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Chemtrails Exposed: The past, present and future of the New Manhattan Project


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Interview 1185 - Peter Kirby Explains the New Manhattan Project

07/06/201649 Comments

Peter Kirby is the author of the new book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project. Today we tackle the two questions most frequently asked by chemtrail skeptics: would the government do something like this and could they do something like this. We also talk about John Brennan's recent call for stratospheric aerosol injection and a 2016 study on the health effects of stratospheric aerosols.

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Interview 1094 - James Corbett on Truther Talk Radio

09/28/201520 Comments

James Corbett joins April and Virstyne on Truther Talk Radio to discuss the founding of The Corbett Report, the latest at Fukushima, the nature of money, the Federal Reserve conspiracy, the solution to the "sovereign" debt crises, the global warming fraud and much more.

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Interview 1013 - Peter Kirby on the History of Chemtrails

03/13/201511 Comments

Peter Kirby, the author of "Chemtrails Exposed: A History of The New Manhattan Project" joins us to discuss his latest article on the subject. We talk about the history of weather modification and geoengineering back to ancient times, and document the advent of the modern era of chemtrails in the labs of G.E. in 1946. Don't miss this jam-packed conversation on the "new Manhattan Project" and its implications.

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CIA Geoengineering, NSA Backdoor, Good News Updates - New World Next Week

02/20/20152 Comments

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Who Funded Hitler? (video)

07/23/20134 Comments

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Who Funded Hitler? - Questions For Corbett #008

07/23/20131 Comment

In this edition of the ongoing Questions For Corbett podcast series, James answers your questions on weather manipulation, cyber attacks, water wars, biometrics, Hitler, online anonymity and more.

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Interview 553 - Deadline Headlines with Jack Blood

11/05/20120 Comments

Jack Blood of DeadlineLive.info and No Agenda Global Radio joins us for our monthly news and headline updates. This month we discuss the Sandy aftermath and the 2012 sElections, including Jack's (non-)prediction for Tuesday and a discussion of the complete lack of third party candidates worth voting for this time around.

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Weather Warfare Explained (video)

10/13/201239 Comments

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Corbett Report Radio 237 - Weather Warfare Explained

10/13/20121 Comment

Tonight we delve into the archives to highlight conversations with Michel Chossudovsky, Rosalind Peterson, Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin on the subject of chemtrails, geoengineering, environmental modification and weather warfare. Join us tonight as we delve into the weaponry of the future that's already here in the present.

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