They Don't Want Your Genes in the Pool: A Brief History of Eugenics

01/17/201617 Comments

In ancient Egypt the Pharaoahs descended from the sun god, Ra. In Japan the Emperors were said to be related to the sun goddess Amaterasu and the sea god Ryuujin. In Europe, monarchs claimed that God Himself had directly granted them a “Divine Right” to rule over their subjects. In China they called it the “Mandate of Heaven.”

Throughout history the "royals" have always had an explanation for why they are fit to rule over the "commoners," and our post-monarchical, scientific era has its own pseudoscientific explanation for why the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, Warburgs and Harrimans, Forresters and Walkers are fit to rule over us. Join James for this week's subscriber editorial as he explores the dark history of eugenics.

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  1. Mohawk Man says:

    Excellent article James.”Not by a long shot…” is very much correct. Our modern “royalty” also known as our modern day oligarchs, includes the Mr. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet of our time among many others. In December 2012, Bill Gates along with his father (I believe) were spotted at the 100th anniversary gala of The Eugenics Society in London. Very disturbing indeed. I would go further in my speculation and charge that The Federal Reserve Bank is indeed currently implementing modern day eugenics under cover of economic stimulus or Quantitative Easing by purposely understating unemployment (by not using U6 data as was used prior) and understating inflation as a function of the value of the dollar. These two captured measures dictate what the disabled receive as income and the inflation rate multiplier index, which is used to adjust annual income of the disabled in our society and the elderly. (this is obviously by proxy and indirect and transmits into healthcare costs/medication etc)The disability income rate increase has remained 0% for the last 2 years even as shadow-stats show an estimated 17% year to date cost of living increase. As this unfolds, the “Landed Gentry” have been awarded trillions of dollars in “loans” at near 0% interest. Yet my credit card still charges 28.5% interest with a near perfect credit score. Hmmmm? One last point. Janet Yellen announced in an October 2015 timeframe or so, inflation was “non-existent” due, in part to “lower fuel prices” (so Janet, it canceled out measured inflation then?). But James, what then happened to inflation calculations “sans food and energy”? I guess sometimes you can use the Joker if it shows up in you hand, depending on who’s holding the cards.

  2. nosoapradio says:

    Hmmmmm…Is this transition material for the intensely awaited sequel to the Oiligarchs documentary? Are we edging our way to the eugenistic “smart” environmental denouement which is really only the beginning of the AI immortality saga?

    From snake oil to sterilization to smart grids…

    From hucksters to Huxley…

    Keep at it Mr Corbett!

    • nosoapradio says:

      “…In this community economics would be decentralist and Henry-Georgian, politics Kropotkinesque and co-operative. Science and technology would be used as though, like the Sabbath, they had been made for man, not (as at present and still more so in the Brave New World) as though man were to be adapted and enslaved to them. Religion would be the conscious and intelligent pursuit of man’s Final End, the unitive knowledge of immanent Tao or Logos, the transcendent Godhead or Brahman.

      And the prevailing philosophy of life would be a kind of Higher Utilitarianism, in which the Greatest Happiness principle would be secondary to the Final End principle – the first question to be asked and answered in every contingency of life being: “How will this thought or action contribute to, or interfere with, the achievement, by me and the greatest possible number of other individuals, of man’s Final End?”

      …in a foreword Huxley wrote in 1946 to a new edition of Brave New World

  3. fire says:

    Superb writing, James! As always, I enjoy the breadth of your critique which is supported by a wealth of detail. Just one sentence, though, seems to need a verb… “the ideology has always been used to advocate the forced segregation, sterilization and ultimately the death of those that the self-appointed “elite” who fund the eugenics research itself” (deem unfit)… ?

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for catching that, fire. Looks like I got a little carried away with the sentence and lost the verb! The correction has been made.

  4. candideschmyles says:

    As a Scotsman of superior breeding I see little wrong with eugenics, especially if it finally rids us of these God awful progeny of the feeble minded we shipped off to the colonies in centuries past. Especially Canadians. God Bless Andrew Carnegie!!

    But seriouslly,

    Mechanics. Now that era of the footsoldier draws to an end and his drone counterpart succeeds him the barely educated populations of little town have no utility. If the masters of the universe really wanted to destroy whole swathes of the populations then one wouldn’t think they would take control of food production and distribution. You might insure that they are well saturated with cancer causing agents, artificial estrogens and obesity inducing syrups that limit lifespans. Is there really any evidence for this?

    • ralphodavis says:

      Flirting with as above so below metaphysical underpinnings of long apparent self-annihilating human behaviors positing such broadly quizzical rhetoric, eh?

      Evidence of how humans evolve to doggedly kill each other off?

      Let’s count the ways:

      1. Coca-Cola

      Now, your turn.

  5. T.T. says:

    Great article!, but one has to have a strong stomach to cope with all this truth.

    • alice88 says:

      Hi James Corbett

      You wrote, “the attempted implementation of the Nazi “master race” philosophy.” Please provide your sources for this claim.

      BTW, I no longer use the word Nazi which has a negative connotation. According to
      Nazi is an insult in use long before the rise of Adolf Hitler’s party. It was a derogatory term for a backwards peasant – being a shortened version of Ignatius, a common name in Bavaria, the area from which the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei emerged. Opponents of the party shortened the name to “Nazi”

      Here are a couple of recent links related to WWII narrative on the German side.
      Please do check them out James. I know you are busy indeed, but you seem to have blinders regarding the Germans during and post WWII. Those who migrated to the USA via Project Paperclip were part of the war plunders and the States plundered a whole lot more, thousands of invention patents, for example, the tape recorder (magnetophone).

      I’m studying Mandarine. The Internet has made its learning quite accessible to Anglophones nowadays, far easier than learning Japanese. Anyway, in Chinese, Germany is 德国 de guo, which literally means moral country. That the Chinese chose to use moral to represent the homonym de is quite an honor…;

  6. NES says:

    Very funny: “If you’re not inbred with us, you’re against us.” Excellent work, James. Thanks,

  7. lydianyc says:

    I see that by creating polluted food (GMOs of course), water, air – – and slash/burn/drug “standard of care” medicine – – us commoners are being made sick and then killed off.

    What I wonder about is – – aren’t the blue blood and their progeny all eating the same food, drinking the same water, etc. that we are. (Or are they all eating organic, doing homeopathic not allopathic medicine, drinking spring water…? I doubt that they are!)

    Seems to me that the population control they are inflicting on us commoners is also affecting them and their children. So, it sometimes seems it’s suicidal in addition to being population control.

  8. d-One says:

    A Feminist shared this with me about Margaret Sanger if anyone is interested in knowing more about her….

    • Corbett says:

      It is stunning to see the pretzel knots that people tie themselves in to defend their heroes. Actual quotes from this article:

      Was she a racist? “Margaret Sanger, without question, made a lot of racist remarks. But was she a capital-R racist? I don’t think so, and that’s a question on which the answer scholars like Dorothy Roberts, Linda Gordon, Carole McCann, and others have been unable to agree.”

      Was she a eugenicist? “Certainly, many of the prominent eugenicists with whom Sanger worked were virulently racist. Their attraction to birth control was that it would lead to ‘racial betterment’ if promoted in immigrant and Black communities, and Sanger was OK with that. Sanger herself promoted birth control as a way to reduce the birth rate of undesirable classes—’morons’ and such—but the fact that many eugenicists viewed Black people as an undesirable class didn’t seem to bother her. In other words, so long as eugenicists continued to disseminate information about birth control, she didn’t appear to care about their reasons for doing so.”

      Also: “Sanger nevertheless promoted two of the most perverse tenets of eugenic thinking: that social problems are caused by reproduction of the socially disadvantaged and that their childbearing should therefore be deterred.”

      I get the idea of adding historical context, but the context hardly exonerates her from the charges.

  9. quickoats says:

    Excellent article, James. Thank you as always for the hard work.

  10. TimmyTaes says:

    Great article. I wanted to read it again as I keep running into Hitler apologists online who still believe that the “Aryan Race” is superior and that the “Jewish Race” is inferior.
    It drives me nuts!

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