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Interview 1074 - Financial Survival: Chinese Shockwaves

08/13/20152 Comments

This week Francis Steffan sits in for Alfred Adask on Financial Survival. Francis and James discuss the Chinese yuan devaluation and the shockwaves it is causing in global markets. They also talk about the 2016 sElection and how Trump is a ringer for Hillary.

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China Just Started A Currency War: Here's what it means for you

08/12/201520 Comments

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Interview 1014 - Financial Survival: Why the Dollar is Rising, and How it Will Fall

03/14/20154 Comments

The USDX has been rising steadily since last summer...but why? Can it be sustained? Is the dollar due for a fall, and if so, what is going to take its place. Join James and Alfred for their weekly conversation on finance and politics as they discuss the dollar, the Fed, the Eurozone, the yuan, the SDR, and the fate of the global economy.

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China's SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar

03/12/20158 Comments

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Interview 949 - Financial Survival: US to Stay in Afghanistan

10/03/20144 Comments

Every week, James joins Alfred Adask on the Financial Survival program to discuss the latest geopolitical and economic news from around the globe. This week they discuss the CDC patenting of Ebola, the US-Afghan security agreement to keep US troops in the country beyond the 2014 "pullout," and the ongoing internationalization of the yuan.

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Interview 463 - The International Forecaster with Bob Chapman


This week on The International Forecaster with Bob Chapman: What does Iceland's investment upgrade mean for other countries that are facing bankster-imposed austerity? Also, the Greek drama continues with the continuing second bailout saga and the mainstreaming of calls for a return to the drachma. China sets up a war chest for foreign takeovers and cuts reserve requirements for its major banks. Also, Iran, under diplomatic pressure, stops oil shipments to Britain and France.

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