The Covid Protesters — Where Are They Now?

09/17/202319 Comments

If you participated in the recent COVID-911 Watch Along then you'll have the trauma and tyranny of the darkest depths of the scamdemic fresh in your mind.

Remember when they were arresting people for the "crime" of shopping while maskless?

Remember when they were arresting pregnant women in their pajamas for the "crime" of posting information about public protest events on Facebook?

Remember when police were violently arresting teenagers for the "crime" of skating at an outdoor rink during lockdown?

Remember when they were debanking truckers and their supporters in Canada for the "crime" of assembling in Ottawa?

Remember when they were arresting pastors in front of their crying children for the "crime" of holding Sunday services during lockdown?

Remember when they were firing teachers for refusing to take the genetic slurry clot shot jabs?

Of course you do. But why do you remember all this so vividly? Because the establishment media was happy to air these scenes of trauma and abuse, that's why. The message of such images is clear: if you resist, you will be arrested, constitutional rights be damned. After all, this is an emergency.

This is The Big Lie of the biosecurity state. And, like every other aspect of the biosecurity state, it is all kabuki theatre. The reason the same establishment media that plastered these dramatic arrests all over the evening news never told you about the follow-up to these stories is because, time and again, these unconstitutional mandates and the violent arrests of the mandate resisters were found to have been illegal and the cases were thrown out of court. In fact, in many instances, the charges were dropped before the case even made it to court.

The people who are looking to traumatize and scare you, to keep you compliant and complacent, will never tell you what ended up happening to these people. So, allow me to do exactly that.

Here's the story of what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on these COVID resisters.

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  1. mkey says:

    I have to say to me the druthers operation really looks impressive.

  2. Datta says:

    COVID PROTESTS- Where are they now.
    This article feels depressing and demoralizing.
    I don’t see any mention of retribution…suits for false arrest etc.
    What are the consequences for these abuses of power?

    • “This article feels depressing and demoralizing.”

      I don’t see this article as depressing and demoralizing but I agree that someone should take/have taken the government on, suing them for enacting frivolous and meaningless laws, mental health torture (and any other negative health effects) traumatization of self and family, robbery of peaceful enjoyment of property etc.

    • mkey says:

      I would say we need to realize these are their systems. Courts, justice, prisons, whaever.

      The purpose of these systems is not the serve ze people. Clammoring for the system to do its supposed job is not a way forward.

      Every time people say “someone ought to do something” we get burried in it a foot deeper.

  3. openlens says:

    Thank you for letting us know that a good old “rag” is still in vogue.
    Okay, we knew none of it was legal from the get go.
    I’m gonna have to do some thinking to figure out why I’m also seeing a message about the irrelevance of “law” in this agenda.

    Admitting little pieces and parts of the lawlessness were so…didn’t in any fashion end the greater lawlessness. As usual. Kill one or two, down with you. Kill many thousands, up with your statue.
    The Society of The Spectacle. This is all an intrinsic part of it.

  4. Waterbear says:

    Gosh James, surely you’re gaslighting me! Justin told me no one was coerced.

  5. Jetmab says:

    Thanks James,

    We seem to live in a copy (not a repetition) of, what can be read in the following book, published the year 1775:

    Abbe Raynal Guillaume Thomas: “A philosophical and political History of the settlements and Trade in the East and West Indies”

    Translated from French by J.O. Justamond

    Can be found on – Taylor & Francis Group, London

    The original is not one but, 10 books written in old Gothic English.

    The author was declared mentally ill and placed in an institution in France..but, was later rewarded for his work …..Why does this remind me of our present Covid experienses I wonder??

    Have a good week!!

  6. SuperBobo says:

    Another absolutely bloody brilliant article. Makes me think there could be a whole blog dedicated to tracking the court case successes of ordinary people prevailing against the man. Inspiring stuff.

  7. Kelly says:

    So this is more political in nature, but I just heard about this family today who is being sued by the Biden administration for following the Biden bus in a truck with Trump flags on it back on the 2020 campaign trail. The govt. is using an old KKK law that suggests that they were trying to intimidate minority votes.

    Here’s the link to the website that the family set up.

    I did not see this in the news.

  8. alyour says:

    Just sickens me now the tyrants got away with all this and the ignorant masses let it happen. It’s over for all of us

  9. G. Jingping says:

    These are the times that the word Kafkaesque was made for!

  10. BbobKS says:

    The silence is deafening and purpose of prosecution has created defacto self censoring effect that exist today !
    Fortunately we live to fight another day, well some of US anyway !
    Debt slavery motivates many into submission !
    Freedom is not obtainable when taxes outweigh production!
    Life’s a Bitch, but I own it !
    Wine is good !

  11. madhu says:

    Thank you for this article. It’s strengthening to hear that these people who have been through hell have no regrets and would do it all again. It’s given me a real lift, and makes me think maybe we are all stronger than we think.

  12. fpoerner says:

    Slovenian government repeals Corona-related penalties and pays back all fines:

    (both German)

    • Waterbear says:


    • mkey says:

      I don’t think this is a “wow” moment.

      In many “EU” countries higher level courts declared covid tyranny illegal years ago, and that didn’t change anything because people kept playing the game.

      And now they are putting into “law” that something that was obviously illegal from day one is indeed illegal. Why is extra “law” needed for this?

      All the while people keep blindly believing into man made laws. They can now feel exonerated because some of the very same people who stabbed them in the backs are getting ready for an election.

      Maybe the only silver lining is that this topic is potentialy sufficiently popular for politicians to feel like they need to use the momentum and, as James puts it, get in front of the parade.

      If this aspect can be counted as a victory, it is a minor one at best.

  13. Waterbear says:

    Maybe it’s only a minor win but you’re not going to see any US state refunding fines.

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