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Interview 879 - Pepe Escobar Breaks Down China's Uyghur Problem

05/07/20140 Comments

Continuing our exploration of the Islamic terror threat in China's restive Xinjiang province, today we talk to famed geopolitical analyst, Asia Times Online correspondent and frequent guest Pepe Escobar. Today we discuss the social and economic background of the conflict, what is at stake for the local Uyghur population and for Beijing, and the new anti-terror legislation that President Xi is preparing to unveil in response to the problem.

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Interview 878 - Christoph Germann Explains China's War on Terror

05/06/20140 Comments

A recent string of high-profile terror attacks in China have focused attention on the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and its attempt to win independence of the Xinjiang region from Beijing. Today on the program we talk to Christoph Germann of the New Great Game Round-up about China's own war on terror, the foreign influence in the region, and what's likely to happen next.

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Protest Laws, Military Bases, China's Bin Laden - The Asia-Pacific Perspective

03/26/20140 Comments

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Interview 844 - The Asia-Pacific Perspective with Broc West

03/24/20140 Comments

This month on the Asia-Pacific Perspective: Protests rise in the A-P region as Australia cracks down; military maneuvers continue between the region's powers; and China's Bin Laden threatens Gladio-style terror.

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