This Does Not End Well...

06/04/201635 Comments

This wasn't supposed to be a column about unemployment and political violence. I was supposed to be writing about the crisis of irreproducible results in science and the dangers of scientism and technocracy. But then I checked my Twitter timeline.

Cue the Emotional Con Game 2016™. This is not going to be an election about foreign policy or budget proposals or rational discussion. Look at me, unable to even write a column about the technocratic smart grid society and the future of humanity because the violence of this election cycle demands my attention.

This is an election that plays directly into the public's existential dilemmas. 'Who am I? What is my place in society? Will I have a future at all?' And smack dab in the middle of that existential crisis are two of the worst political candidates in living memory (and that's saying something). And both sides see the potential victory of the other side as The End of the World As We Know It.

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  1. rltmlt says:

    A month or so ago I was surprised to read that the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 had been essentially rendered totally ineffective by the Department of Homeland Security created in the early years of this century. For those unaware of this legislation, Posse Comitatus was passed after the Civil War to prevent any future use of the U.S. Military within the borders of the U.S. This change has got to generate an abundance of renewed concerns over the possibility of the U.S. Military being used in the U.S. should wide spread disorder become a major problem !

  2. whateverittakes2 says:

    Scary… but yes, thank you, James, for telling it like it is— I dipped into a little MSM this week and understood immediately why I never go there and why one should NEVER go there. Mika and Joe… Mika Brzezinski (no less) — wonder how she got that job??? talking about how commanding and sharp MS. Hillary appeared supposedly talking about foreign policy but mainly stomping on D.T.’s face with her invisible long black boots.

    But there is something to be said for Reality Check! (s) — and this is one of them. Always grateful to climb on board.

  3. black sheep says:

    Suicide number one cause of death in men under 50. At least in the uk.
    Over 1/3 of all people ( and growing) who thought they were set will have to work till the day they die just to make ends meet… Yeah bleak times. Not talking just economic either.
    I wonder just how dark it will get in here before we stand up and open the door.

  4. Great article summarizing the current US predicament. This election has been the most degenerate as far as I can remember. I think going forward in future elections, we can only expect an ever increasing downward descent towards more mediocrity and mass-mindedness. The current state of the US is pretty much an empire in decline and denial, overstretched, overspent, greedy, corrupt, and morally bankrupt.

    That isn’t to say that the cheerleading that goes on in the alt-media about Russia and China as some saviors is any better. There is this infantile need to find a savior among even so-called ‘awakened’ minds, that makes them succumb to the enemy of the enemy as the savior, in some Stockholm-syndrome-esque twist. After all, that’s the only explanation I can find for all these so-called libertarians from Lew Rockwell’s website to Justin Raimondo who are blindly shilling for Trump.

    Unless there is a revolution of consciousness where humans untether themselves from group-think or derive their identity from artificially constructed political categories, then there is no hope for this race.

    • Apollo Slater says:

      Thanks for calling out Lew Rockwell and Justin Raimondo — they have gone off the deep end for Trump! It feels like battle lines are being drawn…

  5. herrqlys says:

    I’m sure that I’m not the only one who finds this election cycle perversely long, and I think that it was purposely designed this way. This ghastly reality show was meant to stir the pot in a land with 300+ million firearms. When the violence breaks out, and emotions run high, then logical thinking will be suspended.

    Enter the real candidates. My supposition is that both national conventions will choose candidates other than the current two on offer.

    If Hillary isn’t indicted by then, or run aground some other way, I expect Joe Biden will be drafted at the Democratic national convention. The mayhem surrounding Trump’s campaign lends itself to a JFK scenario, with the blame put upon some unaffiliated crazy, allowing the Republican national convention to choose the establishment’s first choice. My fear is that it could be Jeb Bush. Can you [shudder] imagine that?

    Last, but not least, with a volatile economic situation coming to a boil, there will be some kind of war precipitated. This will both divert public vitriol and allow Obama to be given a third term for the duration of the crisis. Why don’t I like any of these possibilities?

  6. matagordagreg says:

    The usual from the hard core left and $15.00/ hour offered by Geroge Soros . And soon the hard core right will respond. This will end in an ugly mess of dead and wounded people. But at least maybe the rest of the world will be free from our invasions while this domestic unrest is being settled.
    The best to you and your new family member.

    Kindest regards,

  7. stimulusbeator says:

    Be advised. The Liberal condition has been identified. It is genetic. The condition is not viral. It cannot be transmitted by training or education. The condition is irreversible. Humans either have the genetic condition or they do not.

  8. bladtheimpailer says:

    It is becoming plainly obvious that the American adult(?) has been questioning the charade of democracy and the conveyance of some sort of legitimacy by their voting to the puppet governments that rule over them. As this problem for the Apex Elites has grown so has the necessity of a greater solution grown. It is far less costly for these elites to fund an election cycle and lobby (bribe) the elected “representatives” and have the people through taxation pay for their own oppression than for these elites to have to fund an actual police state and deal with the turmoil and danger to them that would ensue. The problem is how to keep the population focused on this charade and divided at the same time and not looking at the real offenders. Voila, the slickest marketing – manipulation campaign I have yet seen. Some seed money to fund the initial violence until it grows legs of its own and a little more cash to keep it going, a la the many colour revolutions we have seen in the past and near past. What erks me is that so many of the “awake” are falling for this “us and them” meme again instead of raising the alarm on this manipulation, which appears to be as plain as the face in the mirror as to what is going down, and I do mean going to go very down. This could very well be the last election the Republic endures.

  9. Apollo Slater says:

    James, this was a scary article to read.

  10. garyegeberg says:

    To my way of thinking, and I know I am not the only to come to this conclusion, it appears that gun sales have gone up steadily BY DESIGN during Obama’s Manchurian role in the White House. Many longtime gun owners who have made additional firearm and ammunition purchases as well as those who have taken the gun-purchasing plunge for the first time during these past seven years have done so out of fear that the government is coming for their guns. Meanwhile the true powers behind the hollow man in the White House and who control, via AIPAC, the gutless, spineless members of Congress have WANTED the public to up their lethal means so that they/we can use it against each other and do their dirty work for them.

    The political madness we are witnessing seems to point to an orchestrated economic collapse unfolding this fall, barring a military coup, and the end of life as we have known it–and the end of life itself for who-knows-how-many. I feel especially sad for young people, young couples and their children, and the uninformed of all ages, because they have no idea what is about to hit them. Sadly, the uninformed will likely believe the official conspiracy theory spun by “officials, “authorities,” and “experts” when/after the SHTF and snitching season begins, as we turn against each other with a rabid meanness and cruelty that is likely to be truly horrific.

    I invite readers of the International Forecaster and the Corbett Report to check out a recent in-depth post with many excellent links at entitled ‘The Motherlode of Jewish Lists’–Everything you ever wanted to know about Jewish control of American society.

    No, I am not anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish, but the fact that many of us feel it necessary to make this statement when assigning blame and responsibility for the demise of the U.S. and other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East where it belongs, with Jewish elites and Zionists, points to how thoroughly we have been conditioned to NOT speak truthfully–actually, not speak at all for fear of retribution–about who is orchestrating our ruin and the ruin of billions of people throughout the world.

    Elite Zionist Jews control the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, the media, foreign policy, domestic policy, the central banking system, and Hollywood, and are prominent in the design and implementation of the Common Core curriculum, the gay agenda (I’m not a homophobe or against gay rights, either), the transgender and gender fluidity madness, only white people can be racist, flooding of Europe with refugees, and much more. One of many goals is the destruction of Europe and the USA.

    It is indeed sad times when our greatest, and perhaps only, hope is a military coup, which may be needed to prevent something far more horrific than an economic collapse: WW III. Surely there are people in high places in the military who know what the game is, what’s at stake, and who the culprits are. Maybe some kind of intervention on behalf of humanity and all life on earth is in the works at this very moment. I hope and pray that it is.

  11. VoiceOfArabi says:

    I used to hate English and American people because of what they did to my people over the years…. but then i visited the UK and the USA, and understood the whole picture, and as a result, understand that it has nothing to do with the English or American “people”, as both systems stopped being a democracy many many years ago…

    some say, the empire is on its way down… I say, the empire is morphing into something no other empire has achieved in earth history.. we are seeing history written for the first time.

    Being outside the box (in this case, living in the third world), gives me the ability to see what others are not seeing clearly… for example..

    it is clear that the USA government actions are not in the interest of the USA people or even the USA government in the long run, and it appears as if, they are dismantling the USA starting by dismantling the American Dream.

    I think… World Central power (which ever empire it is), has been hijacked by someone (some group), and is driven towards global world power, were countries and their populations don’t really matter, and the most pressing item on the agenda is preserving the planet, at what ever cost to democracy…

    otherwise, why would USA loot the world in order to stave its on population… it does not add up.. the Romans looted the world, but feed their own people…

    The hardest part to understand… all the Western world have to do to fix their problem is switch of from Main Stream Media.. literally, press the off button, and MSM will die if no one is using it, but it is not happening… I wonder why…

  12. firehorse says:

    enjoy your harvest 🙂

  13. firehorse says:

    Ate my mulberries in spring. My figs and pomegranates aren’t ready yet. My beets are being harvested as needed for salads. Eggplants, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, and squash won’t be ready for months. I’m in the Mojave desert and have a less-than-green thumb so it’s slow growing 🙂

  14. mariedarragh says:

    Always great to hear your thoughts James- thanks. We must keep practicing Agorism in every way possible, brace ourselves for the worst, and hope for the best.

  15. nosoapradio says:

    I find it amazing that every single French person I see delects in oozing fascinated indignation over Trump.
    Not one stops to consider the implications of their overwhelmingly unanimous position on this person.

    Not one stops to consider maybe there’s theatrical manipulation of emotions involved, nudging towards the female criminal candidate.

    I guess such questioning wouldn’t be politically correct.

    But of course they’ve got their Le Pen boogeyman, boogeywomen to keep them in line, to herd them down the middle road, so they can’t see the forest for the trees…

    And of course everyone’s falling predictably into the presidential “symbol” trap. Ohhh wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could all hold hands and sing kumbaya together when a Woman is elected this time! Just because she’s a woman. Who care’s if she’s a war-mongering drug-running dangerous criminal. No she’s not! Is she?

    If creativeyouth were still around they’d’ve done a facts-based biographical piece on Killery Clinton just like they’d done on Obama back in 2008, listing all his war-mongering libertycide votes and abstentions as governor. I’d sent the link to all my friends and left it on forums months before he was elected the first time,

    Only to discover that most of us aren’t interested in facts. Emotions are infinitely more gratifying. Especially when we’re chock full of existential angst. We prefer to ooze fascinated indignation.

    Well, creativeyouth doesn’t exist anymore and I’m thinking I should be building up a survival kit for my family but honestly I’m gonna go soak up the sun and ooze fascinated indignation over a marguarita in Tunisia.

    I feel better already.

    p.s.: my comment is awaiting moderation… Yes, actually, I guess my comment could do with a little more moderation. Cheers!

  16. nosoapradio says:

    In terms of bread and circus these days, the americans of course have their hillaryous trumped up sElection saga and the Europeans’ soma will be the EURO 16…

    I wonder, besides terror, what under-handed measures towards world government will be taken during that circus…

    speaking of soma… are electronic cigarettes as fashionable in the states as they are in France?

    I’m just wondering…stifled by angst… with marijuana becoming legal and all… will we be catching pristine whiffs of government-sponsored banana-smelling maryjane vaporized from those omnipresently fashionable fumigators?

    What do you think Aldous?

    • NES says:

      Yes. Ecigs are quite fashionable in the USA.

    • Steebs says:

      I use an ecig every day. Keeps me away from the analogs.

      • nosoapradio says:

        So do many good friends of mine, most particularly a marathon runner/ distinguished linguistics professor pal who feels a lot better than before when he smoked lots of the analogs.

        Nevertheless, seems they would make for a highly fashionable form of soma.

        Of course everything can be and is used for constructive and destructive purposes.

        It’s just the television advertising for them that makes me particularly suspicious.

        • Steebs says:

          Yeah the ones you see advertised on TV are the ones owned by big tobacco (rj Reynolds and such)

          They already make vape pens for cannabis tho..

          As far as nicotine in ecigs, I also feel much better. No smokers cough, not phlegmmy anymore, shortness of breath is gone, I don’t smell like an ashtray. I work in surgery, and am constantly talking to doctors about the benefits of e cigs.

          The interesting thing, in my experience, is the doctors who are Democrat hate ecigs and the ones who are conservative don’t.

          • nosoapradio says:

            partisan medecine… intriguing…

            guess we’ll know in a couple of decades how innocuous inhaling nicotine and synthetic fragrance via a liquid suspension is.

            Now my pal can smoke both inside and outside of his classes etc… in fact he’s puffing away on his vaporator twice as much as he did on the old analogs…

            In France, if my entourage is any indication, it’s the “bobos” (bon chic bohèmes) or middle-to-upper-middle class hippies if you like that love the ecigs. Then again, I don’t party with more staunch right-wingers, though I’ve nothing against it.

            However I’m still anxious to see if we’ll have reeses-flavor cannabis swirling out of elegant state-of-the art bongs keeping a significant percentage of the population mellow and indifferent as they’re enticed into super smart fema camps.

  17. garyegeberg says:

    Some have suggested that though the media appears to be solidly behind Clinton, the real objective is to have Trump win the election. This incessant Trump-bashing by the media is to get people who are capable of being manipulated, which is the great majority of the population, riled up, either enthusiastically for Trump or vehemently and, with a little financial encouragement from the likes of Soros, violently opposed to him.

    If Trump should win the election, voila: civil war. The Trump bashers won’t accept the outcome and the Trump supporters will be outraged if their man isn’t allowed to take his “oath” of office, especially if Obama is to remain at the helm until government or the blue helmets of the U.N. come in to restore order. Remember, Kissinger said there will be a time when Americans will welcome the blue helmets.

    Is it just a coincidence that Zionist controlled Hollywood is releasing a Civil War movie this summer, or is this yet more predictive program to nudge certain disparate groups to have at it, especially since Soros pays $16 an hour for the anti-Trumpeters? As Corbett and so many others have said, and for which there is all sorts of evidence, oftentimes from the very mouths of the PTSB themselves, this is all orchestrated.

    I used to think the MSM was solidly behind Clinton. Whenever I think I have the pathological powers figured out or think I know their objective, it’s time for me to deliberately pause and reconsider. If they want civil war and white against black, and Ferguson served as a beta run last summer, what better way to get it going then to have Trump (s)elected. That’s why I have questioned whether the gov’t is really interested in disarming Americans, and am now wondering whether their true objective is to have us locked and loaded like never before, which is what Americans have done since Barry took office.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi Garyegeberg,

      you say “with a little financial encouragement from the likes of Soros, violently opposed to him.”

      well, Mr. Soros has been killing my people since late 2010, by orchestrating false “Arab Spring”, which resulted in millions displaced and more than 500K people killed, under the banner of democracy…

      I am not saying those countries are without problems, they are corrupt dictatorship, but it is better to be alive under dictatorship, than live in a MadMax world.

      it appears we (the third world) are not the only one that’s targeted by this destruction in favor for the “NEW WORLD ORDER”, and USA is also on the target list for destruction.

      Will the average USA citizen stand and watch this unfold as the average citizen in my world did?? yet to be answered….

      • black sheep says:

        my guess is yes.
        people are shit scared of every thing and hope that by keeping thier heads down and mouth shut they will not lose thier small slice of the pie.

        • VoiceOfArabi says:

          Hi Black Sheep…

          Unfortunately, i will have to agree with you…. these people employ psychologist to better understand the expected critical mass behavior to guarantee them return on investment in the $$ they deploy.

          Have people already forgotten MARTIN NIEMÖLLER: “FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE SOCIALISTS…”.

          The good news is.. The best plan in the world can still go wrong, so i will continue hoping…

          I also have a lot of hope riding on the Resistance movement happening around Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Russia, China etc…

          I never thought i would say Russia, China and Iran would be the good side… this is the world upside down….

      • garyegeberg says:

        I have no idea as to what I can do. We are up against the elite powers of the world. Not saying we should do nothing, but I am sincere when I say I don’t know what to do. I am open to suggestions.

        • VoiceOfArabi says:

          I am in the same boat as you are my friend… Really… really don’t know what to do, yet i feel i must do something or i will let my family, friends and myself face a “1984” Orwellian future…. What a position to be in… 🙁

          p.s. I already live in Orwellian country, but currently i travel to the west for relief… I feel in the not so far future, the west will be a copy of my world… that’s very scary.. (which is also the answer the question… why do people from the third world want to immigrate to the west….)

          • black sheep says:

            Why? Opportunity and the hope in a beter life, the belief it still exists. You yourself find relief in the west . So it still has some valuable differences. why wouldn’t any one want a better future for them selves and family? That said the world is equalizing not upward making life for all better, but down where we are all cattle getting fattened for slaughter or scavangers scraping for crusts.

            • black sheep says:

              Spirituality I think that may be the direction the answer lies in. Not talking about religion that is just BS and more manipulation and control. The closer we look at the mysteries of the universe the more it looks like metaphysics… The truth of this place we all call home may be far stranger and wonderful than we can now imagine, And really is any thing of more value than what we get from experiencing this place warts and all?

  18. NES says:

    … the public’s existential dilemmas. ‘Who am I? What is my place in society? Will I have a future at all?‘

    NEVER have truer words been written. It’s about US not THEM. It has been way past time for Western populations to embrace personal responsibility as a major shift in mass consciousness and move away from leader-worship/election which only divide us. Thousands of years is enough. Acting responsibly does not require these profiteers. We do not require them. Those who believe taxes equal a say in government and one who will take care of them are getting a final wake up call right now. Look at the candidates. OMG! Talk about the lowest common denominator, BUT still, ruthless and wealthy. Even people who have been the most asleep are waking to the truth of who really runs the country, creates war and profits from that creation and perpetuation. Huge government funded corporations, folks, behind which is worse. Maybe this fiasco of the “evil election” will stand as a marker that pushes the USA’s people to accept personal responsibility over the current ridiculous. (Well, I can hope.) OR the next stop could well be Matial Law. Why? The split into two distinct socio-economic levels and the loss of the middle class dream is clearly working its way into a stand-off–which is likely a set-up at the inception point anyway. Nothing in politics is by chance. The commenter who noted that Posse Commitatus has been rendered impotent by DHS is paying attention (would have liked a link).

    This election puts me in mind of that silly Simpson’s cartoon when the corporate mascots take over the town and begin smashing it up. The bottom line: Giving attention to their antics is giving your vote to continue along the same line of destruction. We do not need elected officials that are directed/supported by soulless corporations to push us around. We ARE the people. Such so-called leaders only become lapdogs of their masters. Turn away. Give them no attention. Imagine what would happen if we just don’t look?

    • Steebs says:

      I imagine, if we don’t look, it’ll be the same as it has been. We got to this point because people have been convinced not to look. Not participating is different than ignoring the cancer until it spreads.

  19. Hey guys, I thought I posted this last Sunday. I must have forgotten.
    Here is a look at my garden. I made this just for you Corbett Report Subscribers. Enjoy. 🙂

  20. mik says:

    My garden on terrace looking south.

    This is my first year. In the autumn I will cover everything with foil to have some kind of greenhouse that will provide me some vegetables during winter.

    I’ve made 3 containers 80x50cm with about 30 cm of home made organic soil-substrate. Bottom of the container is raised and there are reservoirs with water underneath so there is constantly watering present. Reservoirs of these 3 containers are connected with pipes to the system for automatic irrigation that works without electricity. When I fill up main reservoir aprox. 120 liters it is enough for min. 2 weeks in summer.
    The system is improved version from the one described here:

    Another excellent resource for self-watering systems, with lots of solutions, from easy ones to complicated systems:
    I really strongly recommend self-watering systems to everyone who is growing in containers.

    Second garden is behind the building (look at the middle of picture).

    Plot is about 12 sqm. Raised beds (hugelkultur) are surrounded at ground level with zinc coated metal shits to prevent erosion and also for protection against snails. Soil has excellent water-holding property, but is too loamy and more compost and/or perlite will be needed.

    All in all, I have quite a lot of vegetables, tasty vegetables, mmmmm

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