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Episode 135 - Know Your Toxins: Sodium Fluoride

06/27/20104 Comments

Running Time: 59:42 Description:Just when you thought that the bone cancer and IQ reduction and hypothyroidism and other ill effects of sodium fluoride couldn't get any worse...you find out that sodium fluoride isn't sodium fluoride. Find out what they're really putting in the water with Dr. William Hirzy and Dr. Paul Connett on this week's […]

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Interview 185 - Dr. William Hirzy

06/25/20100 Comments

Dr. William Hirzy, chemist in residence at the American University and former VP of the EPA HQ Professionals' Union, joins us to discuss the facts about the hazards of water fluoridation.

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Interview 182 - Paul Connett

06/21/20100 Comments

Today we talk to Dr. Paul Connett about the ill effects of water fluoridation. For more information and a scientific bibliography, please visit fluoridealert.org.

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Episode 121 - Know Your Toxins: BPA

03/14/20105 Comments

Running Time: 54:03 Description:While the corporate-controlled environmental movement is worrying about life-giving CO2, our modern environment is awash in gender-bending, endocrine-disrupting, sterility-inducing chemicals. This week we examine one of those chemicals that are permeating our modern environment: Bisphenol A. Documentation Documentation - Tragedy and Hope Time Reference: 02:02 Description: Check out the updated site. Link […]

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Interview 100 - Sheree Vodak

09/19/20090 Comments

Sheree Vodak, better known as 'Sociostudent' on the PrisonPlanet forum, joins us to discuss the swine flu vaccine and the adjuvants that may make the cure much worse than the disease.

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Interview 086 - Dan Hamburg

06/17/20091 Comment

Ex-congressman Dan Hamburg joins us once again. In this conversation we discuss Voice of the Environment, the environmental organization of which he is the Executive Director. We discuss real environmental catastrophes from toxins in the vaccines to GMOs and toxic waste dumping.

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Interview 079 - Mariam Mayet

04/07/20090 Comments

Mariam Mayet, Director of the African Centre for Biosafety joins us to talk about recent GM crop failures in South Africa and its implications for the Rockefeller/Gates-funded biotech Green Revolution in Africa.

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Episode 025 - Shut Up and Eat Your GMOs

12/23/200723 Comments

Tinkering with the building blocks of life is more than just child play, it’s big business. Today we examine the consequences, intended and unintended of chimera cross-species genetic engineering.

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Interview 017 - Dr. Neil Carman

12/21/20070 Comments

Dr. Neil Carman of the website SayNoToGMOs.org joins us to discuss the dangers of genetically modified organisms. He outlines some of the food safety concerns that arise from allowing GMOs into the food chain.

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