that has been going on for many years. It may even be that Iraq was simply the first step and this was all pre-planned. In other words, who is to say that Iraq wasn’t phase I, and the withdrawal was planned all along, and then the second or third phase would involve the “NATO-US-Israeli” clandestine assets who “remained behind” (read ISIS) to destabilize the governments there. I’m positive some CIA game theory-decision theory analyst calculated all of this before.

      • Bart Houkes says:

        I’ve watched that video a while ago. Something in the way he talks makes him very credible to me. He speaks without hesitation and exaggeration, without having to think about which words to use, like someone speaking his mind instead of creating propaganda. This video is certainly worth watching.

      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        Funny you mention that because my intuition told me the same thing. The guy appears more conversational than proselytizing in what he is conveying. Let’s hope we can reach to more people, lest we suffer another false flag by these cats.

        Another question I was thinking about is – since peoples’ consciousness is somewhat more elevated than before 911, and people are generally more self-aware about the power elites, what do you suppose a new false flag will look like?

        I cannot imagine it being anything less than something on the scale of 911, if not more. In other words, given the amount of resistance and awareness that has grown with the internet, I imagine the next one will be so big that it will “shock the conscience.”

        What form can it take? Nuclear? Bioterror? The biggest economic collapse known to history? What “plug” will be pulled? And more importantly, what “solutions” will be offered?

      • Colin Green says:

        Thanks for the link to that interview. I recall watching an earlier interview he did (also translated) in which he discussed his concerns regarding the brainwashing of young Muslims by the same cesspool of evil turds.

        I also get the impression that he is sincere and obviously intimately familiar with the majority of players and their plans. Very heartening to see.

        I saw a news report earlier today that claimed the heads of the Egyptian Islam community/orders are calling for the world press to cease referring to ISIS as being associated with Islam.

        It would be great to see all of the various established sect leaders and respected leaders publicly calling for the disassociation of ISIS from Islam. That might save some of the more naive believers from joining them and dying for all the wrong reasons.

      • BennyB says:

        Thanks for posting this. I found it pretty interesting to hear what this guy had to say. I also found some of his criticisms pretty sharp and even humorous. Even if he’s not giving a completely ‘accurate’ account of the facts in question, it certainly sounds like it checks out against what we already know. At any rate, even if it’s not 100% accurate, it’s bound to be 98% more so than any of the flights of fancy we’re getting from the military industrial complex mouthpieces we’re being forced to endure at the moment. I also agree that the “worse than Al-Qaeda” talk is the type of BS which belongs in a bad Hollywood script.

  2. ccuthbert2001 says:

    video from a Russian adviser who is said to be ukrainian… wonder if this is genuine.


  3. morphwvutuba says:

    This is an interesting development. I’ll be interested in seeing how much play this gets. James, you need to get him on the show.

    Breaking: CDC whistleblower revealed: William Thompson. In grave danger. http://bit.ly/1whNoqE MMR vaccine, Autism


    Shared via Plume

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      Thanks for that. I can’t say I’m surprised at these findings about mercury and how any data on some level can be manipulated. I’m reminded of the same thing with fluoride, since even a Harvard study finds the deleterious effects of fluoride, but which was long suppressed (manipulated data?).

  4. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    Thanks for this thread James.

    1. Ukraine

    It appears that Putin is “acting” and showing his cards. Regardless of the veracity of the aid convoy v. armored personnel, Putin understandably feels he must “act.” It’s also curious that the MH17 news disappeared from the fickle discourse of the 24 hour news cycle. There are no follow-ups regarding what information was contained in the “Black Box.”

    It’s also interesting to note that back in July, anonymous “U.S. intelligence” sources claimed that Russia was not behind MH17. Is this misinformation, is it designed as a way out in case the evidence comes out to show it was Ukraine all along, or is it factional in-fighting among the U.S. intelligence brass?


    As always, the chief motivations appear to be related to the oil-natural gas wars, the future of the petrodollar and by extension, the American empire.

    As much of an oligarch as Putin is, and as much as Russia itself is beholden to the banking cartel that dominates the world order, I do suspect on some superficial level, they pissed off the “Anglo-American establishment,” to quote Quigley. After all, it was Putin’s maneuvering and extending a life line to Obama, which avoided bombing Syria, and also thanks to the alternative media at home. Obama would have likely faced impeachment by the Republicans, who themselves have grander plans. Obama, the weak, feckless puppet that he is, was completely being manipulated into another bombing in Syria by Samantha “Ms.Cass Sunstein” Power, John “Skull and Bones” Kerry and Susan “The Viper” Rice.

    I do think that the leaders/politicians we are presented on the world stage as these events unfold, are the mere front for a power and network that is so entrenched, powerful and omnipresent, that it is beyond the false “East/West paradigm” that is presented to us masses.

    2. ISIS

    Those who like you James and many others in the alternative media that documented the U.S.-Israeli-Saudi support of these Islamists are only being proven right. The US now admits it sent “special forces” to Syria to “rescue hostages.” Since when is that a “national interest”? The US certainly didn’t send any forces to Iran during that “hostage crises.” Too many manufactured events to “manufacture consent,” to quote the academic gatekeeper Chomsky.

    Is there any doubt that this was simply a plan of reassurance to have yet another convenient backdoor into Syria? The U.S. “scorched earth” policy in the middle east IS the policy, as has been pointed out – order out of chaos. It benefits the Saudis, who want to eliminate any regional Shia rivalry (Syria and Iran I’m looking in your direction). It benefits the Israelis, who are obsessed with “self-defense” and generally follows Oded Yinon’s plan outlined in the 80s, and to a lesser extent the “Lebanonization” as argued by the British Zionist-Orientalist Bernard Lewis. Basically, it’s to create micro-states, mini-states, failed states, warlordism.

    The scorched earth policy in the Middle East also likely benefits the U.S., as it prevents any oil rivals from taking hold, both regional powers (like Iraq tried under Saddam, and maybe now Iran), and to ward off any outside rising powers (Russia, who would likely want to build alternative pipelines, and even China). I suspect the logic then is “If we can’t have the Middle East, then no one can.”

    3. Ferguson

    I also think that what we may be witnessing is the eventual destruction of the nation-state concept itself, into a new and different paradigm. But, as with all things, they cannot just simply roll out the “red carpet.” They need to butter us up as they slowly lead us down the path of ultimate enslavement. I suspect that’s where the militarized police display in Ferguson comes in. It seems the only other thing that is missing is some sort of crisis (pandemic, or a banking panic) and they have it set.

    If this is the case, how much does it have to do with the spreading of alternative media and an overall blossoming of consciousness that seems to be spreading faster and faster? If so, could this mean that the elite are afraid and have to hurry up to roll out these plans while they can? To what extend does the Ebola outbreak play into this?

    It’s interesting to note that during Janet “The Melon” Yellen’s comments in Wyoming were greeted with “mellow protesters” organized by the “Center for Popular Democracy,” to not raise interest rates.



    Apparently, “The Mellon” addressed the protesters. Since when do these elitists ever address those who protest or question their policies? Note the constant references to “nice” and “mellow” protesters, as they note “Where was Janet Yellen’s security detail?”

    Also, the police have long been militarized in America. America is one giant police state, with the largest prison population in the world. Why is the media, and why are event some alternative types, all of a sudden now realizing this? On some level, I think I go back to what you said once James, that sometimes the alternative media is reacting to the news set by the MSM, or the establishment, rather than dictating it itself.

    4. Also, what is this the “The West” thing that is constantly perpetuated in the media discourse? I don’t recall so much references to “The West” in the 1990s, until the 9/11 myth. “The West” is a vague and amorphous geographic term, much like “Europe,” and by default, all nations – since borders and boundaries are concepts and change over time (I refer the reader to the dated but always excellent work by Benedict Anderson, regarding the myth of nations, titled “Imagined Communities.”) Who is in this “West?” Where are the lines of demarcation? Is it anyone who agrees with NATO, the EU, or the US?


    • greencrow says:

      Agree with you re “the West”….I find particularly abhorrent the occasions (more and more frequent) when Obama starts off his sentences with “The World…” as in “The World will not accept….blah blah blah”.

  5. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    James, I know you’ve previously covered geoengineering. However, have you ever looked into Dane Wigington?

    I raise this in light of the drought in California. Apparently, this guy claims that geoengineering has caused this drought, and the resultant “water wars.”


    I’m wondering if you will cover the geoengineering-drought-water wars nexus? I know it may be difficult, given the immediacy of many other geopolitical events unfolding. The water issue is prominent in Israel-Palestine and the Middle East in general, including the recent events in Detroit and now California. To what extent is water legislation and water rights enacted by government a “reaction” to these effects?

    • Bart Houkes says:

      Over the past years I took many pictures of geoengineering. I started doing this in an attempt to inform my friends about chemtrails, but that turned out to be a very disappointing endeavor. This seems to be the most controversial of all ‘conspiracy theories’. Some people will give you a direct ticket to the mental institution if you touch this subject.

      Anyway, for what it’s worth, here are my pictures, all taken in Utrecht, Holland:

      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        Amazing! Thanks for that compendium of pictures documenting the “chemtrails.” I agree with you about that. It’s too far out of science fiction for most people to swallow.

        I recall a discussion I had with a friend just a few weeks ago when I showed him similar pictures, including videos of airplanes releasing these “trails.” He was somewhat puzzled. Initially, he brought up the “contrail” argument. However, I showed him the differences of contrails and how fast they disappear. Additionally, he was unable to really make sense of these grid patterns and the number of these trails “zig-zagging.” Even then, his last response was, “Are you kidding? These are airplanes, even military airplanes, that fly around in large numbers and leave a trail.”

        In the weirdest counter-response, he brought up a flashback to 2010, when there was a large condensation trail left from a purported ICBM launch off of the coast of California. His argument was, “See? There’s a condensation trail that lasted a long time, and that’s how it all works.”

        I recall at the time, the images were everywhere and the mass hysteria said it was the Chinese or Russians “displaying a threat of force.” As far as we know, we were never told whether this was launched by the government accidentally, or it was a test, or anything. The media quietly hushed it up and that was that.


        The “chemtrails” are too much to swallow I suppose. My friend begrudgingly admitted though that “he never really paid attention to these” before our discussion. I wonder how many people in general are married into the screens of their “smart phones” and always have their heads down, as opposed to looking up at the sky.

      • Bart Houkes says:

        Looking back, this was a very hard nut to crack for myself as well. When I started ‘waking up’ I visited websites and channels for stuff like 9/11 and the NWO and there I also found these video’s about chemtrails. At first this seemed a very outlandish theory to me and I dismissed it for a while.

        Only after I got more informed about what was actually going on in the world I started accepting that phenomena like chemtrails could be true and only then I started seeing the trails in the sky. So,even though those trails had been there for quite some time, I wasn’t able to see them. My imagination was not ready to process the concept.

    • kris whatever says:

      what is too hard to swallow is that its so global, thats the thing that makes it bollocks IMO. alllllllllll the youtube videos and alllll the conspiracy videos, not one of them has ever tested the trails themselves or the air to see whats coming out of these planes. it seems like the first most obvious scientific thing to do to me, but as in these films like ‘ what in the world ‘ etc – they only ever test the ground and rely on the naked eye looking at trails as scientific proof. NO! not good enough for me. yes its clear it has been done, and since the 60s – there are documents from UK intelligence showing chemical tests all over the country. some at lunchtime in my local tube stations when i was a kid! cloud seeding etc is a reality – but a *global phenomenon*? – no, i dont think so.

      if someone would only get a plane and take a sample of these things, it could be proven beyond doubt, but out of all the people that bleat on about this – not one of them has a plane or a friend with a plane and has tried an air test of some kind. ive done some tests myself with plane transponders and found some military flights making strange trails – ie no transponder – however persistent contrails do exist depending on temp / humidity etc – so your eyes arent necessarily telling you what you think they are telling you!

  6. Jason says:

    I have decided to tune out and turn off this weekend! 🙂
    Some productive housework, enjoy some music, and do some cooking with the missus.
    The end of days will just have to grant me this weekend of calm.

    Wishing everyone a fine weekend!

  7. Bart Houkes says:

    This weekend I’ll continue working on Dutch subtitles for James’ FED documentary. Check out my comments on the FED article if you’re also interested in translating.
    There is an English subtitle file available that you can use to make a quick start.

  8. ursushan says:

    Hi James, What would we do without you? What did we do when we didn’t know about you? At the risk of repeating myself from elsewhere, I was in Myanmar this summer, landed in Mandalay just about the time the MH17 airliner went down in the Ukraine. I was immediately consumed, and then consumed by perplexities in the way this was being handled. How could we know Russia did it almost before the plane hit the ground? This and a recommendation in a book by James Perloff prompted me to subscribe to The Journal of Foreign Affairs. Perloff whom James had interviewed here wrote: “If you want to know what the CFR is planning for the US and the world, their bluebook is the JofFA.” It fits together! And it explains a lot. I couldn’t resist posting a link to this thread on the JofFA this morning suggesting that a good title might be: Look Jane! See how Dumb. Look Dick! See how Funny! The sad part is that it’s not dumb, it’s not funny; it’s very dangerous. But the level of journalistic expertise exhibited at the JofFA is somewhere on a par with Fox News, I think. I suggested in a post yesterday that they change their title to: The Journal of Imminent Threat. And what I see, so well alluded to here, is that they have us all running around hysterically examining the facts, looking at this person, following the steps of that one, piecing together this evidence… And do we see them somewhere in the background laughing their heads off? Or are they nutty enough to take all this seriously themselves? That they might take themselves seriously is of great concern; what is of even greater concern is what they have done to this country.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      Excellent point. I occasionally flip through Foreign Affairs or National Interest just to get a glimpse of what the oligarchical class is thinking – both on the left and the right.

      It’s also amusing that I find myself looking for clues in the mainstream media. The other day I was listening to some piece on NPR (National Pentagon Radio) titled “Why Civil Resistance Movements Succeed.” Predictably, researchers Erica Chenoweth and Maria Stephan researched and wrote this piece in “Foreign Affairs.” Ms. Stephan was also with the State Department. Here they are opining on NPR. The reason I bring this up is because this is prevalent everywhere, among all the MSM. These NGO-Think Tank talking heads are embedded or “contributors” to various media outlets. People like Anderson Cooper are complete CIA assets. The bedfellow-type relationship between the MSM and these CFR-CIA-think tank talking heads is amazing once you start to pay attention. Why does the MSM only present opinions and viewpoints from these organizations? Why are we limited to these views and not others? What makes these talking heads and what they have to say any more valid than what someone like James has to say? Why doesn’t NPR invite James?

      • ursushan says:

        Thanks, Algorithm. I’m sitting here in a fog because I really lambasted the JofFA this morning, three times in a row, on an article called Dysfunction Junction. Or why is America so messed up? I blamed our troubles upfront on our foreign policy, our war-mongering, and simplistic representations of which I see myself now as guilty. Still, I’m not going to do anything about it… I’ve gone there on a number of occasions since I signed up a month ago and usually leave scrappy comments about how deceitful the articles are. (One commenter thought I was trolling for Russia…) An article by Mearsheimer (of Israel Lobby fame) was printed, perhaps, to suggest more even-handedness on FA’s part. Mearsheimer openly sided with Russia in the Ukrainian debacle, but he brought up Kerry’s weird comment about 19th century foreign policy practices wherein a country invades another country with no pretext. How could one not remember Iraq and everything else we’ve been doing in the Middle East for the past 15 or 20 years? Kerry has become a joke. And it’s possible the Mearsheimer article was the most the Journal will do to make amends for their edge-to-edge coverage of articles several weeks ago about Putin, the blood on his hands, his questionable sanity, etc.

        I do believe the JofFA articles and position points are air-brained and most of their “facts” are air-brushed. But I’m troubled about how to formulate a stance on the mess we see out there in the world, because if we don’t have a clear perception, then it’s next to impossible to do anything, let alone formulate any suggestions about what might be done. The only advice to myself that I can come up with is to stop reading so much and go do something else for awhile. Which is just what I’ll do. Thanks for listening and/or reading…

  9. ursushan says:

    I made the mistake of clicking on the Hagel report which turns out to be Fox News. Here is a link to The Real News Network and a eulogy (of sorts) given by Jessica Desvarieux who was a classmate and friend of James Foley who was beheaded by ISIS. http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=12270

    Listen to Jessica’s brief analysis and then go down and read some of the commentary, especially the first in which the responder openly states that It was the US government who murdered Foley. There’s also a description from Global Research on what exactly ISIS is. I turned Hagel off before the first minute ended because this is sickening… and as I said in the post above: We are so obviously being manipulated that we should be on our tiptoes screaming in fury. Another guy, Hanauer, a billionaire from Seattle warned in a Politico article recently: The pitchforks are coming! Hanauer used Inequality as the reason; mine would be colossal deceit and shameless manipulation. I have HBP so will not open any more links but it’s not necessary. The interlinking commentary says it all. When are we going to wake up and do something? I for one do not want these clowns to have the satisfaction of wasting any more of my time. Any comments I write now are going to be to the few Congressional representatives I know of who might/MIGHT? be able to do something about this.

  10. arcadia11 says:

    i believe the show me state is being made an example of.

    missouri passed nation’s strongest pro-gun law. amendment 5 was passed into the missouri state constitution on 5 aug 2014. a strong step toward nullification.

    missouri is leading the resistance to common core – HB1490 strengthens local control of education. was signed into law.

    missouri steps toward nullification of obamacare- SB546 passed committee on 18 feb 2014. HB1314 referred to house committee on health care policy where it will need to pass by majority vote.

    from the 10th amendment center:

    with a 75% vote, missourians approved amendment 9 in 2014 giving “electronic data and communications” the same state constitutional protections as “persons, homes, papers and effects.”

    HB1204 – would put severe restrictions on the use of drones by law enforcement. 3/24/14 passed house 109-44. 3/27/14 referred to senate general laws committee.

    introduction of SB622 to protect citizens from indefinite detentions provisions of the NDAA

    enacted 7/13/09 HB361 prohibits violation of a person’s privacy rights in order to obtain a driver’s license (real id)

    HB2054 would legalize industrial hemp for production in missouri. introduced on 27 feb. 4/23 passed economic development committee 16-1. referred to rules committee.

    legislators are considering four separate bills that would (1) legalize recreational use (HB1659), (2) legalize medicinal use (HB1324 and SB951), or (3) decriminalize possession (HB1325).
    also under consideration is HJR86, a proposal for a state constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana use for persons 21 years or age or older. If passed by the house and senate, it would go to the voters for approval

    another execution/sacrifice of a young black man, celebrity appearances by alex jones, anonymous, al sharpton, agents provocateur and a second fatal shooting – the ferguson circus is nothing more than punishment.

    missouri rocks. i will do what i can to support them.

    good luck to us all.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      Thanks for providing that context. That certainly would go a long way to explain the hidden motivations for the deep state to reassert its control via another manufactured event. Please note that isn’t to say the killing was fake. That means to stay the state happened to use this one as an example to roll out its militarized police, almost flaunt it and mock the masses. Many other black folks get shot that doesn’t make the news. This one did and the media constantly repeated it, ad nauseam. For what purpose? Why?

      Also a good point about opportunists like Jesse Jackson and Alex Jones, and other more “mainstream” alternative types (who seem more like controlled opposition sometimes, I don’t know), only being reactive to these events, instead of dictating the discourse.

      We all know the US is a police state, but why was it being advertised now? What is the significance? While the U.S. media lens was focused on Ferguson, what else were we not seeing? Misdirection.

      Your point about Anonymous reminded me of the show “House of Cards.” I can’t even say this is predictive programming because at this point, I even think it may be the Hollywood establishment’s way of showing the cards (no pun intended) to the masses of how things are – the conspiracies, manipulations, deceptions, etc. that go on in the back rooms. People are fascinated with this show because of it, but few make the logical leap of going into the next level of analysis to connect that to our reality. In any event, to what degree do you suppose that some of the Anonymous hackers are akin to the hacker character, “Gavin Orsay” in the show, who is a hacker, but also an FBI informant – someone who was caught and now has no way but to comply with the dictates of the “Fuhbee” guys?

  11. icon2relix says:

    You are only being fed mainstream media BS if you chose to eat it.

  12. ursushan says:

    I just saw this from paulcraigroberts.org… http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/08/23/guest-column-eric-margolis-beheading/

    One of the things I’ve noted on more than a few occasions is that journalists out in the field, e.g. Chris Hedges (speaking of when he was there) and others, don’t question that these terrorist groups in the Middle East are there, that they are as they are described and they are indeed fomenting terror… This article on the beheading of James Foley speaks to that, and upends my wish to compartmentalize this whole troubling mess, to want to just put it away! Go up and take a look at the comments i wrote just an hour or two ago. I’m beginning now to doubt much of what I said there. I don’t think it’s so simple and/or so easy as discounting mainstream media BS. I understand the sentiment because that’s exactly how I want to order my world: this is clear and OK; and that’s bad and should be discounted. It’s not that easy. OR: am I falling into just another one of their traps?

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      I understand your sentiment. I think the price we all pay for being “awakened” is always having to keep our minds alert and limber, so as not to succumb to the subtle coercion that is foisted on us masses from every orifice of communication, since birth. Of course, with an “open mind” (whatever that means), comes responsibility, and part of it is the eternal vigilance. It can be a lonely and thankless state of consciousness, but at least it’s honest.

      The fact that these Islamists exist and are rampaging across the Middle East is not in doubt. In any movement, you always have the foot soldiers – the fanatics, the dupes, the patsies, the brown-shirts, etc. They aren’t in doubt. What is in doubt are the “spontaneous origins” of these groups. In other words, the unharnessed energy of the fanatics, the dupes and the patsies are all there – the question is, how to mold and harness that energy. I don’t blame “the West” and allege they “created” the “Arab Spring” or “ISIS” – but they certainly harnessed the energy, fostered it and used it for their ends.

      You also have to consider that there is a world economic depression since 2007-2008 that has created massive austerity and unemployment across much of the world, including the Middle East. There it’s akin to Europe in the Middle Ages when you had unemployed bands of men roaming around in the thousands with nothing better to do. So thus, the economic malaise is the perfect tinder box within which to harness the energy of these groups and channel to your own useful ends.

      So if I were part of this secret government banking oligarchy, then how perfect of a scheme it is to artificially create such a depression as we are witnessing, whose conditions will help further foster unease and chaos. Of course, the way these elites institute their plans is precisely via the pyramid scheme, as carried out through the various other bricks of the pyramid from the CFR, Trilateral Commission, WHO, WTO, World Bank, IMF, CIA, Mossad, MI6, etc.

      My friends retort, “So you’re saying there’s a monolithic scheme to control us all?” Yes, precisely. Their response is always “Occam’s Razor” but I think there are some excellent refutations of Occam’s Razor. People have trouble understanding that there doesn’t have to be an agreement among everyone at the various levels of the pyramid, just the most important folks at the top. Everyone else, well, like everyone else, operates on a “need to know” basis. That was, after all, how the US kept the “Manhattan Project” under wraps for so long – compartmentalization.

      • ursushan says:

        And 9/11. Thanks for this… I just watched James’s Century of Enslavement documentary. It’s another masterpiece, like 9/11 Conspiracy Theory. I appreciate the comforting comments about what happens when you begin to doubt yourself and what you think. Keeping the larger picture in mind is not always easy. I listened to part of some documentary linked here by another respondent on ISIS. It was in Arabic (I think) so you had to read the commentary. The sense I got was that ISIS is into killing Muslims, not Americans… but behind that is our policy as announced by none other than Hank Kissinger in the 1980s, to set the Shias and Sunnis against one another for a war that will last a century. What nice people we are! If you haven’t watched Century of Enslavement, it’s highly recommended. What came together for me in the last hour and a half, was that the banksters who are fomenting all this violence across the globe are doing it on behalf of their NWO which if it happens means we disappear. The Federal Reserve system is their piggy bank. We have to shut it off. At any rate, that’s how I see it today. Aloha!

      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        James’ 911 – A Conspiracy Theory, is pound for pound, the best out there, both as an intro into the official 911 myth as propagated by the establishment and as a segue into 911 truth. This leads me to 2 further thoughts, especially as we approach yet another year of 9/11, without the culprits having been brought to justice.

        1. Another aspect of 9/11 and other events that have intrigued me is the numerological aspect of it. I am not much of a religious or superstitious person, but have a faint belief in the spiritual aspect of humanity. I strongly suspect there are occultic obsessions with the “elite” as far as numbers, symbols and rituals go. I haven’t dedicated much to read into this, but from the surface of what I’ve seen, it’s hard to dismiss it. I do not subscribe to the predictive powers of numerology in terms of predicting future events. However, I do see them as some sort of a “Kabbalistic” obsession with the elite, and a “calling card” of sorts. In other words, if you’re in this “elite” you can pre-plan things to fit these numbers and symbols – sort of a perfect ritualistic execution.

        I recall my first foray into “conspiracies” and reading David Icke and his “reptilians.” Although I do not subscribe to his reptilian thesis, I certainly found his treatment of the “symbolism” associated with major events (such as JFK, Princess Diana, etc.), to be interesting, to say the least.

        With 9/11 a quick search of “911 numerology” provides many websites and youtube videos (some more credible than others) that delve into the numbers of this. It’s also interesting to note that Bush Sr. gave his “new world order” speech on two occasions – 9/11/1990 and 1/29/1991. Here are the two documented speeches including the Bush Senior phrases “new world order” and that masonic/occultic phrase “a thousand points of light”:

        9/11/1990 speech – http://bushlibrary.tamu.edu/research/public_papers.php?id=2217&year=1990&month=9

        9/11/1990 speech video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CWBTL33MpA

        1/29/1991 speech – http://bushlibrary.tamu.edu/research/public_papers.php?id=2656&year=1991&month=1

        1/29/1991 speech video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byxeOG_pZ1o

        The latter video link is an example of the internet making an error and perpetuating it. The tag notes it was a speech given on 9/11/1991, which is not true. It was 1/29/1991.

        However, that error aside, from Bush Sr.’s 9/11/1990 speech, 9/11/2001 is exactly 11 years.

        Also, let’s recall the stolen Cessna airplane that hit the white house when Bill Clinton was “in office” on 9/11/1994. Could this have been a false flag that was not as successful? Was this a false flag before it’s time? What made this not as successful? Was this and even the WTC 3, a precursor, or predictive programming, before its time? Was it designed to create a “trail”?


        I know one can look at all these numbers and events as mere coincidence. My personal take is there is more than meets the eye. Humans are creatures of planning and purpose. It’s possible these elite are steeped heavily into various forms of mysticism beyond what anyone of us can comprehend. This likely feeds their beliefs that they are the “chosen ones,” since they are the “adept,” and must lead the flock of the “profane” to “enlightenment.”

        2. I was 19 when I saw the 911 events unfold on TV with my dad and brother watching the screen. At the time, I had already been reading ‘alternative’ journals, news, and conspiracies, so I was quite astonished at what happened. I had read “Crossfire” and “Rule by Secrecy” by Jim Marrs and knew of Operation Northwoods, including all the previous pretexts the U.S. had done to invade other countries from the USS Maine, to Pearl Harbor, to the Gulf of Tonkin. So imagine my surprise when I saw this on TV. My first intuitive reaction was “the government did it.” When I said this, my family thought I was nuts and not to say such things. Posterity has proven me correct, thankfully.

        Given the many spread out sources of 911 truth (including the various misinformation such as no airplanes hit the towers), I thought it would be interesting if one day, there could even be classes at universities titled “911 Truth Studies.” Then again, like Lennon, perhaps I’m a dreamer, but I know I’m not the only one. Perhaps there can be efforts to create the 911 Truth Project (I know there’s 911 Truth.org), that would amass all of the information and sort it all out. Perhaps not. Worth thinking about.

  13. daflammas says:

    I’m not thinking about worldly things this weekend. I’m plotting how to evade tax, clearing the veg plot of blighted tomatoes and rampant, mutant squashes, harvesting more beans, beetroot and courgettes, blanching them and then freezing them (I can think about the tax evasion whilst doing these things!). Joel Salatin in his book “You Can Farm” points out how growing your own veg and bartering and exchanging produce and services, not only saves you “funny money” but also means you’re not paying the myriad taxes on those purchases. I suppose it’s more “opting out” of paying tax rather than tax evasion per se.
    I’m going to read Paul Grignon’s Digital Coin site again (about 10th time) to try and get my head round the concept, and see how I can start issuing my own credit. Only people who know me and who are already exchanging goods and services with me are going to accept them, but maybe if they start doing the same thing we can get a better understanding of how it could work in the “real” world.

  14. daflammas says:

    I ended up watching Money as Debt III after Digital Coin Info. Paul Grignon quotes E C Riegel “The New Approach to Freedom” 1949 which led me to Startpage search him. Turns out he is very quotable, eg,

    “To desire freedom is an instinct. To secure it requires intelligence. It must be comprehended and self—asserted. To petition for it is to stultify oneself, for a petitioner is a confessed subject and lacks the spirit of a freeman. To rail and rant against tyranny is to manifest inferiority, for there is no tyranny but ignorance; to be conscious of one’s powers is to lose consciousness of tyranny. Self government is not a remote aim. It is an intimate and inescapable fact. To govern oneself is a natural imperative, and all tyranny is the miscarriage of self government. The first requisite of freedom is to accept responsibility for the lack of it.”

    E.C. Riegel

    “There is a treasure buried in your consciousness. If you will dig it up from the debris of superstition and fear that covers it you will gain a freedom and self—mastery that will lift your life to a higher plane. This is the money power in you. The power to create money with which to purchase wealth, health and happiness actually lies dormant within you. You have thought of the money power as something remote from you and beyond your grasp. You have dreamed of the good you could and would do if you had money power. You have blamed others for not accomplishing this good. You have blamed them for evil economic and political conditions; for unemployment, for poverty, for crime, for war. It is quite logical to blame these maladies upon the malfunction of the money power, but you have not suspected that the money power resides in you and because of your failure to exert it the world is afflicted with miseries. You have the power; you have the responsibility. The power and responsibility to banish poverty, unemployment, insecurity, misery and war rests entirely with you. You, in cooperation with other intelligent persons, can drive economic and political evils further and further from the area of your life and ultimately they may be driven from the face of the earth. You can do this by the money power in you, expressed first in your own prosperity and happiness, and radiating to others. You can do it and you must do it. There is no power outside of you that can bring these blessings to you. Petitioning the Government is like writing to Santa Claus. You need no laws — there is a law, a natural law that governs your money power. You need no government aid. You need only cooperation with and from persons who, like you, have resolved to exert the money power inherent in us all. This power in each of us needs only the recognition and respect of our fellows to spring forth and exert its blessings. We need not petition Congress and we need not waste time to denounce bankers, for they can neither help nor hinder our natural right to extend credit to each other, and this is the perfect basis for a money system.”

    E. C. Riegel Promo for Private Enterprise Money.

    • justin.delano says:

      Check out Peter Hendrickson and “Cracking the Code”. His website is losthorizons.com.
      Listen to his interview on red ice creations for a 45 minute summary of his book. Dude hasn’t paid taxes in over ten years. Files a return every year and gets all money back. Apparently income tax is only for .gov employees and those whose primary business income derives from .gov contracts. We have all been conditioned to think it applies to us, and not one in a million investigate it for ourselves. The only way to defeat the beast is to starve it. This is the way to do it. Legally.
      He has put the irs in between a rock and a hard place. Either they have to admit that the tax doesn’t apply to us, or they have to admit that by having a SS card, we are all “employees” of the gov and therefore tax slaves. They prefer to quietly return all the money than to come out and say they own us.
      At least that is their attitude now. Once martial law is imposed, it could be a different story.

  15. TimR says:

    For some reason I’ve come across a number of interviews in the alt media lately that deal with the Jewish influence on world affairs. One of the more interesting was with E. Michael Jones (can’t remember what podcast I heard him on.) He argues the US is mainly composed of three “tribes,” (or has been shaped mainly by these three at least, in the twentieth century): the Jewish, WASP, and Catholic communities. He contends that the Catholics “lost” an early battle for the culture, and a WASP-Jewish alliance waged covert warfare, especially via the media, to break down traditional values and reduce the public to “unreason,” to make them easy prey for manipulation and propaganda.

    My question today, assuming Jones’ thesis is valid, is: what is the current status of the WASP-Jewish alliance? Are they “equal” or is one in ascendance?

  16. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    I watched this video titled “Welcome to Baghdad: How Iraq Used to Be in the 1950s.”


    It was depressing to watch this video and see how stable it once was and realize what the people there have gone through since 1991, the deaths from the sanctions Madeleine “The Owl” Albright thought were “worth it,” the subsequent 2003 invasion, the destabilization, the sectarian war and hundreds and thousands and possibly even millions that have have died in Iraq over the last 20 years.

    This article from 2013 by Michael Spagat, titled “The Iraq Sanctions Myth” argues that the figures of alleged numbers killed was wrong, based on a retraction from the author of the original study. Note this Spagat character is a consultant with the Oxford Research Group, Professor of Economics at Royal Holloway College, University of London, a PhD from Harvard.


    Regardless of the veracity of the numbers of children that died from the sanctions on Iraq in the 90s, the focus should be on the answer of someone like Madeleine Albright, whose answer is far more illuminating of the psychotic nature of ruling elite that we have, obsessed with power. Instead, this Spagat character trivializes the deaths by saying they aren’t what was claimed, and focuses attention away from where the emphasis should be.

  17. macburns says:

    Thanks for the open thread-there is so much going on locally and globally and it is almost all-encompassing. So many events are interrelated and each topic has important tangents for us to be informed about. I appreciate this opportunity, because I know you run a tight ship here and many of us have a lot more to say, but haven’t found the right forum. Mostly, I want to help my fellow brothers and sisters by offering what I have learned, that others may not have found yet.
    What’s on my mind? Not all at once, but usually this:

    1. We need to support each other emotionally. Some of us are still walking into walls with these new glasses on and trying to function normally in an environment where the vast majority of people are oblivious to the real story. This is an isolating experience, and being alone makes the truth that much more difficult to bear. I commend us all on being high-functioning in spite of the tops of our heads being figuratively blown off.

    2. Someone posted this over on the Global Skywatch site. If you use Windows, click on control panel and then user accounts and family safety then credential manager. You may find a user name and password that you don’t recognize and that you didn’t place there. It will say something like virtual digapp, the password will likely start with 02. Remove it from your vault. Everytime windows does an update, it will be there. Keep checking and keep removing it. Who else could it be but big brother.

    3.We have to have hope and faith in mankind, and that there may also be one or several covert operations ongoing in opposition to this nwo madness. Could this be why they are behind schedule? Could the BRICS actually be a double-cross by the Knights Templar? That is where the phrase originated-the two demons-(er..men) on horseback each carrying a cross. This image was their symbol.

    4. Getting out of debt means I have to sell my beautiful seaside 1850 house that my husband and I have been restoring for 15 years. Should I?

    5. How much should I tell my children, and am I putting them in danger by being a truth activist?

    6. Fear and anger emit resonance frequencies that can be detected. This feeds the beast and Alex Jones knows this. Information Warfare is a CIA program, hence the name InfoWars.

    7. I need to find an older version of the bible, because all of this nwo crap is framed by the bible. The story of Jesus has been hijacked, co-opted, twisted and abused. We live in a Luciferian soup and we don’t even recognize it. William Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse) was a “truther” who proselytized about Jesus. He was shot to death when the IRS came to his house. Fritz Springmeier, another lecturing “truther” also spoke devoutly of Jesus. He was released from prison after 10 years and it is said he no longer speaks of Jesus. Does praising Jesus and outing the cabal get you killed or reprogrammed? Why could this be, why is Jesus such a threat?

    8. I believe the power of that mysterious little gland in our brain that no one really knows much about, called the pineal gland, is very well understood by the ptsb. This is the reason for flouride in the water (it calcifies the gland). This gland is also called the third eye, or the mind’s eye, and works with serotonin (your anti-depressant) and melatonin. Cacao is called the food of the gods, and high doses of it can open the third eye. I believe this gland can be used with very focused intense prayer and intention to actually bring about good in the world. I expect it can also be used for harm (haven’t seen it, but there is a film out now called Lucy(fer)that may deal with this power.) If you look at Sumerian art, and carvings at the Vatican, they revere a pine cone shaped object. The pineal gland looks like a tiny pinecone.

    9.I just read somewhere (wish I could remember where) that chemtrails could be used to make earth more inhabitable for another species. Everything I have read indicates that the chaff consists of aluminum, barium, strontium and some biological agents. When I read this I immediately thought of the star child skull that was being researched by Lloyd Pye. Its bones are very high in aluminum which implies that it could not survive on this earth…..

    Well that’s enough for now-I could go on and on. 🙂 Peace.

    • Colin Green says:

      Whoa macburns! That’s a lot to digest.

      I won’t pretend to have all the answers, but I’ll offer my opinion on a few of the queries/issues you raised.

      1. That’s an excellent observation and good thinking.

      2. That does sound like it merits some investigation. Thanks.

      3. I suspect that there are likely several competing groups of very intelligent people with competing (though sometimes complimentary for the sake of progress and profits) master plans.

      4. Probably, but very much dependent on your personal situation and the alternatives available to you. If the end result doesn’t benefit you, then perhaps you should think about sitting on it until a better plan evolves (as a result of further evaluation and investigations).

      5. Everything in moderation. They are your children and should be high on your list of people to help through life in this respect (same as every other respect). Though care must be taken in the way you go about this (as I am also currently doing) to avoid scaring them into feeling that either they are powerless from day one, or that their parents are nutters. My wife’s awakening is challenging as she can’t handle her world being messed with (though concedes that it is an illusion). It’s all too scary for her and she likes her illusion.

      6. I don’t feel qualified to comment on this one.

      7. Can’t help you with that one as I believe that all religions are mechanisms designed to entangle the human mind in unnecessary and confusing filters that actually make it harder to discern reality, Good, Evil and truth. Instinct and true unfiltered self honesty are hard enough to manage without adding endless obfuscations that makes you more comfortable with self deception. My 2 cents worth.

      8. I am open minded on this. It is so nice to think we all have a little tool in ourselves that we can aspire to master all things with. In fact, it’s such a comforting thought, it should be a religion ;-). I’m pretty sure that mines already fully petrified. As for the vatican having pine cone symbols, I suspect that its likely as not a symbol of the presence of the golden ratio throughout nature.

      9. Lots of theories around chem-trails. I seriously doubt that the real objective is good for us (like reflecting harmful solar radiation). I tend to favour the theories around enhancing/bouncing HARP microwave signals/plasma balls/electromagnetic pulse to trigget storms/earthquakes/tsunamis etc. Though I suspect that even that theory may not be evil enough to be true.

      • macburns says:

        I appreciate the feedback very much Colin and AofC!

        5. My husband has the glasses on so to speak, thanks to his willingness to listen to me and read and watch what I have been showing him, and he has been speaking to his friends and coworkers.
        I have been encouraging my (grown)children to be vigilant about what they put in their bodies, to be self-reliant and to stay out of debt while I have recently (not at first-I was initially horrified, devastated and overcome by a sense of extreme urgency)been remaining upbeat and hopeful without losing my sense of humor about all of this.
        7. I am looking at Jesus with as much of a clean slate as I can muster-also aware of biases I may have. I am an estranged Catholic, and left the church with great difficulty and guilt (which made me recognize the kind of cult-like grip that it had on me)when the pedophilia cover ups were coming to light. I recognize that churches and religions have been infiltrated by the ptsb and they are a very powerful tool to control and influence the masses. I also, in my open-minded, rational, educated (?indoctrinated) and reasonable way have also viewed the bible as more parable, symbolism and metaphor without ever actually having read it!! I considered the possibility that MLK, Ghandi and others were like Jesus/2nd comings? I am coming to a fresh understanding of the role of Jesus as a yup-divine/otherworldly/alien physical/chemical force and revolutionary radical teacher who spoke truth to power. After watching Lloyd Pye’s lecture on human origins I have a fresh perspective on original sin, divine/cosmic intervention in the creation theory. I believe the false god/force/entity who rules the earth is satan (such an eye-rolling word isn’t it and one of many names for it) and there is a greater God of the universe that exists as a vibration/resonance/force that can be recognized in physics, chemistry and physiology.
        8. I have done more reading on the pinecone symbol-it symbolizes life, and my sense is that the ptsb have perverted this symbol to represent their sex/death cult.

        I have a new understanding that there is a divine life force in physics, chemistry, resonance and electromagnetic frequency and we as humans have great power within ourselves to affect these forces in a positive way by our behavior and thoughts.

        So, never any offense taken when talking about religion-this is a great place to exchange ideas and perspectives.

        Don’t let the UFO stuff turn you off:


    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      1. Your observation about the “isolating experience, and being alone makes truth that much more difficult to bear,” is a very lucid observation into the human condition. After all, how do you go back to sleep, once you’ve followed the rabbit hole to the very bottom of its core? It can make for very lonely moments, especially among crowds or groups of people, family or friends and you hear them spout the regurgitated nonsense.

      3. I don’t know about Knights Templars, or what have you, but from the perspective of purely having an alternative, the BRICS is a good thing. Anytime you can encourage a monopoly in anything, to be challenged, I’d say it’s good. However, that comes with a caveat. James pointed out correctly, why limit ourselves to simply Choice A and Choice B? If BRICS is going to be more of the same, then how is it any better?

      4. That’s a personal cost-benefit analysis you have to make for yourself.

      5. To quote Khalil Gibran: “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you, yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts.” You should tell your children whatever you deem will be beneficial for them to ultimately make the decision on their own of which path to follow. If you train and feed your children with the right ammo, they will no doubt see truth, logic and common sense.

      6. I’m personally put off by Alex Jones’ right-wing anti-immigration and downright racist undertones. He claims he’s for the truth, yet he perpetuates the same tired and false “left/right paradigm.” He is more like a “Cognitive Infiltrate” than he is genuine. And if he is not a cognitive infiltrate, then he’s an opportunist.

      7. Please don’t take offense to this, it’s just my own thought. My personal outlook on the Bible and Jesus is a bit less dark than yours. Do I disagree with the ideas represented by this man called Jesus? Certainly not. However, I personally take the story of Jesus, and anything in the Bible, with a bushel of salt. The Bible is an amalgamation of different books, parables and stories written over various periods of time, and borrowed from various other “sun god” religions. The idea of Jesus himself is taken from a variety of other son of god types – Horus, Mithra, Zoroaster, etc. More of the Bible is written in allegory and symbolism, and is mostly dealing with astrological symbolism, than anything else, and conveying certain ‘esoteric knowledge’ to keep it hidden from the profane. Outside of the books considered in the Bible, there are no contemporary references to a man called “Jesus.”

      I am very suspicious of any ideology or -ism, that claims to have answers to everything. That is how deception occurs. It is precisely this type of temptation of thought that leads us astray and makes us easily susceptible to the power of suggestion, such that we get our egos bound up and wound up with all sorts of horrible ideas that lead us to do things we otherwise would not do if we were thinking men.

      To quote George Carlin, who was asked about 911 truth, he said:

      “I always question the received reality.”


      • macburns says:

        Thanks AofC for the thoughtful exchange!

        I encourage you to look into the Knights Templar. They were Catholic Military which should be an oxymoron! They stole the gold from the Temple of Solomon centuries ago and they did it again on Sept. 11 2001 from the Solomon Brothers Building. (WTC7). They were at the Marathon bombing in Boston as “Craft International” as a mercenary group providing security. Their website says the group was inspired by the founder’s templar faith.
        They are at the core of the ptsb today. The “Dark Knight” has risen so to speak.
        I worry about the idea that makes so much sense to so many people, about all the world religions having parallel origins and really being different version of the same thing. This smells like one world religion propaganda. I find the Zeitgeist film’s claim that Jesus was the son/sun of god as validation of the pagan/sun worshiping roots of Christianity to be obviously and blatantly flawed. These words are homophones. This argument only works in English! Jesus is the sun cannot be translated into, for example, Jesus is the fils. Fils (son) and soleil (sun) have nothing to do with one another in French.

        This film debunks the Zeitgeist movement and its one world religion propaganda. So many people who are well aware of the truth in so many other areas, are falling for the Zeitgeist movement.

        Love Kahlil Gibran and Carlin! Thanks for that 🙂 My children do belong to the universe, but definitely not to the state or the community! 🙂

  18. Colin Green says:

    I am trying to get my head around how world events are tied together (as might be expected in a fully manipulated world) and started wondering how some of the financial factors play into current military confrontations.

    Thinking of factors such as;
    1. The Fed spending/loaning of the German gold bullion that it was entrusted with.
    2. The Fed replacement of the gold bullion having to be done by drip feed shipments to Germany.
    3. Ongoing manipulation of world gold and silver prices enable the Fed to buy back the gold (at more favourable rates)that its shareholders plundered and cashed in.
    4. Russia, India & China’s bulk buying of the cheap gold frustrating the Fed program to acquire the gold.

    Along with recent bilateral trade agreements in non U$ transactions and Russia’s position as an energy resource competitor for the European market (upon which much needed return$ from ma$$ive middle eastern investment$ are relied on). It’s probably a pretty tense time for team Petro-dollar these days.

    I think what we are seeing at present is somewhat akin to the squashing of a rotten apple. What would happen if China decided to send it’s Trillion$$$ of U$$$$$ back to the US anytime soon? I wonder if enough of the U$ police are militarised to deal with an overnight crash.. yet?

    Slow day 😉

  19. Richard-Fitzwell says:

    Been reading Gustavus Myers ‘History of Great American Fortunes’ and just being shocked at the unbelievable parallels between the situations we find ourselves in today, and how they aren’t much different to conditions all throughout the history of the United States, even as far back as in British colonial times…

    This book has been very eye-opening for me as to what I would call the ‘mythology’ of America (to borrow a phrase from the pillars of NeoCon-ism).

  20. whateverittakes2 says:

    OKAY: I used to be ursushan… and now..

    I happened to see the guy from The Young Turks yesterday doing a critique of Obama; he was reading some criticism written by someone from Yale who characterized Obama as a floater. That was not the exact word but the idea that came across to me was of someone who will never take a committed position. I don’t know about you, probably there are some (or many here) who have wondered about Obama’s credentials, especially his academic credentials… not to speak of his abilities, in general. I just sent the following out to some of my friends with the header: Obama as Academic Fraud

    re Our President:

    The former Constitutional senior lecturer* cited the U.S. Constitution recently during his State of the Union Address. Unfortunately, the quote he cited was from the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

    Has anyone else been wondering who BO really is: A Constitutional Law Professor? ???

    *He wasn’t a Professor. He was a lecturer, untenured; no benefits. And apparently Michelle voluntarily gave up her law license in 1993.

    Take a look at this:


    If this is what it seems, why do you think this kind of fraud has been perpetrated on the American people…??? Oh, I know: All sorts of frauds have been perpetrated upon the American people…

    What with everything else that’s going on, why should I/we be surprised? But man oh man oh man… This takes the cake!

    Even the President!

    OK: I’ve got it: They (the NWO people) groomed him and brought him on as President to take America down…

    Any other brilliant ideas, let me know!

    After I sent it out, I had this thought about what James has written here about the Rockefellers, the Educational System, Tragedy and Hope, the myriad attempts to mind control us: Might it be that they constructed Obama for the express purpose to test how dumb we are now?? how credulous, pliable, manipulable, etc., etc.?

  21. lincolnlea says:

    I recently saw a rather long but worth watching amateur video on global research from Eastern Ukraine – Novorossiyia – villagers and townspeople undergoing shelling from Ukraine. The one thing that hit me most was a cry from the heart of one of the men, that echoed my own bewilderment “we don’t understand why no-one in Western media is showing what the Government in Kiev is doing to us. Even the so called “Alternative Media”, most of them don’t talk of us”. I had noticed the same. I did a flick round – the Alex Jones channel, heaps similar to it, and the only places I find anything, any reporting, any articles, concerning the racial ethnic genocide being carried out right now in Ukraine by it’s government is on global research, Paul Craig Roberts, Information Clearing House. That’s it. There is even nothing here.
    I want to ask James if he will do a piece on it, on the entire propaganda and Putin demonization, the hiding of evidence of MH17 (including that 4 countries of which Australia is one have signed a pact that findings will be kept classified) but more, the appalling deaths and destruction being rained down on those innocent people. Why is the Alternative Media being silent? Why will no-one speak for these people? There has been countless media support for Palestine (as there should be), even for the desert nomads IS is supposedly threatening (and that’s ok of course), but nothing, not one word for the Russian speaking people of Eastern Ukraine. And I don’t understand why.
    Please James, do a piece on it that I can use when I post to mainstream blogs here in Aus, to try and support the point I am making.
    Also – after the abuse and stupid dumb uninformed comments from Australian newspaper blogs – this comes as an oasis of calm rational decent comment, discussion, and reflection.
    Well done everyone.

  22. whateverittakes2 says:

    Here is a link from the University of Chicago Law School sent to me supposedly supporting Barack Obama as a credentialed academic. http://www.law.uchicago.edu/media

    I think it’s more incriminating than supportive. In any case, how it is that we’ve been led to believe that Barack Obama was a Professor of Constitutional Law? Or is this just more a problem with doublespeak… Lecturer, Professor, tenure, benefits, no tenure, no benefits. We don’t make those kinds of hard distinctions any more… sort of like guilty, not guilty: It doesn’t matter, does it?

    I read somewhere on the internet yesterday that the US has threatened to invade the Netherlands! (the home of the World Court — glad to know it’s still there…) if they so much as dare haul us in for crimes against humanity. It may be a joke but given our outlandish (as in criminal) presence on the world scene, it’s not hard to disbelieve. We ARE perpetrating crimes against humanity. I have gone to the Journal of Foreign Affairs and posted in several places the link (which I got here, I think) showing the horrific things that are now going on in Eastern Ukraine. The JofFA helped to set in motion that lie about Putin being responsible for the downing of the Malaysian Airliner in July 2014 which would in any other world be considered irresponsible yellow journalism. But not in the world we live in now… and after what we did to Iraq and Libya, what we’re doing in Afghanistan, etc., (and how many other places?) why would anyone expect anything else??? The only end to this is going to be the complete collapse of this country. Ray McGovern says we not only know perfectly well what happened to MH17, we also know about the other Malaysian Airliner that disappeared in March… Malaysia is another country like the Netherlands who seems to have shown some concern about the US’s (and Israel’s) status as international war criminals. We apparently don’t think anyone anywhere has the right to question what we do in the world. The separation of powers has completely collapsed. To say we are a democracy today is not to distort or stretch the truth, it’s to tell a lie. Plain and simple. I stand by my last comment above: BO is a mirror of how stupid we’ve become.

  23. BennyB says:

    I’ve been spending a lot of time lately looking critically at the role of the pro-Israel lobby and I’ve realized there’s a large part of the equation which I’ve been overlooking: Christian Zionism in America. More specifically; Christians United For Israel (CUFI), lead by pastor John Hagee. I don’t want to offend anybody’s religious sensibilities, but the nature of this “support” for Israel is pretty scary when you measure the nature of how this fits, not only to the shameful US support for a policy of ethnic cleansing in the occupied territories, but in relation to the strategic use of ‘Islamic’ extremism (currently being perpetrated under the brand name: ISIS) to systematically destabilize, fracture, and ostensibly pave the way for more direct US “boots on the ground” finagling in the region. Beyond this, what’s going on with Russia also fits into the biblical literalist apocalyptic ideology Hagee preaches. This is someone who expresses the idea that the creation of Israel as a Jewish state part of a fulfillment of biblical prophecy, where this is one of the steps which paves the way for rapture, which comes in the form of a nuclear holocaust.

    I know this sounds absurd, but when you look at CUFI in the context of US foreign policy, particularly towards Israel, the nature of the political language around Israel, Iran, and Russia, the implications become a lot more serious. I don’t have any definitive statements beyond what I’ve stated, but I feel like this is something we ought to be aware of in discussing what’s going on and hopefully in terms of what we can do to be aware to try to prevent the culmination of these doomsday opportunists from dragging all of us further down this path.

    I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find good resources to introduce people to these issues. This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYWlB64upSc, “Onward Christian Zionists” gives a good overview.

    I also spent some time (painfully) trying to listen to some examples of Hagee speaking about these concepts in context and I found these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9vgqEQR2Tk, labeled by the user as “Zionist dispensationalist Hagee – Jesus is Coming”, which apparently is an excerpt from a 2005 sermon which discusses the role of a financial crisis and the resurgence of Russia as a threat to the US and Israel.

    The second: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9vgqEQR2Tk, “HAGEE HOTLINE: John Hagee on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (March 4 2014)” is from John Hagee Ministries’ youtube channel.

    This may be old news to some of you, but I’ve rarely (if at all) heard this angle explored, so I’d be interested in your thoughts on the matter.

    • BennyB says:

      Speaking of John McCain, this provides another angle into his warmongering extremism. Seriously…

      • BennyB says:

        I’m not sure where this is going to show up in the thread, or whether it’s bound to lost in the shuffle anyway. But I just watched a great video with Alan Hart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4eL6ona1m8, where he discusses his book(s): Zionism: The Real Enemy Of The Jews. He very clearly articulates much of why it is that I personally feel Jews in particular should be concerned about Zionism. Even though it’s a secular ideology which can’t be squared away with any of the core principles of Judaism, it’s been branded as a Jewish movement, thus it’s the greatest modern catalyst for anti-Semitism anybody could devise.

        Right now I’m reading The Idea Of Israel by Ilan Pappé, which has already had a profound affect on my understanding of how the Zionist narrative inside Israel has perpetuated a state of conditioning and self-censorship which has largely crippled many, if not most, Israelis from coming to terms what Zionism truly represents.

        One of my best friends recently became engaged to an Israeli, who she met here in the United States. I’m still getting to know him, but he a nice guy and even before I started reading Pappé’s book, I recognized through candid discussion and debate that there are layers of complexity to the attitudes of Israelis, which are a reflection of living within the constraints of the ‘cultural homeland’ of what’s probably the most sophisticated model of social and ideological control ever devised. Still, he’s a smart person, so it becomes quite difficult to try to present the idea of this matrix like structure without sounding condescending.

        Israel is a topic that I’ve discussed frequently with this friend in the past and when she started dating this guy it really challenged me to try to find a way to look at Israel more… objectively, I suppose is the best word I can think of. What I came to the conclusion of through trying to listen to as many different voices as possible, was the fact that it was necessary to try to look at Zionism and Israeli policy and differentiate between that and the role of the citizens. After all, I’d shutter to have the idea of what United States policy represents weighing on my shoulders, even if the comparison has its limitations. I haven’t talked with her during the latest assault on Gaza (not necessarily on purpose), so it will be interesting to see where things are. But ultimately I’d say, in the grand scheme of things, I’m hopeful her relationship with this guy will offer me a window into to the perspective inside Israel which will provide me with some insight on how to shift the discourse in a more effective direction, than I would have otherwise.

    • mammique says:

      In French we call these Christian Zionists “Messianic Neocons”, basically they are people who find hypocritical excuses for doing what the New Testament has banned (for example usury). They twist their religions to allow themselves to do the exact opposite of what their religions tell. The Talmudic-Zionists against the Torah (even if the Talmud and Torah forbids Zionism, Ketoubot 111a), Messianic Neocons against the New Testament and the Wahhabies againt the Quran.

      Maybe some of them thinks (like Qatar helping Israel) that their strategy us against Israel and the very end and will hasten the return or Jesus (called Nabi Isa for Muslims), but IMHO most of them a bunch of crooks looking for any excuse to justify their submission and wrong doings.

      And when they pretend to apply their religions by the book, they do it in such an obscurantist literal manner that they corrupt it, and sometimes they do so in order to hide their failures. For example the Quran clearly forbids the petro-dollar (see Sheikh Imran Hosein, Sheikh Umar Vadillo or Ahmed Meera works on that topic), so the Muslim countries leading the petro-dollar use stupid and extreme measures not required by the Quran (e.g. killing homosexuals or persecuting women) as a fig leaf to cover the fact that their are naked and corrupted on the economical aspect of the scary Shariah Law (it can be scary, but even more for bankster!).

      If you are interested in geopolitics and religion (or eschatology), I would invite you to check Sheikh Imran Hosein methodology, he uses the Quran to explain or anticipate geopolitical events, always interesting to take a look. He became famous after anticipating an describing the Arab Spring in back in 2003.

      I also like the vision of Bill Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse) who wonders if these people who are in power are following and applying their books to shape the world events, because they believe in it, or because they believe that we believe in it to justify their New World Order?

      • mammique says:

        Another interesting eschatological aspect that might have a significant influence on current geopolitical events is Putin’s religious advisers. First he retired few days at the end of April to take advise from priests at the Valaam monastery. Then, Aleksandr Dugin (portrayed as Putin’s ideological mentor) has recently invited Sheikh Imran Hosein in Russia to speak about Muslim/Christian visions of the End Times, the video of the meeting is very interesting (available here in Russian/English subtitled in French https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN1HzpicCnk). Finally, despite the messages of peace of Sheikh Imran Hosein, and the numerous videos he made against Jihad in Syria, Irak, etc. he has been banned from flying on the USA’s territory as if he was a “terrorist”! http://www.imranhosein.org/news/467-iseek-2013-international-summit-in-london.html

      • BennyB says:

        Thanks mammique, great response. I’ll have to make a note of the “Messianic Neocons” bit that’s awesome 🙂 I just checked out a video interview with Sheikh Imran Hosein, where he discusses ISIS and the situation in Ukraine. He’s definitely on point, to an extent where his inclusion on the no-fly list (sadly) comes at no surprise to me. I also realized while I was watching that there’s a gap, even in my own interpretation of Zionism.

        I mentioned the videos about Christian Zionism, in part, because I felt that this influence was something significant which wasn’t being reasonably accounted for, even within a relatively informed critique of Zionism. I’m not religious, but I decided that, as someone who comes from a Jewish family, I have a responsibility to do what I can to challenge the idea that Israel, as a “Jewish State”, represents the interest of Jews in general. In some ways I’d say that it does the exact opposite, but I’ll shelve that as part of a larger discussion for the time being.

        The point I wanted to make is that Zionism is a secular construct which exploits religion to achieve goals that defy any sort of moral religious rationale. As you mentioned, the means in which Israel was established as a “Jewish State” runs contrary to fundamental Jewish Talmudic interpretation of the Torah. (I’m not religious, I just study a lot 🙂 Still, Zionism has been pushed so hard as a “Jewish” concept, that I realize I’ve even been conditioned on a certain fundamental level to interpret it that way, despite my better judgement (or practical understanding).

        I’ve stuck my neck out (modestly) to call BS when Zionists try to equate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. At the same time, in the alternative sphere where I tend to dwell I definitely come across a fair amount of genuinely anti-Semitic overtones, superimposed from classic stereotypes over an otherwise legitimate and well warranted criticism of Israel and, more broadly, Zionism. It gets discouraging at times, but ultimately I figure I just have to shrug off the abundance of dumb sh!t people have to say directly or indirectly about Jews and take on ignorant Jews, philo-Semites, and Zionists who provide people with legitimate reasons to hold low opinions of Jews. (I actually think that’s one of the goals of Zionism, but again; I’ll shelve that for now). I’m glad, in a non-linear form, through this exchange I’ve recognized a separate obstacle to effectively forming a constructive critique of Zionism.

        BTW: a philo-Semite, for those who don’t know, is someone anti-Semitic who loves Jews. (Here’s looking at you Mel Gibson 😉

        Finally, regarding Bill Cooper’s question about the motivations of the global elite’s use of religion, I’ve considered this too. More or less, I feel that the globalist’s goals come down to money and control, with religious sentiment being either an afterthought, or perhaps a self-serving moral justification. Mainly religion seems to be the go to tool for manipulating people into channeling their energy towards actions which, by any reasonable assessment, undermine the core principals of any religious values.

      • Thanks for your reply @BennyB!

        Personally I try not to fall in the trap that consists in “racializing” the debate when associating Jews with Zionism. This has IMHO two goals:

        – Diverting the rich/poor conflict (in the 1% elite there are many Christians and Wahhabi, all Zionists) into a racial (so emotional) conflict, if you critic the elite you are anti-semitic!

        – Racism has the advantage for the elite (Zionism is a elitist ideology) to exclude or include people as they want without any justification. The Nazis did that with the Jews in the opposite way, when Goering was blamed because many high ranked officials in Gestapo where Jews, he replied “In Germany I am the one to decide who is Jew or not”. Today if you critic Zionism as a Jew you are excluded and you become a self-hating Jew, but if you are a Christian or a Muslim Zionist: “Welcome to the club!”.

        So race or religion has nothing to do with the real problem, they are just tools of domination, IMHO the only valid separation is rich/poor, strong/weak, aware/ignorant, etc.

        I just released on Open Source Interview of the French novelist Jacob Cohen (former Zionist, former Freemason, specialist of Zionism and Israeli MSM), he explains important points that you might be interested in. He also talks about Sayanim (Mossad volunteer agents), French dissidence (a grassroots movement with new non-violent methods of action that is really freaking out the French establishment, and will give hope to you guys :-)), and more… I’ve added many videos to illustrate it such as interviews (e.g. about Zionism: Gilad Atzmon, Neturei Karta, Norman Finkelstein, etc.). I’ll take some time to write a more detailed post about this document later on, but if you want to check here it is: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzHtFW-mC6vGh07g8RK7sUITTYsQYBlN0


      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        Both great responses. I’ve always been interested in the more religious/esoteric/mystical/symbolism aspect of reality as it relates to geopolitics.

        To mammique’s point: I think there may be some interesting things to consider if you dig into the esoteric realms. These ‘people’ who are part of this ‘shadow government oligarchy’ that infests the “deep state” in various countries are certainly not stupid. Their deep knowledge of both the human condition, the human psyche and the human spirit, I believe, is what precisely allows them or certain top manipulators in these factions to seamlessly plan and execute these events with such synchronicity, that it’s almost “magical.” However, as we know, “magic” is based on misdirection. But then how advanced must your craft be to practice the most perfected form of “misdirection”?

        I also think Bill Cooper’s point is worth thinking about – that these people are following some sort of secret esoteric knowledge to use it to their selfish ends of power and thereby influence world events. If you look at the symbolism and numerology of 9/11, you cannot ignore the fact that the number “11” is a prime theme in this major geopolitical event strewn all over that days events, that it’s too much to be coincidence. That much positioning of number 11 in a geopolitical event is too perfect to be coincidence. (Also, see Madame Lagarde’s recent comments about “magic number 7” pertaining to MH17, and the 11 theme in WWI).

        I also suspect there’s some sort of a weird, sick, twisted, ritualistic and occultic fetish with these people to have each of these major geopolitical events occur or unfurl at such specific points on the 3-dimensional x,y,z axis, at such a specific point in time on the physical plane, that if it were not so, it would maybe not have as much significance or could not capture the “perfect energy” of the “numbers aligning” to then trigger whatever desired geopolitical result. (These may be a more heightened and refined type of people who would otherwise be your ordinary run-of-the-mill type obsessive compulsive types who cannot shut up about star signs and astrology, and have a deck of tarot cards handy at all moments).

        As far as “Zionism” is concerned, my response is the same to the poster below regarding Christianity. Zionism should not be confounded with Jews. Zionism is a 19th century nationalist ideology born of the same cloth and in the same milieu as the other reckless and decadent nationalist ideologies that were spreading in Europe, which caused so much havoc in the 20th century.

        All of these ideologies are the perfect vehicle for some who would like to control others. To the extent that any ideology or ism claims to have answers to everything, they should be avoided. To succumb to them is to risk deception. As you suspend the minds critical thinking and accept a more passive role of just absorbing whatever ideology that is being presented, you place your mind and soul into a lull – a false state of calmness and euphoria (almost akin to the stimulation one receives from TV). Imagine how much worse it is in the most fanatical types who believe all the literal things in their respective ideology – in that state of emotive euphoria, they are completely open to the power of suggestion. Thus, they are not even in a position to know when they are being deceived.

      • nosoapradio says:

        An ex-student of mine sent me a video of a conference he’d attended sponsored by Alain Soral starring Gilad Atzmon.

        I admit I was dumbfounded. I know Gilad Atzmon is highly esteemed on sites like informationclearinghouse but in light of James Corbett’s eugenics info Atzmon’s assertions were as mind-boggling as they were unsupported by evidence, at least at the conference. However, he’s got a new book out that he was promoting so perhaps the scientific evidence is there…?

        Essentially he says when the non-jews finally let the jews out of the ghettos they took over the world because thanks to a 1,500 year long eugenics program there was a jewish elite that was genetically intellectually superior to everyone else so of course they started occupying all the top positions in “the west” (to borrow a commenters favorite expression).

        So if what he’s saying (with the help of a pathetic pseudo-bell curve sketched approximately but authoritatively over a paper board) is true, the implications for understanding today’s world are enormous.

        If what he’s saying is not true, then he’s spouting racist nonsense to a bevy of ardent admirers and leading people astray.

        Atzmon would then appear to be as much a friend of the anti-zionist movement as Chomsky is a champion of the Palestinian cause (and anti-zionism for that matter).

        At any rate he’s doing the same schtick across Europe apparently as he gave a practically identical “conference” in Ireland as in France (see links below). Same jokes and everything. Nothing unusual about that I suppose.



        Any thoughts?

      • nosoapradio says:

        extract of Gilad Atzmon interview:

        “Gilad: But the Jewish progressive left terror is something that they’re really there to make sure that we don’t read the most important books. Okay, this was a long introduction. I hope that it’s worth it.

        For 1,500 years there was a massive eugenic project within the European Jewish community. They had a proxy where the merchant married his daughter to the sage, to the boy that is destined to become the next Rabbi. For 1,500 years the Jews in the ghetto basically married scholarship with money. Now there was nothing sinister about it. They were living in ghettos. They wanted to make sure that the leadership is clever and can look after the community. It was actually a nice thing. What really happened is that they created, mainly in Western Europe, in Germany, a very small elite that was definitely more advanced intellectually than most people around them. Now our Irish friend can tell you what they did in Ireland. Every time they found a clever boy, they took him to the church and they told him definitely women are not going to happen, maybe with boys.

        Niall: Yeah, you would join the priesthood.

        Gilad: Yeah, exactly. So while the Catholics around them were actually doing the opposite of a eugenic project, the Jews became more and more clever. Not the Jews, sorry, just a very small elite. Now there is another thing that you have to understand. The more clever the elite became the more stupid the ordinary Jews became as well because they basically robbed all the very best male genes and integrated them into these elite. These elite centralized in Germany, Austria and the Jews in the East were what the Jews themselves called – I say it in Hebrew in case you have some Hebrew speakers listening to us – what they called 55:11 (Hebrew ) which means woodcutters and water drawers, people who are only capable of manual work.
        Now, once you understand that this is the demography of the Jewish people in Europe, you can understand what happened in the 19th century. Once the ghetto walls were removed, these people started to integrate into European culture. And they did incredibly well because they were slightly more clever than most people around them. And within 10 years they took over culture, banking, medical schools, and politics. They became the most influential group of people in Europe.

        Niall: Yeah, you see that in science as well. I think something like 80% of Russia’s top physicists are all Jewish.

        Gilad: Look what happened in Russia once the Soviet bloc collapsed. Seven out of the ten biggest oligarchs were Jews, for a reason. And they were all scientists. This is very important because those amongst you who visited university, you know we have this kind of an impression of professors being slightly clumsy or unorganized.

        Joe: Absent-minded.

        Gilad: Yeah, and actually pretty limited people. But when it comes to Jews, they’re not just very clever; they’re also very good in marketing. Look at Marx. There were two. There were Marx and Engels. Who is Engels? What did he say? Nobody knows because Marx was very good in marketing. Freud and Jung: Jung was definitely far more interesting, but Freud was way better in marketing. Look at Einstein. Look at Chomsky. Try to think has Chomsky ever said anything really, really clever? No! Everybody knows that he’s clever but nobody really knows what is so clever about him…”

      • @nosoapradio: I don’t know if Gilad’s historical claims are right, but one thing is sure is that it pisses off the French establishment, they tried to ban the conference you mention, using as a pretext a weird spree killing that happened just before in a Jewish museum (smells false-flag, 2 Mossad agents were killed). I cover this in the last part of the Open Source “Documenterview” I mentioned above (starts at 15m05s): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WPm1rrWNJQ&feature=youtu.be&t=15m5s&list=PLzHtFW-mC6vGh07g8RK7sUITTYsQYBlN0

        James, did you had the chance to talk about that with Gilad Atzmon when he came to Osaka? http://www.corbettreport.com/an-evening-with-gilad-atzmon/

      • nosoapradio says:

        Hello Camille

        Thank you for the very interesting links on Jacob Cohen that I’ll do my best to become familiar with asap. I’ve only looked at most of Part 7 out of 7.

        What do you think about Gilad Atzmon proning the idea of the genetic superiority of a jewish elite in terms of intellect?

        I’m afraid it’s a great way to decapitate dissident movements of young people following Alain Soral and hence Gilad Atzmon. That is to say, making it impossible for them to be taken seriously if they start arguing that the jews occupying high positions throughout Europe and the Americas do so because they’re intellectually superior thanks to their genes??

        I linked the conference that took place in Lyon called “The Jew and the other”.

        I thought Soral, with whom I’m fairly unfamiliar, was quite articulate and level-headed though perhaps he should be a bit more careful of the vocabulary he uses when referring to his “aryan” roots. This sort of glibness is almost gratuitously and detrimentally provocative.

        Anyhow, that’s one thing that’s been on my mind since my student sent me the video.

      • @Algorithm of Consciousness: Thanks fo you feedback!

        I was raised in an anti-clerical atheist leftist-hippie-intellectual family, and in a Christian country (France). The only mystical or spiritual experiences I had was in reaching the limits of my favorite science topics such as astronomy (or cosmology) or physics. It’s only recently that I had to dig deeper into these religious topics, starting with Islam because of economics, and, to my surprise, I did not find much fundamental contradiction with my own personal beliefs I developed around science (I could event say that I found complementary). So I’ve integrated the religious/esoteric/metaphysical domains into my toolbox of comprehension (along with quantum physics, geopolitics, economics, neuroscience, etc., my wife is Buddhist BTW, this helps as well), and I try to use the best combination of tools regarding each topic. So, yes, I’m open to that 🙂

        The Bill Cooper hypothesis I just mentioned is only an hypothesis, even from his own perspective, most of the time he’s closer to your deep state approach of “magic”. Such as his explanation of Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey that I watched recently, it’s really deep thinking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o__D464kGyY To be put in perspective with James’ episode about Kubrick life (and death, before Eyes Wide Shut release): http://www.corbettreport.com/the-kubrick-question-video/

        About numerology, I’d be closer to James point of view: everyone makes speculations aftermath, but no one has never been able to predict any event with numerology. There probably is numerology involved (our former-former-former French president Mitterrand famous for beign advised by astrologists and numerologists), but it seems folkloric to me as I can’t use it to counter act.

      • @nosoapradio: I’m not much into these ethnic, Jewish, Aryan, suprematism, things. As I said above, I think it’s a trap, but as these concepts are used as weapons to demonize, exclude, manipulate, dominate, etc. I had to dig a bit into, but I’m not a maniac of the topic.

        I’ve watched this explanation of Atzmon (I think it’s the same you gave about marriages in the ghettos) at 10m20s: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x22g0yf_conference-soral-atzmon-a-paris-europe-la-nouvelle-elite-et-l-avenir-de-la-democratie-11-juin-2014_webcam?start=620 I don’t see it as a eugenic, supremacist, or genetic superiority. His concept is more about social engineering within a community, aiming to create an elite by favoring the social situation of successful boys by marrying them to rich girls, and depriving the low class of the society from their brains. IMHO it is not eugenics, it is shaping an elite within a society, just like Indian scientists immigrates to USA or Europe, living India without its brains. They are not creating more intelligent people or race, they just move the brains from one layer of the community to another, to have a high concentration of brains in the 1% elite, while depriving the remaining 99% of the community, and finally use this fabricated “cognitive elite” as a strategical tool. But you are right, he uses the term eugenics, he also concludes by “there is no Jewish genius” because this social engineering is a fraud (or artificial within 1% of the community). Personally, I have no idea, and I’m not much into it because I think that the problems we have nor the solutions are in this domain of action or knowledge.

        I have problems with Soral because he always speaks his mind in a provocative, arrogant and know-it-all way which is IMHO counter-productive. He is also judeo-centered, he has the tendency to see Jews everywhere, which is of course inaccurate, but I can understand this from his point of view, because the Jewish lobby harasses him (and Dieudonné), so from his point of view attacks come often from Jews, he simply fights back. Indeed his opponents uses this against him, but the more they do, the less it works, and the more he gets audience, I think this contrast is the result of the political correctness, a colorful character like Soral (a former communist punk) is the logical response to the clean-cut political puppets environment surrounding us. The points you mentions could indeed be handicaps for the dissidence few years ago, but since last year events (covered in the documentary) it no longer works, people understood that it was only demonizing.

        People understood that the real anti-racists are on the dissidence side, when Soral talks about his Aryan roots he does it for political incorrectness, in a bold, ironic and provocative way which is clearly understood by the audience (BTW he admits that he might have Jewish ancestors). It’s very difficult for the journalists to portray them as anti-semites or racists (even if they try), because the French dissidence is truly the most diverse populations ever, they are the people who were programmed for civil war and division (gays/straights, white/black, rich/poor, man/woman, christian/muslim, left/right, etc.) and they now joined up to fight back the elite who tried to divide them. We recently arrived to a point were the French version of the Black Panters, the anti-facists (young extreme-leftists), and the nationalist skinheads are in the process of making peace because they identified those who manipulated them to destroy each other (French version of Nation of Islam has joined the dissidence long ago). I’m suspicious when the debate goes in the religious or racist-like direction, what is important to me: “unite and reconquer” against “divide and conquer”, we are seeing this movement happening in France, and more importantly we see the establishment threaten and seriously freaking out, that’s why I took the decision to provide information in English about it.

        Thanks for watching part 7, it might have sound weird to you because the first episodes are there to explain the very specific French context, it starts to get into the real topic from 4~5 up to 6, 7 is somehow conclusion.

      • BennyB says:

        @Camille: I’m very much enjoying this discussion and I’ve made a note to check out that video.

        @nosoapradio: Regarding Gilad Atzmon’s assertions about Jewish intelligence, not only do I reject them outright, but I think you’re absolutely right that it’s detrimentally provocative. There’s no credible scientific data that I’m aware of which proves anything about a genetic or racial basis for intelligence. The only evidence I see is the fact that the premise for the nature of such an inquiry reflects a racist prerogative and an absence of ethical integrity.

        I’m certainly not an expert, but my opinion is that intelligence is a reflection of environmental variables, not genetics. There’s sufficient data which shows that prenatal health of the mother can have a tremendous impact on the development of a child, with the use of drugs and alcohol being the most obvious example. However, there are also some interesting studies regarding stress and its relationship to prenatal and early childhood neurological development which I was exposed to via Canadian Dr. Gabor Mate. Whether or not there are aspects of Judaism, specifically which foster intellectual growth would be an interesting idea to explore, but I’d still have an extremely hard time taking that seriously into consideration in forming any sort of legitimate evaluation.

        I have other thoughts on the nature of the topic, but in the meantime, I felt compelled to respond more promptly 🙂

      • BennyB says:

        @Camille: I just noticed you mentioned something about Dieudonné. I had a conversation (of sorts) with someone at Boiling Frogs Post (that’s the other forum/site I subscribe to) regarding Dieudonné had made about “Jewish influence” and the “Jewish lobby”. I pointed out the fact that I think it’s important to distinguish between pro-Israel/pro-Zionist influence and lobbies, given the fact that it’s not really possible to represent “Jewish interests” since they’re not a unified entity and, additionally neither Israel or Zionism collectively represent Jewish interests, which I’ve argued elsewhere, IMO they do the opposite. Specifically, regarding Dieudonné, I admitted I don’t speak French, but there were some things which I read that he’d said and descriptions of comedy acts he’d done where he made Holocaust jokes, which I find pretty impossible to find funny.

        The member at BFP was sort of throwing the comment out as statement that Dieudonné was someone they’d been checking out on some sort of alternative French media channel and asking what people thought, so I responded accordingly. I’m not putting all that on you, but I’m just throwing it out there myself and wondering if maybe something really was lost in translation (so to speak)

      • nosoapradio says:

        Camille, BennyB, I’m genuinely grateful for your replies and wish I had more time to address your specific points but a major project awaits me that I must finish today so I’ll just have to respond generally and quickly. My apologies.

        So, everyone here is acutely aware of how “truth info” is managed to keep people in the dark by TPTB ( or shouldn’t be to use Mr Corbett’s expression) with the “the anti-semitic” card being a great classic.

        And I’m not as optimistic as you, Camille- I don’t believe that most people are really clearly aware of this mechanism. At least not in my entourage.

        But since my exposure to the likes of Chomsky only 6 short years ago, I have been profoundly and painfully sickened by the notion of “Gatekeeping”. As my understanding of its mechanisms grew so did my awareness of the unqualifiable damage eminent gatekeepers working directly or indirectly for the DOD for over a half-century have wreaked on humanity.

        As you know, a really effective gatekeeper garners the trust and admiration of its victims and this at the price of enormous time, effort, charisma and intellect. And most notably he uses shocking, generally unuttered truths to couch another, unexpected,hidden message that he slips into the minds of his audience like a suppository that melts into their brain almost undetected. The audience swallows the poison because the sugar is just sooooo sweet.

        If you, Camille, and I both know that talking race and supremacy when addressing sensitive and fairly straightforward imperialist issues such as zionism can annhialate our credibility, then Gilad Atzmon knows this too.

        So when I hear him describing the intellectual superiority of a jewish elite to a crowd of eager and courageous students (because, as you know, the kids that showed up at that “conference” were very courageous to do so) when I hear him employing the “words eugenics” and sentences such as the following:

        “What really happened is that they created, mainly in Western Europe, in Germany, a very small elite that was definitely more advanced intellectually than most people around them.”

        then my gatekeeper radar flips on and my hair stands on end.

        Because either its true, and can be proven, which would send the following message to the world: “The world is run by jews but this is normal because they’re intellectually Superior” or it’s brazen malarchy.

        But in either case, at this stage of unproven assertions (to my highly limited knowledge at any rate)

        the open-minded, eager dissidents who are already dealing with fire suddenly have a jewish race supremacy time bomb on their hands that is doomed to blow up in their faces.

        And Atzmon must know this.

        Then again, there’s nothing as effective as sincere true believers.

        And, though I’m aware of the courage it takes to break the Gayssot law and to defy politically correct thinking, especially in France, I’d say that, alas, it is perhaps sincerely and unwittingly that Soral, Dieudonné and Atzmon will keep the “truth” movement marginalized and castrated.

        Have a good Sunday and hope to exchange again with you soon.

      • Thanks for your reply @nosoapradio & @BennyB, I understand your concerns. I tried to communicate about these issues last year to to non-French speaking irate minority, but I came to realize that these concerns couldn’t be addressed because of the lack of translation and contextualization. That’s why I took the decision to make this documented interview, I know it is long to watch, I am sorry but it had to because of the required contextualization (I’ve added more that 200 sourced references), and we’ve translated about 2 hours of videos (it took us about 5 months to put all of these pieces together). So I hope that most of your concerns will be cleared after watching this (I also hope you’ll have the time, I know it’s a big constraint), I’ll be pleased to discuss more specifically if there are still blurry points remaining or perspectives to speculate about 🙂

      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        @mammique: I wasn’t referring to numerology for its predictive value, but rather, its symbolic value. Indeed, you can only see these looking at it in hindsight. This then is akin to a calling card of sorts, I suppose.

        – The day of the attack itself was the 11th day
        – The date 9/11 adds to 11: 9 + 1 + 1 = 11
        – There are 111 days left to the end of the year from 9/11.
        – 9/11 is the 254th day of the year: 2+5+4=11
        – The Twin Towers represent 11.
        – The first plane to hit WTC was Flight 11
        – Flight 11 had 92 passengers on board: 9+2=11
        – Flight 11 had 11 crew members
        – Bush Senior gave his “NWO” speech on 9/11/1990, exactly 11 years to the day from 9/11/01
        – The Pentagon began construction on 9/11/1941
        – The stolen Cessna hit the White House on 9/11/1994. It is believed that Flight 93s intended target was the White House (Also related see “Angel is Next”, codename for Air Force One).

        I agree that it’s a difficult yardstick of measure to make predictions about the future (aside from keen awareness of certain dates perhaps). As one who’s trained to analyze, reason and base conclusions on verifiable evidence, I am somewhat mystified by this. I know this is a bit esoteric and may even raise eye brows, but I have difficulty simply brushing this aside and pretending these numbers don’t neatly align. Then again, perhaps it is just coincidence and my mind is seeing what it wants to see, sort of like seeing Jesus’ face in the clouds or a grilled cheese sandwich.


      • @Algorithm of Consciousness: It’s possible that these numbers are not random, but when we look for something we always find something, focus on it, try to give a sense to it, and avoid all the rest around that wasn’t useful to validate the initial postulate of magic numbers (even if there isn’t).

        Indeed, some of your numbers make our eyebrows raising, if we want to find out the mathematical probability of such numbers to occur randomly, I think I we should also add as a parameter in the equation the numbers that could have make sense if they were on the dot, but didn’t. Do we have any statistic about that? Those who look for such numbers should take note of what numbers were not on the dot (e.g. the speed of the plane in km/s or miles/s makes not sense? OK, I take note of it). Then we could compare the proportion of numbers that makes sense with numbers that does not, and compare it with the numbers of an event Humans have control of (e.g. a natural catastrophe).

        But if it does makes sense, what advantage does it give to the irate minority to fight back? 🙂


      • @nosoapradio: One thing you won’t find in the interview is about Chomsky’s gatekeeping, so I’d like to address it now because Chomsky appears in the video at some point. I’ve put it simply because what he says on this very topic is right. On the other hand, the French Dissidence is very aware about these gatekeepers, they all identified Chomsky as you and James did, no doubt about that, they know all these techniques of manipulation.

        The question has been posed (legitimately but for FUD as well by the opponents) thousands of times about the figures of the Dissidence, we asked the question to Jacob Cohen in the video 7 as well (comparing Dieudonné with Beppe Grillo, which is more a Trojan puppet than a gatekeeper). I won’t make any conclusion here, you’ll make your own, it’s just to say that the level of consciousness regarding deception and manipulation in the Dissidence is high, about the same as in the German End the FED movement (portrayed as anti-semites by the MSM BTW :-p), but the French Dissidence has, let’s says… 10 years old, it’s hundreds of thousands people, growing fast and networked, it’s by far the biggest dissident movement within a country of the Empire.

      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        @BennyB: A very lucid point about distinguishing between “Pro-Zionist lobby” vs. “the Jewish lobby.” All too often, people fall into the trap of lumping everyone into one giant monolithic entity as if all Jews are automatons and everyone thinks the same. But this sort of thinking is reflective in any type of collective identifier. Collectivist ideologies are all premised on the idea that you gain your “identity” from the group, which is a negation of the individual. People happen to be born into the groups from which they descend. We have no control over that. However, what we do have control over is how we define ourselves as individuals.

        But if you extend that question about “the Jewish lobby” vs. “the Zionist lobby” into the discourse in the United States, you find that much of identity politics is all premised on the same concept. People are “African-Americans,” “Asian-Americans,” and so forth. The State never ceases to infinitely create labels of divisions and wedge issues along collectivist lines (now its homosexuals). Thus, it keeps people preoccupied with senseless divisions in perpetuity, as it is able to constantly create new groups with which to categorize people (and by extension stifle any genuine discourse). This deflects focus away from the wizards manipulating things behind the curtains.

        This has been similarly used by all collectivist ideologies from Nazism to Communism, etc. – the idea that consciousness itself is derived from the group – be it race, religion, class, gender, sex, etc. In the process, this deterministic fatalism negates free will, or the idea that we as individuals even matter. If you can marginalize the value of the individual in relation to the group, then it is far more easier to get those dupes to commit the sorts of horrors we’ve seen in the 20th century.

        @Camille Harang: (1) Are you formerly mammique? (2) I understand your point about being bogged down into the details whereby our focus misdirects us to miss something else important. In other words, in the process of focusing on these, what did we ignore? I am not a mathematician or statistician, as my background is legal, so I defer this to someone here who is versed in math. It’s also possible that without a proper statistical analysis, we cannot determine the context or scale of significance of these numbers. However, (and this is a bit irrational on my part, but who says humans are all completely rational, right? I blame Nietzsche) based purely on my intuitive instinct, there’s more than meets the eye to this symbolism. Then again, perhaps it’s the human curse of symbolic thought.

        Alternatively, perhaps this is intentionally designed to mislead and get people mired in insignificant details. This then would explain the misdirection aspect of ignoring other things.

        I don’t think this necessarily provides any sort of advantage to us in the information war against the powers that shouldn’t be. If this is indeed significant, then it’s merely meant to be seen as a calling card. For the perpetrators, perhaps an elite/occultic “fist bump” sign amongst each other, akin to those ‘occultic’ secret handshakes and signs thrown around usually public.


      • nosoapradio says:

        Good evening Camille.

        Shattering the taboo of discussing zionist power in France is indeed a top priority task requiring a large dose of courage and so my hat’s off to you and all your hard work that I will look at when I can and keep you posted.

        I’m glad if your experience proves that awareness of these issues is growing along with the understanding of the mechanics of censorship and controlling popular opinion.

        I can’t say that from where I stand I observe the same phenomenon but my viewpoint is not necessarily panoramic and I am indeed regularly astonished by some young people’s considerable knowledge of these issues and young people are the future (if you’ll allow me a cliché or two).

        Atzmon says a lot of astute and important things just as Chomsky did before him but I simply can’t bear to listen to Chomsky anymore, even to take apart the fallacies in his discourse. Knowing that he has deliberately misled people on key issues, every time I hear him it’s just too exhausting to constantly wonder what is useful and what is clever misdirection. Aside from that there is just this nauseating self-suffiency and condescending tone in his way of addressing issues and people. I’d just as soon devote my precious time to more sincere and straightforward, original thinkers with a slightly less obvious agenda of manipulation and misdirection.

        I hope Gilad Atzmon’s of this latter category.

        But Basta now with the Gatekeeper paranoia syndrome!

        It’s even more important to know what you’re for than what you’re against, n’est-ce pas?

        So forward march towards self-issued credit, self-government and a thriving human race that exploits its freedom, individuality, curiosity, energy and creative potential in a celebration of life.

        And though chemtrails continue to mysteriously puff smoky grids into the sky, Erdogan’s apparently told the pharmaceutical empire to go take a hike. So I guess anything’s possible!

      • @BennyB Can you send me the link to the BFP thread you talked about (I’m a subscriber too)? Thx 🙂

      • mammique says:

        @Algorithm of Consciousness, yes I’m Camille and mammique, I was playing with my profile options, I switched back to my nickname (BTW in French the first name Camille is both for man and woman, I’m a man).

        One advantage numerology could give us if we were able to master it wouldn’t be most for predictions (we would need insiders to get the initial goals and variables I guess), but it would be most for understanding the coded messages for the initiates said in public, such as Lagarade’s magic 7 speech. Here it would surely be useful 🙂



      • BennyB says:

        @Camille: Here’s the link to the conversation on BFP, starting with the comment I responded to: http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2014/06/10/bfp-roundtable-takes-on-apathy-what-can-be-done-about-it-3/comment-page-1/#comment-14798

        I have the same username there as well 🙂

      • mammique says:

        For the synchronicity record, Aleksandr Dugin (Putin’s mentor) will have a conference with Alain Soral (French public enemy number 2) in Sao Paulo, Brazil the 10th, 11th & 12th of September 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=440H81p7dmw

      • mammique says:

        Hilarious, the psychopath warmonger Bernard-Henri Levy just stated on French radio that Putin would be under the ideological influence of Alain Soral via Dugin (lasts 30 sec, start at 0:40): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uhbB8jowcE#t=40

        See also this short presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afLKrrl7lLc&list=PLzHtFW-mC6vGvXNqFcGU2cxa_1pieWOvh&index=14

      • mammique says:

        And the anti-quenelle repression hysteria continues in UK, insane: https://twitter.com/kickitout/status/512969225712201728

    • nosoapradio says:

      Good Morning Camille,

      Just wanted keep you posted (as promised:) I got up earlier than usual this morning to watch parts 4 and 5 of your documenterview.

      I must say it’s very, very well edited, powerful and entertaining.

      The project of starting a (pineapple!) insurance company and quenelle bank in the spirit of “on se casse de ce système les gars”, allez on se tire! C’est possible!” Cela le rend, en dehors du débat de la liberté d’expression, très pertinent.

      Tesson who prones his murder on television… unbelievable.

      I have to stop watching for the moment but I’ll be back on it as soon as possible.

      Thanks again.

      • nosoapradio says:

        It’s also very eloquent at revealing the (cynically illegal) mechanisms of personality lynching through the political-media-judicial alliance. (Arno Klarsfeld et cie). Gotta run now!

      • Hello @nosoapradio, thanks for watching and for your feedback. Yes, the insurance thing is really a big step for the resistance, it’s putting even more pressure on the establishment (established insurance companies are already working in preventing it), and there is the creation of a bank following 🙂

        It’s ironic to see how someone fighting for the memory of black slaves ends up in being the main figure of modern-slavery emancipation, demonstrating that it has nothing to do with race, him being mixed black/white and the public being “the most diverse crowd ever seen on this planet” as Gilad Atzmon says, it the 99% that “unites to reconquer” what the 1% took away by dividing them 🙂

        Some say he crossed the Rubicon with the ananassurance… I think it’s too late to kill him, they should have done that way earlier, but what else can they do? Anyway, the French Dissidence would loose a lot if its main figure disappears, but as it is a grassroot movement, it would just slow it down, not stop it (or maybe accelerate if they to it wrong?), there is already more that a dozen of other strong figures in the movement (some have leading skills, others heads pop as the result of pre-existing decentralized movements, it’s very heterogenic, from anarchists to true democrats to monarchists, there is room for every type of convictions, and the real enemy has been identified).

        I’m glad you find it entertaining (I must say it really is when we come to the recent events from episodes 4~5), it compensates the length of the video 🙂

        About Erdogan, I think that the psychology of such characters plays a big role, especially their ego. They have such an ego that when they bow down to obtain something from the establishment, I think that their unconscious prevents them from seeing their actions as acts of submission, I think they prefer to believe that they are “good in strategy” to counter the establishment. But when they realized that they have been set up, “puppeteerized” and trapped (e.g. for Erdogan when CIA started to reverse engineer him), then in some cases their ego makes them fight back. Some people prefer death to humiliation, they can fight back in a nihilist manner, comparing Israel to Nazis, busting the balls of BigPharma, promote Islamic banking, etc. They are not necessary doing this for the good of people, but mostly for their ego, however, the result is what matters, if the people grab the ball, it can make a real difference.

        Another possibility is the engineering of a new scarecrow, they make a public figure incarnate good values for the people, then they take him down and blame all problems on theses values, to be sure that it never pops up again (I think it would apply better on Putin than Erdogan BTW). For example, we can say whatever we want on National-Socialism (which has nothing to do with supremacist ideology, expansionism, authoritarianism, etc. this is the Nazi flavor, Chavez’s ideology is National-Socialism as well, but a very different flavor!), but it is for sure an ideology that is incompatible with the NWO and what the globalists want. So when you oppose globalism, they just have to raise the Hitler’s National-Socialism scarecrow, and they win the debate. Maybe they can portray Erdogan as a new Hilter once they have taken him down, then use it to dismiss anyone talking about Islamic banking, etc.?

        I think the ego answer is more likely, because simpler, but who knows? What do you think? 🙂


      • @nosoapradio May I ask in which country do you live? It seems you speak French fluently 🙂

      • mammique says:

        Hi all, for those who don’t have the time the watch the documentary, I’ve made a more digest version by splitting it in many small videos in a playlist. I tried to make them independent of each other and understandable without context (I’ve inserted hyperlink dependency bubbles between videos when context is required), I’ve removed the narration and things that cannot be understood outside the narration. I hope you guys will be interested, IMHO it would be too bad if some of this information were disregarded by the non-French speaking irate minority (it’s not because it’s a video that I made that I consider it important, but it’s because I think these topics are important that I made the video), here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzHtFW-mC6vGvXNqFcGU2cxa_1pieWOvh



      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        Mammique, thank you for that link. I caught Mr. Cohen’s reference to Israel under the titled video, “If we have to fall, the world will fall with us!” Do you suppose this refers to something like the “Samson Option” as stated by the likes of Moshe Dayan and Ehud Olmert?

      • mammique says:

        @AoC, thanks for watching, no I didn’t know the Samson Option, insane! When I think that the French gave them the bomb… What a shame! I must say I’m not an expert on Israeli topics, I had to dig into it because Zionism is a component of the domination ideology, it is something that can’t be avoided when talking about French dissidence. There is maybe a bit too much about that in the documentary, but Jacob is specialized into it so he had a lot to say on that :-p However I didn’t know about he Samson Option, maybe that’s what he refers too, thank for the information!

    • mammique says:

      @BennyB: Thanks! The thread is a bit old but I replied anyway, hope people will take a look.

      BTW, as I said I’m not a women despite my first name, but I’m not the Jacob Cohen’s interviewer neither (he’s a friend of mine, I couldn’t go to Paris for the interview, can you notice the subtle difference between French and Romanian accent? :-p).

      • BennyB says:

        @Camille: I finally got a chance to reply to you and mariotrevi over at BFP. You’ll probably see that there, but I wanted to get back to you.

      • mammique says:

        Hi @BennyB, thanks for your reply! I’m glad that stakes around Dieudonné are progressing. I’ve replied to you as well (but awaiting moderation right now): http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2014/06/10/bfp-roundtable-takes-on-apathy-what-can-be-done-about-it-3/comment-page-1/#comment-14981



        PS: You nickname reminds me of a Belgian Hip Hop band of late 80’s, any connection? :-p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YPeckUBzoM

      • BennyB says:

        @Cammile: Yeah, I was DJing for them, but they ended up having to replace me after I suffered a severe back injury doing a spin on a slippery floor ;-p

        Your comment hasn’t showed up yet at BFP, but I’ll check it when it does. Thanks again for putting that video series. It was informative on multiple levels.

      • mammique says:

        Hi @BennyB, chatting with a former Benny B member on Corbett Report is the most improbable thing I could ever imagine! :-p Excellent! I have no idea why my comment is blocked on BFP for so long… I’ve tweeted to Sibel but no news since: https://twitter.com/mammique/status/509594515582500864

        I hope your back is better!


      • BennyB says:

        @Camille: I’m sorry, that’s not me I was just joking around, since I thought you were being sarcastic as well. I guess sarcasm doesn’t always work so well in writing… 😉

        Anyway, not sure what’s up with BFP, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

      • mammique says:

        @BennyB too bad, I wanted to believe in it for having a funny and improbable anecdote to tell :-p I believed in the official 9/11 story for many years, so I guess you can make me believe anything :-p

        No news from BFP, I don’t think it’ll be any better as Sibel is buzy promoting her book. I give a try in posting it here:


        Camille Harang says:
        September 7, 2014 at 4:52 pm

        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        Hi BennyB, thanks for watching and for your feedback. I’m glad that this document brought you some answers. Don’t apologize, there were no possibility for a non-French speaker to understand the Dieudonné phenomenon, because of the lack of translation and context, that precisely why I made it, I’m glad it was helpful. There is still a lot of French who are brainwashed under the Sayanim’s propaganda, but they have no excuse not to understand, they have all the keys and information at their disposal to understand by themselves, if they don’t look into it, too bad for them. And from now on I hope that non-French speaker will grab this opportunity of understanding with this document. My priority wasn’t to give justice to Dieudonné, there are many lies and misinformation around about so many topics, what’s the problem if most non-French speakers have a wrong opinion about a Frenchie-French issue? That’s just one more lie in a world made of lies after all…

        The reason I felt compelled to counter balance the propaganda on this very issue was because of it positive aspects (despite the bad ones) that I wanted to communicate to the irate minority. Sometimes when I hear Sibel or others BFP contributors and subscribers feeling so powerless facing the establishment, I wanted to say “look at Dieudonné”, there are tactics that works, there are hundreds of thousands people in France who are seriously challenging the establishment and breaking their tools of domination (exposing their parallel chains of command in front of everyones’ eyes, ridicule their authority, nullify the accusation of anti-semitism, etc.). Give some hope, positive signs and tips of resistance (humor, Ananassurance, quenelle, etc.). But it’s impossible to pass the message without this minimum of explanations.

        This irate minority will never be the irate majority, but it can be a real difference-maker in terms of number, maturity and awareness. Even if Dieudonné seems genuine and sincere (because of his personality, his path career, the topics he exposes like 9/11, military industrial complex, banking system, pedophilia, Zionism, BigPharma, etc.) there is always the possibility of being tricked or deceived by any actor at any moment. But the irate minority have never been so powerful (withing a country of the Empire), it has good cards in its game, knows what the real real rules, there is a chance to take. And Dieudonné is not the cause of all of this, he is the most visible symptom of this awakening.

        I totally understand your reluctance about his jokes, I can agree with you on some points, no Dieudonné’s fan would blame anyone for no liking his bad taste jokes. What is important is that it shows the hypocrisy of the establishment because his jokes where the very precise reason he was idolized by the MSM in the 90′s. He was making gross, obscene and lewd jokes about Whites, Blacks, Women, Muslims, Jews, Christans, Homosexuals or whatever, and that’s why they loved him. It’s when he started to attack Zionists that he was suddenly officially unfunny. They tried to persecute him morally with the Holocaust, he understood that this tragedy was a used as a tool of domination and control of opinion (in the Dissidence we call these MSM agents the “troops of mental occupation”), so he broke their tool buy ridiculing the Holocaust with his usual lewd jokes, nothing more, nothing less than his usual jokes. But when they take it out of context, it’s indeed a very good way to make him look anti-semitic. I do criticize him on this as well, I think he could have done it in a more subtle manner (he can be very subtle and poetic as well, some of his sketches are very profound, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ypIqpclCXE), but I have to admit that he won that battle. A single man could nullify the terror accusation of anti-semitism build by decades of movies, school programs, political correctness, etc. So if I criticize the means, I do admit that this impossible job was done in the end.

        The story is not finished, his new tour is about to commence, the MSM already started their propaganda (not only in France: http://time.com/3206308/no-laughing-matter/), just this week: one serious trial (“Apology of Terrorism” because he exposed the Foley’s beheading video, 5 years of jail possible), closing of his YouTube account, complaint to forbid the DVD of his last show (he had to shoot in Algeria to avoid censorship)…

      • nosoapradio says:

        Hey Camille,

        Just wanted to say at this late date that I watched the dieudonné video “palestine”. Bouleversant. I just hope it serves the cause it’s ostensibly meant to serve.

        Yes I’ve been living in France for some time now.

        Also listened to a fascinating and unpredictable conference by Francis Cousin with “Marx” in the title though I’d have a few questions to ask him about…modernity and progress. Guess I’ll have to take time to listen to another of his talks.

        Are you familiar with Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged”(“La Grève” en français)? I’ve found it very empowering, and the woman fairly endearing (from what video interviews I’ve gleaned from internet)? Even if she took outspoken stands on matters she wasn’t sufficiently informed about, she had some very very important things to say about human beings and freedom.

        Well, as a parting note,

        Guess we’ll just have to prevent the gurus from becoming more important than the cause itself.

        Looking forward to your future posts.

      • mammique says:

        Hi @nosoapradio! Thanks for the feedback. Guess what, my friend Magali (who shot the Jacob Cohen interview) is currently subtitling the Françis Cousin conference for MetaTV! International 🙂 If this is not synchronicity, what is synchronicity!? Indeed this conference is particularly good, but among the hundreds of conferences produced by the French Dissidence every year we picked that one 🙂 I often thought about James’ point of view while watching it, I think it is very close to Cousin’s opinion. Also, the recent rebirth of Cercle Proudhon as a new movement within the Dissidence sounds like a positive trend that might interest Corbett Report’s readers.

        MetaTV International is not officially launched (we are working on it) but you can find our work here on the MetaTV website (we’ll post the Françis Cousin conference here as well): http://metatv.org/videos/metatv-international If you feel like participating by making the bridge between French-speaking and non-French-speaking alternative news do not hesitate to contact us 🙂

        May I ask where do you live in France?

        Yes, IMHO Dissidence’s gurus are overrun by the phenomenon, they catalyze it, but they do not drive it. The ghost is outside the machine.


  24. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    On the ISIS gravy train and the James Foley death – it appears this may to the Osama Bin Laden death. Remember how former Pakistani President Benazir Bhutto said OBL was dead since 2001(and then she was subsequently assassinated)?

    This is not concrete by any means, but worth thinking about. According to Bashar Al-Assad’s official spokesperson, Bouthaina Shaaban, James Foley may have died a year ago.


    Also, according to the various things floating on the web questioning the veracity of the “Foley beheading.” This video analysis compares the actual James Foley to the purported James Foley that was beheaded, which certainly raises questions based on the physical features of the two. The guy that’s set to be beheaded appears too calm for someone in that position.


    Well, this certainly appears to be a line of inquiry for the vanguards of journalistic integrity over at the MSM. Maybe Anderson Cooper will take a stab at it.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      Sorry, some further musical notes of the mind…as we know, former CIA Chief Hayden now claims the ISIS attack against “the West” (a mythical place) coming ‘probably sooner rather than later.’


      My question to James and other fellow subscribers here: if this cabal is indeed successful in employing another 911-level type of false flag operation and blaming it on ISIS – to what degree do you suppose then they will claim that unlike 911, now the big boys were all warning everyone ahead of time (fair warning), and unlike some lowly FBI analysts before 911 that were ignored, again now no one listened, – so now, maybe, we need to institute some more stringent measures and controls to ensure that this “never happens”?

      We can only imagine their response both domestically and internationally at such an event. The bloodlusting oligarchs are salivating and relishing at this opportunity to both save the withering empire and further entrench their power. Of course, their puppet masters above (the banksters) have no allegiance to any nation or country. Theirs is the philosophy of the parasite, of true power and plundering before moving to newer pastures to rinse and repeat the same.

      In Machiavellian mathematics, the type and degree of response is directly proportional to the intensity of the ‘event’ and the type of event is directly proportional to the intensity of our awareness.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      What ya know? In his dialectical charm, Mr. Hope and Change “authorizes air surveillance of ISIS in Syria,” proclaims the official herald of the state, the NY Times.


      Some Hegelian gems for the intake valve:

      “On Monday, Syria warned the White House that it needed to coordinate airstrikes against ISIS or it would view them as a breach of its sovereignty and an “act of aggression.” But it signaled its readiness to work with the United States in a coordinated campaign against the militants.”

      “The White House made clear that if the president did act, he had no plans to collaborate with Mr. Assad or even inform him in advance of any operation”

      “There are a lot of cross pressures here in this situation,” the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, told reporters. “There’s no doubt about that. But our policy as it relates to pursuing American interests in this region of the world are actually really clear, that we want to make sure that we are safeguarding American personnel.”

      “It is not the case that the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” said Benjamin J. Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser. “

      How convenient, the problem-reaction-solution comes full circle. I suppose sometimes you have to go full circle to learn the truth. We call it gentlemen. If the chemical weapons hoax did not work, they had an ace up their sleeve, the ISIS brigade.

      Also, what’s with the name honoring the Egyptian goddess? Interesting choice of name.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      Query: If James Foley was indeed dead a year ago, then it makes you wonder, what was the US ‘rescue mission’ in Syria for this summer, as announced by Obama?

    • lincolnlea says:

      There’s something about this video about the alleged “beheading” that’s worth investigating I think, which is how much it relates to whether or not Foley is dead. I mean – a video is video. Of itself, it tells us nothing except things about itself. One thing I am 95% certain of is that it is him speaking. His face looks to be a fuller face, with a shorter jaw line compared to previous photo’s of him, but camera angles can be very deceptive. However, there are people with analysis skills who can do a comparison of his face bone structure to determine if the person was Foley. But one thing I do know – it is him speaking. I have an odd ability to be able to pinpoint sounds – always have. I can pick people I have once heard, even if they are made up to look totally different. And I am certain this voice is the same voice as other recordings of his voice I have heard online. So – whether he is really beheaded or not, or when, or if its Foley on the video, I am sure it is at least his voice.

    • Richard-Fitzwell says:

      how about the first American ISIS soldier to be killed being named

      Douglas McAuthur McCain

      who makes this stuff up? Somebody better call Morale Operations…

  25. david1 says:

    Hi everyone.

    Here’s a link to a very detailed article posted on ANTIWAR.COM
    about the history of ISIS.
    Let me know what you think.


  26. BennyB says:

    Given the type of drama we’ve witnessed over the last year around the Snowden ‘revelations’ and the issues around surveillance I think there’s a great likelihood that whatever doomsday attack is being formulated has some sort of information technology component to it. Plus, more recently, we had military cyber whore, Keith Alexander pimping his insider information to the Banksters. We know some form of market collapse is in the cards. Perhaps it’s worth considering what kind of financial upheaval could be triggered by some sort of “cyber terrorism” attack.

    We also know one of the main goals of the sorts of 9/11 false flag operations we’ve seen before is to frighten the public into embracing whatever the next ready-made security ‘solution’ the government has to protect us from the ‘evil doers’ is. Lets say this ‘cyber attack’ comes in the form of withdrawing massive funds from accounts, thus preventing the flow of goods and services; essentially shutting down the economy. What would the ready-made solution or response to this crisis look like? What government agency could be blamed for not going far enough to violate our privacy in order to “connect the dots”? What set of circumstances would push the public in the direction of thinking; gee, I’m so glad the NSA has such powerful tools to protect us from the bad guys. I guess we’re really partially the ones to blame for making such a fuss about our civil liberties!

    I don’t have any immediate answers to these questions, but I feel that getting out in front of whatever the next manufactured crisis is and sparking a conversation which outlines the risk of whatever the “solutions” in the pipeline are before people are frightened into a state of panic and submission is probably one of the best strategies we have to minimize the extent the next catastrophic and catalyzing event has in achieving the desired effect.

    In relation to one of the larger topics of discussion here: despite the hype around ISIS (Al-Qaeda Plus+), I have a feeling that’s not something which is being groomed for export (so to speak). I think that’s going to remain more of a Middle East reshaping tool for now. Ultimately, I think the biggest threat we’re being groomed for is going to fall into the “cyber terror” sphere. So, again, I think it’s worth trying to think about ways to get out in front of that scenario. Right now our ability to bypass the establishment media and influence the discussion is probably a threat that the powers that be have a keen interest in neutralizing. We can’t afford to let that happen.

    That’s my two cents for the moment.

  27. BennyB says:

    … From the agency which brought you Al-Qaeda, comes an “imminent threat” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is calling “beyond anything we’ve seen”. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Brett McGurk calls ISIS “worse than Al-Qaeda”. Even John McCain has distanced himself from ISIS, calling them “not as bad as Iran, but far less moderate than I was lead to believe”*.

    This summer watch as Obama leads the fight to save capitalism and the American way of life from the threat of Sharia Law and the Islamic State in: Operation Chicken Hawk Blowback: The Revenge of ISIS

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist… ;p

    * McCain didn’t say that, but it’s not that far fetched for an ad-lib.

    • BennyB says:

      And what a fantastic idea that is indeed! 😉 Right up there with standardized video cameras on police uniforms! … Because at the end of the day it’s all about “accountability”, right?

      • BennyB says:

        BTW: for a country which is so fixated on demonizing Russia, what’s with this obsession with appointing “Czars” to government positions?

      • ccuthbert2001 says:

        Benny, I wholeheartedly agree that there is nothing more bizarre in US politics than the appointment of these extra-constitutional executive branch functionaries, dubbing them czar and then hearing not one peep from anyone in the media, the public, even the alt-media in protest. It shows how far the country has fallen.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      Obama threatens yet more sanctions against Russia, as a result of the invisible Russian invasion of Ukraine.


      When will the public stop playing into this false “East/West” paradigm and see the game is rigged?

  28. Colin Green says:

    James and others, If you have 5 minutes to spare I think you would appreciate this little parody on banking. Enjoy

  29. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    According to WaPo, “Ebola virus has mutated during course of outbreak.”


    “Thursday’s study also details hundreds of genetic mutations that make the current Ebola outbreak different from any in the past. Some of those changes have the potential to affect the accuracy of diagnostic tests or the effectiveness of vaccines and treatments under development for the disease.”

    “We’re left with a situation where if, in fact, this thing smolders on and on, we know mutations will accumulate,” he said. “And that has its own set of problems. We’ve really got to get this thing shut off.”

    “There’s nothing you should crowdsource more than an epidemic. It has this urgency where we need every person working on it,” Sabeti said. “It took a village to make this paper happen. It will take a planet to help get this virus under control.”

    Is it me, or does this good doctor’s prescription as the Ebola solution (it takes a planet) smack a bit “one-world government”-y, like we always need some sort of collective authority to help us “better collaborate” and ensure things “get done”?

  30. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    Interesting comments from Lavrov coming out.


    ““We are not interested in confrontation, we are not interested in spiraling sanctions.”

    “However our collective steps on the world arena on tackling all of these challenges and threats are being hampered by attempts by the United States and the West and are as a whole holding their dominating position in global life, a position to which they are accustomed to over several centuries and are artificially holding back the realization of a multi-polar and politically centralized world that reflects objective tendencies of world development,” Russian diplomat said.

    What do you make of reports that Ukrainian forces are being surrounded and encircled in various parts of E. Ukraine and the unsuccessful campaign overall,and the connection to the new allegations of Russian invasion and Obama’s calls for more sanctions? Is that the plan or is that desperation? If this is in retaliation to the BRICS, then why only single out Russia? It seems the anti-Russian rhetoric is much more pronounced than the anti-China rhetoric. Can’t even think of anti-Brazil. I suspect this is moreso about the oil and gas competition.

  31. BennyB says:

    I feel like the foolishness on the part of US, going from blunder to blunder in Ukraine, may in fact represent the possibility that the United States is being transitioned by powers farther up the totem pole, from the role of a player on the diplomatic chessboard with Russia to that of a piece, although certainly not a pawn at this stage. One can only imagine that the United States’ cavalier push towards the use of sanctions against Russia is only going to put a strain on the alliance with the EU, who are the ones who are going to bare the brunt economically for the sort of cocky “diplomacy” which, not only seems to be hurting the US on the world stage, but bolstering the image of the Russians. Putin’s moves on the grand chessboard have been more like Bobby Fischer vs Obama and John Kerry’s Fisher Price.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      Excellent point. I was thinking the same thing. This is similar to how Britain was reduced from a superpower to a mere ‘piece’ on the chessboard gradually after the shocks of WWI and WWII. The parasitic banksters then established a newer safe host in the U.S. Although we aren’t in a “world war” type of scenario (yet), transitions from superpower status to mere chess piece can only take place after geopolitical seismic events. It’s definitely worth thinking about-whether the hidden powers that be are slowly chipping away or intend to chip away at the U.S., to then juxtapose it perfectly next to a situation, that when it comes, such as some “shock” (whether military, economic, political, etc.)it would then make the U.S. a mere piece on the chessboard.

      I was also thinking to what extent do you suppose the BRICS is a covert financial operation being financed by the same bankster oligarchs? Obviously, if you consider the Bank of International Settlements and how its tentacles reach around the world then it’s worth positing. All of the “BRICS” countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), are all “Member central banks” of the BIS.


      This bankster clique is the same clique known to have financed both the Bolsheviks and Nazis, so I would not hold it very far from them to do the same now. Why not? It’s certainly a possibility worth keeping our minds open to.

      Interestingly, JP Morgan was recently a victim of “cyber-attacks” that are allegedly tied to the Russian government, as ”retaliation” against the sanctions, according to Bloomberg. And now JP Morgan claims that the deteriorating situation in Ukraine may lead to a “Lehman-style shock.”


      What will be the trigger? Will there be a tipping point, or some sort of a “Lehman-style shock” in October (when traditionally you have market crashes), as Ukraine gets worse? Will that crash then morph and spread throughout the economy and lead to a bigger economic depression unlike what we’ve ever witnessed? It’s worth thinking about. Even more of a curious question, will a major economic crash in the U.S. completely take the U.S. out of the global power picture into a mere ‘piece’ as you suggest? In other words, it’s curious, if this transition is planned (and we have good reason to suspect it is), then at what pace will it be ushered? With $17 trillion in the hole, the U.S. Empire is a liability and a lost cause. Unfortunately, those of us within the empire’s boundaries and many more in the peripheries are going to feel the effects of it the most. Those who won’t are the ones in the shadows who stand to profit massively from the misery of millions.

      • nosoapradio says:

        So frustrating not to have more time to read all these comments more carefully so

        I just saw your BIS remark and I quite agree, the fact that the BRICs countries are on the member list is puzzling to say the least.

        In fact, to be entirely candid, I would say I’m a little surprised that in comparison with all the (justified) tempest around the Federal Reserve, more attention is not also given to the BIS.

        But maybe I’m overly obsessed with the BIS and give it too much importance due to the fact that I was essentially awakened to the workings of the world thanks to a certain Henk Ruyssenaars a commenter on the website Information clearing house who punctuated every single post with some mention of the BIS.

        I’d be quite gratified if Mr Corbett were able to go into greater depth concerning the BIS and its influence on the FED, for example.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      On that note, here’s a VERY interesting op-ed by none other than Henry Kissinger, in the Washington Post, lamenting the crisis of the NWO, and the tension between economic globalization and the nation-state itself (Could we be seeing the end of the era of the nation-state? Who knows?).


      Make of this what you will. It will be interesting to decide on how to read this, as there are a few layers of analysis, depending on the perspective – taking it on face value, literally, taking it in a deeper layer as meaning the opposite of what it claims, or taking it in partially. Could this simultaneously and subconsciously be preparing the U.S. public for having the U.S. reduced to a mere chess piece, all the while it appeals to Americans’ vanity that they must never let go of their “exceptionalism.” Some quotes:

      “The clash between the international economy and the political institutions that ostensibly govern it also weakens the sense of common purpose necessary for world order. The economic system has become global, while the political structure of the world remains based on the nation-state. Economic globalization, in its essence, ignores national frontiers. Foreign policy affirms them, even as it seeks to reconcile conflicting national aims or ideals of world order.”

      “The international order thus faces a paradox: Its prosperity is dependent on the success of globalization, but the process produces a political reaction that often works counter to its aspirations.”

      “A world order of states affirming individual dignity and participatory governance, and cooperating internationally in accordance with agreed-upon rules, can be our hope and should be our inspiration.”

      “To play a responsible role in the evolution of a 21st-century world order, the U.S. must be prepared to answer a number of questions for itself: What do we seek to prevent, no matter how it happens, and if necessary alone? What do we seek to achieve, even if not supported by any multilateral effort? What do we seek to achieve, or prevent, only if supported by an alliance? What should we not engage in, even if urged on by a multilateral group or an alliance? What is the nature of the values that we seek to advance? And how much does the application of these values depend on circumstance?

      For the U.S., this will require thinking on two seemingly contradictory levels. The celebration of universal principles needs to be paired with recognition of the reality of other regions’ histories, cultures and views of their security. Even as the lessons of challenging decades are examined, the affirmation of America’s exceptional nature must be sustained. History offers no respite to countries that set aside their sense of identity in favor of a seemingly less arduous course. But nor does it assure success for the most elevated convictions in the absence of a comprehensive geopolitical strategy.”

  32. greencrow says:


    Ex CIA Reagan adviser proposes assassination of Putin as solution to Ukraine problem….suggests that if they tighten sanctions on Russian oligarchs enough…they will do the dirty deed themselves.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      That article was so atrocious and that author annoying. It’s safe to say that at this point, Putin has thus far not swallowed the bait to start war. This has made the US ruling class all the more apoplectic and irate. How can anyone follow the mainstream line after all this is beyond me. However, at some point, I imagine Putin will probably join the war party at their game, and I shudder to find out what that turns out like.

  33. daflammas says:

    If you had any doubt that your children are not your own but, in fact, belong to the state, watch this from the BBC (state tv in UK)
    The broadcaster says a couple of times that the parents who removed their child from a hospital in England and took him to Spain for alternative treatment for a brain tumour, had not done anything illegal, however, they have been arrested by Spanish police and are being held at an unspecified location, while their son has been taken to a Malaga hospital. Earlier today on the BBC there was an interview with the grandmother of the child who said that her house had been searched by the police. The uk police chased these people across France and down to the south of Spain. Quite some lengths to get their property back – or as a warning to other parents daring to presume that they had control over what treatment their children should receive for terminal cancer.

  34. daflammas says:

    As an aside, the parents are apparently Jehovah’s Witnesses, a religion long maligned in the UK, because they do not subscribe to the “slash, burn or poison” of allopathic medicine.

  35. whateverittakes2 says:

    Hello, I was just listening to a Brasscheck delivered documentary interview with William Cooper, Behold the Pale Horse. I had the book at one time and believe William Cooper has since been murdered by TPTB.


    Cooper makes some very direct statements about how and why JFK was murdered (the driver of the car in which he was riding turned around and shot him in the head, for one thing). Among the reasons TPTB wanted JFK gone was that he had already ordered the printing of money that would sidestep/shut down the Federal Reserve. Cooper talks a lot about the NWO plan but something he said toward the middle of this long interview (three plus hours) gave me a Eureka moment: The US government is being run by secret organizations (Illuminati, Rosicrucians, Masons, etc., whoever they are, but in sum: by an international bankster class which is a fifth column, not American and its constituents can be prosecuted for treasonous activity if we can find them and haul them into our rapidly disappearing judiciary). If Americans want to save themselves and their government which is not the shadowy powers that are running it, they stage wholesale repudiation of the upcoming elections that will give us a Hillary, or maybe a Bernie when what we need is another Andrew Jackson who ran on a plank of NO BANK! Shut the Federal Reserve down and repudiate the debt. Why not? We didn’t run up this incredible debt. This incredible debt has been run up for us by bankster crooks who give us self-multiplying terrorists that keep their war machine going because it constantly fills their crooked pockets. We know their plan is to bankrupt the US government in order to establish their NWO. Who said we had to participate in this? We tell them that’s your debt; that’s not our debt. And we’re not going to pay it. The Federal Reserve has ceased to exist as far as we’re concerned. It’s a corrupt unAmerican phony bank made up of an international banksters class, run by banksters for banksters. End of story! Don’t tell me this has to be so much more complicate. It’s not. If you’re eating arsenic everyday and you know it’s killing you, the most reasonable plan of action is to stop eating it.

    • mammique says:

      Bill Cooper was the best! However, I disagree on his theory about JFK’s driver, I think the gun he sees is a reflection in the hairs of the passenger on the right. I saw a video of Cooper dismissing the reflection theory, but with no argument. My argument is that we see this very same reflection in the hairs of the passenger on the right few seconds before, we clearly see that it is not a gun. BTW, why use a shinny gun? Doesn’t make sense to me. Also the FED theory has been proven false, here is the link Bill Still (director of The Money Master which propagates this rumor) provided to debunk his own mistake: http://www.publiceye.org/conspire/flaherty/flaherty9.html

      • Corbett says:

        Thank you for that, Mammique. I, too, think that Bill’s JFK assassination theory is nonsensical and completely unsupported by the evidence. And I am continually frustrated to see the JFK/Fed myth continuing to be perpetrated. Might I even suggest my own treatment of the subject back in Episode 174:


      • mammique says:

        Thanks James, excellent work once again. I have problems as well in debunking this JFK/FED myth, last time I told that to a famous French economist Pierre Jovanovic (here with Max Keiser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1G1ROT8w_A) in the French MetaTV live-chat about that (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1b99zr_pierre-jovanovic-face-aux-metanautes-sur-la-libre-antenne-de-meta-tv-3-4_news?start=950) and he shouted “You are wrong! Totally wrong, you can even check for yourself in the Executive Order 11110″… Meaning he knows the title of the document, but never read it! I’ve sent him all information after that, he never replied. People want to believe in this so badly…

        I’ve seen an interview of a recent book’s author exposing 3 main leads for JFK (http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/2846283400): Johnson, Israel or CIA. I have no idea, but regarding the information I randomly picked up, the other lead of the military-industrial complex sounds plausible. Personal trajectory such as McNamara’s is suspicious to me, he drafted the Operation Northwood false-flag, JFK opposed it, next year no more JFK to oppose false-flags, next year McNamara leads the Gulf of Tonkin false-flag…

        What a surprise to rediscover the Bin Laden confession video tape in this episode, I didn’t watched it since 2001! Hearing the official confession of the official mastermind of 9/11, stating himself that the towers were not supposed to collapse is such a relief! (Or Bin Laden is a conspiracy theorist?! :-p)

        I totally support the fact that we should not take anything for granted and double check before spreading rumors (even if we can easily fall for laziness or sensationalism). BTW, there is information you provided a while ago that made jump because it goes far beyond Illuminati-reptilian theorists dare to: the “Hitler was a Rothschild” link (The Secret Wartime Report by Walter C. Langer) in a QFC episode. How reliable this source is in your opinion?

        I had forbidden the fact that Alex Jones also predicted 9/11 (as you mention in the episode), 3 days before Cooper, which contradict my message bellow about Cooper’s death. However Cooper rarely made predictions (as opposed to Jones who makes 100 per day), and unlike Jones, Cooper gave the name of Bin Laden. Also, the real time covering of the event is very contrasted, Cooper is lucid, talking with cold blood, calling for calm, while Jones is totally hysterical. I’ll try to think of Cooper’s zen attitude on the next big event 🙂


  36. whateverittakes2 says:

    And in reply to Algorithm and what Kissinger is up to: That old dog is too old to change his stripes. He’s still chanting NWO but lamenting that nation-states want to hold onto their distinctive identities. How unreasonable is that? Of course, it makes it more difficult for Henry and crowd to move in and take over, but the whole NWO thing is a piece of trash that’s never going to work precisely because people value their uniqueness. And people value other peoples’ uniqueness as well. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be running all over this earth, sampling what others are up to… DUH! The people in Hank’s class, Rockefellers et al, are blunted by all the cash and opportunity they have; they value one thing only: their power. I go back to James’s solutions in his Federal Reserve documentary. Americans are very innovative; that quality helped to bring us to the top of the heap, but how many of us are insistent upon staying there at all costs? My sense is that most of us would happily let go of all this crap we’re doing in the world… dropping bombs, droning people. A mere chess piece? Take me off the board altogether! I know there are books out there written by people who have exited the system for a year or two or three… In preparation for disowning the activities of our government, promote independence from the system. Your own and everyone else’s. Starting today. Don’t buy things! And figure out every other thing you can do to undercut the system. It’s going to crash anyway so I go back to the arsenic analogy. Stop eating it.

  37. nexangelus says:

    The NATO summit right here in the UK is foremost in my mind. I protested in London in July outside the Israeli Embassy for the Palestinians and am off to Cardiff to protest any and all war/aggression that NATO and its allies are planning. You should see the security measures they are taking. The huge ramping up of coverage about the radicalisation of UK residents to fight in Iraq and Syria is cringe-worthy. No mention or remembrance of who funded the “terrorists” in the first place. Other than all this am wondering what false flag event they will conjure this time after raising the threat level to severe in the UK. Sorry no links as writing this on my phone…

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      I recall the “Beard World Order” discussed the Trans-Caucasia as a region for conflict that is ripe to exploit. I believe Pearse Redmond brought up the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan as a point where the US/NATO and Russia can exploit that. But also, we must consider Georgia, which is in that Trans-caucasian area.

      With that in mind, it appears that NATO wants to rekindle its ties with Georgia, as elucidated by Anders “Fogh of War” Rasmussen. This in light of the ongoing crisis with Russia.

      “NATO may hold military drills and establish a military training center in Georgia, NATO Secretary General Andrers Fogh Rasmussen said on Monday.”


      I think this region of Transcaucasia is underrated in terms of a geopolitical plot on the map that can be exploited by the major powers. We have so far thought of Ukraine/eastern Europe, and also Central Asia as the portions of the “Grand Chessboard” where most of the major moves will play out, but this may be the new up-and-coming area of tension.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      This NATO summit is sure going to kick off to high gear. The master-and-slave relationship aside, they want to up military spending against the backdrop of the massive austerity that has been decimating the quality of life in these countries.


      This shows no sign of abatement. Now the EU has given Russia one week to “scale back” or face a whole new round of sanctions. Are these people serious? Is “the West’s” economic malaise so bad that they need to move their corporate-banking exploitation to Ukraine to cash in on the rich farmlands and industrial sector there via that EU deal? Holy cow Batman!

      “European Union leaders have given Russia a week to reverse course in Ukraine or face a new round of sanctions as Kiev warns it is on the brink of full-scale war with Moscow.”

      Of course, you can’t forget this:

      “Senior diplomats confirmed the punitive measures were not so much new as a tightening of the restrictions imposed in July on the financial, energy, and defence sectors in Russia. “It’s about closing loopholes,” said a diplomat. They warned, however, that it could be weeks before any new sanctions were applied, perhaps as late as October.”


  38. whateverittakes2 says:

    This guy, William Cooper, is brilliant… And he’s dead. Link below. Death details are taken from Wikipedia which appears, like NPR, to have bowed to the forces of evil. I wrote about this in a post earlier today, at which time I had watched only the first half. It’s long, but I recommend that everyone here, including you James, watch it, show it to your friends, etc. The forces of evil are moving with invincible stealth to take control of us. We’re seeing it all over the place now. Militarized police in Missouri. The stuff about Putin, the Ukraine, etc. which is so ridiculous it makes you cringe. How can they have so little self-respect? Answer: Because they figure we have less, and maybe we’ve proven that to them. Cooper thinks we have. He thinks the American people have played right into their hands through naiveté, laziness, unconcern, etc.

    To make us hate our government: This is the goal of the NWO people—who, according to Cooper occupy every high post in the government, the NWO badge being the only way they got there in the first place. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? They’re enlisting our help to get rid of the government that is already on their “Trash This” list. Cooper, however, insists that there is nothing wrong with our government. He does point out some serious reforms to the ways in which our elected representatives are allowed to represent us, like one term only; they cannot move to Washington, cannot move their families there. The home State pays their salary, not the Federal government. It makes a lot of sense… He understands the Federal Reserve in the same way James has outlined for us here, stating that we should just repudiate the Federal Reserve debt. This will have the bonus effect of bankrupting the banksters. What more could we want? Cooper gave this interview when Poppy Bush was president. He sees the NWO as arising from mystery cults and secret organizations, Bilderberg which is apparently Masonic, (and we know and/or have heard of the others). He relates a curious anecdote about Poppy Bush whom he describes as one of the most “heinous” personalities ever to walk this planet. He says that Poppy as an initiate into the Skull and Bones at Yale was put into a casket with red ribbon tied around his genitalia and thereby became a member of the cult of ISIS… ISIS? This guy who was in the CIA long before he admitted it named his ship or airplane Barbara which vehicle was then used in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. It’s possible that he got himself arrested outside the Book Depository in Dallas the day JFK was shot… The exact details escape me but don’t discount ISIS as serendipitously suggestive. Bush thinks he’s clever and he also thinks that everyone else is just very stupid. That’s what a lot of these NWO people think.

    Notice below how conspiracy theorist is used to discredit Cooper. The details of his death are chilling. Watch the documentary and you can believe that he might have written this himself.

    As Cooper moved away from the UFOlogy community in the late 1990s and toward the militia and anti-government group subculture, he became convinced that he was being personally targeted by President Bill Clinton and the IRS. In July 1998 he was charged with tax evasion and an arrest warrant was issued but not executed, resulting in his being named a “major fugitive” by the US Marshals Service in 2000.[6]
    On November 5, 2001 Apache County sheriff’s deputies attempted to arrest Cooper at his Eagar, Arizona home on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and endangerment stemming from earlier disputes with local residents. After an exchange of gunfire during which Cooper shot one of the deputies in the head, Cooper was fatally shot. Federal authorities reported that Cooper had spent years trying to avoid capture on the 1998 tax evasion arrest warrant, and according to a spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service, he had vowed that “he would not be taken alive”.[1]


    • mammique says:

      Indeed Bill Clinton declared that Cooper was the enemy number one of the government, he also tried to blame him for the Oklahoma City bombing, but Cooper had the visit of Timothy McVeigh before, he told it on radio that there was something fishy about McVeigh, and that he was a puppet (McVeigh wasn’t alone when they visited Cooper, he wasn’t talkative, another guy was leading the dialog with Cooper). So having said that on radio, he somehow protected himself of being blamed for the false-flag.

      On the other hand, he has been killed for something else he said on air, he predicted 9/11 two month before, naming Ben Laden as the boogeyman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKT5XxJ1sbQ BTW his live covering of 9/11 on this very same day is impressively lucid. Later on he told that he will be killed because of this prediction, less than one month after he was dead.

      He has now been somehow replaced by Alex Jones, about whom Cooper was very suspicious, to say the least…

      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        Have you ever looked into Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal as some sort of a “honey-trap”? What about Chandra Levy with Gary Condit and (I know this is a stretch) the links to Tim McVeigh and 911?

      • whateverittakes2 says:

        There’s so much to take in, so much ground to master. I just watched James’s #147 or #174 podcast on JFK and his presumed attempt to take down the Fed and a much longer, even more interesting piece, on the OBL confession video that “truthers’ dubbed a fake because the OBL seen on the tape was too fat. (and was right-handed–that point wasn’t addressed). Isn’t this purposeful? These endless “errors” and confusing asides, don’t you think TPTB know that if they get their message out right at the very beginning that message is going to stick and anything that comes afterward will probably not dislodge it. I think they bank on that. And they purposefully insert confusion and chaos. It’s their MO. It’s very interesting to watch what is going on at the Journal of Foreign Affairs re Russia and the Ukraine. They published an article by Mearsheimer with the headline that Ukraine was the West’s fault, but essentially the Journal is continuing their evidence-less assertions that Russia is sending troops into Ukraine. It’s almost as if, if they say it, it’s true… never mind when you bring up MH17 which they insisted for weeks was Putin’s Folly, when you mention that as soon as the evidence re MH17 got to the West, the inquiry was classified and shut down…, when you suggest all of this is very suspicious, that the record for integrity is on the other side, they’re brazen. They don’t care. They don’t feel they have any obligation to answer, including Mearsheimer. That seems to have been just a nod in the direction of the other side, a nod that changes nothing.

      • mammique says:

        Hi @AoC, thanks for suggesting these leads, I had no idea about these possible connections. I made a quick research, indeed some dots seems to be connectable, but I didn’t checked enough to figure out how deep or shallow it is. Interesting anyway 🙂

  39. carobi050 says:

    Man, if I had the money to fly to Dublin and support this Benefit Concert , or just to be able to send the money, I would.

    ” Christy Moore sings for children of Gaza

    Christy Moore will play a benefit concert for the children of Gaza in Vicar Street in Dublin on Sunday 12th October.

    The proceeds of the concert will go directly to the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) which helps children to overcome the trauma they have experienced from the successive military assaults and occupation of Gaza by Israeli forces over recent years.

    For over twenty years, MECA (www.mecaforpeace.org) has provided direct support for treatment clinics for traumatised children as well as medical aid, counselling programmes, play centres and libraries.

    Christy Moore will be accompanied by Declan Sinnott at the ‘Gig for the Children of Gaza’ in Vicar Street.

    Tickets at €40 are available from Ticketmaster http://www.ticketmaster.ie

    For further information contact: 01 858 821701 858 8217″

  40. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    Russia and China have begun construction of the gas pipeline.

    “Russia launched construction Monday of a 770 billion ruble ($20.8 bn) gas pipeline that will help bring gas from the far east of the country to China.”


    This is the beginning of one of the many daggers into the Washington consensus petrodollar scheme. I am still somewhat mystified why there is so much anti-Russia rhetoric in the mythical “West,” and not so much overt dislike towards the other BRICS countries such as China.

  41. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    On a very different non-geopolitical topic…

    How many of you have looked into the current “rave” scene, the electronic music phenomenon, and the drug “MDMA.” Presumably this would build on Huxley and the psychedelic experience with LSD, but this would be the more modern functional equivalent.

    Specifically, I am interested in the origins of this drug’s founder – Alexander Shulgin, and his connection with the “Bohemian Grove” – and the modern electronic dance/rave scene as some sort of mind control type of phenomenon/experiment, where people who are in a drug induced trance, and hypnotized by this fast paced music and flickering lights, thereby leave themselves open to the power of suggestion. Also, if symbolism means anything, the theme of the “owl” is pretty prolific in these rave scenes.

    What are your thoughts? Has anyone else thought of this?

    • Bart Houkes says:

      This goes for many sub-cultures, from the new age movement in the sixties to the goths nowadays. All these scenes are heavily influenced by ancient rituals and symbols. These kids don’t come up with this stuff by themselves, it is purposefully injected into society by the culture creators.

      It’s not just drugs, music, clothing or food, but ultimately their entire believe system that is being manipulated. Our society is very good at destroying ones identity in order to replace it with a newly created identity that can be controlled. Just like churches did in the past.

      I took MDMA a couple of times, but never at rave parties. We used to go to the woods to take it. And I do remember one of the pills had a little owl on it. Some of my friends were sucked into the rave and drugs scene in the nineties and they didn’t end up very well. I think that it wasn’t necessarily the drugs that was so tempting for them. It was the predefined packed and ready identity that this scene created for them. It relieved them of the task to create their own identity.

      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        Mr. Houkes, I’ve been following your commentary and I must say, I thoroughly enjoy them. You have a knack and ability to succinctly and perfectly summarize and capture my sentiments exactly, in much better prose and brevity. I refer to this portion: “I think that it wasn’t necessarily the drugs that was so tempting for them. It was the predefined packed and ready identity that this scene created for them. It relieved them of the task to create their own identity.” Beautifully said and I couldn’t agree more.

        As far as these subcultures of manipulation – I wholeheartedly agree. I actually attended one of these events called “EDC” at the behest of some friends (felt out of place being far older than most of the crowd, and the fact that this music did not appeal to me). However, I was curious to see what the people in this event did, and more importantly, to watch over my brother, since I had somewhat lightly read about what goes on at these events. I was curious if MDMA was the new craze and crave and apparently, it is.

        Bottom line, I learned that these people call this drug “Molly,” (and also, “Madonna” even made a cameo appearance at one of these “festivals” in 2012 and posed the question to the masses: “How many people in this town have seen Molly?” And the crowd went berserk):


        In any event, I noticed how most people were “Molly zombies” – akin to zombies like in “The Walking Dead,” but instead of eating brains, they would just go around randomly hugging everything and everyone. I never felt so out of place and alone in a throng of hypnotized zombies. More importantly, I never knew how powerful the combination of MDMA and this electronic music is when working in conjunction, to hypnotize people.

      • Bart Houkes says:

        Thanks for your nice compliment AoC. I guess drugs has always been promoted by the culture heroes. The Beatles popularized LSD, the Stones cocaine. Aldous Huxley wrote his famous book ‘The Doors of Perception’ about the advantages of LSD. Jim Morrison named The Doors after this book.

        Personally, I’m sort of in the middle here. Kids will experiment with drugs anyway and society needs good role models to set examples for youngsters. So in theory I don’t really mind rockstars talking about drugs. It starts going wrong when drugs is only promoted as a hedonistic pleasure, as a physical experience (let’s dance! let’s party!).

        Drugs have spiritual aspects and can teach about yourself and nature. Many ancient cultures used hallucinogenic drugs in initiation rituals for young men. But this aspect is never mentioned in modern culture. They are only interested in the trance-like state and the collectivist mindset and the drugs are specifically designed for that aim.

      • mammique says:

        Have you heard about the DMT drug? Apparently it’s a natural molecule present our body, secreted by the pineal gland which is supposed to be a spiritual organ (also called 3rd eye), taking it as a drug has spiritual effect as I understood.

      • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

        @mammique: I have heard and read of the argument that the pineal gland is the so-called “third-eye.” This was popularized most notably by a one Dr. Rick Strassman of the University of New Mexico who wrote the book “DMT: The Spirit Molecule,” wherein he opines that the pineal gland exists independent of the brain and is responsible for the production of DMT in certain states. I don’t know if I agree with the veracity or accuracy of his methodology in terms of the experiments he’s conducted (such as injecting people with DMT to study the independent nature of consciousness), but there is that.

        @BartHoukes: I do note that many cultures around the world have used “drugs” as pathways/gateways into spiritual or mystical experiences which no doubt leads to certain “visions” or realizations about different aspects and perspectives of our 3rd dimension. Personally, I’m of the opinion that our best bet is to remain sober in the face of the information wars and the long road ahead, as any potential altered state of consciousness could expose us or leave us open to succumb to complex, subtle and covert forms of powers of suggestion. Yes, we need drugs to treat us and help us in certain moments, and perhaps even certain narrow “mystical experiences,” but overall, my main issue is with psychotropic drugs that alter our perception of reality, as I believe it’s a slippery slope.

        However, I think you’re right to point that in this age, most people use drugs as a coping mechanism for escapism from the burdens of the human condition. It is almost as if people are so devoid of spiritual experiences that they seek these items to ‘enhance’ their state of consciousness. Consider some of the “positive” slang names attributed to different intoxicating substances such as alcohol referred to as “spirits,” MDMA as “candy” or “ecstasy,” PCP as “angel dust,” heroin as “white horse” or “dope,” meth as “speed” or “crystal,” LSD as “blue heaven,” etc.

        The real question is why are so many people now seeking to use these drugs not for spiritual/mystical “visions,” but for escapism from being mired in a state of misanthropy? I suspect that deep down there is an unconscious urge and yearning to escape from their increasingly centralized, controlled, disciplined and institutionally centered lives. The expression of the individual itself has gradually eroded as the shadow cast by the state has grown exponentially more omnipresent, while the expression of the individual has lessened in direct proportion.

        I am also curiously skeptical of the sudden rolling back on the legal status of marijuana all of a sudden. Perhaps I am being over-analytical and having been used to critically thinking over every piece of information that is thrown at me, I am suffering from Maslow’s “law of the instrument” of having only a hammer and seeing everything as a nail. When oligarchs such as George Soros have long been behind efforts to “legalize” certain drugs such as marijuana, I cannot help but think of the many false dichotomies we are always presented with.


        The question is, why should something be “legal” or “illegal,” to begin with? In other words, what business is it of the “state” to decide this? Is air “legal” or “illegal”? Are we going to be charged to breathe air? What about grass (which is edible)? Once you introduce the idea of “legality/illegality” to a certain item, you ipso facto bring the tentacles of the state to that issue. And as we know, the state is run by a bunch of bankster oligarchs for the most part.

      • Bart Houkes says:

        @mammique I like Graham Hancock’s talks on ayahuasca and DMT. He talks about his personal experiences and the role of ayahuasca in rituals that are still practiced today. He also relates DMT to the pineal gland and the 3rd eye.

        There are many reference to hallucinogenic drugs in western culture. Santa Claus is modeled after Scandinavian shaman rituals with psilocybin mushrooms. Catholic artwork has many references to mushrooms. There’s a huge statue of a pinecone in the Vatican, representing the pineal gland and spiritual illumination.

        It looks like the elite is hiding their knowledge of the spiritual aspects of drugs in plain sight. They take it themselves, but prohibit it for the masses. Meanwhile society is flooded with drugs that have mainly physical aspects, like coffee, sugar, nicotine, alcohol and party drugs.

      • Bart Houkes says:

        @AoC I believe we are not just in an information war, but also in a war of consciousness and imagination. Ultimately our reality is created by ideas and visions, not by steel or blood, they are merely the result of an idea. The nature of reality is much more spiritual than we are led to believe. Drugs is just one of the tools that we can use to explore our spirituality. I see no reason to be so wary of it.

        About George Soros: just look at the bags under his bloodstained eyes. I’m pretty sure he is a regular pot user and most likely he knows about the mushrooms as well. Him pushing legalization of marijuana doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to poison the kids. I think the current prohibition of marijuana is just causing too many problems for them and it is no longer beneficial for them to maintain it.

  42. Richard-Fitzwell says:

    Right on time here comes the ISIS – Chechnya connection.
    Just the link we need for that pivot to Asia/Caucus Regions


    Where did ISIS learn such sophisticated military methods, shown clearly after the first shots were fired?

    “Probably the Chechens,” the one of the U.S. officials said.



    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      Thanks for that link. That brought me to this particular gem: “IS militants vow to ‘de-throne’ Putin over Syria support.” I think we can take this as an implicit confirmation of ISIS’ CIA/NATO/Mossad/Saudi (call it whatever you want) slant by threatening Putin and vowing to “free” the North Caucasus (read Chechnya).

      Can we take this to mean that the CIA’s “Arab Legion” is now going to be turned increasingly toward Russia?


      “Islamic State militants have issued a threat to President Vladimir Putin, vowing to oust him and “liberate” the volatile North Caucasus over his support of the Syrian regime.”

      The General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia demanded that access to the address, which was posted on YouTube on Tuesday and features what jihadists say is a Russian-supplied fighter jet, be blocked.

      “This is a message to you, oh Vladimir Putin, these are the jets that you have sent to Bashar, we will send them to you, God willing, remember that,” said one fighter in Arabic, according to Russian-language captions provided in the video.”

  43. TimR says:

    James– I have an idea for a podcast topic for you (or any other researchers out there, but preferably for you, as our host here!)

    “Untangling the Alt Media: Background, Worldviews, Influences, and Sponsors (if any) of (the most interesting) Alt Media Commentators”

    Realistically, I guess it would almost have to be a series of podcasts/articles. But perhaps two or three figures could be covered per podcast.

    Obviously, understanding where people are coming from is critical when assessing the information they present. And of course I try my best to figure that out. But it would be helpful to have “advance legwork” from a source whose background/worldview I feel I have gained some familiarity with.

    Sorry if “assignments” are not to your liking; just a suggestion. My hope would be that the podcasts would be easy to make, assuming you already have opinions and views on many alt media commentators.

    If critiquing friends in the alt media presents a conflict of interest, perhaps the series could be limited to those figures you have no personal connections to.

    Ideally it would present the pros and cons of each figure, not hit pieces.

    Some figures I personally would be curious to learn more about:

    EIR and Lyndon Larouche (Anton Chaitkin and other members)
    Webster Tarpley
    Dave Emory (spitfirelist.com)
    Gnostic Media, Jan Irvin
    Red Ice Radio
    Jay Weidner (Kubrick documentarian, and much more)

    That’s just off the top of my head, I must be missing lots of names.


    • Richard-Fitzwell says:

      EIR/LaRouche = British Monarchy is behind everything
      Dave Emory = Nazis are behind everything


      Great researchers though, and their bodies of work are as long as they are important.

      I however tend to be wary of any theory that neatly wraps up the complex and incredibly layered history of the struggle for global hegemonic power into a package that can easily be digested for the masses.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      EIR/LaRouche have done lots of research indeed. However, as you point out, they are all too quick and trigger happy to point the British as the culprits for everything. I think you’re absolutely correct to be skeptical of any theory that simplifies and reduces a very complex web of power dynamics with many layers that bisects many different countries, organizations, governments and corporate/banking interests, into one neat, one-size fits all explanation.

      Webster Tarpley is an amazing author and historian, however, he too, used to be part of the LaRouche organization until he split. Tarpley’s brain is like none other in terms of the amount of historical knowledge and information he can retain, has a photographic memory and speaks several languages. However, I think he too has largely been influenced by the “blame the British for everything” school of thought. Politically, he’s a Roosevelt New Deal advocate and believes in large government projects, and nationalizing the Federal Reserve (as opposed to ending it).

      Tarpley’s analysis of 911 as an inside job is good, and he was one of the first (if I recall correctly) to advance and/or popularize the notion that one of the ways the deep state executed 911 was through the cover of military drills and exercises and he notes between 44 and 46 drills that replicate virtually every meme of 911. However, he does not believe the culprits were Bush or Cheney, and believes it was some other hidden generals so forth. I personally disagree with him on this, but I also disagree with him on his letting Israel off the hook in 911. I think James once pointed out during one of his interviews on “The Power Hour” that 911 would not have been able to be successful without these various groups at the top all getting together and colluding to pull this off – a convergence of interests at a certain historical apex where all roads and interest met.

    • Algorithm of Consciousness says:

      I think doing a piece on the media is a good idea and I too have thought of it as well for a while. Personally, I would like James to focus on the mainstream media and the relationships and histories of mainstream media figures as they are more relevant to flesh out in our information war, than the alternative media figures.

      For example, we know of Operation Mockingbird. Take someone like Anderson Cooper, a former CIA operative, or as he likes to pretend, an “intern.” (He reminds me of John Castle in Robocop 3, who played the OCP Vice President McDagget I think – eerie resemblance). He’s a media darling. That’s obvious, but what about all the not-so-obvious connections? Take another example in the form of the Washington Post warmonger Anne Applebaum, aka Ms. Sikorski, married to the Polish Foreign Minister and NATO warmonger, Radoslaw Sikorski. I think it’s a more worthwhile effort to go through and research and identify lots of these media figures and bring their relationships and backgrounds out into the limelight. These may include the revolving door between “public office” and the media, financial positions and the media, and so forth. Perhaps a podcast into this will be more fruitful.

  44. jamesthethird says:

    After watching Questions for Corbett #16, I followed what had to be said about Facebook, Youtube and Google accounts. Recently I watched The Keiser Report and saw something which got me quite excited.
    It is all about Maidsafe which is ready to launch in the very near future.
    If you want to learn its concept from the horses mouth, here are the links. It’s on the second part of the report. The first halves are worth watching for amusing comtempory comment.



  45. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    As we near 911, let’s recall that the “trial” of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is under way, the supposed confessor to the crimes. Apparently, according to NPR (National Pentagon Radio), his attorney, Maj. Jason Wright resigned in protest. “He has accused the U.S. government of ‘abhorrent leadership’ on human rights and due process guarantees and says it is crafting a “show trial.”


    I’m surprised NPR even covered it. I have not seen this get much play in the MSM.

  46. Ukdavec says:

    The following article is worth reading in that it firmly (and accurately IMHO) pins blame on the origins of the Ukraine conflict, namely

    The Ukrainian crisis is born from the catastrophic handling of free-trade talks between Ukraine and Russia on the one hand, and Ukraine and Europe on the other. The simultaneous double offer turned into an impossible choice for Ukraine for two reasons:

    the European deal was exclusive : if Ukraine signed with Europe, it was no longer allowed to sign with Russia[2]

    in November 2013, Europe rejected Ukraine’s request for trilateral talks (Ukraine, EU and Russia) in order to find the ways to make both deals compatible and beneficial to all parties[3]


    This is a somewhat startling conclusion given the organisation which is the source of the article. The organisation has deep roots in France – has in the past been rabidly pro EU integration, and has not missed any chance to criticise the US/UK bloc whilst glossing over fundamental EU weaknesses.

    This stance has changed over the last year or so and criticisms of the EU have started to appear in articles – usually blaming EU flaws on the influence of the US/ Anglo block. This new move to cover EU / Bric relations is something I find quite fascinating and worth watching closely.

  47. nexangelus says:

    Back from the demos at Newport and Cardiff. One thing is still playing on my mind and I wonder if anyone else would like to express their opinion on this particular subject. I attended the anti-NATO demo in Cardiff after meeting up with some interesting people (one from Indymedia in the UK). I have only been to two big protests, this one was smaller than I expected. But it contained about 10 members of the Black Bloc. Whilst I choose to follow anarchist lines of thinking and action, I do not accept militant forms of protest. They were there to antagonise the police (we were outnumbered by the police by the way), not for any other reason. In fact, the girl I spoke to had a large sign with the acronym A.C.A.B. (all cops are bastards) on it. She defended their right to protest with violence and mayhem. They made me feel really uncomfortable. I understand the wish to do something to make a statement, because it seems that peaceful resistance is just that calm and although full of song and common purpose, not very exciting in the grand scheme of things to do. I am not sure protesting is supposed to be a fun affair in any case. Has anyone else had experience of Black Bloc tactics? What is your opinion on militant anarchism?

    • BennyB says:

      I think non-violent protest is the only practical way to go. Violence is the easiest way to demonize any movement and justify whatever violence is used to crush the opposition. This is why provocateurs tend to be such successful tools. I can’t understate how important this is. I’d even go as far as to say I think it’s worth trying to use restraint when it comes to the way we confront the riot police verbally if they’re not doing anything.

      One of the best chants that I’ve heard at occupy movements is you are the 99(%)percent, directed towards the police. In most instances after all, these riot police are being paid a modest amount to protect a system which doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them. I’ve witnessed instances where there are police officers and security who are basically like; “I’m just trying to do my job”. When people get all up in the face of the police and security who are in a situation where they’re actually starting to question the morality of what they’re doing, I think it just makes it that much easier for them to descend into savagery. Ultimately, we rely on people who are part of the system to realize they don’t want to do their dirty work to say; “look these people aren’t breaking any laws and they have a right to express their opinion”.

      I’m by no means saying people should be timid about expressing their demands. The most effective movements actually have tangible demands which can be articulated at least moderately clearly though. Just showing up and saying; “yeah, like, fuck the man!”, is incredibly easy to write off.

  48. nexangelus says:

    Whoops, too late to edit. I wanted to correct the part where I said members of Black Bloc. I meant there were 10 people (that I could observe) creating a Black Bloc.

  49. whateverittakes2 says:

    I’ve been listening to too many video documentaries and am trying to keep my head straight… i watched James’s podcast (#174? 147?) on the JFK assassination conspiracy. I think that was to correct the misrepresentation that the driver had turned around in his seat and shot Kennedy. OK: but today I watched Jim Marrs talking about how we are educated in America to be uneducated… and some of things he says are really mind-boggling: i.e.,Lenin, Trotsky et al were groomed in the West and sent to Russia to foment revolution at the behest of the secret? banking? cartel? (we don’t know who these people are, do we?) Marrs says that Kennedy did order the government to print money beyond the purview of the Federal Reserve, that only he and Lincoln had done such a thing; and that they were both shot should therefore not be surprising (although there was no Federal Reserve when Lincoln was running the show…) So…?

    James, I don’t remember what details you gave on this or if you made any assertion about Kennedy and the Federal Reserve?

    That aside, here’s something that really turned my head around: The brother of Paul Warburg who features prominently in the founding of the Federal Reserve was a German named Max Warburg and he was deeply involved with the people who engineered the coup to bring Hitler to power in Germany. Does anyone know anything more about this?

    The general sense I’m getting from Jim Marrs is that the top ruling cartel is so devoid of any kind of morality, compassion, ethics, etc., that to try to apply logic to understand or explain what they do is an impossible task… (i.e. they’re fomenting war in Vietnam while Rockefeller is in Russia arranging low-interest loans to Khruschev to enable Russia to send arms to the North Vietnamese who are using those weapons to kill Americans… )

    And here’s something curious about the MH17 affair… It originated in Holland? and Dutch Royal Shell is the owner of the supposed lease on land in southeast Ukraine close to where the crash occurred; the lease is abrogated until the fighting is permanently stopped. Prince Bernhard? Isn’t he a Dutch Nazi? And a Bilderberger? And was Holland party to this agreement to just shut down the investigation into the MH17 tragedy?

    I don’t know what I’m looking for here… As I write this stuff out I have a somewhat paranoid sense that this was already said some place else and I just didn’t get it when I should have gotten it… but it speaks to the problem of information overload, like having a 15-ton elephant plop itself down on your head.

    • Corbett says:

      “James, I don’t remember what details you gave on this or if you made any assertion about Kennedy and the Federal Reserve? “

      If you listen to 174 you’ll find it is correcting the misinterpretation about EO 11110 and the JFK / Fed connection. You will also find in the show notes a link to G. Edward Griffin’s thorough essay refuting this idea.

  50. kris whatever says:

    whats on my mind is that much of the alternative supposedly ‘woken up’ people all bleat the same stuff like its some club. if i dont want to get on the 9/11 truther boat then im not in it. i dont believe in this NWO thing that people bleat on about or the great cull that all the sheep want to believe in. some quote from henry kissinger isnt going to change my mind. i think mostly americans get into this stuff. have you noticed how americans act like there isnt any other place other than america ? its weird. Over here is a little different.

    part of the problem with woken up sheep is that they can draw lines that dont exist between things too easily. ive seen this and experimented with this in my life and it is amazing how things can become significant that totally arent. as some guy said once ‘when sharks swim in parallel lines, there is no conspiracy they are all racing to get to the blood first’

    the woken up sheep become so enamoured with their egos, they search for other woken up sheep to confirm their findings, you know people who have watched the same BS youtube video made my some leper. this perpetuates the problem. anyway….

    whinge over. goodnight 🙂

  51. Simon says:

    Looking ahead the New York Climate Change Summit 2014 is this week.


    Interesting report from a different view. Always feel I need to balance things out and try to get exposure to both perspectives.


  52. mammique says:

    The Georgia Guidestones have been updated in September with the inscription “2014”: https://twitter.com/mammique/status/513794826828259328 Christine Lagarde suspect number one? :-p

  53. BennyB says:

    Has anybody seen this?: http://youtu.be/j8TLu514EgU?list=PLw613M86o5o7q1cjb26MfCgdxJtshvRZ-
    “Exclusive: Islamic State Member Warns of NYC Attack In VICE News Interview”

    I think the CIA must be trying to manage some budget cuts in the ‘Islamic’ terrorism propaganda department. This deserves massive circulation and some sort of clever hashtag, but I’m at a loss right now. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but this almost had me laughing out loud. This is better than the Al-Qaeda ‘conference call’.

    Better watch out they’re ‘going to make some attacks in New York’. They ‘have a lot of brothers mobilizing there right now’. I’m sorry, this is just too much…

  54. greencrow says:


    Russia has responded to the US crossing the red line by attacking Syria. It is doing a “DATA DUMP” of its information on 9/11

    Just as I predicted in my last post on my blog….Russia is taking the US “out to the woodshed”.

  55. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    I just re-read the article again but I can’t seem to find any links to Russian data-dumping. Although I must admit my ignorance of the nuclear-weapon-use aspect of 911 (although I’ve heard of the many references), I have not personally had the time to delve into such evidence. My understanding was that the evidence was scant.

  56. greencrow says:

    Yes, I did not see any “direct” evidence of data dumping either…and I have scoured the Internet and have not seen any other reference to this data dumping (wishful thinking on my part, I guess). Here is a very good blog I’ve just discovered. There are a couple of fascinating interviews just posted, one with Lavrov and the other with potential next Russian PM Rogozin.


  57. greencrow says:

    With regard to mini nukes on 9/11. I have believed this since at least 2006…when some photo comparisons were published on the Internet…comparing known nuclear explosions and 9/11 destruction of the twin towers. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc. Also, melting the tower cores into molten metal required immense heat. This is not to say other methodologies weren’t used as well. I’m an equal opportunity 9/11 theory believer. The atrocity used all kinds of destruction, IMO.

    • jamesthethird says:

      I’ve never really gone in to the ‘dirty bomb’ terrorism. It is the first time I’ve seen a picture of them this week. I was always of the philosophy, people don’t use them. Where do they test them, who makes them? Is there any sources to the suggestions that they were used? It’s starting to muddle me up a bit. I thought I had this 9-11 sussed. Is it a distraction? Are we being led up the garden path?

  58. casual observer says:

    Printed paper money makes the world go round, those who control the printed paper money can print more paper money whenever they feel like & it for whatever reason they choose, the geographical borders on maps are printed on paper & so too are the number of human occupants within those borders, to the money printing masters all these numbers are of no more consequence than the other paper numbers they juggle about with & manipulate every day. Despite their attempts to convince us that all is well, the feeling is growing now that all is not so well – we only need to look out the window to see that- for the controllers of the printed paper money its’ all about maintaining the illusion but most of us now are waking up to the fact that something has been going horribly wrong with the system for some time now,

  59. Danno says:

    Regarding the LIBOR investigation, and the lack of media coverage, this story may be relevant – it appears that it was reported on CNBC, then the report was withdrawn after an executive’s children were murdered. I have not been able to confirm this story – research isn’t what I’m best at. What I’ve seen is here:

  60. BennyB says:

    Bit random but maybe someone can toss me a line…

    I was trying to think of a comparison to explain why saying Russia “invaded” Crimea (when they already had troops there), would be like saying the United States “invaded” ( example goes here ). I can’t think of anything good/obvious ATM


  61. mammique says:

    The World? (as they have 730 military bases spread around)

  62. BennyB says:

    Just checked out a good documentary, Enemy Image (http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/enemy-image/), which discusses the Pentagon’s refining it’s strategy of managing the coverage of successive military campaigns from Vietnam on, ending with the prospect of MIT/DARPA’s engineering autonomous/drone ‘reporters’ to cover future conflicts. Pretty creepy, but the drones might serve as an improvement over the status quo.

    PS – @Corbett: I didn’t see your documentary there. I could submit it for you if you want, but I figured you’d probably just assume do it yourself. Let me know though.

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