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Interview 1028 - Financial Survival: From Malthus to Depopulation

04/16/20153 Comments

James and Alfred discuss the energy industry, from nuclear and coal to wind and solar, and how its development is controlled by the money powers. We also discuss Malthusian overpopulation propaganda and how it masks a much bigger depopulation agenda.

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Interview 421 - Dr. Tim Ball

12/02/20111 Comment

Today we are joined once again by Dr. Tim Ball for a discussion about climategate 2.0. We discuss the latest leak of emails from the academics behind the global warming scare, the implications of the leak, and the "Peak Water" scare that is likely to take the place of the debunked climate alarmist hoax.

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Video - The Last Word on Overpopulation

02/15/20111 Comment

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The Last Word on Overpopulation

02/15/20112 Comments

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Episode 017 - The Myth of Overpopulation

09/21/20073 Comments

Overpopulation, like the global warming fraud, is a false front for the eugenics program.

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