Turkey Takes On Big Pharma, Big Banking, Zionists? – The Eyopener

08/07/20142 Comments

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan is currently embroiled in a Presidential election campaign in the upcoming Turkish elections, but his biggest enemies may not be his political rivals. Join us this week on the Eyeopener as BoilingFrogsPost.com editor Sibel Edmonds breaks down Erdogan’s moves to take on Big Pharma, the big banks and the Zionists, and how this has precipitated his recent fall from grace amongst the globalist jet set.


Ministry takes aim at pharmaceutical kickbacks to doctors

Growing Popularity of Islamic Banks in Turkey

Can Turkey Become the Kingpin of Islamic Lending?

Turkey Under Erdogan: Lurching Toward Sharia & A New Ottoman Empire

Turkish PM Erdogan says Israel ‘surpasses Hitler in barbarism’

Erdogan returning Jewish American award


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  1. The Red Pill says:

    Thank you again for the great interview! Every interview with Sibel IS an eyeopener. Always great insight! It is a region of the world that has gone off my radar with everything else going on but, this brought to mind what is going on with ISIS/ISIL. I was wondering if you could get her (on a subsequent interview), and your, take on the formation of another country right before out eyes.

    The latest is that they have set up a caliphate. I also saw reports that they already have passports being issued. Just like that, voila, a new country!

    They are calling it the Islamic State. Interesting to me that, although in a very different manner, a ‘jewish state’ was carved out and continues to be carved out and expanded to this day. Obviously this is all being masterminded and funded by the usual suspects in both cases.

    So what is your take on this state making? How are they planning on using this to further destabalize the region? Same could be said for the Ukraine I suppose although also in a different manner. Seems to me the method is not as important as the goal. The lives lost in the processes, to these psychopaths, is of little if any consequence.

    I have my own ideas but hope to hear what you both have to say on the subject.

    Thank you

    And here a link to an article, I’m not sure if I saw this on one of your programmes, of the proposed new map of the greater region. Since removed from the Armed Forces Journal where it originally appeared.


  2. ks says:

    these drug company kickbacks are completely normal and have been for many years in the UK. my friend was a consultant psychiatrist and he was given all sorts of perks in exchange for prescribing drugs.

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