The Art of Debunking (video)

10/23/20120 Comments

Debunking, like any other human activity, is something that could be done more or less effectively. On this week's edition of the podcast we look at some examples of effective debunking, and talk about what makes a skeptical argument work.

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James Randi exposes Uri Geller - part 1 of 4
Time Reference: 06:05

James Randi on September 11th
Time Reference: 13:41

James Randi Educational Foundation
Time Reference: 19:00

JREF Forum
Time Reference: 19:07

9/11 Commission said little to no significance into 9/11 financing?
Time Reference: 21:05

The Discovery Channel Scam
Time Reference: 26:05

Ancient Aliens Debunked
Time Reference: 29:49

The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300
Time Reference: 41:04

Theodor Adorno
Time Reference: 46:34

Alan Watt on "The Grassy Knoll" May 25, 2006
Time Reference: 47:44

The Beatles Song Catalogue (ownership)
Time Reference: 40:37

Time Reference: 1:00:54

Humanity is Rising (original song)
Time Reference: 1:04:37

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