The Bitcoin Psyop Explained

09/30/201782 Comments

Yes, the blockchain is truly revolutionary.

Yes, bitcoin is Tulipmania 2.0.

Yes, cryptocurrency is a nail in the coffin of the bankster parasites.

Yes, digital currency is a tool of the totalitarian tyrants.

No, these statements are not contradictory. But don't worry if you think they are. You're just a victim of the bitcoin psyop.

What's the bitcoin psyop? Well, look at a headline like this:

"Former Chairman of Federal Reserve to Speak at Blockchain Conference"

If you immediately think "Aha! I knew it! The Fed is behind this bitcoin nonsense, after all!" then you might want to stop and contemplate this headline from two years ago:

"Ben Bernanke: Bitcoin Has 'Serious Problems'"

Do you think there's some kind of contradiction here? Or do you think that Bernanke has "flip-flopped" on the issue? Or do you suspect that Bernanke was always secretly behind bitcoin but couldn't admit it until now?

If so, then you have fallen for an embarrassingly simple trick...

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  1. mkey says:

    I’d just like to point out that blockchain can but does not have to be decentralized. In the end, it’s a database which can be maintained either way. If bankers manage to plug it, it’s going to be centralized all the way.

    I’m still trying to wrap my brain around those diagrams.

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      I was just happy to understand the jargon! I haven’t kept up with the whole crypto currency/blockchain explosion. At some point, we have to understand where our strengths lie and work on those. This isn’t an area of strength for me. I lost interest in the inner workings of technology once I discovered just how boring I found writing code. This was back in the ’80s. Since then, I’ve been more of a user, without understanding the principles, kinda guy on computer related events. I get some of the basics, but that’s about it. But, I’m always glad to get those basics! And finally posted my first comment on Steemit! Even friendly and helpful. Unlike the majority of my youboob comments. But that’s another story.
      Funny how so few people use hyperlinks anymore. That was one of the thoughts that popped into my demented little mind when James wrote that he was NOT hyperlinking the address to the official Cocaine Import Agency newsletter. One could get a Doctorate in less than a year just by hitting hyperlinks all day long. The places it will take you will amaze you. Though I probably shouldn’t say Doctorate since that is a degree so highly specialized that it becomes absolutely irrelevant to the real world. Experts are people that know a lot about a little: (a probably bad quotation from Mark Twain).

      • wingsuitfreak says:

        On a completely unrelated side note; has anyone noticed just how crazy the moderators are on Activist Post? They obviously have an AI moderator. Examples from my possibly provocative posts might include phrases like: “raping the bill of rights”, “grammar nazi” (used just this morning on someone who made the mistake of making a mistake in their own grammar while correcting mine. No I would never mock a fellow sentient being! How DARE you insinuate I could be so low, you Nazi!),and so on. These posts are automatically held up for moderator approval and then it will never be approved. It doesn’t matter if your comment is inflammatory or not, it will be deleted. If you happen to copy that post and then re-post it, saying even worse things, and changing the key words they look for, then it will re-post. I’ve been really enjoying learning this system. Not that I would ever consider thinking of GAMING a system; that’s a horrible thought. Just thought someone else would find this useful.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Thanks for the heads up Jim. Yea. I have seen that kind of thing with places like 911blogger. A lot of good folks got “expelled” because of their comments and views. These folks ended up going to other forums.

    • scpat says:

      The only people banks can plug it to will be those who are uneducated on digital currencies. That’s where it could start, with them convincing people that their version is a good thing for them. The aspect I think about is governments enforcing their private digital currency. That’s where it could get dangerous.

      • mkey says:

        About 99% give or take?

        • scpat says:

          Considering the current market cap of cryptocurrencies is $148 billion, much less than 99%

          • mkey says:

            How does that figure relate to the population?

            What’s the cap on, for example, wall street trades, and how does that relate to the population at large?

  2. mkey says:

    I don’t know why youtube got me there, but I admit it was fun.

    Gardener Ignores the Laws of Nature!

  3. scpat says:

    Central Bank issued digital currency

  4. thomashulstrom says:

    I sure hope that ppl will use blockchain asap to put a stick in the banksters wheel.

  5. scpat says:

    RE: Recommended Viewing – Smart Meter Opt-out Saga


    I hadn’t thought too much about the effects of the smart meter radiation and I’ll health that may come along with it, but it concerns me. For my living situation it isn’t possible to remove the meter entirely like they did, as I pay rent and am not the landlord. For anyone else out there in a similar situation, I found some solutions, one of the most effective appears to be a mesh guard you can purchase for $130. There are other more home-made solutions of course.

    Here is a video showing how it works.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      scpat, Thanks for the video. Interesting. Simple.

      “mkey” knows a lot about electronic radiation and Faraday cages. See this thread…

      “Mungjam” mentions the Impower Movement tactic which could be applied to many things besides SmartMeters, such as Fluoride or mandated vaccines or whatever.
      And I think the “fundamental principle” of scaring the snot out of officials (government or corporate) is a nice tool to use. Scare not with violence but with legalese, or exposure, or bad PR, or whatever. So, there are variations.
      Here is that discussion…

      Around 2012 or so, I was renting a house. I posted signs all over my meter “No trespassing” “You do not have my permission to remove”, etc. And one day, I caught an electric employee climbing up the fence trying to mess with it. I chewed his butt. Those guys did not come back. They typically don’t research to see who owns the property. They are employees and just want a paycheck. Bluff goes a long way. No one likes to mess with an angry man, unless you frequent Cajun bars.

      I was also fortunate to talk to the guy who actually read the meters visually when one day when he was peering through the fence with a small telescope. He was telling me how they were trying to faze out his job.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Decentralized Energy – Home Power
      The way I see it…
      A primary method of control is to have people on the grid. Any type of utility really (water or sewer or electric or gas), unless it is a small community where they join together on a co-op.

      Something which would really rile “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be” would to be for people to cheaply and easily move away from the electric grid, where they generate their own power viably. Decentralized energy.

      In 2008, I was doing some research for a college project. I called a company which was doing the Wind Turbines out around Abilene, Texas. It was about a 40 minute interview.
      He told me that it cost over a million dollars a mile to run the electric grid lines to these turbines.
      So geez! Run those line 200 miles to a metropolitan area at $1,000,000 a mile?!
      It is a complex business…can’t produce too much power during certain times, shutting things down, different market prices on electricity throughout the day, etc.
      And of course, I don’t know how people can stand to live around that noise pollution, bird chopping and whatever. Those cows must really get annoyed.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Interesting alternative to Solar Cells from silicon – Perovskite
        Who knows if this will take off?

        Sam Stranks gives a short 5 minute TED talk here

        MIT profile of Sam Stranks – 

        A 2015 article –

        A 2017 article which talks about protecting the integrity of the cell from weather.

      • mkey says:

        I think there may be some potential in wind power, but it’s done completely wrongly, as is done en masse. If you had a small community somewhere, it could pay off, depending on the area of course, to have a small/medium wind plant providing juice for the batteries or pumping heating/water etc. Doing it that way you would completely bypass relatively expensive infrastructure, DC/AC converters and all of the associated losses of otherwise usable energy.

        There’s a number of ways to do wind plants, too, some of which are not that much of an eye sore/noise pollutant etc. Vertical axis seems like a good start for a small/medium installation, that type of plant (where a fin blade is replaced by some sort of a helix preferably made of ultra durable and light carbon fibers) will keep turning and providing power even on a slightest breeze.

        Another possible way to do it, something I hope to build one day, is to have a structure akin to a firewatch tower. This structure would be completely passive and would only act as a wind trap of sort. A pipe would connect the trap with a remote area, providing a connection to an area of relatively lower air pressure. The difference in pressure would form a (hopefully strong) draft, thus providing an excellent oportunity to cut the pipe and insert a small turbine in there.

        Of course, if we limit the scope of discussion on larger projects which would need to a massive collaborative effort, I don’t think there is a better solution than a LFTR plant.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I like that idea which you expressed in the 3rd paragraph. I believe I once saw a photo of some kind of ruin which utilized that pressure concept.

  6. manbearpig says:

    From the “Global Agenda” part of the World Economic Forum’s website:

    “Blockchain for energy

    In the transition to a new energy world – decentralised, digitised and decarbonised – several use case applications have already been developed using blockchain technology, such as automated bill payments, electrical vehicles charging and sharing, and renewable cryptocurrencies.

    … The United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC) recently recognised the potential of blockchain to boost climate action. Its transparency, cost-effectiveness and efficiency advantages can lead to more effective stakeholder integration to take concerted actions…

    …The technology is not yet mature, but is growing fast. It might take five to 10 years before the technology reaches mainstream adoption…

    …At the G20 this year, President Macron announced a December 2017 Summit dedicated to Climate Finance. It is a great opportunity for France, Europe and the World, to further analyse and promote blockchain’s potential in accelerating climate actions…”

    I’ve certainly been psyopped into a stupor

    I mean, I’m eminently ignorant, truly, with regards to computer technology

    and it’s important to remain optimistic and optimize any minute chance of saving humanity

    but having taken a cursory look at blockchain (more than what most people will probabaly devote to understanding the technology before signing on the dotted line)

    it seems to me that

    unless you’re sure you have the most talented technicians on your side

    you can forget about freedom from technocracy through technology.

    If someone else can forcibly institute biometric access to the internet, if they have super quantum AI that can crack the cryptography of a blockchain system, just as uncrackable codes have always been cracked in the past, if they have the media in their pocket and money to motivate extraordinarily talented and otherwise uncooperative collaborators and if quite simply they have the relative trust of the majority of the world’s population and the ongoing desire for supreme power

    then they can control ANY blockchain system created.

    And thus any enticing people into the blockchain delirium is helping to create the future smart connected (but satiated) one world prison.

    If infinite combinations of letters, numbers and symbols are what safeguard a blockchain system

    in an era of ambiant surveillance and tracking

    he who has the most powerful computer rules, no?

    Dunno, but it seems to me that the necessity for the collective approval of any and every transaction that is then safeguarded only through cryptography would make blockchain the perfect global trackable self-surveillance system?

    I’m sure you won’t believe this but I truly hope and suspect I’m pitifully mistaken. But I’ll need arguements I can understand with a minimum of effort as I’m no geek and my énergies are monopolized by day to day financial survival. Like everyone else’s.

    The World Economic Forum understands that.

  7. PeaceFroggs says:

    Q for Corbett: Assuming central bankers aren’t the ones pushing cryptocurrencies to begin with, what makes you believe that they “can’t or won’t” usurp it later on?

    • PeaceFroggs says:

      I think I can answer my own question

      Reading both articles in the show notes, I came across this…

      A) Johnson (MIT professor with a history with the IMF) says that China may be the right place for an “official” digital currency to take off.


      B) Chinese authorities have ordered Beijing-based cryptocurrency exchanges to cease trading and immediately notify users of their closure, signaling a widening crackdown by authorities on the industry to contain financial risks.

      No doubt the US, and every other country in the world, will do the same, and that is to crack down as they seek to implement their own state controlled digital currency.

      C) China’s crackdown “is all about protecting market stability and protecting the interest of investors, so halting these kinds of initial coin offerings is a very necessary action,” Li said.

      If the US doesn’t crack down on bitcoin like China is doing to “protect the markets”, then I think it’s safe to assume the US is pushing bitcoins!

  8. wall says:

    Corbett, I have problems with both you and Pye Ian’s logic. Pye says the only way to avoid the elite taking control is to barter or use metals… which is basically bartering too. But that leaves no way for transactions across long distances. And hard money and bartering can be interfered with too.

    But bitcoin and the blockchain were both likely invented by the deepstate, and even if not, could be taken over by the deepstate.

    How do we dispose of the ability of these parasites to take over our monetary systems?

    The Pye Ian article is here

    • mkey says:

      I you want to maintain the current paradigm, in which bankers control everything, the only way forward would need to capitalize on bankers’ fear of the people, which currently there is none as their systems of control run deep, pitting brother against brother.

      This means violence, wall. Pitchforks and torches galore. If people in control can’t be 100% certain they won’t be staked before sundown, it doesn’t matter what kind of currency or money one chooses.

      If we finally decide to start moving away from their systems of control, a public ledger is a possible way out, as long as there isn’t a break in quantum computers which will upset the ballance with a capital U. Another issue is price fixing which can’t be prevented as long as there is influx of “cash” into the system through exchanges. It’s obvious that those whom control the currency will thereby be able to control the value of crypto currency through exchanges. They are probably doing so as we exchange these messages.

      You probably realize that as long as the “world” wants to remain global, there will be a lot of heartburn along the way. This inherent problem of power grab can’t be fixed through means of technology, simply because it’s a societal issue. Be it precious metals based money, fiat currency or ony of these types of cryptocurrencies, everything is subject to alteration from outside the system. If there is no trust (based on fear of being burned alive if you break your promise) the monetary system won’t function.

      If people would choose to go local, there’s many different ways they could do local currencies (look at tahoma hours for an example) which would allow for a high degree of freedom. Such communities would not only be self reliant, but also very difficult to control from the outside. Commodity bartering is locally an acceptable option, further boosting the freedom of choice. Getting stuff from outside would probably prove to be problematic, though.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I’m laughing and stuck with a grin.

    Corbett QUOTE The same web browser that can take you to can also take you to (and no, I’m not hyperlinking that!).

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I gotta say… Corbett did a fantastic job of explaining blockchain and bitcoin for a layman like me. And he did WITH STYLE. Corbett style. I mean the Corbett style of writing… well, you rarely run across something like this.
    I thought the pimps of the 70’s had style. But if Corbett was a 70’s pimp, he would out-style them all.

    By the way, this Corbett article is a great REFERENCE ARTICLE to guide people to who have questions about bitcoin and blockchain.

  11. simpson says:

    Thanks for that – very educational and enlightening. Not sure how cheerful it makes me feel!

  12. NES says:

    Good article, James. This is the first explanation that has made any sense and I’ve been asking anyone who professed to understood the Blockchain and, Bitcoin specifically, for years.

    However, the rubber meets the road with a purchase. To actually use Bitcoin or any altcoin as a monetary exchange means making purchases. So, question? What happens to a transaction when you make a purchase with Bitcoin? Does your identity pass through the bankster system in ANY WAY? OR, because the business from which you made a purchase uses Bitcoin are those purchases privately distributed to the decentralized ledger, untrackable by TPTsB? This is the confusing part. Can the transaction be captured or monitored at any point along the monetary road by the bankster/shadow gov system? There are different opinions on this point.

    • mkey says:

      AFAIK exchanges track transactions. So if you get into it through exchanges “they” will know.

      However, there are other ways to get into it, be it getting a donation in bitcoin or getting payed in bitcoin. Adresses AFAIK are not tracked that is bound to your person.

      • NES says:

        So, if you spend Bitcoin on necessary goods you are tracked? If so, that makes altcoins an investment, like stock, unless you don’t mind being tracked when you spend it. Is this true?

        • mkey says:

          Transactions are public, but your name isn’t neccesarilly bound to your bitcoin account. I’m not 100% on this. If you buy into bitcoin over an exchange, your name is going to be tracked (very probably) and that amount of bitcoin won’t flow anonimously from there on. However, if you transfer it to another account, all of this probably becomes rather moot.

          Then again, google can do wonders with an unique id.

  13. Very much needed article, thank you! There’s so much hidden violence in this subject, and again – I love “Mr. Robot” authors’ take on the issue of bitcoin / blockchain subtleties. But the next Evil Corp. has to deal with another, recently unveiled detail about Satoshi Nakamoto’s genius plan: embedding into bitcoin the idea that counters the root of ideological belief system of capitalism itself: “trust no one”.

    There is an excerpt of an excellent article, but I took the liberty of emphasising a very interesting section of it, which may highlight the size of ideological struggle, that goes on in the shadows right now:

    The reason it took 27 years after the 1988 founding of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for the world to agree on a common set of targets and policies at the COP 21 in Paris, 2015, is not because scientists didn’t know what to do. It’s because people, companies and governments don’t trust each other.


    It was a classic misalignment of interests, consistent with what the ecologist Garrett Hardin called the “Tragedy of the Commons” – the idea that mistrust and self-interest prevent communities from properly protecting public resources even when not doing so goes against their long-term interest.


    We can think of the blockchain ledger as bitcoin’s “commons,” a public resource that the entire community of users depends upon. And whereas traditional economic theory tells us that actors pursuing self-interest aren’t incentivized to protect that resource, absent external government intervention, that’s not the case with bitcoin.
    Embedding rules into money

    Bitcoin does have rules for protecting its commons – strict ones, in fact. It’s just that the “governance” isn’t external, it’s baked into the system.

    Compelled to follow the protocol’s instructions, miners, seeking personal profit and nothing else, constantly maintain the public ledger, the bitcoin commons. It’s hard to overstate how much of a breakthrough this coincidence of interests represents.


    It’s a concept that’s impossible with non-crypto fiat currencies, which are agnostic as to the community’s interests – and, in places like Venezuela, can even be hostile to them.


    With a series of rapid-fire, nine-digit ICOs and $1.8 billion raised in total, not to mention talk of scams and “vaporware,” there’s a wide gulf between the utopian vision I’ve laid out and the get-rich-quick mania of ICO-land in 2017.

    Still, as the fallout continues and as regulators in China and the U.S. warn of risks to investors, we risk missing the forest for the trees.”

  14. stevie says:

    fyi: The link from “SyrianGirl’s Facebook Deleted After Exposing Election fraud in #KurdistanReferendum” in the show notes to the YouTube content has been removed for “violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech”. Is it posted somewhere else? BitChute?

  15. Pablo de Boer says:

    What, Jamie? Bitcoin Price Regains Pre-FUD $4,400 Heights, NEO Jumps 15%

    China’s Traders Become Mainstream Heroes By Defying Exchange Ban

    Bitcoin Beats Classic Cars, Art, Wines in Luxury Investment Index

    • manbearpig says:

      Bitcoin Beats Classic Cars, Art, Wines in Luxury Investment Index

      …They started the year at about $968 and have increased to the current rate of over $4000…

      Could this now be considered as “quadrupling”?

      • Pablo de Boer says:

        Hola aloha manbearpig

        See the rising of BTC in these charts (1H, 1D, 1W, 1M, 1Y and ALL)

        And I can share with you dear manbearpig, that I self have good experiences with BTC. That’s why I’m not anymore a MSM sissy (Mean Stream Money wimp). I also adore an adventurous life with …..
        And as usual señor James informs us all very educative on BTC.
        I see also in the comments a lot of assumptions based on NADA / Nothing, but viva la independencia para todos.

        Saludos y abrazos,

        Pablo de Boer

  16. doublek321 says:

    I’ve never really been able to understand this stuff but I still have the following questions:

    Question 1)
    Do we have any idea into how Bitcoin got popular in the first place? Personally, I remember first hearing about it a few years back on the now defunct “The Peter Schiff show”.

    Question 2)
    I read an article on business insider saying that 927 people own half of all bitcoins. That makes me wonder if this is all a “pump and dump” scheme. Any thoughts on that? Maybe it is a pump-and-dump but it doesn’t take away the legitimacy of the concepts?

    Question 3)
    You wrote the following:

    Thirdly, bitcoin uses a specific kind of blockchain ledger called a “public” or “permissionless” blockchain. This means anyone can join the network and contribute to the maintenance of the ledger (“mining,” in the bitcoin parlance).

    It’s my understanding that when you “mine bitcoin”, you actually receive more bitcoin. (I assume that’s how they entice people to allow them to get the computing power required to maintain the blockchain.)

    However, I’ve also heard there’s a limited number of bitcoins that can ever come into existence.

    If those 2 statements are both correct then I’m wondering how the blockchain will be maintained in the future after all bitcoin has been mined (and they can no longer offer the “we’ll give you more bitcoin” enticement”).

    Also, who or what is making payments for the mining of bitcoin? Is there a “central authority” of some sort?

    • mkey says:

      1) In the begining bitcoin was a fringe. Many economical media persons pushed it for years, but I don’t know what made it happen in this world of short lasting media viral creations.

      I’d bet much of the bitcoin is lost on accounts belonging to early miners whom have lost access to said accounts.

      2) Based on my opinion bitcoin may rightly be in a bubble. Which absolutely does not take away from the legitimacy of the concept. And also, in my view, holds bitcoin from being a currency in everyday use, instead of it being a investment thing.

      That may be the whole point, of course. If we look at it historically, we know for a fact one of the methods bankers used to wrestle control of monetary creation system was the false paradigm of booms and busts. After such “problem reaction solution” plans came to fruition, bankers presented themselves as prophets whom were on a holy path to saving humanity.

      The current bitcoin situation fits the mold. After a possible crash bankers may move in and claim their digital currency is the way to go. One may claim we already employ a sort of digital currency in form of debt.

      3) Perusal of bitcoin should secure further existance of the network, at least among those who hold bitcoin and have a vested interest.

      I’m not well versed in bitcoin creation process, but there is no central authority. Mining is the process of discovering nodes which represent transactions of certain value which upn discovery is awarded by the protocol to those with proof of work. Every such addition has to be verified by the network.

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      Hola aloha doublek321,

      I want to share with you that Business Insider is created and owned by the kakistocracy and the members of the kakistocracy are narcissistic psychopaths just like their political puppets.

      Interview 1024 – Tjeerd Andringa Exposes the Kakistocracy

      Kakistocracy is defined as “rule by the worst.” Today on the program Dr. Tjeerd Andringa of the University of Groningen joins us to discuss his theory of how the kakistocracy uses child abuse to perpetuate their control, both over the victims of that abuse and its perpetrators. We also discuss what the vast majority of decent and moral people can do about this problem.

      And I also want to share with you my own experiences with BTC, I self never used Business Insider to inform myself on BTC, but I used other information and I consider señor James his article on BTC as a masterpiece due to señor James’s own self study and his extensive investigations… But I already bought BTC’s before señor James shared his wisdom on BTC with us. I used the internet to inform my self and my own intuition. It was my own choice to buy BTC’s and I never depended on others.

      Saludos y abrazos,

      Pablo de Boer

      • doublek321 says:

        I realize mainstream publications like Business Insider are not trustworthy sources in general but I also don’t think that every single thing in their articles are lies either.

        I still have a lot of doubts about cryptos in general though because I don’t understand what, if anything, they’re backed by. For example, what would the inherent worth of Bitcoin be if it gets surpassed by a different crypto (e.g. Ethereum)? Compare this to gold and silver. They’re no longer “everyday money” but they both still have a lot of worth because they have inherent value.

        • mkey says:

          Bitcoin has no inherent value and as such can not be considered money, bitcoon is a currency. It has all the required properties to make it a currency (fungibility, divisibility, scarcity, transferibility and durability) however it can’t be considered a sore of value. Well, I don’t consider it to be a store of value, this point can be debated till the cows come home.

          • manbearpig says:

            Yes, as far as I understand it, bitcoin (which is NOT blockchain of course!) is a fiat currency just like the dollar, for example, in that it is not backed-by anything except the faith that it will be honoured. The difference is that bitcoin is not centralized, way overtaxed, rigged to favor the rich and based on debt. Which is considerable.

            If people can choose which blockchain services such as bitcoin they participate in, then honky dory, you don’t have to be part of a trackable system with folks you consider corrupt. Or at least you can choose the, cough, “lesser of two evils”.

            But if you can’t choose…and you’re forced to have a biometric identity with your digital one, then, it seems this blockchain technology could indeed be what it sounds like it is: something that will “block chain” you into a permanently monitored web controlled by people you don’t trust for more or less good reason with no way to get out.

            But imagine the legacy! Every single human transaction locked and stored away for posterity and future archeologists!

            However, you’ll still have those who control information and adjust “history” to their convenience… In the world of super AI, I imagine any code can be cracked if there’s enough at stake for someone…

            my coffee break rant…

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Hola aloha estimado doublek321,

              That is also a beautiful part of BTC, if you don’t want to use BTC, nobody else can mandate you to buy things with BTC like now happens with the Bankster’s fiat currency. You also self decide if you trust BTC or not.

              Gold and silver has given a value by the rulers of our world aka the kakistocracy and a lot of sheeple people follow the kakistocracy’s decisions on this, but I also know societies where gold and silver are worthless just like for myself and the same applies to BTC. The price of gold and silver was and still is being manipulated by the kakistocracy. But there are still … people that this will stop….. When the internet will be shut down BTC will lose its independent value or when the kakistocracy will be able to buy all BTC’s. I self think that the internet will be not shut down by the globkaki (global kakistocracy) due to the fact that the internet is being (ab)used and will be (ab)used by the powers that shouldn’t rule to control and manipulate the sheeple people, like now is happening with all the smartphone – and I-phone zombies in public space, work and @ home, who are walking, sitting, laying or standing as a brain death species behind their smartphones. Their own smartphone became smarter and even more independent than them self ai ai ai caramba… And it is up to us if the kakistocracry will be able to obtain all BTC’s and if the kakistocracy will be able to gather all BTC’s, we can start a new crypto currency. And their is also a third option, maybe in the future somebody or something like AI will be able to hack cryptocurrencies.. But when this will happen, we as human species have to invent a new ……

              Estimado doublek321 always decide for your self and if you have doubts it is up to your self what you will decide for yourself.
              I wish you a lot of happiness and love in your life dear doublek321.

              Hardstyle ► Oldschool Techno house music when I already was a rebel soul but also …

              Showtek – FTS (Fuck The System)


              Freaks on E, that’s what we fuck man!

              Ey yo, 1-2 , 1-2 – yo, hehe!

              This is what I love, and can’t stop loving.
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              That’s what I do on Fridays and Saturdays. Why should I take life so seriously?
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              This is my own world, I just wanna hear the music.

              I think the whole system fucking sucks.
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              I live for the weekend, I live for hard styles, I live for hardstyle baby!

              Come on! Let’s go!

              Saludos y abrazos,

              Pablo de Boer

        • Pablo de Boer says:

          Hola aloha estimado doublek321,

          Here some goldenoldies anecdotes on precious metals

          — What 40 Years Of Gold Confiscation By The US Government Looks Like —

          And remember: when in doubt, recall Bernanke’s immortal words: “gold is not money.”

          Ron Paul to Ben Bernanke – Is Gold Money?

          — Weird Things Are Happening With Gold —

          They show that while politicians publicly disparage gold, they quietly pay close attention to it

          — What If Gold Is Declared Illegal? —

          Thus is gold for the banksters a precious metal or a worthless metal??
          I self observe that the banksters use gold as a tool to control the 99,9 % and it doesn’t matter them if gold is precious or worthless as long they can stay in power.

          And now I’m going to Paris with my new…..

          Saludos y abrazos con mucho cariño,

          Pablo de Boer

  17. Richard Ran says:

    Dunno about the “psyop” angle but leaving that one aside, there still remains enough disinfo underlying/feeding the sympathy certain people feel for bitcoin.

    For instance, there’s a modified version of the “End the FED” meme, emphasizing that this evil institution is a problem because it is “privately owned” by evil banksters, or something to that tune. An interesting nugget of Occupy-style disinfo right there.

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      Hmmmm, that’s the smell of opportunity in the morning. At least if you are GS. For the rest of us, not so good. The only market they haven’t corrupted is the one that hasn’t been dreamed up yet.

  18. manbearpig says:

    What appears to be a couple of blockchain fans:

    5 Reasons the UN Is Jumping on the Blockchain Bandwagon

    Israel’s Largest Bank Begins Blockchain Trial With Microsoft

    But maybe the idea’s that a lot can be done for the cause of freedom and getting central bank cash into the cryptocurrency sphere before TPTSB get a firm boot on the situation… thereby maximizing the chances of fundamentally breaking corrupt bankster-owned centralized control…?

  19. manbearpig says:

    So during a lunchbreak I started listening to the Oiligarchy documentary again…

    And I was even more struck by the narrative of how the Oiligarchy was able to create the societal conditions that would ruin alcohol as an alternative fuel

    by making it a disease…

    and also by how they destroyed the electric trolley systems

    by buying them out

    taking them out of circulation

    and then creating the highway networks fueled by their precious breastmilk:


    Money is often likened to energy, its circulation, well-being and vitality when abundant etc…

    I see this narrative as an analogy to what they will do to cryptocurrencies and blockchain itself:

    They’ll perhaps make bitcoin a disease and if they can’t, they’ll buy it out through a multitude of anonymous agents and crash it by taking it out of circulation.

    They shall then fuel the vital networks of their own blockchain systems with their own cryptocurrency.

    What d’ya think?

  20. rg says:

    A big thank you for enlightening me on these topics !

  21. manbearpig says:

    I think what makes me wary of bitcoin is that after shutting down Silk Road the police auctioned it all off.

    And something seems fishy about the Satoshi Nakamoto persona…but then again…I find Something fishy about everybody including Assange and Snowden… so like I said, I’ve been psyopped into a stupor…

    I suppose there could be a concerted effort to entice folks towards bitcoin with nefarious ulterior motives

    without eliminating bitcoin’s subversive possibilities…

    …but you can’t eat it… anyhow…

    • mkey says:

      There is little doubt that both of the gentlemen you mentioned are indeed very fishy. As far as Mr. Satoshi is concerned, there isn’t enough information available to reach a logical conclusion.

      • wingsuitfreak says:

        Apparently, the Russians think that BitCoin is a CIA psy-op. But since that agency has traditionally been proven incompetent at reaching their goals, it is hardly surprising that this one probably has back-fired as well. Just like everything else the state does to control us better, it comes back to bite them in the rear. Like the internet. It was supposed to control us, but it has also worked even better in exposing “them”. Bitcoin may be a psy-op against us, but it has still let the genie out of the bottle in that so many people obviously are not happy with the current monetary system. And they aren’t likely to be satisfied with anything the state rolls out to replace it. Blockchain or no blockchain; I think that a tipping point may have been reached in regards to the people wanting anything to do with the same people remaining in charge of the money supply. We just don’t hear about these people on the boob-tube or the youboob. I don’t know the fate of these currencies, but it doesn’t take a GED to figure out that the direction is towards decentralization, and not the centralization the powers that cower want us to have. And don’t think they aren’t cowering. This massive drop in political approval is based upon clear thinking. I’m loving it.

        • mkey says:

          Direction taken with cryptocurrency will be dictated by the one controlling it. The same goes for fiat and gold.

        • manbearpig says:

          Mr. Wingsuitfreak says: “…Apparently, the Russians think that BitCoin is a CIA psy-op…”

          And says:

          “…Russia’s central bank believes the time is right to develop and launch its own digital currency, one of its senior officials said today…

          …”Regulators of all countries agree that it’s time to develop national cryptocurrencies, this is the future. Every country will decide on specific time frames. After our pilot projects we will understand what system we could use in our case for our national currency,” Skorobogatova was quoted as saying.

          …”It’s an area of study being explored by a range of central banks, including those from China, Singapore and the UK, among others…”

          Skorobogatova’s comments also come as the Bank of Russia develops new regulations for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Russian central bank is reportedly planning to regulate bitcoin as a kind of digital good.


          Russia Launches $100 Million Bitcoin-Mining Operation

          Russia to legalize bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in 2018

          “Countries that will soon legalize bitcoins – and Russia may be among them – will place themselves in a strong position because they will gain new business,” said Alejandro De La Torre, business development manager at, during the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference.

          Retail stores that accept cryptocurrencies have long been operating in Japan and Singapore. De La Torre said that the experience of the legalization of cryptocurrencies in South Korea is currently being studied, and people in Venezuela and Nigeria are buying bitcoins through the Internet and local banks in order to counteract the effects of local inflation.

          The Swiss government has already regulated the blockchain. “Recently, Switzerland passed legislation on the launch of the ICO (an equivalent of the IPO that allows companies to trade their shares in crypto stock exchanges). All companies that are introducing the ICO are doing it through Switzerland,” said Gurieva.


        • manbearpig says:

          October 12th, 2017

          Putin Confirms Russia Will Regulate Cryptocurrencies

          “…We have agreed on the following: the state should regulate the process of issuing cryptocurrencies, the process of mining, the process of circulation…The state should head this situation and regulate it legally…”

          October 11th, 2017

          Putin Tells Central Bank Not to Create Unnecessary Barriers to Cryptocurrencies

          “…It is important not to create unnecessary barriers, of course, but rather to provide essential conditions for advancing and upgrading the national financial system…

          …In June, Putin met with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and briefly discussed the possibility of using Ethereum within the Russian government. The Russian President has been a proponent of new technologies. According to First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, Putin understands that hi-tech and the digital economy spur growth rates, adding that

          “it is not an overstatement to say that the president is passionately fond of it.”

          Predictably mixed messages…but Russia thinks bitcoin a CIA psyop…? I missed a chapter…

          • wingsuitfreak says:

            I got that from Prof. Kosavich (spelling is horrible) in his Russian Newspapers Monitor before they put them all up behind a pay wall. I would pay for that section alone, but they only accept paypal. I emailed them a few times about adding Patreon, but I guess they don’t want to do that. Sigh. It was in the Pro-Putin papers at the time. Obviously, if it is one, they’re okay with it now.

  22. Pablo de Boer says:

    Kenneth Rogoff, a professor of economics at Harvard University aka Professor Bitcorn II, proofs and shows personally that the western education system is full of crap and has the only intention to dumbing down humanity and even the professors who educate and teach this crap are affected by this propaganda, which serves only the globkaki.

    According to Kenneth Rogoff aka Professor Bitcorn II the collapse of bitcoin is inevitable. But in reality BTC survived last month the heavy attack of the fascist socialist Chinese government and BTC’s chart shows the strength of BTC and BTC is following its own path without governmental / bankster’s intervention.

    It is funny for me to observe a professor at Skull & Bones University who believes his own lies or he is just like the other fascist socialists like the members of Chinese government and Joseph Goebbels, who propagated:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Professor Bitcorn II served as the chief economist of the IMF from 2001 to 2003 and the IMF is also a tool created by the global kakistocracy aka globkaki to preserve and maintain their power and full fill their eugenic agenda. If you are wondering now who is Professor Bitcorn I, I can suggest to read this article.

    Collapse of Bitcoin Inevitable According to Harvard Economics Professor

    Saludos y abrazos,

    Pablo de Boer

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      Mario Draghi: European Central Bank Has ‘No Power’ to Regulate Bitcoin

      Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank (ECB), has indicated that his institution does not have the authority to regulate cryptocurrencies.

      Making his statements to the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, Draghi said that “it would actually not be in our powers to prohibit and regulate” bitcoin and other digital currencies.

  23. Pablo de Boer says:

    And meanwhile in bankster’s paradise it is business as usual.

    KPMG cleared by watchdog in HBOS audit investigation

    FRC rules out wrongdoing by accountancy firm in reviewing bank’s accounts before financial crisisThe Financial Reporting Council (FRC) announced that it had closed an investigation into KPMG which was sparked by pressure from MPs on the Treasury select committee in 2015.

    The FRC concluded “there was not a realistic prospect that a tribunal would make an adverse finding against KPMG in respect of the matters within the scope of the investigation”. KMPG said it was pleased with the findings.

    In the past some FRC Board Members worked for KPMG like Paul George
    Executive Director, Corporate Governance & Reporting and see also where his colleagues at FRC had positions before they became FRC Board Members.

    Watchdog will come clean on ties with KPMG: Financial Reporting Council to publish register of employees’ interests

    ‘Issues of perception always arise when a regulator makes a decision involving a firm where its senior directors were employed,’ the former Labour minister said last week, adding that watchdogs often felt compelled to hire such people to access their expertise.

  24. Pablo de Boer says:

    Some call me a creep, because I adore BTC

    $5,200: Bitcoin Buoyant as Price Sets New All-Time High

  25. Pablo de Boer says:

    KGB Psychopath Putin condemns Bitcoin and calls for Russian ban of digital currencies. Putin is just like the members of the Chinese Communist party a puppet of the Globkaki and that’s why he is also big buddies with the psychopaths Trump, Obomber and Queen Elizabeth’s lapdog Justin Trudeau

    Putin Condemns Bitcoin, Calls for Russian Ban of Digital Currencies

    Socialist Fascist Justin Trudeau serving and obeying one of his royal inbred masters

    Justin Trudeau gives Queen Elizabeth Canada 150 flag

    I just checked my BTC wallet and the price of 1 BTC = US$ 5.684,00, ai ai ai Caramba viva BTC and I will have LOL this weekend.

    Saludos con mucho cariño para todos and enjoy your weekend y la vida..,

    Pablo de Boer

  26. manbearpig says:

    IMF’s Lagarde says it’s time to get serious about digital currency

    “She pointed to distributed ledger technology like blockchain that can help make the banking system more inclusive.

    “I think of women in some of the developing countries that have to carry cash around who are at risk of violence and all the rest of it,” she said. “If they can use their cell phone and operate in a much more discreet and efficient way, it would be terrific.””

    Blockchain is more inclusive and can protect women in developing countries…

    can you wage…can you wag the dog?

  27. manbearpig says:

    A Look Inside The Secret Swiss Bunker Where The Ultra Rich Hide Their Bitcoins

    One person’s remarks in the comments section of the article:

    “…2. You really think the banks are that stupid that they will allow the average slob become one of them? No. The point of this BTC / ETH rise is to convince the populace of the legitimacy of virtual / digital / non-existent currencies. Once society is well trained, the banks will kill off the BTC / ETH and introduce their nightmare….”


  28. scpat says:

    Government issued cryptocurrency plus a ‘gaming’ system to encourage citizen participation in government, all wrapped up into one!

    Russia’s Capital Discusses Issuing Moscowcoin Cryptocurrency

    As the work on Russia’s national cryptocurrency is underway, the city of Moscow is discussing issuing its own cryptocurrency, the Moscowcoin. This will be possible after the legal framework of cryptocurrencies is established for the whole federation, city officials explained.

    According to Efimov, the Moscow city government is investigating the implementation of the technology in the city’s resident-facing web portals and services. “We are discussing the implementation of blockchain technology on the basis of the city’s metropolitan services,” he detailed. “We have a whole range of different portals and various forms of interaction with citizens, and now we are actively working out the question of how to implement this technology,” he described.

    However, Efimov did reveal one detail about the likely scope of Moscowcoin. He told Tass:

    As an option, Moscowcoin can be used by residents of the city on the ‘Active citizen’ portal.

    Active Citizen is a project by the Moscow government in 2014 “as a venue for holding open referendums in electronic form,” its website states. The platform currently has 1,310,191 users, has conducted 1,667 votes and generated more than 47 million views.

    Each week, the city mayor and the government of Moscow engage active citizens to discuss important issues related to the city, from transport and landscaping to health and education. By participating, users can earn “points” which can be exchanged for city services such as paying for parking, city excursion programs and tickets to theatres and museums.

    Using this portal as a testbed, Efimov said “when we talk about the cryptocurrency, it means wider circulation, rather than narrowly focused. The prototype already exists – everyone has points, some loyalty cards. It’s just a matter of where and how you can use it.”

  29. HomeRemedySupply says:

    From Corbett Report “Just For Fun” with his article From “Xi Thought” to “Superpower”: What You Need to Know About China’s National Congress

    Bitcoin Obituaries – Bitcoin has died 178 times

  30. scpat says:

    Ledger Bitcoin Wallet Partners With Tech Giant Intel

    “The Paris-based cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturing company, Ledger, has announced a recent partnership with the giant multinational technology firm Intel. The joint initiative aims to tether Ledger’s unique operating system, ‘BOLOS’ and Intel’s ‘Software Extension Guard’ (SGX).”

    “The Intel SGX solution plans to create a secure area called the “SGX enclave” for private keys tied to digital assets. Essentially this means the data will be stored within the enclave as opposed to applications.”

    “According to the Paris-based hardware wallet manufacturer [Ledger], the team intends to build a new factory in China with the newly acquired funds.”

    Expert Says NSA Have Backdoors Built Into Intel And AMD Processors

  31. Artificial Intelligence has already taken control. Crypto-currencies are its means to make you pay for and build its control system ?

    I’m just putting this out there.

  32. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Pantera Capital is an investment firm focused exclusively on ventures related to blockchain tech and digital currency.

    Nov 28, 2017 Bitcoin headed toward $50K in a few years? -Fox Business
    (5 minute interview with Pantera Capital founder, Dan Morehead, on the future of bitcoin.)

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