THIS is How Global Government is Run (and What's Coming Next...)

11/19/202324 Comments

Newsflash: contrary to the worries of conspiracy realists, global government is NOT a far-off, distant threat waiting for us in some potential dystopian future.

No, it's not a future threat. The truth is that global government is already set up and functioning. Here. Now.

In fact, it's not even happening in secret. It's happening in the most visible way possible: a party.

Oops! Did I say "party"? I meant "Conference of the Parties," of course, aka the mechanism by which individual nation-states have been willingly ceding their sovereignty to the globalist technocrats for decades now.

Never heard of "Conference of the Parties," you protest? Of course you have. I talk about the COP of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) pretty much every year. In fact, I've been covering it since at least COP 15 in Copenhagen in 2009. Lest we forget, 2009 was the year EU President (and Bilderberg lackey) Herman von Rompuy declared to be "the first year of global government," specifically citing the COP in Copenhagen as "another step towards the global management of our planet."

Another step, indeed.

Fast forward to 2023. The globalists are fueling up their private jets and chauffered limosines for another wine-and-dine fest—this time COP 28 in Dubai. Yes, it's just a matter of weeks until we get to bear witness to the annual ritual of these would-be global rulers jetting in to lecture us peons about how we're not doing enough to save the planet.

But do you know what a COP really is? And did you know that the UNFCCC's COP is not the only COP being run by the de facto global government? And did you know that the real point of the World Health Organization's (WHO) so-called "pandemic treaty" is to establish yet another COP chamber in this increasingly bloated shadow government?

Get in, buckle up and hold on. You're in for one of the most important lessons of your life.

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  1. tim156 says:

    Great article James. It is going to be a long slow road out of here, but I have moments of hope. From time to time here in England I come across people who get what is going on in most unlikely places. Shopkeepers and bar workers seem to “get it” the best for some strange reason, and are happy to discuss, like they too are surprised to find someone else in their orbit happy to talk without fear of ridicule. How we move the vast majority of BBC and other MSM viewers, most of my friends included, I do not know. But for now, I am happy to take some comfort that, as I was advised by one small shop owner in the north of the country recently, “there are more of us out there than you may think!”

    • vadoum says:

      I experience the MAJORITY of encounters are with those who doubt the globalist msm narrative is anything but not so subtle forms of deceit. It appears to be the majority, with hotspots of those whove had their faith stollen, and without the confidence to pick up and start from scratch, become their own prison guards.. however, that media makes it look like the reverse.

      Yes, those few misleaders are toungin’ for it. But whos to say theyre not bent to think and choose to be that way? bent by who? I think it be the microwaves to look out for. mood manipulation inner voice (thoughts) manipulation,,

      the level of psychotic flip from lack of confidence can be a symptom of excessive lying (the denial of our complicity in the bad guy con.

  2. Bill Pritting says:

    Get ready for UN 2.0 coming to you in 2024!

  3. kristinec says:

    James, rest assured, people are reading and sharing your alarm. Even though you’ve read the documents “so I don’t have to,” this time, I’m going to!

    The battle is on so many fronts, from the mundane injustices of every day life (the decline of doctor/patient relationship) to global treaties and everything in between. That’s what’s so exhausting. So, you are, of course, familiar with the adage, “Pick your battles.” How do we prioritize on which front to fight?

    Keep after ’em!
    Kristine (from the sunny climes of Detroit)

    • vadoum says:

      best place I know to battle-choose is the mirror.
      2 foot steps and a heart beat, is what weve got.
      I try to improve communication, which once flowing can conjure the synergy of team work, and all fresh dominos can fall from there. notice how the devices keep us from face to face communication (he said, looking in the mirror).

  4. generalbottlewasher says:

    The rock is hard as the propaganda that has encased the minds of normal,upper economic mortals. They are not about to risk getting that wet. So now what? Yelling in their ear hoping their perception changes to ” what was that you where saying?”
    I had that experience in OKC recently. Drinking with military men. The liquor these morons drank did soften their hard think. I think it helped loosen up the layer upon layer of propaganda these uniformed professionals mistake as obedience for discipline.
    I found the black guys to be more open minded, aware of the propaganda tool and seemed more aware to their predicament. The others less so. All in all they agreed things had changed in their profession from when they enlisted. All we’re waiting to cash out.
    It seems the UN crowd has neither obedience or discipline. Maybe when push comes to shove the uniforms may break with the diplomatic suits and free up the upper economic proles to think,
    ” what was that you were saying?”

  5. tprice says:

    Even more frustratingly the faceless bureaucrats negotiating away our individual and national agency and sovereignty can’t even be identified via FOIA’s. This might be one of the few legitimate uses I could imagine for the increasingly ubiquitous Facial Recognition enabled surveillance cameras being rolled out on the nod by our (s)elected representatives. It’s intended we never find out who was in “The Room Where It Happens”.

  6. zier says:

    Great Article James.
    Trying to convey this to the average person is i’m afraid almost useless.
    I’m reminded of jack Nicholson in A Few Good men “You can’t handle the truth!”.
    Lately , i just live by another couple of lines from popular movies.
    “Don’t follow anyone” Life of Brian.
    “I would never belong to any club that would have me for a member.” Annie Hall
    Also by a song, “Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.” Doris Day

  7. zier says:

    Also check “once upon an ocean” by Kevin Ayers

  8. Valuedcustomer says:

    “Then we can parlay our knowledge into a movement. We’ll know we’re making progress when the drive to exit the WHO (and exit the UN while we’re at it) become the only political issues that people are interested in talking about. And we’ll know we’ve really been successful when those same people start talking about individual sovereignty and our natural right to withdraw from every governmental system of control.”

    I disagree 6,000,000 %. I have been trying to speak to people about these problems since 1995. The end result is I have no friends. Even my very large family avoids me. No one cares as long as their table is full.

    They all believe it is prophecy and that prayer/JESUS is the answer!

    What a twisted world we live in.

    I guess we have been gas lit for a few 1000 years now.

    • vadoum says:

      can we please have a tool kit for ways of responding to/disarming the various forms of gaslighting? Is there even a proper word for it in English? a light hearted delivery of a razor sharp question is the best I know of. the question is the hot potato, chuck it straight back. My current reflex is to name the technique quick-smart, as someone is doing it. the better the psycho dynamic description the quieter they become. some will run or doze off , trickier, more muscular intellects will spin relativism, or keep changing the subject, anything to avoid facing the music, including murder.

      looking back at the huge waste because of gaslit entanglement, it seems like human capacity to emotionally manipulate through deception is so pervasive it could take 6 million life times to figure out an antidote.

      Here’s a breakdown of a few ways to understand it.

      VC, I think youre right. the technique has been the principal modus operandi of the few controlling the many since days of yor. and here we are, with tech finally able to allow those few to take a break and let the algo take over. they must be looking fwd to a rest, could be they become bored to tears? after constant immersion and propagation of deception, I dont think the body mind has capacity left to feel anything: the “hungry ghost” realm, living dead.

      & thanks, I’m keen to finish reading about the big muck-up (your link)

  9. chughes says:

    Is each ‘Conference of the Parties’ followed by a bonfire of the vanities, or do they simply burn an owl?

  10. illbnice2u2 says:

    Has anyone seen what the CDC is doing now? They have joined the Ad Council A company that took a study and came to the conclusion people don’t trust Health Officials or legislators anymore. So the CDC is throwing hundreds of millions into hiring and training Hairdressers, teachers, community leaders on how to have conversations to redirect our opinions about vaccines. Check out the article:

  11. Hughsername says:

    I don’t get it. Have you been sleeping through all of the plandemic?
    What happened then?
    Did it happen even though there was no “pandemic treaty” or WHO COP?
    Damn right it did.
    So why pretend this is so urgent/important/dramatic for our future?
    I tell you what it is: it’s potato potaato, that’s what and it doesn’t matter whatsoever if you or any one of us read these boring UN or WHO documents or not!
    You’d be better off buying guns and learning how to use them 😉

    • Yup that’s what I’ve been thinking all along too.

      If they were able to get 90+% of the world to follow in lock step almost every
      suggestion/recommendation/mandate (call it what you like) during the
      scamdemic without a pandemic treaty, will it really make a difference in practice,
      if they follow in lock step with a treaty?

      • msh6 says:

        During the scamdemic there were a few areas that played along less and people noticed that those areas didn’t fare any worse. This new “treaty” seems designed to eliminate that, as well as silence us “naysayers”.

        • I still don’t see what the big deal is.
          What are the chances that a ‘once-in-a-hundred-years’ pandemic (Spanish Flu/Covid-19) will occur again in our lifetime? 🙂

  12. wolfgang says:

    Great article once again.
    Before I can imagine getting any couch potato to protest any of this, we also need to get this into the heads of the alternative thought leaders, e.g. a Daniele Ganser & Co., who still applaud institutions like the United Nations. Let’s see what kinds of glances I earn ranting about the COPs and uelected international agencies assuming undisputed powers at my next social gathering…

  13. ccuthbert2001 says:

    I tried to watch that laura loomed “person” yell at Dave Smith twice. Can’t do it. If she doesn’t encapsulate what’s wrong in the world, I don’t know what does.

    • Steve Smith says:

      I actually watched the entire thing on Loomer’s Rumble channel.
      Vile is the only word that kept coming to me to describe that woman. She typifies the evil that facilitates the sacrifice of children. I hope that she never has children of her own.

      It was good to see that even on her own channel, the overwhelming consensus, according to the comments was that Dave Smith cleaned her clock.

      • ccuthbert2001 says:

        No doubt she’ll attribute all the “negativity” to antisemitism. Ugh.

  14. mkey says:

    I was not aware of AI pin thingy. Stuff like that could work as a wonderous replacement for “smart” phones. I am sure, did not watch the whole vide, it can connect to the fondle slab and facilitate a transition from an optical handheld device to a worn “pin” that projects image directly into your brain.

    Can’t wait.

  15. Frode says:

    Sisyphus, meet rock. Happy rolling!

    I second that!

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