Up Next: The Collapse of the Food Supply Chain

05/03/2020183 Comments

If you've spent any time around the conspiracy realists who understand the true nature of the central banking fraud, the political fraud, the war on terror fraud and all of the other deceptions that are sold to the public by their misleaders, you've no doubt heard some iteration of the following remark:

"As long as Joe Sixpack and Jane Soccermom have their football and their cheeseburgers, nothing's ever going to change."

The implication is that if we can halt the flow of mindless entertainment that distracts the masses and the chemically processed garbage that keeps them fat and sluggish, we could have a revolution by the morning.

Be careful what you wish for.

The sports were the first to go. (In fact, the cancellation of the NBA season was the moment I realized they were going to go all the way with the plandemic psyop.)

And now, in case you hadn't noticed, the cheeseburgers are disappearing.

Discover the truth about the complete upending of the global food supply that is currently taking place and what it means for the future of food itself in this week's important edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber. Also, find out what James Evan Pilato would save in a house fire in this month's subscriber-only video.

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  1. J-Smoove says:

    It is really unfortunate how this plandemic has been used to accelerate so many agendas. James isn’t even pointing out anything new, but the justification for these agendas from the public becomes increasingly more acceptable.

    Every list of items for total control are in the process of being check marked and the public are just eating it up (no pun intended).

    It really has gotten to the point that I don’t even argue with people anymore about this stuff. No amount of evidence or arguments will deter them from thinking otherwise. Quite honestly, even for some who are enlightened, they are okay with just being a slave to the system and getting their crumbs to live off. As long as their family is relatively well, they will do whatever big brother advises.

    • BabyJysus says:

      First, this is by no means the first suspicious biological attack on China. “During the previous two years, the Chinese economy had already suffered serious blows from other mysterious new diseases, although these had targeted farm animals rather than people. During 2018 a new Avian Flu virus had swept the country, eliminating large portions of China’s poultry industry, and during 2019 the Swine Flu viral epidemic had devastated China’s pig farms, destroying 40% of the nation’s primary domestic source of meat, with widespread claims that the latter disease was being spread by mysterious small drones. My morning newspapers had hardly ignored these important business stories, noting that the sudden collapse of much of China’s domestic food production might prove a huge boon to American farm exports at the height of our trade conflict. . . So for three years in a row, China had been severely impacted by strange new viral diseases, though only the most recent had been deadly to humans. This evidence was merely circumstantial, but the pattern seemed highly suspicious.”

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett’s article “Up Next: The Collapse of the Food Supply Chain” again underscores how they are playing for all the marbles
    and that “control of our health” is the fundamental which they are hell bent to hijack.
    Again, this is well written with some great links.

    ~~~ ~~~
    This article’s embedded “What Would You Save? – Subscriber Exclusive #096 VIDEO” was kind of cool. I anticipated Corbett saving his journal. I understand that mindset. It is a treasure of a true writer’s heart. Writers write. Everyday. This part of why James Corbett’s videos stand out. They are videos of a writer.

    In Corbett’s “Just for Fun”, it was nice to see “Tooby Bits titmodern” again. She has such a beautiful voice. I would love to see a video with a better microphone to capture that voice.
    This video always struck me.
    It’s real.

    • lizzie says:

      Thanks and it was my pleasure to sing for the Corbs (is that the correct name of us on here)?
      I was inspired by JC to get the song out quickly and just went for it. There may be a remix on the cards.

      As for the food grown in labs ?
      I am an organic veg farmer here in Ireland. The three members of the farm produce enough for hundreds of people. But it’s more than just people that get nourished by what we do, it generates a whole eco system, birds and insects insects thrive because of what we do. I am mostly vegan but fully understand the wonderful qualities of manure, phwoar!!! We need it to grow.
      What does that symbiotic relationship look like in a lab?
      It reinforces our motto ‘ we work with shit but at least the end product isn’t shit’

      • Alchemist says:

        Lizzie – you already know I think you should be the face/voice for the counter propoganda campaign 😉

        I volunteer at a community garden in California where we produce hundreds of lbs of veggies every year for food banks. We are currently CLOSED for the growing season, because our governor has deemed it “non essential”. If growing food for people in need is not essential right now, what is?!

        • lizzie says:

          Hey Alchemist, this audience has so so much talent. I wonder if some of the guys on here should start their own channel. The comments are class and all the research it’s superb, I’d love to see the discussions on here brought to life.

          That sucks so bad about the food banks, stupid poopers

          • Alchemist says:

            Haha yes, the CR analysis live

            We need a positive, uplifting channel made specifically to educate and sell the idea of alternative lifestyles. I don’t know if this is still true, but the cost to make films in Hollywood used to be 100% tax deductible. So… what are we waiting for? 🙂
            A solution-based channel or discussion group would be good, too. I’m happy to help in whatever way I can, but I have no technical skills to contribute. Just ideas.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:


        James Corbett & Ireland
        James once studied in Ireland.
        While in Ireland, James Corbett accomplished many things…I believe he was once kicked out of a drinking establishment.
        A feat any Irishman would wear with pride.

        Of James Corbett, the old men at the corner table still tell stories savage and pure.

        (I wish I could find that video where James talks about his printed shirt of that era.)

  3. robert.t says:

    Vegetarian cookery is not new. It’s ancient, in fact. All it needed from the 20th century was the pressure cooker.

    Thrift with meat is not new. Neurotic avoidance of fat and cholesterol is new. (At seventy, I still refuse to inquire what cholesterol is.)

    So what is it that these innovators and “influencers” are actually able to bring us?

    Know what gets me down most? The fact that the imposed food revolution has to reflect the vulgar and trivial preferences of cultural hobos like Bill Gates. His Pastiness won’t be content till the world is thinly populated by circumcised and over-vaccinated junk foodies who think Linux must be a new flavour of fizzy drink (upsized if you pay by wrist tattoo).

    Can’t we at least be conquered by a marauder from the steppes fed on soured mare’s milk rather than this cola-sipping coder whining about how “we” need to do a really good juuuuuhb on getting the numbers dowwwwwn.

    Really, Bill, as one of the “numbers”, I must protest the manner of our death. I don’t want fries with that.

  4. CantBelieveEverythingIHear says:

    Why is the concept of chemically “grown” “food” just as distasteful to me as “soilent green”. More and more, the re-name (and parallels) to COVID-1984 is making SO much sense to me… *sigh*

  5. generalbottlewasher says:

    A couple hours ago this came my way and to try out posting at the right spot here goes.
    Now I know. If you are stuck in moderation Que you can’t link to it until it is released. Enjoy this on a Sunday morning.


    It should be the comment just above or below 81884. Its 30043am in Osaka

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Addendum! Yes you can! Correction and apologies of a techno peasant.

      Clean Air, water and Food are worth fighting for. Canada has banned all defensive weapons now. How will Canadians protect themselves.? Eh!

  6. CantBelieveEverythingIHear says:

    I wanted also to say that the “What Would You Save?” segment with the two James(es?) was fun to listen to and made me smile. I do like all of the opinions on the current news here (including the scary food segment on this same page). But, I also get so sick of the damned pop-ups and related headlines on EVERY other webpage I go to (and that these webpages only contain 1 side of the “story” ever being told). When I go onto the internet for one specific purpose, I don’t want to see all of these damned headlines. It is NOT right to have this crap constantly shoved into people’s faces, nor is it right to limit what kinds (sides) of stories people can see. I want the guy who thinks aliens live inside his wrist and that he can only communicate with them while copulating with kittens (this isn’t real… it’s alliteration) to be able to post his views online. This isn’t because I agree with it (personally, I’d think a thing like that is beyond crazy). But, I want that “out there” stuff to be available. I’m probably now going to make a few people upset or uncomfortable. I’m not a gun-carrying extremist. However, I feel strongly that people should be able to own their own guns. The people opposing this view say that “guns kill”. Well, they are wrong. The guns themselves don’t kill. It’s people that kill. There are good people who, for good reasons, want to own guns. You may be vegan (and, thus, may despise those “Bambi killers”). But, now, anyone who opposes the MSM/global “story” is called a “grandma killer”. Seriously? I love grandma… including yours. And, if I want to walk alone in the woods behind my townhome without a mask, please tell me just how I’m killing YOUR grandmother (who doesn’t live anywhere near me). I want (need, really) some fresh air, some peace and quiet, to be able to take a walk without a mask without people giving me judgmental looks and for my basic rights as a human being to be restored. When I disagree with someone, I always try to find the humanity in others… and to find some kind of a connection with them. But, in these times, it’s sometimes extremely difficult to do that. I feel like everyone has been stirred up with so much fear and hate and blame and judgement… and others are using these tactics to turn off the majority of the people’s brains (because, really, who can think straight when they are constantly tormented and placed into a mass state of hysteria and fear by the media). Worse, “they” should be believed, but “others” are “putting your life… and your grandmother’s life… at risk”. Sure. Whatever you say. This “state of affairs” is ripping people apart and causing people to be distrustful of everyone else. It’s severing current connections with distance and preventing new ones from being formed. This is for our health, you say? Right. Hopefully obviously, my frustration is not meant to be directed towards this web page. I am very thankful for it.

    • nexangelus says:

      CantBelieveEverythingIHear even if you did not want a response, I hear you. I have been feeling not too far off how you have for a couple of weeks now, posting anything that does not toe the line anywhere, gets one shut down and headed off. I too want adult conversations about all of it, not just the propaganda repeated over and over again in an endless loop…

      • CantBelieveEverythingIHear says:

        Thank you, nexangelus for your reply. Though it’s true that I really wasn’t “looking” for any replies, it is nice to know there is someone else “out there” that has similar thoughts and feelings. Even more importantly is that you, too, welcome “adult conversations” (the key of which is that BOTH sides must be able to tell their “story”, without all of the embedded hatefulness attacking them back from the other side).

  7. thezarbi says:

    Solution, everyone that can (unless living in a tower block & even then there’s microgreens etc) needs to grow their own vegetables. If not a vegan, how about eggs from your own chickens and rabbits for meat. I am vegetarian but only because of cruel factory farming. Locally or home reared meat is surely the only answer to the fake meat alternative. Ice Age Farmer has been covering this for a very long time. Start growing, start rearing, or support communal gardens. Thanks by the way James, excellent coverage as always.

    • Duck says:

      Chickens are better then TV… their a total soap opera.
      Get them as chicks and handle them often and some will even come sit on you like a cat! Banty Chickens will ALMOST feed themselves if they can have scraps and a wild plot of grass or a tasty bug filled compost pile and bushes to scratch thru. The little ones also live longer then the big Hens.

    • lizzie says:

      Yes thezerabi, so so true.

    • Nusuth says:

      Its also a great time to learn some foraging skills. I have found morels a few times this year and other mushrooms like wood ears, dryad saddle. I have been increasing the amount of wild herbs I eat. Of course I have a garden too. But these skills, going out identifing herbs, trees, mushrooms bring a connection to nature that I believe to be very important.

      • Duck says:

        Used to watch “Eat The Weeds” on youtube

        You have a good idea there but Do not expect to be able to live off the land… wild people have a real job of it in the wilds- anywhere there are people there will be some who will either know whats food or will destroy food plants looking for what they think is food… the tree-rats and the park pond birds will be gone in under a year if it gets really tight.
        Sewer rats and cats too.

        • AuntJennie says:

          This is my 1st comment here.
          Starting on a “safe subject”: food!
          Living in a rural community where many “back to the landers” have been since the 60’s and 70’s, I have often been asked, “Do you grow ALL your own food?”
          What a ridiculous, naive question is my thought if not always what i say. Yes, we grow many of our own vegies even for winter storage but there is much more beyond that. Consider things like cooking oils, flour, pulse, nuts, and meat. To grow “all our own food” is a worthy aspiration but not a likely reality. Getting back to what our ancestors did here is a good start to real change. This includes careful gathering, fishing & hunting. Meanwhile, are you ready to give up your tea, coffee or/and chocolate???

      • mkey says:

        Be mindful of those wacky mushrooms.

        • Duck says:

          I knew a guy who studied fungi and he told me some pretty horrific stories about how the wrong mushrooms can kill you days later from liver failure

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Duck, even the kind in spirit ceremonies can rot your fingers and toes off if your one of the unluckey ones allergic to ergot.

          • AuntJennie says:

            Yes, be extremely careful with ‘shrooms. For every edible variety, there is a very similar toxic one. It’s a mushroom conspiracy, they want to kill humans by pretending to be friendly.

  8. cyphergato says:

    James, I know you’ve confessed many times that you don’t watch anime, but you MUST WATCH a movie with your family called “Wolf Children”. Family-friendly and very apt for this juncture in history and I’m dying to hear an FLNWO episode on it.

    It’s about a mother who marries a werewolf and has two kids, only to lose her husband in a tragic accident. Living in Tokyo, the State tries to vaccinate the children but she worries about their health as they’re not fully human, so she moves to the countryside and becomes an organic farmer.

    She’s terrible at it, but the community recognizes her ineptitude and helps her get started. Introduces her to the local barter economy, teaches her why it’s smart to have a staple crop to trade with neighbors.

    Of course there’s undertones throughout the film of her raising her children as one decides to join the human world and the other is inextricably drawn to becoming a child of the wilderness – the mother is challenged as one child wants to keep attending school and the other wants to be unschooled.

    It is the most beautiful, potent, joyous, heart-wrenching film to come out of Japan since Grave of the Fireflies and it is tailor-made for people of our ideological persuasion.

    At once, it gives me hope that Japan’s graying farm population can be revitalized as so much of North Kanto is lush and fertile still. Yet it also instills doubt as it pulls no punches about how hard rural life can truly be for a former city-dweller.

    I’ve seen a few odd stories out of Japan about remote tech workers occupying decrepit rural towns and becoming “programming farmers,” keeping their day jobs while fixing up the land and growing food. Something tells me this trend will become very popular in the future and Japan and the United States are poised to be on the bleeding edge.

  9. geisha says:

    While US farmers are told to let their crop rot in the fields and to ‘euthanize’ their livestock, one farmer recently put up a video saying that said at the same time, the first beef shipment from Africa reached the US shores. Food supply chain problems, my rear. It’s all about getting people to embrace the next insanity: more genetically engineered meat-like ‘food’. And as mentioned, Gates is heavily invested. As he is in Monsanto. As he is in the Seed Bank. As he is in the RNA vaccine which will genetically engineer us (or anybody who gets injected with this cr.p).

    • mkey says:

      It’s easy:
      #1 centralize and over regulate
      #2 cause a crisis
      #3 seize central control and make the too big to fail fail
      #4 bow for Satan

    • Duck says:

      The Irish potato famine was a failure of the peon food crop while the wheat and meat was loaded (under army guard) and shipped overseas by the land owners for cash sales.

      • eat my cake says:

        I live with an Irish sheila. she generally is not interested in conspiracy exposing, except, Whenever the subject of irish potato famine surfaces, she immediately rails at the story of how all the potatoes were locked up in the castles while the peasants were locked out and starving. in other words, the ruling class did it again,,

        • Duck says:

          As I read it was not a plot to genocide people so much as the Irish people needed the potato crop as food and grew other crops to pay absentee land owners who lived in England and were themselves often deep in debt and wanting the cash from those sales.
          MOST of whats happening now is the same- just regular humans with an excessive power disparity doing what suits their interests best.

          The class of people who actually PLAN t create famines like the Holodomor are thankfully rare.

  10. mkey says:

    The IPFS search engine (not a replacement for your standard search engine, but a search engine for IPFS)


  11. limey says:

    Kind of made me double take. This man talked about problem – reaction – solution just as I read your own line James. You’re not alone.


    • generalbottlewasher says:

      limey: wow what a sermon! Fire and brimstone. That will light a fire under some sleepy steeple.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      I thought the church was not supposed to get involved with politics. 🙂

      God bless the church! LOL

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      My kind of sermon.

      Members of his congregation would probably be good friends to have.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Here is the original source…

        Northlake Baptist Church in Georgia (northeast of Atlanta)
        Average attendance: 250
        April 19th Easter Sunday – Rev. Danny Jones
        (At around the 35 minute mark is when we see the above Corbett Member “limey” excerpt.)

      • Duck says:

        The religious nature of their plans goes back a long long way…. THIS guy, Dr Jones, is a pretty good source (but VERY catholic)…. His Libido DOminandi lays out centuries of the thinking behind the sexual and cultural revolutions if you can keep on all the way thru (its huge… i need to get back to it)


        Your right that church friends are people networks of people that can you know and see over years- the number of places you can build those kind of long term trust relationships is getting fewer and fewer even as people are being taught to fear and hate each other

    • Good stuff.
      He did miss a key element though:
      TPTB steer the taxcattle’s reaction via controlled media rather than simply waiting for it.

    • mik says:

      Reverend says at the beginning “….global leaders manipulate us with Marxist revolutionary technique known as Hegelian dialectic, it’s a very complicated philosophical thing….to simplify… problem>>>reaction>>>solution”

      Reverend is no stranger to using deceiving loaded vocabulary. Process ‘problem, reaction, solution’ in this context, when we are talking about manipulation and all components of the process are known and controlled, cannot be called Hegelian dialectic.

      Hegelian dialectic is thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Similar?
      Well, dog and wolf are similar, but you won’t say I met 10 wolfs on a way home.

  12. sherry.a says:

    ‘Earth will reset. Humans need to decide if they will move away from and give up their ‘materialism’ or else humans will usher in their own extinction and be gone’ Rupert Spira (spiritual teacher)

    • Duck says:

      Materialism in the sense of thinking on material things exist ends in nihilism and horror… on the other hand liking having material stuff and getting better at producing it is generally a good thing for increasing human happiness.

      We are generally happier when NOT starving or freezing or having only one set of clothes that cost us a months wages to buy

    • Alchemist says:

      The material world is not real and once we let go of it, life completely changes. Anyone who has truly entertained solipsism, nihilism, or has reached a state of nirvana understands. I’ve heard LSD can get you there pretty quick… hmm you never know. Things that make you wonder.

      • Duck says:

        Trust me… if LSD was good for your soul the CIA would not have pushed it on people in the 60’s 😉

        Now that I think of it WHO benefits from a culture of passive people who have the attitude that the material world and what happens here is imaginary? On one level you are right that its not the MOST IMPORTANT place though.

        • Alchemist says:

          LSD isn’t the only way to get there, but it’s a quick way (or so I’ve heard;)

          When you mentioned it, I realized I never actually learned what the findings were from MKUltra. Not sure how correct this is, but in my few minutes of searching, it seems they concluded LSD cannot be used for mind control and doesn’t pair well with hypnosis, but people who are sleep deprived and/or *isolated* for long periods of time are easy to hypnotize and control.

          LSD alters the mind, yes, but I don’t think humans can manipulate the alteration to control the mind. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

          Brain imaging on LSD https://beckleyfoundation.org/the-brain-on-lsd-revealed-first-scans-show-how-the-drug-affects-the-brain/

          • Duck says:

            The 60’s were awash in LSD and most of the people pushing it were never in any serious legal trouble.

            If you read ‘Secret Agent 666’ you can hear how Crowley used to use hallucinogens (I think peyote but not going to look now) on his unsuspecting dinner guests and HE was noted for his power over other people- there is very good evidence that he was involved in interrogating high value prisoners in WW2 (inc. MAYBE Hess)

            I dont know if you have read any Robert Graves (I,Cludius) but he often talked about a drug component in the Mystery religions- you find that idea in academic thinking on witchcraft “as a religion” in the middle ages (even though Wicca is a MUCH later invention) And I now need to read “st Peters Snow” about (as I recall I cant find the page on Wikipedia anymore) a religion started by the mass use of LSD type drugs.
            This looks interesting and I will read as soon as I get back home
            EDIT : You need a dumper email or a google account to download

            I think you will find that LSD works fine for mind control (just like hashish for the assassins) on an INDIVIDUAL level but is less useful then TV and other soporifics on a MASS scale. I knew someone who convinced a person their shoe was alive and talking to them, and my experience of heavy users has been that they tend to loose touch with (or stop caring about) reality

            • Alchemist says:

              Heavy users experience a reality that is unrelatable to non users. Maybe they’ve checked out of the material world completely; which I find sad. The material world is a gift. Touch, smell, taste, sound—these are all things that keep life interesting. The ups and downs. All of it. It’s certainly better than floating alone, fully conscious, in a dark abyss.

              • Alchemist says:

                It can be a distressing paradigm shift, esp if you lean toward nihilism, but breaking out of our physical boundaries is the ultimate liberation.

                Personally, I find comfort in the Gnostic gospels (the Nag Hammadi texts). And in the generally accepted version of the Bible, “fear not” is stated 365 times—a daily reminder. Some might wonder if their own mind created the Bible for comfort… Maybe. Maybe not. Knowing is impossible. Truth is what we believe.

              • Duck says:


                Dude… the Gnostics are full of, uhm, bad ideas.
                The people pushing everything wrong with the world right now ALSO like the gnostic idea’s … if you adopt the two main gnostic lies that
                A)the material world is a trap
                B) YOU can acheive godhood powers

                You will be open to accepting rightness of the Transhumanism , nilhism and Will To Power thinking of the people currently crashing the world.

                If you accept the other main gnostic lie that there is ‘secret knowledge’ that you need get to achieve certain spiritual goals then you are accepting the mystery religion of the master manipulators who have been dismantling the world and creating human misery for at least a couple of hundred years

                “Truth is what we believe” is CLEARLY not correct…. I know people who believe Trumps going to arrest the deep state and its obvious BS

              • Alchemist says:

                Duck – I’ve only read Thomas and what is left of Mary. That was years ago. I did not get spirit is good / matter is bad from what I read. If you’re curious, read them yourself instead of drawing conclusions that they’re anti-Christian based on opinions you read online. I’m in no position to say which books should or should not be included in the Bible, but I will say that certain books, religious and others, have stuck with me for whatever reason. There is a part in Gospel of Mary where Jesus (according to the author) said the spirit was both inside and outside of us. This was comforting during my own existential crisis;)

                Is there one end all be all truth or could there be parallel truths? I don’t know.

                You cannot prove that anything exists outside of your mind—that’s true—but you also can’t prove that it doesn’t. If you look at it from a scientific standpoint, everything is made of energy (or matter, depending on who you ask). In that sense, we’re all one. It is my personal belief that we are all connected to each other and part of God the way drops of water are part of the ocean.

              • Duck says:

                “..Is there one end all be all truth or could there be parallel truths?…”

                The loss of a belief in objective facts is fatal if you intend to understand the world in any way.
                Either Bush knew about 9/11 before or he did not… either the fires brought the towers down or they did not.. Either pizzagate is real or its not

                We may not know the facts about the world but you can not hope to ever know them if you give up on objective, real truth aside from out own desires, perceptions and mistakes.

                There is a deliberate push to get people away from objective fact based thinking

                “…If you’re curious, read them yourself instead of drawing conclusions that they’re anti-Christian based on opinions you read online…”
                You DO kind of have me here since I’ve not read them enough to comment if they are actually gnostic in their teachings. Sorry if you got me triggered by saying Gnostic gosples… as far as I am able to gather from a quick look up Mary WAS gnostic.

                “… I’m in no position to say which books should or should not be included in the Bible, but I will say that certain books, religious and others, have stuck with me for whatever reason….”

                I’m not either, I was not there to approve the texts LOL. Glad you find interesting things to read that are meaningful.
                However, I cant withdraw saying that gnostic ideas are part of the ideology of the people who are currently trying to change the world.

                “..This was comforting during my own existential crisis;)..”
                I’m glad it was comforting and useful to you.

                ‘…You cannot prove that anything exists outside of your mind—that’s true—but you also can’t prove that it doesn’t…”
                That is not a useful viewpoint for understanding the world. In order to believe anything (except cogito ergo sum) and in order to live we MUST ACCEPT certain things as axiomatic and we must trust at least some of what others tell us is true.

                “… from a scientific standpoint, matter…energy… In that sense, we’re all one…’
                That does not follow- 100 cookies are 100 cookies even if made from the same batch of dough. They are baked and shaped separately and I munch them one by one…..mnnnn…cookies

                ‘… It is my personal belief that we are all connected to each other and part of God the way drops of water are part of the ocean….’
                That is very like Stoic thinking, I disagree with you but I hope it makes you happy

              • Alchemist says:

                I think therefor I am. Yes, but this shouldn’t be taken as I think therefor you aren’t 😉 clearly I continue to seek truth or I wouldn’t be here.

      • ben.r says:

        If the material world is not real, then what are food, clothing, and shelter?
        Maybe happiness, or looking for happiness, is finding a balance between the material world and the spiritual world.
        One way to look for the spiritual world is not via LSD, which is made in a lab synthetically, but via ayahuasca and its other natural counterparts that are found almost all over the earth. I would not make a habit out of it, but some doctors have reported using ayahuasca to prompt their patients to heal themselves and to walk away from heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, and alcholism without withdrawal. This may be hard for you to believe, but it works for some people. It is hard to put into words why it works, except possibly through the spiritual world. Some people don’t need it, if they are already in touch with a parallel spiritual world. In Brazil, ayahuasca is a sacrament in a church called the União do Vegetal since 1961.

        • Alchemist says:

          Balance is key. I’m a lover of nature and the natural pace of things and agree that trying to force this process in an unnatural way can backfire. I don’t know much about ayahuasca, specifically, but the role natural hallucinogens played in shamanism is interesting. That culture also looked at mental illness as a gift that should be nurtured, not a problem that should be fixed. They were not threatened by unusual ways of thinking.

          • ben.r says:

            Thanks for your reply.
            “That culture…” What culture?
            If you are interested in herbalism and natural health and healing, ayahuasca is worth reading about. Its beauty is that it comes from nature, actually from a mix of two plants found in the jungles of the Amazon. In Africa, they have another entheogenic called iboga. Entheogenics are found everywhere. Their effects cannot be explained only by their DMT in this material or physical world that we live in. The experience is individual.
            In the Netherlands, Spain, and Peru, their use is free, at least not prohibited commercially. In other places, there are legal restrictions or conditions, or they are prohibited.
            All I know is that ayahuasca worked for me, and I saw it work for others, and I was already physically very health. They need to be used with caution. They can be misused. They are not for everybody. I’m not promoting them formally, but if you are curious, there are excellent readable books by MDs and others, if you look for them.
            Am glad to have a dialogue with you. Your comment about mental illness reminds me of a recent report of a Heidelberg, Germany lawyer who defied the lockdown order on Easter Sunday and then was thrown in a mental hospital for two nights!
            Like the Soviets, as Corbett predicts, they may start to prohibit free speech and questions of the official narratives, putting in mental hospitals anyone who openly disagrees with or criticizes the government.
            I am most emphatically opposed to this. This worries me. Yet what can I do except to try not to be afraid and to look for like-minded fellow truth-seekers, even if this means silence around family and current friends, who would otherwise follow the herd and claim that I were mentally ill?
            I try most all not to be afraid and to ask questions in my mind at least.
            Being mentally healthy to me is being curious, asking questions, being open to new information, and not believing much of what is said, but believing what is done. Is this crazy?

            • Duck says:

              ‘..prohibit free speech and questions of the official narratives, putting in mental hospitals anyone who openly disagrees with or criticizes the government….’

              The point is killing a chicken to train a monkey- there are far too many people to actually police their speech and ideas for real so the people with power make a few high profile examples to scare people into self censoring.

              A panopticon is a prison where you don’t KNOW when your being watched, not a prison where you really are watched all the time. UNless you are really interesting your personal chance of getting gulag’ed is very low right now. If it ever gets high then, meh, you already lost

            • Alchemist says:

              “Crazy conspiracy theorists” is a label that could be placed on anyone who doesn’t agree with another person. Those seeking power over the people wouldn’t encourage independent thinking as it could threaten their agenda.

              I was referring to tribal shamanist culture.

  13. rob.h says:

    As with everything the elites do, this has been planned way in advance. What they don’t know will end them. I believe this is testing their systems and how to go about it. i think that election year was the time to do it.

    I think they made a mistake and over stepped their bounds.

    They should of waited until 2024, when they could of owned the white house (which I don’t believe that they don’t at the moment), but maybe they had to because financial collapse couldn’t of waited.. or justice would of been coming. Either way, they are playing their hand now.

    We have all that we need. Time to walk away in earnest and in mass. Create our own system of information, music, services, arts, finances, and economy.

    It’s time to drop support of their systems and build up our own. They couldn’t stop the free music transmission on the internet, they will not be able to stop us. They feed off of people who live by their rules, the rules of the dollar.. Walk away from that, and they have nothing to feed off of.

    • flammable says:

      I hope they did make a mistake. This plandemic could not wait and needed to be done this year. Another big recession was coming up. There are no excuses like 2008’s people buying property they can’t afford or fueling a housing bubble. All the anger will be directed at the bankers and politicians once lending stops and loans stop getting funding.

    • trishcomicmom says:

      rob.h: As Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship in Montana said, it’s only because Trump was in office that the powers-that-shouldn’t-be could have even hoped to have this work out. Why? So many Christians are believers in (and worshipers of) Trump. Imagine if Hillary or Obama or even ol’ Sniffer Joe had tried to halt church services. The Second Amendment would have become quite relevant. As it was, Trump train passengers merely stayed on the ride, quite confident of their conductor. The Second Amendment wasn’t even brought up because, of course, everybody was busy staying home to protect grandma.

      The rural county where I’m from in North Carolina cancelled church services before there was even one “death” from the “virus” du jour. Not even one death and the hell, fire, and brimstone preachers I grew up with did exactly what their county commissioners voted for them to do. I don’t think there was one preacher in rebellion. That wouldn’t have happened with someone in office who has a “D” beside his or her name.

      Btw, one of the county commissioners is now running for re-election and I saw some propaganda for his “race” the other day and, you guessed it, not a word about voting to cancel church a few weeks ago. People were heartily endorsing him, as if he’s always upheld the Constitution.

  14. I’ve had the Impossible Burger before at both BK and Carls Jr., and I was made sick both times. There are additives in there that are not good for you. Stuff was coming out of me and layering my throat and tongue all night. I’ll take organic grass feed beef over the impossible substitute any day. Thank you for the article, James.

  15. The Raven says:

    “But don’t worry about Gates; his investments are already paying off. The “fake meat” industry is raking in the cash in the corona world order, with Impossible Foods Inc. in particular using the generated crisis as an opportunity to expand into 777 more grocery stores across the US. (Hey, at least it wasn’t 666 more stores!)”

    Although 777 is related to the works of Alister Crowley! https://hermetic.com/crowley/libers/lib777

    • victoria says:

      The Raven,
      spot on, & i’ll add 777 numerology employed in dates: 7 july 2005 london bombings, 25 july 1978 first test baby born (officially acknowledged) as well as my darkly mirrored experience https://www.corbettreport.com/can-you-find-this-video/#comment-81842 also fourth of july ~ us declaration of “independence” signed 7/4/1776 ~ 7+4=11/1+776=777 ~ 11/777

      on the other hand “…Crowley was referred to by (and gloried in) the title of “Beast.” At Cambridge he not only accepted the title but expanded on it, calling himself “The Great Beast” and signing notes “666,” the number taken from Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation.” http://www.thelemapedia.org/index.php/666

  16. mik says:

    Scumbags at WHO are against immunity passports, looks they are not orwellian enough. Those scumbags should be sent to the farm and be forced to produce food for themselves.


    South of Europe would like to get immunity passports, otherwise tourist season will fail. For Greece tourism means 20% of gdp.


    • Duck says:

      Greece is in deep trouble with their debt so I see why they need tourists… interesting talk from Caspian Report on how Greece was basically born as a nation up to its ears in international debt and that debt steered its behavior and fate for centuries.


      • mik says:

        Do you want to say that if Greece would be without debt reducing gdp by 20% will be unnoticeable?

        Greece is in deep trouble with its debt but the story could/should be told differently. When one owes to the mafia we usually talk about usury and blackmail.

        More holistic perspective on current Greece’s debt

        • Duck says:

          ‘..Do you want to say that if Greece would be without debt reducing gdp by 20% will be unnoticeable?,,’

          No… I was just seeing a pattern of debt slavery that played itself out most clearly in Greece because they were smaller and weaker.

          Lying to help greek leaders enter the bait trough of the Euro is rather like a new variation on the same plan- load nations with unpayable debt and then suck off the interest for ever.

  17. mik says:

    Pepe Escobar is interesting, looks to me he wants to outdo Slavoj Žižek.

    In this article he made impossible: he went from Lao Tse to Alexander Dugin, from saint to devil, without explanation why and where he actually is.


    This one is worth reading

    p.s. new word to me: necropolitics (cool, powerful, useful nowadays, dead metal in background)

  18. Octium says:

    I knew for sure that the meat shortage thing was part of the plan once I heard that an Australian factory was being affected by this COUPvid-19 thing as well.


    Why mainly meat and animal products?, surely most food production would be affected in similar ways?

    As for the Jello Biafra, it can stay and burn. After his comments about 9/11 truth I realised he is all about marketing and listening to him now would like be listening to chumpsky with a backing band!

    • mik says:

      why meat….don’t know….must be a coincidence

      Also utmost stupidity regarding meat industry and covid, huge majority of meat is heat treated, virus can’t survive.
      But never mind, we live in post-logic,truth… world, fuck logic.

      Anyway not a problem to me, here on Balkans pigs, lambs are still raised and slaughtered at home in villages.

    • Duck says:

      ‘….Why mainly meat and animal products?, surely most food production would be affected in similar ways? …’

      Try Keto (yum) or carnivore diet (ugh) for a month and you wake up and get energetic…. try eating sugar and simple carbs for a month and you go to sleep. High refined carb diets are generally not good for people heath wise, but also people who eat high simple carb diets feel hunger more then people on high fat diets.

      Think HG Wells and the Eloi and morlochs… these people have always had an interest in diets and how they affect people

  19. Shaman O'Sanity 2020 says:

    Since a month or so, I’ve been nowhere without my backpack filled with essentials that I do not want to lose in case someone steals it from my house.
    So I’d grab this backpack – in there is also a folder with copies of important documents (insurance, passport, etc.)

  20. cstrouss1 says:

    I don’t think Impossible is making lab grown meat, they’re basically adding some synthetic heme to veggieburgers. (Thus very high carb, no good for borderline diabetics like me.)

    Gates may be an investor in Impossible, but it is his other companies who are working on lab grown meat from cultured animal cells.

  21. Steve Smith says:

    When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. The second best is today.
    I heard that somewhere along the line and have always taken it to heart when I lived ashore.

    This newsletter is timely. Just yesterday I decided that for our sixth anniversary in this house. Almost certainly our final homestead, that I would start keeping a few layers again. Had to give the last ones up six years ago.
    Serendipitously, on my way to the store this morning I came across a huge pile of lumber in a front yard of a home that had a FREE sign leaning against it. Well guess who was driving his truck instead of his wife’s sedan?
    You got it. And I worked my ass off for a few hours but I got probably 200 bucks worth of free lumber!
    There’s a chicken coop in that pile of wood. I just got to find it.

    I have been planting trees like mad since day the day we moved into this house. I even have a few Kratom trees in case they ban it. Purely medicinal mind you.
    Turns out this old waterlogged hippie has a pretty green thumb.
    I am only writing all this to boast. No, not really. Just to encourage everyone to go for it when it comes to providing for your families. Everyone has a green thumb that practices long enough.
    I have raised a few goats and even a pig once when I was younger and had some room to work with. But even where I am now. A tiny suburban home on a small lot. I am pretty confident that I would not starve if forced to survive on what it can produce. And hopefully that will only get better as more trees mature.
    From collecting your own water to composting to create your own soil even providing your own power. It is a very rewarding…..don’t know exactly what word I am looking for. I guess I will go with lifestyle. Certainly it’s no hobby. Too much like work.
    But the good kind.

    When I first became a vegetarian I was into the fake meat. Really missed bbq. The reason I became a vegetarian was because I didn’t want other animals to die so that I could eat. So I actually thought that lab grown meat would be a wonderful thing. As time went on and I eventually went vegan for health reasons rather than ethical ones the issue became moot to me.
    Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering. The eggs are for the little lady and the dog. Maybe trade too. Never know.

    What James presented in this rather scary scenario was something that I hadn’t really ever considered.
    I had my wife read it. And that is notable in itself.

    If there is any personal silver lining in this corona cloud its that my wife doesn’t think that I am nearly as crazy as she used to.

    Nice to have this comment section to sound off on sometimes.

    Here is a link to a picture that I took of a piece in the local Sunday paper. It talks about a poll conducted by the Washington Post and the university of Maryland regarding how people feel about the big brother app and how many people of certain ages even have smartphones at all. (I am ahead of the curve on that. 🙂


    • Fawlty Towers says:

      You are one lucky son-of-a-gun Steve!
      You managed to dodge James’ 500-word limit. 🙂

      Great inspiring personal stories. Thanks.

      • Steve Smith says:

        “ You managed to dodge James’ 500-word limit.”

        And for a bunch of disjointed drivel too.
        My apologies to JC and anyone else who had to suffer through that. I will be more careful in the future.
        I can be annoyingly long-winded sometimes when I start typing late on a Sunday evening. I blame it on the home grown medicinal herbs.

        Is there a way to count the words in a post? I should probably know that but don’t.

        • Fawlty Towers says:

          When my posts look like they might be pushing the limit I just copy them into Word and pull down the Tools menu. It has a word count feature built in. 🙂

  22. No doubt many will make the argument that humans had this coming to them for their many, many years of unnecessarily torturing & murdering non-humans on ranches & factory farms, and in windowless labs & fish markets (and just about everywhere else in between).

    But there are a lot of good-hearted blissfully ignorant people out there who never deliberately supported the torture & murder of non-humans.
    They were simply doing what they were raised & trained to do by their parents, schools, controlled media & corporate advertising.
    They didn’t know about the extreme pain & suffering behind their cheeseburgers, omelettes & mascara.

    Do they deserve what’s coming?

    What about the people who learned about the extreme pain & suffering behind their products and chose to stop supporting it?
    Do they deserve what’s coming?

    Those who will condemn the entire human race because of the horrible things done — or knowingly & unapologetically supported — by some cold-hearted bad apples are — to a significant degree — engaging in the same speciesism they claim to despise; the same viewing of the word’s feeling creatures in terms of species rather than individuals.

    Anyway… a bit of advice to my fellow corbetteers:
    Give strong consideration to ditching animal products.
    There’s a fair chance that an upcoming ‘virus’ will target people who consume animal protein, or that the forced ‘testing’ will be used to harm, or make things difficult for, those with animal protein in their system.
    IMO, the lone star tick (amblyomma americanum) is one example of a past effort to use biotech for such targeting.

    You will not get sickly & die without animal products, nor will you grow manboobs. I ditched animal products almost entirely 25 years ago and entirely 15 years ago. I’ve been in excellent health the whole time. I’m even well known amongst those around me for being superhuman because of my physical strength, never-ending energy and complete lack of ailments. And I don’t even go out of my way to eat particularly healthy.
    This isn’t simply anecdotal; this is the norm for people who ditch animal products. Humans are herbivores. Plant produce is the correct fuel for their bodies. Putting animal products in a human body is like putting high-leaded fuel in a Prius (except worse).

    • Whatever you decide to do, as was already said above, start planting.
      If you don’t own any land, consider buying a small cheap lot nearby, or start planting on a secluded piece of government land.
      For now, choose plants that are known for growing like weeds on their own, with little or no help from a human. You can try other plants later.
      Also start scouting for other secluded land that already has some edible things growing on it. Learn which wild plants, in your area, produce something edible.
      Some keywords: balcony gardening, windowsill gardening, square-foot gardening, rooftop gardening, greenhouse gardening, hydroponics, permaculture, wild gardening, foraging

      Buy or build a gun if you can.
      If you live in a city, get to some place rural if you can.
      If you live in California, New York or one of the other states that are likely to be the first to introduce the worst offenses, try to move to a state that has been resisting from the beginning.
      Trump (whether you think he’s a willing, informed participant or not) has made it pretty clear that he almost entirely views the state governors as 50 leaders of little 50 little countries. He appears to believe it is the people’s responsibility, not his, to stand up to governors.

    • Duck says:

      ‘..t an upcoming ‘virus’ will target people who consume animal protein, or that the forced ‘testing’ will be used to harm, or make things difficult for, those with animal protein in their system…’

      Not very likely IMO… more likely is that they will reduce access to animal fats and put people full of GMO laden highly processed simple carbs.

      Processed Simple Carb diets are not good for people and lead to diabetes and heart disease as well as slower thinking and less aggression- all traits that the disgenic malthas types like Gates would love to make widespread

  23. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “Daddy, What did you do when the State took all our freedom and rights away?”

  24. manbearpig says:

    and those time zones falling asleep to the radio now see me rising after a deep slumber to discover this video where the two following utterings therein stuck in my ear:

    “Some things have value that goes beyond the physical…”


    “don’t just listen to hardcore news; it’s not good for your heart or soul…”

    A journal…an egocentric exercise…a reflection of a head, heart and soul

    I know better what I am when I know what I think.
    But I don’t know what I think until I see what I say…

    Turns out my own journal is embodied by these comments pages, over the years, reacting to the ever evolving circumstances with a very clear and long-predicted trajectory; my monikers and tone evolving with my state of mind reflecting these changes, growing, expanding with all the brain food prepared for us by the site Creator and all the other rich offerings put forth by subscribors from every conceivable time zone, through profound gratitude and raging indignation, clarity and confusion, complicity and resentment, to a frightening degree this website has radically influenced who I am today. I hope that’s a good thing. I can’t say as I’m looking out from the inside with no perspective but when the house starts burning

    how will I be able to save all these pages?

    and if I can’t how will I remember who I am?

    so, as the light of dawn and the promise of a flawlessly sunny day pours across the landscape from my window and music seems to have been at the heart of this subscriber video, I’ll end this egocentric entry here with the gradual crystalline crescendo of these bells at 41:58:


  25. eat my cake says:

    technical question about video presenters:
    sometimes it becomes painfully obvious that a presenter’s candid tone is an act rather than sincere, for the fact that they are clearly reading a script. considering the great amount of substance to convey and the need to have a seamless flow of syntax if only to support the listener’s receptivity I generally forgive the use of notes and scripts. But where does one draw the line?

    I followed a link from here to the DR Kaufman/London real interview (bit of a Corbett doppelganger funny thing); I found his manner agreeable but eventually confusing. watching his eyes dart back and forth which only stops when he doesn’t speak, I can only assume he’s reading, looks like the whole time, at first I was accepting his claims, but after an hour, I was thinking: this guy is too robotic + all of his points I’ve heard exactly the same in various other sites, uniqueness was wanning.

    and so, if he’s not sincere, what kind of propaganda could this be?

    I’ve done similar scrutiny watching you James, and so far feel at peace with your genuineness. though I still wonder how sites like this could serve such a well oiled infernal machine, surely sites like these are let-be or given protection for good or no good reasons? perhaps a reverse-reverse psy-op, or a catchment of potential free thinkers for the black list?

    not casting aspersions here, but alchemist says its all an illusion, as the nuts and bolts of these sites are to expose lies, I’m just wondering which flavour of illusion that Kauffman may be?

    and for the record, as a master told me: “yes everything is illusion, but it still hurts when you stub your toe”

    • colosseum says:

      I take your point that Dr Kaufmann’s manners may look at bit robotic.
      However, you should also consider this:

      – He comes from an academic background. He is naturally inclined to weigh every single word because it is in the nature of his job: he deals with patients. People with whom you cannot allow yourself to convey messages that may potentially be misunderstood.

      – On top of that, he is dealing with a highly controversial topic, and he could easily be dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”. He clearly doesn’t want that, therefore his words are carefully chosen.

      The second part of the interview is actually much more pleasant to listen to, because you can clearly see he gets a bit more relaxed, therefore a more genuine and spontaneous side of his personality transpires.

      Without doubt, though, his interview with Brian Rose was a bit confusing. The subject matter is fairly “technical” and that interview didn’t serve him best. Maybe you should see the whole medical presentation he gave in this video (the first 45 mins):


      Enjoy! 🙂

  26. nexangelus says:

    So gates has all his fingers and by the look of it all of his toes in as many pies, small articles only scratch the surface…


  27. ben.r says:

    I missed the link to the parallel in Europe. Living in Belgium, I notice that some things in food stores are less available here, but in general the food supply has been stable in the last six weeks.

    Your report reminds me of a book I scanned once, called “Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre”, written by Brett Markham, published in 2010, and available in a free pdf, if you look for it, such as possibly here –


    The writer goes into detail about how, even in a temperate climate, it is possible to grow 90% of the requirements for vegetables and fruits of a family of four on 1/4 acre (one thousand square meters). This does not include animals, and it is possible even in colder, temperate climates. I grew up in a city, but this idea is more and more appealing to me.

    Regarding health, eating animals may be unhealthy for some people, but healthy for other people. The book that opened my eyes to this for my health is “Eat Right 4 Your Type” by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. This idea (no one set of optimal eating habits for everybody) is often lost on die-hard vegans and also on die-hard paleo advocates, both of whom tend to believe that what is healthy for them is healthy for everybody.

  28. joanne.w says:

    Bill Gates appears to be all over the fake COVID-19 pandemic…

  29. Camille says:

    Thanks again for the help, James!

    My new video fits with your newsletter.

    Are We Given Our Heroes? José Andrés and World Central Kitchen

    • Camille says:

      What a bad habit. I linked to youtube instead of the website.


      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Good find Camille!
        Yes I see the nefarious link, the same as you do.

        • Camille says:

          Thank you, Fawlty Towers!

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            Congrats Camille for your increasing popularity!

            David Icke dropped your name in his latest London Real interview and said he has a link to your work on his site. 🙂

            • Camille says:

              He did?

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                Yes he did. 🙂
                In the latest Rose-Icke III interview of 3+ hours
                he talks about you at 1:47:30 for a few minutes
                as he discusses the upcoming vaccines.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                FT, Do you have a link to the Rose-Icke?

              • Chapati says:

                Thanks Fawlty T for pointing that out!
                Just watching DI this time in a salmon sweater on

                although the question wasn`t directed at me, thought i`ll leave a link.

                Greatful for your work Camille! Thank you

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                I could not find the minute point reference to Camille’s research.

              • Chapati says:

                Neither could i, HomeRemedySupply.
                what i did catch at that minute point reference is DI mentioning whistle blower Celest Solum. Hadn`t heard of her before and havn`t looked into her work. She is on Youtube and this is her website https://shepherdsheart.life/

                Yet another insightful Interview and the last 30min are heartwarming. 3:03:30 hat`s off to Brian Rose for sharing his realization openly and with authenticity.

                At arround an hour in to the interview my brain kept distracting me with „look at that posture! can`t figure out how Brian`s legs are entangled?..let me figure it out by imitating…ou look! David`s skin color matches his sweater..funny!“ …silly i know

              • Chapati says:

                Guess this is the video DI mentions
                “Insight Into DARPA’s Hydrogel”

                come to think of it, a few days ago i saw a woman jogging in the park who “wore” something eerily similar like this sensor (white in color) on her upperarm.
                This is all beyond my worst nightmare

            • Camille says:

              Yeah, that wasn’t me he mentioned. Maybe next time! haha

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                My apologies to you Camille and the others who were looking for your mention in the interview.

                I got you confused with Celeste Solum.

                Silly of me. 🙂

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                I was thinking today how I could have possibly mixed up your two names (Celeste and Camille).
                Then it started to become clear.

                You both have names…

                1. with seven letters.
                2. beginning with ‘C’.
                3. ending with ‘e’.
                4. with two syllables.
                5. with accents on the second syllables.
                6. with four consonants.
                7. that are French.
                8. that are heavenly/perfect.


      • manbearpig says:

        what connections? what plan? what bio-engineered pre-packaged heros? Oh Camille, your crazy conspiracy chic you! You just see evil everywhere, don’t you!

        This is going directly onto my new hogblog, if you please!
        (if you don’t I’ll take it directly off, of course)

        • manbearpig says:

          With your mention of José Andres being in Haiti after the earthquake, I decided to stick your video just next to a page devoted to the MINUSTAH, the UN so-called “peace-keeping” mission that rained countless bullets down Cite Soleil costing the lives of countless peaceful Haitians, some of whom were killed inside their own homes. All that because they objected to the removal of their elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

          One distressingly emblematic photo is of the baby and toddler Nelson and Stanley Romulus photographed in the arms of their mother that is appropriately placed just under the photo of Hillary Clinton:


        • Camille says:

          Oh please do, manbearpig! How do I get to the hogblog??

          • manbearpig says:

            Oh, no! don’t make me swoon! Um, where?? Uhh..good question actually…the hogblog, the hogblog…

            here I think:


            but, I just created it recently, a few days ago, only to post Mr. Corbett’s “A Letter to the Future” as I personally have nothing to say and then I ended up posting other stuff that’s marked me over the years and stuff. You guys are my voice actually.

            Thanks for gracing my cyberspace with your perspicacity, inimitable voice and hard work Camille.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      “Are We Given Our Heroes? José Andrés and World Central Kitchen”
      showed up on my “YouTube Recommended” today just a few hours after you uploaded it.

      I find it amazing to see “The Club” repeatedly.
      There are all these clubs who the elite belong to.
      And the same faces keep appearing.

  30. paul823 says:

    According to this chart: https://tinyurl.com/y99ccqj9 We are just about at the ‘soylent green’ stage.

  31. For the past week, Elon Musk has been tweeting in opposition to the plan-demic.
    Yesterday, and on at least one other day, he changed his Twitter icon t the original Deus Ex logo.
    For those who don’t play video games, the original Deus Ex is about the Illuminati and other secret societies/groups who control, or seek to control, the world.
    A main element of the plot is a man made nanotech virus that has been unleashed on the public.

    “Classifying all deaths as corona even if corona didn’t cause the death is simply a lie”

    “Now give people back their FREEDOM”

    “Yes, reopen with care & appropriate protection, but don’t put everyone under de facto house arrest”

    “Why forced isolation is bad”

    “California HHS server crashed. Maybe it has covid.”

    “Hospitals in California have been half empty this whole time”


    “Bravo Texas!”

    “Give people their freedom back!”

    “Interesting …”

    “Docs make good points”
    Note: He was linking to the Dr. Erickson video that was removed from YouTube

    • aaroneous says:

      freedom isn’t their’s to give, its OUR’S to take!


  32. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Want to commit suicide?
    Just go to the hospital in New York City.

    Nurse Nicole Sirotek tells her story.
    (Originally it was on Facebook.)

    Taken from “Health Impact News”
    www healthimpactnews.com/2020/nevada-nurse-in-nyc-covid-is-not-killing-people-theyre-being-murdered/

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Nurse Nicole says she is working in the Twilight Zone with sociopaths, and to
      “Stay out of NYC for healthcare”.

      Golden Earring – Twilight Zone

    • alexandre says:

      Speechless here.

    • robert.t says:

      They say the world will not be the same. It won’t.

      Just a few months ago I wouldn’t have believed this lady’s account. Maybe I’m still wary, especially because the video is still up on YT. Also, the race angle raises a few doubts. Sorry that I still have to hang skeptical, but I’m listening and at least tending to believe.

      Sure I was wise to shooting/stabbing hoaxes, terror hoaxes, climate beat-ups and the like. I knew that despite their preference for hoaxing the ruling elites were willing to kill. But this degree of collaboration and deliberate participation by general medical staff? Still hard to believe.

      Yet this lady is not acting. One problem with major hoaxes is the perennial shortage of capable actors. That’s why it was so easy to see through so many stunts, false flags etc in the last few years. Scripting is usually chaotic where messy drills are sent live with low paid participants, but the big giveaway is the bad acting by witnesses, victims etc.

      Either this lady is not acting or her acting abilities are far above those of highly paid hams like Meryl Streep. The take-home is that I am inclined to believe what I would not have believed only a couple of months ago. Even if this is part of some psy-op with a BLM twist, the fact that I’m listening and inclined to believe indicates plenty.

      Which means this has been a very, very big play by those powers that shouldn’t be, and it may not be working. Thanks to people like James, it may yet fail.

      Yep. The world will not be the same. One way or another.

    • The mentality she’s describing is the mentality I’ve sensed nearly every single time I’ve been to a hospital or veterinarian.

      Of course we’re scorned for even questioning the capabilities or ethics of these people. They have an official costume and a plaque on their wall after all.

      Such is life in the world of ‘vaccine’ worshipers.

      Excellent video. Thank you for posting it. I have it downloaded for safekeeping.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I definitely believe Nurse Nicole.

      I run into that airy-fairie numb reaction often which Nurse Nicole describes.
      It is a sociopathic response, a contamination from the propaganda machine.

      For example:
      Years 2006 / 2007 at the University
      In a classroom full of soon to be school teachers, I pointed out how toxic mercury was and that it was prevalent in many vaccines.
      As a future teacher, I would never encourage folks to have mercury tainted vaccines injected into their veins.
      The classroom exploded. “How dare you!?” kind of response as voices throughout the classroom tried to take me down.

      In a lecture room of about 60 students, my Biology Professor went beet-red in the face screaming livid when I brought up this fact about vaccines and that I would never take ’em. Once again, I calmly stood my ground…”It’s common sense…mercury in the veins is not healthy.”

      I am sure that most Corbett Report Members have received a “Yawn Response” when telling someone else about a startling cover-up and injustice and facts.

      Our society at large has caught the “sociopathic bug”, and there ain’t no vaccine for that.

      • mkey says:

        Our society at large has caught the “sociopathic bug”, and there ain’t no vaccine for that.

        Even if there were one, it would be ladden with heavy metals, all sorts of canverous DNK, aborted fetus eyeballs, animal excrement etc. Yes, yes, I know, how dare I.

        Will I ever stop seeing Greta’s “how dare you” face whenever dismay comes into the picture?

    • Jed says:

      Idk, looks like business as usual from here. Cir. ‘08, or ‘09 they dispatched us from the W’ side to work up a cardiac arrest — ifo the ER entrance to Mt Sinai on MADison Ave. (E’ side) The man got out of the cab on the street side — dropped dead — well out from the curb. Hospitals’ policy is to dispatch EMS if a patient is off the sidewalk. The E’ side unit was on another job so although yards from a modern ER with MDs, etc, we had to get there from W’ 86 and Columbus Ave, through the park then uptown to like 99th. Apparently he’d chest pain, got a cab from well downtown (Sutton Place, blocks from NYU Hosp), drove by Cornell Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, and Metropolitan Hospital just to be ignored like a piece of garbage ifo hosp 13. A BLS unit was doing cpr on‘em when we got there. He had to have been out there for at least 8, 10 minutes prior to our arrival.

  33. deltammon says:

    iceagefarmer.com has some excellent, sober coverage of the status of our food supply.

    I don’t think anyone here would be surprised to learn that the engineering of this [just beginning] food crisis began way before the current hysteria. Record lows last year. Locusts. USDA fudging the numbers to induce this. Geo-engineering combined with solar minimum causing record crop losses. Seed companies being bought by gates and turned GMO.. it’s not good!

    If you didn’t start your garden last year, or yesterday, today is a good day to start! Heck, even if we are all wrong about any crisis, your body and mind will thank you. Establish independence. – No loss scenario.

  34. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Many times in my comments, I have mentioned “Ultraviolet Light and Ozone Blood Therapy”, especially with COVID.
    This is kind of cool…

    Nikola Tesla invents an Ozone machine to treat disease,
    and also paves the way with artificial Ultraviolet Light Therapy.

    (7 minutes)
    (Website link at YouTube Channel)

    www teslasmedicine.com/

  35. Ukdavec says:

    Covid 19 and Reopening the Economy from Goldman Sachs


  36. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Del Bigtree on the Highwire

    or is Fauci in the sociopath club?
    (24 minutes with clips)

    via Health Impact News
    “Del Bigtree’s Highwire program exposes how the new drug Remdesivir, developed by Anthony Fauci at the NIH, and fast-tracked for approval by the FDA, is a fraud, because clinical trials did not show it prevented deaths due to COVID-19, and may actually cause more deaths.”

  37. swanbyrd says:

    Coincidentally, (!) PBS is currently airing this: Check out the short called “virtual water” with the tomato ‘farm’.


    At first, I was tracking with this program as it showed how Saudi Arabia is secretly building alfalfa farms in Arizona. But when I saw this futuristic looking way of growing tomatoes, it was a 1984 moment.

    A couple of months ago, Corbett had an embedded animation of what life would be like in a planned community. At the time, it seemed pretty far-fetched. ALL OF TWO MONTHS AGO, that is!!

    For a better vibe, here’s a nice song.


    Thank you, James. Knowing helps. I am a lone voice in my world, so keep doing what you do. You are in my prayers and have been since I found your work 11 years ago.

  38. HomeRemedySupply says:

    How come the media or Fauci doesn’t promote this new scientific study?
    Would this information help to save lives?

    *****5 STARS
    New COVID-19 Study with Vitamin D

    (Under 3 minutes)

    • mkey says:

      Oy vey, shut it down. Fringe treatments are to be shunned, Vitamin C hasn’t been tarnished in really bad studies yet.

  39. Control Savvy says:

    When I read the title of this article, I decided that it was my civic duty to the Corbett Community to add my largely theoretical knowledge about the permaculture movement and small-scale farming. When I finally got around to signing in, and read all the comments, I found that there were several comments from actual farmers with hands-in-the-dirt experience, so nuff said about that.

    However…maybe I didn’t read carefully enough, but I don’t see anybody discussing how long it would take to establish a vegetable garden, say on top of a Roundup-polluted back yard. In my country, the U.S., there are enough open spaces that small-scale farming can produce an abundance of food that can then be canned and preserved for the winter. The problem is that you must do this before food shortages become reality. You need good soil. The same thing that happened with toilet paper will happen with good soil. You’re not going to be able to go to Home Depot and buy 40 bags of topsoil, because it will be all sold out. If you want to convert your back yard and your front yard into a food source, you have to build raised gardens with 2’x8’ lumber. There won’t be much of that left if everybody wants to do the same thing at the same time. If you’ve never raised vegetables before, you could lose several crops before figuring out how to do it. There are many options and possibilities, but, as James pointed out in a previous video, they must be started now. It’s not just government that we can’t depend on anymore, it’s the systems within systems within systems that we don’t even realize are essential parts of our daily lives until they fail.

  40. alexandre says:

    Electric company just sent email telling me the power bill will rise, and followed with a list of things to do to save power.

  41. wisper says:

    There are many Tyson manufacturing plants here in Tennessee. For weeks Tyson has been in MSM news about their problems because of the plandemic. Getting beef and other supplies to them. So many workers having COVID-19. But this morning was different. “Good News”.
    Tyson is now changing manufacturing from packaging GMO meats to Beyond Meat. Doing some of my own research, I was surprised to discover that Tyson invested in Beyond Meat and then sold it last year. And I also didn’t know before now that Tyson had developed their own plant-based meat they called Raised and Rooted. And then stated that besides their own plant based meat, they would also carry the Beyond Meat. So not sure why MSM is saying they are NOW changing to Beyond Meat. Propaganda?

    Here are some sources that detail more:







  42. non_prophet says:

    Jamesx2. You both are a breath of fresh air. QFC. Would you have an interview with sheriff Mac? CSPOA.org Thank you for everything.

  43. HomeRemedySupply says:

    May 6, 2020 Wednesday
    From Salon to Saloon, some Texans ain’t taken it no more.

    Thousands Donate To GoFundMe For Jailed Salon Owner Who Stood Up To Judge In Viral Video
    (See the brief video clip in the article)

    A GoFundMe account set up for a Texas salon owner who was sentenced to seven days in jail for flouting Governor Greg Abbott’s stay-at-home rules has raised over $175,000 then $265,000 as of this writing.
    (It was over 400k, the last I looked.)

    Shelly Luther, owner of Salon À la Mode, was found to be in criminal and civil contempt by Judge Eric V. Moyé of 14th Civil District Court in Dallas County, who also slapped her with a $7,000 fine after she continued to operate in violation of the statewide order and a restraining order from the court.

    Luther, 46, received a cease-and-desist letter from ordering her to close the salon. Instead, she made a public display of ripping it up – which gained attention among supporters, several of whom were at court.

    Judge Moyé chastised Luther, saying she acted selfishly when she resumed operations – and called on her to apologize to elected officials whose orders she disobeyed.
    Moyé added that until a vaccine is found for COVID-19, citizens must obey emergency orders, according to the New York Times.

    “Failure to do so will only have catastrophic consequences,” he said, adding “and those reach far beyond the exigencies of one family or one business.”

    In response, Luther said in a now-viral video:
    “I have to disagree with you, sir, when you say that I’m selfish, because feeding my kids is not selfish.”
    “So, sir, if you think the law’s more important than kids getting fed, then please go ahead with your decision. But I am not going to shut the salon.”

    …While criminals are being released into the streets, Shelley was sentenced to 7 days in jail.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Who’s your Daddy?

      Zero Hedge
      Texas Bar Owner, Quarantine Protesters Arrested After SWAT Team Swoops In

      A SWAT team in the western Texas town of Odessa arrested a bar owner and a group of armed men conducting a peaceful protest against the coronavirus lockdown on Monday, after police say they violated the state’s order to remain closed.

      According to Everything Lubbock, Gabrielle Ellison – owner of Big Daddy Zanes, said the Ector County Sheriff’s Office told her it was fine to hold the protest as long as men with guns aren’t seen on the property. She claims that out of respect for law enforcement, the men were confined to the back – which is her private property.

      Governor Greg Abbott’s latest executive order prohibits bars, gyms and salons from reopening.

      “We can’t take it no more. We’re not going to make it,” said Ellison, adding “I am shocked. I had customers come through saying, ‘You know they have SWAT built up, they have SWAT built up.’ Why would you bring in SWAT on a peaceful situation?”

      Ellison said the risk of staying closed outweighs the risk of any virus — even if it means potentially getting in trouble.

      “The possibility of losing my license – heartbreaking. But they’ve already taken my income,” said Ellison. -Everything Lubbock….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      “Tiny Tyrants” … good term.

      May 6, 2020
      Tucker Carlson –
      Attorney for jailed Dallas salon owner slams judge as a ‘tiny tyrant’

      (5 minutes)

      Dallas County jail is not a fun place. It is pretty rough for women. I once bailed out my stepdaughter from there.

      Evidently the Texas governor and TX Attny General are calling for her immediate release.

  44. HomeRemedySupply says:

    May 6, 2020
    Yahoo News

    Good interview article by Marquise Francis with PHOTOS and VIDEO
    New York City – Manhattan and Brooklyn / Bronx –
    Social Distancing Enforcement different between rich and poor, white and minority.


    Blogger Ed García Conde, who runs the Instagram page Welcome2TheBronx, shows photos and videos of the arbitrary enforcement of social distancing guidelines.

  45. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Published May 6, 2020

    Police Officer Anderson speaks out to other officers about following tyrannical orders
    (9 minutes)

  46. debra.b says:

    Hi HomeRemedySupply, that was well said by Officer Anderson. I read your other News posts also. I know some people are growing weary of this. I just hope it’s enough and more to come soon.

    Plus, I saw this horrendous absurdity happening here in CT. There’s a video with this….

    Coronavirus News: More than 2 dozen Connecticut statues outfitted with face masks
    By Eyewitness News

    HARTFORD, Connecticut (WABC) — If they can do it, so can you.

    Historical figures, depicted in statues around the capital city in Connecticut, are now being outfitted with face masks.

    Hartford’s master gardener came up with the idea to put masks on the statues to serve as a good reminder to residents to always wear a mask in public.

    She brought up the idea right after Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont issued an executive order requiring people to wear face coverings outside.

    She says it’s a reminder for everybody that they need to take the pandemic seriously.

    The Hartford Park and Forestry crew donated the materials for the masks.

    They have covered more than two dozen statues around the state capital.

    Hartford’s master gardener came up with the idea to put masks on the statues to serve as a good reminder to residents to always wear a mask in public.

    She brought up the idea right after Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont issued an executive order requiring people to wear face coverings outside.

    She says it’s a reminder for everybody that they need to take the pandemic seriously.

    The Hartford Park and Forestry crew donated the materials for the masks.

    They have covered more than two dozen statues around the state “

    We have a Mark Twain statue which is now covered with a mask. The video commentator in that link, he gets a chuckle out of the whole thing and states it’s “just awesome”. Moronic jerk!

    • debra.b says:

      *I’ve got duplicate article text in there above I was trying to edit out, but didn’t catch in time. Apologies for that. Wish my desktop was still functional. iPads just don’t have the functionality of a desktop. Not for me anyway.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        ha!I understand…I know about these edits and the timer. It is tough working on a iPad.

  47. HomeRemedySupply says:

    NEWS on the flipside –
    Restaurant forbids employees to wear masks

    May 3, 2020
    People Newspapers
    “Park Cities” People (A very rich inner Dallas city which has always been non-fluoridated)
    Author: Bethany Erickson and Rachel Snyder
    ‘It’s Not Safe For Anyone’: Restaurant Employees Say Bosses Forbid Face Masks

    “We are scared.”
    The story started with a tip submitted through our news tip form – but by Sunday evening, we heard from many now-former and current employees of Hillstone Restaurant Group’s Dallas locations, who said they are not allowed to wear masks while working as a company policy.

    The California-based hospitality group owns Hillstone, the Honor Bar, and R + D Kitchen in Dallas, and Houston’s in Addison, and has apparently made it a company policy to not allow the face coverings, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recommended to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

    “It is true. We’re not allowing masks,” the R+D Kitchen manager we spoke to Friday night, who identified herself as Emily, said.

    When asked if she was worried for her safety, or had heard any waitstaff expressing worry, she said, “We stand behind our decision. Thank you for your curiosity, but we stand behind this, and we’re doing the best we know.”

    HRG’s corporate website outlines the safety precautions its Texas locations are currently using.

    “Current orders do not require our staff to wear face masks. If you are concerned about your safety in this respect, we hope you will join us at a later date,” it says.

    While masks have been strongly encouraged by Dallas County health officials and the CDC, they are not mandatory, and Gov. Greg Abbott stopped short of requiring them in his plan to reopen the economy….

    (NOTE – A series of updates about the legal wrestling and Dallas County Authoritarian Mandates have occurred since this story broke.)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      May 8th
      Hillstone Restaurant Group Argues to Move Mask Case to Federal Court
      Not long after lawyers for an R+D Kitchen employee convinced a state district judge to agree that she should be able to wear a face mask to work, her employer’s parent company began to make a case for moving the arguments to federal court.

      State district judge Tonya Parker ruled Thursday that Jane Doe, who is represented by Charla Aldous and Brent Walker, should be granted a temporary restraining order that would allow the employee to return to work while wearing a mask as protection against the spread of the novel coronavirus…

      …But does that mean you’ll see University Park or Highland Park code enforcement officials citing the restaurants since three are in the Park Cities? No, because the law doesn’t give them that authority….

      …Not long after obtaining the TRO (Temporary Restraining Order), though, HRG’s attorneys filed to have the case removed to federal court, arguing, in part, that since company headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona, it is incorporated in Delaware, and Doe is in Texas, the case should be federal.

      “Based upon a federal court hearing today, it does appear that Hillstone is trying to get a federal judge to remove this case from state district court,” Aldous said.

      However, on Friday, district court judge Barbara Lynn held a conference call with the four lawyers, with Aldous and Walker making their case for the TRO, and Dunne and Clift arguing for the move to federal court. Lynn ordered Dunn and Clift to file a brief by noon Saturday to support their claim, according to court records…

      (SNITCH !)
      … Earlier this week, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban released a report based on the findings of 300 secret shoppers he deployed across the city to test restaurants and retail businesses….

    • Jed says:

      I still can’t get over the masks everywhere. Have you seen the piles of ‘em in Home Depot and WallMart parking lots?! Remember the brothers bet in “Trading Places?” “You did it Mortimer, everyone in the USA walking around in a BERKA, here you go, one dollar.”

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      The California-based hospitality group owns Hillstone, the Honor Bar, and R + D Kitchen in Dallas, and Houston’s in Addison, and has apparently made it a company policy to not allow the face coverings, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recommended to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

      I don’t know about the CDC, but the (cough)… most respected and authoritative health organization in the world, the WHO, does not recommend wearing face masks!

      A medical mask is not required if exhibiting no symptoms, as there is no evidence that wearing a mask – of any type – protects non-sick persons. However, in some cultures, masks may be commonly worn. If masks are to be worn, it is critical to follow best practices on how to wear, remove and dispose of them and on hand hygiene after removal (see Advice on the use of masks)”

      Kudos to the Hillstone Restaurant Group!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      May 14, 2020
      People Newspapers
      by Bethany Erickson and Rachel Snyder
      Hillstone Reverses Stance, Allows Staff to Wear Masks

      Voluntaryism EXCERPT
      The site now says, as of Thursday night,
      “Guests and staff members who wish to wear a mask are free to do so.
      Other guests and staff members may choose not to wear masks based on their personal preference and we ask that everyone respect those decisions.
      If you are concerned about this, please join us at a later date and we will be happy to welcome you.”

  48. Mielia says:

    Recommended Reading
    All Is Not What It Seems In Sweden

    I wanna recommend this article by Jon Tallinger, who calls himself the whistleblower doctor
    and the interview with him by Angry Foreigner + additional video
    interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kz5BhX5_CXo
    additional https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpUFxhckHIA (yes, much too much and many questionable assertions, e.g. the NYT opinion piece as “science” but very much needed and very important video, I cannot stretch this enough)

    gonna post this under open covid too

  49. Steve Smith says:

    Assuming that lab grown meat is molecularly identical to real meat.
    Assuming that it doesn’t contain any unnatural extra ingredients.
    Assuming that it doesn’t take more energy or resources to produce than real meat.
    Is there still a problem with it.
    I became a vegetarian primary because of ethical reasons. Cruelty to animals, not wanting anything to have to give up it’s life so that I could eat etc. I later became vegan but mostly for health reasons.
    If lab produced meat were just as healthy (or unhealthy depending on your views) as real meat, what would be your objections to using this technology?
    I ask because I yesterday heard something about KFC using 3D printing to make chicken nuggets (ick).
    Just curious about the opinions of others.

    • alexandre says:

      Assuming Lucifer, or Gates, or Dershowitz, or Sharon, are good fellows there to help and love us, then everything is ok. By that I mean to question the origin of something. When a corrupt, criminal satanic sindicate do something “good”, does it matter that it comes from that demonic origin, usually with agendas and intentions behind everything? Is questioning their intentions a good idea or even relevant? For most people (I know) it isn’t. People accept whatever comes from that darkness as long as a) it’s good, b) it says it’s good and c) everyone else is doing it. How do you think we came to the point of discussing 3D printing nuggets? – Something that shouldn’t even exist.

      • Steve Smith says:

        “ Something that shouldn’t even exist.”

        Well see, thats what I am wondering about.
        Are you saying that it shouldn’t exist because of its origins? Because of who is bringing it into existence?
        Or simply because the idea is too weird. Too futuristic.

        • alexandre says:

          I’m sorry, we can’t discuss stuff like this looking only at one little thing. Is there an agenda to install a Technocracy in the planet or not? What is it? How was it done? Etc. How does this “technology” fit in this agenda? What if it was created by the agenda for the agenda? And so on. Not that I think a nugget is food, let alone a 3D printed one. But when you divert the life of an entire world in one direction, with force, everything that comes from that is gonna serve its purpose, period. If its purpose was “good”, oh well, we would be in heaven and Netaniahu wouldbe a great guy. But if I get, as a present, a 1965 Gibson L-5 from Ariel Sharon, I won’t take it, because I know that when malacos “give”, it’s not a present. Sooner or later they’ll come for your soul. Now, what’s the point in discussing if the Gibson is or isn’t a good guitar in that situation? It doesn’t matter. It comes from hell, I won’t take it.
          And nothing personal, but when people try to persuade me that something from hell could still be useful and good, it reminds me of the Kurosawa “Dreams” scene where the demon woman gently says to the guy “the snow is warm, sleep, sleep”, you know?
          Why did parents say to children “Don’t take gifts from strangers” then? Hey mom, but it’s a delicious chocolate, what’s wrong with that?

          • Steve Smith says:

            What are you using to type?

            • alexandre says:

              Ok. Technology is fantastic, the most incredible thing that ever happened to us. Hail tech! If it wasn’t for It, life would never have been. Hail tech!

              • Steve Smith says:

                Holy shit dude. Defensive much?
                I got news for ya buddy. I am not trying to talk you into anything. I am simply interested in the opinion of others.
                As inconsistent as it may be, I believe that I understand yours now. Thanks.

            • alexandre says:

              I’m sorry, I wasn’t being defensive, I’m just old and tired of such discussions. Sorry if it came out bad. And obviously I’m not good at defending my arguments and get frustrated. Sorry about that.

              • Steve Smith says:

                No problem.
                Its probably a subject only a tree hugging old vegan like me would find interesting anyway.

              • alexandre says:

                Hey, I ain’t vegan, but I do hug ma trees.

              • manbearpig says:

                I hug trees too, mine and other people’s.

                Alexandre made an excellent point even if he admittedly became sarcastically defensive afterwards.

                But together you isolated the essence of our dilemma.

                There is a technocratic elite who probably does not have “our” best interests in mind (if prolonging massively murderous world wars, killing thousands of people in twin towers, using depleted uranium in Faluja and deploying UN helicopters and “peace-keepers” to shower bullets onto Haitian babies is any indication.

                Their “gifts” are poisoned.

                And yet we are discussing this issue thanks to them.

                This, to me, is the essence of our predicament.

                It forces cognitive dissonance on us. It creates a gaping hole between our principles and our actions.

                Of course everything can be used for good or bad but the toys of their creation would not have been bestowed upon us if there was any way we could have “liberated” ourselves with them.

                Quite the contrary. I, at least, am henceforth a prisoner of my digital ivory tower.

                The only people who don’t think I’m totally mad are only to be found online.

                Now I’m late for my digital hamsterwheel…

            • mkey says:

              There isn’t anything inherently wrong with technology. It may require a modicum of responsibility, but that’s a societal issue, not something that is bound to technology.

              Technocracy is about control behind the technology not about technology itself. We are realistically at a point in time where technology could provide natural food, in reasonable amounts, and cater to our needs. The important question then becomes: who is in control of the machines, how power hungry is he, what does he expect in return for sharing the machines with everyone else?

              • alexandre says:

                My question remains; does it matter where it comes from?

              • mkey says:

                On general basis, I would say not. As long as you are in control, aliens might have given it to you, what’s the difference?

                Of course, there could be some moral issues to be considered. Also, both known and uknown ties attached, like some sort of an advanced credit system that would alter the entangled man’s behavior.

                So, community built highly automatized farm leveraging technology maintained by members; good.

                Omnipresent surveillance grid ran by a zillion of mostly superfluous devices, shaping behavior and brain waves, predicating perks such as food and water on obedience; not good.

              • alexandre says:

                Explain “community built highly automatized”, please. Is it like water mills? Or high tech equipment run by software owned by DARPA?

              • mkey says:

                Why not a vertical community farm with an automated irrigation and feeding system, and some fancy robots to tend to the plants? OK, maybe the robots are a bit too much. Also, going overly vertical would be cost effective only when the space is limited, but you surely don’t need darpa to control some tubing connected to a pump, drawing water with added nutrients from a nearby tank.

                Tank can be fed water from a roof gutter system. It’s sufficient to have one of the roofs on the lower level than all the others and “automatically” the water will flow from higher roofs to the lower roof, finally feeding into the tank connected to the lower roof. You don’t need darpa to make the water keep level, do you?

                From the top of the large tank you could be leeching relatively clean water (that would logically rise to the top with impurities sedimenting on the bottom) into a system consisting of several tanks that would be acting as a big ass filter. One tank with gravel, one with sand, one with a lot of carbon, they would be providing clean drinking and cooking water (probably a lot cleaner that both you and I have delivered to our places of residence). Again, nothing to do with darpa. In fact, no electricity required. Just water and gravity. Depending on how you do it, maybe a pump.

                Maybe you would want to have a solenoid or some sensors to monitor levels, pressures and temperatures. Those would be relatively simple to hook up with an arduino. Open source, no darpa.

                There is a lot of information floating around, from people who found easy ways to do otherwise hard things. Like building the soil or planting without digging or a super easy hand and foot operated tiller or all sorts of hydroponic applications to get a garden going. Building greenhouses from trash, like discarded trampolines or used windows sitting idly by in someone’s storage room.

              • alexandre says:

                Ok, nothing wrong there. (Some of it sounds a bit too sustainable green Zeitgeist for me, but that’s my opinion). But it’s THAT really what we usually mean when we say “technology”? Or is it more towards medicine, science (“science says…”), Elon Musk, Gates, DARPA and so on? Somewhere on my comments I think I said I was talking about THAT technology, specially digital, not water farms and – the best technology I ever saw here in the country – a water pump made of an old plastic water bottle and some sticks, something like that, which doesn’t even use electricity. I forget the name, but it’s prehistoric – and it works! That technology I like. So there, we defined what kind of technology we’re talking about. I hope.

              • mkey says:

                Well, I don’t know if I would accept any technology provided by main stream sources as neutrally good. Maybe you could make it good by abusing it i.e. by using it the way it wasn’t meant to be used. On general basis, I’d say less technology the better. There won’t be any technological solution for societal problems which are in my view mostly caused by lack of education and understanding.

              • alexandre says:

                Would you accept a million dollars from Bill Gates? Out of the blue, one day you wake up and there’s Bill, looking at you and saying “I like your ideas and I want to help you, so here’s a million bucks. From me to you, no strings attached”. Would you take it?

              • mkey says:

                I don’t know. I would like to believe one could do some good with that kind of “money” but I never really believed in fairy tales.

                I would like to believe that my disgust in meeting that guy in person would hold me over long enough to quench the lure of corruption such an offer would entail.

    • flammable says:

      I have a bigger issue with the attack on people still providing natural food. Farmers and ranchers are having their livestock denied entry into the market or even mandated to be destroyed because the animals might be infected. Meat production is being regulated heavily as well with workers being pulled off after testing positive.
      I am a bit naive and lenient and would accept lab grown or modified food if natural food was allowed as well. But the clear force and control of the market reminds me of the Monsanto GMO seeds being introduced. Those GMO foods have caused health problems ever since so I expect no different from these new foods.

      • Steve Smith says:

        I agree that is a travesty. The people who actually care about the treatment of the animals are discouraged and prevented from making a living.
        I have even heard that backyard chickens are coming under fire from the paranoid germaphobes.

        I am just wondering if there is something about this lab grown meat that makes it unhealthy or if its just the “yuck” factor that seems to make it unpopular with some people.

        I am reminded of the replicators in the Star Trek Sci Fi series. Would utilizing that kind of technology, should it ever become feasible, be wrong somehow. Or is it something that is inevitable and that should be embraced?

        • manbearpig says:

          Unfortunately I don’t have time to discuss this adequately but

          another trap I think we find ourselves in is the adidas/nike syndrome. The coke/pepsi complex.

          Perhaps our technocratic, eugenical, transhumanist jailers have both good and bad intentions.

          And we can’t comprehend their actions because we assume everything comes from a sadistic and murderous intention.

          Not that I condone absconding with everyone’s freedom.

          but I confess… I’m feeling a little discouraged about the capacity of most people around me to remove themselves from the herd mentality and envisage other realities.

          I’m doubting, not the beauty, but the fundamental intellectual independence of the majority…

          which isn’t heartening…

          They want leaders and gurus and social conformity…

          in democracy majority rules? Even in an illusory one?

          maybe it’s just a question of time, for humanity to smell the coffee…?

          That must be the most pretentious comment I ever wrote!

          • alexandre says:

            Pretentious, and yet…..lovely.

            As for me, I try to see it in a simple way. If any good intentions come from them, it’s only luck or chance. Malaco bastards have to give something good in order to catch the victims. Digital has fantastic aspects, and very addictive too. Once you’re in, bang. Now you can’t live without it. And now that you can’t live without it, I’ve got you in my strings. They are essentially drug dealers, os it’s a matter of looking at politics, medicine, technology, big agra, big pharma etc as drugs. And who says LSD and Heroin don’t provide wonderful experiences, even illuminations?

            Did I respond to another subject, by any chance? I’m getting seriously old.

  50. Facundo Merciadri says:

    My impression about Sweden is that this consensus attitude in society is superficial and most play along that game. A common expression here is “Knyta näven i fickan” which I would translate as “Knot the fist in the pocket” for when people get angry without showing it.

    Something similar happens regarding the economy. Superficially it’s all about the welfare state but most people are conscious that this country is a more serious capitalist version compared to the American capitalism as a (dirty crony) standard. There’s even a documentary touching on that I can look for it if anyone is interested.

    Here’s what I believe is the biggest and oldest alternative media in Sweden:


    The founder, Mikael Crömsjo, has some videos in English.

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