The Business of Biotech: Engineering the Genome for Fun and Profit

08/15/20153 Comments

You've heard the scientific debate about GMOs, but what about the business of biotech? Where did this multi-billion dollar business come from? Who founded and funded the research centres that gave rise to these technologies, and what kind of return is to be gained on this investment? Who are the seed conglomerates that control so much of the food supply? Why are they building a doomsday seed vault in the Arctic as a "backup" for the world's genetic heritage? Join James in this week's subscriber newsletter as he peels back the veil on the biotech money trail.

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  1. phreedomphile says:

    Very well said, James. Another great book on this subject is Steven Druker’s Altered Genes Twisted Truth. Druker is an attorney and long time activist on the “front lines” tirelessly working to expose the US government’s role in advancing GMOs against the recommendations of government scientists and in violation of US law.

    This past year, Druker’s book inspired some remarkably blunt criticism from Jane Godall looking very much like a straw breaking Monsanto’s PR back and GMOs generally.

  2. sambiohazard says:

    A FOIA request did this.

    “Independent” GMO Researcher Forced to Release Emails Showing $25K Grant from Monsanto

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