The Fed Rate Hike: What you need to know

12/20/201516 Comments

Yes, you've heard that the Fed raised interest rates this week. But, like everything else the MSM ever spouts, that's not exactly true. Join me for this week's subscriber newsletter to discover what really happened and what it means for the markets going forward. Also, in a special bonus subscriber video I announce the winners of last week's Christmas ideas contest.

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  1. 4TLeser says:

    Thank you James
    for all your work to keep us mortals informed.

    Thanks to you and other bloggers I have learned; enabled me to understand our world today much better.

    Please enjoy the days of rest with your family and son especially.
    These precious years flow by much too fast.
    All the best and clear vision ahead.

    Thanks to all taking in and mirroring important knowledge about issues we all face on this Planet.

    Regards and best wishes to all

  2. captjrab says:

    Merry Christmas James, thanks for all your great work.

  3. Ukdavec says:

    Good piece James. This related video is also useful IMHO

    • Corbett says:

      Thank you for that link, Ukdavec. I hadn’t seen that video before and although I knew the broad outline of that information it really documents it very clearly. A very important video for people looking to understand the importance of what happened over the last 6 years.

  4. bob_fergus says:

    G’day James,
    Sounds like some wonderful ideas for the festive season.I echo 4tlesser in suggesting time spent with the loved ones is the best gift of all. As for the DVD you so generously offered may I impose upon you to choose it for me as I’m anew subscriber and unfamiliar with your complete body of work. Perhaps something relating to the Asia Pacific region would be appropriate for an Aussie eh?
    Thanks again to you and all who regularly make the effort to keep others informed and aware.
    Cheers m8

    • Corbett says:

      I’m happy to select a DVD myself if you don’t know which one to take, but I’ll reiterate that you’ll have to email me with your postal address so I can send it out to you. (Obviously please don’t post your address here in the comments section)

  5. clownbaby1989 says:

    Yeah James, I’m one of the guys still waiting on his DvD after paying full price! I’m just pulling your leg. Thanks for everything you do. You are truly making a difference and I am looking forward to getting my DvD when you finally ship it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. karlharvie says:

    Hi James, I don’t want to tow the same happy holy day theme, so I will get right to the point. What is your opinion on so called “circumcision”, or as it should be called ” baby rape”. Do you have any opinion at all on this most popular violent sexual hate crime?

    Thanks for your very hard work, I enjoy hearing your side of all of the current events.

    All the best in so called “2016”

  7. Trudy-Alan says:

    Many thank yous, enjoyed reading your summary of the Fed’s antics. Merry Christmas to you and yours. All the best in this new, exciting, paradigm changing new year 2016!

  8. sambiohazard says:

    The link for Schoolsucks Project Podcast is broken for me. It ends up with a “Database Error”, in fact whole site is inaccessible to me. I was able to hear it on this link after a quick ddg search.

    Thanks for all the great content James ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. xirrad says:


    As much as the ‘imagination card’ idea seems superficially good and thoughtful, I honestly think it’s not a very good gift. Essentially, it’s a permission slip to make a request for something. That’s fine, but consider that the spirit of gift-giving isn’t so much in the value of the gift, but in the thought put into empathizing with the recipient. Furthermore, it’s a demonstration that you know (i.e., pay attention to the sentiments expressed by the) recipient sufficiently in order to choose an appropriate gift.

    This christmas, as usual, I have to muck in with the gift-giving culture of my inlaws, and oh boy is it a brainstrain to come up with stuff, but there in lies the real gift โ€“ย that someone else sat down to try and think of something they might like.

    So, while I think the imagination card is okay, I wouldn’t give it alone. At least try to think of something she might like. The less practical value it has, the better! It’s counterintuitive, but that’s how it works. I think it has something to do with the usefulness of an object mitigating against its value as a token. There’s plenty of girly stuff that’s not very expensive; buy something on Etsy or whatever if you’re worried about supporting someone untoward.

    Merry Christmas, James. Thanks for all the hard work!


    • nosoapradio says:

      Well, there’s brutal truth to what you point out but I remember when my spouse and I were somewhat younger and made a lot less money (today we make about three times as much as we did back then but somehow our standard of living seems, if anything, to have gone down curiously) ANYOW! when I was younger I gave the “imagination gift” and believe me, my spouse did not let it go to waste, went to town!, made the most of it!… I’ll spare you the details… but… some very good memories… ahem…
      well, be merry and all that!…

  10. padraig says:

    work… snapp! i said work…smapp! what we have here, is a failure to communicate. snapp!get on the dang machine and research. pump out info to me. like now’ish. pitter patter let’s get atter! wakey wakey eggs and bakey! its gotta be at least the afternoon there. time for working!

  11. tkelly67 says:

    Yes all these monetary shenanigans give the global economy whiplash and prevent the necessary corrections from happening. The result is continued distortions that will make the Great Reckoning that much greater. But then again order out of chaos may indeed be the end game here. The global economic collapse meme may just be more fear porn. After all, what is in play here is not just economics. If it were the system would have collapsed long ago. Catherine Austin Fitts makes good point when she says that in the final analysis the question is not economics. It’s military. The Anglo-American elite control the all the payments systems, satellites, etc. and last but not least have the power to kill with impunity. The threat of violence can keeping a bankrupt system going for a very long time.

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