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What's In A Logo?

01/16/202073 Comments

On today's Thought For The Day, James riffs on a conversation in the Corbett Report comments about the Exxon logo and the surprising things hidden in many corporate logos.

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Corbett Report Radio 239 - The Sync Book with Alan Abbadessa-Green

10/17/20120 Comments

Tonight we talk to author and researcher Alan Abbadessa-Green, editor of The Sync Book (thesyncbook.com) about the study of synchronicity in politics and world events. We discuss "the killing of the king" meme as it pertains to the deaths of Lincoln, JFK and Osama Bin Laden.

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Corbett Report Radio 035 - The Hermetic Code with Frank Albo

12/20/20110 Comments

The Manitoba Legislature building lies at the geographical centre of the North American continent, and as architectural historian Frank Albo has painstakingly documented in his book The Hermetic Code, it contains a wealth of esoteric symbolism and occult knowledge. Join us on tonight's edition of Corbett Report Radio as we seek to crack the code of the remarkable legislature building in Winnipeg, Canada.

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Episode 137 - Signs, Symbols and Sigils

07/11/20103 Comments

Running Time: 55:35 Description:The bitten apple, the oblong square, the eye and the pyramid. Every day we are inundated by the secret symbols of the occult-obsessed elite. Do you have the knowledge to read the signs? Documentation Documentation - Zero Point Radio donation page Time Reference: 01:56 Description: Zero Point Radio needs your financial support […]

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Interview 191 - Freeman Fly

07/09/20101 Comment

Freeman Fly of FreemanTV.com joins us to discuss the signs, symbols and sigils of the secret societies and occult practitioners who haunt the corridors of power.

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