The Beeb: Inside the UK’s coincidence theory broadcaster that shares violence and hate

10/08/202317 Comments


Remember "Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers? I Will!!!," where I shone the spotlight of shame on Marianna Spring, the BBC's "specialist disinformation correspondent" who was recently busted for having lied about her own work history on her CV?

And remember my recent #SolutionsWatch episode on The Newspaper Revolution, wherein I picked apart "The Light: Inside the UK’s conspiracy theory newspaper that shares violence and hate," a Spring-penned hit piece on Darren Nesbit of The Light newspaper?

And remember when, in the course of dissecting Spring's article, I mused that I should write a parody of her style, demonstrating how mindless and risible that flavour of establishment hatchet job "journalism" really is?

Well, this week I present to you exactly that: a hit piece about the BBC in the style of the BBC's own hit pieces! Enjoy!


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  1. mkey says:

    That question posed by Nesbit: “what if all you are peddling are lies” is kind of existential, isn’t it?

    What if that “vaccine” you gave to your kids was fake at best, or harmful and could or maim your child at worst? Why did you not get informed before delivering this to your offspring? Why did you not do your due diligence? Why did you chose the easy route and just do as you were told?

    What is the percentage of population that is willing to answer these questions? 0.1%?

  2. SuperBobo says:

    Just because my usual reaction to your content, James, is awe and admiration doesn’t mean I should refrain from sharing that on a regular basis, right? You are such a beautiful person and there are times I wish I could reach through the screen and give you a great big hug for no reason except to show you how much I appreciate you. I hope you and indeed everyone here can experience how loved we all are. I wish this for myself too. Life can be so very, very lonely when one is ‘different’. (For me, having self diagnosed as autistic based on the incredible resources that now exist online made by and for autistic adults, and in the form of books written by autistic people about their lives, that exploration is giving me so much understanding of my own lifelong feelings of loneliness and trouble fitting into ‘normie’ land. I have come to suspect that many among your audience, James, are probably autistic too, what with our love of truth and inability to stand lies and injustice. Oh and, well, I’ve heard it said that many musicians are autistic; music requires sensory sensitivities and the ability to focus intently on a subject. I was a professional musician for years. Music was for me a major coping strategy in my youth; I am now sure it was more therapy than anything else! Now, as an adult, my interest in making music has waned considerably and I am discovering things about myself in relation to ‘normies’ at my ‘normie’ workplace and man, it’s really really tough! Incidentally, Marianna might as well have written a piece about herself being a lying, manipulating normie in ‘truthful people’ land. Can you imagine? Anyway, the number of autistic accounts being shared and published these days of life as a truthful person in normie land is so, so reassuring to me. I’m sure this knowledge would help some others in this audience, so I’m putting this out there in case anyone needs to read it.)

  3. playinggrounded says:

    Thank you for that subscriber video, James. The soundtrack for How BlackRock Conquered the World really stood out to me. Personally, I thought it was really well done, and I wondered where and how you found just the right music to mesh so perfectly with this documentary. Excellent work! Thank you for sharing more of your many talents with us! I look forward to hearing more of your music in future videos.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    3rd paragraph from the very top…

    risible – definition
    so lacking in quality or usefulness that it deserves to be laughed at
    “All this would be risible, if it weren’t still more or less our official doctrine.” – Huffinton Post

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The Corbett Report offers “Recommended Listening and Viewing” exclusively for Corbett Report Members.
    Under “Just For Fun” is a great short video clip!

    The following 3 1/2 minute clip adds to it…
    Time Lies presents: Greatest Schwabs Volume 15

  6. minnie says:

    It annoys me that I have to pay for the British Propaganda Corporation via taxation, even though I haven’t paid the licence fee for years (I haven’t had a TV for years). The Tony Gosling link was broken, probably only in the UK, as we’re not allowed to see RT in the UK, in case it warps our gullible little minds – never mind that the BBC has been blasting its propaganda out to countries all over the world for decades.

    I used to listen to the BBC World Service years ago, and if anything, that started to raise the kind of questions in my mind that started the process of waking me up from my slumbers…

    One incident stands out. I was a really poor sleeper, and I used to go to bed with the World Service on. On one sleepless night, I kept hearing hourly news reports about a plane crash in Africa where many of the passengers survived by clinging onto debris in the sea. I wanted to see the footage, so I put on the TV the next day (this was in the early days of the internet) and there was no mention of the air crash.

    There were a few things like this that made me think… “Hmm… why is our news and programming in the UK so different from the news and programming pumped out by the World Service?”

    Who needs RT and “conspiracy theorists” when you have the BBC to wake you up?

  7. pkadams says:

    Just curious if James is Muslim ? Or anti-Israel? Or is he just anti-war and anti-imperialism?

  8. SilentCricket says:

    Just a brief note: the link to access this weeks editorial for free brings you to the Vanguard article instead.

    Appreciate the great work you keep releasing.

  9. loggin says:

    The BBC isn’t politically biased, it represents the interests of the three pillars of the British establishment MI5, MI6 and Money.

    It lives on its reputation for probity and respectability. When flagship news monkey Huw Edwards was revealed to be a child sex predator protected by the BBC a small outfit called Byline Times was activated to accuse a right wing TV channel presenter of various sex related offences.

    The great television army rose up and screamed ‘what about Wootton’ every time Edwards was mentioned. That story was a true nothingburger but it was enough to make Edwards disappear from Twitter.

    So, we are now living in a very similar bipolar idiocracy to America where everyone is fighting the same ‘us vs them’ battle every minute of every day.

  10. Nick and his banjo says:

    For the most demonic minor chord James I would recommend F Minor using the pipe organ voice. I once had a dream and at the scariest moment a church organ blasted out what I identified (after waking up) as F Minor. Got to play it loud though!

  11. G. Jingping says:

    Syrian “zombies”. For a second I thought it was Boston, that city where things that go boom shred the pants off of your legs, but curiously leave advertising banners intact and walls with no pock marks.

  12. Ian Davis says:

    Lol. Thanks so much for this. It is glorious.

  13. Didn’t see a dedicated place to comment about the subscriber video so I guess this place is OK.

    Very fine work you did on your scoring James!

    The Fine Art of Documentary Scoring – Subscriber Exclusive #117

    These two stood out as my my fave pieces:

    Can’t wait to hear BlackArt and BlackMagic! 🙂

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