The Controlled Demolition of the Economy

06/19/202277 Comments

In case you haven't noticed, the wheels are falling off the global economy right now.

We've all started to feel the pinch of supply chain disruptions and rising energy costs and economic uncertainty and inflation—not to mention stagflation and shrinkflation and deflation—but this past week has really hammered home the extent of the crisis we are facing. It seems every single day brings with it the news of some fresh five-alarm financial fire.

The Dow is sinking. The loonie is falling. Japan is cracking. Global stocks are plunging. Eurozone inflation is spiking. The Fed is hiking. Builders are slashing. Crypto is crashing. Treasuries are tanking.

And that's just this week! As I'm sure you've seen, there have been many, many such stories circulating in the financial press in recent months, all touting similarly bleak numbers.

But it's important to keep in mind that these numbers are just that: numbers. The real question is what these numbers actually mean.

Today, let's answer that question by drilling down on the narrative behind the numbers and discover what that story tells us about the bars of the financial prison that are locking into place around us.

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  1. klhop777 says:

    In reply to the question of the use of Show Notes I would have this to say. I do use them sometimes but not often and only if I want to learn more about the subject. I will confess I am not especially computer savvy and find the use of the links helpful. I have also found that when I ‘share’ your work with others and I always include the fact that you provide Show Notes, it is a big selling point to those not familiar with your work. I have actually had some tell me they became listeners to you because of that. I am frustrated with articles and podcasts that do NOT provide proof of their information and do not always deem them credible. Yes! I am spoiled by your show notes!

    • Duck says:

      “… I will confess I am not especially computer savvy …”

      If we want to be online and get the good stuff in the future we will have no choice but to get savvy 🙂
      My advice is buy a Raspberry Pi 4 and play with it a bit…there are tons of Youtube videos of how to install OS’s and such and since its “hard Drive” is just a camera SD card you can play with little worry… if you consider it play rather then work its so easy even I can do it. It made computers fun again

      When your ready to start playing with a Big PC “”Switched to linux” is a fun channel. He’s on Bitchute too and his van life channel is fun…. Bryan Lunduke is pretty good too but most of his stuff is on Locals now

    • unitedbylove says:

      Hi James,

      I’m new to your website and absolutely love, love, love it. I’m learning so much every day. Regarding the show notes, it was part of what attracted me to the site, that I knew I could easily verify information in this extremely busy world. I so appreciate the show notes, plan to go back and access them as needed and plan to utilize them in the future, esp when sharing your content/views with others, to further support the credibility of the views you share. Much gratitude and I hope the show notes stay! ~Truth, peace, compassion and Light. Pritham.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I wanna say: “Welcome!”

        I’m sure that everyone here is glad you are here.

    • mlous says:

      Ditto all this for me. .I am hard of hearing and get so frustrated when a podcaster doesn’t offer show notes and I find myself listening over and over to a few seconds of content trying to figure out what was being referred to. .

  2. chris.h says:


    I have always greatly appreciated your show notes and often save several to my link library – saving me time in a very busy daily dig into many areas of ongoing research. Please continue.

    The larger problem, seems to me, is the default structure of your (and most) WordPress sites, which use templates designed to feature the new new and, in effect, memory hole older material. Sure, the archive is searchable, but it’s easy for those of us who are caught up to forget that a newbie doesn’t know what they don’t know.

    My solution to this has been to build my own customized (WP) template for my sites with a nested, multi-level menu structure by subject that becomes a taxonomy of sorts. “Search” can be accomplished by starting at a top-level item and proceeding down into detail and thus also providing an explicit, visible mapping of the subject areas that is permanent, not disappearing down the river but building into an accessible resource.

    The last such site I started to build in the year I dedicated to “activist” work but abandoned at the beginning of 2021, was, where you can see the start I made on such a structure.

    Thanks again for all you do,


    • CRM114 says:


    • lalo says:

      That’s a great way to find all of corbet articles, videos and podcasts.
      As most of us have started the journey to the alice’s not so wonderland by knowing something we didn’t knew at that time. Sometimes by luck, someone telling us or by searching something we thought it didn’t smell so good.
      Although this would require a lot of time and work, it would really be worth it.
      I believe that if the principal of corbett university asked for volunteers for this job he wouldn’t have any problem finding capable and self-motivated people for the task.

  3. mkey says:

    Show notes good. Don’t fix if it ain’t broken. One way to enhance is to archive the source, but that would be a bit too much to ask for.

    • Duck says:

      “… One way to enhance is to archive the source, but that would be a bit too much to ask for…”

      If you find an article that you feel is super important you could grab the note articles (‘print as Pdf’) and put them in a Zip file on if you make an account…. I was thinking about doing that but there are just sooooo many articles and I’d have to wayback machine most of the links

    • Ukdavec says:

      “Don’t fix if it ain’t broken”

      100% support this

  4. mkey says:

    Spelling Bee Contestant Asks The Definition of “Woman”

    Hilarious and sad at the same time. After watching the related documentary a few days ago, and after doing some ruminating of my own, I defined woman as a constituting link in the ancient living organism also known as humanity. While man would be an offshoot of said organism. This is, of course, assuming there is continuity in the classical understanding of history.

    • vadoum says:

      I have experienced similar with family and friends, entranced by their predator/captors to take what began as “open-mind/heartedness” (ie nonhomophobic) to new relativistic absurd lows. is that “wokeness”? Their brains present as white boards that have been scribbled on, or documents completely blackened out yet offered as evidence.

      The latent aggression needs the littlest nudge for its trail of slime mold to bloom (spoiler: fungus can bloom but cant flower).

      The panic lingers just below the surface ready to lunge, bit crocish but.
      The once perfect potential for imagination at play has been glazed over, encaged by rage.

      as for what women are? A kiwi bushman who’d survived 2 lightening strikes and who knows what else,, lived with 5 women in a bus. He told me “women. theyre not like us humans”.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        That last paragraph had me chuckling. 🙂

        • clr says:

          Hey, Corbett!
          I can’t stand the U.S.! Maybe, due to COVID-19 ordinances, things are very difficult.

          N.B. I am being monitored by A.I..

  5. mkey says:

    These days I listened to a 45 minute segment Catherine Austin Fitts did on the Highwire with Del Bigtree.

    As usual, CAF is very informative and manages without exception to hit on several tantalizing topics. At one point she goes into the topic of how one of the reasons slavery (we are obviously trained to assume that “slavery” equates slavery in North America from some hundred and fifty years ago) failed was due to missing collateral on the slaves as banks could not keep tabs on the slaves as they were sold. The digital ID is certainly going to rectify that issue, but I’m still struggling to understand this concept.

    Interesting subjects discussed, in any case.

  6. pearl says:

    I second mkey’s comment. The abundance of evidence you dutifully provide leaves us without excuse.

    Yes, I follow your sources on things which interest me. If the link is dead, I also attempt to track it down through various archiving platforms. I also regularly archive things which I find important.

    One of my favorite features of the Corbett Report is when you do videos on useful technical tips and tools toward research and preserving knowledge which are further enriched by readers’ tips and tools.

    Loved that blooper!

  7. padraig says:

    agreed. it’s what set you apart from the beginning. also the big selling point when attempting to get the CBC watchers to think a bit. because the notes are normally culled from the lamestream media i can send them directly and point out the contradictions.
    having said all that, i really haven’t been ‘on the stump’ at all lately. I’ve given that up. it’s pointless. full focus on me and mine now. making sure we as sorted as can be. plus this fucking snowdog pup is insane and dominates a lot of time. don’t buy a husky! jk. he’s a great guy once he’s too tired to move. lol

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Re: The Value of Show Notes – Subscriber Exclusive #109

    Thankfully, Corbett has done some episodes with SOLUTIONS regarding research and internet links.
    …which include… How to Get Around the Digital Iron Curtain – #SolutionsWatch
    Research Tools You Should Know About – #SolutionsWatch
    Research Resources You Should Know About – #SolutionsWatch
    DO NOT MISS the SHOWNOTES at 2021 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch
    (A list of all 41 Solutions Episodes)

    This past week I utilized some of the skills which I learned at The Corbett Report…
    James has done quite amount of work on this topic. I wanted to find a past comment of mine which I eventually did find by using a Search Engine and keywords.
    It is my contention that ”Chrystia Freeland is an evil sociopath or psychopath”, and so I wanted to revisit some aspects about this topic.

    At my re-discovered comment under “2008 FINANCIAL COLLAPSE – Big Wall Street Corporations DELIBERATELY hired psychopaths”, the YouTube Video had been scrubbed.
    I plugged the URL into the WAYBACK machine which I have bookmarked.
    [When I am bent on “Saving” something, I plug the URL into …or for just a snapshot “news post comment”, I use ]
    I finally found a working video which was archived in 2015. At later dates, I had a hard time finding a working video.
    The Psychopath Next Door Doc Zone CBC Canada Dr Robert Hare BC Dr Stephen Porter

    I watched the video again, but could not find a source for “Big Wall Street Corporations DELIBERATELY hired psychopaths”.
    So, I did some repeated searches over and over. I found the EXCERPT here…
    Brian Basham: Beware corporate psychopaths – they are still occupying positions of power
    My companion, a senior UK investment banker and I, are discussing the most successful banking types we know and what makes them tick. I argue that they often conform to the characteristics displayed by social psychopaths. To my surprise, my friend agrees.

    He then makes an astonishing confession: “At one major investment bank for which I worked, we used psychometric testing to recruit social psychopaths because their characteristics exactly suited them to senior corporate finance roles.”

  9. cdbag says:

    I very much appreciate your show notes, and have used them. I believe they also set you apart from much of the online space, as it is proof positive that you’re not making any of this up (as we know some ‘out there’ do with abandon!)

  10. Duck says:

    On Shownotes

    1)The fact that Mr Corbett puts them in adds massively to his credibility since anyone who disparages his work has the onus of work PUT ON THEM to show he is a liar since the link is right there.

    2)The fossilized URL in the link IS (as Mr Corbett says) a very easy to get the page usually (If your tech illiterate open it then copy the address from the bar then go to the wayback machine and past it in the bar then pick the snapshot date you want)

    3) Mr Corbett, People ARE lazy…. your audience is probably of three kinds
    1st there are the True Believer types who think your our ‘TV daddy’ and that anything you say is “Truth” because you say it, Shownotes don’t matter to them
    2nd there are people who listen because you always dig up useful stuff and digest it in a way thats easy to understand and reason thru- show notes are useful to them
    3rd are people who are just now seeing that the world is not as it appears and show notes help them by doing the heavy lifting and by showing them the level of evidence they should aspire to so as not to turn into superstitious Cargo Cultists like some kind of FlatEarth Qtard

    The show notes show the standard of thinking everyone should aspire to, especially people who want to escape the mainstream Death Culture rather then just end up in a side paddock…. true most of us can not get anywhere near as well informed but if we aim low we will miss low.

  11. Duck says:

    on the collapse of the economy I am split between the idea that this is a master plan and Chris Knowles opinion at

    “……The entirety of the ruling class has been living on Easy Street for a very, very long time now. It’s nothing to do with any of them – they are doing absolutely nothing whatsoever other than capitalizing on the efforts of men who actually were tough, shrewd, tempered and tested by real hardship.

    Well, that’s not entirely true: they’ve capitalized on the efforts of their moral and mental betters, but they also endlessly lie, cheat, steal and create fraud after fraud, hoax after hoax. Everything they say and do is a lie, that goes without saying. The problem now is that they’ve begun to believe their own lies. That’s an inevitable feature of unstoppable decline, going back to Sumer.

    I realize it’s a major cope for a lot of Truthers to pull out the fourth-dimensional chess card, the old “they meant to do that” gambit. I hate to break the news but they really are that fucking stupid, that myopic, that delusional. Like I keep telling you, they just had rich parents.

    We’re all going to suffer for their stupidity, but if traditional patterns hold none of these people, institutions or corporations will make it to the end of this century. Maybe not even the middle……”

    • canbeen says:

      If u have any doubts is it intentional or not, just check out the Bilderberg’s publicly stated item number 8 and 7.
      8: Disruption of the global financial system. (Like.. is there another interpretation? lol..)
      7: Continuity of the government and the economy.
      12: Fragmentation of Democratic Societies.
      13: Trade and Deglobalisation

      Arguably 7 and 12 can have different interpretations. But why are they concerned with continuity if not for the fact that a big disruption is going to happen. Also, why would the globalists want “deglobalisation” and how do u think that can occur?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I agree.
        The debt-based economic system as it has existed, as it exists now, and its coming destruction are all intentional. It was and will be by design.

      • mkey says:

        Deglobalisation might refer to destruction of global freighting and travel lines.

        • canbeen says:

          That makes sense. Now if only they would have nicely ordered their agenda in the sequence of executions. But apparently it’s in the order of importance.

  12. jdl says:

    Some people are lazy others are not. I don’t think a lack of show notes will make people more hard working. Personalities take years to change and when they do they usually change due to big influences.

    • Duck says:

      “…they usually change due to big influences….”

      I kinda think, personally, that tiny changes to your habits have bigger influences over the long term. Big sudden changes are hard to keep going, for me anyway.

  13. JD says:

    James, may I say how much I appreciate the show notes you provide. I don’t consider myself quantitatively lazier than the next fellow (perhaps I’m setting the bar rather low), but with the many and varied necessities of life impinging upon my time, I think in all honesty I would probably not be as diligent as I would like in researching referenced articles and subjects. If I have only a few minutes to spare at the moment, it is so convenient to be able to go to the sources and, if not read it then, bookmark or copy it for later reading. Thanks so much for all you do, James. I hope you know how much your hard work and research is appreciated by all of us. I’m sure you have all of our best wishes for continued success in your endeavors and a hope that your readers and followers become legion. Warmest regards.

  14. canbeen says:

    One worry I have is that search engines might become more and more deteriorated in terms of quality. The good ones might get increasingly co-opted, and new ones or meta search engines might not have the quality of previous ones. Show notes help to mitigate the problem to some degree.
    Yes, I’m lazy in terms of research. But when the fire hits home, the lazy gets motivated, lol. I don’t think there is a need to worry too much about laziness after the start of the Great Reset’s execution phase. Lack of believe, lack of trust is the bigger factor at play. “Injectable brain chips, do you seriously believe in that?” And the lack of show notes certainly makes many right-wing sites no different from QAnon in terms of how much to even go through.
    Sometimes the show notes as a base source leads to more discovery. This is the basis for building up the strength of the community, not the weakness.

    • Duck says:

      “…One worry I have is that search engines might become more and more deteriorated in terms of quality….”

      THAT has already happened… I used to be the master of Search but its a real PITA to find some things nowadays that I used to just find and read or listen to…. I guess storing Data on the internet is like storing your food at the grocery store so I tend to save stuff locally now.

  15. I’m not sure if you were contemplating abandoning the show notes altogether
    or just the links attached to them (probably the latter)?

    Speaking for myself, I rarely follow the show note links.
    You do a great job putting together your pieces using
    the links/citations.

    I know if I need to follow up on any item you covered I can always
    track down the source material.

    So, personally, I could easily get by with just the notes referenced and
    not the actual links to the articles/videos.

  16. Fake plastic trees says:

    I like having those links because many times I share them too, and having them helps me not to lose focus looking for them, because I get easily sidetracked when looking for stuff. Also, I like to easily verify the info first hand in an easy way, I don’t think that’s necessarily laziness, because what value do we get by typing some words in a box and skimming through the propaganda? sometimes I’m affected by the availability bias when looking for stuff, probably that’s the intention.

  17. issy says:

    When I was on Twitter, I did use screenshots providing the author, date and which outlet postet it(usually even screenshoted the url line as well), only adding if the article was misleading or a sentence out of the article to get people curious and look it up. Or I took aktual photos, of actual newspaper articles. I was accused though, of not having read the article but simply using headlines to source or make an argument.

    I did that for two reasons; censorship (algorithms have issues with identifying the content of a pic) and people use headlines to get news.

    I love show notes. Because I can get lost searching then things, I read in those as well. If there is a person I haven’t really heard of, or an organisation that seems sketchy . I go digging into that.

    I also have made a habit of archiving. So later down the line, those gems cant go missing as easily.

    So for me show notes, is just another wealth of perspective and information.

    Plus, the so called fact checkers really hate when you provide a source, its more entertaining to see them scramble with the explanations. Often it is not the subject they then hack around on, but the person that wrote the piece, very entertaining.

  18. e.c.r. says:

    Dear James,

    please continue to provide all the shownotes, and all the information you can. My experience with your shownotes: Since the discovery of your webesite I tend to believe you in most topics you talk about. And I tend to believe you because you do provide the shownotes and the sources. When I am sceptical of something you talk about, I do go to the sources and make my our judgement. My experience is when you make a statement I can at least understand there are founded reasons to make the statement, even if I disagree, which mostly I dont. This builds trust.

    Regarding your idea not to put all the shownotes. I think it is not a good a idea to do that because, you should not try to make people lazy or hard working. Manipulating the people for the “right” cause, is exactly what the powers that ought not be, do, in the believe of common good. It is not your business to make people do or believe the right thing or develop the “right” behaviour. Be honest, put your best information out, and let the people do what they think it is right, and come to their own conclusions without second thoughts or nudging. Best regards

  19. Jen says:

    I find the show notes extremely useful. I have little time to watch videos and even less time to go on a search for multiple articles. I have stopped following other content providers simply because they don’t provide their references, so I think it’s very important for legitimacy to have those available for the consumer.

    I would go a step further to say that in addition to a link, you could provide paid subscribers a download of the documents, since we know that certain documents/articles tend to “disappear” if they make certain entities look bad. But that would just be “nice to have” as I know that would increase your costs as well.

  20. Dreves says:

    Well yes, providing links can trigger digital lazyness. “James said so and he provided the link(s) so therefore it must be true.” It happened to me and I am sure others have experienced it too.

    I do use the links albeit not all of them. Items that draw my attention are further scrutinized and the underlying source material ends up on one of my hard drives.

    Sometimes I try to gently poke my friends or family with what I find to be usefull information. Me simply saying so isn’t enough and referring to a guy named James Corbett doesn’t do the trick either. What does help is giving them the link or straight up the source material.
    This is done after I check the information myself. No need to shoot myself in the foot. And it’s a reminder for me to regularly visit those links myself.

    As far as checking up on the information after a (lengthy) period of time. I am perfectly capable of doing so. No problems there. It is in my opinion important to archive the information (useful to me) myself. That makes it much easier to look it up when needed and it doesn’t tend to magically disappear either…

  21. mkey says:

    Jimmy Dore covers the journalist whose organisation got deplatformed after he dared to steal Psaki’s departing show by asking questions. The insolent peasant!

  22. HomeRemedySupply says:

    June 16th
    Visualizing the Three Different Types of Inflation
    Between 2020-2021, the money supply increased roughly 25%—a historic record—in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

  23. jayp says:

    Love your work, love your dedication! I, like many, use those links to attempt to prove your accuracy and “not just conspiratorial” abilities and info to normies… I say keep ’em! Lazy people just won’t bother to look anyway, so nothing lost. 🙂

  24. un-stoppable says:

    These forces we are up against cannot be overcome if we keep allowing them to divide and conquer us. Yes we were wronged by our families and friends, but this was by the elite’s malicious design. We MUST let go of our pride and resentments and unite together or we stand no chance.

    Our adversaries know this, which is why they’ve been fighting tooth and nail to poison the wells we share of comradery, fellowship, and family–they’ve been doing anything and everything they can to decimate the ties that bind us together.

    United we will stand. Divided we will fall.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Agreed mostly. And it would be good to have people come forth to lead resistance actions against their plans.

      We need leadership to plan and implement boycotts, buycotts and protests. I don’t know much about anarchy, the philosophical and their minutia, but leadership is a must during the interim.

      If there are any people with “balls” and brains who likes to interact with people, consider trying to lead people who want to learn how to exist as free human beings.

  25. trickydicky says:

    Good to know there are some good journalists out there

  26. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Monday June 20, 2022 (Holiday Juneteenth in U.S.)
    Bitcoin below $10k is ‘very possible’; Stocks won’t make new highs for years
    – Gareth Soloway

    Kitco News interviews Gareth.
    Technical trader and chart price analyst Gareth Soloway had forcast months ago that Bitcoin would drop to 20k, which it recently has. He has repeatedly correctly called market prices for various stocks, crypto, commodities, gold and silver.

  27. Ethan Hunter says:

    Thanks for the reminder James about 5th Gen warfare.

    For some reason, that article that is referenced passed by my awareness in March and have not read it…so I’ll be doing that of course!

    It does feel like we are in a war against us, though this is not on the radar of the average normie.

  28. Torus says:

    Happy to hear the show notes are not going away.
    I regularly use them to dive a little deeper. With show notes as the spring board I have expanded my research into countless people, organizations and concepts. I always enjoy hearing the call to “please go and read this document for yourself”. This ignites my curiosity, enhances my understanding, and encourages further exploration. Plus, I’m not usually taking notes myself during a podcast, so to have a reference list available at the end is most helpful. Honestly, I am more likely to ‘do my own research’ when I have a nice starting point provided. The show notes actually help to make me an active participant rather than just a passive listener. In fact, I often pause the podcast and reference a note before continuing with the show. Also show notes and subscriber comments are why I watch on the website rather than on bitchute or odysee. The Corbett Report just wouldn’t be the same without them.

  29. hanky says:

    I like the shownotes, as well as the blue links in the articles. I don’t go to every one, but I do it pretty often. It such a great feature, and a key hallmark of your style. I brag on you, specifically saying that this info is carefully documented, etc. I understand your urge to make us all better researchers and proponents of the truth. But that is a tall order, even for you.
    I share your concern, which was also highlighted, in a way, during Matias Desmet’s recent interview on the Highwire with Del Bigtree. In the second half, the subject of the practical and psychologically disastrous results arising from counter mass formations. These are situations where rational consideration is trumped by the need to be part of a movement. For instance, many of my friends despise the lockdowns but need to defend Trump fanatically. Q is another one that has taken on a sacredness that is hard to crack. It is a big reality in my little world. Like our opponents, they only look at stuff that they already agree with. However, I have had zero success in altering someones habits or laziness.
    Anyway, thank you for all you do. Keep the links and shownotes. I best provide a link…

    This starts with Desmet’s familiar schtick, but eventually touches on other deep and relevant issues.

  30. Lobstar says:

    I am consistently and excitedly surprised at James’ ability to sum-up complex concepts that include a myriad of moving parts clearly & concisely. But THIS newsletter is the epitome of what he does best! My God, here it ALL is! Laid out in black & white in just forty f*cking paragraphs for anyone to read, print, and share! I remember at the beginning of all this nonsense, during the two-week flattening-the-curve period in New York, telling a friend who was part of an old “clique” that have written me off as a mad man, that it was all about changing the monetary system. We were alone and I was ranting as usual. My buddy, being a nice mid-western guy, politely let me fume as he rolled his eyes. Anyway, I’ll get to the point: Two weeks ago, two years after my rant, that same friend said to me: “I get it. I get it now. I believe you’ve been right about all this stuff the entire time.” When people like my friend can see through their bullsh*t, as James has recently said, they’ve gotten so comfortable that they’re not even bothering to hide it any longer. This newsletter needs to be shared with everyone. I’ll do my part.

  31. Ethan Hunter says:

    James and fellow Corbeteers,

    What are your thoughts on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)?

    It can be a tall order to do this getting off the grid by ourselves – but if we could find a community that can contribute each other’s resources and talents to an autonomous organization – would that be a step in the right direction as far as building parallel systems?

    For a discussion of what a DAO is, here is good definition located at this link:

  32. Ethan Hunter says:

    Also, I found this site quite inspiring – it’s called Food Forest Abundance. It is where you design a food forest in your back yard using time tested and layered permaculture principles.

    Their website is here:

  33. SuperBobo says:

    I appreciated many of the above comments about show notes; I agree that they are very important in lending credibility to your message and putting lazy journalists to shame. You are setting an important standard here! And your article was breath-taking…

  34. Ukdavec says:

    Russian “aggression”

    “Parts of the U.S. government makes unmistakeably clear that its aims in Russia go even much than regime change. Tomorrow the US Government’s Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) will hold a briefing on the “Moral and Strategic Imperative” that makes it necessary to “Decolonize Russia”.”

  35. KNAWLEDGE says:

    Not sure if this is show notes but would LOVE if you put timestamps on the videos.

    It’s hard to go through your videos, which are often quite long, without timestamps

    Thank you and appreciate your work

  36. westelia says:

    Howdy James.

    I find the show notes can be very useful. Most mainstream articles I read through, either for shits and giggles or seeing what they have to say, don’t provide sources.
    The biggest difference between your show and mainstream media is that you do provide your sources of information for people to go back and look through if interested, confused, or even trying to find proof that your information is false. With mainstream however, they don’t provide any sources of information that they put forward. They just hope that we blindly trust what they say and move on.
    Personal experience with using the show notes has definitely helped me with research. Sometimes if I’m watching this show or the many others, like or for example, if I see a article being discussed on I will try and find the article myself without the help of show notes just to see if I can find the same article.
    So far I’ve been successful.
    All n all I do find the show notes to be helpful.
    Keep up the good work James

  37. J.P. Wheeler says:

    Fascinating(and horrifying) how this all unfolded. It just proves that the people only react to the things “they” want them to. If you look into it, the economy was already poised to crater in 2019, but miraculously a “scamdemic” hits and the Fed is able to bail out the economy once again. This is completely glossed over, just never comes up. Same thing with the inflationary crises we’re experiencing today. Look over there while we do this over here. They’re literally systematically destroying the old system, so they can build up a new one! I hope and pray those reading this are prepared

    Don’t worry we got this! Whatever the throw at us. We’ll make it through, we always do!!!

  38. zyxzevn says:

    I am now on Substack!
    The Science Analyst
    I will make posts about corrupt science there, with some memes.

  39. HomeRemedySupply says:

    (U.S.) Friday June 24, 2022
    Prepare For A Tidal Wave Of Evictions

    A tidal wave of evictions could be ahead. More than eight million Americans are behind on rent payments, and the CDC’s series of eviction moratoriums has long since expired. In other words, the government safety net to keep people off the streets is gone.

    With no federal eviction moratorium in place, 8.4 million Americans, or about 15% of all renters, who are behind on rent, are at risk of being evicted. The new figures were part of a Census Bureau survey conducted between June 1 to June 13 of households and was first reported by Bloomberg.

    The survey found that 3.5 million households were somewhat likely to leave their rented spaces (homes/apartments) within the next two months because of an eviction. Most of these folks are of the working poor class and situated in large metro areas from New York to Atlanta, where the cost of living, including shelter, food, and fuel, has skyrocketed

    About 6.7 million households said their rents increased, on average, $250 per month over the last year. The increase doesn’t sound like a lot but remember that many of these folks are being crushed under the weight of the highest inflation in four decades. Their credit cards are maxed out, and savings are drained as wages fail to keep up with soaring consumer prices….

  40. HomeRemedySupply says:

    (E.U.) June 24th – Via Activist Post from Breitbart
    Energy Crisis: EU Headed For Dark Ages, “Poverty For Generations”

    Despite the fact the bloc is wrestling with a crippling energy crisis, the EU has passed legislation putting further curbs on carbon emissions.

    Having initially failed to pass the European parliament two weeks ago in part thanks to Conservative and Populist politicians voting against the measure, the EU has now managed to push through a further climate crazy clampdown on carbon emissions.

    Being implemented despite the fact that many nations within the union are experiencing a crippling energy crisis, the move has been described by one MEP as condemning the EU to generations of poverty.

    Part of the bloc’s “Fit for 55” plan to cut union-wide emissions by 55 per cent, the initially rejected measures passed on Wednesday significantly expand the EU’s regime of carbon trading, something critics claim will result in higher costs for both individuals and businesses.

    “By passing the Fit for 55 legislation, the European Parliament has condemned the European Union to have no future and its citizens to poverty for generations to come,” Cristian Terhes MEP told Breitbart Europe shortly after parliament voted to implement the once rejected measures.

    “This legislation is part of the “ambitious” plan of Ursula von der Leyen to change the behaviour of Europeans through higher taxes and prices, as well as more restrictions,” the Romanian conservative continued. “Not only will this legislation will make the EU less attractive for businesses, but it will also push current businesses to escape the EU.”…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Cristian Terhes MEP

      Opposing Digital Vaccine Passports in November 2021, Cristian Terheş (Romania) led the group of MEPs which included: Christine Anderson (Germany), Francesca Donato (Italy), Ivan Vilibor Sinčić (Croatia – [MEP code=HR]), Mislav KOLAKUŠIĆ (Croatia).

      These folks have been very vocal in opposing the coming Technocracy.
      BACKSTORY with videos and links (Dec, Nov, Oct 2021)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        EU Vaccine Passports – News

        Friday June 24 (Source: Brownstone Institute via Truth Unmuted)
        Via Activist Post
        EU Renews Digital Covid Pass Despite 99% Negative Public Feedback

        Acting on a proposal of the European Commission, the European Parliament, as expected, voted yesterday to renew the EU Digital Covid Certificate for another year. The vote was 453 for, 119 against and 19 abstentions. The certificate regulation had been scheduled to expire on June 30. Earlier this month, a delegation from the parliament had already reached a “political agreement” with the Commission on renewing the certificate, thus making yesterday’s vote virtually a foregone conclusion.

        The certificate regulation was originally adopted in June of last year, ostensibly to facilitate “safe travel” between EU member states. But the EU digital certificate quickly evolved into the model and sometimes infrastructure for the domestic “health” or Covid passes that would serve to restrict access to many other areas of social life over the following year.

        The EU has opted to extend the covid certificate despite the overwhelmingly negative results of a public consultation on the subject that was launched by the European Commission under the heading of “Have Your Say” and that was open to the public from February 3 to April 8. The consultation elicited over 385,000 responses – almost all of which appear to be opposed to renewal!…

        …French member of the parliament Virginie Joron…writes…I read hundreds of responses at random with my team. I did not find any in favor of extending the QR code [i.e. the digital certificate]…

        …The renewal of the Digital Covid Certificate does not mean that it will be immediately applied, but that the infrastructure will remain in place and that it can be applied if and when member states see fit to do so….

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Cristian Terhes addresses the European Union Parliment

          June 22/23, 2022
          The Green Certificate’s purpose was to “domesticate” the EU citizens into compliance and submission
          (95 second video)

          Speech in the European Parliament, a day before voting on extending with one more year the Green Certificate – June 22, 2022

          “The Digital Green Certificate was the first instrument imposed by Ursula von der Leyen that is leading to the Chinafication of Europe and to a digital tyranny.

          In 2021 Commissioner Dydier said in this plenary that the Parliament needs to move “fast”, without debates, to pass the Green Certificate in order to “save people”. The majority of the MEPs believe that false narrative and voted in favor of the Certificate.

          The usage of this Certificate in the last year proved that the real purpose of it was not for medical reasons, but to actually “domesticate” the EU citizens into compliance and submission.

          From an “area of freedom”, as the Treaty states, EU became a place when people could not go to work, to travel, to receive health care, or to use mass transportation unless they had a Green Certificate, which was, in one case, granted to them after they had to be vaccinated with a medical product that, in some cases, is causing side effects, including fatality.

          This Green Certificate violated EVERYTHING that EU stood for and created a dangerous precedent that must end NOW, which is why the MEPs must reject it once and for all!”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      RE: CARBON Energy Crisis: EU Headed For Dark Ages, “Poverty For Generations”

      Cristian Terhes speaks before the European Parliment…
      Ursula von der Leyen is directly responsible for the increase in food and energy price in the EU
      (one minute)

      Due to her utopian and nonfactual FitFor55 plan to combat carbon emissions, Ursula von der Leyen is personally responsible for the high increase in energy and food price in the EU!

      “Emission must have a price that will change our behavior”, she said in the European Parliament in 2019.

      Ursula pointed out since 2019 that the purpose of this plan was not to combat carbon emissions, but to change our behavior.

      This is one more proof that she is transitioning the European Union from a democracy to a tyranny. We witness under her leadership the Chinafication of Europe and the creation of a social-credit system, like in China.
      We must all fight to keep EU an “read of freedom”, not of restrictions and state control.

      These MEPs have been pushing back against the European Parliament’s tyrannical technocracy.
      MEP Stasys JAKELIŪNAS (Greens, LT), MEP Ivan Vilibor SINČIĆ (NI, HR), MEP Virginie JORON (ID, FR), MEP Cristian TERHES (ECR, RO), MEP Christine ANDERSON (ID, DE)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      UPDATE – October 2022
      European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the EU-Pfizer Vaccine Contracts are being investigated by the EU Prosecutor Office

      A little backstory:

      Not long ago, a Pfizer executive testified before the EU Parliament. She admitted that Pfizer knew from the get-go that the Covid vaccines would not stop transmission. This prompted a firestorm with pitchforks. The Green Passports, Vaccine mandates, et al were completely useless. You can watch the Pfizer executive say this via Cristian Terhes YouTube Channel following the question from team-member MEP Ivan Vilibor Sinčić (Croatia).

      European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had non-transparently signed EU/Pfizer contracts for enough vaccines to give everyone in Europe 10 shots. No one could read the contract. All communications were censored and many voices were stifled with no transparency (just like the U.S. government agencies and media are corrupt to the core). Ursula von der Leyen’s husband also benefitted during the contract time period with a vaccine-bio-tech job in New York City paying about one million dollars per year.

      Also included in the following link is MEP Mislav Kolakušić (Croatia) who show a map of each EU country with its Excess Mortality in July 2022 compared to the nation’s vaccination rate.

  41. slim67 says:

    The show notes for the NWO/WEF episode were precious to me. I passed them on everywhere I could

  42. tony.c says:

    Agriculture and Public Health, or more precisely Food and Medicine, are at the heart of social organisation. The long standing plan to control food and medicine was a plan to control the people. The medieval apothecary system was used to eradicate the folk medicine traditions that were the cornerstone of indigenous wisdom. Obviously, the persecution of the so-called “witches” expedited their success. As a footnote to this point, we in Europe have had our indigenous cultures so entirely ethnically cleansed, that the present generations no longer have a clue that we even have ancestral traditions. Food is now moving in the same direction. So Agribusiness and Big Pharma are the principal means of enslavement, and we have to take back authority over both food and medicine. This has become fully exposed in the past two years. However, reclaiming our power over medicine appears like a mammoth task. That is until we recognise that what passes as medicine these days is a hotch potch of poisons and procedures, designed only to mask and suppress symptoms, and masquerading as medicine. Surgery might be considered the only partial exception to this. The highest goal of the physician is to restore patients to health, or to cure, in a safe, rapid and reliable way. This is not even a considered goal of industrial medicine. I suggest that besides growing our own organic food, we must now also reclaim our ancestral traditions of medicine. And on this point, we have no real choice. The age of relying on the Apothecaries is well and truly over.

  43. JohnnyBoy says:

    On the show notes, leave them. Why? Because this is something you started with, this is your staple, and probably one of the few sources who post the original source.

    I use them when I speak with other people and they ask for the source of the information, so I go directly to show notes. Lately everybody seem to be asking for “what source are you getting this from?”

    Thank you for your work! we keep backing you up.


  44. setsail says:

    Thank you for always providing show notes. I do click on them sometimes to see more detail of certain issues that you point out in your videos. I also sometimes email the links to certain friends who are skeptics yet are typically very logical when presented with evidence like you provide in your show notes. I also bookmark them, and sometimes, I even print out hard copies or take screenshots and print those, and put them in my research binder on Agenda 21, Great Reset, etc.
    Thanks again,

  45. EM says:

    “And it is being done to consolidate complete control over the economy, RIGHT DOWN TO OUR ABILITY TO BUY AND SELL.”

    It’s not about this alphabet group or that alphabet currency.
    It’s so much bigger.

    This has been the plan from the beginning of time.

    Thank you Corbett Report for shining the light on the center of this massive web.

  46. Frey O'Freddo says:

    Many thanks James to ask us even if (sometimes poor understanding of english speakers – so I hope to be in the line) all references are accurate.
    Well they are, they permit a better and much more “approfounded” understanding of some of the details of the topics.
    Once again many thanks for your marvelous work, hoping for your future big thing.
    Félicitations, un grand bravo!

  47. Dailyrasp says:

    Wow!James, you’ve again nailed it, or rather, nailed together parts which many do not see as belonging to the whole picture. Terrific article. Thanks James.

    Re Show Notes: I like ’em, I use them, but rarely can I or do I stop there. Reading an article posted in SNs is but a breadcrumb leading to more crumbs and to the inevitable rabbit hole which leads to to … well, you get the idea. Mind you I could and often do my research starting from an article quote or a name etc. So for me the SN are not critical for the simple reason I enjoy research and reading.

    Looking forward to your coming projects!

  48. FreedomKozak says:

    Hello James! I find Your show notes to be an extremely valuable tool. I constantly use them to acquire more information on your topics. Many times your show notes lead and link me other videos/sources/topis that I find interesting…Upon discovering your podcasts I now find pretty much everything you say quite interesting. The mess of past 2 years or so has gnawed away at the Work/Home/Family balance. It would be difficult for me, time-wise, to conduct the research you perform and locate your references, it’s not laziness, I guess it’s just very convenient to use them. The show notes are important, your references/citations provide tremendous credence and support to your work! They are invaluable! I greatly appreciate your effort putting everything together in one complete package! It’s a Super, High Quality Product that your making and it’s to be commended! Keep up the Great Work!

  49. nexangelus says:

    I have only just noticed Neil Oliver in the show notes recommended viewing. Ace! I remember him from my Open University days, great to see him making such apt videos and things nowadays.

  50. whaugen says:

    Show notes, my first thought was Bibliography (2022-12-14), I put References in my own first thoughts… if anybody left to look down the road and want any credit for work, yes, keep Show Notes… [Isaac Newton went Bank of England last 30 years or so, just looking back at the record, Calculus inventor guy couldn’t figure out fractional reserve… well big reach Calculus inventor couldn’t figure out fractional reserve after 30 years] (After 1,000 laps ahead, not really worrying who gets credit, drag me along, getting dragged along not as bad as I thought… But might have to get out of the way.

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