The 5G Surveillance Grid: What You Need to Know

05/26/201925 Comments

. . . After the initial surge of hype that surrounds any new technology, the dark reality of the 5G-connected "Internet of Things" (IoT) is starting to come to light. The most immediately apparent aspect of this dark reality is the danger to human health that the 5G network's ubiquitous and powerful transmitters present. As an increasing body of research shows, the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation present in current mobile technologies will be amplified by orders of magnitude in the much more powerful (and much denser) Extremely High Frequency radiation network that 5G relies on. As retired US government career scientist Dr. Ronald M. Powell noted in his comment to the FCC on the proposed 5G rollout, this technology must be opposed because:

"It would greatly extend FCC’s current policy of the MANDATORY IRRADIATION OF THE PUBLIC without adequate prior study of the potential health impact and assurance of safety. It would IRRADIATE EVERYONE, including the most vulnerable to harm from radio frequency radiation: pregnant women, unborn children, young children, teenagers, men of reproductive age, the elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill."

But another, even more neglected aspect of the 5G dark reality is that in a world where all objects are wired and constantly communicating data to one another through a 5G network—an "Internet of Things" (IoT), in other words—privacy and security would be next to impossible. Even the mainstream is now admitting that the unprecedented amounts of data flowing through the 5G network—from appliance usage to personal communications to transaction information—is a treasure trove that, if it were to fall into the wrong hands, would be a formidable weapon. . . .

This week in The Corbett Report Subscriber James gives you a sneak peak of his video presentation to the Red Pill Expo in Hartford, CT from June 7 through June 9, 2019.

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  1. mkey says:

    Oh, dang, a cliffhanger.

  2. mkey says:

    Just yesterday, at my amazement, my “fake” facebook account has been “disabled” just as I was writing a response to someone claiming feminism rose at the beginning of 19th century to secure women’s voting rights and the “right” to equal pay.

    Anyway, I had that account for years and while I didn’t have any private information stored on it, facebook algorithms recognized people I actually knew in real life and suggested them as my facebook “friends”.

    Digging a bit deeper into the issue, I end up on facebook policies list:

    1) Your account must list your authentic name.
    Guilty… or not? What the hell is an “authentic” name?

    2) Personal accounts must represent individual people only. It’s a violation of our policies to use a personal profile to represent anything other than yourself (ex: celebrities, pets, ideas, objects, etc.).
    Not guilty. I wasn’t representing anyone with that account, not even myself.

    3) Impersonating anyone or anything is not allowed.
    Not guilty. I wasn’t impersonating anyone with that account, not even myself.

    4) Maintaining multiple accounts is a violation of our policies.
    Not guilty.

    5) Accounts created for the purpose of spamming or harassing others are strictly prohibited.
    I guess this goes hand in hand with the “right” not to be offended.

    I guess what caused this, in the end, was the fact I started making some “friends” lately, connecting to people who seemed to understand the world around them with some depth and clarity. In the end, I was allowed to download a file with my facebook “stuff”, however, my presence on facebook has been completely scrubbed. I see people’s comments to my comments are still there, but my input has been rendered null and void.

    Which is OK, it’s their platform and they can do as they please, but it makes me think how many sites use their commenting plugin and how much work and invested attention can be obliterated in a few keystrokes. And a final note, they allowed an appeal process but required a copy of a photo ID to be uploaded for the review purposes, a copy which they may hold up to a year on their server to help detect fake IDs. I very much doubt there are any real people behind these processes.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Very interesting.
      Social media sure is shaping the discourse.

      Seems like “Eugenics” is being applied to social media.
      Undesirables no longer exist.

  3. mkey says:

    Public Choice Theory: Why Government Often Fails

    Spoiler: no competition, no incentives, median voter theorem, rational ignorance, gerrymandering and much more. The guy actually gets ticked off several times, who knows why.

  4. Qno says:

    James, great article but any chance of putting your articles in a more easily printable form? eg link to a PDF or something? I like to print stuff out and leave it around town, in cafes, in our reception at work etc. More and more we are going to need to return to these old ways of raising awareness, leaflets outside MacDonalds etc.

    Meanwhile, I don’t know how you can tolerate Steemit. They are the most paternalistic, self-satisfied, hard to use platform ever. I won’t be joining any platform that chooses my passwords for me (duh!) has a waiting list to join and charges a fee to jump the queue. Making us need a degree in computing to use a service is just another form of control. It also makes it more likely we will make some kind of mistake, which in my view is a much bigger security risk than weak passwords.

    Keep up the good work!

    • scpat says:

      If you use mobile, many browsers have “reader friendly” mode that formats the text nicely. Then print as pdf. This let’s you save the article as a pdf. If you use laptop or desktop you can do the same thing.

  5. tiffany.p says:

    Are you speaking at the expo?

  6. zyxzevn says:

    **My collection on health problems**

    In the medical world the evidence for damage is clear,
    like inner-ear-cancer.

    For other “scientists” the damage is “not understood”.
    The major problem is that they only check the
    heat effect of the radiation.
    A weird choice, as if made by design.

    So they replace the complex electro chemical biology
    of the electrically wired biological human body
    with …
    a barrel of water.

    The CIA/KGB docs show some of things that are going wrong in
    the cells with low intensity high frequency radiation (non-ionizing).
    Even on low radiation levels the ions cause damage on the membranes.

    Somehow these scientists had not lost their minds.

  7. Fawlty Towers says:

    It took a little while James, but I’m really glad you have finally decided to speak out about this hugely important subject. Important as you point out on so many levels!

  8. Fawlty Towers says:

    This recent video may be of interest to some here.

    How to Take Action Against 5G – Max Igan In Conversation With Ray Broomhall

  9. Ukdavec says:

    Widespread facial surveillance in the “land of the free” is an “imminent reality.”

  10. Ukdavec says:

    Although nearly 18 months old, the deep dive report on 5G and #geopolitics from Jefferies is an essential reference – full report link here

  11. alexandre says:

    Deeply disturbing, not the 5G nightmare, but the fact that the vast majority of people (here in Brazil the entire population) will a) welcome it because it’s fast, b) not give a damn about any possible dark sides and c) call anyone who says anything against it a conspiracy idiot. What is really disturbing in this whole nightmare (agenda twenty whatever) is that people themselves are installing it. And defending it like fanatics. That is the true nightmare.

    • Robert Smith says:

      yeah, and let’s the EVIL fash tyrant Bolsonaro for welcoming the menace that’s 5G. Also, should we convince James Corbett to do a propaganda watch video exposing Jair Bolsonaro & call out that BS videogame about him.
      Did remember that I told you about that dumb game. I think there needs to be a way to lure gamers away from the evils of fascism. I’m a gamer & i deeply despise RIGHTWING tyrants lime Bolsonaro, Netanyahu, Trump, etc.
      The same goes for the illiberal Fake Left Identity Politicians

  12. alexandre says:

    By the way, the internet technician told me that 5G is already running. I didn’t understand. He said it is, in some places, and it comes via the fiber optic cable (no boxes on posts on the street), and the modem (modems that are 5G ready) “irradiates” the room. I think he’s a bit mad, but can anyone explain this? Is 5G already going? Didn’t they have to put some thousands of satellites up etc?

    Anyway, after 10 days without internet, depending on it for work and having certainly the worst internet service on the planet (I have 8MB internet – yes, eight megabytes [0.8 upload] no fiber where I live, the company is called VIVO, a Portuguese company that was bought by a Spanish company called Telefonica, which I couldn’t explain how much it sucks), I’m almost dreaming of 5G! They really drive you insane and I wonder if that is the desired effect. They torture you until you say “yes, yes, 5G, please, come and release us from VIVO! Fuck my DNA, gimme 5G, please!”…you know? And when I say insane, I mean literally. The mentioned technician said he was seeing a psychologist, because his wife found some messages where he talks about killing himself and insisted he went to a shrink. This is real stuff. The guy is almost going mad because of Telefonica / Vivo. You guys should come to Brazil for two months. You’d learn so much.

    • alexandre says:

      Just as an illustration, I sent the document (
      to some friends, what I always call “my civic duty” to avoid fights and here are two responses:

      1 – from John: “It reminds me the era of radio, TV, celular, WI FI etc. Wanna know what’s gonna happen? NOTHING. In fact, fraudulent alarmist sites will make a lot of money with CLICKBAITS, until the next technology”.

      2 – from David: “Don’t feel like reading now. I agree with John. Hey, let’s have dinner some time soon”.

      None of these guys even looked at the document, let alone all the links it contains. In Brazil this is typical of…I would say…98% of the population. And they get furious if you even mention “mind control”.

      Talk about hopelessness….

    • zyxzevn says:

      I think he means that Wifi can operate in similar ways as 5G.
      But maybe they are installing 5G on some places already,
      as a “test”.

      The microwave radiation can indeed cause severe depressions
      to some people. But I think that people need to
      die in thousands before anything happens.

      Regarding internet speed, I am actually longing back for
      4k4 modems, as they help me focus more on the information
      that I actually want to read.

    • manbearpig says:

      “…Anyway, after 10 days without internet, depending on it for work and having certainly the worst internet service on the planet … I’m almost dreaming of 5G! They really drive you insane and I wonder if that is the desired effect. They torture you until you say “yes, yes, 5G, please, come and release us from VIVO! Fuck my DNA, gimme 5G, please!”…

      Gosh, Alexandre, I hadn’t read your above comment,

      that’s exactly the impression I have, that we’re being driven to demand 5G either intentionally or unintentially because of the disruption due to its unreported installation.

  13. Qno says:

    I actually think 5G is a hoax. I suspect the technology is too fiddly, too unreliable, and possibly too dangerous. Maybe it works in labs, or small carefully controlled confined spaces like airports etc. There’s the Huawei scandal, which I don’t understand, but seems to be a way of stalling perhaps. And sure they sell the phones, but does the network actually work? Meanwhile, every time I try and find out where it is up and running – so I can avoid it – it seems to be in the testing phase in very limited areas, when we were all expecting it to have been rolled out on a huge scale by now. It could all simply be a great big investment scam, keep the money rolling on development, don’t put people out of jobs. Meanwhile, lots of tech people posting videos on YouTube saying the same thing: if it works, where is it?

    • Ukdavec says:

      All the hype around 5G is hiding the simple fact that we don’t actually need a new mobile specification. That is the central thrust of Professor William Webb’s new book, The 5G Myth: And why consistent connectivity is a better future.

      • manbearpig says:

        I’m speaking from considerable ignorance and might even be diagnosed as clinically technophobic but

        even apart from full-spectrum surveillance let’s consider games, virtual reality and as of yet uninvented applications in all sectors…

        I can’t help but wonder if Mr. Webb isn’t bridling his imagination?

        and incidentally, computers are so slow in my own environment, whether it’s at home or at work, that I’m sometimes convinced (with my paranoid mind) that the aggravating sluggishness is due to the fact that 5G’s already in the process of being installed and/or that this excruciating slowness is designed to drive people to demand, cry out despairingly for the faster service 5G would provide…

        as for its short term profitability… if it’s not, I would imagine that if necessary 5G would be artificially rendered profitable…or taxpayers’ll cough up…


  14. happy_usagi says:

    In the corporate media I have only read really positive reports of 5G, but then I heard Max Egan talk about it – and later heard Max’s conversation mentioned above by Fawlty Towers. I thought I’d better look into it to form my own opinion, as I already have concerns about WiFi and mobile phone use, and restrict their use to limit possible health effects. I’ve been living in Malaysia for a while now, so I was wondering what was happening here with 5G and smart meters here.

    Unfortunately, Malaysia is a bit of an information desert. It’s quite hard to find out what’s going on. The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) chairman Al-Ishsal Ishak confirmed last month that 5G frequency is safe even for children.

    But it was very easy to find articles on the Internet covering the health and environmental damage of 5G. And I was horrified by the potential health effects on humans – let alone what it could do to other life on our planet.

    Finally yesterday I wrote a blog to report my findings, keeping it reasonably neutral to plant seeds of doubt rather than simply condemn the technology. But less mentioned is the surveillance aspect covered by James here. Possibly those who have an Alexa in their house won’t care.

    My point is that, for anyone who has any concerns about 5G, it’s presently quite easy to find out how potential damaging it is. Whether this will be censored soon I don’t know. In one week I went from sitting on the fence to being decidedly against it.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I did not see “James Corbett” mentioned on the schedule of the Red Pill Expo. I know that James won’t be there in person.

    I recognized many of the names of the speakers.

    However, I did see a FILM set for first thing Friday, June 7 2019.
    “The 5G Apocalypse”

    I really want “the rest of the story”. I wanna see this video of Corbett’s.

  16. Thomas says:

    I do harp on this issue a lot… But–the reality is that a key missing link in understanding the darkest implications of the Orwellian technologies that the deep-state is trying to steamroll over the public–and the 5G wireless technology roll-out exemplifies–is the organized stalking/electromagnetic weapon targeting programs that began to target MILLIONS of innocent people worldwide after 9/11…

    If 5G goes live as planned, and isn’t at least curtailed to only a few locations, if not completely done away with, what the public at large can expect is that MILLIONS more innocent people will become “targeted individuals” suffering through daily organized stalking protocols and electromagnetic weapons attacks that utterly destroy their lives…

    Targeted individuals from around the world rallied in April of 2019 trying to get this message across… Unfortunately it seems that most in the alternative press, including James Corbett, are only willing to report on the 50s,60s and 70s iteration of these organized stalking programs–CoIntelPro and MkUltra… When is the alternative media going to wake up to the 21st century manifestation of CoIntelPro and MkUltra? WHEN? Hopefully before its too late–and we are almost at the point of it being too late now–but not quite if people act soon with bold and intuitive action steps.

    See coverage of the 2019 Targeted Individual Springtime Protests on the Medium site here:

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