The TSA Is A Milgram Experiment

05/26/2018116 Comments

Everybody's least favorite homeland security goon squad, the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), is back in the news again this week, and for precisely the same reason as it always is: engaging in the degradation, humiliation, dehumanization and molestation of innocent people, which is its real raison d’être.

This time the victim was Jeanne Clarkson, a 96-year-old WWII veteran who the jackbooted thugs of the police state decided would be a fitting target for their "deluxe" treatment, i.e., a full six minutes of groping, patting and molestation. The only reason this even made it as a blip on the news radar (and even then, only in the tabloids and the alt media) was that her daughter had the sense to record the entire ordeal and post it to facebook, where the video went viral.

To those who are truly surprised at the latest TSA outrage, I could point out yet again that the TSA is pure security theater, nothing more.

  • Their security screenings have a staggering 95% failure rate.
  • They have repeatedly failed to find bombs, massive shipments of narcotics, loaded guns, and even the very types of box cutters used on 9/11.
  • And, in the ultimate case of "pot meet kettle," even the US Congress itself has excoriated the TSA as an "enormous, inflexible and distracted bureaucracy, more concerned with human resource management and consolidating power, and acting reactively instead of proactively."

But, just as the "intelligence failures" narrative is trotted out after every successful false flag terror incident in order to steer the conversation away from the intelligence agencies' culpability for those attacks, so, too, is the "security failure" narrative trotted out to explain TSA "incompetence" and distract us from a hidden truth. The TSA is not "failing" in any way. It is not a well-intentioned agency in need of better management or more funding or more highly-trained agents. On the contrary. It is doing precisely what it was created to do. The problem is that most people do not know what it was created to do.

Join James in this week's editorial as he explores the giant, society-wide Milgram experiment in obedience training that they are running on the public. And stick around for this month's subscriber-only video where James talks to video editor Broc West about his recent move.

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  1. Gaslight says:

    Here we have a 92 year old WWII vet complaining about a world he helped create.

    He was willing pick up a weapon (if ordered to) and kill. Military draft or not, I’ll to kill the man ordering me to kill if I wish to retain my individual sovereignty. Do any of us have a right to kill men we don’t even know? We all know the answer, and yet (on both sides of war) we allow the State to delegate a right it does not have. We lose our souls in the process.

    Do we teach our children this fundamental lesson? Nope. We’re fully indoctrinated, flag wavin’, Statist fools.

    Where were these “greatest generation”, sons-of-guns when Smedley Butler’s book hit the shelves?

    …and (of course) the old man’s efforts in the second world war advanced the New World Order he’s complaining about by leaps and bounds.

    I’m going to go ahead and file this (once again) under Karma.

    We all reap what we sew folks. Be it as as individuals, or as a human race collectively.

    Natural law always hand down it’s justice accordingly. There’s no escaping it.

    • Stronghorse says:

      Just to let you know, this article was about a 96 year old WOMAN. Not a male soldier at all, but likely a nurse or a typist.
      I understand your point, but with such inaccuracies, your message doesn’t carry the same impact.

      • Gaslight says:

        … (yawn) I’ll take that as a compliment

      • andy.d says:

        Sronghorse I think that Gaslight probably knew that already, but was just focused on making a point.

        I believe this because he said “reap what you sew” instead of “reap what you sow” so he obviously was referring to a woman.


  2. Gaslight says:

    There’s allot to Natural law, and their methods of getting us to abandon it.

    Mark Passio encapsulates pretty well here in a ten minute clip, but go deeper when you’ve got a chance.

    On another Gnostic note:

    Those who do the homework (years of it) can tell you who they are, and what they wish to birth…and do so without uttering a single word.

    Beware those attempting to give you an on-line crash course into the meaning here. I’m sure Louis LeFabvre gets a chuckle at those who do (or perhaps some weeping)

    Only high knowledge brings understanding of high art. Keep following your hearts, and sharpening your minds folks.

  3. dreadeutsch says:

    Box cutters used on 9/11? Oh, please.

    • Gaslight says:

      Hey there dread,

      …virtually the entire world was used on 911…but yes, no box cutters (he he)

  4. whaugen says:

    The National Science Foundation, which funded this research, needs to be shut down. I believe the part of the United States Constitution that expresses governmental support for scientific research should be repealed.

    • Gaslight says:

      Hey there Whaugen,

      …ahh yes, another addendum to the constitution. That should right the ship.
      The law is an ass, or hadn’t you noticed?

      I agree with you on research.

      There should be as many independent researchers as there are stars in the sky, and men of compassion to guide the application of it.

      Unfortunately we’re allowing a bunch of mystery school, psychopaths to run it instead.

      How can we best describe an inbred group of elite who:

      1) Believe they’re superior to us.

      2) Wish to achieve trans-human immortality as they set up a control grid over the masses.

      3) High jack the best in all respective fields in a compartmentalized attempt to do the former.

      Oh wait, it’s already been attempted over, and over, down through the ages.

      Have a look at Egyptian history and the self proclaimed “Gods” throughout all ancient civilizations. Do think they’re gone now? Just disappeared, took their ball, and went home? Not on your life.

      They’re in our face!!!

      Same con. Same insane Pagans at the top.

      …and of course…same domesticated “humans” at the bottom clamoring for new laws to be passed down from their “elected” masters.

  5. Mishelle says:

    Exactly, James! I stopped flying altogether, bitched all over my blog and social media, cancelled a vacation to Edinburgh which I so wanted to take, and pretty much re-invented my life in protest of the TSA. Before that I flew around the world and fancied becoming a bonafide travel writer and had good clips to show for it. I was told by friends, family and random strangers that I was wasting my time and letting them ‘beat me’. To watch and subjugate myself to the abuse was ‘to win’ over them. Wow! Taking that very challenging stand was tough, but it was a catalyst in my life and I haven’t flown a commercial flight since and am proud of this fact. I do still fly in private planes, and this is the real reason why the TSA is doing absolutely nothing to ‘protect’ us from terrorists. Pretty much anyone can get a private pilot’s license and fly anywhere/anytime without so much as a glimpse from any agency at all. Want to fly some weapons and missionaries–I know a quaint little airport for you in Mena, AR. Daddy’s got a hangar there. Look me up. lol 🙂

    • Gaslight says:

      Hey there “Mishelle”,

      You exclaim;

      “Taking that very challenging stand (not flying commercial) was tough, but it was a catalyst in my life and I haven’t flown a commercial flight since and am proud of this fact”.

      So you believe the folks who are still flying commercial (they cannot afford otherwise) are “giving in”?

      I’m sure you see the international-passport noose tightening around the world, and yet you think you’re “making a stand” by not flying commercial?

      The powers that be love folks like you. All they have to do is restrict travel, and you respond by saying you’ve somehow beat them by doing EXACTLY as they suggested?!!!

      Good grief! Did we just enter into opposite world?!!!

      Fly commercial, or don’t fly commercial but neither side is “making a stand” on anything whatsoever.

      Yours is a typical symptom of the con, i.e.; Folks who think they’re “making a stand” as they get steamrolled all to hell.

      • scpat says:


        Why don’t you share with us what you’re doing (solutions to these types of problems) instead of talking down towards everyone like you do in most of your posts since you recently starting posting in this Corbett Report community.

        • ralphodavis says:

          Yep, don’t fly commercially anymore. Drive, private-fly-float or walk but I don’t go near a commercial airliner.

          If a critical mass of travelers just sat and refused or didn’t show, it would end. Period. We otherwise sell our consent to enslavement by default. Of course, gasbag ‘Gaslight’ is fulfilling a provocative annoyance mission like some fly in a room, but no real matter.

          ‘They’ connive our consent in the shadiest ways, and we cave for our addiction to convenience. Up the revo.., oh, wait.

          I did wonder while reading this, however, ..just what James willingly endures getting to Amsterdam. (Hopefully an end run tramp steamer or private Citation;)

          • mkey says:

            Stand has to be made somewhere, it’s reasonable to conclude these type of restrictions will become more and more common place. Firstly airports, then train and bus stations, finally checkpoints all over the place.

            If we assume the US has become a full blown fascist state, we have to understand the state may and probably will be willing to compensate a “private” corporation (like an airline) for loss of business due to insanity. There’s plenty of room for accommodation.

        • Gaslight says:

          My solution is suggested with every single post I make.

          Care to hazard a guess?

          • pearl says:

            Unfortunate for all, many of these solutions are being eclipsed by your unnecessarily harsh rebukes. Most will read and think, “wow, that was mean,” move on and make connections elsewhere. What a needless loss.

      • Octium says:

        There are some good reasons to boycott commercial flights besides avoiding the TSA.

        They are just not safe. It’s a bit like driving a Mercedes-Benz, you never know when one is going to turn into a fireball or vanish into nowhere like MH370.

        Maybe the chances are low, but we know how crazy these statists are!

  6. manbearpig says:

    Nobody could possibly find anything objectionable about all this (except for a few old tea-party reactionists).

    It’s simply the price of security. Adults understand that, you see.

    People see their own reflection and conclude that the airport and the plane are full of crazies, dangerous, unstable, unpredictable crazies

    and Daddy is just trying to protect them.

    Don’t forget that the difference between a conspiracy theorist and a “normal person”

    is that conspiracy theorists know Daddy doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

    “Normal people” are convinced of the contrary.

    So of course no one will intervene.

    • manbearpig says:

      The crazy autists who gun down kindergarteners

      The crazy teen-agers who gun down their classmates

      The crazy gunmen who mow down country music fans

      The crazy underwear bombers

      The crazy wannabes who gun down night club goers

      The crazy Al Qaeda airplane hijackers

      The world is full of crazies

      Staged? That’s kinda complicated, don’t ya think? Someone, like Edward Snowden would’ve leaked it.

      Are you a crazy conspiracy theorist?

      But Tom Hanks will protect you from the wild eyed Somalis

      “Normal people” need to be protected by Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis.

      And TSA machines need to be perfected.

      What sane person could possibly doubt that?

      That granny could be concealing a weapon. Even if she doesn’t realize it.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Staged? That’s kinda complicated, don’t ya think? Someone, like Edward Snowden would’ve leaked it.

        Stop picking on Snowden.
        Is it reasonable to expect he has the answer to all of the world’s ills? When did he become Mr. Snow-it-all?

        • ralphodavis says:

          Snowden snowed us all, I’m afraid. All real ‘good-guy’ leakers are made to suffer, die and be forgotten in banana republic embassies for their relevant critical exposures, ..or very much worse. Russia is just too far north for bananas, ..if he’s still in Russia at all. Vlad despises turncoats of all stripes regardless of Trojan-esque intel-gift ‘revelations’.

          As to the complications of orchestrated ‘terror’ events, it’s old hat technology of over half-century MK refinement now employed in a thoroughly compromised culture of Orwellian fear and indifference.

          Few to none of these ‘shooter’ or ‘bomber’ events are civilian organic in origin. There’s inherent psychological resistance to humans mass-murdering arbitrarily. Terrible agenda entrainment, however, has a long history of overriding human decency, but we should not conflate that purposed, mechanized violence with voluntary mayhem of mere secondary-psychopath murderous consequences.

          Your husband, son, daughter, mom or 96 yo WWII vet granny is more likely to kill you in your sleep than an independent someone exploding his shoe or shorts on your flight to DisneyDistopiaWorld.

          Me? I worry more about Mickey making ballistic psy-ops or Minnie reordering the murder of, say, Seth Rich. Goofy to worry you say? Not according to Donald.

          Better duck.

      • wall says:

        Um, Cruz is innocent and he didn’t gun down kindergardners.

        This article shows at least 2 instances where David Hogg committed fraud. In one instance he admitted was at home and had to ride down to the school on his bicycle to get video of the event.

        In the second it’s shown that he recorded the video at 9:32am when the shooting happened at about 2pm. I don’t know how legit this site is, but the article points out some interesting and provable fraud that Hogg has committed.

        In these two you can see that there were more shots fired even after Cruz started blending in with other students to leave the building. This would have been the point at which, had he been the shooter, he would have already ditched the gun, so he couldn’t have fired anymore shots at this point. This basically proves that he was not the shooter since we all know there was only 1 shooter. No one can challenge that there was only 1 shooter since that’s the official narrative.

        “Is Nikolas Cruz innocent?”

        “Senior From Parkland, Florida High School Claims She Was With Nikolas Cruz During Tragic Shooting”

        In this video Cruz is called the nicest person.

        “‘He was probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life’”

        • manbearpig says:

          Actually, by gunned down kindergartners I was referring to Sandy Hook.

          Like most people, I hear about these incidents incessantly and in passing and have neither the time nor inclination to verify if they’re true or not.

          I admire your determination to spread the word about what you perceive to be Cruz’s innocence.

          You may very well be right.

          I was attempting to describe the reality that the media fabricates and that “normal people” mostly unquestioningly perceive to be “true”.

          My point is that, if people believe there are lone crazy trigger happy people all over the place, as is portrayed by the media,

          then they’re just all too happy to comply with strip and grope techniques, and paradoxically even feel safer

          when they see a very old but dignified and relatively helpless woman get thoroughly felt up and treated like a terrorist for many long minutes right in front of them.

  7. Gaslight says:

    I’ve got a comment, and two short links (a whopping 10 minutes of material) “awaiting moderation”…whatever that means.

    …as the old saying goes; “only time will tell”

  8. Fawlty Towers says:

    Remember this the next time you are at the security checkpoint: When you are asked to step into the body scanner, those behind you will be watching. Your choice will make a difference. When someone is being molested at a TSA pat-down, those around you will be taking note of your reaction. Your behavior will affect theirs.

    So, what choice will you make? Will you pass or fail the experiment?

    I make the same choice every time. I am a sh_t disturber by nature.

    I say “No way!”
    They ask me to “Step out of line and wait here”.
    Then I go through the ‘process’ you described above.

    But you did give me a new idea that I will try out next time I see someone in line (before me) being groped.
    I will shout out in outrage and shock to stop abusing the person!

    That should be fun.

  9. bladtheimpailer says:

    This whole airport security phenomena has kept me grounded. I simply do not, cannot, put myself through such treatment and would very likely act out in some manner and end up on a no fly list anyway. However that is a choice I can make as I do not have to travel for any necessary reason like for business purposes.

    James has thrown down the gauntlet but one wonders if he has thrown down the same gauntlet for himself on the occasion of his next air travel? I also imagine that at some point all public transportation will include scanning or what not before boarding. Or even in using private transportation before accessing major public highways or sensitive areas within a metropolitan area.

    Sometimes I do think ‘thank Gawd I’ll be long gone before the straight jacket is cinched tight.’

    It is all a form of madness!

  10. I Shot Santa says:

    While it’s true they don’t check the general aviation airports, they do check bus stations here in fluorida. Because that’s how all the big rollers move their coke. JimBob who wonders why the high rollers are always on the do not arrest lists every county sheriff and every chief has.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      I was more than miffed a year ago when I went to a baseball game up in the Great White North (Canada) and had to stand in a long winding line to be pre-screened before they would allow us to come into the stadium.

      Bags were being checked manually. In a year or two the scanning machines will come no doubt.

      Heck they are copy-catting the U.S. in the Dominican Republic for crying out loud! At a popular park where thousands were gathering bags were being checked at the entrance as well!

      All this because some deep state perps orchestrated a false flag op
      on 9/11 and blamed it on innocent Muslims.
      Now every time there is a “terrorist” attack somewhere, Muslims are blamed instead of the deep state perps!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Bus Stations should have a vending machine for Mogen David 20-20 with brown paper bags and special tickets for the back of the bus.
      (That used to be a common sight when riding a bus to see guys nursing their paper bag.)

      • I Shot Santa says:

        That reminded me of the beer machines we had in all the military bases and in the laundromats outside those bases. That goes a long ways towards showing how much the landscape has changed since then. JimBob whose own landscape seems to have shifted around a tad over the years.

  11. joe.s says:

    I have a theory about the Milgram experiments I have never seen anywhere. The Milgram Experiments were conducted at the same time as the Nuremburg Trials…coincidence? “Could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders?

    “THEY” had to prove that people could be coerced into atrocious behavior by authority to verify the myth which is still very much alive and well and being used everyday to manipulate the masses into turning a blind eye to their AGENDA.

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I loved the Broc West Video interview!

    I bet Broc is loving the adventure. What great adventure!

    GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) is something everyone should take on trips to foreign countries until their stomach adjusts to the water, or in case they get salmonella / food poisoning. Or, to help get rid of parasites.
    I use the NutriBiotic GSE liquid. About 20 drops in water will knock out Montezuma’s Revenge quickly.

    As a High School kid working at the Officer’s Club in the very early 1970’s, I would sometimes go around the Helicopter Training Base on my motorcycle and walk into the barracks of the Vietnamese. I would bring my Vietnamese dictionary and just strike up conversations with the guys there. It was fun.
    We once had a bottle rocket war when I was working at a Fire Cracker stand. The Vietnamese in the ditch on one side of the highway, and my friends and I in the ditch on the other side of the highway. Until their arsenal blew up on them with bottle rockets /roman candles / firecrackers flying all over the place. I couldn’t understand the Vietnamese words which were being yelled out, but I got the jest of the meaning.

    Cambodia – While I have never been there, I had a small part to play in helping a school form there. My wife and I are in a photo which hangs on a wall somewhere at this school.
    (Sidenote) – The founders of the school wanted to use the word “American”. American schools have clout in some countries. My wife and I convinced them that “America” is too corrupt and power hungry. Use something that better represents freedom. So “Texas” was chosen.

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Good article by Corbett.
    It offers a solution which we can do.
    We can raise a voice.

    I well remember the time before the Body Scanners and TSA groping.
    It did not start because of 9/11/01.
    The TSA and Body Scanners went full force after Kurt Haskell.
    – Christmas 2009 –
    – The Underwear Bomber –
    TIMELINE of Events –

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I think that, since it’s pretty obvious the shadows that be ruling us want this present system to collapse, we should just say Great! After all, if we create our own solutions, their framework won’t be getting in our way so much. Let them crash it; we don’t need it. JimBob just saying how funny it is that so many of us worry about a system we hate crashing.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Actually, that is not a bad approach!

        During the patdown: “Oh guy…I bet you hate doing this silly routine.” …as I raise my voice louder… “EVERYBODY knows that the government lies and that these airport security measures are meant to control us, the law abiding. They are not meant to control terrorism.”

        or during the patdown: “Ooops! I farted!” …and then… “Ooops! I thought it was a fart! But things feel wet and warm. Could you check?

        • I Shot Santa says:

          I would like to warn you that, having learned this from being unjustly incarcerated for profit for mere possession of some really good weed, that in the jail, they will strip search you. If you pass gas in the guy who shines a flashlight into your twilight zone, it’s called Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer. This concerned me as it was just after New Year’s of 2014 and I had been eating a lot of cabbage as is traditional somewhere. JimBob who still had problems with that in a small cell with many other people, but they got over it.

      • pearl says:

        Back when I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh, he said something similar about government shutdowns: who cares! We’re better off without them! (Even broken clocks…)

  14. manbearpig says:

    “…here we get to the real lesson of the Milgram experiment—if the teacher saw other teachers disobey the psychologist and refuse to deliver the shocks, they would disobey, too…”

    the power of mirror neurons and the adrenaline rush of knowing you’re doing the right thing…?

    HomeRemedySupply says “we can raise a voice”…

    For the gratuitous personal anecdote: The last time I went through an airport jam-packed with TSA machines (about 20 months ago) I was travelling with my son.

    I saved no grannies.

    Upon arrival in the states, chance would have it that we were in the only line (out of 6 or so) with the old metal detector machines.

    Heading out of the country, however, I wasn’t as lucky.

    When we got to the TSA machine I yelled out (as I was a few yards away from my son) “are you sure children are supposed to go through these things?”

    He yelled back asking me how old my son was; I said he was 12 (making him younger by a couple of years)

    The security agent “Ok, you folks, come through here”!

    I felt this rather absurd jubilation from having entirely escaped these machines in both directions. And of course, relieved for my son.

    But he still kinda thinks I’m nuts.

    Maybe there were some mirror neurons out there, though, consequently searching for reasons to be exempted? At least understanding that it’s advantageous not to just passively submit?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I like hearing anecdotes like this.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      So radiation, which is cumulative, is safe for older people? I wonder why there haven’t been any of those stalwart scientists, who are out to save us all from their last invention, reporting on any possible health hazards in regards to multiple exposures? JimBob who just wonders sometimes.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      The security agent “Ok, you folks, come through here”!

      I felt this rather absurd jubilation from having entirely escaped these machines in both directions. And of course, relieved for my son.

      But he still kinda thinks I’m nuts.

      As I mentioned above, I opt for the “full body treatment” over the body scans when traveling and I have the time to spare.

      Most of you probably know this, but if everyone opted as I do, the entire system would break in just a matter of hours!

      It now takes at minimum, 5 minutes for a “pat down”.
      That’s just 12 people per hour per TSA worker.

      Do the math for bodies per flights.

      The TSA simply wouldn’t be able to cope.

  15. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello James,

    When you say “Remember this the next time you are at the security checkpoint: When you are asked to step into the body scanner, those behind you will be watching. Your choice will make a difference. When someone is being molested at a TSA pat-down, those around you will be taking note of your reaction. Your behavior will affect theirs.

    So, what choice will you make? Will you pass or fail the experiment?”

    You are being completely unfair, and clearly wrong, as large majority of people don’t choose to travel by air (or otherwise), but they have to. It is a choice still, but one of those that you must select for majority. (and if you resist.. they will stop you from travelling!)

    Now, back to the main topic..

    Is TSA A Milgram Experiment? Answer: BIG YES.

    Are the American people duped on a daily basis? Answer: Big YES,

    and just as an example… Yemen guns per capita comes 3rd after USA (no. 1) and Serbia (no.2), and i have visited Yemen and there are NO purposeless shooting what-so-ever. There is violence, but just like any other country without guns. The usual revenge, or stealing, etc etc.. But no innocent people for fun violence. So, in my opinion.. all those shooting in USA is also an experiment… someone please write about it…

    So, yes, I agree with you James as we are in a big experiment worldwide, and I always keeping bringing Human Nature (behavior) into to the topic, as I think it is the biggest war that they will throw at us. and if we don’t understand ourselves, we will believe the bullshit they throw at us.

    That said, when I reach 96 years old (not far now)… I also hope to have my genitalia fondled by a young lady like in the video above.. and I can assure you the torture will be for her and not me.. it will likely be the most action i would get in years. 🙂 (sorry if this is in poor taste, but that’s what old people like me think 🙂

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I like your last paragraph.
      Next time I fly, I may wear a dress so the ladies will pat me down.

    • Gaslight says:

      Hello Voice of Arabi,

      Agreed. James’ “experiment” is not an option for everyone.

      Meanwhile; You made the point (which for some reason) is taboo on many platforms, i.e.; A completely ludicrous number of mass shootings taking place as gun legislation rolls through like a freight train.

      Many of the gunman are obviously MK Ultra subjects…but aren’t we all in a sense.

      I hear your frustration and I’m with you brother. Let’s put the butter knife down and start cutting through this matrix with a damn chainsaw!!!

      Peace to you Voice of Arabi. I always enjoy your input.

      • wall says:

        MKultra or just patsies that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • wall says:

      Yeah, it’s about time James covered this.

      This article shows at least 2 instances where David Hogg committed fraud. In one instance he admitted was at home and had to ride down to the school on his bicycle to get video of the event.

      In the second it’s shown that he recorded the video at 9:32am when the shooting happened at about 2pm. I don’t know how legit this site is, but the article points out some interesting and provable fraud that Hogg has committed.

      In these two you can see that there were more shots fired even after Cruz started blending in with other students to leave the building. This would have been the point at which, had he been the shooter, he would have already ditched the gun, so he couldn’t have fired anymore shots at this point. This basically proves that he was not the shooter since we all know there was only 1 shooter. No one can challenge that there was only 1 shooter since that’s the official narrative.

      “Is Nikolas Cruz innocent?”

      “Senior From Parkland, Florida High School Claims She Was With Nikolas Cruz During Tragic Shooting”

      In this video Cruz is called the nicest person.

    • heartruth says:

      “if we don’t understand ourselves, we will believe the bullshit they throw at us”

      Thank you VOI for this most excellent insight 🙂

  16. mkey says:

    TIME Editor Literally Admits He’s For Gov. Propaganda!

    Another great find for Jimmy Dore.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That Jimmy Dore often has some great clips.

      • wall says:

        Jimmy Dore supports the young turks.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          But he has critical thinking skills! How is that possible?

        • mkey says:

          Lets not submit to the association fallacy. Dore’s show has (I assume) some financial ties to TYT and he was/is part of their network.

          Either way, nobody is taking his work as gospel, information he provides can stand on its own legs or it can’t, but that has nothing to do with TYT.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            His work does seem to stand on its’ own merits. I just can’t see how he could stand TYT. JimBob who don’t mind politics, he just can’t stand whiny fake jerks.

        • manbearpig says:

          Hey Wall, I’m glad you mentioned this. Please excuse my naiveté, but

          Is this the Young Turks?

          The Young Turks teams up with Verizon?

          The Young Turks promote the Bin Laden canard?

          We knew the Saudis did it?

          Did the Young Turks say at 1 minute and 9 seconds that gun sales go up…”…because more people are panicked because gun control might happen…” and reinforce the idea that none of all this is staged?

          Is this the Young Turks that Jimmy Dore endorses that you were referring to?

          Gosh, I learn something everyday thanks to this website and its subscribers,


          Thanks guys.

  17. dehardt says:

    James, for those of us who regularly view your videos on other platforms, as you suggest, why are all these links to youtube?

    I am still getting youtube notifications via email,so I go there & just change to hooktube, but I cant merely click any videos here b/c I have youtube blocked via dns.

    Lets practice what we preach, agreed?

    • mkey says:

      I’ll second this. While I understand the reasoning for staying active on youtube, which is completely valid, I don’t see a valid reason for not providing content on alternative sites.

  18. pearl says:

    Though I’ve read of the Milgran experiment before, reading it again gets my blood boiling for the miserable and loveless traits that were so effortlessly yielded. Imagine how many societal ills could be avoided if we each observed the simple golden rule, “do unto others and you would have others do unto you.” But no. Seems to me the overriding obsession of mankind is pleasing one’s imagined “authority” while trampling underfoot his peers. Disgusting.

    • pearl says:

      Ha! That five minute edit window is completely wasted on me!

      “Do unto other AS you would have others do unto you.”

  19. mkey says:

    Law Without Government. Robert P. Murphy.

    Complements some of the videos from the recommended section nicely.
    This video might have been recommended by James already, so I may just be bumping it.

    • pearl says:

      It’s always a bit gratifying to hear a better communicator than myself explain from behind an elevated podium what I already figured out as soon as I stopped listening to preachers preach from behind an elevated podium. Oh…wait… (Just playin’ with ya, Gaslight. It was a good video addressing things right down my alley; worth passing on. Thanks!)

  20. mkey says:

    Remember this the next time you are at the security checkpoint: When you are asked to step into the body scanner, those behind you will be watching. Your choice will make a difference. When someone is being molested at a TSA pat-down and you are a witness to it, those around you will be taking note of your reaction. Your behavior will affect theirs.

    So, what choice will you make? Will you pass or fail the experiment?

    Approaching the end of the line is not a good time to make these decisions, righteous deeds go hand in hand with proper timing. When you’re up next you can either turn around and refuse accepting the service or give your assent to the probing and void your rights to make any later remarks to the probe girth. So the only option is to walk away, which isn’t really an option considering these fascist methods are bound to get worse with time, checkpoints can be put anywhere (and probably will) and arbitrary cavity searches can become commonplace.

    The only way out is for these people working as all sorts of state and corporate goons to realize what it is they are doing and choose to stop doing it. A fat chance indeed.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      The only way out is for these people working as all sorts of state and corporate goons to realize what it is they are doing and choose to stop doing it. A fat chance indeed.

      Come on mkey do you really believe that is the only way out?
      That’s like saying the only way out of all the wars we start is for the naive soldiers to say “Nope, sorry I ain’t going to follow orders, ain’t gonna kill innocent people. Do the job yourself!”

  21. zyxzevn says:

    UK is doing a similar thing.
    I am avoiding the topic by writing about it indirectly.
    Via TimCast I learned that the justice system is weird.
    The accused/ defendants have rights to be “safe from public”,
    to the extreme.
    This includes any publications about the crimes and involvement.
    Translated: If this becomes too public the defendants
    have a possibility to claim that they are victim of
    a witch-hunt and can not have a trial.

    While it may work for simple crimes, the problem is that in this case
    the crimes are very severe and raises strong public emotions.
    It is (emotionally?) similar to a terror-attack, but people are not allowed to talk about it.
    That is a system asking for problems.


    Similar to the TSA, these systems are made to fail.
    They create these problems.

    And these problems will cause reactions.
    Will there be violence due to the strong emotions?
    It could be on either side.

    The solutions are of course the reason why they let them fail.
    Of course the system itself will not be blamed.

    I think, in the UK this would lead to even more press restrictions.
    Possibly even towards foreign news sources.
    I should call it the “One mind” news assimilation.

    Possibly with penalties and/or internet-censorship and border-control.
    I would also expect more “preventive” actions by police to
    capture “leakers” to keep a lid on possible crimes by criminals.
    The “resistance is futile” method.

    Additionally I suspect they will try to restrict all reporting on
    corruption and illegal actions by the system.
    And make us believe again in the good of the system and
    the necessity of wars.
    The “system is like your Big Brother” project.
    Yes, the one that beats you, if you tell your friends anything.

  22. scpat says:

    And the unknowing participants in the Milgrim experiments were presumably good people, not sadistic ones. They were “just following orders.” Just like otherwise normal, decent people have “followed orders” when they carried out brutal atrocities at the command of an authority. It is fascinating to me how people can deny personal responsibility for their actions even when they were the ones pulling the trigger of the gun.

    This isn’t a natural thought process–it is learned, it is trained, it is conditioned into us. Personally, I don’t know if the answer to reversing authoritarianism is to focus so much on solving the TSA issue, although I agree it is outrageous and wrong. In my opinion, this all starts with education at an early age, or re-education for adults. Authoritarian indoctrination for most people starts in public schools when they make children stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance, holding their hand over their heart. Alternate education at a young age could help reverse Statist conditioning. Teaching children to understand the difference between right and wrong, instead of “I said so.” Having them understand morals and the reasons for decisions would go a long way.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Teaching your child to have a spine and to think for themselves might go a long ways towards NOT having people who just blindly go along with whatever someone says. JimBob who is his own dang authority and no one else’s.

      • scpat says:

        Absolutely. The art of thinking is becoming a lost art. We need to revive it.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Spine – And inspiring our children.
        You guys said it!

        I like the way William F Pepper phrases things in this 90 second video.

        In fact, just the other day, a customer came by. I found out that he was a high rise engineer. I had no qualms bringing up 9/11, Building 7 and “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”. I could tell that he was surprised that someone would breach the topic candidly in conversation. He knew what I was talking about. He told me that he had watched videos and questions the official story.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          That was a good video clip! And on 9/11 I don’t personally know anyone who believes the official story. JimBob who admits he don’t associate with people dumb enough to buy that load of manure.

        • mkey says:

          Always great to hear that speech. In recommended viewing was this Onion gem, I haven’t seen it before, provides some levity on the subject.

          ‘9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous’ – Al Qaeda

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Funny how everyone thinks the Onion is just a humor thing. JimBob who once had a sense of humor, but he seems so distant nowadays.

  23. AnimalsArentFood says:

    My best guess was that they were doing it to discourage travel, to keep people in the U.S. from witnessing the world outside of the bubble created by mainstream media and other deep-state-controlled institutions & entities.
    I certainly like this theory though. Maybe it’s another multi-purpose thing.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I remember hillary being questioned on this TSA thing once, and her completely detached from reality answer? Start flying private. Not an exact quote obviously, but the gist of it. It is, of course, a multi-faceted weapon against the people. But people need to understand how all weapons can be turned against the wielder of it. While it is doubtful we can get a lot of people to boycott the airports, it might be possible to get enough people to swamp the pat-down stations (never been through as I opted to never go through the TSA due to my attitudes about strangers just fondling me)so that they are then forced to either stop or halt the alternate. The more draconian they are forced to act, the more likely people will do something. Though I doubt that some of these people have a breaking point. JimBob who wonders how so many people can get through life so afraid of making waves. Waves are fun! Just ask a surfer.

  24. BennyB says:

    Great article and a big shout out to Mr. Broc West! Holding it down behind the scenes!

    VoiceOfArabi, you’ve earned enough good karma and intelligent comment points to expend a few on crass humor (imo anyway;) I got a good chuckle out of it too. Maybe I’ll go “Spinal Tap” next time I travel and put a cucumber in my pants and insist on the pat down just to make a point about the stupidity of the theater spectacle.

    It’s been alluded to in some comments that part of what’s going on concerns discouraging travel. I think that’s part of the agenda for sure. We’re becoming more isolated as societies, which plays against any sense of community or public space to organize and build physical solidarity and networks of support. Arguably school shootings may be serving the purpose of encouraging students to stay home and get their lesson plans and test preparation over the internet. No teachers, no strikes, no problem. Home school may be ideal for some, but it’s probably not realistic for most working parents. All this is starting to sound a bit grim but I suppose it’s worth remembering that you need to understand the nature of the problems in their full scope in order to develop a more wholistic set of solutions. For now, pass the cucumbers =p

    • manbearpig says:

      Or maybe TSA terrorism is designed to make imminent, swift and total biometric control seem heavenly by comparison…

      • BennyB says:

        Yeah, I think that’s a component. I feel like a lot of what’s going on is that there’s out of hand Big Brother opt-ins like Alexa, which are set to entice a certain amount of the population into adopting certain spy-tech just because it’s convenient. But there’s also a steady wearing down of people’s capacity to resist that I think things like the TSA represents for people like us. I that’s partly what your saying. The other thing is the economic component. The more people are economically disenfranchised the less capacity or motivation they have to decline the financial incentives associated with complying with “cost saving” “smart technologies”. The “smart cities” of the future will either appeal on their utilization of gadgetry or pose as a solution for people who can’t afford the price of home ownership or rental.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Also, there is the more innocent aspects of things like Alexa. People want it. It’s tech, so it’s cool. Naivety plays a role as well. Many of these things (like the DNA testing) probably have innocent roots (not alexa) and have been hijacked by criminals. I mean government. Or is that the same? JimBob who keeps his smartphone on airplane mode as he can check voicemail and not bother with anyone interrupting him with that ringing sound.

  25. candlelight says:

    Some random thoughts…..

    I don’t think it’s necessary nor does it add much to the conversation at this relatively late stage to refer to TSA Agents as goons, or collectively as a goon squad.

    I’ve flown enough times to realize that at this point these are just people who have had a certain amount of training, however limited, and are simply going about doing their job.

    I’m sure in a majority of instances, these people are probably happy just to have a job, even as thankless as theirs. And, probably most if not all, believe they are performing an important service, and most if not all actually believe the official lie of 9/11.

    Of the few times I’ve opted out of the scanner, there was only one time I was paired with someone a bit over the top, who at first acted like some uber cop and treated me like a criminal, and stepped over his bounds with his third degree questioning, and as a physical bull, a former retired ex-marine, he gave me a pretty good sliding chop with the side of his hand into the crotch.

    But, ultimately, he calmed down when he got to figuring I actually wasn’t a terrorist out to blow up the plane, and became surprisingly personable.

    The young woman who patted down and swabbed the old woman for explosives did so with about as much respect as would be feasible given the chore, although she could have used better discretion by ending her bomb search five minutes earlier. But, nonetheless, she was being relatively polite with the old lady, and, again, was just doing her job.

    My point is, I’m sure this young woman, like the ex-marine, and like others I’ve met, or from comments overheard, truly believe they are playing a role thwarting terrorism, truly believe in 19 Muslims with box cutters. Or, at the very least, found a job that pays better than Mac Donald’s.

    They really aren’t the goons. The real goons are stationed, for instance, at the Pentagon and Langley. And the goons’ masters? They echo what is their want in the chambers of power.

    The situation we find ourselves in is unfortunate. We have been, and are being lied to, subjugated, traumatized and confused.

    We’re propagandized and/or brainwashed from many sources, each with their own agenda, and purpose. From the data collectors, to Madison Avenue wonks, from think tanks, to entertainment media, from a to zed, we’re being analyzed, manipulated and packaged – and sold. For profit.

    Best to use what resources we have to sort it out as best we can, logically, yet all the while validating ideas and knowledge with the help of our gut. That’s a powerful combination.

    The thing is, if we can’t be optimistic, it all gets a little too perverse.

    Which is why I’ve always loved the lyrics to Instant Karma by John Lennon:

    “…better recognize your brothers – everyone you meet.”

    {and the tune)

    The world round, we have been shocked and awed, from the cruise missiles raining down on Baghdad, to being bombarded with the spectacle of the mightiest constructed skyscrapers ever built at the time, disappearing before our eyes in clouds of smoke.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Personally, I believe the ones who order a deed are less reprehensible than those who do the deed. If we don’t follow their orders, they lose. JimBob who never was good at following orders. Or making them either. Or serving that nutjob his order of pistachios.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        In my opinion,
        I think most employees of the government “Don’t give a shit”. Or perhaps, some do, such as the EPA employee who went around the workplace taking a poop in the hallways and smearing the door handles with it.

        But really, most employees don’t really care. They just need a paycheck. Perhaps benefits. Government jobs (or government contract jobs) are typically an easy ride.
        Of course, it is not uncommon for the more cold-blooded assholes to rise towards mid and upper management.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          I have friends who work at NASA. Very smart engineer types. Actual rocket scientists. They note that the smart people leave because of all the stupidity, while the idiots stay and rise. It is the same way in every government boondoggle. Very little cream is rising, the rest of it is a definite brown and just ruins the milkshake if you ask me. Which is typical of all government organizations throughout history. JimBob who don’t like any brown in his milkshakes.

    • mkey says:

      “just doing my job” is the most pathetic excuse of all time, I couldn’t think of it any less than I am currently.

      If ones’ job is to dispense violence on behalf of their employer, the proper job title is a “goon.” Yes, these people may not “really mean it” and are just the “normal, everyday person” but much of the atrocities in the history of the world has been committed by such individuals.

      I understand that times can get tough and that people need to take care of their own, but doing the right thing used to be a lot harder, we are standing on the shoulders of giants, after all. I very well know effects of poverty and what it means to not be able to afford a few pints of bear, it sucks, but that doesn’t mean you need to go stomp on someone else. Granted, I haven’t experienced going hungry and/or homeless, the worse it ever got was having near zero disposable income after meeting basic necessities.

      Much of modern western “economics” is based on people wanting stuff they can’t really afford. I daily witness people wasting most of their disposable and not so disposable income on cigarettes, making ridiculous bets, cars (both pimping them out and making insane payments,) severely overpriced foods, alcohol and clothes. “just doing my job” does not cut it.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        I did get to experience homelessness. It was a wonderful learning experience. I got that way because I had a Catcher in the Rye moment and couldn’t find anything purposeful in life. But it’s not an easy life. However, I could just take off and go live in the woods for a few months at a time and didn’t have to make any arrangements to do so. Or I could live in the library all day and either read or surf the net. The food/shelter lacks were a bummer, but I think this period was probably the most formative time of my life. JimBob who still ain’t very well formed, but what can you do?

      • candlelight says:

        santa, mkey

        santa, finding the ones giving the orders less reprehensible than those carrying out the orders is, I don’t know, different?

        Who’s manipulating whom, in the general scheme of things?

        God said to Abraham kill me a son, Abe said, man, you must be puttin’ me on. God said no, Abe said what? God said you can do what you want to, but, ah, the next time I see you comin’ you better run! Abe said where you want this killin’ done? God said out on Highway 61. ~ B. Dylan “Highway 61 Revisited”

        mkey, yeah, I know, just doing my job – it’s a poor excuse for a human being, but, I still say the real goons are in DC, etc.

        What’s worse, gettin’ felt up, or havin’ your baby blown apart with a smart bomb, or her flesh burnt off with white phosphorous?

        Now, that’s what I call violence.

        But, the TSA thing? I do believe, originally, to a great degree it carried those effects Corbett rattled off – “…degradation, humiliation, dehumanization and molestation…”, and it still does to be sure, yet over time, some of those effects have measurably lessened. If those effects are its raison d’être, as Corbett mentions, then I believe those effects are actually wearing off. Of course you may argue that such a phenomenon is a function of conditioning, which it very well may be, but, to what end? I’m conditioned to throwing on a coat if it’s cold outside, and might find it cumbersome and wish the weather was more pleasant. Similarly, subjugation to the TSA has become so routine, so ordinary, that psychologically, it’s no longer such a personal affront as it once was. That sort of in-your-face humiliation has somewhat diminished. And, no, I don’t relish being radiated, or felt up. But, for me, it’s no longer us against them, i.e. the weary traveler against the TSA agents, themselves.
        These days, it feels like we are all victims of the rouse, the big lie. Only, some understand that, and some don’t.

        Coping with the TSA is literally like child’s play, next to coping with the real animal that created it. I.e., the real enemy.

        Am I going to get bent out of shape dealing with one of their pawns (the TSA) when I see it for what it is?

        No… And I’m simply not going to let the real enemy decide for me who’s a human being, and who’s not, regardless of how propagandized, manipulated and brainwashed, at any given level, that individual might be. That human being is still a brother, a sister, a human being first, before anybody tells me to paint that picture differently, no matter what they throw at me.

        Fuck them.

        Evil man makes me kill you,
        Evil man makes you kill me,
        Evil man makes me kill you,
        Even though we’re only families apart. ~ J Hendrix “Machine gun”

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Evil man makes me kill you,
          Evil man makes you kill me,
          Evil man makes me kill you,
          Even though we’re only families apart. ~ J Hendrix “Machine gun”

          Unless he physically forces you, holding your hand with a gun in it, and forcing your finger to pull the trigger; you are not being forced to kill. If no one obeyed an order, then the order givers would just look stupid. As far as the conditioning statement goes; yes, you are becoming numb to the atrocities visited upon you. The person who carries out the order is far worse than the random nutjob maniac who screams out like Marx: Kill them all! I was only following orders, or I just needed a job, are not justifications for committing an atrocity. They are rationalizations to justify your failings. JimBob who don’t care what some nutjob tells him to do as it ain’t gonna get done.

        • mkey says:

          This appears to be boiling down to the definition of the word “goon,” which, the way I use it, stands for a person that’s ready to humiliate you, cause you some grief and pain, try to dominate you to a degree and maybe have some twisted pleasure from doing that. If the pleasure is not there in the beginning, it may show up later, after enough of “us versus them” act has been played out. This is fitting for a TSA agent, similar goes for cops.

          When it comes to burning thousands of people alive or blowing up entire cities, a fitting term would be mass murderer. Be it “just the person following orders” or the one issuing orders.

          Regarding what you write about things getting better, I’m sure I’d be saying the same thing had I been locked up in a dark damp cellar for 15-16 years. I can not testify to the degree these people used to get enthralled with searching ones’ scrotum and how what it was back then compares to what goes on now, but people have this tendency to get used to all sorts of procedures.

          Like I stated above, getting to be the next in line for a screening is not the best of times for dealing with this issue.

  26. FlyingAxblade says:

    pretty lively comment section.
    I prefer to stay at home in my bedroom and cry.

    However, when I do fly, I like to ask to be screened. Actually, even if I have valid ID on my I tell them I only have my birth certificate. so far, all I do is go to the line for the pilots & stewards. it’s great fun.

    although, last time I flew, I wasn’t expected to and went through the line and the groping and the man-sized women.

    i’m not sure that 1 spartacus in 5,000 really does anything.

    keep smoking

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I am lighting up and drinking coffee as I read your post.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      i’m not sure that 1 spartacus in 5,000 really does anything.

      Well I don’t know any Spartacuses, but I know that if I pitch a hissy fit, then there will be some of those 5,000 that will say, “Heck ya!” and then they’ll join in, and then it spreads faster than gossip. JimBob who knows how to throw a hissy fit.

    • mkey says:

      Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Well worth reading. I’m sure I’d wind up on that list. I was always one of the “random” searches on any flight before the TSA started going really crazy. And this was when I still lived in suit world. Just being tall and not looking defeated will get you patted down. JimBob who likes letting them know that he really enjoys the patting down in the crotch area as he used to act excited this way when he was smuggling contraband back onto the ship while he was in the Navy and that kept him from being searched.

        • mkey says:

          Thanks. Usually, being a part of the government means you can do as you please, no accountability can go a long way.

          From the comments section, an appropriate dilbert comic.

          • candlelight says:


            Pretty funny comic strip.

            So is this line from the article that n4x5 supplied:

            “Did TSA screeners fear I would break into the cockpit and circumcise the pilot?”

            Also, nice ploy for smuggling contraband, santa, it worked in the navy, but like the tee-shirt says “It ain’t gay if it’s the TSA”.

            And I fully understand what your saying about the responsibility of an action falling upon the one doing the deed. Granted. It is precisely what Donovan’s “Universal Soldier” is all about. But, historically, there just aren’t ever enough conscientious objectors to ever make much difference, just as there aren’t ever a helluva lot of Spartacuses out there, either.
            But, to call out those who have been successfully manipulating the general populous into believing such deeds are warranted, needed, justifiable, and last but not least, honorable, as you say, a “random nutjob maniac who screams out like Marx: Kill them all!” is so weird as to come off as best as I can describe – a smoke screen emanating from planet Bizarro.

            I must have misinterpreted you.


            The “goon” factor does exist, that I’m not about to deny. In fact, just like as in law enforcement, such careers may attract disproportionate numbers of the “goon type” as you’ve aptly conveyed. For instance, such a TSA career brought the ex-marine out of retirement whom I previously mentioned. He was about as goon-like as they come, but, even he had some humanity. Or maybe he simply started to cotton up after I didn’t flinch when he gave me the groin chop. You can imagine the twisted mind-fuck he went through becoming a Marine….
            But, nonetheless, uniform or not, TSA agent, cop, or others, I truly attempt, especially these days, not to prejudge anybody. I say “these days” because in the most basic of terms pitting everyone against each other is part of what sustains TPTSB.

            And, yes, the entire TSA is an operational tool designed to screen the populous in more ways than one, as exposed by the article.
            The truly psychotic, out and out goons, who contrived this application in further support of the contrived war on terrorism, didn’t need to slip on a single pair of latex gloves….

            • I Shot Santa says:

              I didn’t say those in charge are honorable. Just nuts. The people who obey them are just as reprehensible. And more responsible as they are the ones who actually do the deed. I can order you to circumcise the pilot, but if you don’t do it there is no harm. And there have never been that many conscientious human beings. We are mostly unconscious zombies who go on auto-pilot; though that is a conscious decision to be unconscious. JimBob who consciously chooses to be as conscious as he can be which may not be that much but at least he’s trying!

              • candlelight says:

                I’m not saying you said the ones in charge (thank you for clarifying that you were, indeed, referring to the ones in charge) are honorable. And, you didn’t exactly call them simply nuts. To paraphrase a bit, you described those in charge as maniacal, Marxist nut jobs. screaming “Kill them all!”

                Maybe people like that are controlling the action inside an insane asylum.

                I don’t know.

                Maybe you know better?

                At any rate, I can’t fathom a remark such as yours.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I wouldn’t say I know better, I’m not even sure of how limited my knowledge is on things other than it is infinitely ignorant. However, that puts me on par with everybody else. However, someone saying “You must go and work in an area where you must dehumanize everyone” is not going to get much attention from me. Why? Because I don’t want to dehumanize anyone. And it’s my choice to not dehumanize anyone. It is their choice to NOT work for the TSA. A choice they did not make. That makes THEM responsible for THEIR actions, not the one telling them to do it. The one ordering them is culpable, but without the person obeying the order, how would the deed be done? I have never applied to work at the TSA, nor has it ever occurred to me until this moment, and only to use it as a reference. These people had to fill out applications, go to interviews, all kinds of stuff to get a job that dehumanizes people. They went out of their way to get a job that dehumanizes people. They could have applied their efforts to some other vocation, but they didn’t. To say, they just needed a job, doesn’t excuse them. Unless you also want to excuse the hitman, the burglar, the bank robber (I haven’t done this one; and the hitman only counts since I was in the military), and so on. The TSA can only exist because they can find enough people to dehumanize other people. I hope someone else can explain this better as I know I’m doing a terrible job; but that’s your problem 🙂 JimBob who usually clears things up about as good as a lawyer.

              • mkey says:

                Spooner would have approved of this last passage.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Well, that’s high praise indeed! JimBob who still thinks that Spooner was a bit soft on his views, but still okay in his book.

  27. candlelight says:


    I’m sure they’re not selling on the face of it the position of TSA officer as a position for dehumanization, humiliation and molestation, and that’s what these people are wanting and expecting to do. I highly doubt this is the case for the majority of applicants.

    But, as I mentioned to mkey, the position probably draws a disproportionate number of people who would like just that, to bully and intimidate. Yet, balance out the goon factor with the idea that a lot of these people are just ignorant enough to have drank down the entire serving of kool-aid, and actually conceive that they’re performing an important service – preventing a potential terrorist attack and preserving life. Was it their choice to have gotten brainwashed?

    I know you have your viewpoint, and I have mine. But, by and large, I put the onus and the blame on the planners of this bullshit, not the bullshited. But, that’s just me.

    By the way, when you state “…and the hitman only counts since I was in the military…” doesn’t this kind of place you in conundrum relative to what you’ve been saying?

    Obviously, you weren’t drafted into the navy, and no one could have twisted your arm hard enough to enter into it. You voluntarily signed up to join, and somehow justified doing so. They teach you to use the man’s weaponry to kill. At any moment of any day you could have been called upon to begin positioning yourself, along with your fellow mates, to do just that. Kill.

    That’s not just feeling someone up, doing a chop, chop to their groin – humiliation, molestation, degradation. Hell, no. You, by your own choice put yourself into a position to be called upon to kill for the man – for the man’s purposes, which is to consolidate power for the elite, the Illuminati, the deep state, the banksters – however you want to call and place them – who own the man (military).

    What did that make you, besides ignorant?

    A goon? Were you and every other seaman aboard that ship worthy of being castigated as a bunch of goons?

    Ignorant? Absolutely.

    Goon? No.

    And that’s my point about the majority of TSA agents out there.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Candlelight, have you ever heard a single complimentary thing about the TSA? Have you ever read a single statement about how courteous they were, or how considerate they were about the people they were molesting? I haven’t. They are goons. Just like cops. They either take the job because they care more about a paycheck than their ethics (and yes, it IS a choice, and one we all make), or they take it so they can abuse people. It’s really hard to justify this job at all. Even the media, when they mention it, doesn’t praise the TSA (or at least I’ve never heard of them doing so, but I don’t own a TV). It would take about five minutes for someone to figure out they were working with a bunch of goons, and yet they stay on. Enslaved to a paycheck. So, no I don’t view them as real people. And it is their fault they were brainwashed. It was my fault I allowed myself to be brainwashed. I have never apologized for my service, though I despise the military. I only view it as a valuable experience. But answer me this question: If no one obeyed the leaders, how would their evils be accomplished? And if that is the case, who is to really be blamed? JimBob who never molested anyone while he was in the service, nor did he do the right thing by joining. But while he was a statist, he was a scumbag piece of fecal matter.

      • candlelight says:


        That was a pretty solid rejoinder.

        My hat’s off.

        Because, to answer your question, quite frankly, it’s no. I haven’t heard so much as a scintilla of praise for the agency, or any of its members, anywhere, or at any time.

        As far as that’s concerned, they’re way, way far down the latter from the cops, who do get praised here and there, from time to time, for heroics, bravery, smarts, etc.

        Anyway, in no way do I praise the TSA, either. I just can’t blanketly vilify them as you do.

        Maybe in the end, it boils down to sensibilities.


        • candlelight says:

          Also a good point on your second question.

          Would it not be a miracle – universal refusal to listen to authority?

          A pretty amazing thought.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            It’s not original with me. I heard it here on the film and lit nwo review. It was the short story with audio on the people in a colony and the empire tried to get them to submit to their authority. And on the other posting, if a person is still a cave-dweller and in an authoritarian position, they are a very real threat to you. They can, and often live for the opportunity, ruin your life or even end it. So no, I will never regard them as anything other than goons. For what other type of person would be a TSA agent? And for me, I take the position that there is no such thing as a good cop. For they still are in the job of using violence against others. Especially for “crimes” which harm no one at all. JimBob who don’t have an authority problem so much as he has a problem with people claiming to have authority over him when they don’t.

            • candlelight says:

              The cave-dweller in an authoritarian position reminds me of what an old-timer once described to me about a village board and mayor: Little people in a position of power getting off on pulling your short hairs because they can….

              About TSA agents, et al: I just can’t make a value judgement about anyone right off the bat based upon the costume they don. There’s a real live human being (I realize you say there isn’t) under those clothes, and I’m not one to second guess that person’s nature using preconceived ideas, not until I can assess how they’re actually behaving, and what they’re reasoning. And if their behavior and attitude is really bad, I’m going to take a step back and try to figure out why. Some people have been subjected to a lot of bad programing in their lives, and they’re pretty screwed up….I’m one to first fault the system, and I tend to feel bad for that individual who goes about their myopic lives with seemingly impenetrable blinders.

              Of course, it’s something entirely different if we’re talking about a squad of law enforcement in full riot gear, clubbing and macing their way through a peaceful crowd, together with their fellow undercover provocateurs, as is sometimes the case – I have no qualms about calling those people out for who they are – goddamned son-of-a bitch motherfuckers, and their woman-kind included. Now, those types of people have the hard training. They’re wired to hurt, maim and even kill if they’re provoked enough.

              “Ya better stay away from him, he’ll rip your lungs out Jim!” ~ W. Zevon “Werewolves of London”

              As for cops, not counting the riot squad, I’ve been given too many free passes by too many cops to say they’re all bad. From my personal experience, they are definitely not all bad.
              It was funny once, an attorney I know could absolutely not believe how many times I’d been let off the hook! “Yes, sir, no, sir, you’re right, sir, never again, sir” … gets some good mileage. 🙂


              Changing the subject….

              That was an interesting video you posted on the other thread about the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU), by Truthstream Media.

              I remember Aaron Dykes when he was with Alex Jones. I remember Jones always harping on Dykes’ weight. And that was just about the time Jones started to come out with all his health supplements, using Dykes supposed weight loss program as a spring board for the suppliments. Aaron and his wife, Melissa, as you may know, quit Jones, and soon afterward relayed some really creepy stuff that was happening to the two of them – they were drugged, and I think their place was broken into. They had some strange feeling that Jones’ people may have had something to do with it. Very strange, indeed!

              But, I happen to like the videos Aaron Dykes and his wife produce. They’re a pretty unique crew unto themselves.

              Thanks for posting their video. It had the effect of reminding me about those two. I’m about to check out some more of their stuff I’ve missed, which are many.


              • I Shot Santa says:

                When they herd you through the scanners, they are assaulting you. When they pat your crotch, they are molesting you. Regardless of their conditioning, they are conditioned to view you as a criminal or terrorist. And though I feel bad for a rabid dog, I’ll still put a bullet in it’s head. I’m not getting bit because I felt pity. As for cops, grow your hair out some. Once you stand out from the herd, you’re the enemy. They sometimes accept the status quo, but rarely the exception. My hair is to my waist and I’m 6’2″ or so. I love having them look at me as if I’m an axe murderer. The more stasi they are, the less likely they are to bother me. Cowardice and abuse of power go hand in hand. You can feel they are humans, but humans have been killing each other since cain and abel. The cave dwellers are dangerous fools. They are also implementing the tools of your destruction. Ignorance is a choice, and they choose badly. JimBob who don’t care that they just wanted security as they just gonna get him instead.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                I hear ya JimBob who says: As for cops, grow your hair out some. Once you stand out from the herd… …The more stasi they are, the less likely they are to bother me. Cowardice and abuse of power go hand in hand.

                I’ve noticed this.
                When an individual projects himself as “not part of the herd”, there is less likelihood that authorities will try to herd that individual.

  28. Fawlty Towers says:

    Good luck trying to convince the TSA this is your guitar!

  29. mkey says:

    Why I Hate Flying in America…

    A bit more on the issue of jack booted thugs.

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