The Theranos Scandal: Science, Charlatans and Globalists

04/24/201622 Comments

If you've been following the Theranos scandal, you've probably heard the basic story by now: The miracle tech start up was founded by a 19-year-old Stanford dropout to revolutionize lab testing, reducing blood work to a finger prick device and a patented machine that can do hundreds of tests from just a few drops of blood. But now the company is hanging by a thread as the hard questions about this "miracle" tech start to add up.

But there's much more to the story. Who were the founder's parents? How did this 19-year-old dropout recruit Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, Bill Frist and a gaggle of globalists to join the Theranos board? And what is the real nature of this $9 billion flash in the pan?

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  1. nosoapradio says:

    don’t ya mean: “…how to lose 9 billion dollars and NOT go to jail…?

  2. dreadeutsch says:

    When I read the first article about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes in The New Yorker magazine, I knew something was fishy with Kissinger on board. But I think the idea of being able to get medical tests done on our own, without paying for costly and time-consuming doctor visits, is a nice idea. We SHOULD have control over the testing of our own bodies.

    • paul823 says:

      That’s fine, it’s interpreting the results that’s the hard part, who would you trust more, Theranos or Dr Google?

      Kinda reminds me of the hospital scene from Idiocracy for some reason.

      • 35df99op says:

        “Kinda reminds me of the hospital scene from Idiocracy for some reason.”

        Lol. Yes it does. I also notice how for some reason at least in the US there’s a big push to get more healthcare personnel into the field. Why? Well apparently the department if labor anticipates so many more sick people in the population that they want to flood the field so that they can keep wages low and competitive.

        How do they know there will be more patients to grow the field when even people with the training right now don’t have jobs? Well my guess would be all of the mandatory annual flu shots for healthcare personnel, military enlisted, veterans. Thats how the Bureau of Labor statistics knows more people will get sick because they are currently setting them on a path that us guaranteed to do that to them. And the healthcare and military personelle and their children will basically be genetically modified to be self terminating.

        It really saddens me. I hope no other career fields get mandatory vaccinations.

  3. ariel says:

    Your statement, “has Theranos been set up as a wrecking ball to open up a wider market for lab testing to reach the consumer level?” is particularly intriguing. After a cursory look at the available MSM stories related to the problems Theranos is facing, it seems like it would be an awfully good way to get the attention of consumers and create a market for a novel product. Who wouldn’t prefer a finger prick to a blood draw? Who wouldn’t want to wait 4 hours for results and skip the doctor visit? Now everyone knows about the technology, and although at this point the publicity is all negative, if the problem turns out to be that certain tests don’t work and unqualified personnel were administering the tests, wouldn’t that be fixed by focusing on the tests that DO work and simply hiring qualified employees?

    Alternatively, if the company is forced into bankruptcy, wouldn’t it be possible to purchase the tech at a bargain rate while hanging the investors who put in over $700 million out to dry? Moreover, that board of vipers you referred to would have the option of kicking out the founder for her shortcomings and essentially hijacking the technology for themselves, or keeping her under their thumb in exchange for bailing her out. I will be interested to see what happens to the technology and Ms. Holmes.

    This made me think of 23andme. The last I had heard, the FDA had halted that company’s ability to perform certain tests (, but the company is still operating and performing other tests, now with the FDA’s blessing ( My point is that these types of public floggings do not necessarily spell the end of a company, especially when law enforcement takes an interest (,

    • sambiohazard says:

      i also think what ariel is saying holds some truth. The way whole MSM and establishment went after Theranos, it seems that they wanted to co-opt the promising technology invented by naive 20 year old. Maybe they even knew it wouldn’t work w/o some fixing/improvements and let the company fail so its IP can be bought for cheap.

  4. ccuthbert2001 says:

    Thanks James. Here’s an added tid bit that may shed even more light on what was going on at Theranos:

    “After returning to the United States [from China where she lived and learned Mandarin, NOT by teaching herself in a Houston suburb as has been claimed], Holmes wrote an application for a patent on a wearable patch which could monitor the variables in a person’s blood, help in administration of medications, and also adjust the dose to get the optimal effect. *****She later consulted with Professor Robertson about this application and informed him that adding a mobile phone chip on it could make it act as a telemedicine.***** In Sept. 2003, she filed for patenting this patch application as a ‘Medical device for drug delivery and analyte monitoring.’”


    Consider: Put patches on patients all over the US and adjust the dosage from a distance without their being any the wiser. Maybe there is more than one “pharmaceutical” in that patch, and maybe the patient doesn’t know that either. Sounds a lot like the distopian novel This Perfect Day, don’t it??? Interest THIS technology, which I suspect is non-existent, as well, may be what drew in Heinz et al.

    Also from the article:

    “Holmes currently has eighteen US patents and 66 non-American patents listed in her name. She has also been named as a co-inventor in more than 100 filed patents.”

    What other thought experiments has she patented? I know that genius is common and many young people have had fantastic tech achievements, but I can’t and don’t believe that she’s capable of the type of innovations claimed for her. She’d have to have expertise in engineering AND biochemisty that she simply doesn’t have. Sorry, one year at Stanford doesn’t cut it. I think they groomed her as the hip techie front man, bleaching her hair, putting on the black turtle neck… She is incredible at staying on message.

    And the name Theranos. Can any of our Greek speaking friends tell us if this is a word in their language and what it means, please? I suspect there is a message there, too.

    So, the question still remains, why the hit on this company now, despite that board of directors? Was a guardian angel looking over us? Or did the competitor corporations finally muster the nerve to out Theranos?

    • paul823 says:

      The ‘story’ goes like this. 🙂

      “Theranos is a health and wellness center in Palo Alto, California started by Elizabeth Holmes using the money her parents had saved for her. As for the name “Theranos”, its an amalgam of therapy and diagnosis:

      Holmes used money that her parents had saved for her education to establish Real-Time Cures in Palo Alto. Later, she changed the company’s name to Theranos (an amalgam of “therapy” and “diagnosis”)”

  5. erichard says:

    Drats. I kinda liked Elizabeth and her smile and bright blue eyes. And her device and plan seemed good. The news videos I saw do not say her device does not work correctly, the CMS complaint was based on employee lack of training and licensing. Without the part about her board of directors, I would say it was just the established testing companies going after her company. And maybe it just is. But I agree there is something very strange going on with Theranos.

  6. malabar2 says:

    Well aside from the BOD personages and that she’s a good looking woman, does the blood testing work? I’m thinking this should not be a real puzzle to solve.

  7. taxpayer says:

    “Currently blood testing has to be ordered by a doctor and generally sent to a lab where it can take weeks to get results back.”

    Yes, sometimes one might want to bypass the physician, but weeks? Usually we get results the next day. Is that exceptional?

  8. 35df99op says:

    I try not to feel so trapped by the implications of stuff like this but I can’t seem to help it.

    So GATTACA is basically becoming real life now?

  9. candideschmyles says:

    If I was psychotically paranoid James I might think your insider articles these past two months were proof beyond proof you had been peeping at my emails. Given that my gf works at a Johnson & Johnson blood testing production and monitoring facility, Amazing how randomness seems so unrandom on occasion.

    A good investigative journalist might sniff a bigger more sinister story behind the headlines. I know from reading the science journals patch delivery of nano scale compounds, and even devices, have at least a fifteen year history across numerous development labs. Rapid testing is much further advanced than that. Even genomic testing is fast approaching a “sit down while we process the result” kind of speed. But my hunch is all these old warmongers know enough about war to know a pandemic biological agent could very well be a deliberate weaponisation event.

    Keeping it simpler she blew dear old Henry.

    • ktsworker says:

      “A good investigative journalist” – That is exactly what is needed. Here’s what I would start sniffing out:

      1. Suicide or suicided? What did biochemist, Dr. Ian Gibbons, know before his death and why was Theranos so aggressive towards his widow about not talking about her deceased husband?

      2. Military ties – Reportedly, there is a blood testing instrument that is lighter and less cumbersome than Edison for field use. Military has been used in the past for testing and research – what is intent of Edison? Perhaps inserting some chemical during the finger prick (I hope not) or possibly, having a bunch of false positives to start treating conditions that do not really exist with big Pharma. Either way, I suspect money and/or population control are the real incentives and not revolutionizing blood testing.

      3. It would be interesting to get more background on the parents and their connections and influence over Elizabeth. At 19 y/o, an ivy league student just ups and goes to China with all her college money to birth an invention with full parental approval? Why China (esp. knowing that she did not know Mandarin at the time)? What could she do in China that she could not do in the U.S. or anywhere else for that matter (including Stanford)?

      4. Tell me more about the early years in China. Where did she live? How did she spend her days? With whom did she work on her bright ideas?

  10. blunder says:

    perhaps it’s important- maybe not. i*ve investiagated a the new movement called “nuit debot”. This comes, if you listen mainstream, directly from a film called “i dont know” by what do you want”. Nothing interesting about this. If you have a look up at whois, who is owner and signed for the domain com, you will get answers clear as scotish whiskey. i don’t know how to call these bullshit but some things are obvious…
    The man behind this is called Wingert and he’s working for a EU thinktank called FING. Look at his vita and look who is behind him. Please excuse my English, i’m so fucked up with that kind of shit. Keep going, fuck them up.

  11. blunder says:

    something, what you migh thave 2 konow… this domain is called origanally and mainstream made a radio channel called the same way and here cames wingert signed for com domain:

    wingert is a well known writer of the book “life after oil”, nothing serious about that, but he’s a consultant for FING whit its obvious geopolitical agenda and energy concepts working for a european thinktank which itself has the usual structure of govenance and multinational governance.

    Don’t believe the hype!1!

  12. okgardener says:

    James, Being retired engineer from the military a major military contractor I have noticed a lot of technology that gets mentioned in an article or a white paper and then disappears not to be heard from again. I suspect these technological advances will someday be “uncloaked” and seem like magic to many people. Perhaps she did have some medical advance that was so much of a leap that the NWO had the military put a TS on it to be brought out at the perfect time for the NWO. They of course would need a cover story.

  13. MagicBullet says:

    Knowing what we do now about covid-19 and Bill Gates & Co. we can imagine this blood test was a cover for a test to track or ID people given vaccines, or more likely to find those who weren’t given the vaccine. Ergo, something nefarious will be in the vaccine that is the Trojan horse and they want to make sure people get it. The media then blew this operation apart and forced it to fold in its current form. Holmes is just the lead singer in the band, she didn’t write the music or lyrics.

    Holmes’ Wiki page:
    John Carreyrou of The Wall Street Journal initiated a secret, months-long investigation of Theranos after he received a tip from a medical expert who thought the blood testing device seemed suspicious. Carreyrou spoke to ex-employee whistleblowers and obtained company documents.

  14. UKJC says:

    Very interesting new take on Theranos from Alex Krainer at Around the Empire here: .

    Also to cheer people up a little, if you are Rokfin member then the Extra vlog gives some hope regarding “Mr Global” …

    Merry holidays,


  15. UKJC says:

    Anyone? …

    • cu.h.j says:

      I haven’t watched it yet. When this story first broke I thought it was interesting especially since she had all these well connected investors.

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