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Requiem for the Suicided: The DC Madam


When the DC Madam closed up shop and put her house up for sale, some Washington power players got spooked. They brought charges against her so she gave her phone logs to the media for safekeeping. That was her first mistake…

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Meet The Kakistocracy – Tjeerd Andringa on The Corbett Report


Kakistocracy is defined as “rule by the worst.” Today on the program Dr. Tjeerd Andringa of the University of Groningen joins us to discuss his theory of how the kakistocracy uses child abuse to perpetuate their control, both over the victims of that abuse and its perpetrators. We also discuss what the vast majority of decent and moral people can do about this problem.

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Reddit Bans #Pizzagate Investigation. The Corbett Report Continues It.

11/24/2016253 Comments

So reddit has banned the pizzagate subreddit…but the investigation continues. A pizzagate forum has sprung up on voat.co and awareness of the scandal is spreading on YouTube, Twitter and other social media outlets. And now The Corbett Report community can collate information on the pizzagate scandal in this new open source investigation.

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Serial Child Molester Denny Hastert Gets His Wrist Slap

04/30/20165 Comments

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Epstein Update: Court Cases in Motion Against Billionaire Pedophile


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Interview 1144 – Pearse Redmond Updates Us On The Epstein Pedophile Scandal

02/27/201626 Comments

From underage prostitutes on orgy island to political royalty and the “Lolita Express,” the Jeffrey Epstein case continues to unfold. Today Pearse Redmond of Porkins Policy Review joins us to give us the latest on the ongoing court cases surrounding the case that might still ensnare Epstein and his rich and powerful friends in an even bigger scandal.

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Google “Hillary Clinton rape”

12/05/20154 Comments

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Interview 1109 – James Corbett on Hastert, Political Pedophilia and Kakistocracy

11/11/20154 Comments

James joins Tim Kelly once again on the Our Interesting Times podcast to discuss the Hastert scandal, political pedophilia in general, and what this tells us about the structure of the ruling kakistocracy.

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Interview 1104 – Philip Giraldi Breaks the Media Blackout on Hastert

10/27/20150 Comments

Repeat Corbett Report guest Philip Giraldi joins us today to discuss his article, “Did Foreign Governments Blackmail Denny Hastert?” We talk about the Hastert case, the media cover up, and what can be done to get this story out to the wider public.

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Pedophiles Run the Government and No One Gives a Damn (video)


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