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SDR World Order

10/01/201637 Comments

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The Chinese Yuan is Now An IMF Reserve Currency: Here's What It Means

12/02/20151 Comment

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Meet The SDR: The Global Reserve Currency?

06/14/20159 Comments

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Interview 1051 - James Corbett on Wall Street for Main Street

06/08/20151 Comment

James joins Jason Burack of Wall Street for Main Street to talk about the legacy and forecasts of Bob Chapman, the impending monetary crisis in Japan, the possibility of a Chinese reserve currency, and the collusion of Chinese and Western oligarchs.

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Interview 1014 - Financial Survival: Why the Dollar is Rising, and How it Will Fall

03/14/20154 Comments

The USDX has been rising steadily since last summer...but why? Can it be sustained? Is the dollar due for a fall, and if so, what is going to take its place. Join James and Alfred for their weekly conversation on finance and politics as they discuss the dollar, the Fed, the Eurozone, the yuan, the SDR, and the fate of the global economy.

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