The Call of the Wild - FLNWO #01

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In this age of pervasive media programming, it's important to step back from time to time to examine the cultural memes and pop media artifacts that fill our daily life. From books to movies to music and art, we are bombarded on a daily basis with narratives, stories, images and words that shape our perceptions of the world. In this new series of podcasts, we will be examining a new book or movie on the third Monday of each month to discuss how the media ties in to the politics, economics and philosophy we talk about on The Corbett Report.

In the inaugural edition of this Film, Literature and the New World Order series, we examine The Call of the Wild, the 1903 novel by Jack London. Joined by Aaron Franz of, we examine the book in relation to eugenics, social Darwinism, and the possibility of breaking our social conditioning. Aaron also reveals the author's connection to the Bohemian Grove.

Next month: Syriana.

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