The EU Is About to Become A Superstate: Here's How it Happened

12/13/201540 Comments

Speaking of crisis-opportunities, the next stage of the EU refugee crisis is set to be tabled by the EU Commission next week: a standing border guard that will be deployed at the whim of Brussels, not at the whim of the states that it is "protecting." Join me for this week's subscriber editorial as I explain the context of this decision and what it means for the rise of the European superstate. Also, don't miss this month's subscriber video where I take you to the Japanese shopping mall to solicit suggestions for avoiding cheap, slave-made, plastic crap this Christmas season.

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  1. firehorse says:

    participating any activity that your family enjoys but you are not enthusiastic about

    • archives2001 says:

      I ‘second that amendment’ Firehorse and James!

    • bob_fergus says:

      Spot on firehorse…..the most valuable gift you can give them James is your time and attention. Seasons greetings to you and yours.

    • lhartford says:

      Agreed. For our younger kids we’ve sometimes wrapped up “gift certificates”, put them under the tree. They would be for things like “free trip to the aquarium with mom and dad” or “free trainride with grampa”. Giving and receiving “experiences” is worthwhile – they make memories, don’t have to cost a lot, and nothing is left over that ends up in the trash heap before next Christmas.
      Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. nosoapradio says:

    Ummmm, think I might not be in the right place here… but…in terms of gift ideas… maybe not very original, maybe kinda cliché…anyhow, I just reserved a ride in a hot air balloon (or Montgolfière) for my 12-year old son and myself for Christmas. It’s not super cheap but… I think it’s an experience he’ll remember. Last year he received a pack of three cooking classes with seasoned chefs, er, so to speak. He loved it. Have a wonderful warm family holiday!

    P.S. Great idea Firehorse! Sure to please! so stunningly and simply elegant… like origami…

  3. irma says:

    You are very capable of making video’s with much humor. Make your own video-message straight from the heart, being yourself. So… Take a canvas and some paint (no plastic paint of course, also no oilpaint because that needs half a year to dry 🙂 ) but acryllic for example. Paint yourself as far as possible and put the video-box (with the video) in your painted ‘hands’ and let it dry in an hour. They can hear and see your ‘personal present’ and also have a nice ‘Corbett’ on the wall for the whole year!
    You really can do it, for sure! Succes! 😉

  4. NES says:

    I decided to stop buying crap long ago. Instead, I embarked on a mission and put funds toward making a great memory every year. I wanted to do something special, something that would never be forgotten. The best year was when I took my step-daughter sky-diving. We tandem jumped, screaming most of the way down with absolute delight. I can assure you it was a gift she will never forget. Memories are the best gifts. One day your son will say I loved when we…

  5. Craig says:

    Hi James

    Back in the seventies here in England during the strikes that were rife at the time my Uncle John was pretty broke. So for Christmas he built a wooden petrol station with a multi-story car park on top for his son – my then four year old cousin Dean. It was built to scale for the use of matchbox cars which were pretty cheap and most little boys had around that time. Dean absolutely loved this present and danced on its roof: it was tough unlike plastic rubbish even though it was only made of off-cuts of wood my Uncle John had got for free somewhere and painted with some left-over white emulsion.
    So my first suggestion is to make your little boy something like that.
    Second suggestion. If you have a garden buy a couple of fruit trees from a local family nursery – I hear you have cherry trees in Japan ;). Also buy some seeds that you can plant with him in the house. Kids love growing cress. Get him into sowing and growing at an early age. Look for heritage / heirloom seeds. Try and get them from independent producers and and suited to your locality.
    As for your wife, if you don’t have access to land yourself get someone to plant a grove of trees for you for here. This is one I use in Scotland but you’ve probably got one available in Japan. If you do have a garden I think planting fruit trees with your wife for your son is a great way of ‘investing’ for the future. A row of step-over apples would make a great ‘hedge fund’.

    Have a great yule.

    • ginnee says:

      Great ideas Craig. We make our gifts, sewing and woodworking mostly. Purse and tote bags we sew. For my boy I made fancy surfer baggie type pants with cargo pockets his match box cars could fit in. Custom back pack, stuff like that. Matching shirts and hat for you and your son….wife too. Have them custom embroidered by a local craft person. Team Corbett. Perhaps an age appropriate ball to go with it. What does your wife enjoy? Perhaps supplies for her hobbie. Tickets to an event and dinner. Maybe you have an online Etsy site in Japan and can buy custom made items for them if crafting is not what you do.

      Merry Christmas my friend.


  6. Selinah says:

    Love you James Corbett! The only gifts I give now have to be consumable…a service or an experience.
    Those are also the only kind I prefer to get now as I don’t need any more ‘stuff’. Think of gift certificates….perhaps a wonderful massage for your wife, a pedicure, manicure at her favourite salon, lunch or dinner to a wonderful restaurant – a weekend out of town…..anything that will create a memorable experience….and something she would perhaps not buy for herself.
    The suggested gift of seeds to plant trees with your son….or an
    experience to enjoy with him too – even a wooden building set (I enjoyed endless hours with my son with his). Let us know what you decide!

  7. ernieleither says:

    Not knowing your wife or son, that makes this particularly difficult. I have a nephew in his early teens that I am buying for, and this year I decided to get him something that he might actually use on occasion. It is a pair of Vice Grips locking pliers (

    I figured I should get him something I know his parents won’t get, but that could come in quite handy at some point.


    • fixitguy says:

      I am a guy a little older then you, not much but a little. For always my mother did the christmas dinner, after she passed my sister inlaw jumped in and did it. Couple of years ago I decided the best gift I could give her was not having to do that, So I did it. According to her it was the best gift ever, so now every second year she gets that and the other years I get that gift. Thought my bother might catch on and put a 3rd chef in the rotation but…. I bet your wife would love to sit and do absolutely no cooking that day, but rather play with your son. Your son, give him something that teaches him things. ie one year I got a model of a car engine that actually had moving parts and cuts that showed him how engine works. another year I got a 50 in 1 electronics kit, that started 30 years and a career in electronics. Vellman makes kits, Elecktor magazine has lots of resources on diy stuff for all ages. Your son must be about 4 now and i sure I have seen stuff like this at Sayal Electronics ( Then main part of the gift is to do it with him on time set aside for 2 (or 3) of you regularly with no work, no tv, no cell phone etc etc

  8. stevekelly911 says:

    James, there’s only one gift that will suffice this Christmas:


    Here’s seven good qualifiers:

    1) Its paper and not plastic!

    2) Will make you and your loved ones feel warm-and-fuzzy at an otherwise cold time of year, whilst you stand by your inefficient log fire dreaming about a solar powered set of Christmas lights (which don’t work at night)!

    3) You can frame it and hang it in your lobby/hall: To virtue signal to your family and friends that you are NOT a consumer piggy, and that you carry much less sin than those dirty gluttonous capitalists (even though it was bought and sold on a capital market)!

    4) It will fit nicely under a plastic Christmas tree!

    5) It was definitely not made in a third-world country, because there are no large tall bank towers or accounting firms in third world countries. I guarantee that most of these products are ‘made’ in New York or the City of London by friendly people in business suits with good (and GREEN!) intentions.

    6) It did not exploit any third world people at all … until of course they are mandated to buy them also, in which case your purchase of said ubiquitous unit of credit just inflated the supply-demand cost of said invisible accounting unit for those people who work at sweat shops for $2 a week … but for now you can just ignore that little bi-product of brain matter and claim to be ‘green’ and actually helping the worlds poorest from the inevitable CAGW drought, which will cause a food shortage for grain/rice they couldn’t afford anyways because they had to buy said invisible accounting unit in the first place for half their weekly wage (more warm-and-fuzzy feelings).

    7) BECAUSE THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED (My personal favorite reason which is totally irrefutable, and comes with a 97% consensus that you made the right choice this Christmas).

    … or alternatively, I own a bridge in Brooklyn (made in America) of concrete and steel (not plastic), and I can sell you a certificate of ownership for only $20 😛 It’s a steal, though the Carbon Credit comes with virtue signalling potential and is much more in fashion.

  9. Jelloir says:

    Why not start that Garden you’ve been talking about! Buy some plants, pots, seeds and compost and create a family garden. Perhaps buy your wife and son a “special” plant each that will be theirs to watch grow and produce food and add beauty. If it’s a Christmas gift there is extra insensitive to ensure it’s maintained.

    If you have access to Heirloom varieties they are the best choice.

  10. padraig says:

    buy a grill. buy a smoker. learn to cook. it’s daily love. flames suck. basically. i dont even watch hockey anymore ‘cept for the juniors. but the flames suck. almost as bad as the yucktown oilers. yeesh just reading ‘oilers’ makes me all oogie. get the boy a pair of skates. er… is there rinks where you live? hmm. get a parsley plant. a basil plant. that’s how we started 4 years ago. now we ‘can’ and dehydrate for a week just to have garden goodies through the winter. build a treefort. bring them to porcfest. hehe. cheers bro. whatever you do will be perfect.

  11. rockshot says:

    James, why not start a braided rug? I assume that you can get old CLEAN clothes there in Japan…or wash them yourself, then get a couple bags of old clothes of similar fabric, like all denim. Or all blues, whatever. I am not sure how to do it exactly, but it should give you all something to do together and by next year, it would be huge, (and cheap). And very similar to to those mats that they use there, but decidedly WESTERN. Your boy should be about 3 so that is not too young.
    This would extend family time past a meal and teach your little boy about teamwork, family, etc.
    It is all uncomplicated that you will have to talk. A ytube vid would get you started, and since YOU started it, then that means that YOU intend to commit to finishing it and thereby commit so much time to the family.
    James, why not start a braided rug? I assume that you can get old CLEAN clothes there in Japan…or wash them yourself, then get a couple bags of old clothes of similar fabric, like all denim. Or all blues, whatever. I am not sure how to do it exactly, but it should give you all something to do together and by next year, it would be huge, (and cheap). And very similar to to those mats that they use there, but decidedly WESTERN. Your boy should be about 3 so that is not too young.
    This would extend family time past a meal and teach your little boy about teamwork, family, etc.
    It is all so uncomplicated that you will have to talk. A ytube vid would get you started, and since YOU started it, then that means that YOU intend to commit to finishing it and thereby commit so much time to the family.

  12. Liv says:

    Dear James,
    No doubt you spend an enormous amount of time researching, analyzing, editing etc. and I take this opportunity to thank you for that James. I would also like to direct my gratitude to your wife and son. I do believe that working from home can be quite challanging sometimes. Your desk is always there and there’s just this one thing to finish…right?
    There’s already lot’s of good ideas for presents in all of the above comments, my suggestion for a christmas present would be;
    One day a month the coming year to be spent exclusively with your wife and son. Celebrate your family once a month and do things you don’t normally have “the time” to do. Your son is young and I think that he would appreciate your time and presence more than stuff.

    Choose 12 ideas that pleases you in the comments and realize one every month. Christmas once a month during the whole year for your wife and son with a blessing from the Corbett Community!…like that there will be 13 winners of a Corbett Report video, right James?! A win-win for all !

    Merry Christmas every one!

  13. Lol Hardiman says:

    Well James if the spirit of Christmas is about anything then it is about giving to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. I assume that since you and your spouse are still together it is partially because you already spend a portion of quality time with her and your child. So why not go and help out in a soup kitchen or a community still suffering from the effects of the tsunami or any number of gift Labour options you can think of. As suggested above, a date with your family once a month – but helping others. This would be a wonderful gift not just for the recipients but for yourselves. What better way to teach your child the value of community? Merry Christmas from Ireland and thank you for your wonderful work.

  14. d-One says:

    Hi James
    This idea came to mind, but it is not as “family” oriented as the other suggestions here. But I liked the idea of one thing giving birth to further creations… multiply the blessings!

    Purchase / make a 3D printer …. and make stuff for your family and friends. (The irony is that it creates more plastic stuff!!)

    But I like the idea of creating a vertical garden space for herbs, or making sprouts … and enjoying them together with your family during meals. (Time? Space?)

    Blessings to All!

    • Octium says:

      You beat me to it! I was going to suggest a 3D printer as well…

      Plastic doesn’t have to be evil. Most of the low cost printers can use PLA plastic filament. PLA is commonly made from corn starch and can be composted when it is no longer required.

      I also wonder what the next generation of children are going to turn out like after they have been raised on flat touch screens all day?

      3D printed objects will give young children a true 3D learning experience that involves touch as well, not just pseudo 3D rendered onto flat screens!

      For example there is software around that allows you to generate a 3D map of the terrain in your local area.

  15. meighenrussell says:

    I heard from my daughter that her two boys (6 and 11) really enjoy going to Funtime Junction, which has lots of things for children to do (and they rarely get to go there). So, I’m giving her cash so she can take the boys there and have a really fun day from Grandma.

    Perhaps there’s something in your area where your family can have a day, or afternoon, of just having a good time together, making happy memories (and no things to pick up and put away).

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, James!


  16. nosoapradio says:

    So today, 15/12/15, is the day this EBCGS proposal is supposed to be discussed – let’s see what kind of reactions and press result from it…

    • Corbett says:

      Here’s the European Commission’s official press release and fact sheet:

      I haven’t had time to go through it myself yet, but if anyone finds anything useful in it, feel free to report back here.

      • stevekelly911 says:

        In relation to this creation of an EU wide border force run from Brussels, it would seem that UK migration policy can be seen as another canary in the coal mine for the creation of an EU superstate. This latest news is a U-turn from the pandering and signalling David Cameron was making before the recent election, to woo disenfranchised voters who were leaning from labour and conservative towards UKIP and SNP.

        It would seem that 2016 is the year slated for the David Cameron back stab of the independence/nationalist (UKIP etc) movement in the UK, with Commonwealth cousins in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, being shown the door in favor of Eastern block immigration starting with working visas; what will be next? Ok if you come from Pakistan in a boat, but not ok if you speak the language and have your own capital and an arranged job to settle? It’s amazing a conservative government can get away with it, but of course democracy is a sham in most places. I think people have lost the will to resist globalism, especially in the EU.

        Even London mayor Boris Johnson is hopping mad, but nothing can stop the Cameron, Merkel and Hollande trio now that labor movements across the developed countries in Europe have been castrated:
        – Corbin in the UK is spending more time fighting factions than fighting Cameron who’s last election proved the effective destruction of New-Labor after Blair.
        – Syriza in Greece where Tsipras is enacting Troika asset stripping dictates whilst claiming ‘left cover’ (the other ‘PIIGS’ follow).
        – Germany and France have totally socialist leaders who work for the TBTF banks and inductrialists, who need cheap Eastern block workers to displace the natives to compete with China, workers who will have no national identity, and thus no historical link with middle-class workers rights movements.

        Is the ERT (European Round Table of Industrialists) getting exactly what they want with the effective destruction of the middle-class in Europe? Eastern block migration and the ‘refugee crisis’, are a master stroke of Ordo Ab Chao in my opinion … look how well it is working for the elite.

        It makes one wonder if 2016 was not always slated as the year of EU consolidation? I mean, is the seemingly engineered ‘refugee crisis’, which is allowing the extreme Islamist meme to distract and divide the populations AGAINST their respective national regimes, simply a big part of the order out of chaos modus operandi in creating the ‘necessity’ for further political integration?

        Personally, I think the evidence is overwhelming, and the back stab that Cameron is now issuing to the Commonwealth nations with trained English speaking people, who are more culturally compatible for businesses in the UK, proves that something BIG is coming in EU history. All that is required now in the EU is a financial collapse, and Brussels will get to top-down manage the chaos it so relishes.

        I really enjoyed this article by the way. It is really important news that is virtually absent from the ProleVision MSM.

  17. Knarf says:

    Virtually nobody uses up, breaks, or tires of and discards a good book.

    The other cool thing is, you can borrow it later.

  18. Corbett says:

    Thank you to everyone for all your kind suggestions. I really do appreciate them.

    A commenter on the YouTube video asked if there is a deadline for idea suggestions. I’ll probably make/prepare/buy my gifts this weekend, so let’s say the deadline is Friday. I’ll let you know the winner/winners in this weekend’s newsletter.

    Thanks again for your ideas!

  19. gerbnl says:

    How about this incredible origami double star flexicube?

    It has all the hallmarks: Very christmassy, shows tons of devotion, no plastic at all (but still utterly useless)! And to top it off, it has a nice Japanese link!

    The deadline might pose a problem :/

  20. malfisher says:

    Money in a card. Its simple, and works, even if people can only give a small amount, it all adds up and you’they can then get something good, that you really want! And if theyre skint, like me, they haven’t had to struggle on a low budget to try and get something that aint just crap rubbish that no-one really wants!

    Thats my advice James, merry Christmas and a happy new year


  21. graviv says:

    For a 2.5 year old, wrap up old toys and things, lots of em. For your wife, hire a babysitter, and have a weekend away. Matching outfits for everyone bought with bitcoin. I think it is really sweet when men pick out clothes for their wives.

    If you really want to go counter-culture, you can have no gifts, fast instead of feast. Celebrate a little on the solstice. My family has never wanted to do that, hmm.

  22. Deepintherabbithole says:

    For Xmas: actually I’ve got the idea from an earlier suggestion, so all the credit should go to him or her. However, to elaborate on the idea of giving seeds, your son (and you too haha) need visuals and step by step guidance. So I suggest seeds plus a sprouting device plus a nice children’s gardening book like Growing Vegetable Soup. This might lead the whole family on the path to growing your own food! Thanks James for all the wonderful work you put out there, merry xmas & happy new year, Laure

  23. mdj says:

    Hi. For a suggestion I recommend heirloom seeds. It’s natural and the gift that keeps on giving. Plus you can eat the results.

    Also is there a way to access previous subscriber videos? I just recently became a member.

    • mdj says:

      I see what I suggested has already been suggested.

    • Octium says:

      I don’t know how to get to just the videos (As they are unlisted in youtube) however you can bring up the previous newsletters by clicking on “Filed in: Newsletter” at the bottom of the last newsletter.

      Then you can follow the link to the video from each article.

      • mdj says:

        Thank you Octium. Based upon your idea I was able to do a search for “SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE VIDEO” and found a dozen or so videos.

        • Corbett says:

          Glad you two worked it out. Yes, there is no central repository of old subscriber videos; they’re scattered through the newsletter archives. You can access those archives at the link Octium posted or use the “Articles” tab in the site menu at the top of the screen (underneath the banner).

  24. jcp814 says:

    Greetings James! My suggestion is a Christmas gift for your wife, from you and your son. Place your son on your lap and tell him that you want to make something special for Mommy for Christmas and ask him if he would like to join you. Suggest that he color a Christmas picture for Mommy and tell him that you are going to write a Christmas note to Mommy that you will place in the middle of his Christmas drawing. The note would detail how your wife/Mom is you and your son’s “Christmas Blessing!” Place note in the middle of the drawing with double sided tape. Finish it off by writing; centered and towards the top, in crayon, “MERRY CHRISTMAS! With all of our dearest LOVE!! 2015” Then take it in to be professionally framed, with custom mat, etc. or you can frame it yourself. This link will get you started: Picture Framing Basics | The Anatomy of a Picture Frame__ | This is something that you can enjoy every year and it’s made with LOVE!! Peace, jeannie

  25. Corbett says:

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the Christmas contest. I really appreciate all of your thoughtful and creative responses. You can find out who won in this week’s newsletter:

  26. bas says:

    Hi there folks,

    Today I published an article, called ‘Soft power centralisation: the CIA, Bilderberg and the first steps towards European integration’, on my blog that goes deeper into the special interests behind the lead up towards the signing of the Treaty of Rome, today exactly 60 years ago.

    If anyone is interested, please find it here:

    Greetings from Belgium,

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