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Interview 1833 - James Corbett on We Talk About Dead People

09/07/202310 Comments

via We Talk About Dead People Podcast: We are joined by James Corbett of The Corbett Report for a fast-paced power hour of facts, research, and explosive discussion on everything from 9/11 to television-based mind control (no joke).

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The Gulf War Did Not Take Place

07/08/202328 Comments

FROM 2022: James answers an intriguing question about Gulf War embedded reporting that goes in a very unexpected direction.

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Are Sanctions War? - Questions For Corbett

07/04/202335 Comments

Did you know that a third of the planet is under some form of economic sanctions at the moment? And, more to the point, do you know what that really means? Join James for this edition of Questions For Corbett as he delves into the horrors of economic warfare and clears up the confusion between (voluntary) boycotts and (government-imposed) sanctions.

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Interview 1813 - WTF Just Happened in Russia? with Rolo Slavskiy

06/27/202378 Comments

Rolo Slavisky joins James to discuss the crazy events in Russia this past weekend. Did Yevgeny Prigozhin just lead a mutiny? A coup attempt? Was this a psyop? A false flag? A "special military operation" (to use the Kremlin's lingo)? Or something else entirely? And, is it really over? If so, who won? Buckle up and get your notebook ready, folks. This is going to be a data dump.

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Interview 1812 - Moving Ukraine Closer to NATO - #NewWorldNextWeek

06/23/202354 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: NATO talks about a Ukraine-NATO council that will move Ukraine closer to NATO...but they're totally not inviting them in, guys; the IMF is working on a CBDC platform (along with every other globalist bankster institution); and Obama calls for digital fingerprints to counteract disinformation.

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Interview 1800 - James Corbett and Keith Knight Tackle Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War

04/27/202323 Comments

via LibertarianInstitute.org: James joins Keith Knight of The Libertarian Institute to discuss Patrick J. Buchanan's 2008 book, Churchill, Hitler and "The Unnecessary War": How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World. They each choose five key insights from the book and explain what those insights teach us about World War 2 in particular and war in general.

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Episode 441 - Your Guide to 5th-Generation Warfare

04/18/202345 Comments

We are in the middle of a world-changing war. This is no ordinary war, however. Most of the victims of this warfare aren't even able to identify it as war, nor do they understand that they are combatants in it. It's called fifth-generation warfare, and I'm here to tell you all about it. . . .

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Interview 1797 - GMOs For Thee, Not For Me! - #NewWorldNextWeek

04/07/202342 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: Finland joins NATO as WWIII draws nigh; King Charles won't eat the GMOs he's trying to foist on his loyal subjects; and the scamsters allow the peasants to continue life now that they have set the scamdemic precedent.

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Interview 1793 - Georgia's Dream, Soros' Nightmare with Riley Waggaman

03/22/202316 Comments

The deep staters at the NED and their loyal lapdogs in the controlled corporate press want you to believe that Georgia just erupted in an explosion of democracy, with valiant protesters spontaneously taking to the streets to demand that NED and Open Society-funded colour revolutionaries be allowed to operate on their soil without government oversight . . . but this is a lie. Helping us to dissect this lie is our man in Tbilisi, Riley Waggaman (aka Edward Slavsquat).

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FLASHBACK: The REAL Middle East Nuclear Threat (2018)


FROM 2018: There is in fact a Middle Eastern nation that is in fact in control of a vast, undeclared stockpile of nuclear weapons. This nation does have the capability of deploying those weapons anywhere in the region. It is not a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and its arsenal has never been inspected by any international agency. But this nation is not Iran. It's Israel.

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