Victor's Justice: The Truth About the International Criminal Court

02/24/201919 Comments

As a well-known adage holds: "To the victor go the spoils." But it might well add: "Meanwhile, the losers go to the gallows."

This is the logic of victor's justice. It is the logic of the Treaty of Versailles, which demanded unpayable reparations from the vanquished German nation. It is the logic of the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal, where perpetrators of war crimes pronounced judgment on the war crimes of the defeated. It is the logic of Abu Ghraib, where the US military tortured and killed its enemy captives.

Throughout human history, victorious nations have gone too far in exacting revenge from their defeated foes. The entire notion of "international law"—from the Geneva Conventions to the International Law Commission to the International Criminal Court—has been sold to the public as a check against this unfortunate tendency to impose victor's justice on the fallen. But just as history is written by the winners, so, too, is justice decided by the victors, and the International Criminal Court is the prime example of that.

Think of international war crimes in the recent era and what comes to mind? America's wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan based on premeditated lies about weapons of mass destruction and 9/11? The indefinite detention of captives at Camp X-ray, Guantanamo, or other military prisons? Israel's use of white phosphorous in its 2009 massacre of civilians in Gaza? Saudi Arabia's campaign of genocide in Yemen (made possible by Uncle Sam's unwavering support)?

Well, let's compare that list of violations of international law to the list of "situations" that the International Criminal Court has investigated since its formation in 2003. Notice anything?

Victors' justice never went away, it just moved to the Hague. Discover the dark truth about the ICC and find out why one of its senior judges just quit in this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber.

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  1. manbearpig says:


    from simple origins come complex cornucopias – Automathically!

    the algorithmic expression of the Golden rule,

    growing there where you have the most room and sunlight and doodling your way to emancipation! Vi Hart is a revelation!

    Many thanks ekawAediW for your optimistic, thought-provoking, tour de force of an exposé painted on a canvas of awesome short videos! On a darker note, have you seen that headachy movie called “Pi”? rather like the Fibunacci number as a form of Gematria …


    the ICC and reference to Christopher Black reminds me of Allison Desforges and thus of 9/11 Truth heroine Beverly Eckert:

    “…Black claims that Dr. Alison Desforges of Human Rights Watch backs up his contention that there was no [Rwandan gendarmerie] conspiracy to commit genocide…”

    Both died during the same unsatisfactorily explained short distance domestic flight crash: Two heroically subversive birds with a single stone:

    As for Miss Hilde Kate Lysiak, she’s the impressive young journalistic heroine of a most galvanizing story about precociously knowing and exploiting the ropes. And though I’m a very longstanding fan of prepubescent héroïnes I fear that hers, falling as it does at the same time as the high profile Greta Thunberg media blitz, might ultimately serve to advance the dangerously misleading AGW Campaign by reinforcing the “children know better than adults” meme currently driving the mendacious and manipulative climato-scientological movement.

    On second thought, maybe I’ll just stay calm and doodle in math class.

    • manbearpig says:

      Other kids being exploited for an ultimately Technocratic Eugenical agenda:

      “Children’s Climate Court Case Pushing an Injunction Against Fossil Fuel Extraction
      Eric Worrall / 13 hours ago February 23, 2019

      The kids suing the government over climate change want to halt fossil fuel extraction

      “…The plaintiffs in Juliana v. United States say they’ve been denied their right to a safe and stable climate.

      Umair Irfan Feb 23, 2019, 8:00am EST…”

      I feel sorry for the kids, whom I see as victims of callous green political manipulation…”

      writes Eric Worrall…

      anyhow, gotta get doodling…

      • FIW says:

        Oh, so we now have, or at least kids do, the right to a safe and stable climate, what a wonderful thing, I’m sure the kids of some 100 years ago would have appreciated that only even they could have seen what and idiotic and futile right that is…why not the right not to get wet when it’s raining or not to be cold when it’s snowing…oh no, the latter would require fossil fuels, I forgot

        What about the right to be happy….how much more 1984 can it get!? I hope that it’ll end up on a dark shelf somewhere burried under tons of dust, for once that would be a good thing

    • FIW says:

      Yes, I believe you’re right. This one particular hadn’t caught my attention, but I must say that in general the media, movies, series etc. have been full of this narrative/meme for a long time, the one about kids knowing better than adults that is. Also the tons of disgusting “this and that country’s got talent” shows comes to mind in this context and several others.

      As for the article in itself what they’ve been trying to do to President Duterte of the Philipines ever since his taking office says everything about how international “law” operates and who it operates for.

    • ekawAediW says:

      Why, thank you, MBP 🙂
      I’m overwhelmed by the warm reception!

      Your clever prose is very much welcomed, indeed–as are the valuable insights contained therein.

      I must admit that I have not seen the movie “Pi”, but I intend to remedy this forthwith.

  2. cooly says:

    Re: 12 year old reporter

    Cop- “You can lie to your parents, you can lie to your priest, but you can’t lie to police officers.”

    So what’s the takeaway? You’re a diety? Keep in mind that your ‘power’ is arbitrary, loaned to you by the state, and can be revoked at any time, especially if you become an embarrassment- like when a 12 year old knows the law better than you.

    • mkey says:

      I especially liked how the department handled it.

      “The matter has been carefully reviewed and we have taken action we believe to be appropriate for the situation”


      “We do not publicly disclose personnel actions including discipline and will have no further comment on this matter.”

      They sure make us all proud. Just a few hours ago a very apt award ceremony video was released.

      The 2019 Golden Doughnut Awards

  3. manbearpig says:

    Speaking of International Criminal Courts the linked articles below sure seem promising:

    Global Warming as an International Crime
    Should the International Criminal Court perceive excessive emission of greenhouse gases as an international crime?

    By Viviane Lindenbergh

    “…Key messages:

    – ‘The International Environmental Court’ as ‘International Criminal Court’ which will judge environmental -climate crimes -ecosides, must be established immediately and must be in action immediately.

    – A cause and affect relation between climate change and fossil fuels needs to be evaluated as ‘to commit climate crime -ecocide crime against humanity’…”

    Prosecute climate crimes
    Taking illegal emitters to court is a very cost-effective way of helping to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

    By Reinhold Gallmetzer
    Appeals Counsel, Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

    “…The International Criminal Court (ICC) cannot directly hear climate crimes, but the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC has stated – in its recent policy paper on case selection – that war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide committed through, or resulting in, the destruction of the environment, the illegal exploitation of natural resources or the illegal dispossession of land warrant particular attention when selecting cases for investigation and prosecution before the ICC. Indeed, climate crimes are often intertwined with other serious international crimes. As a result of this link, and through their impact on climate change, climate crimes may represent a threat to international peace and security and potentially affect all of humankind and the very foundations of civilisation…”

    The Criminal Dimension of Climate Change

    “…A new book titled Unprecedented Crime: Climate Science Denial and Game Changers for Survival, by Dr. Peter Carter and Dr. Elizabeth Woodworth,

    with a forward by the leading climate scientist Professor James Hansen

    outlines the criminality of those who actively promote the continuing emission of carbon gases into the atmosphere with full knowledge of the consequences, including the breakdown of the large ice sheets, sea level rise and intensification of extreme weather events such as hurricanes, floods and fires around the world.

    The book highlights the collusion of a large part of the media with climate change denial and cover ups, stating: “There is no benign explanation for a full media blackout of a significant global development that was heralded by the United Nations Secretary-General…

    …The consequences of burning the vast carbon reserves buried in sediments can only result in a demise rivalling the five great mass extinctions of species in the history of the Earth. Survivors of the Sixth mass extinction of species may hold responsible those who promoted carbon emissions, turning a blind eye to the unfolding tragedy: the fossil fuel barons, the political classes and their media mouthpieces…”

    • zyxzevn says:

      There are many climate alarmists like these:
      Climate Emergency with Darh Jamail (a journalist not a scientist)
      The glaciers in Alaska alone are losing an estimated 75 billion tons of ice every year. The oceans, which absorb over 90 percent of the excess heat trapped by greenhouses gases in the atmosphere, are warming and acidifying, melting the polar ice caps and resulting in rising sea levels and oxygen-starved ocean dead zones. We await a 50-gigaton burp, or “pulse,” of methane from thawing Arctic permafrost beneath the East Siberian Arctic Shelf, which will release about 2/3 of the total carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial era. Some 150 to 200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal are going extinct every 24 hours, 1000 times the “natural” or “background” rate. This pace of extinction is greater than anything the world has experienced since the disappearance of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Chris Hedges speaks to journalist and author Dahr Jamail about his new book The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption and the climate emergency.

      They seem to have good points, but they mix a lot of stuff together to make it appear alarming.
      Glaciers in Alaska may be melting, but in the south they are growing. According to the very accurate measurements by envisat the oceans are not rising.
      Acidifying of the ocean seems related to acid rain (sulfur from coal, and phosphorus and HNO2/HNO3 from agriculture).
      The problems with species are not climate related, but related to many other factors. That is because species adapt well to climate, but not so good to poisons and deforestation.
      The disappearance of the permafrost will also create an environment where plants and forests can grow. This could not be a problem at all.

      Still some questions

      I still have some points of which I am not so certain.
      So I not fully debunk all the points that are listed.
      And maybe some here can answer them?

      How much methane is in the “pulse” in the permafrost compared to that of volcanic outbursts?

      What is the state of ice and glaciers in different areas on earth exactly?

      Could a lack of ice be caused by a lack of snow in that area?

      Could a lack of rain and snow be caused by low temperatures?

    • CQ says:

      Quote of a quote you quoted, mbp: “. . . A new book titled Unprecedented Crime: Climate Science Denial and Game Changers for Survival, by Dr. Peter Carter and Dr. Elizabeth Woodworth, with a forward by the leading climate scientist Professor James Hansen . . . .”

      That would be the very same Elizabeth Woodworth who co-founded the 9/11 Consensus Panel with David Ray Griffin and who recently co-wrote with him 9/11 Unmasked: (I don’t know why there’s no “9” before the “11” in the URL).

      When he was not writing one of his dozen or more 9/11 Truth books, the prodigious Griffin was penning his own “Unprecedented” book about climate change, which was published in 2015:

      He followed up that book a year later with a second “Unprecedented” book, this one co-authored with Woodworth:

      I wish I could figure out why researchers who see through deception in one worldwide criminal conspiracy do not recognize the deception in a related conspiracy planned and carried out by the same global players.

  4. NES says:

    Good article, James. Keep it up.

  5. calibrator says:

    About John Bolton: How bad is he actually?

    Bolton is known for his strongarm tactics. He is pretty much a mafia goon donning a diplomat’s suit and a funny moustache.

    But he isn’t really a diplomat. He is the kind of lawyer that engages in politics to “fix” things by using crimes, like for example Scooter Libby, the useful idiot for Dick Cheney, or Chuck Colson, President Nixon’s “hatchet man” (read the Wikipedia article!).

    He is the kind of devil that luckily finds himself always on the “side of the winners” and he makes sure that everybody understands this.

    His language is not known to be subtle and constructive but “refreshingly” open (= the complete opposite of diplomatics) and aggressive.

    He not only isn’t interested in making friends – his goal is to apparently shit in other peoples’ faces when he thinks that it advances his goals.

    That’s all pretty bad but how bad is he actually?

    We already know that he is a system tool that happily participated in the CFR and PNAC.

    We also know that he was one of the main persons for the Gatestone Institute.

    But how scummy can Bolton get? Read this:

    Money quote:

    Bolton continued, according to Bustani’s recollections: “You have 24 hours to leave the organization, and if you don’t comply with this decision by Washington, we have ways to retaliate against you.”

    There was a pause.

    “We know where your kids live. You have two sons in New York.”

    Now we know: He is a scumbag of the highest magnitude.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett’s Victor’s Justice was an interesting read for me.

    I loved that one word quote. Corbett timed it right.


    U.S. = mafia

  7. ekawAediW says:

    “Let’s settle down and kick my feet up after a long day at work”, I said. “I think I’ll just read this short little article on the ICC”, I said. “This Corbett article will be a good way to unwind”, I said.

    Wrong, wrong, and wrong. What I got instead are nine new browser tabs opened to the right of this one that weren’t there when I started reading. So much for unwinding.

    James has been on a torrid pace this week–scrubbing authoritarian indoctrination from the minds of his readers left, right and center. I, for one, am grateful.

  8. FIW says:

    “..Wrong, wrong, and wrong. What I got instead are nine new browser tabs opened to the right of this one that weren’t there when I started reading. So much for unwinding..”

    Sorry, I really shouldn’t be filling up the threads with all of these small and irrelevant comments of mine, but this one I couldn’t let go because I so much know the feeling! LOL this happens to me every time I log on to the corbettreport!

  9. zyxzevn says:

    What was in the burned “humanitarian aid” trucks?
    (Not food nor medicine)

    And the CIA burned it themselves it appears.

  10. andrew.s says:

    I strongly recommend everyone revisit your report on International Law (Episode 261).

    Dr Daniele Ganser does some brilliant work on illegal wars. He takes a situation and just switches the paritipants, clearly demonstrating the faulty arguments.

    I also recommend looking into the Malmedy Massacre and trail:
    While Nuremberg lives on, Malmedy has faded into oblivion.

    • CQ says:

      andrew.s, that Malmedy Massacre story is tragic, and the background music makes it even more haunting. I wish the video hadn’t ended abruptly before it reached a conclusion.

      The press succumbed yet again to orders from above to churn out propaganda without checking the facts. Why oh why do we EVER believe the MSM?! 🙁

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