The Dark History of the Royals

09/11/2022106 Comments

Queen Elizardbeast is dead, long live King Charles?!

Yes, for those lucky souls who are so blissfully detached from the 24/7 newsfeeds that you haven't heard yet, I bring you the news that the longest-reigning monarch in British history, Queen Elizabeth II, is dead.

It's tempting to interpret the double rainbow that appeared over Buckingham Palace when Her Royal Lowness kicked the royal bucket as a sign that her death is indeed a present from God, but—as I am always at pains to observe upon such occasions—the death of an unrepentant sinner is no victory and there is no solace in the removal of but one of the Hydra's many heads. If anything, the reign of King Charles will doubtless be even more ignoble than that of his mother.

Whatever the future may hold for the loyal subjects of His Royal Highness, the Great Reset-shilling, pedophile-befriending, carbon eugenics-pushing King Charles III, given the disheartening (if predictable) reaction of the normies to this latest royal passing, nothing could be timelier than an in-depth exploration of the lowlights of the British royal family. So, even though I am going to drop an 18,000 word, two-hour documentary conclusion in the next 24 hours(!!!), I have taken time out of my schedule to bring you this.

"Enjoy" is the wrong word, but you get the idea.

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  1. James and Broc,

    This makes sense to me so I put all this together over time, shared and emailed it all over for a few years now, and no one ever corrects any of it.

    How the Federal Reserve is neither “Federal” nor a “Reserve” – it’s a scam perpetrated on the American People by the Banking Elite.

    Over 100 Years Ago the US Government Lied Us into World War I

    The Sinking of The Lusitania, America’s Entry into World War I, A Bonanza for Wall Street

    Exposing the “Nazi” Epithet – Who started it, why, how, and who benefits

    Exposing the ‘Nazi’ Epithet Part 2 – Anti-Hitlerism: The Rise of Pure BS and Hatred

    Share WW I & II Truth for Peace
    Click “MORE” below each video to see the additional info.

    Note: If this bitchute channel is restricted to you like it is to some because of their location, use some VPN like to access the internet where you can change your location to one that works and you can view the channel. I have other channels so it’s not like I focus on this only.

    Sir! No Sir! – The Suppressed Story of the GI Movement to End the War in Vietnam (49:27)

    And this documentary obviously goes with Sir No Sir!:

    Sacrificing Liberty – 4 DVD Docuseries!

    Michael’s Newsletter

    Bonus: This is most closely to how I’ve naturally felt all my life. Human beings not being born with man-made religion already in our brains ought to tell us all something. Man-made religion is just that. It’s all hearsay. For your consideration my friend/s.

    LibriVox audiobook recording of The Age of Reason, by Thomas Paine.
    Read by JoeD.

    Deism for a humble, natural state.

    Best regards,

    • says:

      Finally, I’m reading The Age of Reason, at your suggestion. Paine appears to argue Christianity is an inversion of his ‘true theology’. There seem to be some correlations between his philosophies and the ‘tenets’ of satanism.

      I haven’t finished it yet, I’m hoping all comes good by the end.

      • Duck says:

        Richard Mo.

        I read Paine was an actual Illuminist, even the masonic founding Fathers were kinda “meh” on him.

        Indeed, the whole Enlightenment and the spread of REvolutionary Masonry to continental Europe was (according to Dr EM Jones, ‘Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’, Vol 2 IIRC ) was the Olde Tymes version of NGO’s destabilizing foreign governments (I will put a link to Mr Corbetts report on NGO’s)

        Paine, unlike most English speaking Masons, who were generally way more chill and pragmatic, drank most of the kool Aide. He was (IIRC) full on board for the French revolutionary Terror unlike the Founding Fathers of the US.

  2. Oh not all truth advocates have figured out the same psyops yet but I also discovered this:

    Prof. Tony Martin:

    “I discovered that according to the 1830 census, even though Jews were a small proportion of the population in North America, nevertheless they were inordinately represented among the slave owners. Yes, they were a small portion of the population overall, but on a percentage basis that were significant. Jewish historians who have analyzed the 1830 census have discovered that whereas something like 30-odd percent of the white population may have owned one or more slaves in the South, for Jewish households it was over 70 percent. So according to an analysis of the 1830 census by Jewish historians, Jews were more than twice as likely, on a percentage basis, to own slaves.”

    “I also discovered that Jews, despite their involvement in the slave trade, were very few and far between in the abolitionist movement. They were much, much less likely than other groups to be involved in this movement. So that in a nutshell, then, is the set of facts that caused me to become involved in this interesting controversy. And what I want to do, then, is to dwell not on the facts themselves, but on what I perceive to be the main tactics that were used, because I found myself, like I said, on the front line of this situation, and I became very fascinated, looking at their tactics. And the more I began to read around this question, the more I saw patterns emerging.”

    Read the entire speech:
    By Prof. Tony Martin

    Best regards,

    • Duck says:

      Michael Atkinson

      Most of the Jews in the USA are not even decedent from the Jews of antebellum America…the majority of the Jewish power bloc in the US are descended from Russian Jews who came over at the turn of the 19th century.

      While what you say is true it makes as much sense as blaming ethnic Italians, who mostly showed up after the civil war, for slavery. That said, I’d be more worried about them being the NeoCons and the Socalists and having disproportionate roles in media, porn, and banking.


      • “Duck”

        The meaning of what Prof. Tony Martin says in this speech is not unclear. He points out that Americans and the rest of the world have been sold, like so much else for a long time now, perception management by using spin, lies and omissions of important truths of how slavery REALLY went all over the world, and the tactics of organized Jewry in suppressing free speech. That’s actually the title of this speech when you go to the link. “Tactics of Organized Jewry in Suppressing Free Speech” And you can research more information and videos from Prof. Martin about what else he discovered in this area and educated all he could on any time you want.

        Best regards,

        • Duck says:

          Michael Atkinson

          I did not say that he was not telling the truth… i jut pointed out that he was talking about jews who settled BEFORE the current crop which came from Russia.

          Blaming a Russian descended jew for slavery makes as much sense as blaming an Italian descended ‘white’ person for British Imperialism.

          I will look up Prof Martin, but I will recommend Dr E M Jones who has a pretty good map on the Jewish role in the development of the US over the last hundred years or so. 🙂

    • weilunion says:

      To being with:

      “There have been Jewish communities in the United States since colonial times. Early Jewish communities were primarily Sephardi (Jews of Spanish and Portuguese descent), composed of immigrants from Brazil and merchants who settled in cities. Until the 1830s, the Jewish community of Charleston, South Carolina, was the largest in North America. In the late 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s, many Jewish immigrants arrived from Europe. For example, many German Jews arrived in the middle of the 19th century, established clothing stores in towns across the country, formed Reform synagogues, and were active in banking in New York.”

      Immigration of Eastern Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazi Jews, in 1880–1914, brought a new wave of Jewish immigration to New York City, including many who became active in socialism and labor movements, as well as Orthodox and Conservative Jews.

      So, alas but not surprising, historically, as usual, you are wrong.

      But who needs history when “temporal times” will become end times? Right?

      Why do white supremacists (like yourself) hate (white) Jews so much?

      “Baffling as it may sound, white supremacists blame Jews for political shifts in America that granted blacks their civil rights and enabled waves of Hispanic immigration.

      Jews, they say, are the root of all evil.

      Some of the first images and videos that came out of the white supremacist rally at the University of Virginia featured chants and imagery against Jews.

      “Jews will not replace us!” the tiki-torch bearing protesters shouted as they marched Friday night. “Blood and soil!” (the latter is an English version of a Nazi slogan).

      Throughout the day Saturday, marchers displayed swastikas on shirts, flags and posters, as well as quotes from Adolf Hitler. They yelled “Heil Hitler!” and “Heil Trump!” And they stood outside a local Jewish temple with guns.
      And all anti-Semites also hate Back people and usually ‘the other’, whoever this might be.

      America is a white, settler colony that did not gain its independence from Britain due to oppression by the British over taxes; no they revolted for in 1688 Britain began the process of making slavery illegal and with time turned against the slaughter of indigenous Americans.

      This so angered the white slave holders many fled to America.

      • weilunion says:

        The same can be seen in all white settler colonies like New Zealand, where the indigenous were massacred, Australia, where the Aborigines were slaughtered, America where slavery and indigenous murder co-existed and in Israel, a white-settler colony itself.

        As Gerald Horne, an excellent historian, so convincingly argues, the Revolution of 1776 was a counter revolution.

        Hatred of Jews is endemic all over the world. There is an old pun:

        A Roman Emperor was being carried by his servants down the road in Rome when a Jew came into view. The Jew bowed to the Emperor at which the Emperor replied: “Who does this Jew think he is, having the audacity to bow to me! Off with his head.”

        And so it was to be.

        A little while later, the Emperor and his entourage came upon another Jew in the road who passed the Emperor without a gesture or word.

        The Emperor, incensed shouted: “Who is that Jew that does not bow down to his Emperor?! Off with his head.”
        And so it came to pass.

        Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
        You do precisely the same thing: you blame the Jews for the slave trade and then blame them for not fighting slavery.
        Jew haters and Zionist lovers can never build a better world.

        The racist says that rich Jews financed the slave trade:
        They say set up the Dutch East India Company, the Dutch West India Company, the Portuguese company, the Brazilian company.”

        The Dutch East India Company did not deal in the slave trade.

        The “Portuguese company” and the “Brazilian company the Brazil Company, was founded by Portugal to attract Jews.
        It too did not deal in slavery.

        Of the four, only the Dutch West India Company did in fact deal in the slave trade.

        Of the company’s 3,000,000 florins in original capital, Jews contributed only 36,000, or 1.2 percent. In 1656, seven of 167 major shareholders were Jews; in 1671, ten of 192.
        Much has been said of Aaron Lopez and Jacob Riviera, alleged leaders of Rhode Island slaving.

        Actually, they were jointly responsible for only 21 of the 937 slaving voyages launched from 1709-1807. Is this evidence of a controlling interest?

        But we are told by the Jew haters that the Jews had invested secretly in the company–another Jewish conspiracy.
        In between killing Christian babies and plotting to take over the world, these remarkable Jews found the time to invest secretly in the slave trade!

        Hating Jews is no answer to our crisis.

        Fighting capitalism and Zionism in all forms is.

        There’s no hate like Christian love.

      • Duck says:


        “…Why do white supremacists (like yourself) hate (white) Jews so much?…”

        Not that I’m a white supream-eCist or anything but reason such people might hate jews is

        The USA was a white country until jewish guys got the above mentioned act passed….. now the USA is NO LONGER a white country.

        That, and I would assume White Supremacists also would like to “be Supreme “ or something like that, which is hard to do when the Ethnic group that makes up 1% of the population has something like 50% of the power.

        “… Hatred of Jews is endemic all over the world…”

        If every one hated me and did not want me living near them I would have to question if maybe my personal behavior was the problem. Now I know #NotAllJews do such things but there are several repeating complaints about jews that appear across history and cultures.

        The Romans were kinda upset with jews for having all those massive revolts- esp the Kitos War where

        “…..Meanwhile the Jews in the region of Cyrene had put one Andreas at their head and were destroying both the Romans and the Greeks. They would cook their flesh, make belts for themselves of their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood, and wear their skins for clothing. Many they sawed in two, from the head downwards. Others they would give to wild beasts and force still others to fight as gladiators. In all, consequently, two hundred and twenty thousand perished. In Egypt, also, they performed many similar deeds, and in Cyprus under the leadership of Artemio. There, likewise, two hundred and forty thousand perished. For this reason no Jew may set foot in that land, but even if one of them is driven upon the island by force of the wind, he is put to death. …”

        The Spanish were not happy that jews liked Muslims more then the Reconquering Christians…. the Catholic Church got kinda angry at jews for all that stuff about Jesus boiling in shit and Mary being a whore and all that other Talmudic stuff, the Poles hated jews for acting as Landlords agents and getting stupid peasants into crushing debt with vodka sales, and the Tsarist Russians got kinda fed up with jews being revolutionaries and then Russians had to put up with the heavily jewish Bolshevik party starving and killing people in the Civil war and the Holodomor….the jews who founded and ran the NAACP destroyed any Black leadership that wanted to build black power appart from the Jewish funders interests, and then we get into 20 years fighting wars for Israel and the Neo-Cons…. and I did not even get into big Tech or banking or such….and anyone can go get Scott Howards ‘TransIndustrialComplex” or “Open society Playbook” to see who is STILL punching above their weight

        If you doubt any claim I have made list it and I will show sources.

        • says:

          You think you see a pattern, then make the facts fit. You acknowledge inconsistencies, but ignore their consequences. You don’t have all the facts. You have your view of some of the facts. Often that comes to us, not as first hand real-world experience, but second or third hand, through the filter of other men’s minds. Scapegoats and divisive rhetoric creates danger for all men.

          • Duck says:

            “…You don’t have all the facts…”

            True, but NO ONE has all the facts, does a jury need all the facts to find Al Capone guilty of tax evasion?

            “…Scapegoats and divisive rhetoric creates danger for all men….”

            Its not ‘scapegoating, any more then saying “The Japanese wanted to secure their oil supply which is why they launced a surprise attack on Pearl Harbour” is scapegoating.

            SCapegoating would be if I was blaming everything on jews (which I am not) or if I was attributing things to jews (specifically, ashkanazi jews, as a group) things that they (as a group) had nothing to do with.

            ‘Rhetoric’ would be me making up facts , when the history is perfectly clear to anyone who reads, some of it is EVEN WRITTEN BY JEWS who wish to claim credit for making social changes (like Abortion) that they consider to be generally GOOD changes.

            It is a historical fact that Bolshevism was MASSIVELY run by Ethnic jews, its a fact that Neo Conservatism is MASSIVELY Jewish,(Jewish authors even write this) its a fact American (and German) socialists were way more ethnically Jewish then their % of the population, same for the Film and TV industry which has shaped the culture and morals of generations of Americans, and banking

            You can go read jewish authors saying exactly what I am saying , and being proud of it.

            THEY write about a pattern that THEY See and are PROUD OF…. why would you deny what Winston Churchill said that (paraphrasing here )’some people like jews and some people dont like jews but no one can deny that they are a fearsom people’. They have way more power then their tiny numbers would suggest, and they hold way more seats in Congress and government offices then their numbers would suggest…. I think Biden has enough in his cabinet to form a synagogue according to the rules and Trump was not much different

            • says:

              So what’s your point? What gives with the Jews? Give me your elevator pitch.

              • Duck says:

                I think I already gave the elevator pitch
                … but here it is again.

                You can NOT understand the last hundred years of American History without taking into account the jewish power bloc (or more correctly ‘blocS’.

                You can not understand modern politics without taking into account Jewish power, which is more then ever far bigger then one would expect from their %of the population.


                But basically… read Dr EM Jones “jewish Revolutionary spirit’ for long view and scott Howard “trans industrial complex’ and “open society playbook ” for more current events.

                Also check wikipidia “early life” on anyone your looking up ….. 😉 while it’s still a section there. Lol. It’s not “every f&*** time” but it IS more then people realize

      • Duck says:

        lets not forget that Israel is still stiring up 90% of the USA’s problems over seas because for “some reason” (cough cough ‘Epstein”) the western leaders appear to be more concerned with fighting the enemies of a tiny Apartheid state then with actual geopolitics

        I suspect that, more then even the nasty TV, is why the goy are getting restive.

        Really its just the normal cycle of bad behavior leading to angry cattle

    • says:

      100% of all murders in history were committed by people.

      All people are bad.

      • Duck says:


        “…All people are bad….”

        True, NOT being bad takes great effort and training.

        “….100% of all murders in history were committed by people….”

        If thats in regard to what I said about how you can not make sense of the last 100 years of American history without understanding the Jewish influence i should reply

        ‘Japan attacked Pearl harbour’ does that mean that EVERY JAPANESE PERSON went there and did it?

        When “America” invaded Iraq did every American go do it? Or support it?

        The two great ERRORS people make are

        “There is no individual we are just the collective and the collective sets everyones attributes in stone”


        “There is ONLY the individual and what group he is part of does not matter at all in how he thinks and acts”

        People do have a group as well as an individual identity

        This guy talks rather well on the subject , after the sales and sponsorship he starts about 7-8 min in…hmn… more like 10 or 12 when he gets down to it. talks real fast

        • says:

          By some universal confluence I just finished reading this article on The Daily Sceptic which delves into the causal dynamics of individualism and collectivism. Its UK focused and the Daily Sceptic is a limited hangout, but…

          My original comment was an attempt to demonstrate by analogy the logic behind the argument that appears to have been presented.

          • Duck says:


            I read the article but would argue that he lays it out wrong

            Stage 1 may have been (as he says ) ‘the age of military rulers’ but at all times and in all ages NO SOCIETY created by humans has existed, or ever will exist that does NOT stand ultimately upon violence. He misrepresents it as an age of monoploy, where as in the west it was far LESS monopolistic then the Liberal era ….what I mean by this is that the Church and the local powers and even the average peasant had MORE ABILITY to resist the demands if the state under the old system.

            The Liberal Order will tend to dissolve lower level bonds (guild/village/FeudalFealty) just as the Late Stage we are living thru now moves to dissolves group identity down to the level of Ethnicity/Area and eventually FAMILY.

            Its ‘solve et coagula’ since when you dissolve the smaller bonds there is nothing and no one between the Individual and the (Now Total) State.

            When he says
            “…This order is the one we tend to take for granted. We call it ‘liberal’: and what we mean is that we are free,….”

            He is correct in that liberal ‘freedom’ frees us from the demands and duties to Religious Obligation, Nation State, Ethnic identity, Guild/local loyalty and In the present incarnation even Family….. but it leaves individuals alone and utterly unable to resist the demands of the state (be that a nation state or a corporate one)

            “… and that out freedom is constrained by the rule of law, for the particular purpose of enabling everyone to be free ….”

            ARE westerner people free’er to act as they wish in 2020 then they were in 1900?
            If they wish to take up sexual perversions and vices they are ALMOST UTTERLY free….. but freedom of speech the ability to keep privacy and control of your own finances, business activities and property are woefully less today.

            About Stage 2
            “…Seeley, in what is still an astonishing essay, suggested that the best way to understand the revolution of his time was to explain it in term of the abolition of monopolies…”

            Really? I would argue that the monopoly on thought and ideology has grown way TIGHTER today then it was in 1800. Its harder now for people to imagine anything but the liberal world order, and when they do imagine anything else they generally define themselves in its terms and/or are too isolated to take much action to move outside the boundaries it sets

            There is no “new” stage 3 monopoly… just the continuation of the old order, maybe with a few new players at the table but not really different

            a better expanation then mine

            • says:

              Yes, I agree with much of your critique. He uses very broad brush strokes and minimises the role of Smith’s conspirators to mere vessels, slaves to their fate. But I think it a reasonable synopsis of the basic shape of how we got to individualism v collectivism.

  3. loggin says:

    Remarkable story

    “PRINCESS Diana penned an explosive letter claiming that Prince Charles was plotting to kill her so he could marry his sons’ nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke, it was revealed last night.

    In the note, Diana predicted she would die through “brake failure and serious head injury” – just two years before the fatal car crash in Paris.

    • Duck says:

      Princess Diana was a nut too…. its weird that she was fetishized so much when she was as fruitloops as Charles.

      Royals do love to marry people that look like their nannies from what I hear. lol

  4. HyperSimian says:

    I like the recommended reading and listening

  5. loggin says:

    See also

    BBC to pay damages to former royal nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke

    Alexandra Pettifer, known as Tiggy, was given an apology at the High Court over unfounded allegations she had an affair with Prince Charles and an abortion.

    The royal family is such an information black hole, anything could be true.

  6. scpat says:

    Since Corbett has had a little fun with the recommended Reading, Listening, Viewing, and Just For Fun section, here is my ‘Just For Fun’ recommendation:

    The Refusers “Eat the Bugs” – Official music video

  7. Octium says:

    Bitcoin went up went the old lizard snuffed it, so I was wondering how much it would go up again by if King Charles the Turd was hit by a refrigerator falling out of the sky?

    Purely coincidental of course!

    • Duck says:

      Lucky your not in the UK….”imagining the death of the Monarch” used to be treason… 😉

  8. vadoum says:

    My partner grew up in New Castle NSW Aus. in 1970 (ish), her primary school teacher rounded up the class to go see the queen. In celebration of easter, she was parading through town. The teacher told the kids that “a way to show the best respect would be to chuck an egg at them when they passed, they wanted and hoped to get eggs thrown at them on easter,,”.

    She had given each kid an egg. The slow motorcade approached, the moment arrived, and unborn ovums were hurled queen-wards.

    By her sketchy memory of the event: no eggs actually hit them, and the teacher was hastily dismissed. But the teacher’s point was not missed by the kids.

    The conversation quickly shunted to how QE2 represented a continuing support of aboriginal genocide via child theft, land theft, land rape (mining), and ultimately the appropriating of indigenous law (a dark business that continues to empower further theft). all that on her watch. hydra heads too shall pass

    top drawer irish gesture on the subject:

    • Duck says:

      “….The conversation quickly shunted to how QE2 represented a continuing support of aboriginal genocide via child theft, land theft, land rape (mining), and ultimately the appropriating of indigenous law ….”

      Not that I care much either way but I think maybe thats a bit much to lay on her PERSONALLY…. the European Colonization of Australia was already a done deal by the time she slithered onto the Throne.

      You could just as easily say that any white person born in Australia was a symbol of those things…infact some people ARE saying things like that.

      Not that I’m a great fan of hers or anything, but getting ruled by aristocratic Elites that you can see (and thus know who they are) and who have at least some connection to their people is always gonna work out nicer then getting ruled by a bunch of Faceless Globalists who can never be known or blamed. A Queen can loose the mandate of heaven and end up like Charles II…. that cannot happen to an unknowable army of Compliance Officers and Investment Bankers

    • nosoapradio says:

      “…The teacher told the kids that “a way to show the best respect would be to chuck an egg at them when they passed, they wanted and hoped to get eggs thrown at them on easter,,”…

      …But the teacher’s point was not missed by the kids…”

      You mean they realized that it was common practice for authority figures to lie to children in order to opportunistcally use them as unwitting political props à la Greta Thunberg?

      -signed the tactless, uptight and grumpy ex-manbearpig

    • nosoapradio says:

      Awesome TikTok video, amazing.

  9. davidbmcbain says:

    I wonder what the bar-stewards are cooking up while this distraction is going on.

  10. joe49 says:

    What about the televised story I’ve seen about the “true” bloodline heirs to “throne”? It seems they are a successful business family living in Australia. The present day “patriarch” was asked, if he “would be king”, would he? He said “no”, he was quite satisfied with his life in Australia?
    Any comments?
    Thank you for all of your good works!

    • Duck says:


      Until William the Conquerer took over in 1066 the Throne of England was given to a man elected by (IIRC) the Earls…while his relatives might get a good shot at the job after he died the Throne was a lifetime appointment and not a hereditary possession.

      Appointing a king for life might actually be an improvement on changing out the criminals every 4 years… weird thought. lol

  11. Cody Jarrett says:

    reading the article now: but that recommended viewing bit on the end is pure comedy gold! Thanks JC & BW

  12. ray55 says:

    Superb as always James. I would have thought for anyone to get close on a personal level to the ‘Royals’ that Special Branch, MI5 etc would have vetted them, so it is hard to believe the ‘Royals’ didn’t know what Savile was doing? Ray

  13. loggin says:

    A lot of people on Twitter believe the queen had Diana murdered. It was her butler Paul Burrell who revealed that Diana said she would die in a car crash.

    “PAUL BURRELL claimed last night that the Queen warned him that there were dark forces at work in Britain that could threaten him.

    The former butler said the warning was issued during a three-hour meeting soon after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997. He said the Queen looked him in the eye and said: “There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge.”

    That is a deeply sinister warning from the person many believe set MI6 on Diana in Paris.

  14. mkey says:

    Really Graceful did a two part short video on this subject, she hit on a few interesting points not mentioned in this considerably more detailed article.

    What the Media Won’t Tell You About KING CHARLES III

  15. mkey says:

    Do you remember Leana Wen? You know, the carrot queen bitch from Asian hell. Yes, that Leana Wen. Well, it seems that when she’s not talking to useless eaters on the mind boggling tube and when push comes to shove to have her hopefully less demonic progeny affected by negative consequences of mask wearing, she’s not so much into masking wearing. What’s next, will she turn into an antivaxxer?

    Jimmy Dore brought this story.

    CNN Doctor: “Masking Has Harmed Our Son’s Language Development”

    • nosoapradio says:

      Just to further clarify, for those who don’t know, she’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, in addition to vaccinating her children against covid 19, which probably caused her child’s impeded language development:

      Dr. Wen obtained her medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine and studied health policy at the University of Oxford, where she was a Rhodes Scholar…

      …A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Dr. Wen has received recognition as one of Governing’s Public Officials of the Year, Modern Healthcare’s Top 50 Physician-Executives, World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, and TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.


      I wonder who “they” is when Dore et Co. says “they hate her”…?

  16. Buddy says:

    What I see when I look at the “royal family” is a thoroughly unimpressive group of people who nonetheless convinced themselves, and many others, that they are superior. In what way? In every way, I guess. Remember the kid who always cheated at Monopoly? Why did he cheat? Because he couldn’t compete fair and square. Cheating was the only way he could win, and he wanted v. badly to experience the feeling of winning. A nation of freedom and markets (if it ever were to exist) emphasizes effort, responsibility, and fair play, and has little patience with cheating. Let me add one merciful point: I like Corgis.

    • Duck says:


      The Royals are descended from the superior people who had enough strength, bravery and charisma to get others to follow them….. most of us are descended from the people who used to work the fields for such people.

      The fact that they managed to stay ontop of the snake pit for all this time actually makes me think that while inbred and pervy, they are probably NOT actually stupid or useless. Their ancestors took control thru raw power and cunning such as we read of in “The Prince”…. while we are taught to think that

      “…A nation of freedom and markets (if it ever were to exist) emphasizes effort, responsibility, and fair play, and has little patience with cheating…” shows how we Plebs are taught a way of getting mega success in the world that IS NOT THE WAY THAT ACTUALLY WORKS.

      I used to have a Corgi… it was cute but rather a willful brute. I hear the Queen got bitten by her ones one time, as did I. lol

      • Buddy says:

        “The Royals are descended from the superior people who had enough strength, bravery and charisma to get others to follow them”

        I see no evidence of this whatsoever.

        Moreoever, it doesn’t take strength, bravery, or charisma to get people to follow you, though charisma helps. It takes a diabolical ability to control others. That ability exists across class, race, religion. It’s nothing to be proud of.

        My long experience among dogs suggests a brutish dog is one that has been trained to be brutish. My time around many Corgis was always pleasant. There’s no such thing as an evil breed of dog, despite what we are told about bull terriers (and Cujo).

        • Duck says:


          “…Moreoever, it doesn’t take strength, bravery, or charisma to get people to follow you…”

          It may not take that TODAY, but back in the day of walking up to someone and shoving a spear in their guts it most certainly DID.

          People are naturally drawn to good looking, charismatic, healthy, strong and brave people, which is why folks enjoy watching Hollyweirdos play acting such virtues on the big screen.

          Trump had charisma and was able to project strength, which is why the establishment hated him, since they generally lack such qualities. The Managerial types and the Tech billionaires generally look weak and lack the strength to command attention. They are what macheveli called “foxes” in ‘the Prince’ and they rule by their smarts and persuasion rather then their strength.

          “…It’s nothing to be proud of….”

          I do not know, were I able to command massive respect via my presence I’d be pretty proud 😉

          As to Corgi’s, I said he was a willful brute, not that he was brutish…. he was very sweet, but willful, and like all corgi’s he tended to fat and got grumpy and snappy in old age. His hips went out too, as they are prone too.

          Sorry but must disagree about Pitbulls… the aggression wired into their brain makes them not much of a pet in my opinion.

          A badly bred one is an automatic menace, while a well bred one takes more work to make safe around people then I want to put into training a dog.

          • Buddy says:

            “Trump had charisma and was able to project strength, which is why the establishment hated him”

            This is such an obvious, important point. I’m surprised you were able to get it so wrong. I’m sure there were people who were jealous of Trump in the same way people were jealous of the smart kid class or the pretty girls. This is a man who at 75 years of age can hit a hole in one.

            But that’s not the reason for the dislike of Trump. There’s a tiny group of people that dislikes Trump because he’s not part of their Zookeeper’s Club. His policies and actions were designed to return power to the people, where it rightly belongs, and away from the Zookeeper’s Club. It’s actually v. simple.

            • Duck says:


              “…This is such an obvious, important point. I’m surprised you were able to get it so wrong….

              ….His policies and actions were designed to return power to the people, where it rightly belongs, and away from the Zookeeper’s Club. It’s actually v. simple……”

              Trump could have done all manner of things to drain the swamp, had he had the Will or the Balls to do so.

              He could have ‘locked her up” and he COULD have pardoned Snowden and/or Wikileaks guy whos name I cant spell, or declassified the JFK docs or the 9/11 stuff or ANYTHING that would have attacked the actual power structure.

              You do not have a correct understanding of how government actually works or what it is… you should read “Populist delusion” or you should listen to the book being read (with commentary) over at “the Pete Quinones show”


              “….ou don’t know “aggression” is “wired into” the pitbull’s brain….”

              Obviously a dog that IS BRED for generations for the trait of aggression is going to have aggression wired into its brain….what a stupid thing to say that its not so.

              Are you next going to tell me that Chihuahuas are as smart as Labs? Or that corgi’s are as good as tracking as Beagles?

              • Buddy says:

                “He could have ‘locked her up” and he COULD have pardoned Snowden and/or Wikileaks guy whos name I cant spell, or declassified the JFK docs or the 9/11 stuff or ANYTHING that would have attacked the actual power structure.”

                You have a poor understanding of current events. If you are a foreigner, I can cut you some slack. I don’t expect foreigners to understand American politics.

                Your education should start with The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. Corbett has done videos about it, and you can buy his DVD One Hundred Years of Enslavement. But there’s no substitute for the book.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Pitbulls have been bred for aggression towards other dogs. The breed in general is very loyal to people and friendly towards people.

                But your observation that they have to be trained and not good for first time dog owners is sound. I would much rather have a German Shepherd if I was going to get a dog for protection because they are much cuter IMO.

            • Duck says:


              “….You have a poor understanding of current events….”

              Really? lol… In what way?

              “… If you are a foreigner, I can cut you some slack. I don’t expect foreigners to understand American politics….”

              I am starting to wonder if your pulling my leg…. in what way was NOT locking the hag in jail a WIN for Trump or the People?

              In What way does letting your enimies steal the election (and thus YOU SURRENDER POWER) going to restore power to the people?

              How is letting the deep state lock up YOUR allies a super smart move?

              You are pulling my leg are you not?

              “…Your education should start with The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin…..”

              I was reading Griffin back in the 90’s, and still eat apples pips and all because of it.

              “…But there’s no substitute for the book….”

              True, books are the best… read “The Prince” or even better “The Populist Delusion”…. failing that you could try Chris Lasch “The Revolt of the Elites” is up as a full audio book on Youtube still AFAIK. Anything by Dr EM Jones is worth the time too.

              I was wondering, how many preper s the pepper picker picked do you think?

              • Buddy says:

                I see you are resorting to “lol” as a substitute for argument.

                I don’t know what world you live in, if you think “lock her up” is so easy that it manifests itself in quick actions by a president. The president has neither the power to arrest, file a lawsuit, nor put someone in jail. For all I know, he has been working on making the case against her. Time will tell. One needs to be open-minded to take long views, rather than give in to impulsive, short ones.

                You have also neglected to consider the fairly obvoius, common point made all over the internet for over a year: There is a sting operation going on, a sort of poker tournament where Trump flushes out the enemy by letting them reveal themselves. In time, crooks will be prosecuted. If you are going to say, “I want it now,” you are imitating Veruca Salt.

                You are neglecting Durham. Subpoenas will be issued in October.

                You are neglecting to consider that Trump might be ten steps ahead of you. Or do you really believe that you are smarter than he is? That you have thought of something that he hasn’t? Do you really believe that? That you know better? Upon what is that false confidence based? Trump is the greatest president who ever lived, embarking on a worldwide revolution, literally saving the world from tyrants.

                You, on the other hand, are just some schmuck in front of a keyboard.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Trump was also not challenging the quantitative easing going on the mechanism that allows the transfer of wealth to the banks. He also didn’t stop the money printing during the pandemic that caused inflation, the hidden tax.

                John Titus did a good video on this in his Best Evidence series.

            • Duck says:


              “…I don’t know what world you live in, if you think “lock her up” is so easy that it manifests itself in quick actions by a president…..”

              I did not say it was “easy” …..though surely you agree its easier to have the FBI arrest someone if YOU are the President??
              Or do you think its smarter to try and have someone arrested AFTER YOU LOOSE CONTROL OF THE MACHINERY OF STATE???

              “… The president has neither the power to arrest, file a lawsuit, nor put someone in jail…..”

              Funny…. Biden )or his handelers) appears to be able to do the First and the Last of those things listed.

              “…. For all I know, he has been working on making the case against her…..”

              Is English your first language? I speak a little Greman how about you?

              “…There is a sting operation going on, a sort of poker tournament where Trump flushes out the enemy by letting them reveal themselves…..”

              Yes, the bees will no doubt get them

              “… In time, crooks will be prosecuted. If you are going to say, “I want it now,” you are imitating Veruca Salt….”

              But do you not think Veruca Salt was the worst congress woman ever? For sure you must feel that! Or am I wrong? Did she not help Roe vs wade? Is this not so?


              You, on the other hand, are just some schmuck in front of a keyboard.

              • Buddy says:

                This is incoherent gibberish. I don’t know if you are a foreigner, a bot, or simply confused, but I have trouble making sense out of most of it.

            • Duck says:


              Good news!
              Subpoena s are issued.

              Are you glad that the justice department is finally issuing those subpoenas?

              I am sure that this is great news. You have convinced me that Trumps plan to give up power and have his allies go to jail and then win.

              Thanks man!

              • Buddy says:

                The only response I have here is to educate yourself about what John Durham is doing. I doubt there is any way for me to get through to you.

            • Duck says:

              You already convinced me.
              When I saw all the subpoena storm going out I knew it was all true. Giving up the machinery of state was a great idea because it’s so much easier to take down the cabal when the cabal controls nothing but the FBI and the Army. I am so glad that Trump outsmarted the DeepState.

              I can hardly wait to spend the free money Trump will give us after he fixes the economy. You have convinced me thru your evidence that Trump is the greatest president ever who can defy normal human reality…all it took to restore the republic was the work of one guy. I guess that makes him smarter then the founding fathers, since it took many of them to beat the British Empire.

              Its great….Trump will pardon all his allies as soon as he wins the next election. Luckily I don’t think Biden will be as popular and get so many votes this time around

              You have convinced me and now I will do nothing about the economic collapse because Trump will avert that and feed us all with just a single load of bread.

              Constance cumby spoke truly on Q when she was on Logos Media.

            • Duck says:

              Seriously Constance Cumby as old as she is totally called it in her interview on Logos Media. She is the lady who first mainstreamed the New Age conspiracy and as old as she is is still on the money.

              But you. Buddy…
              How can you call my words crap?

              Do you not believe Trumo will save us? Trump is the smartest president ever! YOU told me this and convinced me!

              Are you doubting Trump? I just agree with what you are telling me so I do not understand what you call the ideas you promote such a horrible word!

              Trump will save us! Throw away your food storage and trust the plan. Trump will totally be able to take down the deep state, fix the economy, and feed everyone and make sure we have gasoline for our cars.

              How can anyone doubt that when we see how wonderfully Trump outsmarted the deep state in the last election?

              • Buddy says:

                Duck, is your username a noun or a verb? Do you think that ridicule will make me go away? It won’t. Do you think you are hurting my feelings? You are not. You are merely making yourself look foolish.

            • Duck says:


              Can yew fallow white iham saysing?

              Dud yaw proogrhamming were’k hon fhonehetics?

              And I am a canard you silly boy 😉

            • Duck says:


              I am sorry… do you think you could articulate on that last point I made? Just so I can be sure of how you feel. Feelings are important and they not?

              But will feelings do what we need? I always look foolish don’t I? I do not mind though so long as I know the truth which has ever been my aim

              • Duck says:

                Steve Smith
                Yes 🙂

              • Buddy says:

                I assume you are an English Marxist, but I neither know nor care. I have had a lot of experience with people like you for many years, all over the internet. I have no intention of replying to every one of your comments. I am not interested in your psychotic games. If you want to think of me as an American bull terrier, go ahead. I couldn’t care less.

          • Buddy says:

            You don’t know “aggression” is “wired into” the pitbull’s brain. And your dislike of will comes as no surprise. You prefer submissiveness.

            • cu.h.j says:

              Pitbulls have been bread as fighting dogs for decades so they have more propensity for aggression with other dogs. Similar to how herding dogs tend have a propensity to chase things that move. Both traits can be mitigated with good training. But some pitbulls will always be less dog tolerant than others and can’t be unsupervised with other dogs.

              However, they are a loyal breed to humans, which is why they can be dangerous in the wrong hands because they will fight to the death for their owner.

              I love dogs and I thin pitbulls are a wonderful breed in the hands of an experienced owner, but dog fighting should be bread out because it’s cruel. I think this has been a trend, other traits are selected for now.

              Pitbulls have been used as search and rescue dogs and for other types of work. I still don’t trust a pitbull around my hearding dog unsupervised and will remove my dog from the presence of a pitbull if they have a bad owner, someone that is not in control of their dogs behavior.

              • Buddy says:

                “Pitbulls have been bread [sic] as fighting dogs for decades”

                Not really. When I think of breeding, I think of hundreds of years ago, the dog’s origin, what the breed was intended to be—not what some punks in big cities do to pass the time.

              • Buddy says:

                “Trump was also not challenging the quantitative easing going on the mechanism that allows the transfer of wealth to the banks. He also didn’t stop the money printing during the pandemic that caused inflation, the hidden tax.”

                You believe it’s the president’s job to “challenge quantitative easing”? Are you familiar with what the responsiblities of the president are? You believe the president is in charge of the Federal Reserve System? He isn’t.

              • Duck says:


                I am starting to think ourfreindbudyhere is a bitofabot since its use of language matches no american I have ever met, even online and it acts like an alzheimers grandpa in debate

              • cu.h.j says:


                That would be interesting. If Buddy is not a bot, he can agree to disagree with other people here rather than argue on behalf of Trump.

                After the “election” it seemed pretty obvious to me that it wasn’t real and also the “Capitol Riot” thing was very sketchy.

                I was not aware that he actually infringed on our second amendment though and that is a huge red flag for me after this Covid nonsense. Any president that wants to disarm the population isn’t on our side, period.

                And he said he took the Jab. Really? If he’s playing 10 D chess, he wouldn’t take the jab and if he’s lying about it, he can’t be trusted.

              • Duck says:

                Trump did the bump stock ban as I recall… Thing about Trump is he was always playing what he thought was popular rather then working off any guiding principal…. Which is far better then working off of evil principals I guess lol

              • cu.h.j says:

                Better to do what’s popular than evil? Interesting thought.

                No, not really. What’s popular could be evil. And to disarm the population, even if it’s not directly doing that it’s inching towards that is not good.

                The state must not have a monopoly on violence. This Trump thing, I was kind of caught up in it because I liked that he antagonized the MSM, or appeared to do that, but when I look at his actual presidency and what he said he was going to do and what actually happened was not good.

                It forced people to wake up, but now he’s here again doing his thing.

                Shit, I wish there could be a national movement on tax day, people pull their money out of the bank and refuse to pay, just refuse. Just stop participating in this. Refuse to vote or pay anymore money and energy into this across the globe, could stop this scam in its tracks.

                People donate money to these politicians and nothing happens, we just are slowly stripped of liberty and money and nothing substantial changes.

                That Desmet guy, the “mass formation” theorist, he says that people should not react violently and I do agree with that because its probably more effective to just stop buying it, stop paying for it and starve it of its influence. Whatever feeds it, just remove energy.

                I don’t know what to think of professor Desmet, there’s been some controversy, but who knows. I know I’m not fighting for Trump though. For my own family sure and my own bodily autonomy and liberty yes if I have to. I really think this parallel economy should be a huge focus in the coming months, rather than distractions with things that won’t save us and the future.

              • Duck says:


                Better that he did not have a hatred of the normies…. The people pushing woke and war and trans and other perversion and race hate do hate the average person.

                I just saw a movie a bit ago. “Bullet train”, funny but grusome… anyway I was in the actual movie theater and the looking at the adds I suspect your gonna see a good deal more of Black vs White propagandizing over the next year or so. You need to realize that the people making the agenda really do want lots of us dead…they want it more badly thenwell adjusted people can possibly understand

              • cu.h.j says:


                Yeah, the people pushing all this crap do want us dead. I hope that people start seeing through more of it.

    • Duck says:


      Heaver yew heve halzheimeers whore woo har hey comt poo ter progrom…. whatch macks yoo fink iham a marxist???

      Eye woad bet yew canknot udnresntnf this massage

      Can’t read phone picks aye?

  17. yellowsnakes says:

    hehehe, perfect

    “The royals have always considered themselves of superior stock to the commoners, a breed apart from the poor downtrodden masses who toil in squalor beneath them.”

    I realized this in my early teens, in my mind I saw them as a con, a bunch of inbred hill billies. I couldn’t believe the adulation of grown adults regarding royals and their class system, especially my mom 😉 ? ?? ☮️

  18. jdl says:

    I have a psychology theory describing the origin of closed-mindedness. I have lots of evidence, please read it. I would also like James Corbett to interview me about my theory.

  19. priestman says:

    A sobering read for sure, so brilliantly put together, wonder if my super royalist mother would appreciate a dose of reality…perhaps not…

  20. Kelly says:

    Has anyone done a deep dive on QE2 allegedly kidnapping native children from Canada?

    • Duck says:

      Sounds like trash to me…. a Royal would have an Epstein or a Saville BRING them something like that.

      Its the same principle as when you do not pay attention to where your shoes or you coke was made. If your talking about the Native Schools as a culture weapon to get rid of Indians, on the other hand, then the Queen probably had zero personal input into that level of action.

    • yellowsnakes says:

      FYI I was in my 20’s at time of the royals visit, born in Victoria, grew up and went to school in the lower mainland ? ?? ☮️

      David Hawkins, on his reverseCI page had mentioned about it in one of his videos

      David Hawkins’ Reverse CSI

      . . . there is an Kamloop’s paper with an article where one of the natives from a Kamloops residential school mentioned that 17 native children went missing from his residential school at the time of the queen’s visit.

      Are SOS Villages & Residential Schools Incubating a Trudeau Revolution? with David Hawkins

      this also is good and relevant

      “As the UK celebrates the Queen’s 70th Jubilee, David explores the destructive role the Cambridge Five played and how Pierre Trudeau may have been the secret sixth man.”


  21. mrjoshjohnsmith says:

    Absolutely awesome Article James, very good and concise as always!

  22. jo-ann says:

    Enjoyed the article, James, and the humor precisely applied. I laughed out loud at “Duke of Dork.”

    The recent viral video of King Charles waving his hand franticly in a nonverbal command to a servant to remove items from his desk adds nothing to his charm.

    After seeing that, I cannot imagine how royalty could procreate without assistance.

  23. jo-ann says:

    Story of potential interest related to 2 mass shootings in May 2022 that seem to have an understory:

    Uvalde Deaths Linked To Swiss Banksters Behind Biden-Newsom’s EV Scam

    The story includes reference to the “African American cop/security guard who was the first successful inventor of a method to use water to fuel a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle,” who was killed in the Tops Supermarket shooting in Buffalo, NY.

  24. Cody Jarrett says:

    Read the whole thing plus notes and references: Wonderful and I couldn’t agree more. Obviously the conclusion is a bit dark but it is a dark subject. Thanks for the Gun Powder Plot book: Hadn’t spotted that yet!

    And that idea for a new documentary is great: The Habsburg (jaw) and European history from the 11th to 16th century is excellent. The different clans and riches and kings and queens: Make sure you have Elizabeth Bathory in there as well. These people were f-ing cray-zy.
    Remember that story about bathing in the blood of 200 virgins? well yeah, that happened:

    anyway, thanks James as always, Next Level Jedi Truther stuff here!

    • Duck says:


      Dr Dutton ‘the jolly heretic’ makes a pretty good point that rich people under harsh conditions are more likely to have mutant babies survive then poor people….such mutations normally make peoples immune system
      weaker but he says that some of that mutational load goes into the brain which explains why inbred royals end up crazy like inbred dogs do.
      He calls them.”spiteful mutants” …not sure I agree 100% but I think he is ok not something

  25. TimmyTaes says:

    Thanks James for the essay on the Royals of Britain. What a bunch of sods. I have friends in the UK. Most of them support the Royals. One of my friends met the Queen when she shook his hand and gave him an MBE. He said she had quite the palaver.
    One of my British friends made a good point. The monarchy brings in a lot of revenue from tourism. They do put on quite a show.

  26. richardadler says:


    Fantastic article and especially like the wit. How can I share with friends and family?


  27. reowen says:

    History is a mess, without any purely good or purely bad guys. Here’s another side on Germany, Hitler, Nazis, etc. I’m not taking sides—always open to whatever the facts and truth might be.
    I enjoy your witty sarcasm & concision in your writing. Keep up the good work.

  28. MinistryOfFumble says:

    This is really worth a watch. Completely watched it by accident looking for some other Hitchens article.

    He speaks about the craziness around the death of Diana and it spoke of the covid hysteria and the virtue signalling we are experiencing now. Seriously worth a watch.

  29. Rara Avis says:

    Right now, millions of people are glued to their TV screens and fondle-slabs, being mesmerized by the pomp and pageantry of QE2’s funeral. And while they watch the ancient royal rituals they are being subconciously deluded into believing that such great pageantry cannot possibly conceal vile decrepitude. It is so grand. It is so glorious. Surely the subject of such grandeur and tradition cannot have committed any serious sins of omission or commission!

    Many will say it is too soon, too churlish, to point out that the empress has no clothes. Can’t we just leave the poor woman alone for one day? Can’t we just let the people who love her mourn her passing before ginning up the hate machine?

    I don’t think so. The pomp and pageantry are meant to convey and confirm an aura of faultlessness on the deceased by artfully plucking the strings of nostalgia for a “better day” that never really was.

    Mourn if you must, but don’t forget to come back to reality.

  30. limey says:

    >Where do you think the Nazis got their eugenical beliefs from, after all?
    Personally I’d put it down to taking the loss of war too hard. Royals…just detached in a class of their own

    • Duck says:

      Eugenics is kinda a British upprtclass thing…the mazis were boasting that they had caught up with US eugenic laws…I think mr Corbett did a talk on the Kallikak Family but I can’t fi d it on this device.

      Its traceable back to malthus and the Darwin huxley familys popularized it. Thi k progressivism brought it to the usa.
      Do web search on “Kallikak Family”

  31. Buddy says:

    “Where do you think the Nazis got their eugenical beliefs from, after all”

    Some of them came from California.

  32. Andy says:

    “Blue blood” is a fact when a person constantly drinks from silver goblets, tarnishing the blood into a blue-ish color, sometimes leading to blood poisoning and other disorders.
    Now, drinking from golden or crystal goblets is a safer tradition among Royals.

  33. MEFF says:

    Dear Corbett, you’re great.
    I’d ask you, but I know you’re so busy, that it’d be great to have this article in video, it’d be amazing with the images and your voice.

    If not, no worries.
    I think it’s cming closer and closer the CBDC currency………. it will be so hard that change, many revolts.

    Greetings from Mexico

  34. Kamikaze says:

    Hi! Newbie here… Very slowly (and a VERY slow reader, not to mention the foreign language) putting the pieces together. With an open, discerning, critical mind – to the best of my ability. How easily we humans are fooled, seduced, blinded… And chastising each other. What role models…

    I think we have been willfully manipulated, by a now lifted control grid. Charged with finally finding our own feet and foothold in the shift-chaos.

    Reg. the ‘chosen by God to rule’; when combining with fx Paul Wallis and his in depth linguistic analysis of the bible and other ancient texts on his ‘The 5th Kind’ channel, this makes even more sense from a literal, historic perspective.

    I’ll see where it takes me…


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