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Interview 566 - James Corbett on Adam vs. the Man

12/20/20121 Comment

James joins Adam Kokesh of Adam vs. the Man to talk about 3D Printing, technological revolutions, the singularity and techno-utopianism. Will technology itself provide the revolution we are hoping for, or is human agency still the deciding factor? Listen to the arguments on both sides as we open up a conversation on this contentious topic.

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Corbett Report Radio 068 - The Technological Singularity with Marc Ressl


From desktops to smartphones, from records to mp3s, from tv to streaming video, the pace of change in modern life can be bewildering. But is it our imagination or are these changes really accelerating? And what does it mean if they are? Tonight we talk to Marc Ressl of marcspointofview.blogspot.com about the technological singularity.

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