They Don’t Want Your Genes in the Pool: A Brief History of Eugenics

01/17/201616 Comments

In ancient Egypt the Pharaoahs descended from the sun god, Ra. In Japan the Emperors were said to be related to the sun goddess Amaterasu and the sea god Ryuujin. In Europe, monarchs claimed that God Himself had directly granted them a “Divine Right” to rule over their subjects. In China they called it the “Mandate of Heaven.”

Throughout history the “royals” have always had an explanation for why they are fit to rule over the “commoners,” and our post-monarchical, scientific era has its own pseudoscientific explanation for why the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, Warburgs and Harrimans, Forresters and Walkers are fit to rule over us. Join James for this week’s subscriber editorial as he explores the dark history of eugenics.

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