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While You Weren't Looking the Globalists Just Passed A MAJOR Trade Deal

05/06/201725 Comments

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Interview 197 - Bob Chapman

07/16/20100 Comments

In this month's conversation with International Forecaster Bob Chapman we continue to cover the unfolding crisis in the Eurozone, as well as the potential destabilization of the WTO, the possibility of a carbon tax or a cap and much much more.

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Episode 059 - Codex Alimentarius

10/12/20084 Comments

This week we explore the plan to criminalize vitamins and minerals, mandate the irradiation of all food, inject every cow with Monsanto growth hormones and promote the consumption of GMO food. Implementation date: Dec. 31, 2009. Location: All WTO member states. Meet codex alimentarius.

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Episode 037 - Globalization is Not Your Friend

03/16/20082 Comments

Despite what you are being led to believe, the development of regional (or global) government is not not a natural progression and it is not a good thing. Those who oppose it are not luddites and those who promote it are not angels. It will not feed and clothe the poor and it will not make the world safe for democracy...and especially not for constitutional republics. So what is globalization?...

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