The FBI's October Surprise: What You're Not Being Told

11/06/201610 Comments

On Friday, October 28th, 2016, FBI Director James Comey dropped a political bombshell just 10 days out from the presidential (s)election.

Many theories have so far been floated about why the FBI director issued this letter just days before a national (s)election. Some of them, including the idea that Comey is struggling against an internal insurrection of agents disgruntled by his earlier decision not to prosecute Clinton, seem to have a basis in reality. Others, including the idea that Comey is an agent of the Russians, working in collusion with Putin and Trump to put a Kremlin puppet in the White House, do not.

But what seemingly everyone has missed with regard to the letter is that it was issued just four days after another bombshell piece of information...

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  1. peace.froggs says:

    No matter how complex, I like to keep things simple, my dear Watson(s).

    1- The FBI never discusses incomplete investigations, yet FBI Director James Comey decides to release an ambiguous letter, open to interpretations and innuendos, to a Republican lead Congress no less, mere days away from an election!!!

    — It doesn’t take a genius to figure this part out.

    2- Also, there is a little thing called “the Hatch Act”, a federal law that prohibits political meddling within 60 days of an election by high-level officials, much like the director of the FBI.

    — My guess is, regardless who wins Nov 08th, Comey’s days are numbered, I say he steps down by June/July of next year.


    A) Out of all these hundred of thousands of emails that were leaked, can someone point to one, just one, one little email that incriminates Hillary of anything. Just one.

    B) Funny how Republicans accuse Hillary of breaking the law, yet it would appear that her private email server was actually more secure than the government run servers, since Wikileaks nor Putin can find any of those 30 000 missing emails.


    Here’s the esoteric part of my post, make of it what you will.

    Yes, it is quite obvious that the “elite” aren’t all monolithic.

    Remember this? “You chose the wrong side”

    Notice the colors, blue & red…..look familiar?
    Freemasonic red lodge (York rite) and the Freemasonic blue lodge (Scottish rite), Republican vs Democrat…same thing.

    The elite are the “super-men” of this world and it would appear someone
    “chose the wrong side”

    How far this schism will go is anybody’s guess.

    I’m with stronger together, just say’in.

    • Sonex says:

      Check out this letter written by Robert Steele:

      Certified Letter to James Comey – Pedophilia, Electoral Fraud, Treason, Charity Fraud –

      • peace.froggs says:

        Interesting, however to be honest, he shouldn’t reference Alex Jones and Wikileaks because it reads more as a Hillary Clinton witch hunt instead of actually uncovering the truth.

        Furthermore, he should concentrate on one issue at a time, it’be much more effective, especially if he has any “actual hard proof” instead of just regurgitating what some people wrote in books.

  2. Strandy says:

    I totally agree with the line of thoughts and wonder if wikileaks & anonymous are both informational portals for the deep state / power maniacs that are trying to create these effects ???? As a portal for the hate and aggression to be formulated on some kind of authenticity !!!!! Namaste….

  3. Strandy says:

    I like your questions related to death and how important it might be for people to “realise” our mortality in order to embrace our “alive-ness” as a means to infuse even greater presence / intelligence through our beingness……
    My own take on this matter is that the possible realisation can be a gateway for more realisations of that we are divine emanations of source energy inhabiting these bodies and subsequently can NOT die, and that which is the deepest resonance in any individual is far greater then we can ever imagine within our current amnesia / unawareness, its not any”thing” created or of creation but a playground for any-body to learn and evolve the greatest learning of un-conditioned formulated energy of Love from within to all that is!!!
    A bit deep maybe, but I like it, ha ha…. Namaste…. “Love” your way of inquiring it all!

  4. Rancher says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience James. I’ve been so saddened by the deaths that have come as a result of the lies we’ve been told and led to believe for years. Lots to consider.

  5. VoiceOfArabi says:

    My condolences to you and the family James. May she rest in peace.

    Were i live.. we have to lower our own into the ground, only wrapped in white sheets, after the whole community carry them on the shoulders for the last couple of miles journey.

    And, i agree with you totally.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James, Thanks for the perspective of how death is treated in Japan. It broadens my understanding.

  7. Mishelle says:

    Just FYI, it seems the link above to the Modern Farmer article on GMO is linking back to a previous CR episode.

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