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Corbett Report Radio 094 - The Chicago Political Syndicate with Julio Rausseo


Tonight on the broadcast we're joined by Western Illinois University graduate and freelance journalist Julio Rausseo about the politics of the windy city. From mob bosses to the Democratic political machine to "pick up" basketball at Man's Country, Chicago is the nexus of political conspiracy in the age of Obama and tonight we dig up the dirt on the Chi-town political syndicate.

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Interview 295 - James Evan Pilato

02/25/20110 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: Japan gets it's own CIA; a CIA officer is held for murdering two Pakistanis; and Rahm Emanuel is elected mayor of Chicago.

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Episode 172 - Meet Rahm Emanuel

01/30/20110 Comments

The son of a terrorist. The brother of a eugenicist and a megalomaniac. An ex-member of the Isreal Defense Force. A gun grabber. A "pick-up" basketball player. A White House veteran...And the next mayor of Chicago? Meet Rahm Emanuel.

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