The Iranian Nuclear Negotiation: What you need to know

06/27/20158 Comments

This week in The Corbett Report Subscriber James examines the Iranian nuclear negotiations. Where did the Iranian nuclear program come from? What does it involve? Why are the negotiations breaking down? Find out in this week's editorial. Also this week's recommended reading and viewing includes the latest on Greece, how to avoid becoming what you despise, and why Harper is a terrorist.

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  1. erichard says:

    I like the idea of no government and pure anarchy, but I feel certain that the world is not ready for it. James and some others, of course, are ready for it, but like children, most need to be prepared to act correctly without a government. I remain converted to the intelligence and wisdom found in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. This established a government– but one that is (supposed to be) a servant of the people. It has no rights except what is given to it, and it simply exercises for the people collectively rights that the people have anyway. If those called as government servants get out of line, the people throw the bums out and new public servants are called in. Obviously, Constitutional government has been hijacked by the present Oligarchy, but a return to it is possible after a big shakeup in the US.

    • The problem with the Constitution is itself because language is fungible. Over time, each power clique will interpret it as they see fit, to advance whatever social engineering agenda that happens to be en vogue in that zeitgeist.

      • stellar_consortium says:

        Perhaps a picture-book version of the Constitution? Lol, sorry to laugh at my own joke, but that sentiment just oozes Idiocracy (the movie), which always makes me chuckle…and then cry a little bit.

  2. grennanp123 says:

    Thank you for that James. Wow! There are so many things going on that it’s difficult to know what to pay attention to anymore. I appreciate your work to pull all of that together. I’m starting to look at the world through the eyes of the CFR, mainly because that insidious group is apparently everywhere doing the bidding of the globalists. (I even subscribed to “Foreign Affairs” to be more informed on what they are up to.) I wonder how they play into this Iran Deal. Would it be that they hope it will all blow up so they can usher in the NWO faster?

  3. nosoapradio says:

    A UN-controlled NCRI “partner” dominating in the Middle East for the New World Order seems like a plausible scenario to me.

    -Israel’s popularity’s going down.
    -Iran’s popularity’s going up; (through the efforts of Giuliani et al) and through perceived and real victimization of the country.
    -Obama needs to leave his heroic legacy on the pages of history so he’ll go down as the brave soldier who dared to challenge the all-powerful AIPAC… (gagging noises in the background).

    Israel keeps whining about the threat of Hezbollah so in an effort to keep peace in extremis in the Middle East a “compromise” will be struck easing sanctions on Iran ostensibly allowing her increased maneuverability (and malleability), “opening her up” to constant inspection

    but to appease Israeli indignation to these “concessions” an additional condition in the talks would be UN presence and oversight in Iran supposedly to hinder funding and cooperation with an allegedly belligerant Hezbollah. That or escalating and highly menacing conflict between Hezbollah and Israel will “require” UN intervention.

    This will allow Iran’s resources and cooperation to fall under the complete control of the Trilateral Globalists control.

    The following two excerpts form the basis for my oh-so-unsophisticated understanding of the situation.

    “The violence in the area caused by Hezbollah is horrific, and it results from the failure of the United Nations to enforce Security Council Resolutions 1559 and 1701,” the lawmakers wrote.”

    “…A decade later though, a group of influential politicians including former UN ambassador John Bolton, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-California), presidential candidates Newt Gingrich (R), Rudy Giuliani (R) and Howard Dean (D) rallied on behalf of the NCRI to have their name removed from the State Department list.

    “Have you ever seen a more bipartisan disciplined group as the one that supported this issue?” asked lobbyist Victoria Toensing of DiGenova & Toensing when she weighed in on the NCRI to US News & World Report last year.

    Now that the organization formerly considered terrorists has been given the go-ahead to operate in the US, they’ve opened their doors alongside the rest of the powerful lobbying groups that litter downtown DC’s K Street district.

    “The MEK are Iranians who desire a secular, peaceful, and democratic government,” Rep. Rohrabacher told the Post last year as the State Department considered their appeal. “Nothing threatens the Mullah dictatorship more than openness and transparency.”

    Watergate hero Carl Bernstein was also among the pro NCRI lobbyists which would almost seem like a bastard form of predictive programming to me…

  4. mammique says:

    Great sum up James, thanks. I’m also thinking that the West wants this deal in order to isolate Russia a bit more, like they did with Cuba recently. When you endured stanctions for so long and finally got rid of it, you don’t want to do anything stupid that would piss off this irritable Western Empire, like allowing russians to establish any strategical facility to counter NATO encirclement of Russia and take over of Ukraine (remember Cuba missiles were settled to counter Western missiles in Turkey). However, traditional nuclear public facilities are always there to serve military interest (or at least potential feasibility), if it was only to produce electricity they would just make Thorium facilities which are cheaper, less dangerous, less polluting but useless for military.

    • Corbett says:

      I agree completely, mammique. I don’t think any country really engages in a uranium-enrichment program for purely peaceful energy purposes. Not if they’ve looked into the economics of it, anyway. As I’ve said before the nuclear energy industry (as it has developed) is nothing but an adjunct to the nuclear armament industry, and the fact that Thorium research has lagged decades behind is a demonstration of this fact.

      Still, in this case the attempt to exclude Iran from the “nuclear members club” is the most blatant hypocrisy, and it is backed up by absolute economic warfare. As always it’s the people at the bottom who suffer the most for these games.

  5. phreedomphile says:

    At this stage in the NWO, it seems far fetched that the US and Israel truly consider Iran a potential threat to globalist hegemony. Revelations in a Feb. 2014 Zero Hedge article that the US and Israel were “quietly providing military support and parts to Iran which in turn was arming Syria” didn’t seem to get any traction in the alternative media presumably because that would bring into question the whole US vs. Russia and its satellites war meme. A great smokescreen for a number of agendas.

    Another seemingly implausible scenario was the meme of Saudi Arabia as petulant minion blackmailing the US into attacking Syria. Some wild stories in gatekeeper conspiracy websites ensued about KSA and Israel forming a new axis of evil, running rogue outside of the reach of the US and international community. On the heels of this bizarre drama the balloons of KSA detaching from the dollar were floated, as if the Saudis would ever make a major [unauthorized] move against the global bankster mafia.

    On the whole, the middle east appears to be the ultimate theater of the absurd, nudging the masses day by day towards NWO regional government in full oligarchical control, with nothing organic occurring at this point. Birthing pangs, huh?

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