The Idiot Box: How TV Hypnotizes You

10/17/202197 Comments

In preparation for James Corbett's upcoming course on The History of the Media, The Corbett Report Subscriber is presenting a three-part series on the past, present and future of mass media. Last week we examined How the First Media Moguls Shaped History. This week we examine the history of psychological research into mass media's effects on the public mind and explore the particular properties of the television set that render its audience susceptible to its lies.

You can tell a lot about an item by the nicknames we give it. So what do our nicknames for the television tell us about that device?

"The idiot box."

"The boob tube."

"The tell-lie-vision."

It doesn't take a super sleuth to puzzle this one out. From the very inception of commercial television in the 1950s—when the phrase "boob tube" was first coined to lament the dumbing-down effect that the device was presumed to be having on the populace—to the zenith of the TV's cultural hegemony in the late 20th century, fears about the television's ability to create zombified couch potatoes out of its passive audience have been ever-present.

It's no coincidence that the 2006 comedy (or should that be docudrama?), Idiocracy, introduces its viewers to the eponymous future idiocracy—in which the intelligence of the population has declined to shockingly low levels—by showing a junk food-ingesting "lawyer" in the midst of enjoying the hit television show of the year 2505, Ow! My Balls! It's also no coincidence that the same movie sees protagonist Private Joe Bauers formulating a plan for heading off the development of this idiocracy by encouraging people to read books rather than watch TV.

We all know the trope: television makes you dumb, lazy and passive, and (by implication) it renders you susceptible to the lies and manipulations of those who create the TV programming. But is it true?

As it turns out, not only are concerns about the content and the presentation of TV programming well-founded, but there is an even darker side to the device than is commonly realized. There is ample research to suggest that the TV is actually designed to send you into a trance-like state that lowers your cognitive defences against the lies the TV networks (and their corporate owners) are attempting to push on their docile audience.

Would you like to know more? Then don't miss this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber, where James documents the hypnotic effects of the television set and the ways that admen and social engineers have made use of those effects to manipulate the public. Also, Corbett Report members can log in here for discounts on my upcoming course at Renegade University and a coupon code for 25% off Corbett Report DVDs at the new New World Next Week shop.

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  1. easyvirtual says:

    When I turned off my TV in 2011 and its brash noise stopped and gradually departed from my subconscious, I could feel a new sense of contentment arising within me. I grasped this wholeheartedly and soon detected a new found happiness building and being consolidated inside. With the long-term illness now lifted, my new positivity came to be reflected outwardly in my encounters with family and friends. They loved the new me. It was like being given the all clear after a long and arduous battle with cancer. Imagine, if we ALL took this action and chose to go elsewhere, seeking our news and entertainment actively, rather than submitting and having it ladled onto us passively. A a genuine new normal could be ours for the taking!

    • tedrp says:

      Are you serious?

    • mutig says:

      I have never owned a TV. Solution!

      (I don’t know how to comment at this site except as Reply to another comment. My excuse is that I grew up before answering machines.)

      • nosoapradio says:

        You just need to scroll down to the bottom of the page you want to comment on and you’ll find an empty box anxiously awaiting you there.

        It tries to call attention to itself by exhorting readers in big, black, bold letters to Leave a Reply:

      • openlens says:

        I feel you. Same here.
        Learned today that there”s a little switch on this ancient computer that turns the wifi on and off.

        WOW! Always something new to learn.

        PS Go to the very bottom, where it says “submit comments”.

  2. J. P. says:

    Great analysis of the sinister side of TV-induced mind programming. (Is there a non-sinister side?)

    But is the potential influence of radio now regarded as old hat? Orson Welles is one thing. But that was the 1930s. Could it happen today?

    In Ireland lots of people listen to the radio, in cars, offices, while they are engaged in mundane chores at home, etc. It’s not just the disgusting ads promoting covid-related BS I find objectionable. Talk shows in which well-known and respected (not by me!) figures spew out their hateful bile and propaganda are listened to by many people (again, not by me!).

    Didn’t this sort of thing happen in Rwanda back in the 1990s? How big a factor was radio propaganda in the subsequent tribal slaughter that killed many thousands of people in that country?

    Can people be manipulated by radio, or is the visual element necessary for the complete job?

    • mkey says:

      There is something to be said about the blue background used in news media profusely, that helps certainly, but the technology is probably not as important as being in your ear as much time as possible, following through and exploiting various mental and emotional states.

      Another important aspect of programming is being served your comeuppances. People who are deeply programmed to not search content but just tune in to whatever is on the air are probably way, way past salvation.

      • beaconterraone says:

        As I noted elsewhere, my litmus test is the response of someone when I suggest they cancel paid TV. If they object (“What will I watch?!” / “How will we watch [XX worthless degeneracy]?!”), it’s very likely “educating” them is impossible, and they are lost without God’s direct intervention.

    • LastHumanist says:

      MK Ultra concluded that audiovisual propaganda programming is the strongest.
      If it’s only text, it’s the weakest. Audio comes next and visual is the most impactful.

      • Duck says:


        I did not know that they did research into text based propaganda. Text needs your engagement to access its content so its harder for it to just slip by your thinking. Do you recall where you read about that?

        I read that being bi-lingual makes a person harder to fool via good language and speaking hiding poor argument…NLP looks like it did not do so well with the accented 2nd guy

        • LastHumanist says:

          Some forum analysis of MK Ultra declassified documents was my source on that back in the “before times”. Didn’t save the links. Internet censorship’s ramping up more quickly than I expected at the time.

          The whole discussion also derailed into whether telepathy was a thing or not so I left it there. Guess Sunstein won that round.

        • Mishelle says:

          That is an interesting thought. It reminds me of a Czech expression I learned that translates something like: “As many languages as one speaks is as many men as one is.”

      • openlens says:

        We know that humans learn through story-telling. “The Passionate Fact” is a great read on this topic.

    • beaconterraone says:

      Television is but a tool, from the technological standpoint of things. The most important individual in the development of TV was a Christian, Philo T. Farnsworth (he also invented a working nuclear fusion device). I imagine poor Philo would be utterly appalled at what is spewed from his invention nowadays.

      Television, since it presents images, makes it a medium which can be used for good or very, very easily for evil. As we all know.

      If the people making Television programming were moral and righteous, Television could be a means for good for humanity. But, alas, Television on all corporate channels always has an agenda other than truth or goodness.

      Radio can be used for good or bad, as well, of course, but the VISUAL property of Television has profound psychological and even physiological effects on humans. The radio presentation of War of the Worlds showed radio’s limits of manipulating people. Radio requires one to IMAGINE what one might be seeing, so it has an inherent “error checking.” Television goes far, far, far beyond that. The success of EVERY deceit of our modern world, including COVID-19(84), is largely the product of Television being used as a weapon. Put an actor in a bed with a faux ventilator, and tens of millions will immediately freak out about the “threat” of whatever the talking head tells them to fear.

  3. mkey says:

    Independent Fact Checkers

       Pfizer Inc. today announced the election of James C. Smith to its Board of Directors, effective immediately. Mr. Smith also was appointed to the Corporate Governance and Science and Technology Committees of Pfizer’s Board.

       Mr. Smith, 54, is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Thomson Reuters and serves on its Board of Directors. Prior to his appointment as CEO in January 2012, he held various leadership positions at Thomson Reuters, including CEO and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Thomson Reuters Professional Division. Prior to the acquisition of Reuters PLC by Thomson, he served as COO of Thomson and President and CEO of Thomson Learning’s Academic and Reference Group.

       Mr. Smith is a member of the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum and the Board of Directors of the Brazil-U.S. Business Council. He also serves on the International Advisory Boards of British American Business and the Atlantic Council.

       “We are pleased to have Jim Smith join Pfizer’s Board of Directors. He brings leadership and operational and international business experience to Pfizer’s Board, and will be an excellent asset to the company,” stated Ian Read, Pfizer’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “The addition of Jim to our Board helps ensure that Pfizer will continue to benefit from a breadth and variety of experience.”

    • mkey says:

      Pfizer teams up with media. Did I hear anyone chant “CCM CCM CCM”?

      We’re in a race to save the world.We’ve teamed w @thedailybeast on an expert-led panel to discuss what we’ve learned from the pandemic & how we can create a long term strategy for protecting underserved communities from #InfectiousDiseases. Save your spot!

      • openlens says:

        And as usual, it is the Pharm Industry itself that is underserved when it comes to legal action.
        It seems to me that govt., the courts, and the lawyers are all too happy to allow these murder organizations to continue unabated as the amounts of fines they occasionally collect from them makes them a valuable source of income. Why should they stop them ripping the people off for their lives and monies? That’s their bread and butter.

        Meanwhile, the lockdowns were clearly about 5G saturation.

    • mkey says:

      Pfizer is into Climate Change ™ as well. We all have to do our part, I guess.

      Today, we are taking part in #ClimateActionDay for our future.

      We’re committed to taking ambitious action that is aligned with science, and are calling on supply chain partners and world leaders to align with @ScienceTargets
      to limit the impact of climate change.

      • openlens says:

        Start with ending the geoengineering. Then all the “climate change” BS will be over and done.

        See Lyndon Johnson, 1963 or 64, YOutube, “Control The Climate, Control the World.”

    • mkey says:

      You may need ultra ultra wide screen to fit in this f*t a*s.

      Vanessa Gelman, the people’s Olympics 200 m dash champion.

      • Fact Checker says:

        I really doubt she has very “fit abs,” as you seem to suggest.

        (This is, of course, considering that blubbery backside.)

        • openlens says:

          Heehee, Veritas will be the impetus for the media moguls to impose running training on their employees!! And it won’t only be running from Veritas, as we know the “boss” also makes it clear that “you can do what you want Abe, but, the next time you see me coming you better run.” Bob Dylan

          Heee heee heeeee. They’ve probably had to ban their employees from all online dating also!!! Veritas makes old time sexpionage look soooo crude!!
          Thank goodness for Veritas, what a great belly laugh they give us watching fools hang themselves. Man, no wonder the world’s falling to pieces. Those dumb people run it??
          I swear, we need a Monty Python look at this entire ridiculousness. Stop fearing it and show it for the senselesss stupidity it is.

          Meanwhile, as the circus plays again in Desolation Row, the medium that is killing all forms of life…the technology which is the medium, The ideological and physical technologies of power-over,carry on unabated, undiscussed, and unaddressed. We continue like addicted children to accept the rape because we want the candy.
          This screaming microwave signal in my head today is making me insane. I wake crying for being robbed of my dreams and my rest, of my morning peace and meditation, for years now. This is killing not only our life force, but our very humanness. Animals and trees remain animals and trees, they know what they are. Humans no longer know what they are. It’s a terrifying time to be human, for too long now, for millenia. We have to go all the way back to when this agenda began, the end of the Golden Age, a real astronomical series of events recorded worldwide. See Thunderbolts Project, Symbols of An Alien Sky for starts. We need to dissemble the technologies of control based on a misappropriation of these events which continues to this day.
          As well as expose the truth of these events in present time.

    • beaconterraone says:

      60 Minutes (USA) promotional clip, illustrating the Problem:

      • mkey says:

        Pfizer sponsoring Hill Bates to patronize the gullible TV watchers on “sceince”? I don’t see any problems with that, perfectly aligned with the satanic upside-down world in which we are getting ensnared.

        • beaconterraone says:

          It’s appropriate, of course, but to someone with even marginal critical thinking skills and/or someone who understands the “fox in the hen house” fable, this is a smoking gun level of evidence against approved narratives.

  4. LastHumanist says:

    When did I stop watching TV? About a decade ago.
    I noticed a shift in the programming after the 90s.
    Then it got worse and worse until it became completely insufferable by now.

    • openlens says:

      I quit around 15-16, when I noticed that I knew every line coming in advance. Then my media was just Mad Magazine, addicted to that since a kid!!, would clutch that fifty cents for three weeks waiting for the next one!! No wonder my family imagines all kinds of wild things about me. And on the tube, only creature double feature occasionally on a wiped out sunday, and of course, Gilligan’s Island, The Smothers Brothers comedy hour, and the great precursor to Saturday Night Live, from the UK, first news commentary show “That Was The Week That Was.”

      Never had one in my own home, or any video at all while raising six children. Lots of music, books, play, open wrestling space and all. Lots of outdoors. Was considered a nut case, still am.

      Happened to land in front of one years ago, and the swift changes of images alerted me to the reason we were suddenly hearing about “attention deficit”. I mean, this is …..about 1975. It was already really fucked by then.
      In about 2010 or so, landed in front of one briefly with a 2 yr. old got shoved in front of it, “children’s” program. What I noticed in those few minutes entirely shocked me. It’s truly sinister. Every time the child’s attention wanders, the show produces a very loud sound to bring them back.
      I also met a woman in Thailand years ago had worked on children’s tv in the US, and quit as all they wanted was “faster and faster and faster”, in her words. Burning down the synapses as I see it.

  5. mkey says:

    Touching up the numbers…

    Number of deaths of people who had had a positive test result for COVID-19 and died within 28 days of the first positive test.

    … and good for thee but not for me followup.

    Deaths for any reason within 28 days of the COVID-19 vaccine

    Release date:
    19 March 2021

    You asked

    ​How many people have died for any reason, within 28 days of being administered, any vaccine related to sars-cov-2 (covid-19) in England & Wales since vaccinations began.

    We said

    ​Thank you for your enquiry.

    We have data for England vaccinations and are in the process of developing our analytical plans. Once we have finalised these plans a publication date will be released on our Release Calendar.

    As such, the information you have requested is considered exempt under Section 22(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, whereby information is exempt from release if there is a view to publish the information in the future. Furthermore, as a central government department and producer of official statistics, we need to have the freedom to be able to determine our own publication timetables. This is to allow us to deal with the necessary preparation, administration and context of publications. It would be unreasonable to consider disclosure when to do so would undermine our functions.

    This exemption is subject to a public interest test. We recognise the desirability of information being freely available and this is considered by ONS when publication schedules are set in accordance with the Code of Practice for Statistics. The need for timely data must be balanced against the practicalities of applying statistical skill and judgement to produce the high quality, assured data needed to inform decision-making. If this balance is incorrectly applied, then we run the risk of decisions being based on inaccurate data which is arguably not in the public interest. This will have an impact on public trust in official statistics in a time when accuracy of official statistics is more important to the public than ever before.

    • openlens says:

      Yes, of course, they need “the freedom” , we don’t.
      Well, too bad, f..ckers, freedom and liberty are practices.

      Try to stop me. I dare you.
      Think twice, three times, if you can still think.

  6. Duck says:

    This was a good article, but the master of deconstructing propaganda (while giving you some of his own, it must be said) is Devon Stack, Blackpilled

    Sadly he no longer does as many breakdowns of movies in discrete video’s and Live Streams- which is less useful for getting the interesting nuggets in a timely manner.

    One point that stuck with me was how the REACTION SHOT of the other actors faces replaced the Laugh Track in getting the NPC’s their updates on what “most people think” so they can copy it…. he has done some good ones on how PR campaign are organized to shape opinion on Abortion or Homosexuality and will be used in the future.
    His best stuff is the shorter videos. The Simpsons Idiotocracy The Office (live stream…loooong) DontSay Gay live stream…also very long but actually worth the time.

    • openlens says:

      Best and only way to
      “shape opinion on ‘Abortion'”:

      “If men got pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”

      Tell me it ain’t so.

  7. playinggrounded says:

    When I was in middle school, my brother confronted me and told me that I was addicted to television. I was, but I told him he was crazy. He challenged me to give up watching TV for one week. I accepted his challenge and wound up not watching TV until I started dating my now husband when I was 21. Because I gave up TV I was able to get in the best shape of my life, think clearly and get straight A’s.

    Then, in my mid-twenties I started working in a call center for a telecommunications company. The job was literally making me sick when I saw what went on behind the scenes. I eventually was too ill to continue working there. When I got canned we lost our free cable and internet. We cut the cable leading to our home ourselves, and we’ve never looked back. It was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made.

    Now, when we go to clean our clients’ homes, whenever they have the “boob tube” on we politely ask them to turn it off while we work. Now that we’ve been away from, or rather detoxed, from TV for over 17 years, we find it maddening when we have to be exposed to it. I can’t believe, or don’t want to believe, the garbage that people watch. Some people just have it on for background noise. I don’t get that. I’d much rather have silence so I can think clearly.

    I remember as a kid, my dad would stand in front of the TV watching a movie or a program, and if you tried to speak to him, he wouldn’t respond. He was like a statue just standing there in a trance. That should have been a warning sign to me right then.

  8. joseph_h says:

    AS THE SAYING GOES; the business of Amerika is and always has been business.

    • LastHumanist says:

      Yay. The Malthusian pass has arrived.
      Conspiracy realism was vindicated once more and the public will shrug it off regardless. They’ll acquiesce as long as there’s a screeching Greta easter egg on the app or whatever.

  9. robert.t says:

    We call TV and radio the dinosaur media. We should not. Dinosaurs are those web outlets which exploded in between the too-slow early internet and the censorship/propaganda drenched internet of today. Those are going or gone.

    While books and the modest remainder of independent media offer choice, most people I know don’t want choice. They want to feel the choices have been made by people variously called “scientists”, “experts” and “trusted sources”. All we have to do is watch and listen. TV and radio will never confuse with too much choice, so conversations can have their subjects thoroughly pre-set, only with a little wriggle-room for red team/blue team preferences (just so you know you’re “free”).

    My extended family is convinced that half of TV and radio is utter rubbish. The trouble is, all are convinced that their favoured half is okay. The greenish/leftish side of the family is down with the Guardian and Australian (state) ABC. The other side is all Murdoch/Sky/FOX. And – lemme tell you – media saturation in Oz is more like drowning than saturation. The band of choice was never very wide here, and Australians are fine with that simplicity. So long as the media keep gushing we never have to feel that “tyranny of distance”, the old Austral curse.

    We can all come together on the big issues. While the left wants more jabbing and the right wants more horse-paste, we all know we’re in a pandemic, which is the main thing. And in lockdown, both sides crow “Thank God for Netflix!” Because what can unite us in the end is the world being saved from a normie-apocalypse by a gender-uncertain, autistic chess genius. Or something.

    • Octium says:

      Interesting, a co-founder of Netflix is Marc Bernays Randolph.

      Yes, that’s Bernays as in Evil.

      • robert.t says:

        It’s in the blood! (Or whatever Freud’s descendants use for blood.)

        While a Netflix subscription is on my to-do list just above “Moderna booster” I’ve been subjected to a few of their productions, most notably The Irishman. That film was so lethally dull I couldn’t even pick up on the anti-Sapiens agenda (though I’m sure it’s in every Netflix production).

        Maybe you need to be vaxxed to get it.

        • mkey says:

          I’m not whacxed and I don’t get it either. The Irishman, I mean. Didn’t even know that was a Netflix production, certainly puts things into perspective.

        • openlens says:

          “Or whatever Freud’s descendants use for blood”.

          Good one!!

          What do they use for blood? The discarded testimonies of thousands of women describing lifelong sexual molestation and rape. In the “family”.

          They all were delusional and had “penis envy”. Yep. “Penis envy”.
          Freud. Failed at his first post graduate experimental research. Dissected over 400 eels in Italy and could not for the hell of him find the male genitals of the eel. Still a mystery.

          Who had penis envy? One would wonder…if one knew….

  10. sgzon says:

    Recommended Viewing: 1960s Government Subliminal National Anthem Video — It’s THEY LIVE!

    And you thought “They Live” was just a movie?

    • Fact Checker says:

      Hahaha! You beat me to it, sgzon! Well done!

      • sgzon says:

        The top rated comment on the video is (deservedly so, imho): “they need to bring back that video as my faith in the Government has been waning lately”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Truthstream Media Video of Aug 2013
      1960s Government Subliminal National Anthem Video — It’s THEY LIVE!

      9 minutes

    • openlens says:

      “They”…the “gods”…are in every cultures’ oral histories, called “mythologies”, aka “conspiracy theories.
      Came from off planet, demanded ritual, blood sacrifice, and ceres moneys…grain, ceres, the first demanded …ceremonies/ceremoneys. \

      Blood Sacrifice Death Cults. Like Christianity. The “Christ”: Born half human, mother raped by off-planet entity, another dude had to tell her so, her illustrious son born to be a blood sacrifice.

      Nice story to tell to children. Keeps them in line, for a while.

      Kill him again every year. Make it sink it. Original sin is to be born fully human.

      Nice stories for children.

  11. Fact Checker says:

    Monster article.

    Like many other commenters, we too shit-canned television more than a decade ago. (I think it was around 2009.) We did this because it was so insulting to the intelligence that I would become enraged by it. (No Alpha-wave states for me!) Knowing that the “Official Story of 9/ll” was physically and thermodynamically impossible pretty much dispelled the “suspended disbelief” that is necessary to take “the News” seriously at all, and revealed it all as a crass and demonic stream of lies and manipulation.

    I believe that this psychic severance from television for so long is why we were immune to the CON-vid. Even before Convid, I recall catching glimpses of “News” in airports and bars and being utterly mortified at the outlandish and deranged narratives being pushed, and the unmistakably monstrous appearances of the freaks reading the lies. Those who watched TeeVee continuously since 9/ll were just “boiled frogs” whose sensibilities were warped so gradually, they never realized they were being driven, quite literally, to demented lunacy. After buying 9/ll, Global Warnings!, Obama, RussiaGate, etc., Convid seemed like just another logical step for the masses!

    This seems like a good time to revisit this classic–and chilling–video from Truthstream Media, which shows that the government quite deliberately tried from the beginning to use the BoobTube to brainwash the masses into government-worshipping slaves, They Live!-style:

    • sgzon says:

      “An unexamined life is a life not worth living.” ~ Socrates

      In that sense, Arron and Melisa had to learn/prove empirically for themselves whether the many “Rice Experiments” they watched on YouTube were for real:

      I had a similar experience with remote viewing. I had done about 25 hours of research on it and concluded to try it for myself examination. Yes, remote viewing across time and space is real — does work! It’s a human species wide phenomenon… Not just a gifted few. It requires going to an alpha state. I think it’s tapping into an ether field. Or, as Rupert Sheldrake might say, morphic resonance field.

      On a side note. Thomas Edison said when he sat at his desk and often fell asleep, when he awoke he noted a substantial clarity to a problem he had been mulling over. Thus he began holding a steel ball in his hand so that as he drifted off to sleep his hand would relax, and the ball would fall to the floor and wake him up. I’ve noticed similar clarity when waking up going from delta thru theta, thru alpha to beta.

  12. vadoum says:

    indigenous (east coat oz) stand against jab, for all.

  13. claude says:

    Dear James (and anyone reading this).

    Your research is exemplary. I have read about the subject of TV, brain… To me, it’s old stuff. The same studies & researches have been done with smartphones: change of the brain waves, secreted hormones…

    I would bet that if we did the same studies with reading a book, we would get similar results: altered brain waves, secreted hormones. AND if you give the same book to read to large population, it would be interesting to see how the group’s behavior would change toward a specific subject in the book.

    (my first point here is: what are our points of references to compare to, when studying exposition to radio, TV, Smartphones? Your research is totally valid in my view, in regard of TV and the control of masses… BUT we are missing the key element.)

    Of course, reading a book involves imagination and creativity, and certainly a healthy brain exercise. As TV, smartphones, are quite brain passive. And let’s not forget about subliminal images, repetition of object-word, sound frequencies & rhythm, planted ideas, working at the subconscious level… so many ways to alter people’s behavior & view of reality.

    Even there I consider we are missing the key element.


    Recently, James, you talked about 3D chess, how difficult to make sense of many events if looked at in a 2D plane view. That was about the China-US theme (if I’m not mistaking).

    It’s the same if we argue about:
    – Republican vs Democrat;
    – Capitalism vs Communism;
    – Vaxxed vs Anti-Vaxxed;
    We’re missing the big picture. And we’re being manipulated. Are we really, or are we just falling into some trap? (Which trap?)

    As much as you do not believe in a single boogie man, “because things are more complex and involve more than one”, IMO your article is kind of saying “TV and medias are the boogie man”.

    Again there is a missing key element.


    Some 40 years ago, while working in the middle of a TV broadcasting station, I became aware of “publicity”, it’s role in raising sales, influences on people.
    And have been quite analytic with any form of publicity. In 95 I threw my TV out, and only listen to commercial-free radio.

    I’ve been foraging from one information source to the other until I bumped on one of your Propaganda Watch show (among other sources, I admit). And for once someone could explain, in an articulate way, the “games” of the world (his understanding). Something I still have difficulty wrapping my head around. I can solve loads of technical problems… but what you’re doing, my brain simply is not geared to do, yet.

    But, when I listen to your explanations, I manage to carry on with THE big puzzle.


    What’s my point, yet? I’m getting there.

    Everywhere I read, everywhere I listen, it’s about the gov, media, TV, big brothers, corporations… as you said, exactly, looking for the Boogie Man, so we can focus our discontent toward something… always, always outside of the human self.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • claude says:

      (part 2 of my splitted message)

      My missing key element is: Humans.

      I’m not talking spirituality… I’m talking brain and bones.
      It is said that what distinguish humans from animals is (amongst other..) is self-awareness. I dare say that for the majority, self-awareness is no longer than an arm.

      It does not matter what government, or what political system, humans will still be the same, unaware of WHAT they are.

      Aren’t we biological? Mammals?
      Why are Chinese as they are and Americans as they are? Aren’t they both human mammals?

      We learn about writing & calculating & geography… but never learn about what we are.

      Why the need for beliefs? For socializing? For recognition? For acceptance from our peers? Is all that part of our genetics? Or is it learned through life experience?

      We all want to live in wonderful world, but we avoid considering that we, Humans, are the main obstacle.

      We, Humans, are so afraid to face what we are, that we always try to change our surrounding to make us feel better. We ask others to behave differently so we do not have to change ourselves. And we do that with everything.

      Hell, we even ask social media to behave differently, because we fail to give up our smartphones.


      To me TV is not the first issue, our ignorance of our own influencability is.

      Kind regards to all.

      • sgzon says:

        “To me TV is not the first issue, our ignorance of our own influencability is.”

        I think this may resolve the ignorance of our own influenceability. I know it did mine.

        Also, as mentioned in that article is this book: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind ~ by Julian Jaynes.

        Here’s an excerpt from the above article: “A person could make an excellent bet by wagering a hundred ounces of gold that Julian Jaynes’s book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind will someday rank among the ten most important books ever written. …Jaynes’s book signals the end of a 10,000-year reign of authoritarian institutions.”

        • claude says:

          Great feedback, I genuinely appreciate it.

          Very interesting “article” and managed to find the book, and many others from the same author. Lots of reading ahead.

          One phrase I entirely resonate with:
          ‘That movement toward self-responsibility will increasingly weaken the influences of external or mystical “authorities” such as government and religion.’

          I’m currently in a small city in the south of Mexico, near Guatemala. And I’m constantly facing (confronted with) people’s bicameral mind. “God” is everywhere, and my pragmatic dialog attempts always conclude with a “thanks to god”.

          Perhaps I will cultivate my understanding in my next book reading.

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts & suggestions.

    • Duck says:

      “…I would bet that if we did the same studies with reading a book, we would get similar results: altered brain waves, secreted hormones. AND if you give the same book to read to large population, it would be interesting to see how the group’s behavior would change toward a specific subject in the book….”

      If you are reading your brain is forced to work at creating the story or lecture into speech. The closest you can get to the trance state is when your reading something to get to sleep…. and then your mind is LESS able to be shaped since its not actually absorbing the information properly.

      I’m reading “How To Read A Book” by Mortimer Adler right now on that talks about, funny enough, how much actual WORK it is to read properly. Its surely a lot of work to follow the book properly, 🙂

      If a book sways you its changing you opinion in the same way that listening to a speech is, but somewhat LESS effectively since to read you must necessarily be thinking in some way

      • claude says:

        Wow it’s Christmas 😀
        So many feedbacks… “I’m not alooooone” (theatrical)

        Dear Duck, I mostly share your view. As a matter fact, in a study, somewhere, it mentioned that visual (as in audio/visual) is the most effective way to imprint the mind. Actual order was reading, audio and visual.

        Through my own experience (read so many manuals as an autodidact technolog) reading demands absolute focusing. So many times having to read over the paragraph because my mind wondered. 🙂

        And as I wrote: “…reading a book involves imagination and creativity, and certainly a healthy brain exercise. As TV, smartphones, are quite brain passive.”


        .. we also get to sleep at night in front of the TV… but I agree with you.

        (let me take this opportunity to expand my initial comment)

        But back to reading… at the time of printing press and telegraph… I read (or watched) that it was used as a way to polarize people to vote for a certain president in the US. And it worked. (forgot the reference, sorry) They also used it to trigger a financial crisis by publishing false news.

        And let’s be clear, mass manipulation existed way before TV, and radio. Think of all the wars, and followers of beliefs.

        My point does not disqualify the higher level of power over the mind by TV (and its sophistication). (same for smartphones)

        No matter the tool & technic used to bring about masses, they all counted on the same thing: ignorance of the people (and lack of critical thinking).

        But may be changing with new technologies and body intrusions…


        … “While it has been said that everything could be weaponized, neurosciences and, more broadly speaking, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Sciences (NBIC) are clearly providing state and non-state actors some true game changers.”

        paper: Weaponization of neurosciences (NATO Operation in 2040)
        Whistled by iceagefarmer “Cognition Warfare”

        Browsing the innovationhub-act website, you’ll find plenty more documents.

        Maybe, TV as peanuts… compared to what may be coming.
        Cheers everyone. 🙂

        • Duck says:

          “..And let’s be clear, mass manipulation existed way before TV, and radio…”

          Very True.
          The loss of community and family ties as people got rich is probably what made people super easy to control… the Tech is prob less important then their carefully trained helplessness

          People are weaker minded now because so many have nothing inside but a desire for comfort
          Like Matt 12 says
          43-45 “This evil nation is like a man possessed by a demon. For if the demon leaves, it goes into the deserts[k] for a while, seeking rest but finding none. Then it says, ‘I will return to the man I came from.’ So it returns and finds the man’s heart clean but empty! Then the demon finds seven other spirits more evil than itself, and all enter the man and live in him. And so he is worse off than before.”

  14. Joseph says:

    Yes, the manipulative forces are being shifted onto the online media. Though I would like to add one more thought to this.

    I think there is even on more layer on top of that which is more dangerous. That is the wireless communications array, the 5G which will be soon enhanced by 6G. The frequencies and the modulated message on those frequencies can go very deep into the unconsciousness on a massive unsuspecting population.

    • openlens says:

      Keep pushing this, it is the crux of the situation at this time.
      Don’t let up. Unless we take the 5G, Nexrad, Haarp system all down, and that includes CERN, we have no hope.

      Vibration, resonance, frequency…the basic energy fields of life manifestation.

      Live music interferes. Sing , people, sing.
      Take down the Walls of Jericho, as we did once before.

      Just sing, out loud.

  15. Mitchell J. says:

    I was raised in a religious cult, most people are. The cult demands the results of my labor, they demanded sacraments, that I put the cult above all else, to the point of even dying for it. That was seen as a noble act. If you go against the cult, or believe something other than what they indoctrinate you into, you are seen as a heretic and brutally attacked.

    The name of the cult? Its called “government”. Its sacraments are called voting. Government tells you what you can and can not put into your body, they take your money without consent, they tell you who the bad people are, and will enslave you to go kill them, you have to ask permission to hunt, fish, and get married (its called a marriage license). Tell me again about your freedom…

    Government has taught you that anarchy is evil, out of control, people, that want to harm others. They offer the only true path. Beginning to sound like a cult. You can break free, you must if you want to be free. Authority is the most dangerous superstition ever created. Like fiat money, government is an artificial construct, designed to control you. No chains of iron ever held a man more than his own beliefs.

    TV is one of the greatest control devices ever for the cult leaders. The second-best thing I ever did, was to get rid of that thing and also stop watch movies. It is call programming for a reason.

    • Duck says:

      “..Authority is the most dangerous superstition ever created..”

      Only if its not legitimate authority… the steady attack on the IDEA of authority has left people with no structure to protect them or help them work to resist.

      “..It is call programming for a reason…”

      Funny, I was just listening to an audio book about Shakespere and it stated that the term “actor” was because they were to “Act” UPON THE AUDIENCE and move their emotional state 🙂
      I guess that Psyco-Tech goes back further the we realize, assuming the book was right

    • claude says:

      “also stop watch movies”

      Watching movies may be educational, once one is aware of the existance of propaganda. It actualy could be a good exercice for the brain to develop it’s awareness and detect underlying messages.

      Documentaries have the same potential as movies to propagate lies,truth,biases,distortion (so does any A/V publications). Think of all the documentaries about Climate Change then dismanted in “The Planet of humans”.

      Last night I watched “Young Tom Edison (1940)”, quite interesting to see/hear the underlying culture, messages, value system… as well as seen some lies about Edison, now that we know more about the history of Tesla vs Edison.

      But I share your view about TV… which I find extremly invading with all it’s publicity (among other things)

      Cheers 🙂

    • LastHumanist says:

      Today, the “secular western democracy” has indeed become the cult you describe.
      However, there were times when the general public considered it liberating to have, for example, a civil marriage that an emperor rather than a pope would set the rules for.

      It was considered fair and just to have authorities that worked towards gradually increasing the wealth and freedom of the common citizen.

      Sadly, most people are not able to act on first principles. Their moral development only goes far enough to check what they’d be punished and rewarded for. A society with a majority like that can try to educate the masses and, after generations, reach greater enlightenment or it can descend into the madness we see now.

      Where do people’s loyalties really lie, by the end of the day? They are loyal only to themselves rather than the government, I’d say.

      A voluntary basis for all social structures is a noble goal that I personally share. However, it can only be produced by a system that values educating towards human freedom because we are all born into this world not of our own volition but through other people’s actions and we remain at their mercy for many years.

      In order to protect the cause of human freedom a brotherhood of man is required. A human federation united by the desire to create a world in which free human life has value.

      The only reason we ever find ourselves stripped of our rights is an inability to defend them against the predators who’ll usurp them.

      And these predators do not rule because they are many and their power is overwhelming but quite the opposite. Their power only comes from preying on our weaknesses. Our laziness. Our willingness to take the bribe.

      They offered convenience and ,for a long time, contained their obvious injustices in areas that were out of sight and out of mind for most people.

      Nobody asked where those Orphans ended up when the CIA came (The Finders cult were keepers.) Nobody really cared about human experimentation on the homeless, the poor, the blacks. So what if the state killed some of its own citizens to have a casus belli against the oil countries as long as it gives some of the spoils to us.

      In the end, it had to turn against all of us. That’s simply the logic of its main modus operandi these days. However, has it really turned against us completely? Last time I checked, there weren’t any public flayings like the Assyrians used to have them. They didn’t draft us to die in some trench on the western front, either. What we have today is a technocratic push whose final results are still unknown. There are still checks and balances.

      What we must consider is the generational nature of rulership in these power structures. Factions come and go and even within them the leading figures come and go. I do not know who the government really is today. If you do, let me know.

      • Duck says:

        “ the desire to create a world in which free human life has value…”

        You can never CREATE such a world…either humans have innate value BECAUSE they are human beings, or they do not.

        You can not instill a Value in humans or create a Right by human Reason.
        Those rights and values must come from outside of humanity if they are to bind humanity into respecting them regardless of the convenience or the desires of the powerful.

        The idea of human rights grew out of the christian religion and its sectarian fighting, the idea is quite alien to pre-christian philosophy

      • openlens says:

        The government is the people who genocided the native population is order to sell you the land they are coming to take back. Pretty simple. I like it simple.

        Until your “brotherhood of man” includes 52% of the human population…women…good luck with that.
        What can I say?
        Simple: Patriarchy.

        What rules. What destroys. What kills.
        End it, or end.

  16. Octium says:

    Only thing I would add is despite all the MKULTRA style research into exotic forms of mind control such as brain probes, drugs, microwave beams into the skull etc, Television was found to be the simplest and most effective form of mass mind control.

    Yes, Exotic forms of mind control are still useful if you are after an individual Manchurian candidate or a school shooter, But nothing beats TV when it comes to bang-for-bucks.

    • Duck says:


      “..But nothing beats TV when it comes to bang-for-bucks…”

      How about a tiny TV you carry around in your pocket that feeds you PERSONALIZED programming built for you by algorithms ?
      People would laugh at idiots who say for hours and hours infrount of the TV but I’d bet 3/4 of people in the west are doing exactly that with their phones.

      Add in the big push to get people on drugs and your looking at people with silly putty levels of malleability of mind

      • cu.h.j says:

        That’s what the “smart-phone” is exactly, a personalized programming and tracking device. Social media is like a drug and people are hooked on it. When I terminated my facebook, I felt a sense of loss. But I was so angry about the idiocy coming from people I used to call friends that it was also a relief.

      • claude says:

        “…I’d bet 3/4 of people in the west…”

        Dear Duck,

        Is Mexico part of the west? (too many poor people to be part of the 1st world IMO)

        Bad surprise to me, they’re as hooked on smartphones as in Canada.
        Imagine a Mexican family of 4, all sitting at lunch, at the hotel, all stearing at their phone, not talking, totally hypnotized. Seen it too many times.

        Just my grain of salt 🙂

        • Duck says:

          “.. family of 4, all sitting at lunch, at the hotel, all stearing at their phone, not talking, totally hypnotized..”

          Sorry to hear that, poverty protected me as a kid from many vices that I could not afford.

          The rulers really really want to help everyone get some of that smartphone tech they keep away from their own children

          • claude says:

            Hey Duck,

            “poverty protected me as a kid from many vices that I could not afford.”

            Same here 😉

            And it’s only when I got in my 20’s that P.computers became available. I’m convinced that not having eGizmos in my youth helped my development. Lucky us I guess.

            Hell… I even used Logarithmic Slide Ruler in maths. No electronic calculators.

            Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that there was a time when humans were the one pushing technology… now it’s the technology pushing the humans.

            thx for your feedback 🙂

    • openlens says:

      That’s right!! Wham , bam,.. thank you mam!!

      Best bucks ever.

  17. Paul Cardin says:


  18. Caerla says:

    I feel so grateful to have never lived in home with a TV. My mom was deeply opposed to television when I was growing up, and I just learned to do other things with my time.

    A friend of mine showed me a scholarly book (I will have to ask about the title – it was published through a university press) compiling research done through the military and elsewhere on EMF radiation and brains. Apparently cell phones, iPads and other devices cause children to lack empathy, as they interrupt the frontal part of the brain.

    Also, I am curious how John R. Brinkley, a snake-oil salesman, politician, and original Border Blaster ties into radio influence on the public. He pioneered radio advertising.

    • Duck says:

      “..I feel so grateful to have never lived in home with a TV…”

      I know some people who have a TV large enough I could lay on it, which they run all the time.

      You can SEE the difference in them before and after they spent all day with the devil box re-flashing their firmware constantly… they have lost a good deal of their ability to reason. Not even being hyperbolic

      I’d hazard a guess if we compare your brain to the average TV watcher there would be marked differences. I know it causes brain changes in small children exposed to it

      • openlens says:

        See Jerry or Gerry Mander: “Four Reasons For the Elimination of Television”

        Madison Ave. executive. Created the first public benefit ad agency in the US.

        Australian studies, never punblished in Us: Lights, effect on brain, passes right by critical thinking centers, embeds in back of brain.
        “Educational tell-a-vision”.

  19. beaconterraone says:

    Television: the most effective weapon ever created.

    With Television, humanity’s enemies have conquered most of “the West” without firing a single shot.

    When people have asked me how one can “fight back” (against the Beast System), my first response is usually CANCEL any pay Television services, cable, satellite, and streaming. If they object, I quickly lose confidence that any further “education” of such individual isn’t a total waste of time. “Content” is available for free or no-extra-cost at a myriad of places, including free websites, public libraries, and via a VPN using the “ahoy, matey!” method. Most of the most toxic and degenerate “content” is the priciest & most restricted, so nothing is lost if one can’t join in the ritual.

    I always recommend two movies to folks who want to understand the hows & whys of our twisted world:

    They Live!



    Those two alone are a graduate-level education in propaganda and “thought leadership,” if the “student” pays attention with an open, and critical, mind.

  20. beaconterraone says:

    Something from decades ago:


    The devil once said to his demons below,
    “Our work is progressing entirely too slow.
    The holiness people stand in our way
    Since they do not believe in the show or the play.
    They teach that the carnival, circus and dance,
    The tavern and honky-tonk with game of chance,
    Drinking and smoking, these things are all wrong;
    The Christians don’t mess with the ungodly throng.
    They are quick to condemn everything that we do
    To cause unbelievers to be not a few.
    They claim that these things are all of the devil;
    That Christian folks live on a much higher level.
    Now fellows, their theology, while perfectly true
    Is blocking the work we are trying to do.
    We will have to get busy and figure a plan
    That will change their standards as fast as we can.
    Now I have a vision of just what we can do.
    Harken, I’ll tell this deception to you.
    Then find ye a wise, but degenerate man
    Whom I can use to help work out this plan.
    There’s nothing so real as the things that you see;
    The eyes and the mind and the heart will agree.
    So what can be better than an object to view?
    I say, it will work and convince quite a few.
    The home is the place for this sinful device;
    The people deceived will think it quite nice.
    The world will possess it, most Christians can’t tell

    That it is all of the devil and plotted in hell!
    We’ll sell them with pictures of the latest news;
    While they’re still looking, we’ll advertise booze.
    At first it will shock them; they’ll seem in a daze;
    But soon they’ll be hardened and continue to gaze.
    We’ll give them some gospel that isn’t too strong,
    And a few sacred songs to string them along.
    They’ll take in the ads, with the latest of fashions,
    Soon watching the shows that will stir evil passions.
    Murder and love-making scenes they’ll behold
    Until their souls will be utterly cold.
    The old family altar which once held such charm
    Will soon lose its place without much alarm.
    Praying in secret will also be lost
    As they look at the screen, not counting the cost.
    Compromise preachers, who don’t take their stand
    Will embrace this new vision and think it is grand.
    They’ll help fool the people and cause them to sin


  21. beaconterraone says:

    By seeking this evil and taking it in.
    Influence is great and this you can see;
    Just look at my fall and you’ll have to agree.
    It won’t take too long, my demons, to tell
    That the vision of Satan will populate Hell!
    Divorce will increase, sex crimes will abound;
    Much innocent blood will be spilled on the ground.
    The home will be damned in short order I say
    When this vision of mine comes in to stay.
    Get busy, my cohorts, and put this thing out;
    We’ll see if the church can continue to shout.

    The holiness people who stand in our way
    Will soon hush their crying against show and play.
    We’ll cover the earth with this devil vision.
    Then we’ll camouflage it with the name television.
    The people will think they are getting a treat
    Till the Antichrist comes and takes over his seat.
    He’ll rule the world while the viewers behold
    The face of the beast, to whom they were sold.
    We’ll win through deception, this cannot fail;
    Though some holiness preachers against it will rail.”

    Author Unknown

    • Duck says:

      Cool poem

    • openlens says:

      “Christians” were the last one to know, actually.

      “Belief Systems” : Can neither be proved nor disproved. Perfect tool.

      • beaconterraone says:

        Belief systems can neither be “proved” nor “disproved” only if materialistic “intellect” is the sole “tool” used for such task.

        The Technocratic Feudalism that humanity is now facing is based solely on intellect, devoid of the instruments of the human heart and intuition.


        “Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization. Possibly that is why civilized man views the earth’s remaining wildernesses with increasing nostalgia. As we lose our wild freedoms, we recognize their value in opposition to the tyranny of intellect.”

        “As I gained in age and experience, my interest shifted from the scientific toward the mystical. I found that any branch of science pursued to its peripheries ended in mystery. Man could neither explain the miracle of creation or the fact of his awareness, nor conceive the end of space and time. The miracles of science and technology become trivial in the face of the unknowable.”

        — Charles A. Lindbergh, Autobiography of Values

  22. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — Future Blockchain Summit 2021 Dubai —
    – Bitcoin and Bitcoin Futures ETF – Gareth Soloway / Kitco News
    — Forecast of a Central Bank Digital Currency —

    The Future Blockchain Summit 2021 exhibition and conference in Dubai is from October 17th thru the 20th.
    During this same time period other Tech conferences (e.g. Ai , EV) are being held in Dubai.

    David Lin of Kitco News is there in Dubai. He interviews technical trader Gareth Soloway who will be speaking at the event. Gareth’s talk will be about the demise of The Federal Reserve and other Central Banks which will lead to a World Digital Currency. Gareth posits that the public will demand a new currency, and tries to frame his communication in layman terms.
    Gareth Soloway says: “What I’m actually calling for is a total collapse of the monetary system, actually. So, there will have to be a reset. And I do think that what we’re going to go through as a country, as a world, is something that’s going to equal if not worse than 1929 in the thirties of the Great Depression, it is going to be cataclysmic. But from its dust, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will rise and be the future of society.”
    [Gareth did NOT say that Bitcoin would be a Central Bank Digital Currency.]

    Gareth goes over price forecasts for Bitcoin and the recent hype about the Bitcoin ETF. He also gives a mid-range forecast for stock prices.
    Oct 17th
    Total collapse of the monetary system to a Great Reset. – Bitcoin & Stock price forecast
    (17 minutes)

    Bitcoin $20,000? – Gold, Silver, Stocks
    On May 14th, 2021, technical trader Gareth Soloway correctly forecast that Bitcoin would see a correction down to $30,000. He was spot-on and showed the chart hypothesis here. … Gareth is again interviewed on September 20th, and provides his technical chart analysis for Bitcoin, Gold and Stocks.

  23. HomeRemedySupply says:

    You gotta see this IMAGE of Saudi Arabia’s planned ‘EXTREME’ mega-THEME PARK.
    “THE RIG”

    Oct 18th
    Saudi Arabia Looks To Attract Tourists With ‘Epic’ Offshore Rig Thrills
    Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund (PIF), unveiled this weekend its latest project to attract tourists to the country by offering “epic adventures” in a park, THE RIG, inspired by offshore oil platforms.
    The new tourism project, to be located in the Arabian Gulf, is part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to boost its international appeal and tourism offering, as well as to diversify its economy away from oil under the Saudi Vision 2030 plan, according to PIF.

    THE RIG will span a combined total area of more than 150,000 square meters and is “expected to attract tourists from around the world, while being especially popular with citizens and residents of the GCC countries in the region,” PIF said in a statement.
    The project will feature extreme sports activities, live shows, three hotels, 11 restaurants, and helipads.
    “This is no theme park – it’s an extreme park, an entirely new playground of adventure,” says THE RIG’s website….

    • mkey says:

      Trust Saupdis to build pools out in the ocean. A side note, pools used by a large mass of people are such an incredible chemical bath I would not put evem my pinky in there.

    • openlens says:

      Suadi Arabia purchased many of the US shipping ports many, many years ago. Bushwackers,eh? Yeah, so what’s going on in the ports now?

      Oh, well…money money money. Those who genocided and stole all the land to sell to you, are coming to take it back!!

      Sucks. Karma sucks.

  24. CRM114 says:

    *cue groucho marx quote.

    If only TV could be more like Desmond Morris’ series The Human Animal

  25. FlyingAxblade says:

    1939 CFR Hitler good enough for link?

    • beaconterraone says:

      I haven’t been able to verify this in the original source (I don’t have access to a NON-DIGITAL archive of Der Spiegel), but this is allegedly from Der Spiegel in 1992 (Issue 13 / 22.03.1992):

      “Wir machten aus Hitler ein Monstrum, einen Teufel. Deshalb konnten wir nach dem Krieg auch nicht mehr davon abrücken. Hatten wir doch die Massen gegen den Teufel persönlich mobilisiert. Also waren wir nach dem Krieg gezwungen, in diesem Teufelsszenario mitzuspielen. Wir hätten unmöglich unseren Menschen klarmachen können, daß der Krieg eigentlich nur eine wirtschaftliche Präventivmaßnahme war!”

      –James Baker, ehemaliger US-Außenminister

  26. openlens says:

    That Orson Wells broadcast, “War of the ‘Worlds”…Ideashpere…was broadcast in 1938, not 1940.
    War of Words. The “Word” creates, in that cosmology.
    It’s all electromagnetic fields.

    I’m going to examine the fixed-star astrology of that date. They know the uses of the stars, very very well.

  27. Jed says:

    The mRNA vaccine was developed, “To Serve Man”
    Twilight Zone episode from 1962

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