The Palestine Question (video)

11/28/20120 Comments

From the recent Israeli operation in Gaza to a bid for non-member state status at the UN to the specter of Yasser Arafat being dug up from his grave, there is no shortage of news from Palestine right now. Tonight on the program James goes over these stories and shares some of his recent reports on Palestine including an interview with former Palestinian detainee Jawwad Musleh.


Deadly mistake: IDF wipes out Palestinian family due to technical error

Israel strike that wiped out family was "no mistake"

Palestine's UN bid 'historic moment': envoy

Arafat's Body Dug Up, Checked for Poison

Israel acknowledges killing Fatah founder

The Gaza Emergency Fund

Two powers, Qatar and Iran, try to sway Hamas

Qatar Looks To Gaza As The Map Continues To Shift – Analysis

The US-Israeli Attack on Gaza

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